jfi_Before I report a wrong potential bug, can someone validate the following interpretation:03:22
jfi_while ((n = read(sockfd, pc, HDDTEMP_OUTPUT_BUFFER_LENGTH - output_length)) > 0) {03:22
jfi_output_length += n;03:22
jfi_pc = &pc[n];03:22
jfi_/* terminate with pipe if not already terminated */03:22
jfi_if (buffer[n - 1] != '|') {03:22
jfi_n = 0 before the last line, so the test is out of bound of the buffer03:22
jfi_(code is from gnome sensor applet in maverick)03:23
mrandjfi_: at first read, I would agree.03:40
jfi_that's also the opinion of valgrind which raise a Invalid read of size 1 for this line03:43
hggdhso there you go... You can validate it by patching g-sensor and testing04:00
priyaI am new to bug triage08:04
priyaI need some help08:04
micahgpriya: ask away08:05
priyamicahg:  I don't know the package name for Either after upgrading or doing a fresh install of 9.10 or 10.04 the  system hangs up08:07
micahgpriya: probably X releated08:07
micahgpriya: where does it hang up?08:08
priyamicahg: after one or two actions on foxconn CS45X08:10
* micahg isn't familiar with that08:11
* ddecator either :/08:12
priyamichag: what package  for hanging in the boot prompt grub08:34
vishpriya: bug # ?08:37
ddecatormornin' vish08:38
vishddecator: morning08:38
vishthere maybe several reasons for hanging , having the error message would narrow down the problem08:38
vishbug #59854108:39
ubot2Launchpad bug 598541 in ubuntu "Starting ubuntu 10.04 after upgrade (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59854108:39
vishhmm , the reporter has reinstalled :s , with no logs there is literally nothing we can do [afaic]08:41
vishpriya: you can request the report to try the update again and see if he has the problem , if he does to attach the syslog , kern log , dmesg08:43
vishpriya: he can try the recovery mode if he is running into problems , but the bug seems more of a support request than a bug , we atleast need to know which update caused the problem08:44
priyavish: now i request the report08:46
vishpriya: heh , if the reporter is patient enough we can request him to try each update , one by one and to report which causes the problem ;p08:49
ddecatori'd send him some candy if he had that patience08:50
vishddecator: bah , where is FF4 ? ;p09:05
vishpff , mozilla team ;)09:06
bencrisford!info tk10:16
ubot2bencrisford: tk (source: tcltk-defaults): The Tk toolkit for Tcl and X11 (default version) - run-time files. In component main, is optional. Version 8.4.16-2 (lucid), package size 4 kB, installed size 68 kB10:16
penguin42Hi BUGabundo12:35
vishheh , every time i see BUGabundo  , it makes me go buga..buga ;p12:46
BUGabundovish: amazingly enough you are not the only one13:26
BUGabundoI get that at least on another #, and from two ppl on twitter13:27
vishnah , just sighing over bug triaging ;)14:42
vishi'v seen this bug somewhere in gtk but can cant find it now > http://launchpadlibrarian.net/45028397/Drop%20Down%20Menu%20-%20Empathy-2.png14:45
penguin42oh dear, not seen that one before14:45
vishthere is a bug for that ,  has been there for a while , its a gtk /feature/ ;p14:46
vishi lost my history in FF  , which makes me miss the awesome bar soooooo much :(14:46
penguin42if I notice a bug I reported got fixed somewhere since I reported is the right thing just to mark it as fix released and add a comment saying it got fixed somewhere before now ?14:55
vishpenguin42: bug # ?  usually a desktop bug you can mark as fixed  , otherwise , you can mark it invalid if you dont know what fixed the bug15:04
Kangarooowhere to find info about how it was possible to check name of package when window of programm is open? somewhere about bugs in wiki ive seen that but now cant find that info15:04
penguin42bug 46052415:04
ubot2Launchpad bug 460524 in pm-utils (Ubuntu) "99video: save_pci v pci_save (affects: 2) (heat: 13)" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46052415:04
penguin42Kangarooo: well you can use xlsclients to see what's running, not sure how to find the program15:05
Kangarooook penguin42 i found correct window but cant ubuntu-bug to that package it doesnt exist. its called users-admin15:09
penguin42Kangarooo: If you do a     which users-admin    you find it's in /usr/bin/users-admin15:09
penguin42Kangarooo: Then dpkg -S /usr/bin/users-admin will tell you the package15:10
Kangaroookng@kng-digitron:~$ dpkg -S /usr/bin/users-admin gave gnome-system-tools: /usr/bin/users-admin is that really correct? couse i have now lubuntu-desktop installed from xubuntu15:11
penguin42Kangarooo: Looking at the dependencies on lubuntu-desktop it also uses some of the gnome-tools15:12
Kangarooohmm well ok. also theres strange window couse xlsclients show that theres is something called '<unknown>' and in xfce4proces manager theres process with nothing in name15:13
penguin42yeh, I've seen an <unknown> before and not managed to find out where it came from, something with no name in a process manager is a bit odd - can you find it with ps -eaf ?15:15
Kangarooopenguin42 at least it doesnt show up with blank name or with <unknown> also not. but there is some process like this [bash] actually here you go all http://pastebin.com/HLcFeaCw  and also yesterday i had some crash report witch said theres crash for EXE. but i dont have wine now installed. it gave it cant report couse of asertion failure and when i looked in crash there was one about gnome do exe15:23
penguin42Kangarooo: I also have something called exe - I suspect it's coming from chrome (I'm running the chromium build)15:25
