newboon2agewin_2_linux: I'm still trying to get my grub2 booting problem fixed.  I thought i finally had it, but now its taking forever to boot and i'm not sure its going to make it.02:02
newboon2ageanybody know how i can tell if its still making boot progress?  every once and a while the hd activity light flickers.  I did cntl+at+02:05
newboon2agecnt+alt+F5 and it gave me a few lines of info but then just a blinking cursor.02:06
newboon2ageis there a beginners team person here?02:08
win_2_linuxsorry newboon2age i'm totally new to linux02:11
newboon2agewin_2_linux: well thanks anyway :)02:11
win_2_linuxwhy worry about it as long as boots02:12
win_2_linuxhowever i don't have a grub menu when i boot up ,02:12
win_2_linuxit goes to a screen02:12
newboon2agewin_2_linux: well we're talking about something like 10 minutes so far02:12
win_2_linuxi have issues too, i guess we all do, i'm sure if we went into windows channels they'd have issues with that os too02:13
newboon2agewin_2_linux:  the ironic thing is my wubi Kubuntu is working fine and that is how I'm communicating now...02:14
win_2_linuxoh it takes grub that long to load your computer02:14
win_2_linuxit runs in windows02:14
newboon2agewin_2_linux: different computer.02:14
newboon2agewin_2_linux: just saying02:14
win_2_linuxthats how i started with ubuntu in a wubi thing02:15
win_2_linuxfor a while then decided to go clean install02:15
tenachnewboon2age, what do the lines say?02:15
newboon2agewin_2_linux: that was our first communication02:15
win_2_linuxi have issues, its on a laptop and it wont wake up from suspend or hibernate have to force a shut down02:15
win_2_linuxi remember a while back there was a win2linux distrib02:16
tenachwin_2_linux, I have that issue and don't know how to fix it.  I have never had good luck with hibernate or suspend on a laptop running Ubuntu.02:16
win_2_linuxi don't think it last ed that long02:16
win_2_linuxtenach its everyone turns out it cold be a kernel thing or an x thing, has anyone ever tried suspending from the console instead02:17
win_2_linuxthe alt ctrl f702:17
newboon2agetenach: there are four.  They look like the kind of lines i see when i run dmesg.  They are all pertaining to vbox .  Last one is [ a number.number] vboxdrv: echo2 > /proc/sys/kernel/per_counter_paranoid02:17
win_2_linuxyou know you might want to try a grub channel maybe they can help you with your issues since it is a grub thing02:18
tenachIt may not be a grub thing.02:18
newboon2agewin_2_linux: there's one from China now that's supposed to look just like windoze.02:19
win_2_linuxno not our issues, newboon's issues02:19
newboon2agetenach: win_2_linux I think maybe the grub part is mostly fixed, cuz at least it gets past the grub menu.  So its trying to load ubuntu.02:19
win_2_linuxi'm trying to break my dependency on windows, i see some open source programs are just as good or bettr than the retail win programs02:20
newboon2agewin_2_linux: so true!02:20
tenachis there anything on tty1? (alt f1) ?02:20
tenachwin_2_linux, very true.02:20
newboon2ageit just gives a login prompt w/ a blinking cursor tenach02:21
tenachYou're booted02:21
tenachput your username in there02:21
tenachand then it will ask for your password.02:21
win_2_linuxyeah as far suspending and hibernating there are no problems its just come back from those states there in lies the problem02:21
win_2_linuxyeah sounds like something is broken between booting and summoning X02:22
tenachnewboon2age what version of Ubuntu are you using?02:22
newboon2agetenach: yes, you're right.  now what should i do?  10.04 32bit02:22
win_2_linuxhardware conflicts between x and some of his hardware02:22
tenachnewboon2age after you log in, try02:23
tenachsudo service gdm start02:23
newboon2agetenach: it says:  start: Job is already running: gdm02:24
win_2_linuxkill it and try again?02:24
tenachNot yet02:24
tenachIs there anything on tty8?02:24
win_2_linuxhow many tty are there lol02:25
tenachI've never had to go past tty902:25
newboon2agetenach: I can do a cntl+alt+F7 and that shows the plymouth boot screen, but nothing changes if i do the same w/ F802:26
newboon2agetenach: take that back02:27
newboon2agetenach: it shows a blinking cursor only02:27
tenachin 7, can you log in normally to Gnome?02:27
newboon2agetenach: how do i do that?02:28
tenachWhat shows up on the plymout boot screen?  Just the logo?02:29
newboon2agetenach: yes.  its a substitue plymouth logo.  actually I think its the first time that particular one showed on boot up because normally i just had that one on shutdown and then the default on bootup.02:30
tenachI would try to restart gdm by going to tty1 and doing sudo service gdm restart02:32
tenachSo if I am understanding correctl, your computer boots fine, just doesn't bring you to the user login screen?02:33
tenachCorrectly, even.02:33
newboon2agetenach: okay, it started up the plymouth screen and i got a cross for a mouse pointer (first time i had a pointer) but then I tried to move to a different tty and now no blinking cursor02:35
newboon2agetenach: and can't find the plymouth screen on any of the ttys02:36
win_2_linuxhow about a reinstall?02:36
tenachwin_2_linux, things can be fixed without reinstalling everytime something happens.02:36
newboon2agewin_2_linux: really want to avoid that if at all possible.  I think we're close...02:37
tenachMost of the errors I have had would not be fixed with a reinstall.02:37
win_2_linuxreally thats reassuring...its my windows thinking02:37
tenachwin_2_linux I know :)  It took me a while to stop thinking like that.02:37
newboon2agetenach: this brings up a question ive had for awhile.  now i've got a non-interactive situation with no cursors.  is it okay to pull the plug or is there some better option?02:38
tenachnewboon2age, I am thinking :D  I haven't had a lot of experience with Plymouth myself, other than having to switch out my ancient video card.02:39
newboon2agetenach: i pressed the on/off button and it brought me to the plymouth screen (which had been missing)...02:40
newboon2agetenach: but still no interactive and i think it just shut off02:41
newboon2agetenach: yes.  restarting...02:42
newboon2agetenach: lost my wireless connection for a bit there.02:54
tenachNo worries newboon2age02:55
tenachI'm not having much luck finding any answers.02:56
win_2_linuxits probably something obvious02:56
newboon2agetenach: its back to a similar situation.  cnt+alt+F7  shows plymouth screen while tty1-6 are interactive -- this time nothing showing on tty5. tty8 is blinking cursor on black background02:56
win_2_linuxright in front of th e nose02:56
newboon2agetenach: i logged into tty1 and tried that start gdm command and again it says its running....02:57
tenachYeah, if you're getting the plymouth screen, gdm is most likely running already.02:58
newboon2agetenach: should i try killall gdm and then the start command?02:58
tenachI don't think that will render any different results, but it's worth a try.03:00
win_2_linuxabout five or six years ago, i first tried linux mandrake to be exact.  It loaded and installed nicely, used it for a couple of weeks actually fell in love with it, then something happened, it broke or something and would not boot, for life of me I couldn't get it to boot, I reinstalled windows and fell out of love with linux until recently03:00
tenachWell, you've run into a helpful lot, with Ubuntu.  I may not be able to help much more, newboon2age, but there's others here who are bound to be able to. :)03:02
win_2_linuxafter a couple of annoying viruses nothing damaging, invaded my computer somehow, esp one put out by an anti virus company wouldn't let me do anything unless i bought their antivirus software, even after rebooting, every time I tried to close ie7 before i got 8 it brought up two more telling me i had a virus03:03
newboon2agewin_2_linux: the whole booting thing is a vulnerable place for any OS.  And its rather flumoxing for new user, no matter what OS. :)03:03
win_2_linuxso I had to restart and boot into safe mode, run an antivirus program and it got rid of it03:03
win_2_linuxand i'm sick of hearing about viruses and worrying about anti virus programs all the time03:06
* tenach nods03:08
newboon2agewin_2_linux: yup, i'm afraid to even go on the web w/ windoze.03:08
newboon2agetenach: do you remember how to get the uuid?03:08
newboon2agetenach: of the boot disk that is?03:08
win_2_linuxso i'm hoping linux lives up to its rep for no viruses, trojans, keyloggers etc03:09
tenachOf the disk you're booting from or from a boot disk?03:09
tenachwin_2_linux, it's just a matter of verifying sources before installing. :)  It's less of a hazard, but still possible in Linux.03:09
tenachWhen in doubt, research before installing.03:10
tenachAs for viruses comnig through a browser, I haven't heard of that in *nix03:10
tenachand, newboon2age,just a sec03:10
win_2_linuxi only install from repsositories  onlinux unless their old then i do find current ones03:10
tenachThen I'm sure you'll be safe.03:11
win_2_linuxso in your estimation whats the best email client for linux that allows multiple email accounts03:12
tenachnewboon2age, try blkid03:12
tenachwin_2_linux, I don't use a mail client.  I used to use Thunderbird when I did.03:13
newboon2agetenach: yes that's it. ty03:13
tenachnewboon2age, np03:13
win_2_linuxhow do you get your email03:13
tenachI have all my addressees go to one inbox and check that via roundcube (webmail) on my website.03:13
tenachI've never been fond of desktop mail clients.  They always seem too bulky form e.03:19
tenach*for me.03:19
tenachRoundcube is definitely not without issues though. xD It's slow as molasses sometimes.03:20
tenachI have heard that evolution is pretty good if you're not a heavy email user.03:21
tenachThough, I think it's mostly just preferential.03:21
* tenach ends babbling.03:22
newboon2agetenach: well i don't think i did much different (commented out a mounted .iso disk i fstab, but i don't think that did anything), but then i did that gdm restart and was able to login to the gui.  I wonder if i should reinstall gdm?03:25
