akgraneryep got the spirit of ubuntu story - internalkernel added it04:54
Pendulumakgraner: do you have any issues with my adding links to In the News if I think that's where they should be?11:57
Pendulumakgraner: I've put (with summaries) everything I've found for ITB in the google doc. I will probably not be around after about 11AM this morning, but if there's stuff people need before then, just poke me12:07
akgranerPendulum, I don't have an issue with people putting things with where they thing they should go - I always go back through and  tweak stuff as needed14:49
akgranercjohnston, ping14:52
Pendulumyeah, I'm adding a link and working on the summary to ITP14:54
Pendulumokay, worst summary every, but my brain isn't working today14:56
Pendulumi'm switching machines, back in a bit14:57
akgranerk no worries15:02
akgranerI need to reboot anyway15:02
akgranerscott_ev, ping15:06
akgranerare you good to do the upcoming meetings and events?15:06
akgranergood grief I haven't updated in 10 days and this is taking forever :-)15:07
nigelbhello! Evening folks :)15:25
nigelbPendulum: around?15:28
akgranerhey nigelb!15:47
nigelbakgraner: well, I got screwed :p15:48
nigelbI have the link to the google doc but can't copy paste the thing since I'm on putty15:48
nigelbcan you please please email me the link?15:48
Pendulumnigelb: only somewhat as I've been using my computer as a tv for the world cup and my netbook has decided to not boot into a desktop, but keep to the command line15:48
nigelbPendulum: heh, ok15:49
akgranernigelb, can you get to the wiki?15:49
Pendulumyeah, not really happy with the netbook atm ;-)15:49
nigelbyes I can15:49
akgranerI'll just add the links there15:49
nigelbPendulum: you're cheering for germany or england?15:52
Pendulumnigelb: not really cheering for either side, but my mate and I felt like watching15:52
nigelbPendulum: I have some hardcore fans on both sides and my ears are close to being blown away :D15:53
nigelbalso, the goal by england which wasn't given was significant15:53
akgranernigelb, ok I moved everything that was on the googledoc to the wiki15:53
Pendulumhmm... trying to figure out what search will give me answers for what's happening with the netbook :-/15:54
akgranerI have some more locoteam links to add15:54
nigelbakgraner: ok, poke me when you want me15:54
nigelbI should be on for another hour15:54
akgranernigelb, there are some links in the loco section you can go ahead and summarize15:55
Pendulumokay, i'm heading out for a while. will be back post match, I think, but I'm not positive15:55
akgranerPendulum, thank you!15:56
akgranerand enjoy the match!15:56
nigelbakgraner: I'll writing somethin up now in an etherpad or soemthing, I'll poke you when it needs reviewing :)15:56
akgranerdo you still have the link for the one for UWN?15:57
Pendulumakgraner: np. will just all depend on my frustration levels15:57
akgranernigelb, http://ietherpad.com/UWN15:58
nigelbwait, is it supposed to be empty?15:58
nigelbakgraner: oh, only one for loco so far? :)16:01
akgranerI have a couple more I'll drop them on the eitherpad for ya16:02
nigelbI can use that pad for this right?16:03
akgranerof course :-)16:04
akgranerthat's why I created it ... so we had a place for real time collaboration :-)  should any one want or need it16:05
nigelbakgraner: Done.  Can you review when you get time?16:20
akgranernigelb, can you look thought the loco-contacts mailing list and see if there is anything else while I review those16:21
nigelbyup, sure16:21
akgranerI didn't use Laura's announcement on the mailing list b/c the thread digressed and derailed so I would rather not have people who are new to that list  - let that be their 1st experience16:22
nigelbonly thread on loco-contacts is about #locoteams16:23
nigelboh, wait16:23
nigelbopenSuse conference looking for Ubuntu participation - jcastro16:24
akgranernigelb, yeah the hashtag16:24
akgranerthat paultag blogged about16:25
nigelboh, thats the one that went diverged on the mailing list?16:25
scott_evakgraner: pong16:37
akgranerscott_ev, hey - how are ya today?16:37
akgranerwas getting worried about ya...16:37
* holstein off today akgraner :)16:46
holsteinlet me know if i can do something16:46
akgranerholstein, yep you sure can16:46
akgranertake a look at the wiki16:47
akgranerlet me see16:47
akgranerholstein, take a look here - http://ietherpad.com/UWN16:56
akgranerand can you summarize those please :-)16:56
scott_evakgraner: sorry, just not feeling well.16:57
akgraneroh and I added the howto wiki as well.. so if I get hit by a bus... :-)16:57
scott_evbut I'll get my work done16:57
akgranerscott_ev, no worries - you can rest we have a bunch of people who can help today16:58
scott_evwell, I want to keep my job16:58
akgranerscott_ev, it's always here for ya!16:58
akgranerbut we are a team so we help each other :-)16:58
akgraneryou rest and next week - when you feel better just tackle it :-)16:59
holsteinakgraner: i can do that :)16:59
holsteinwe going for 5 again?16:59
holsteinwhats my deadline?16:59
scott_evakgraner: OK, I'll chill16:59
akgranerscott_ev, ok - I need you for the next 200 issues so get well...:-)16:59
akgranerholstein, sooner if we can get it done...17:00
akgranerbut no later than 5 pm17:00
