mneptokquit_message = "⚡ zap ⚡";00:00
gordi'm not sure what my quit message is, i'm never aroundto see it ;)00:05
bazhangRazernok, hi00:14
bazhangRazernok, hi00:14
Razernokhow do I change my user's password?00:15
bazhangRazernok, this is not a support channel00:15
Razernokthats the channel i joined00:15
bazhangRazernok, try /topic00:15
Razernoki entered #ubuntu00:15
bazhangRazernok, no, you did not. this channel is #ubuntu-ops , not #ubuntu00:17
RazernokI typed /join #ubuntu  I didn't typed /join #ubuntu-ops00:18
bazhangRazernok, you were forwarded here, as you are banned in #ubuntu00:18
RazernokI know what channel I joined00:19
RazernokI joined #ubuntu00:19
Razernoknow back to the problem on hand00:20
Razernokhow do I change my user's password?00:20
bazhangRazernok, and I explained why you did not enter #ubuntu , as you are banned there.00:20
jpds04:02:43 [!] Razernok [~cvdsaf@adsl-66-137-224-83.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net] has left #ubuntu-ops []00:21
bazhangRazernok, you were trying to remotely connect to a home game server and given instructions to do so, but subsequently had to be removed from the channel00:21
jpds22:04:32 [!] Blayzin [~Blayzin4@adsl-66-137-224-83.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-ops00:21
funkyHatWe had this dance yesterday00:21
bazhangRazernok, did you want to resolve your ban issue? or are we going to dispute which channel you are in now00:22
jpdsClearly not.00:26
bazhangwonder what #ubuntu would be like if it had only 47 users :)00:27
funkyHatOne way to find out ;D00:27
bazhangfunkyHat, noooo!00:27
jpds /msg ChanServ clear #ubuntu users00:27
funkyHatbazhang: don't worry, I don't have ops there anyway ;D00:27
Razernoknow back to my problem00:28
Razernokhow do I change my user's password?00:28
bazhangRazernok, this is not a support channel. if you don't wish to resolve your ban issue, please /part the channel00:29
Razernok#ubuntu is to a support channel00:29
Razernokwhich is where we are00:30
bazhangnot so00:30
jpdsNot quite.00:30
RazernokI typed in /join #ubuntu so thats where i am at00:30
bazhangthanks jpds00:33
Razernokhow do I change my user's password?00:33
Razernoksomeone here must know00:35
mneptokRazernok: this is #ubuntu-ops, not #ubuntu. any attempt to disagree will be met with a ban here, as well. you are banned from #ubuntu and forwarded here. the only topic you may discuss in this channel is your ban.00:40
bazhangRazernok, please /part the channel00:45
RazernokI joined #ubuntu00:46
bazhangokay then.00:46
bazhanghe's getting help elsewhere, and continuing the same nonsense00:47
mneptoknope. Texans.00:48
elkyNot mutually exclusive definitions.01:08
tonyyarussoelky: Sure they are - Muppets have practical use.03:45
bazhangseems like we might want to add ylmf to the !derivatives factoid, though it seems to be supported in #ubuntu-cn (lucid with an XP theme)06:11
IdleOneFull moon tonight07:40
mneptokexplains the hair on my nose.07:41
bazhangevery night since Jr. High and High School got vacation07:41
IdleOnedon't these kids have bed times?07:41
IdleOneI'm off to sleep. two big soccer games to watch in the morning :)07:42
mneptokUK vs Germany should be good07:44
jussimneptok: I think you just managed to offend about half the population of the UK...08:13
jussiIts England vs Germany...08:13
mneptokthose people need to spend less time getting offended and more time visiting dentists and Alcoholics Anonymous.08:31
mneptok(offended *now*)08:32
ikoniawhere the perception that the English have bad teeth comes from I have no idea,08:32
mneptokprobably from English people opening their mouths08:32
* jussi waves to ikonia08:33
ikoniadoubtful as we have free dentists over here - so it's quite good08:33
ikoniahello jussi08:33
ikoniaI have no idea where that perception comes from08:35