tenachnewboon2age, have you run any updates lately?03:26
newboon2agetenach: yes that's what brought this on.  I did a 'distribution upgrade' and whamo03:27
tenachAh, okay.03:27
tenachDid you do the dist upgrade from the net or an iso?03:27
tenachI would suggest running an update to see if there's any updates to gdm.03:28
newboon2agetenach: from the net03:28
tenachAh, okay.03:28
tenachnewboon2age, have you restarted your machine to see if it boots properly now?03:28
newboon2agetenach: no not yet03:29
tenachI think that would be a good thing to do, to see if the issue is resolved.03:30
newboon2agetenach: reinstalling gdm03:31
newboon2agetenach: upgrade manager said i was up to date.  I wonder if there was some kind of problem w/ the update though and wonder if there is a way to check it or reprocess it somehow.03:32
zkriessemy xchat is all screwed up03:34
tenachzkriesse, damn03:36
zkriesseit doesn't join all the channels in my auto join list and it joins ones that aren't in it03:36
tenachweird. :S03:36
tenachnewboon2age, that is odd.03:37
newboon2agetenach: can't reinstall plymouth cuz it sez "something wicked happened resolving 'us.archive.ubuntu.com:http' No address associated with hostname03:37
tenachnewboon2age, in a terminal run sudo apt-get update03:41
tenachto make sure you've got the latest list03:41
newboon2agetenach: okay there's a wireless connection issue.. checking...03:43
newboon2agetenach: i think the systems not really running right even though it looks like it is on the surface.  wicd reports a connection but i can't actually get anything through03:47
newboon2agetenach: restarting03:47
newboon2agetenach: i think its the ubuntu studio plymouth theme i'm using03:48
newboon2agetenach: seems to still be booting...03:50
newboon2agetenach: rats, it the hd light keeps flickering, but still in plymouth boot w/o the activity indicator going.03:53
ebhcHello, I have a DNS problem I'm hoping someone could help me with.03:54
ebhcanybody around to help out?03:57
tenachnewboon2age damn.03:58
zkriesseHey team04:15
newboon2agetenach: I went away for a bit.  it stalled indefinitley on the plymouth screen, but i was also able to restart gdm and am logging on now.  If I only knew what to reinstall or reconfigure it would probably work again...04:43
newboon2agetenach: if i can figure this one out it will go most of the way towards building my confidence to the point i won't be worried at all about breaking linux04:45
phillwnewboon2age: for any worries about linux, get this done http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome04:46
tenachnewboon2age, try sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm04:46
phillwyou'll just have to trust me on that one04:46
tenachI am going to be offline for a few, newboon2age04:47
collinpphillw: Forget separate partitions, I put my /home on a totally different hard drive.04:47
tenachI'll be back in ~1 hour or less.04:47
phillwcollinp: well, that's nice if you don't have a laptop :p04:48
newboon2agetenach, ill give it a shot, thanks for your help!!!!04:48
newboon2agetrying sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm.  now rebooting04:52
newboon2agephillw: that is an interesting article, i'll have to study it...04:52
phillwnewboon2age: I do not think you will hear anyone on here suggest that you do not have a seperate  /home04:53
* phillw listens for those who diasagree04:54
ddecatori haven't done it, but i'll probably do it next time i do a fresh install..04:57
newboon2agephillw: oh, i did the default, so whatever ubuntu installs i got it04:57
phillwddecator: well i know it works, i split mine off04:58
collinpphillw: OBJECTION!04:58
phillwcollinp: less shouting :-(04:59
collinpI just felt like doing that.04:59
phillwjeez, I was expecting a member of UBT to tell you off, but you are one :-|05:00
collinpYeah. Lol.05:00
ddecatortell him off for what? o.o05:00
collinpI'm also a channel op.05:00
ddecator!caps | phillw05:01
ubot2phillw: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.05:01
ddecatorit's not a big deal unless a person is constantly doing it, haha05:01
phillwahh, one more reason that I will not join UB, one rule for some, one rule for everyone else.05:02
collinpHeh. Don't worry, one-time occurance.05:02
ddecatori was joking, but ok...05:02
collinpI still have to abide by channel rules and the Ubuntu Code of Conduct, so yeah.05:02
ddecatorif he had kept shouting i would have said something :)05:03
collinpIf I had kept shouting, then something's wrong.05:03
ddecatorthat too05:03
newboon2agei don't think sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm solved it.  it seems to be stalled on plymouth boot screen05:09
newboon2ageis upstart used in Lucid?05:15
ddecatori believe so05:19
ddecatornewboon2age: when it stalls on plymouth, have you tried hitting <enter>?05:19
newboon2ageddecator: i'll try05:20
newboon2ageddecator: no apparent effect, although the HD activity light is still flickering from time to time05:22
ddecatornewboon2age: odd, do you have any older kernels still on the system you can try to boot into?05:22
newboon2ageddecator: how do you do that?05:23
newboon2ageddecator: i don't know if you caught the earlier conversation, but i can still log in by05:23
=== mohi57o9 is now known as mohi1
ddecatornewboon2age: when you see the GRUB screen (black/white screen that lets you select what you want to boot into) there should be entries for older kernels if there are any05:23
ddecatornewboon2age: ah, i didn't see that. what do you have to do to get to gdm?05:24
newboon2agegoing to tty1-5 and i can restart gdm, although it doesn't seem like its totally working correctly05:24
newboon2ageddecator: like the wireless shows its connected, but i'm not really getting a connection05:25
ddecatornewboon2age: ah, i see. is this a fresh install or have you had it for a while?05:26
newboon2ageddecator: had it for a bit.  lucid.  just did a 'distribution upgrade' yesterday and when i restarted first it was coming to a grub2 menu.05:26
newboon2ageddecator: then I managed to get it working following the grub2 recovery instructions from the wiki, but still having these probs05:27
ddecatornewboon2age: by distribution upgrade, do you mean you upgraded from a previous release to lucid, or you did a "dist-upgrade"?05:27
newboon2ageddecator: it was already lucid (started off lucid).  Then yesterday I got a prompt for an upgrade and somewhere along the way i think it said something about dist uprade or something (don't know what that is)05:29
ddecatornewboon2age: from the update manager?05:29
newboon2ageddecator: yes05:30
ddecatorhm, anyone know if a bootlog would show the output plymouth is hiding?05:31
=== bgs100 is now known as bgs000
newboon2ageddecator: is there a bootlog i should be looking at?05:34
win_2_linuxi'm back05:34
ddecatornewboon2age: try looking at /var/log/boot.log (you can put it into a paste.ubuntu.com pastebin if you want us to take a look)05:35
ddecatorwb win_2_linux05:35
win_2_linuxpoor newboon2age still trying to fix his problem05:35
newboon2ageddecator: i can't readily get it off the machine, but i can look at it.05:35
ddecatornewboon2age: sure thing, hopefully it will have a helpful error message05:35
newboon2ageddecator: starts off w/ 11 lines of udevd[349]: SYSFS()= will be removed in a future udev version, please use ATTR()= to match the event device, or ATTRS()= to match a parent device, in /etc/udev/rules.d/80-canon_mfp.rules:10 {and various rules are listed..}05:41
ddecatordoesn't sound too different from mine...no errors?05:42
newboon2ageddecator: hmmm...  it says *Checking quotas...         ^[[128G /n05:44
newboon2ageddecator: @[[122G[ OK ]    those carrets look wierd to me05:45
newboon2ageit has another line like that, then *Starting AppArmor profiles   ^[[128G Skipping profile in /etc/apparmor.d/disable: usr.bin.firefox05:46
newboon2age* Setting sensors limits  [more carrety things]05:46
newboon2age8 Starting domain name service... bing9   {carety things}05:47
newboon2ageLoading DAHDI hardware modules:05:47
newboon2ageand then05:47
ddecatorso far nothing that seems out of the ordinary...what's the last thing listed?05:48
newboon2ageFATAL: inserting dahdi (lib/modules/2.6.32-23-generic/updates/dkms/dahdi.ko:  Invalid module format  dahdi: error   dahdi_dummy: error dahdi_transcode: error05:49
newboon2ageand thats it05:49
ddecatorah, that looks like it'd cause some trouble :)05:49
ddecatorhm, try 'sudo aptitude reinstall dahdi-linux'05:51
win_2_linuxwhat is dahdi05:52
newboon2ageweb page says: Short for "Digium Asterisk Hardware Device Interface"05:53
newboon2agewhatever that is05:53
ddecatorthat has a short description05:53
win_2_linuxahhh ok thats interesting05:53
newboon2agebefore i can really do the reinstall of dahdi-linux, since i'm having trouble connecting wo wireless in this state, is there something i should do?05:55
ddecatoroh, right...any chance you can hook up to wired ethernet for a little bit?05:57
newboon2agepossibly.  is there any kind of modprobe kind of thing i should do right away? or uninstall/purge thing?05:58
ddecatornot that i know of..05:59
newboon2agebecause if i restart gdm right now I think its kinda in a broken state.06:00
ddecatori can't think of anything you should do right away, but kernel-related issues aren't my strong point06:01
newboon2ageokay i plugged in and tried to sudo appt-get update, and the reinstall dahdi command, but they failed.  i don't think networking is working right06:14
newboon2ageso i'm restarting the gdm...06:16
newboon2ageit reports i'm connected...06:16
newboon2ageddecator: when i tried to do a dahdi reinstall, it says (old business unfinished i guess)06:23
newboon2ageddecator: the following packages will be removed: libkunitconversion{u} libtaskmanager4a{u} linux-rt-headers-2.6.31-10{u} plasma-dataengines-workspace{u}06:25
ddecatori'm not sure what the {u} means..06:26
ddecatorare you using kubuntu?06:26
zkriesseddecator: he's using kubuntu06:26
zkriesseplasma-dataengines-workspace{u} that gives it away06:27
zkriessethe "plasma" part06:27
ddecatorright, that's why i asked..06:27
