k1lref-link spam :/00:10
bazhangjaker is and was able to use -ru , he is in there now, no problem00:39
gallifreyhola, i ould like a dual cloak please06:59
IdleOnegallifrey: post link to your LP page07:24
IdleOnebe patient and someone will get to it :)07:24
vish!nicksetup | gallifrey07:24
ubottugallifrey: To setup your nick so that you can be given a cloak, please follow the instructions here: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup07:24
vishIdleOne is much quicker :D07:24
gallifreyIdleOne: ~vorian07:25
nhainesI didn't know there were dual cloaks!07:26
IdleOneI don't know if there are07:26
gallifreythere are07:27
IdleOnejussi tsimpson Pici topyli ^^^07:28
gallifreyit would be like ubuntu/member/kde.stalcup07:30
jussigallifrey: we dont do dualcloaks. (yes, Tm_T is special and Ive no idea how that happened). Please choose which one you would like.08:11
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ari-tczewhello, how can I request cloack for my IRC nickname?10:37
jussiari-tczew: are you an ubuntu member?10:37
ari-tczewjussi: yes, I am10:37
jussiari-tczew: your LP id please.10:37
ari-tczewjussi: ~ari-tczew10:37
ari-tczewjussi: https://launchpad.net/~ari-tczew10:38
jussistaff, please cloak ari-tczew with an ubuntu/member cloak10:39
jussiniko: VorTechS nhandler10:40
nikojussi: done10:40
nikocongrats ari-tczew10:40
jussidamn you nhaines... :P you are nhandler's tab complete evilness...10:40
ari-tczewthanks niko10:40
ari-tczewdo I need to set some options in my IRC client?10:41
jussiari-tczew: no10:41
jussiari-tczew: everything is done now10:41
ari-tczewthmm, then let's test! restart konversation10:41
jussiari-tczew: no need10:41
ari-tczewjussi: is it works?10:42
ari-tczewI see my IP :P10:42
jussiI dont..10:42
jussi[12:42:52] --> ari-tczew (~ari@ubuntu/member/ari-tczew) has joined #ubuntu-irc10:43
ari-tczewthanks thanks thanks!10:43
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