nigelbmaco: dholbach wanted someone who's used UDD to talk out of experience, naturally, I suggested you :)15:19
nigelbvish: I told ya I'd get you to do an IRC session ;)15:19
nigelbmaco: yes, england vs germany going on now, /me is in front of TV15:19
nigelbmaco: and germany just scored!15:20
bencrisfordnigelb: I lost interest when they ignored our goal because the linesman wasn't paying attention :(15:59
nigelbbencrisford: my ears got blasted away by my england fan friends when that happened16:00
nigelbI'm pretty sure I heard some "new" swear words16:00
bencrisfordnigelb: heh, I can imagine :D16:00
nigelbbencrisford: but then I'm a germany supporter *evil grin*16:01
bencrisfordnigelb: lol, well the way we're playing I dont blame you16:02
bencrisfordwe = england* :)16:02
akgranerjcastro, dang you were a busy blogger this week  - I am about to rename The Planet section of the newsletter - to jcasto writes :-P16:19
czajkowskiakgraner: heh16:19
czajkowskiakgraner: UWN fun times16:20
nigelbheya czajkowski :)16:20
czajkowskinigelb: howdy16:20
nigelbczajkowski: I'm summarizing your post now :)16:21
czajkowskinigelb: which one, did a few this week16:21
nigelbyes, we should rename it to jorge and laura speaks ;)16:22
nigelbthe one about encouraging locoteams to talk more16:22
* czajkowski is in the middle of doing one more 16:22
nigelbwoohooo germany scoooores again!16:23
* akgraner wishes the Councils had a blog... CC, LoCo, IRC, Forum etc... :-) Like Canonical Voices and each of the teams blog there :-) (but again I have weird wishes)16:24
nigelboh dear, another goal :)16:26
czajkowskiakgraner: yeah I know some folks would liek it, I prefer doing it on my own blg as I don't want another blog to read tbh16:26
czajkowskiakgraner: but I do see your point also, but many just read the planet or Irish folks read mine and others and don't want an RSS for others16:26
bencrisford4 - 1 :(, no way...16:28
bencrisfordnigelb: congratulations :D :P16:28
nigelbbencrisford: he16:28
nigelbreally bad defence by england16:28
* bencrisford isnt happy, now they're still gonna cancel good TV for the world cup, and England wont even be playing16:29
czajkowskinigelb: akgraner you used/searched for #locoteams16:31
nigelbczajkowski: my laptop died, I don't twitter or dent anymore :(16:32
nigelb(also lost my twitter password, which was inside gwibber)16:32
czajkowskinigelb: http://www.lczajkowski.com/2010/06/27/loco-teams-health-check/16:33
akgranerczajkowski, nope... looking through my RSS feeds....16:33
czajkowskiakgraner: tis slowly taking off, teams using it to advertise their events16:34
nigelbczajkowski: session vs section?16:34
akgranerczajkowski, that's great but that means I have to search there them go and find the write - ups somewhere else16:34
czajkowskinigelb: where?16:34
nigelbczajkowski: first line of your post16:35
czajkowskiakgraner: aye true, was just letting you know someting we're using and some may add a url to an event in it16:35
czajkowskinigelb: tis meant to be session16:35
nigelbah, ok - my mistake :)16:36
czajkowskino bother16:36
akgranerczajkowski, yep I like the idea :-)16:37
czajkowskiakgraner: if they used it to add URLS on events they'd done it'd be even better16:38
czajkowskior ran events and want to tell MORE people about them , if they dont have ppl posting on the planet16:38
akgranerczajkowski, put we still need write-ups somewhere  :-/16:39
akgranerbut I'll go into that more later16:39
akgranergotta finish this :-)16:39
czajkowskiaye gotta go head into hospital to visit mum16:39
czajkowskicatch folks later16:40
vish  "a.k.a. the "Moneypenny said yes" release" huh  o.0  ?16:42
nigelbalso note the msg number16:45
nigelbvish: I told you when you didn't agree for UUD, I'd catch you ;)16:47
vishnigelb: baaaaaaahhh :(16:47
nigelbvish: *glee*16:47
nigelbvish: you're a james bond fan?16:49
vishyeah , sorta , not since the new guy ;p16:50
nigelbthe release name is in reference to an older bond movie dialogue or something16:50
vishnigelb: yeah got that, but i was wondering where he was pulling that from ;)16:51
vishits not in lp  , afaik16:51
nigelbI have no clue16:51
jcastroakgraner: heh awesome17:00
jcastroakgraner: hey did you get your shoulder fixed?17:00
akgranerjcastro, I got another shot and cortisone shots....17:01
akgranerthey still can't do surgery yet... :-(17:01
akgranermy immune system is not playing nice17:01
akgranernerve blocks are awesome things... but are just a temp fix..17:02
akgranerjcastro, can take a look at your schedule for next week and pencil me in for a call 15-20 mins....  I'll shoot you an agenda email of some things I wanted to talk about so we can stay on schedule :-)17:10
jcastroakgraner: I am good every day except wednesday morning17:13
jcastroand monday at 217:13
jcastroakgraner: how about tomorrow after my call with bacon?17:13
akgranerjcastro, works for me17:14
akgraneranyone got the link to jono's description of his videocast for this past week?  Where he tells what he is going to talk about19:55
czajkowskiTechnoviking: ping19:55
akgranerI think he posted it on FB but I am not looking at FB atm as I will get distracted :-/19:55
czajkowskiTechnoviking: any idea when/if what change is gonna be implemented https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-community/+bug/56290219:56
ubot2Launchpad bug 562902 in ubuntu-community "Ubuntu Forums - List of LoCo forums is focused on one country (affects: 9) (heat: 26)" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:56
czajkowskiakgraner: lot of serverd fifth20:02
czajkowskistil looking20:02
czajkowskiakgraner: cant find it sorry20:03
akgranerno worries :-)  thanks for looking - really appreciate it20:04
czajkowskiakgraner: no bother sorry20:10
czajkowskimaybe am going blind20:10
czajkowskitrying to find food, starving after going in to see mum20:10
akgranerhehe I feel that way all the time :-)20:10

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