cloakableyour regular users can create them, though00:01
Tim_Ris there anyway that I can limit the space to 25mb00:01
cloakableusing quotas00:02
cloakablebut that's not an apache thing, and not something I'm familiar with00:02
Tim_Rwell thanks cloakable for your help00:03
ruben23hi guys00:08
ruben23how do i used and install rt-kernel..?00:08
ruben23fo ubuntu-server00:08
pmatulisruben23: install the package i guess00:39
ruben23whats the features of rt kernel compare to others00:43
* Pirate_Hunter realises stupidity doesn't pay 02:42
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uvirtbotNew bug: #598942 in wss4j (main) "Please sync wss4j 1.5.8+svntag-1 (main) from Debian unstable (main)." [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59894205:56
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k5673Hello there!07:14
k5673And the crowd exploded!07:14
k5673I want to set up a LTSP server, using 10.0407:15
k5673And, for my terminalz, i have some old Pentium 2's with 128 MB RAM, WOL, PXE, and all the thing.07:16
k5673Is factible a setup like that?07:17
k5673Using those oldies as terminals?07:17
k5673Or are these too old?07:17
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Roxyhart0hi There, somebody has intalled fail2ban?10:18
Roxyhart0any "how to" ?10:18
ph-xRoxyhart0: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fail2ban10:45
Roxyhart0thanks very much!10:46
uvirtbotNew bug: #598993 in ipmitool (universe) "Please merge ipmitool 1.8.11-2 (universe) from debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59899311:56
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obscurant1stcan somebody tell me how can i connect to internet through wifi inx64 ubuntu server, if i know the access point name n password13:36
jpdsobscurant1st: See: man wpa_supplicant.conf13:38
obscurant1stjpds, oh, ok. thx13:38
obscurant1stand btw one more thing, how can i bring up the network configuring thing, i mean if manage to get the network cable n connect to router directly13:39
jpds[Though I would strongly recommend Ethernet for servers.]13:39
jpdsobscurant1st: Ah, hmm; can you get a KVM on the machine?13:40
obscurant1stKVM? i saw it failed to start, but not sure when it came!13:41
obscurant1stbut frankly i dont know whts KVM13:41
jpdskeyboard, video and mouse.13:41
obscurant1stoh, but when i typed sudo kvm, my system haged. anyway i am able to type and everything, but i cant use mouse13:42
obscurant1stjpds, you there?13:45
candyban_I have the module "xt_iprange" loaded. When I try to load the rule "-A FORWARD -p tcp -m range --dst-range --dport smtp   -j ACCEPT" using iptables-restore, I get the error "iptables-restore v1.4.4: Couldn't load match `range':/lib/xtables/libipt_range.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory". When I hardlink libxt_range.so to libipt_range.so, I get the error "iptables-restore v1.14:55
candyban_4.4: Couldn't load match `range':(null)"14:55
candyban_ubuntu server (10.04)14:56
melterdoes anyone know if i set GRUB_SAVEDEFAULT to true, if the kernel is upgraded and I reboot, will i get the updated version of the selection the next time i reboot?14:58
melteri have 2 installs on sda and sdb. for now, i always want to boot from the latest kernel on sda, but the sdb kernels are first on the grub list14:59
melteras sdb gets upgraded, the sda kernels are further down the list, so i can't boot from a specific menu item number15:00
melterit'd be nice if GRUB_DEFAULT supported regular expressions and booted the first match, ".*sda"15:03
candyban_nm my problem. should have been -m iprange instead15:06
RoyKI'm trying to umount /var, which is on a separate filesystem. The data has been moved and according to lsof/fuser no files are open. still, linux report filesystem busy15:06
RoyKany idea what to try next?15:06
candyban_RoyK, perhaps there are still files in state "deleted"?15:07
RoyKlsof usually reports those as well15:07
candyban_RoyK, depends what you grepped for ;)15:07
RoyKlast I checked, lsof reports the path of the deleted file15:09
RoyKall processes are stopped, except sshd15:12
RoyKand I have no serial console on this one15:12
RoyKsince the box is located 50km from here, gambling on a restart is no good15:12
RoyKdamn - no open files on /var, but still I can't umount it15:33
RoyKany ideas how to troubleshoot this?15:33
pmatulisRoyK: maybe pastebin output to 'df -hT' and 'mount'15:33
Psi-JackAnyone here happen to know much about Radius, and what software is advisable for setting up a Radius server for authentication in vpn and wireless WPA2-Pro?15:35