ikoniagood morning Jungli08:39
Junglii love you ubuntu08:39
Junglihia ikonia good morning :)08:40
ikoniaJungli: do you wish to discuss your #ubuntu ban ?08:40
ikoniaok - then please leave the channel08:40
ikoniayou're welcome back to discuss it at any time08:40
Jungliikonia: are you girl ?08:40
ikoniaJungli: good bye08:40
Jungliok ok i know the truth now08:40
Junglibye ikonia08:41
Junglii love you debian08:41
ikonianow trolling #puppylinux08:42
ikoniawhat now Jungli ?09:12
Jungliunbanned me in Ubuntu :)09:12
ikoniaJungli: I'm sorry but you need to stop messing around with us and start being honest about your behaviour before we can even start to progress this09:13
ikoniaJungli: the stupid behaviour on the network is not a good sign of your ability to control yourself and interact within channels09:13
BlessJahdoes anyone knows who is generating theese stats http://ircstats.ubuntu.pl/11:31
jussino idea, but its an irssi script iirc11:33
BlessJahare there official stats for #ubuntu-* channels?11:34
jussinot that I know of, we have irclogs, but not stats11:38
BlessJahok thx for cooperating11:39
bazhangjungli hi12:12
bazhangBOF-Jungle, did you have a reason for joining this channel?12:14
BOF-Junglebazhang: sup ?12:14
bazhangBOF-Jungle, if you have no business here, then please don't idle.12:16
BOF-Junglebazhang: unbanned me in ubuntu12:16
bazhangBOF-Jungle, you know why you were banned?12:16
BOF-Jungleyes :) but as you are human plz forget all bad things :)12:17
bazhangBOF-Jungle, you have not shown yourself ready to be unbanned in my opinion; if some other operators thinks you are then they may resolve it.12:18
BOF-Jungleokay but as soon as unbanned me for there :)12:18
BOF-Junglelove and regards !12:18
BOF-Junglelove you ikonia and bazhang12:19
bazhangjust now in -ot:  <BOF-Jungle> ahh i am notoriuos for troll in irc :))12:43
ubottuIn #ubuntu, abhijain said: ubottu: whgich pakage is avialble for yahoo massenger on lucid13:06
elky... dare I ask where these people have come from?13:12
elkyI return to see someone ask "how many vikings would it take to completely pillage and rape london?" and a discussion about overdosing on painkillers and alcohol.13:14
elkyMy head is literally about to explode from the concentration of stupid in that channel right now.13:27
jpdselky: LDN has bigger problems than Vikings.13:27
jpdselky: http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2010/jun/25/london-air-pollution-europe13:28
elkyThat's great, but rape "jokes" really make me very uncomfortable.13:28
ikoniaIdleOne: I've pm'd him explaining the rules15:30
IdleOnefor sake of transparency :)15:30
IdleOnehe has been given the rules in the channel also now15:30
ikoniaSlidingHorn: how can we help today15:36
SlidingHornwanted to make a couple suggestions:  add the +r to the room to prevent spammers, and also maybe adding pastebinit instructions to the header of the #ubuntu channel?  that's all :)15:36
ikoniaSlidingHorn: we can't do +r to the channel, and we can look at the topic, but it's easier to give the !pastebinit factoid15:37
SlidingHornk...figured I'd make the suggestion :)  have a good one15:38
IdleOneSlidingHorn: most people don't read /topic15:38
ikoniaSlidingHorn: input welcome, so thank you15:38
ikonia!info bluesniff15:43
ubottuPackage bluesniff does not exist in lucid15:43
* IdleOne facepalms15:57
ikoniaspeaking to him in pm now16:19
IdleOneikonia: I was about to ask if there was any progress with peturi16:26
IdleOnejust as I was going to ask I got a msg from him16:27
ikonianever responded16:27
ikoniaoh wait16:27
IdleOneI am assuming the ban is sticking16:27
ikoniahe just has16:27
ikonia"fuck you" was the response16:27
ikoniajust come through as I typed this16:27
IdleOnecept if you have whisky16:27
ikoniayes, I have that too16:27