zkriesseplasma is the kubuntu desktop06:27
ddecatorbut it could be ubuntu with kde installed06:27
newboon2ageddecator: well i did install the kde desktop, and a few kde programs, like Konversation, Kate and others06:28
=== aveilleu_ is now known as aveilleu
newboon2ageddecator: zkriesse it is ubuntu to begin with and then some kubuntu/kde stuff added06:29
zkriessenewboon2age: ok and what is the issue?06:29
newboon2ageddecator: oh, i just saw that wicd didn't say it was connected to ethernet after all.  i just told it to connect...06:30
ddecatornewboon2age: i'd say it's not a big deal to have those packages installed, but i'm not sure if linux-rt-headers-* being removed would cause any issues..06:32
ddecatorto have those packages removed*06:32
ddecatorzkriesse: after updating recently, can't boot successfully (hangs during plymouth, the bootlog pointed to an error with the dahdi kernel module)06:33
zkriesseah ok i'm lost06:33
newboon2agein boot log: FATAL: inserting dahdi (lib/modules/2.6.32-23-generic/updates/dkms/dahdi.ko:  Invalid module format  dahdi: error   dahdi_dummy: error dahdi_transcode: error06:33
ddecatorright, that06:33
newboon2agezkriesse: that was the last line in the boot log06:34
newboon2ageand the issue is basically that when booting it just stalls on the plymouth boot screen.06:35
ddecatorand reinstalling the dahdi package apparently requires the removal of those packages listed earlier (but i'm not sure what the {u} means...)06:35
newboon2agei can log in on any of tty1-506:35
newboon2ageand then restart gdm, but its like something is still broken underneath.06:36
ddecatoryah, the kernel probably isn't loading right due to that error with the module06:36
newboon2ageokay wicd says i'm connected and i have an ip address, but i can't reach the repositories, or the web so it doesn't seem like i'm really connected.06:37
newboon2ageso if i could restart the networking function, maybe i could get this fix06:38
newboon2ageis there any kind of modprobe thing or service restart thing i can do?06:39
ddecatorpossibly, but i don't know what would work offhand06:39
ddecatorand grub definitely doesn't give you the option to boot into an older kernel?06:40
newboon2agezkriesse: ddecator: i did a lsmod and have a list of modules.  what whoudl I look for?06:40
newboon2ageddecator: it might.  i hadn't figured out how to do that.06:40
ddecatornewboon2age: when you're at the GRUB menu, you should be able to use the up an down arrow keys to select what you want to boot into. the newest kernel on your system is the default, just under that should be the recovery mode for that kernel. if there are any older kernels still installed, those will show up below that (you can just look at the version numbers)06:42
newboon2ageright now i can only uninstall or purge dahdi from synaptic06:42
newboon2agedespite the fact i've got the lucid install disk in the drive and have checked that option on the repositories06:43
newboon2ageddecator: its not set to come to grub menu by default (no other os, single boot)06:44
ddecatoryou could try uninstalling then rebooting, and if all goes well re-installing, but i'm not entirely sure what that module does. at this point it doesn't seem to be working anyway though06:44
newboon2ageddecator: well that's true06:45
ddecatorah, you'd have to hit a key then...shift maybe? i can't remember what key goes to grub, haha06:45
newboon2ageddecator: zkriesse: i looked at the different modules but didn't see what was network related, so i did a removal of the 3 dahdi packages06:58
ddecatornewboon2age: yah, i couldn't tell either, hopefully this works :)06:59
newboon2ageddecator: as i'm doint this it says its removing all DKMS Modules.  http://linux.dell.com/projects.shtml07:01
newboon2agethat page talks a little about DKMS07:02
ddecatorright, it should just be removing the dahdi modules07:02
newboon2ageddecator: guess i'll reboot now...07:02
newboon2ageddecator: looking at the boot log.  'dahdi_cfg not executable'  Starting virtual private network daemons... Starting amavisd: {blah blah} and then nothing07:13
ddecatordoes it still hang?07:13
newboon2ageddecator: i'm not sure i'd technically call it a hang because everyonce and a while the HD activity light comes on, but yeah its still stuck on the plymouth screen.07:15
newboon2agelogged in and restarted gdm07:16
ddecatorif you can get to grub, you can try adding 'nomodeset' to the boot command07:19
newboon2ageddecator: how do I stop it at the grub menu to do that?07:26
ddecatorduring boot, after the BIOS menu, you either hit <shift> or <esc> (can't remember which one atm...) and it should show up (you might have to hold the button)07:27
newboon2ageokay, restarting ddecator07:31
newboon2ageddecator: okay that worked07:33
newboon2ageddecator: i'm at the grub menu07:33
ddecatornewboon2age: ok, then keep it on the first option, hit 'e' then add 'nomodeset' (not quotes) to the end of the line07:33
newboon2ageddecator: when you say first option, there is a 32-23-generic and then the same w/ recovery mode.  which one?07:35
ddecatornewboon2age: the non-recovery mode option07:35
newboon2ageokay i hit e and i'm looking at the options...07:36
ddecatoryou should be looking at the boot command. just add the 'nomodeset' to the end of it07:36
newboon2ageddecator: would that be the initrd line?07:38
ddecatori'm trying to think of what the line says..07:40
newboon2ageinitrd /boot/initrd.img-2.6.23-generic07:41
ddecator23 or 32?07:42
ddecatorthe newest lucid kernel is 2.6.32-2207:43
ddecator-23? how'd you get -23? o.o07:47
newboon2agethe line above that is linux /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.32-23-generic root=UUID=(long uuid number) and then ro07:47
newboon2ageddecator: just now i reinstalled/installed some headers.  maybe from that???07:48
newboon2ageso maybe i should try one of the older ones?07:49
ddecatoryah, try one of the older kernels first if they are available07:50
newboon2ageive got 23, 22, 21, and 11-rt07:50
ddecatortry 2207:51
newboon2agemaybe 21?07:51
ddecatoror 21, either07:51
newboon2agei'm not sure about where the nomodeset thing goes07:51
ddecatordon't worry about that right now, try the older kernel first :)07:52
newboon2agerecovery mode or non recovery mode?07:52
newboon2agewhen I sucessfully boot (as I expect, what do i do then to get this fixed?07:53
newboon2agebooting in 2107:53
ddecatorwe'll look into a couple of different things07:53
phillwddecator: *32-23 is the current kernel level for 10.0407:55
* ddecator goes to synaptic07:55
phillwddecator:  ls /boot07:55
ddecatorit's not listed in synaptic, and i just updated a little bit ago o.o07:56
ddecatori'm calling shenanigans on something07:56
phillwi love GUI, try CLI ?07:56
ddecatori ran your command, not there, conky is listing -22 as my kernel, and there are not more updates...07:57
* ddecator is baffled07:58
newboon2ageddecator: okay its trying to connect to the internet...07:58
phillwddecator: http://pastebin.com/nNEZLjB107:59
ddecatorrmadison lists it too..08:00
newboon2ageddecator: problem.  still not connecting to the internet it seems ... checking...08:00
ddecatornewboon2age: did it hang at plymouth still?08:00
newboon2ageddecator: no, no problem w/ boot as far as i could tell....08:01
ddecatormaybe the mirror i use doesn't have it available..08:01
ddecatornewboon2age: well that's progress at least :)08:01
newboon2ageddecator: checking another internet connection08:01
newboon2ageddecator: yes, at least i can boot semi normally08:02
newboon2agehmmm... the internet connection says its working but its not...08:05
newboon2ageddecator: I'm thinking maybe i should try recovery mode?08:06
newboon2ageddecator: i don't know what that means08:06
newboon2ageddecator: somehow i need to restart the network functions08:06
ddecatorrecovery mode just helps if you can't boot at all (gives you a terminal and a network connection, but the network connection isn't working right now anyway)08:07
ddecatoranyone else on that has ideas? it's 3:10am so i'm becoming less and less useful :(08:07
newboon2ageddecator: you must be back east.08:08
ddecatornewboon2age: west michigan atm08:08
newboon2ageddecator: I'm in CA, i hope you're only staying up because you want to.08:08
ddecatornewboon2age: i am, but by this point i start to lose ideas and i'm not much help in this channel :/08:09
newboon2agewell, i appreciate all your help.  and if you can't do more i understand... i think i might try recovery mode...08:10
newboon2agerebooting now08:11
ddecatorsorry this is taking you so long. i'm better with mozilla bugs, triage, and patching/packaging. kernel issues aren't my strong point at all, haha. worst case, someone else will be on at a different time with more knowledge about this stuff than i have08:11
newboon2ageddecator: well the good thing is that its a learning experience for all of us08:13
ddecatornewboon2age: very true :)08:13
newboon2ageddecator: although i wouldn't have picked it, i'm playing the guinea pig08:14
newboon2agei'm booting in 21, recovery, net-root mode08:15
newboon2ageddecator: lets see, once i'm up, i wonder what i should do.08:17
newboon2ageokay i'm up...08:19
ddecatordoes the internet work?08:20
newboon2agenope, it looks like networking still isn't working.  hmmm..08:21
newboon2ageddecator: i guess i'm making an assumption because all i tried was an apt-get and that failed08:22
ddecatorif it's wifi, you'd probably have to connect manually08:23
newboon2agewell i had it connected by ethernet08:24
hobgoblino/ bodzilla08:26
newboon2ageddecator: one of the puzzles to me is why i can't get it to get stuff off the cdROM08:26
ddecatoroh, -23 is still in prosposed..08:27
ddecatornewboon2age: idk if that's possible or not08:27
newboon2agebodzilla: hobgoblin ddecator: does anyone know a command line command to check whether your networking is going, and possibly a command to restart it if its not?08:30
hobgoblinsee what ifconfig says08:31
newboon2agehobgoblin: okay i ran it, now how do i interpret the output?08:32
veononemornin. Can i resize my current file system partition without harming itself and the other partition i want to take from?08:33
