dutchiegodbyk-android: alive?01:13
dutchieor lost in the wilderness of the USA01:13
dutchie'twould seem the latter01:14
godbyk-androidI think I'm online for a moment01:14
dutchiehow are you doing?01:14
dutchieit's probably a sensible time where you are actualyl01:14
godbyk-androidBut still going through the mountains, so it could drop the connection at any moment.01:15
dutchiesounds fun01:15
godbyk-androidNot bad. It's 18:15 local time.01:15
dutchiemy wireless could drop the connection at any moment, but that's because the router's rubbish01:16
dutchieit's 1:15 am local time01:16
godbyk-androidHeh, nice.01:16
dutchiei have no desire to go to bed01:16
dutchiesome sort of fez?01:17
dutchiemaybe not a fez01:17
dutchiea novelty hat of some description01:17
brandonjor an interesting hair cut01:18
dutchiecould be01:18
zkriessebrandonj: ping01:20
brandonjI'm here01:21
brandonjzkriesse: pong..01:21
zkriessejust wanted to know if you'd like to discuss that kernel issue01:21
brandonjwhat about it01:21
zkriesseTake a look at that....what do you think we should pull01:21
brandonjI think it only needs to be 2 or 3 sentences01:22
zkriessemy thought too01:23
brandonjI think if you want inspiration this article will be more helpful: http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kernel_(computer_science)01:24
brandonjsimple english wikipedia is wonderful ;)01:25
brandonjI wouldn't even mention micro vs monolithic though01:27
brandonjthat isn't important01:27
zkriesseWasn't going to01:28
zkriesseThe Kernel is best described as the core, or almost the brain, of the operating system. It's responsible for creating and destroying memory so programs have space to reside on the hard-drive, and it also can be thought of as the program which mangages any and all programs on the computer.01:28
zkriesseThat's what i got so far01:28
brandonjI think the 2nd sentence might even be too technical01:29
zkriesseHow would you word it?01:30
brandonjThe kernel is the shift manager of the operating system; it is responsible for allocating memory and processor time.01:32
brandonjsomething like that maybe01:32
zkriesseI'll commit it/push it01:33
brandonjand then seperate the part after "and it can also be though of" into another sentence maybe01:33
brandonjthe 'almost' in the beginning sounds awkward to me as well, but thats all I can think of right now01:34
brandonjWhat page is this going on?01:37
zkriessei forgot where the revision page is at01:41
zkriessewait got it01:41
zkriesseit's pushed01:42
zkriessego ahead and grab it to see01:42
brandonjI think perhaps it should be folded into the "What is Linux?" section rather than on its own01:42
zkriesseI can fix that01:42
zkriessegimme one sec01:43
brandonjand when you name it call it the Linux kernel01:43
brandonjif you introduce it as just 'the kernel' it might be confusing initially01:43
zkriessePut it right after the ending sentence of what is linux?01:44
zkriessegoogle) run some variant of a unix system01:44
brandonjyeah, after that probably01:44
zkriesseok pushed01:47
zkriessehow's it look01:49
brandonjoh I think it should be a new paragraph01:50
zkriessehow come in the recent revisions my bug lp:bug doesn't link to the bug itself01:50
zkriessebut your's does01:50
brandonjdon't put lp:bug, put lp:###### which the number of the bug01:51
brandonjreplace ###### with the bug number, that is01:51
zkriessebzr commit --fixes=lp:596853 -m "Fixed bug lp:bug 596853"01:52
zkriessethat should be bzr commit --fixes=lp:596853 -m "Fixed bug lp:596853" you mean?01:52
zkriesseoh ok01:52
zkriesseI'm getting the hang of it i think!01:52
zkriessefor some reason every time i do "bzr push" it comes back with01:53
zkriesseUsing saved push location: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-manual/ubuntu-manual/lucid-e2/01:53
zkriessebzr: ERROR: Cannot lock LockDir(http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-manual/ubuntu-manual/lucid-e2/.bzr/branch/lock): Transport operation not possible: http does not support mkdir()01:53