IdleOnewell then he has decided to not follow the rules16:27
ikoniamaking death threats at me now16:27
ikoniajust putting on ignore16:27
IdleOneoh I just ignore the tab and log16:28
IdleOnerobinetd is pushing it16:38
ikonianot for long16:39
IdleOnecan I just get a one tome op in -ot16:41
ikoniawatching, hang in there16:41
ikoniajungli trolling #ubuntu-in now17:07
ikoniausing the nick cdx now17:08
cdxwtf why ppl annoying me other places17:31
ikoniahello jungli17:31
cdx:) hello sweet heart :)17:31
ikoniathat's nothing to do with this channel or your ubuntu ban, so please take it elsewhere17:32
cdxbut why you ppl tracking me17:32
ikoniawe are not17:32
ikoniayou just join a channel we are in17:32
cdxso how you know where i go ?17:32
ikoniahowever, that's nothing to do with this channel, or your ban so please take it elsewhere17:32
cdxplz don't annoy me in other channels i am never join ubuntu in future17:33
ikoniaother channels have nothing to do with this channel17:33
cdxso mind your own business i so much dipressed17:33
ikoniait's a public channel17:34
cdxthats gr8]17:34
ikoniapeople can contribute to any public channel they want17:34
ikoniaif you don't want your business discussed don't do it in a public channel17:34
ikoniahowever, I'm taking this channel offtopic discussing it, so lets not.17:34
ikoniacdx: anything else ?17:36
ikoniaok, what's up ?17:36
ikoniaok - so there is nothing else17:36
ikoniaplease leave the channel17:36
BlockColdbazhang: sup ?18:47
ikoniawhat now18:47
BlockColdi am not talking to you where is b a zhang ?18:47
ikoniaBlockCold: what do you want (do you realise how bad this looks on you to keep joining to waste peoples time)18:47
ikoniaBlockCold: he's idle18:47
ikoniawhat do you actually want18:47
BlockColda job18:48
ikoniayou know that's nothing to do with this chanel18:48
BlockColdi am dipressed18:48
ikoniaBlockCold: what do you want from this channel18:48
BlockColdmy mind get ddos by problems18:48
ikoniaBlockCold: what do you want from this channel18:48
BlockColdunbanned me in ubuntu18:49
ikoniaBlockCold: we've been through that at least 3 times today18:49
ikoniacan we please stop messing around with it18:49
ikoniaBlockCold: do you need anything else from this channel at this time18:51
ubottuIn ubottu, vu1kan said: !tab is You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.  In IRC to autocomplete a user's nickname, type the first few letters of their nick and press <tab>.19:51
ikoniaGuest7382: you will not be unbanned from #ubuntu at this time20:48
Guest7382oh when can i be unbann20:48
ikoniaGuest7382: you have been banned before for causing a disruption to the channel, and it's clear you are unwilling to a.) follow instructions b.) participate within the topic of #ubuntu20:48
Guest7382when can i be unban?20:49
ikoniawhen we have confidence you can participate in the channel correctly, please come back in a week and we can talk about it then20:50
ikoniaGuest7382: please leave the channel and come back in a week if you need nothing else from the operator team20:52
gnomefreakim all good with his ban however isnt that a default name for an IRC client?20:53
ikoniait's not name banned20:54
gnomefreakah ok20:54
Shadowsonganyone know of some good free online books on linux servers?21:38
mneptokShadowsong: this is not a support channel21:41
* gnomefreak thinks -ot sould be the best place to ask21:42
Shadowsongi joined #ubuntu so yes it is21:43
mneptokgnomefreak: well, this particular user seems to not be very adept at understanding exactly what channel they're in.21:43
mneptokShadowsong: take a look at the name of this channel.21:43
mneptokShadowsong: tell you what. i'll just change your #ubuntu ban to not forward you here. that way you're able to wrap your brain around what's happening.21:44