newboon2agehobgoblin: ddecator: i'm looking at the eth0 and it says RX packets: 33 errors:0 overruns:0 frame:008:33
newboon2ageTX packets: 60 errors: 0 dropped: 0 overruns: 0 carrier: 008:34
hobgoblinnewboon2age: is it connected - do you get a inet addr ? tbh I don't have much with networking - never had much in the way of issues to deal with08:34
hobgoblinveonone: you can - but there is always a possibility with parrtition work that there could be errors - always make sure you have backups of anything you can;t afford to lose08:35
newboon2agehobgoblin: it says inet addre: Bcast: mask:
hobgoblinsounds normal enough to me - what are you trying to do anyway?08:36
newboon2ageit says UP RUNNING MULTICAST MTU:1500 METRIC:108:36
newboon2agehobgoblin: ddecator: in the gui i'm not able to actually do anything on the internet although wicd says i'm connected08:37
hobgoblinnewboon2age: sorry - I'm not too with it on networking08:38
ddecatorneither am i :/08:38
newboon2agehobgoblin: ddecator: maybe i need to do something from the command line to restart networking or something...08:38
hobgoblinnewboon2age: 2 secs08:39
geirhaCan you ping the gateway?08:39
newboon2agegeirha: sounds like a good idea.  how do i do that?08:39
geirhasudo route -n   there should be one line where Gateway is not
geirhaping -c4 <that ip>08:40
newboon2agegeirha: it says is the gateway08:41
geirhaHow many lines total?08:41
newboon2ageone line of actual data08:41
geirhaHm. Odd.08:42
newboon2agegeirha: i'm pinging -- how do i interpret the result?08:42
geirhanewboon2age: ctrl+c   pinging is not meaningful though08:43
geirhaerr, I read "interrupt" instead of "interpret" :)08:43
newboon2agegeirha: it says 64 bytes from icmp_seq= blah blah08:43
newboon2agegeirha: so i should cntl c it?08:44
geirhanewboon2age: No, I misread your question earlier08:44
newboon2ageit says 122 packets transmitted, 122 received, 0% packet loss blah blah08:44
geirhaIs this a wired connection? And it's connected to a router?08:46
newboon2agegeirha: yes08:46
geirhaSounds like there's something odd with the router's dhcp08:46
newboon2agegeirha: its connected to what i think is a router.  someone else more knowledgeable than i set it up08:47
newboon2agegeirha: is there some kind of command to restart the whole networking shebang?08:48
geirhaI'd try  sudo dhclient3 eth0   to reaquire information from dhcp, then see if   sudo route -n  changes08:48
newboon2agegeirha: doing that now...08:50
newboon2agegeirha: now it does not give a data line for sudo route -n08:51
geirhaDid dhclient3 say it got a response from a dhcp server? Or did it give up?08:52
newboon2ageit said There is already a pid file ...dhclient.pid ... killed old client process, removed PID file08:53
newboon2agegeirha: then it lists Ebox stuff and saays its Listening on LPF/eth0/number,08:54
newboon2ageSending on LPF/eth0/blah08:54
newboon2ageDHCPREQUEST of on eth0 to port 6708:55
geirhafollowed by a DHCPACK?08:56
newboon2agegeirha: yes08:57
newboon2ageDHCPACK of from
geirhaOk, so the dhcp server is giving you an ip-adress, but apparently no information to set up the routing table.08:57
newboon2agegeirha: just checked and the gui for ufw says firewall off.08:58
geirhaping -c4
thetickhow do get the default sources.list?  I upgraded from Jaunty-->Karimac --> to Lucid and don't get any updates.  My sources.list has one vaild entry.  All my jaunty and karimac entries are commented out08:59
geirhaI'm not familiar with ufw, but firewall off sounds like a good thing for now.08:59
newboon2agegeirha: it says Network is unreachable09:00
geirhathetick: System -> Administration -> Software Sources09:00
newboon2agegeirha: i guess somewhere in there wicd decided it is not connected anymore09:01
thetickOK cool thanks.. I see the main universe etc... Any reason why the upgrade to Lucid did not enable all the libs like my previous upgrades to Jaunty and Karmic09:02
geirhanewboon2age: Could be wicd is doing something odd, yes. I've never tried wicd before, so I don't really know how that works.09:03
geirhathetick: It should have, so it's odd it didn't.09:03
newboon2agegeirha: should i tell wicd to reconnect, or something from the command line, or have we gone as far as you're able to go?09:04
geirhanewboon2age: Yeah, try that, tell wicd to reconnect. Does route -n get that line back?09:06
geirhaAnd if it does, try pinging again09:06
newboon2agegeirha: tried it before wicd reconnect and it has no data line09:06
thetickFinally what are the lucid-backports listed in the update tab of the Software Sources app09:07
newboon2agegeirha: now afterward it has the line again.09:07
newboon2agegeirha: actually two lines now09:07
geirhathetick: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports09:08
newboon2age192.168.1.0   gateway  genmask blah bah09:08
thetickVery Cool!  Thanks for the quick info!09:09
hobgoblinthetick: http://repogen.simplylinux.ch/ is quite useful - in case you need to generate a sources list again09:09
newboon2ageand  gateway  genmask blah (both say Iface eth0)09:09
geirhanewboon2age: Oh, that's the line we were looking for earlier09:10
geirhaYou get any response from now?09:10
newboon2agenow when i do the ping -c4 it does 4 packets sent, 4 recieved, blah blah09:10
newboon2agegeirha: now its connecting to the web!  i'm coming up in irc on that computer.  okay, but what did we do and how do i repeat it???09:12
nUboon2Agegeirha: here i am on the computer in question.09:12
geirhanUboon2Age: Seems there is some black magic involved here.09:13
geirhaWe didn't really do anything other than tell wicd to reconnect.09:13
thetickWow Thanks hobgoblin.  That site is exactly what was looking for even has VLC , Google apps  etc09:14
newboon2ageokay, now that i'm connected to the web, i wonder what packages i should get or remove to fix this thing up09:14
newboon2ageor reinstall09:14
hobgoblinwhy would you want to reinstall?09:20
newboon2agehobgoblin: no i meant packages to reinstall09:21
hobgoblinoic - I'll go back to sleep ... :)09:21
hobgoblinis it not fixed?09:22
newboon2agehobgoblin: i'm on-line so that part is working.  The original problem is that its stalling at the plymouth boot screen09:23
hobgoblinis it a new install?09:23
hobgoblinor is it updated?09:23
newboon2agewith ddecator's help i booted to grub2 and then picked an older version of the kernel to boot from09:23
* hobgoblin shakes a fist at plymouth 09:24
geirhaWhat's «plymouth boot screen»?09:24
newboon2agehobgoblin: the upgrade manager prompted me yesterday and somewhere in the process it said something about being a 'dist-upgrade or something09:24
newboon2agehobgoblin: then on restart it went straight to the grub recovery interface.09:25
hobgoblinoh right - so you have an upgraded system - have you updated since then - or made sure there's no updates09:25
hobgoblinare you still in the netroot recovery ?09:25
newboon2agehobgoblin: so folks here helped me get grub2 reinstalled, but then it stalls on the plymouth boot screen09:25
hobgoblingeirha: I think the plymouth boot screen is the bit you scream at in frustration if it's not working for you :)09:26
newboon2agehobgoblin: no, it booted successfully (except the networking wasn't working until you gusy helped me get it going jsut now)09:26
geirhahobgoblin: Oh, that one, haha :)09:26
hobgoblinnewboon2age: I'd do an apt-get update && apt-get upgrade first09:27
hobgoblinnewboon2age: what video card do you have?09:27
thetickThanks.  You guys are the best.  bye09:27
hobgoblinwe try09:28
veononewhat argument do i need to show hidden files?09:28
hobgoblinveonone: ctrl+h in nautilus09:29
geirhaveonone: which command?09:29
hobgoblinor that one09:29
veononei forgot my livecd at work i try to make a live usb from gparted09:30
newboon2ageokay hobgoblin i'm doing that apt-get stuff09:30
hobgoblinnewboon2age: not sure if you are aware - but when you first boot after some updates ureadahead runs which makes the boot slower than it would normally be09:30
hobgoblinnewboon2age: is it updating some stuff then?09:31
hobgoblinnewboon2age: so what graphics doyou have?09:31
newboon2ageits getting stuff so i guess yes09:31
newboon2agedon't know the answer to graphics09:32
hobgoblindo lspci when apt has finished09:32
newboon2ageooh, bad news, the machine just lost power during that....09:34
newboon2agehobgoblin: rebooting now09:34
thetickHow do get command completion working with the tar command and tar.zx.tar files ?  tar with out J will command complete but not expand and with J option then tar does not command complete?09:36
newboon2agehobgoblin:  still booting09:37
hobgoblinthat is quite slow ... rebooting to recovery or desktop?09:38
newboon2agehobgoblin: desktop.  still a lot of HD activity.09:40
hobgoblinmight be worth having a look at dmesg to see if you can find where it stalls09:40
geirhathetick: I've never bothered learning bash-completion, but looking at the completion for the tar-command, I don't see the xz extension.09:41
geirhathetick: type _tar09:41
geirhathetick: That is, «type _tar» will display the function used for completing the tar command.09:41
newboon2agepreviously it had a fatal error w/ dahdi, but i removed that package...09:42
newboon2agehobgoblin: still booting09:42
hobgoblinnewboon2age: does it have enough ram?09:43
newboon2agehobgoblin: yes, 1.25G09:44
thetickneed the xz-utils package so the normal tar man page or help info does list .xz format or the -J option09:45
newboon2agehobgoblin: still on plymouth screen.  i logged in and started the apt-get upgrade again and it seems to be working, so that's a step forward anyway09:45
hobgoblinnewboon2age: I don't know what this plymouth screen you are talking about is09:46
geirhathetick: It's a fairly recent addition to GNU coreutils. My guess is, the guys that hack up the bash_completion stuff just hasn't caught up.09:46
newboon2agehobgoblin: its the boot screen you see with the ubuntu and logo and all09:47
veononewhy don't i have access to hdd partitions in /dev? I get a not a directory error09:50
