tgm4883You might try asking in #mythtv-users00:00
qwebirc55426ok, sorry for asking in the wrong place00:08
UbuntuLilyIs there a way to run an integrity check on a mythbuntu CD?05:40
UbuntuLilywhile installing I got an IO error but it siad it doesn't know if its the CD or the hard drive and since its an old PC, I wanted to make sure the cd was good before I do a low level check of hard drive05:41
thebossanyone around in channel?06:05
thebosstrying to troubleshoot a 1250 hauppague card06:05
Infl8ableSoulm8yes, I had some problems with mine.07:15
Infl8ableSoulm8dmesge | grep cx2388507:15
Infl8ableSoulm8does it give you a list of cards that it wants you to pick?07:15
Infl8ableSoulm8kc helped me figure this out the other day, and the solution for my card (a Hauppauge HDHVR-1250, rev 04 according to lspci) was to create /etc/modprobe.d/cx23885.conf and add the line: options cx23885 card=2007:17
Infl8ableSoulm8then reboot.07:17
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sidhi would need some help, on mythbuntu install , i clicked "restart now" instead of configuring mythtv, then now I'm at the end of the mythbackend process, i realize no database has been created19:18
sidhhow can start the db  creation in order for mythfilldatabase works ?19:18
tgm4883sidh, you need to run the mythtv-setup19:18
sidhtgm4883: is it possible by ssh , i'm at the end of mythbackend on the GUI, and i can not save for the moment19:19
tgm4883i'm not sure what you mean?19:20
sidhis possible to launch mythtv-setup in concurence with mythbacken19:21
sidhbecause i've retrieve all the tv channels (it took a long)19:21
sidhand i don't want to restart that process19:21
sidhthat's why i would like to create the database , and then run mythfilldatabase19:22
sidhtgm4883: when i run mythtv-setup , it asks me to close mythbackend19:23
sidhthat has not benn saved yet19:23
tgm4883yea you ahve to stop mythbackend19:23
tgm4883what has not been saved?19:24
sidhall my settings (tv channels, directory group for recordings and so on19:24
tgm4883How did you retreive the tv channels without running mythtv-setup, that is done in mythtv setup19:24
tgm4883you could say no when it asks to stop the backend, i'm not sure how well that would work though19:25
sidhtgm4883: when i run mythfilldatabase here is what i get :http://pastebin.com/WmG7Ajwj19:27
tgm4883sidh, thats becuae the backend isn't started becuase you haven't run mythtv-setup yet. I still am not sure what tv channel retreival process you did in the frontend19:52
sidhtgm4883: after a reboot it seems to be backed up20:12
sidhthank you very much20:12

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