penguin42I don't know a way to find it though15:25
Kangarooo1comp crashed. after restart everything goes normal again. it was very slow before crash.. so in xlsclients still i see unknown but now there is no proces without name in xfce4 proces manager . and with ps -eaf | grep exe15:39
Kangarooo1 i cant get any exe with chrome or chromium open. only kng       1656  1532  0 17:38 pts/0    00:00:00 grep --color=auto exe  but that is from command | grep exe15:39
penguin42Kangarooo1: I got rid of the exe by killing off one of the nspluginwrappers15:40
Kangarooo1heres also about that one had that. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=884636 for me also as he says i had that process without name and system was verry slow. ok so lets move on.. nothing we can get there right now15:44
drew212ddecator: what do we do if a certain extension is causing the problem for someone?15:44
penguin42can someone try something for me?   mount /dev/frob /me   and then hit tab directly after the e ?16:57
BUGabundosudo too?16:59
BUGabundo$ sudo mount /dev/frob /media/16:59
BUGabundoapps/      cdrom/     cdrom0/    fat/       wdtv/      wdtvdisk/  wdtvdisk_/16:59
penguin42no, it's the completion behaviour I'm trying to understand - so it completed to /media/ ?17:00
BUGabundoyes ofc17:04
BUGabundosince /media exists17:04
penguin42do you have any other /media mounts in /etc/fstab ?17:05
arandpenguin42: Mine auto-completes to /media/DATA/ which is already mounted... That you mean?17:08
penguin42arand: Ah interesting, do you have that in your fstab? (and is it the only /media that you have in fstab ?)17:08
arand/dev/disk/by-uuid/A66C42F16C42BBB5 /media/DATA ntfs    defaults,gid=46,umask=007,group 0       017:09
BUGabundo$ pastebinit /etc/fstab17:09
* penguin42 fills in this report17:09
arandOnly one apart from my /home / and swap on LVM17:09
penguin42just give me a sec and you can see my write up17:10
arandpenguin42: got a #nnn yet?17:10
penguin42bug 39527917:11
ubot2Launchpad bug 395279 in bash-completion (Ubuntu) "directory for mount not completing (affects: 1) (heat: 9)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39527917:11
penguin42BUGabundo: In your case it's completing to /media because there are NO matching mount entries in fstab17:12
penguin42arand: In your case it's matching /media/DATA because that's the only entry17:12
penguin42my argument is that if you're completing mount that's not the behaviour you want - although I'm not sure my argument about usign plusdirs is correct on reflection, because if the mount entry is there then it should be matching the directory that's there anyway - hmm17:13
arandpenguin42: I'll mark it as confirmed then?17:23
penguin42arand: Yes, if you agree with my analysis17:23
Kangarooopenguin42: when command can look only for folder ( example cd ) then with tab autocomplete will show only folders. otherwise would be with nano.. it will autocomplete files also.. mine once presing gave /media/ and once again autocompleted to next folder witch is only one existing in media to /cdname/ (eventhough cd is not in there fizikaly..)17:24
Kangarooo1st one argument os where mount 2nd what mount. 3rd is not possible17:28
Kangarooocan somebody help making one command in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/FindRightPackage#Any ?17:29
arandKangarooo: Well, yes, and that is unrelated to this issue as far as I see...17:29
arandKangarooo: What command?17:30
Kangaroooarand: one command from step 3 and 6 ? i though locate -b "\$(xprop WM_CLASS)" would work but didnt..17:32
Kangaroooah and also xprop WM_CLASS gives more then one result.. would it be possible to make it use first answer from xprop WM_CLASS ?17:34
arandKangarooo: locate -b "\\$(xprop WM_CLASS | cut -d "\"" -f2)"17:39
arandThere's probably a neater and less error-rone way to do that, but that worked for me an gnome-terminal at least...17:40
penguin42I'm not sure the class has to match the command name17:41
arands/rone/prone/  (the irony :)17:41
arandNope, e.g. Firefox gives: WM_CLASS(STRING) = "Navigator", "Firefox"   Which is not very useful in that sense..17:41
Kangarooowoow. thats very cool :) thx a lot arand17:42
Kangarooothat will save time for others.. ill test it for other windows17:42
arandBut I guess it works fot most apps, maybe...17:42
penguin42arand: Wow, that's a throwback17:42
micahgjcastro: ping17:57
jcastromicahg: pong17:57
micahgjcastro: did you see the review of shotwell as default, the author pointed out several flaws17:58
jcastrowhere at?17:58
micahgjcastro: http://lwn.net/Articles/392261/17:58
micahgjcastro: I figured you might want to file feature requests if you thought they were worthy17:58
jcastromicahg: I know rick talked to them after UDS with a list of stuff17:59
jcastroand they had bugs filed for everything we need.17:59
jcastrohowever I will send this along to seb to make sure we don't miss anything17:59
micahgjcastro: k, thanks17:59
jcastroactually, I think I'll add the link to the spec17:59
penguin42I've been noticing that f-spot doesn't deal with raw either which is a pain with my new camera18:05
penguin42heck raws are a bad omen - I've just tried darkroom (aborted), and rawstudio that failed to show thumbnails18:22
penguin42hmm, the dcraw in maverick seems to be a lot happier with my camera than the Lucid one18:41
ddecatordrew212: depending on the problem, we most likely can't fix a problem caused by an extension (but we would have to see it, we did have some issues with extensions before we had to fix)20:02
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