newboon2agehobgoblin: when i do cntl alt F7 i can toggle the plymouth screen on and off, but essentially it seems to stall on that screen.09:50
geirhaveonone: Those are the raw devices, if you want to access them, you first need to mount them somewhere.09:50
thetickOK great thanks.  So would that be bash maintainers or some Ubuntu integration group?  I would like to get this resolved... As you can tell I'm not newbie to UNIX just to the Ubuntu way09:51
newboon2agehobgoblin: if i didn't know i could log on to tty1-5 i'd think it had hung or stalled or something09:51
hobgoblinare you in one of the tty's now?09:51
newboon2agehobgoblin: rebooting after apt-get upgrade...09:52
geirhathetick: I'd try reporting it against the bash-completion package09:52
hobgoblinnewboon2age: hang on09:52
hobgoblinor is it too late - if it is go to the recovery instead of normal09:52
geirhathetick: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bash-completion09:53
newboon2agehobgoblin: i let it go to the normal09:53
hobgoblinlet's wait for a while then ... ;)09:55
newboon2agehobgoblin: sorry, i didn't see your note about tty.  what were you going to say?09:55
hobgoblinjust wanted to check some stuff09:56
thetickGreat thanks again.  Later09:56
newboon2agehobgoblin: go ahead and tell me your ideas, cuz its still taking a looooooong time09:56
hobgoblinwhen you've got in I want the output of cat /etc/X11/xorg.* and lspci09:57
hobgoblinif you can get to atty - sudo apt-get install pastebinit   then cat /etc/X11/xorg.* lspci |pastebinit09:58
hobgoblinactually that will fail - do cat /etc/X11/xorg.* |pastebinit09:59
hobgoblinthen lspci |pastebinit09:59
newboon2agepasstebinit?  it couldn't find the package10:00
newboon2agepastebinit i mean10:00
newboon2agecan't find package pastebinit hobgoblin10:02
newboon2agebut the display is intel 915GM/GMS/910GML Express Graphics Controller, rev 0310:03
newboon2agehobgoblin: there doesn't seem to be an /etc/x11 directory]10:05
newboon2agehobgoblin: i restarted the gdm10:06
hobgoblinnewboon2age: X11 not x1110:07
hobgoblinas far as I know though the intel thing should be ok10:07
hobgoblincan you paste.ubuntu.com for cat /var/log/dmesg10:08
hobgoblinbut I'm running out of time now10:08
newboon2agei went to X11 directory10:09
newboon2agehobgoblin: but i don't see an xorg. anything10:09
hobgoblinyou might not have any xorg.* in there10:09
newboon2agehobgoblin: doesn't look like i do10:10
hobgoblinI just wanted to see if plymouth was balking from a nvidia or ati install10:10
hobgoblinso lets have a look at dmesg then I have to go10:10
newboon2agewell, i tried to get to the plymouth screen by doing a cntl alt F7 and alas, i not only didn't get the plymouth screen, i seem to have lost my cursor.  any way to unjam it?10:12
newboon2agehobgoblin: in other words i have a CL shell, but no blinking cursor10:13
hobgoblinno idea10:13
newboon2ageokay, well if you need to go, we'll leave it there.  what should i look for in the dmesg?10:13
hobgoblina gap in the time signatures - where it hangs - you'll get some idea of what i't hanging on10:14
hobgoblinwould be good to get pastebinit installed then you can access pastebin.com from a cli10:16
newboon2agei rebooted, tty3 and am looking at dmesg10:16
newboon2agehobgoblin: the last line is eth0: no IPv6    routers present10:17
hobgoblintry the apt-get install pastebinit again10:18
hobgoblinor have you lost net again?10:18
newboon2agehobgoblin: i tried it but still couldn't find the package.  how do i check for net again?10:19
hobgoblinwell if apt is looking then you have net10:19
newboon2ageit says E: Couldn't find package pastebinit10:20
hobgoblinit is very hard to see what is going on without any information10:20
newboon2agei don't know what the 'E:' thing means10:20
newboon2agehobgoblin: ah10:20
newboon2agehobgoblin: trying restart of gdm10:21
hobgoblintry sudo apt-get update10:21
newboon2agehobgoblin: logging into gui10:21
newboon2agehobgoblin: checking for net10:23
newboon2agegot net, but synaptics can't find that package either.10:23
hobgoblinmmmm - software sources in sys admin menu10:24
newboon2agehobgoblin: you want some info from repositories"10:24
hobgoblinyep - you can do the gui - ubuntu software tab - make sure main and universe are enabled10:25
newboon2ageokay i can pastebin stuff, what would you like/10:25
hobgoblinand messages - both in the log file viewer10:25
nUboon2Agehobgoblin: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/VcJtvDxe10:29
nUboon2Agehobgoblin: not sure what you mean by 'messages - both in the log file viewer'10:30
hobgoblinmessages is one of the logs in the log file viewer10:30
nUboon2Agehobgoblin:  i'm not sure what the 'log file viewer' is10:31
nUboon2Ageokay i found that program...10:32
hobgoblindmesg looks fairly normal10:33
hobgoblinand I have to go now - sorry10:35
newboon2agehobgoblin: had a little trouble w/ that, but here it comes10:35
nUboon2Agehttp://ubuntu.pastebin.com/spam.php?i=FR6wf5DP hobgoblin10:36
newboon2agehobgoblin: darn it looks like i've got the wrong dates and you have to go...10:37
hobgoblinthat looks ok to me10:37
newboon2agereposting todays info..10:38
hobgoblinnewboon2age: no need10:40
hobgoblinnewboon2age: try this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Bugs/Lucidi8xxFreezes10:40
nUboon2Agehttp://ubuntu.pastebin.com/bNDgSj47 hobgoblin10:40
hobgoblintry From an Installation or workround B10:41
hobgoblinsee if that helps10:41
nUboon2Agehobgoblin: okay I'll check that.  Thanks a million for your help.  Anything on that last pastebin?10:41
hobgoblinnUboon2Age: now I really am going - good luck with that10:41
newboon2agehobgoblin: thanks for everything you guys rock!10:43
lukjadhobgoblin !12:10
hobgoblinlukjad !12:18
lukjadhobgoblin How goes it?12:19
hobgoblinpretty good ty - busy with life - as are you I read ;)12:19
lukjadhobgoblin Heh, yeah12:19
lukjadI've taken up photography!12:19
hobgoblinwhat sort? that is what of12:20
lukjadhobgoblin Let me give you a link12:21
lukjadhobgoblin ^12:22
hobgoblinnice - I like the fountain :)12:24
lukjadThanks! :)12:25
hobgoblinyou're welcome lukjad12:26
lukjadhobgoblin I have one I think you'll like. It's very much me.12:26
lukjadRead the comment12:26
hobgoblinha ha ha12:26
lukjadI went out yesterday and shot 200 photos12:27
lukjadThat makes over 3000 that I have12:28
hobgoblintoo many to remember then :D12:29
lukjadhobgoblin I remember most of them actually. :)12:29
hobgoblingive it 10 years ...12:29
lukjadWell, obviously in 10 years I won't remember the shot12:30
lukjadHeh, I don't remember stuff that happened yesterday12:30
hobgoblinme neither - anyway I am off, not really here at the moment12:31
hobgoblinlukjad: speak again soon I hope12:31
lukjadLater hobgoblin !12:31
[CENTRAL]i need your expertise12:36
[CENTRAL]i managed to repartition my drive but then when booting ubuntu i got an error from the network card. so i choose to reinstall ubuntu and format my whole drive. just before installing i chose not to install the bootloader. now ubuntu is not booting at all just a horizontal cursor flashing doing nothing12:38
hobgoblinwhy did you not install the bootloader... try this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Reinstalling%20from%20LiveCD12:49
[CENTRAL]i thought if i can choose at startup wich of the drives i will be booting it wouldnt be a problem12:51
geirhaNo, you must have a bootloader12:55
geirhaYou can have different bootloaders on different drives, e.g. windows bootloader on first drive, grub on second, then choosing which drive to boot will determine which bootloader is used.12:56
[CENTRAL]so why is that shit option there if you cant use it without it lol12:57
[CENTRAL]im so mad at me12:57
[CENTRAL]let me get to my pc i couldnt get to work the nic in windows wither :-??12:57
geirhaIt's useful for installing several operating systems, e.g. two different Ubuntu installs; you might wanna keep the first install's bootloader12:58
[CENTRAL]Ok i managed to get into grub minimal command line13:00
lukjadHey [CENTRAL]13:19
that_guy_does any one here no how to download hydra src?14:43
lukjadthat_guy_ http://hydra.ece.utexas.edu/download/14:45
that_guy_i mean how do i install it14:47
lukjadthat_guy_ oh, sorry15:04
lukjadthat_guy_ http://wiredbytes.com/node/2315:05
lukjadthat_guy_ Hope that helps15:05
that_guy_lukjad thanks15:05
loki00I have a netbook with the GMA500 video thing. Does anyone here know how to make this work?15:29
lukjadWhat do you mean, get it to work15:41
lukjadloki00 Check this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=743882815:42
loki00lukjad: after an update of 10.04 the I cannot get to the desktop. During the update I got a warning theat the psb video drives ppa could not be forund. Can this be fixed or do I need to reinstall 10.04 and make sure the kernel does not update?16:19
jmburgessloki00: what graphics card are you running?16:27
FanshaweHey there everybody. I keep getting errors in my torrents. I17:14
FanshaweI'm almost certain it has something to do with my laptop going into standby.17:14
FanshawePerhaps as soon as my user profile idles and it starts to demand a password, all of my torrents are halted?17:15
holsteinsystem > preferences > powermanagement17:15
holsteinsystem > preferences > screensaver17:16
holsteinand uncheck - lock screen when screensaver is active17:17
FanshaweAh, of course17:17
FanshaweSwitch it off entirely, as why would I need a screensaver on a laptop, right? I just close the lid and it goes to a blank screen.17:17
FanshaweThanks, holstein.17:18
zkriessehey hobgoblin18:11
zkriesseand welcome xsaiddx18:11
xsaiddxzkriesse: thnaks18:12
zkriessehi Scunizi18:25
zkriessephillw: ping18:25
phillwhi zkriesse18:25
Scunizigood morning.18:25
zkriessephillw: join -wiki18:26
win_2_linuxi'm here, just working on my resume18:37
holsteinwhat torrents?18:39
holsteinsorry, i was scrolled way up18:40
holsteini though the torrents guy was back ;)18:40
zkriesseholstein: that's mohi118:41
zkriesseholstein: and he's here18:41
holsteini was responding to...18:44
holstein12:14 < Fanshawe> Hey there everybody. I keep getting errors in my torrents. I18:44