RoyKPsi-Jack: freeradius is in the repositories, works for me (tm)15:36
Psi-Jackfreeradius, eh? By chance is there any ubuntu how-tos like there was a very nice and simple one for openvpn?15:37
RoyKgoogle that15:38
pmatulisRoyK: were you in /var when trying to umount by any chance?  also, try just 'lsof /var'15:39
RoyKpmatulis: no, and I couldn't find a single open file in there - umount -l /var worked, though15:41
pmatulisRoyK: ok15:41
RoyKnow I just hope the box comes up again :þ15:42
melterdoes update-grub only update the config files, or does it also install to the mbr?15:42
RoyKseems it's my lucky day :)15:42
RoyKmelter: iirc grub understand the filesystem, and doesn't need to be reinstalled into the mbr for every change, like the case of lilo15:44
melterRoyK: after running update-grub, the order of the menuitems in /boot/grub/grub.cfg doesn't match what i see when i boot15:44
RoyKhm. don't know, then, I don't know grub2 too well (yet)15:45
melteralso, if i have 2 ubuntu installs on diff hard drives, which config would it use?15:46
RoyKit will boot from the grub on the drive you set as primary boot in the BIOS, then grub will take over and boot whatever OS you configure it to15:47
RoyKanyone here using zfs-fuse? seems it's rather buggy http://pastebin.com/P8672MbC16:03
melterthanks RoyK, i understand this grub2 stuff better now16:12
melteri switched drives, and i got an error 17 from an ancient grub1 install on that hd, so i updated that, too16:12
bogeyd6RoyK, seems or do you have enough evidence to file a bug report?16:16
RoyKseems so, yes16:17
bogeyd6!worksforme | royk16:17
ubotturoyk: Common Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/16:17
RoyKI've been working with zfs for a year or so now on s20/osol/nexenta, but the ubuntu implementation doesn't seem too good16:18
bogeyd6!google | royk16:18
ubotturoyk: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.16:18
bogeyd6gentle reminders good sir :)16:18
RoyKbogeyd6: I asked him to google it, because google has simply more info about that than I have. I have setup a few radius servers, but not from scratch. If you have any info on the subject, please tell16:19
helpmei have no VT in processor16:20
helpmehow i use KVM16:20
helpmeubuntu donot support xen also16:20
helpmei having problem in getting xen tools16:20
bogeyd6!vmware | helpme16:21
ubottuhelpme: VMWare is not available in the Ubuntu repositories. Consider using !QEmu or !VirtualBox as alternatives. Instructions for installing VMWare manually are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware16:21
RoyKhelpme: http://kurl.no/cBTh16:22
helpmenever tried VMWare is it consume less ram?16:22
RoyKhelpme: virutalisation is the same, more or less, whatever the platform16:23
RoyKhelpme: get a VT compliant cpu, a truckload of RAM and you're in business16:23
helpmeiwant host plateform take s less ram ,hehe yes roy K : )16:24
bogeyd6RoyK, if using openvpn and needing authentication it would have been more proper to mention the openvpn docs and the x509 certs16:24
RoyKbogeyd6: I've never used openvpn - sorry16:24
bogeyd6RoyK, so why dispense advice on a works for me basis?16:25
bogeyd6time for lunch, adios16:25
RoyKbogeyd6: cut the trolling16:25
bogeyd6no trolling :)16:26
RoyKI§ve never dispensed any of your advices16:26
bogeyd6just trying to help you be a better support person in #ubuntu-server16:26
helpmei am trying for virtual bx,consume more rambut better here with ubuntu than windows16:26
RoyKexcept those of a few days ago where you talked about 10% filesystem overhead16:26
helpmeThe PPP daemon has died: A modem hung up the phone (exit code = 16)16:29
helpmewht is this problem16:29
helpmeit is occuring every now and thanin ubuntu16:29
helpmeneed any changes in wvdial.conf ?16:29
helpmewhere people like me will go who use older machine,they also removed xen-tools ,16:31
bogeyd6helpme, there are several distros, but you also have the ability to install packages from previous versions and building your own16:34
RoyKhelpme: if you're on older hardware, why not use 8.04 or something?16:34
RoyKnewer distros get upgraded for the newer hardware16:35
bogeyd68.04 has what like 3 more years support16:35
RoyKthat's the reason of LTS16:35
RoyK8.04 is supported until 2013.0416:35
helpmei have hardy ,but not able to get xen-tools16:36
helpme iget an error16:36
RoyKwell, helpme, if you get an error, saying so won't help you much, but if you paste (or pastebin) the message, we might be able to help you16:37
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:38
helpmenot this16:38