zkriessebut if i do bzr push lp:ubuntu-manual/lucid-e2 it runs fine01:54
brandonjyou should probably be pushing to https01:54
brandonjso for some reason it has the http url saved in there01:54
zkriesseok so how do i save the https?01:54
brandonjand not the https one01:54
brandonjI have no idea01:54
brandonjyou could always just push any changes you've just made, and remove your entire manual directory and redownload it01:55
brandonjI think the gui you were using did some things to the bzr config01:55
zkriesseyou mean remove the ubuntu-manual from Projects?01:55
brandonjyou can always get it again with 'bzr branch lp:ubuntu-manual'01:56
zkriessejust cd into projects right?01:56
zkriesseok lemme try that01:56
brandonjthen you'll have to do bzr push lp:ubuntu-manual/lucid-e2/ the next time you want to push, but it shoudl save it after that01:56
zkriessegonna delete that gui too01:57
zkriessei deleted bazaar explorer01:58
zkriessedo i need ground control?01:59
brandonji dont think so01:59
zkriessei'll delete it too02:00
zkriessewhat bzr plugins do you use?02:01
zkriessebzr-dbus one is nice02:01
brandonji dont have any installed i dont think02:02
zkriesseok fetching manual again02:02
zkriessewhile that's downloading i'm gonna go take a shower...be back shortly02:03
brandonjzkriesse: I would move the last sentence of the 1st paragraph under "what is linux" onto the next paragraphh02:45
zkriessebrandonj: say that again?03:25
brandonjzkriesse: I would move the last sentence of the 1st paragraph under "what is linux" onto the next paragraphh03:27
brandonjzkriesse: I would move the last sentence of the 1st paragraph under "what is linux" onto the next paragraphh03:34
zkriessebrandonj: ok...i'm trying to figure out what's wrong with xchat right now03:34
brandonjhaha i can see that03:35
zkriesseit won't join all the channels in my auto join list AND it joins channels that aren't in it03:35
zkriesseany ideas?03:36
brandonjuh thats weird03:36
brandonjno i have no idea03:36
=== topo is now known as Guest46261
godbyk-androidHey, ubuntujenkins.12:54
ubuntujenkinshey godbyk-android12:54
ubuntujenkinsit was hyperref that we are using differnt drivers for12:55
godbyk-androidI don't think it's possible to compile the translations of lucid-e2. (There aren't any translations for it yet, really.)12:55
godbyk-androidAh, okay.12:56
godbyk-androidCan you get yours to match mine?12:56
ubuntujenkinsI had not noticed that he was e-mailing about edition 212:56
ubuntujenkinsI will try and make them match I can't find that driver yet12:56
godbyk-androidHey, dutchie!12:56
godbyk-androidI don't think he mentioned it--it's just always been the case with that particular error message.12:57
ubuntujenkinsI hope its a missing package or something. I am few version numbers out here and there but there are some strange extra bits in  my log file when you use meld diff viewer. I will send them to you12:59
godbyk-androidI'm a bit irked that cellphone reception in the middle of the Nevada desert is better than at my house.12:59
ubuntujenkinsyea that would be very anoying13:00
godbyk-androidI think I'm running a mostly up-to-date version of tex live 2009.13:01
godbyk-androidWe're currently at a complete stop and I don't know why13:01
thorwilgodbyk-android: so will you move to the middle of the nevada desert, then?13:01
godbyk-androidPerhaps being 3 his behind isn't enough.13:02
godbyk-androidthorwil: i think I'll pass. I rather like trees.13:02
ubuntujenkinsI had a problem with the bin package and pactches not applying to for loads of reasons so that one is slightly out of date.13:03
thorwiltree are awesome. they have leaves or needles and shit!13:03
* dutchie is not full of love for trees at the moment13:03
dutchietrees also have pollen :(13:03
godbyk-androidthorwil:  exactly! Plus, I don't need temperature swings of 50 degrees every night.13:04