akgranergrrr Liferea and google reader aren't talking to each other this morning...17:12
Pendulumakgraner: I'm back if needed17:13
akgranerholstein, I am going to be adding to links to the etherpad but don't worry about the ones below the ******17:13
Pendulum(although am also learning to crochet today so may be slow to respond)17:13
akgranerPen awesome on both accounts - I love to crochet17:13
akgranerI am hoping to finish UWN early so I can finish a quilt today17:14
PendulumI'm a failure at knitting so I figured I'd try crochet17:16
PendulumI can't cross stitch anymore because I can't hold the needles and I need some sort of fiber art in my life or I get cranky ;-)17:16
PendulumI'm also probably going to look into trying to bobbin lace17:18
akgranerdo you have the bobbins?17:20
akgranerremind me tomorrow and I'll talk to you more about that17:23
internalkernelakgraner: good morning... yawn... :)17:23
PendulumI'm not quite there to actually learning it yet, but it's on my list to look into :)17:23
Pendulumakgraner: I will!17:23
akgranerinternalkernel, morning17:23
popeyakgraner: we put out an episode of the podcast this week :D17:39
akgranerpopey, yep got it :-)17:40
akgranerI have you all in my RSS feed now :-)17:40
akgranerI added some more links to the planet and in other news...18:13
akgranerneed to step out for a sec but I'll be back and help with some of the these summaries :-)18:14
akgranerinternalkernel, holstein you guys good to go for a few?18:14
internalkernelIm just waiting for the lady to get home, so I can sit in front of the 'puter without neglecting the little one. ;)18:15
holsteinakgraner: yeah18:29
holsteinim going to get busy on the ones you gave me now18:29
holsteinakgraner: internalkernel and I are about through the ones in our Epad18:53
holsteinif you want to dump some more in there or whatever18:53
akgranerok let me look :-)18:54
internalkernelIm finishing up...18:55
internalkernelok... Im good...18:56
internalkernelok for reals... now.18:56
akgranerok I added more links to the etherpad19:07
akgranerI need to double check mailing lists and all that good stuff19:08
zkriessehey guys19:11
akgranerzkriesse, hey!19:11
zkriesseakgraner: sorry i've been away19:11
akgranersorry I didn't get back to you about what pages and links - I just got busy...19:11
akgranerzkriesse, no worries life happens :-)19:11
zkriesseakgraner: I've been revamping the Wiki Summer of Documentation project and working with the Ubuntu Manual project19:11
zkriesseso sorray19:12
akgranerthat's awesome!19:12
zkriessedid you ever see the original lp page for it?19:12
zkriessethis is what it looks like now19:12
zkriessebug reporting, pdfs that i made, all kinds of stuff19:12
akgranerhighvoltage, ping19:13
highvoltagehey akgraner19:13
highvoltageI guess this is about summaries :)19:13
akgranerhehe nope something entirely different19:16
akgranercody-somerville, ping19:36
akgranerinternalkernel, holstein how are you all doing?19:58
holsteinakgraner: im plugging away :)20:04
akgranerme too20:05
akgranerthank you!20:05
akgranerbrb - gotta take my son to a friends house....20:43
akgraneroh that took longer than I thought - got back home and the neighbors horse was in our yard - had to take it home21:31
zkriessehey nUboon2Age21:35
nUboon2Agezkriesse: hey!22:06
* nUboon2Age still working on getting my main Ubuntu machine booting properly. :/22:06
zkriessenUboon2Age: Hey, do you have an interest in Wiki Work?22:07
nUboon2Agezkriesse: yes.  certainly where i've used the wiki and it needs updating. definitely want to continue on that.22:09
nUboon2Agezkriesse: i signed up  for the 'contributors' team.22:10
zkriessenUboon2Age: do you plan on joining the Ubuntu Beginners Team?22:10
nUboon2Agezkriesse: what started me off was you might remember me talking about how i want to be a developer but i'm a beginner so i started collecting urls and info for a beginning dev web page to supplement what's there already22:11
zkriesseWell if you plan on joining the beginners team and are interested in working with wiki /join #ubuntu-beginners-wiki22:12
nUboon2Agezkriesse: okay, that sounds good.  I'm more interested in that part than (at least what i think is) the regular beginners team for now.22:13
zkriesseWell part of joining the bt focus groups requires you to be a bt member...you can contribute to the fg's without being a member but to join the launchpad groups and be listed as a fg member you have to join the beginners team22:14
nUboon2Agezkriesse: i probably don't really understand what the difference between the different designations is22:15
akgranerinternalkernel, ping22:24
akgranerPendulum, you still around?22:25
internalkernelwhat's up22:26
Pendulumakgraner: about to run to the store, sorry!22:27
akgranerno worries just want some one to start proofing :-)22:29
akgranerhave funn22:29
akgranerfun even22:29
akgranerall the summaries are in except Jono's QA and Podcast - so if anyone wants to go in and fix all the camelcases and start proofing that would be great - just note in the comments what you did :-)23:14
akgranerI gotta go feed me family.. but I'll be back in just a few ... :-)23:15
=== nizarus_ is now known as nizarus

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