helpmeit says trying to overwrie /etc/bash/completion.d/xm' which is also a package of bash-completion
helpmewhile installing xen-tools 3.916:41
helpmethat was an error and dpkg stop installing it16:42
helpmeum roy K16:46
RoyKno idea16:48
helpmeoh no!!!!16:51
helpmekinda easy all these things in windows,linux requires more skills16:52
helpmeone problem solved anoher facing ahead16:53
helpmeroyk you live in norway ?16:54
Psi-JackRoyK: Hmm..16:55
helpmeumits cold there every month of year ?16:56
Psi-JackRoyK: Do you deal with Radius and TLS at all? I have a 3Com WAP PoE that I'm trying to hook into my radius, but it's failing I think because of: "read:fatal:unknown CA16:56
helpmedont you do jet ski16:57
Doonzhey guys if im currently running 9.10 how can i upgrade to 10.4lts?17:15
helpmesystem>update manager17:16
helpmedo-upgrade release17:17
RoyKhelpme: I do17:17
RoyKPsi-Jack: haven't tried radius with TLS, no17:18
helpmewoah nice ,how much ice you eat while sking17:18
helpmeor you are nice skieng17:18
RoyKI don't ski that much17:19
helpmenowWay heaven on earth17:19
helpmewhat are those greenlights?seenin sky17:19
RoyKhelpme: currently there's no snow here either, except in the mountains17:19
helpmenohern lights17:19
RoyKnothern lights I've seen, but it's far too light now17:20
RoyKnorthern, even17:20
RoyKsun sets at about nine in the evening now17:20
RoyKup north, it doesn't set17:20
helpmehaha.so much work17:20
helpmeall day up17:21
RoyKI'm going to Tromsø in a couple of weeks for some work and a rock festival - midninght sun.....17:21
RoyKhelpme: where're you from?17:22
RoyKat least you don't have the winters we have17:22
RoyKNorwegian winters can be rather tough17:22
helpmei have rememberace to norway i was supposed to go there as my friend was moving from latvia to norway ,but than she didnt17:23
RoyKsummer temperature here is 20-25˚C, perhaps 30˚ at the best17:23
helpmeyes i guess,but like ice ,asi seen only once here india at kashmir17:23
RoyKit's a nice view, but when it gets below -20˚C, it's not so nice anymore17:24
RoyKI guess it's the same with heat waves, except it's easier to dress for cold weather17:25
helpmeyes no way out of home,snow everywhere ,all ways are closed17:25
RoyKI live in Oslo, we don't get that much snow here17:26
helpmeyes,hot climate here tends to get to 45 c now a days,17:26
RoyKTromsø is worse17:26
helpmeyes oslo is international airport17:26
RoyKthe airport is some way north of Oslo17:26
RoyK70km or so17:27
RoyKwhere in India do you live?17:28
RoyKI've spoken to some Indians that live here, and when they came her, they were like "where are all the people?"17:28
helpmeyour name similar to indian name17:29
RoyKnorway is not as densly populated as india17:29
RoyKmy name`17:29
RoyKroy is my first name, from gælic, meaning red17:29
helpmeyes,ROYis bengali surname17:29
helpmeah okay17:29
RoyKSigurd is my second first-name, meaning "the holder of victory" or something like that, from old norse (sigur = victory, urd = past)17:30
RoyKKarlsbakk is an old family name from western norway17:31
helpmewho kept yoru name yoru mum or dad17:31
RoyKmy last name, Karlsbakk, is from the small farm where my daddy grew up17:31
RoyKSigurd is my father's name, and mom wanted me to have that in the addition of my first name17:32
RoyKhow do names work in India?17:33
helpmenames in india, last name is from father surname that also represent caste17:33
helpmeand first name is choice17:33
RoyKso the caste thing is still somehow living?17:34
helpmeand it have also meaning17:34
RoyKso tell me your name, and the meaning of it17:34
helpmelike sarvjit ..wins everything17:34
helpmemy name ...help =help and me = me17:36
RoyKno, your real name17:37
helpmeaaditya my first name17:37
helpmemean s may be sun17:37
helpmedonot know but ,17:37
helpmeso my name is aaditya means sun17:42
uvirtbotNew bug: #599063 in postfix (main) ""post-installation script returned error exit status 75"." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59906317:42
helpmebug bug bug ,run run run .17:42
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amstanhey guys, i'm trying to make a script that'll manage a daemon21:44
amstanthing is that the daemon is not really designed to run like that21:45
amstanhow could i chdir before running it? or run it with the proper working dir21:45
amstanthis script should run from cron too21:45
ToddWhy is python-gtkhtml2 no longer available? It doesn't work with Python > 2.6?22:30
ocatacoois anyone in here?23:25
ocatacoodoes anyone know of a good resource on named.cof23:27

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