godbyk-androidYay! We're moving again.13:05
thorwili seem to be slightly allergic to some pollen, but thankfully it's quite bearable and i don't even know or need to know what it is13:05
ubuntujenkinscongrats thorwil17:07
* dutchie wonders if thorwil will know what ubuntujenkins is talking about17:07
thorwilubuntujenkins: heh, thanks :)17:07
dutchieheh, yes17:08
thorwildutchie: i just come from watching the game with family17:08
ubuntujenkinsprehaps pigin is not good for irc17:10
ubuntujenkinsit does not show you away on irc when you choose away in the me menu17:10
dutchiefile a bug17:10
ubuntujenkinso no i lie17:10
thorwilubuntujenkins: not perhaps. or at least, when i last looked at it, it was amazingly terrible17:10
ubuntujenkinslast time i tried it was, I would liek to try and keep all my messaging in one program17:11
ubuntujenkinspidgin is not bad actually once you enable a few plugins17:30
ubuntujenkins2ubuntujenkins: ping17:39
* dutchie pokes ubuntujenkins2/ ubuntujenkins for spamming17:40
dutchieuse your own channel17:40
ubuntujenkins2sorry will do17:40
ubuntujenkins2I do forget you can make up a channel on the spot17:41
thorwiloh, how verbose: http://dowebsitesneedtolookexactlythesameineverybrowser.com/17:55
dutchiei think that's one of aquarius's17:57
thorwilWhen the moon is in the Seventh House And Jupiter  aligns with Mars?18:04
zkriessezach@zach-desktop:~/Projects/ubuntu-manual$ make18:05
zkriessebzr version-info --custom --template="Revision number: {revno}\qquad Revision date: {date}\n\n" > revision.tex18:05
zkriesse/bin/bash: bzr: command not found18:05
zkriessemake: *** [main.pdf] Error 12718:05
zkriessethink i uninstalled bzr18:05
zkriessedon't know how i did but i did18:06
zkriessehey brandonj ping18:11
zkriessehello askhl_18:22
zkriessehey godbyk-android18:41
godbyk-androidHey. Talk fast; signal may drop.18:42
zkriessejust sayin hey is all18:42
godbyk-androidAh, hey.18:43
godbyk-androidOn a train just outside of Reno.18:43
zkriessegotta go..helping a guy compile new version of xchat18:44
thorwilgodbyk-android: where are you heading to, if i may ask?18:44
godbyk-androidHeading to TeX conference in San Francisco.18:44
thorwilgodbyk-android: cool. will you wear a flower in your hair? :)18:45
godbyk-androidlol. I think I'll pass. :-)18:46
thorwilreally does sound like an awesome conference. for tex heads :)18:46
godbyk-androidYeah, I'm looking forward to it. It's entirely too eccentric for most people, though.18:48
* thorwil checks a map and notes it's quite a trip18:51
dakerhello @all19:03
zkriessehello daker19:04
dakeri konw you zkriesse ?19:04
zkriessedaker: Ah I'm not sure...do you?19:04
dakerno :)19:05
zkriessedaker: and what brings you here today?19:05
dakertell ubuntujenkins19:06
ubuntujenkinstell me what daker?19:07
dakerubuntujenkins, <zkriesse> daker: and what brings you here today?19:07
dakerzkriesse, i should ask ubuntujenkins19:08
dakerubuntujenkins,  and what brings you here today?19:08
ubuntujenkinswell its fun here, i like to help people when i can19:08
vishdaker: hey,  probably might need another banner :D19:13
* daker is back20:12
dakerzkriesse, nice to meet you :)20:21
zkriessedaker: likewise20:22
dakerzkriesse, editor ?20:23
zkriessedaker: somewhat...20:23
zkriessedaker: yourself?20:23
dakerwebmaster (3w.ubuntu-manual.org)20:23
dakerany django experience ?20:24
* zkriesse has to go for a while20:24
brandonjpeople still use the word 'webmaster'? =P20:26
dakerflan, ping20:38
askhl_hello zkriesse, sorry for not reacting earlier21:45
zkriesseaskhl_: it's ok...21:45
zkriesseI don't even remember what i was asking at the time i pinged you21:46
askhl_All right :)21:46
dakerubuntujenkins, shame on ENG 4 - 1 :s22:31
ubuntujenkinswe were rubbish all though lampards goal was in and the ref should have gone to specvavers22:32
dakeryep it was22:32

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