KIAazewhat is the name of the program/script to test install/uninstall/upgrade/etc of a package?00:42
KIAazeI remember reading about something like that, but I can't find it anymore00:42
KIAazeyes, that looks like it. Thanks. :)00:53
KIAazeI get "chroot: cannot run command `umount': No such file or directory" when trying to use piuparts.01:05
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psusicjwatson, you around for a little guidance?  I'm looking into the os-prober scripts because I'd like to add an option to chain load the other grub.cfg instead of parsing all of the entries it contains and adding them to this grub.cfg03:30
ansgarkees: The kernel changes to not allow hardlinks in some cases does indeed break (at least) atd: LP #59882404:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 598824 in at (Ubuntu) "atd fails to start on new kernel 2.6.35-6" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59882404:03
ansgarkees: Also, does the patch work with (POSIX) ACLs and on file systems that use different means to check permissions (such as OpenAFS)?04:15
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loolHmm mercurial failed to upload on some arches with:11:08
lool2010-06-26 19:10:51 WARNING Unhandled exception processing upload: permission denied for relation emailaddress11:08
geserlool: bug #58907311:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 589073 in Soyuz "Unhandled exception processing upload: permission denied for relation emailaddress" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58907311:12
ari-tczewlool: did you review the patch?11:24
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loolari-tczew: Sorry, no, not yet12:09
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keesansgar: ah-ha, thanks for the atd bug.  I will find a solution.  the hardlink patch doesn't check extended ACLs, only standard DAC ACL.18:47
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echo6need some advice on compiling splashutils for fbcondecor in 10.04, getting ar: jcapimin.o: No such file or directory19:29
echo6it is related to jpeg-6b libraries libjpg62-dev which are present and also in source tree of splashutils19:30
keesansgar: btw, I'm looking through Fedora's patches for atd, http://cvs.fedoraproject.org/viewvc/devel/at/  some of these looks like they should be upstreamed (especially "nitpicks")19:39
keesansgar: I've attached a patch to the bug report; does that look okay to you?20:19
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ebroderCan anybody on Lucid reproduce bug #579044? I just grabbed the 2.30.2-0ubuntu1 .deb from Launchpad and I can't reproduce it (with the same gconf setting and custom.conf file). I'm wondering if it's a 32-bit only thing or something23:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 579044 in gdm (Ubuntu) "Setting disable_user_list to true causes gdm to crash on clicking "Log In"" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57904423:06
ebroderOh, scratch that - I just managed to get it23:09
ebroderI think I just wasn't kicking gdm hard enough23:10

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