win_2_linuxyeah i saw that, and I was wondering what has Ubuntu or linux have to do with that18:47
mohi1zkriesse, wut?18:56
zkriessemohi1: nothing18:56
mohi1zkriesse, we sopke in BT and not here. so SHHHH18:56
phillwcareful mohi1, zkriesse will kidnap you :p18:58
mohi1phillw, meet zkriesse :P18:59
phillwmohi1 i've already been kidnapped, pleeease send the ransom money ;-)19:00
mohi1phillw, the kidnaper left the room :P19:00
mohi1aww he came back19:00
* zkriesse kidnaps mohi1 19:01
mohi1zkriesse, fail. Its a decoy :P19:01
* mohi1 hides behind pedro3005 19:02
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=== Hellow is now known as collinp
xsaiddxwhile watchin a flash vidoe in chromuim i got this plugin is blocked /usr/lib/flashplugin-installer/libflashplayer.so20:36
andrei_Hi. Problem. I reinstalled ubuntu doing a clean install on a hard drive. But the guru shows 2 difrent 10.04 installed. The first is not connecting to the network and the second has faulty display(one that im running now)20:47
andrei_I really need you guys20:49
stlsaintandrei_: guru?20:49
stlsaintyou mean grub?20:50
andrei_grub. the bootloader20:50
stlsaintandrei_: why did you install ubuntu twice?20:50
andrei_long story20:50
andrei_doesent matter. last time i did a clean install there shuldnt be 2 ubuntus there20:51
andrei_and they seem to boot the same one as i intalled xchat in the other one and it appears here too20:51
andrei_wouldnt bother me if internet was working over the first one or display in the second20:52
andrei_i dont know what to thinl20:52
stlsaintandrei_: how is the display wrong?20:52
andrei_well at bootup it says somethig about the nvidia is wrong in kernel and that it will be a low graphic setting session20:53
stlsaintandrei_: are you able to get to your desktop?20:53
andrei_im there yes20:53
andrei_this linux is boiling my blood20:54
stlsaintandrei_: can you go to: System>Admin>Hardware Drivers20:55
stlsaintandrei_: what do you see in that window?20:55
andrei_version current activated20:56
stlsaintandrei_: do you have the recommened driver installed?20:56
andrei_but i have 2 cards. maybe a problem?20:57
stlsaintandrei_: ok, how is your display faulty, can you send a screenshot20:57
andrei_onboard and pcie20:57
andrei_its wrong resolution20:57
andrei_i mean too small20:57
andrei_like 640x80020:57
andrei_and what about those 2 linux in grub? wth20:59
stlsaintandrei_: if you install linux twice you will get TWO entries20:59
andrei_this is like a fourth time21:00
andrei_but i selected clean install21:00
andrei_wipe all drive21:00
stlsaintandrei_: andrei_ unless specified ubiquity will keep  all installs21:00
stlsaintandrei_: if you want to ensure all is gone, format the drive from the livecd then install ubuntu21:01
andrei_what does that mean? i need to reinstall again21:01
andrei_question mark21:02
=== bgs000 is now known as bgs100
andrei_at least tell me format commnd21:04
stlsaintandrei_: you dont have to reinstall21:04
andrei_i dont21:04
stlsaintandrei_: you can simply format the particular partitions that hold the unwanted install of ubuntu then edit your menu.lst21:05
andrei_ths is what i have21:06
andrei_Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System21:06
andrei_/dev/sda1   *           1        9328    74920960   83  Linux21:06
andrei_/dev/sda2            9328        9730     3227649    5  Extended21:06
andrei_/dev/sda5            9328        9730     3227648   82  Linux swap / Solaris21:06
andrei_looks like only one21:06
stlsaintandrei_: can you open the application gparted and get a screenshot of it and send it here21:07
andrei_let me install it21:07
zkriesse!pastebin > andrei_21:09
ubot2andrei_, please see my private message21:09
stlsaintandrei_: the screenshot didnt show what is needed..can you please take a full shot of the window21:12
stlsaintandrei_: you do not have multiple installs21:15
stlsaintyou have one root, one swap/extended21:16
stlsaintandrei_: if you are 100% sure that you have multiple entries than you need to edit that menu.lst to remove them21:17
andrei_ok then why grub shows like this: ubuntu ubuntu(recovery) ubuntu ubuntu(recovery) something_i_cant_remember win721:17
win_2_linuxupdated kernel21:17
andrei_first one is display ok network not working and the other is the other way around21:18
win_2_linuxit shows two kernels when the kernel is updated and two recovery kernels21:18
stlsaintandrei_: yes, you have done a kernel update and those multiple entries are different kernels21:18
win_2_linuxi panicked when i saw that21:18
andrei_how do i fix this. im really going crazy21:18
win_2_linuxand someone in here told me that21:18
win_2_linuxisn't it for a good reason like if one kernel fails you have the other to fall back on21:19
stlsaintwin_2_linux: for the most part yes21:19
andrei_im realy starting to hate it21:19
andrei_and my boss put me up to learn linux21:19
andrei_and i thought it's a great ideea21:20
win_2_linuxwell here is a starting point, if you can solve these problems then when and if it happens to someone else you will be an asset21:20
win_2_linuxand tell a funny story21:20
andrei_:( my linux was working fine until i wanted to repartition21:20
andrei_i want to shoot myself now21:21
stlsaintandrei_: andrei_ so you can agree that its not linux fault but user headspace!!?!?21:21
win_2_linuxor an experiment in partitioning that went terribly wrong21:21
stlsaintandrei_: what distro are you running?21:21
andrei_can we get back on my subject pls21:21
win_2_linuxa lesson learned and experience earned21:21
stlsaintandrei_: grub2 correct?21:22
stlsaintandrei_: hopefully you havent been trying to revert back to legacy21:22
andrei_boss suggested centos but i read ubuntu is more user friendly21:22
win_2_linuxwhy does your boss wnat you to learn linux?21:23
andrei_take over network21:23
win_2_linuxahhh is this a promotion for you21:23
andrei_if i can get it right21:23
andrei_i seem not been able to install properly so...21:23
zkriesseandrei_: ah new to linux eh?21:24
win_2_linuxok are there classes in your area21:24
win_2_linuxso am i21:24
win_2_linuxnew to linux that is21:25
andrei_i dont know. there are a lot of docs on net i dont need a class. im self taught21:25
andrei_with the help of you guys xD21:25
win_2_linuxwell old new my first one was mandrake that installed beautifully and i used it for a couple of weeks then it broke and i couldn't fix it, it wouldn't reinstall ran back to windows and didn't look back until viruses ran amok21:26
andrei_i got fedora and kubuntu ready to be installed i just liked this one21:26
win_2_linuxya know even when my virus scans that were always updated, said there were no malwares on my machine, one popped up21:27
andrei_and centos21:27
andrei_i want this one21:27
win_2_linuxdoes your boss know linux21:27
andrei_i assume he's running the faculty web site on one of the machines in my office21:28
win_2_linuxi'm just as new as you are did a clean install on this laptop on friday21:28
stlsaintandrei_: i have not forgotten about you but the way i would fix this issue im not going to divulge due to you being new, no disrespect...just trying to look out for ya! :D21:29
stlsaintandrei_: so with that said i suggest you install a program called startup manager21:29
stlsaintandrei_: from there you should have a few options to edit some bootup displays21:29
stlsaintwell not display but options21:29
andrei_cant i format my drive and install again?21:29
andrei_how do i format on live cd?21:30
stlsaintandrei_: you told me that you didnt want to do that!!!! >:|21:30
andrei_its getting on my nerves21:30
andrei_im not very pacient21:30
stlsaintandrei_: im trying to be but i need you to tell me what you want help with? what procedures are you loooking to take?21:31
win_2_linuxtheres a partition utility in administration21:31
andrei_lets talk about it for a minute21:31
stlsaintwin_2_linux: yes i had him install gparted but you CANNOT format a mounted fs!21:32
stlsaintwin_2_linux: thus it has to be done via livecd21:32
win_2_linuxwhat about fdisk21:32
stlsaintwin_2_linux: fdisk is a command!21:32
win_2_linuxdiskutility can erase and format the21:32
* stlsaint facepalms at win_2_linux comments!!!!!21:32
win_2_linuxand check the disk21:32
* stlsaint facepalms at win_2_linux comments!!!!! (again)21:33
* win_2_linux doesn't understand what facepalms meant21:33
pedro3005when you put your palm in your face21:33
pedro3005because something really stupid / silly just happened21:34
tre099sign of exasparation21:34
stlsaintwin_2_linux: my dear fellow user, you CANNOT format a mounted fs. So yes the disk utility can format as needed but not while the user is booted!21:34
* win_2_linux thinks its a rude gensture and says hmmmmf21:34
andrei_i reinstalled ubuntu wiping my disk. booted ok not problem but couldnt get the network to run. i did all the setup and still nothing (dhcp router). then i had to go to work. i came back and the ideea to reset the router came in. so i shut it down and bring it back up. fire pc and let it boot alone while i get drinks. when i get back ubuntu is at login. log in and go to firefox surprize. internet connection. ubuntu tells me to update i say yes. then21:34
andrei_it tells me i need a driver for display. ok. now reboot. fail connection21:34
win_2_linuxi understand that, i sugested from the livedc21:34
* stlsaint thinks its rude for win_2_linux to suggest resolutions that can potential confuse the op or harm the op's system!21:35
andrei_so i tried booting the second ubuntu option witch is this one and network is fine but before login ubuntu tells me i dont have dispaly in kernel some thing like that and loads with ugly resolution21:35
* win_2_linux was thinking with his windows thinking.....still haven't broken away21:35
zkriesseandrei_: dekstop?21:36
stlsaintandrei_: OK, lets get all this straight now.......21:36
stlsaintzkriesse: WAIT!21:36
greenjonall in good time, win_2_linux21:36
zkriessestlsaint: ok21:36
stlsaintzkriesse: careful my friend...delicate situation! :D21:36
zkriessestlsaint: i'll shut up21:36
* stlsaint loves everyone....just wanted to through that out there!21:36