ubottuThe operation succeeded.21:44
ShadowsongI typed /join #ubuntu so that is the channel i entered21:47
mneptokin school, did you wear a hockey helmet, but weren't on the team?21:48
Shadowsongi know what channel i typed in and entered21:50
Shadowsongthat was #ubuntu21:50
mneptokfor the record, that person's current nick/ident/mask was not banned from #ubuntu, so they deliberately came here to troll like that.21:52
Flannelmneptok: No, he's forwarded here21:53
FlannelMatch: *!*@adsl-66-137-224-83.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net$#ubuntu-ops by IdleOne in #ubuntu on Jun 25 2010 01:16:19 (ID: 26652)21:54
IdleOnethis is at least the 4th time he comes in with the same idiotic argument21:59
IdleOnelet's remove the forward and leave the ban, if he returns then we have conformation he knows what he is doing22:01
gnomefreakfoirward him to -ot :)22:02
* gnomefreak be back im downloading music22:03
IdleOnegnomefreak: that would just cause havoc in -ot. Don't need more then what there already is22:03
IdleOnehow do I remove the forward?22:04
FlannelIdleOne: -b *!*@adsl-66-137-224-83.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net$#ubuntu-ops22:04
IdleOneok I think I did it right22:05
IdleOneremoved forward and set ban22:05
FlannelIdleOne: I don't see the forward being removed22:06
FlannelMaybe 22 hours ago?22:06
IdleOneok Flannel can you please set that ban without forward22:07
IdleOneI thought I had it set right :/22:07
FlannelIdleOne: You set the ban just fine, I just didn't see a forward removed22:07
IdleOneme either22:08
IdleOneso will he still be forwarded is the question?22:08
gnomefreakthat makes sense22:09
FlannelUbottu seems to think he's still forwarded22:10
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:10
Flannelubottu: sorry22:11
ubottuIt's ok, I am only a bot so I cannot stay mad at you. For apologising to humans though, take a read of http://mdzlog.alcor.net/2009/07/20/on-apologies/22:11
funkyHatIdleOne: he's banned from here anyway so the forward will just fail22:12
IdleOnewell I don't think we should keep him banned from -ops unless we are making his ban permanent and without chance of appeal22:13
ikoniacan we please change Shadowsong's ban forward to a flat ban so he can't use the "I joined #ubuntu so I'm in #ubuntu" argument22:13
IdleOnethat is why I want to remove the forward, if/when he returns we will know for certain that his argument "I joined #ubuntu..." will be BS22:13
ikoniafed up of wasting time with these people who clearly know what they are doing and just want to be a problem22:13
IdleOneikonia: this is what I am trying to accomplish but ubottu seems to think the forward still applies or is it chanserv?22:14
funkyHatIdleOne: /mode -b+b *!*@adsl-66-137-224-83.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net$#ubuntu-ops *!*@adsl-66-137-224-83.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net22:14
IdleOnefunkyHat: see it doesn't remove the forward part22:15
IdleOneor it doesn't show it does22:15
FlannelIdleOne: that means it's already gone22:15
IdleOneok then22:15
IdleOneso he is now banned in #u22:15
funkyHatYeah it's gone22:15
IdleOnewe can remove the ban from here and see what happens22:15
IdleOnehe comes back with the same stupid bull and then ikonia can have at him lol22:16
IdleOnewho wants to unban from here?22:18
Tm_Tthat's enough?22:19
IdleOneshould be22:20
Gryllidaopnet is spamming at #ubuntu22:30
Gryllidaubottu's !ops command is broken22:31
ubottuIn #ubuntu-ops, Gryllida said: ubottu's !ops command is broken22:31
IdleOnethank you Gryllida22:32
ubottuIdleOne called the ops in #ubuntu ()22:32
IdleOnejust a test22:32
mneptokGryllida: !ops | reason22:32
IdleOneyeah ^^22:33
IdleOneFlannel: was just testing22:33

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