zkriessethrow too right?21:36
andrei_if you love me help me fix this21:36
stlsaintzkriesse: /s/through/throw21:37
stlsaintandrei_: i will21:37
stlsaintandrei_: then you can buy me dinner!21:37
andrei_ 2 sixpack21:37
stlsaintandrei_: ok, even if you fresh install, those entries are going to return one you complete all your updates, so i say now that a re-install may/maynot fix your display issue...21:37
stlsaintandrei_: IF YOU WANT TO....there is nothing wrong with re-installing ubuntu21:38
stlsaintandrei_: once you re-install we can start fresh with the video card issue21:38
stlsaintandrei_: your going to need to edit your xorg.conf, tbh there may be someone here more qualified with X to help you than me but since i responded i will help the best i can21:38
andrei_well i never had this problem. my problems are with the network and im afraid if i reinstall it wont work again21:39
stlsaintandrei_: if its working now, and it works via livecd than it will work again21:39
andrei_live cd network doesent work usualy21:39
andrei_its this thing i dont know why but it only works on 10 speed21:40
stlsaintandrei_: ok, to test just boot to the livecd and try to get back here21:40
* win_2_linux wishes someone in linux would solve the suspend hibernate issue with laptops sigh21:40
andrei_im telling you i wont be able to21:40
stlsaintwin_2_linux: give more space to swap!21:40
andrei_ive tried21:40
holsteinwin_2_linux: suspend works great for me21:40
andrei_my nic or router is wierd and have to set speed to 10M linux or windows doesent matter21:41
holsteinyou should contact dell about that specific model21:41
holsteinand ask for linux support21:41
stlsaintandrei_: what type of network card do you have?21:41
andrei_onboard nvidia21:41
* win_2_linux laughs after what andrei did with repartitioning and having it not work afterwords...i think i21:41
win_2_linuxoh i have a dell card21:41
win_2_linuxbroadcom i believe it uses21:42
stlsaintandrei_: no you dont have a nvidia nic!21:42
stlsaintandrei_: or at least i hope not! :D21:42
stlsaintlol...i may need to post that in a certain site that host certain funny irc chats!! :D21:42
andrei_i dont know it says reatek but its actualy nvidia something like that21:43
andrei_i have a second nic lying around21:43
stlsainttre099: =D21:43
andrei_suggest installing that?21:43
stlsaintandrei_: what type of lappy do you have?21:43
andrei_its asus21:43
andrei_no its a desktop pc. i have a second nic asus nx100121:44
stlsaintwhats the model of the desktop pc?21:44
andrei_but i removed it before installing linux21:44
andrei_model? its home made. asrockk10n78 mb21:44
andrei_don;t give me that :(21:46
stlsaintandrei_: open a terminal my friend21:47
andrei_its on21:47
stlsaintandrei_: run the command: lspci | grep Wireless21:47
stlsaintand post the output here21:47
andrei_i dont know if it will work i dont have wirless21:47
andrei_connection - wired21:48
stlsaintandrei_: run the command: lspci | grep Ethernet21:50
stlsaintits only two lines, here is fine21:50
andrei_00:0a.0 Ethernet controller: nVidia Corporation MCP77 Ethernet (rev a2)21:50
stlsainti stand corrected...21:51
stlsaintshame on /me21:51
andrei_Should I get the roap ready?21:51
stlsaintandrei_: andrei_ do you have access to another machine21:51
andrei_Difficult at this time of night\21:52
andrei_What do you want to know21:52
stlsaintandrei_: if you have access to another machine than you can use that machine to get the driver for your desktop in the weird case that networking doesnt work after the re-install21:53
andrei_Well i never had to install a driver. Just make some set ups21:54
andrei_Remember i installed ubuntu 3 times21:54
stlsaintandrei_: well in that case you should be fine with a fresh install so we can tackle that video issue21:55
stlsaintstarcraftman: si senor21:55
andrei_Well i never had that video issue I don;t knwo what was this all about.21:56
andrei_Hold on let me restart and see21:56
stlsaintandrei_: so your saying a fresh install should solve all your issues?21:56
andrei_i hope so. It worked once21:57
andrei_even my soundcard problems :p21:57
andrei_brb hope21:57
tre099anyone know much about klam antivirus?21:58
duanedesignmcp77 is the same ethernet i have.21:59
duanedesignshould work out of the box22:00
duanedesigntre099: the most popular are clam and AVG22:00
tre099im doing a scan for the first time and its reporting files as problem, heuristics.broken.executable, but its in files i know are ok, any idea what it means?22:02
stlsaintduanedesign: thats what i was thinking but the user seemed adimit that it would work22:02
stlsainttre099: could be false positives22:02
stlsaintthat sure is a long reboot.....22:03
stlsaintthink ill go get myself a snack....22:03
tre099ok stlsaint:  thats what i thought, but im new to this so just wanted reassurance lol22:04
duanedesigntre099: http://www.mepislovers.org/forums/showthread.php?p=23462122:04
greenjontre099: you're not alone. i just installed that 2 days ago. quite different to get used to22:04
stlsainttre099: with it being an exe im assuming its for windows meaning its suppose to give false positives :D22:05
duanedesigntre099: looks like they are ok22:05
tre099thanks duanedesign22:06
tre099is klamav worth using or is there better ones available?22:08
greenjonthat's the one i've seen that's most recommended22:10
greenjonbut i haven't researched it too much22:10
tre099ok cool thanks22:10
holderIs there a way to keep my computer from going to sleep? Transmission seems to slow/stop seeding when it does.22:10
tre099system then powermanagement should do it  i think22:11
greenjonbeat me to it, tre099 lol22:11
tre099lol im waiting for someone who knows what they are doing to tell me its wrong22:12
greenjonthat's why i usually stay silent22:12
greenjoni prefer to see what everyone else is talking about and learn from it instead of attempting to help most people22:13
greenjondon't like being wrong and i'm definitely not an ubuntu pro22:13
tre099this is my first time in here, only had ubuntu a few days22:14
greenjoncool. i've been using it for awhile off and on, but haven't totally taken the time to learn it until recently22:15
greenjonhoping i can focus and just get really good at it so i can dump windows22:15
tre099i been trying for years to get into it but just not had the time once i hit a problem like nic card not recognised, but i gave it another go and so glad i did22:17
greenjonya can be a difficult process, but well worth it22:17
stlsainttre099: your wrong :D22:18
tre099thankfully this distro had everything i need in it already so i could just start using it with out any messing22:18
tre099ty stlsaint22:18
stlsaintgreenjon: stay here and in the forums and you will learn ubuntu VERY fast22:19
greenjoni think i like the feel of this chan more than #ubuntu. too much question asking in there to follow and learn easily22:19
greenjonstlsaint: i definitely plan to. been a little lax on going to the forums and posting though22:20
stlsaintgreenjon: hehe, yea those forums are a pool of info to learn from22:20
stlsaintgreenjon: and i agree, i use to be in #ubuntu but it got way to annoying...22:20
stlsaintmost will atest to that22:21
greenjonstlsaint: i think i've seen you on the forums quite a bit with a lot of posts. am i correct?22:21
greenjonjust one of those nicks that stick out. maybe posting style on the forums too22:22
stlsaintgreenjon: yea i have a good number of post on there,22:22
greenjonstlsaint: well, it's good to meet you22:22
stlsaintgreenjon: aye,22:22
stlsaintlol..think ill head to the forums now :D22:23
stlsaintsomeone ping me when andrei_ comes back22:23
greenjonthat was a really long reboot22:23
stlsaintyea thats what i been saying22:24
tre099must be like being back on xp22:24
stlsaintgreenjon: i mostly stick to threads that have 0-2 post on it....i hate when new users post and non one helps then the user goes back to windows22:24
stlsaintdefeats the whole purpose of support forum!22:24
greenjonstlsaint: i've seen way too many posts go unanswered on there22:25
stlsaintgreenjon: we have a unanswered-post team :D22:25
greenjonjust the other day i was googling and found some posts on the forums that looked relevant to my search, but ended up not having solutions22:25
stlsaintyea that sucks22:27
greenjonstlsaint: is there really a team like that?22:27
stlsaintgreenjon: yep, im part of it =D22:27
greenjonthat's great22:27
greenjonthat's one heck of a job too22:28
zkriessegreenjon: it's #ubuntuforums-unanswered22:29
stlsaintgreenjon: see...post like this that goes unanswered that make me mad....its simple as crap yet no one gets to it!22:29
stlsaintgranted its only been up for 30 mins :D22:30
* stlsaint goes all green....22:30
* ibuclaw throws a tin of purple paint over stlsaint 22:31
greenjonnice avatar on the forums22:31
stlsainthehe, like that eh! ive had that little guy since i first came to ubuntu22:31
greenjonthat thing is awesome22:33
* zkriesse says hi to greenjon and tre099 22:34
greenjonhello zkriesse22:34
tre099hi zkriesse22:34
greenjonhow goes it?22:35
zkriesseit goes22:35
zkriessepushing bug fixes for the Ubuntu Manual and doing wiki work22:35
tre099are you part of the bug squad?22:36
holderI downloaded p7zip but I don't know how to use it. How do I unzip rar's?22:36
tre099i think you need to open terminal and enter sudo apt-get install unrar22:39
win_2_linuxi have a question with that p7zip doesn't linux have that built in?22:39
tre099not sure22:40
stlsaintwith what?22:41
stlsaintwin_2_linux: just use zip!?!?22:41
=== Puck` is now known as Guest97867
win_2_linuxthought so thats why I don't bother dl all these other gadgets that one had to for win22:42
stlsaintwin_2_linux: zip is in the repos...22:43
win_2_linuxi think i have it unstalld because I needed it for something that i wanted to install and someone on here told me to do that22:43
holderAlright how do I use unrar?22:43
zkriessetre099: No..the ubuntu manual is entirely different22:44
tre099ok zkriesse22:45
win_2_linuxthere's an ubuntu manual or are you talking about the manual pages or the website22:45
win_2_linuxI have the ubuntu bible LOL22:45
stlsaintholder: get a rar file and UNRAR it ;)22:46
stlsaintOR RAR an UNRAR"ED file :D22:46
stlsaintdoesnt get much easier than that mate! :D22:46
tre099right time to cal it quits for today. good to meet ya all22:48
holderMy friends, there is no unrar option, and when I type "unrar" as a custom option nothing happens. When I go back and right click and open with unrar, nothing happens.22:48
tre099nite all22:49
stlsaintholder: you can view the manual page of unrar...its probably a command based app22:50
stlsaintholder: also why did you choose to go with rar?22:50
holderAhhh, well, my private tracker is made up of mostly rar's22:52
stlsainti installed winrar via wine before22:52
drubinrar works perfectly find on ubuntu22:53
drubinand you can use the GUI.22:53
drubinholder: Do you still need a hand :)?22:54
stlsaintdrubin: OHAI22:55
drubinhey stlsaint :)22:55
holderdrubin: I'm trying to work out the proper command. Any help would be appreciated.22:56
drubinholder: Do you have a GUI desktop because you can simply right click else I will help with the command if you still need it22:56
drubinbut it should be unrar -x filename.rar22:57
holderdrubin: I have a gooey desktop22:59
stlsaintdrubin: the op told me that they didnt have a option in gui22:59
stlsaintdrubin: thus i went cli22:59
stlsaintmy fault i guess22:59
drubinholder: then simply right click extract (provided you have rar and unrar installed)23:00
stlsaintaveilleux: ohai, my i pm you23:00
drubinstlsaint: No worries, I don't read every thing I just ask when I am around23:00
stlsaintdrubin: how ya been?23:01
aveilleuxstlsaint: Go for it23:01
holderLOLWOW, I feel so dumb. Many thanks everyone.23:01
drubinholder: No worries23:01
stlsaintsure sure23:03
greenjonso i'm on UNE 10.04 and when i logged in, a message popped up that said wicd needed access to my network cards and it needed my password. never had this happen before. do you guys know why?23:13
stlsaintgreenjon: it happens everynow and then23:13
stlsaintwell at least for me...but i dont run UNE23:14
greenjonthat never even happened when i was using UNR 9.1023:14
greenjonstrange stuff23:15
greenjongood to know it's nothing to worry about23:15
greenjonty stlsaint23:17
Sakyhi all23:19
greenjonhello Saky23:19
zkriessehello Saky23:19
Sakywell...i am new to linux...just installed ubuntu 10.04 on some old pc and have one question...if its ok?! :)23:21
holsteingo for it :)23:22
greenjonthat's what this channel is for. ask away, Saky :)23:22
win_2_linuxthats ok there are other brand new people here like me who just installed it clean install on friday23:22
Sakyok...here we go hehe...23:23
Sakythis pc has some old nvidia card...geforce 4 mx agp...working good so far...but question is will I gain some performance if I enable agp fast writes??23:25
Sakyi know...not muc to expect from card anyway hehe23:25
holsteinif your trying to speed up your experience on on older machine23:25
holsteini would suggest looking into LXDE23:26
holsteinor xubuntu23:26
holsteinyou can install these however you install packages23:26
stlsaintholstein: the discussion seems to be more so on video performance...23:26
stlsaintnot necessarily pc performance23:27
Sakysort of....just like to tweak things hehe...compiz effects work pretty good as is with nvidia 96 drivers...just want to squezze few mor fps out LOL23:27
stlsaintSaky: am i correct or are you looking for what holstein is suggesting?23:28
steelstevewhat is the firefox choose user terminal command?23:28
win_2_linuxis a good idea to rehab and old machine i thought of that, and dragged an old machine out of hte closet, it booted once realized it was very old, only 64 ram and 13 gigl hard drive but after the first boot, when i went to restart after updated from windows updates and rebooted it wouldn't come on, it died23:28
stlsaintwin_2_linux: thats cuz you said old/windows23:28
win_2_linuxit had xp on it23:28
steelstevewhat is the firefox choose user terminal command? erm, stlsaint?23:29
holsteinjust a suggestion, if you havnet looked into some of the lighter environments23:29
stlsaintsteelsteve: si senor23:30
stlsaintholstein: a good one might i add in certain situations ;)23:30
steelstevestop it you're from st. louis23:30
holsteinstlsaint: :)23:30
Sakyon this pc ubuntu works pretty well so far...faster then xp...specs are...athlon xp 2000+ 768Mb ram SB live 5.1...so far so good23:30
stlsaintsteelsteve: LOL23:30
steelstevedo you know, off hand, the terminal command to choose users in firefox BEFORE it opens?23:31
stlsaintSaky: out of the DE, yes gnome is the hungriest for resources23:31
stlsaintSaky: but that seems to not be an issue23:31
stlsaintsteelsteve: what do you mean users?23:31
holsteinyeah, not with those specs23:31
Sakyjust want to know if will gain some more performance if I enable fastwrite with this old agp card?23:32
stlsaintsteelsteve: you mean the user_agent?23:32
drubinsteelsteve: firefox -ProfileManger23:32
stlsaintdrubin: aye23:32
drubinstlsaint: or simply firefox -h normally returns list of commands23:32
drubintab fail23:33
steelstevethanks drubin23:33
drubinsteelsteve: pleasure23:33
stlsaintdrubin: could you use the -P switch for profile23:33
* drubin feels on top form23:33
drubinstlsaint: ye he means that but with the GUI to list profiles23:33
steelsteveit's right23:33
stlsaintsteelsteve: actually drubin is smarter than i ...i suggest directing future questions his way!23:34
steelsteveI only saw the guy who was answering questions23:34
steelsteveI didn't know he was watching23:34
stlsaintsteelsteve: yea thats his ploy to sneak in and out...just ping him as soon as you enter the room and he will answer...he cant help but to answer users in need of help! its in his DNA!!!23:34
zkriessehey steelsteve23:35
* steelsteve looks at the DNA map23:35
zkriessestlsaint: you plan on helping wiki?23:35
steelsteveI don't see it23:35
stlsaintzkriesse: TRAITOR!!!23:35
stlsaintsteelsteve: trust me!! ITS THERE!!23:35
zkriessestlsaint: if so add #ubuntu-beginners-wiki to your auto join23:35
zkriessestlsaint: how am i a traitor?23:35
stlsaintzkriesse: touche, i kep meaning too...i will23:36
stlsaintzkriesse: i dunno...i just have to yell it every now and then....23:36
zkriessestlsaint: there is no keeping up with you23:36
stlsaintdrubin: thats right, you cant hide now...i put your secret in the public23:36
stlsaintzkriesse: thats the way i like it23:36
stlsaintsteelsteve: actually i can give you a magnificent list of names of personnel who are in here who are smarter than i that i suggest pining!23:37
stlsaintdarn it23:37
stlsaintzkriesse: brb23:37
Sakyoff I go to tweak some more stuff....tnx all...good to know there is always someone that can help :) Im pretty sure Ill come back here he he....greetz all!!23:39
stlsaintdrubin: ping23:40
drubinstlsaint: Pong23:41
drubinstlsaint: why do you sell your self short?23:41
drubin06/28 00:37:09    +stlsaint | steelsteve: actually i can give you a magnificent list of names of personnel who are in here who are smarter than i that i suggest pining!23:41
stlsaintdrubin: aye, just checking ya23:42
stlsaintdrubin: trust trying to get as much participation as i can in here! =D23:42
stlsaintdrubin: its not selling myself short. If i were to say for instance that pedro3005 is smarter than me then YES i will be selling myself short! :D23:43
pedro3005was that an insult? >:(23:43
stlsaintdrubin: or better yet mohi2911 smarter than me will be REALLY selling short!!23:43
stlsaintpedro3005: ohai, no no my friend merely exchanging words !!23:44
stlsaintall is well23:44
drubinstlsaint: Don't insult others.23:44
drubinstlsaint: ye but don't think of people in terms of smartness23:44
stlsaintdrubin: i dont...23:44
drubinthere will always be people smarter then you and always people that think you are smarter then them23:44
stlsaintdrubin: touche,23:45
drubinit is just about what you are talking about at the time and who you are talking to.23:45
drubinand generally i don23:45
drubindon't answer if I don't know the answer, hence looking smart :)23:45
drubinstlsaint: hehe not touche :)23:45
drubinjust trying to be possitive23:45
stlsaintdrubin: thats why i choose pedro3005 to pick on cause he can code circles around me but im probably more experience in server work, plus i like to pick on him! =D23:45
drubinah ok23:46
pedro3005lol, like I know how to code23:46
stlsaintpedro3005: lol23:46
stlsaintpedro3005: CODER ALERT!!23:46
pedro3005stlsaint, I'm still learning my a b C.. get it?23:47
pedro3005not good with puns, as you see23:47
* drubin is ruby fanboi at the momment23:47
stlsaintdrubin: im right behind ya...i have been checking out ruby lately and i like the simple syntax of it23:48
drubinsimple it is not....23:48
drubinpython IMHO has a simpler syntax ruby as a million ways to do every thing :)23:48
drubinbut I seem to be enjoying RoR ruby on rails23:49
drubinhence liking ruby23:49
pedro3005I'm trying to learn C...23:49
stlsaintdrubin: i agree23:49
drubinany how I need to be off, it is late.23:49
stlsaintpedro3005: NOBODY CARES ABOUT c!!!23:49
pedro3005good were the days where I could just get a god damn line and not worry about it23:49
stlsaintdrubin: l8er23:49
stlsaintdangit...talking with drub i forgot what the original question was!23:50
stlsaintpedro3005: check it23:56
stlsaintpedro3005: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Programming/Python?action=show&redirect=WelcomeToPython23:56
stlsaintpedro3005: this should be fun to update (hasnt been touched since 2008)23:56
pedro3005stlsaint, do you want my opinion? delete that page23:57
pedro3005it's useless23:57
stlsaintpedro3005: i thought the same but id hate to delte someones work, but two years is along time to not even be looked at...im not quite sure what it was even being used for...its not even a good beginners tut!?!?23:57
pedro3005lol not at all. there are much better tutorials only one google away23:58
greenjoni concur on that point. looking at that page will not help me learn it23:58
greenjonwhich i have been looking into as of late :)23:58

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