dipankardlfaraone, around?02:35
dipankardfarning, : hello03:03
dfarningdipankar, good morning03:04
dipankardfarning: how was your day?03:04
dfarningdipankar, manu would like you to try some new challanges today03:04
dfarningdipankar, my day was great thanks03:05
dfarning8. Clicking 'register' causes emulator to freeze.  Register is in the pop up you get when the pointer lingers on over the 'xo guy' icon.03:05
dfarning9. The analyze activity crashes after start up in the emulator. This activity is very useful for debugging.03:05
dipankarok.. the e-mail03:06
dfarningtasks 8, 9, and helping others are assigned to you:)03:06
dipankarbut I thought I was working on the activity circle bug :(03:06
dipankarno problem though03:06
dipankarAlso I have made the package sugar-tool-kit-0.8803:07
dipankarlast night only before going to sleep.:)03:07
dfarningdipankar, nice is it ready to upload.03:08
dfarningI didn't expect you to be done so soon with sugar-toolkit so I marked the activity as blocked:(03:09
dipankarneeds to be tried out first.03:09
dipankardfarning, actually ubuntu on my virtual box is running disk checking: (I hate this feature)03:10
dipankardfarning, there is no package of sugar-tool-kit on ppa...03:12
dfarningdipankar, yes, it has not been packaged yet for the ppa.  there is an older version in universe.03:16
dfarningdipankar, before you get started can you describe to neeraj the best way to get the source code for http://packages.qa.debian.org/p/python-xklavier.html03:18
dipankardfarning, sure. No problem03:18
dipankarneeraj, around?03:18
neerajI used dget -xu on dsc file present here.. http://packages.debian.org/source/testing/python-xklavier03:19
neerajdipankar, I m listening..03:20
dipankarneeraj, that is also a way. But Luke suggested an easier way03:20
dipankarto get packages from Debian03:20
dipankaryou can run the command in a suitable folder : debcheckout <package-name>03:21
neerajhmm.. I command u mentioned yesterday..03:21
dipankarpackage name == python-xklavier03:21
neerajyeah.. debcheckout :)03:21
dipankarmuch easier03:22
neerajdebcheckout python-xklavier03:22
neerajunknown package :(03:22
dipankaralso the build process is not that complicated as I mentioned you don't need to worry about .orig tar ball03:22
dipankarlet me check something03:23
dipankarI think neeraj, it is not listed in Debian03:24
dipankardfarning, how can we check ^^?03:24
dipankarI used synaptic package manager03:24
dipankarto look for python-xklavier03:25
neerajhmm.. I am able to download the required file using dget - xu03:25
dipankarreturned no package03:25
neeraj|| by downloading the tarball file from the download link given on the site03:25
dfarningdipankar, there is a page in debian for the package at http://packages.qa.debian.org/p/python-xklavier.html03:25
dipankarneeraj, what you are downloading is the source file03:25
neerajhmm.. don't we need it?03:26
dfarningit is not yet in ubuntu so we must add it.03:27
dipankari think we can use this : http://packages.debian.org/source/squeeze/python-xklavier03:27
neeraj^^ i downloaded from here only :)03:28
dipankaralso there is another site : http://packages.debian.org/source/sid/python-xklavier03:29
dipankarI am pretty confused now, which one to choose03:29
neerajboth are same03:29
neerajjust diff in url03:29
neerajthe the location for downloading the file is same03:30
dfarningsqueeze and sid are the two releases of debian.  but I can never remember which is more recent03:30
dipankarsqueeze is latest03:31
dipankarneeraj, you are done with downloading?03:31
dipankarneeraj, let me download it too :). Just a sec03:32
dfarningdipankar, sid is the unstable  and squeeze is what is going to become the next release.03:33
dfarningso we want sid whenevery possiable03:33
dipankarneeraj, don't start packaging now03:36
dipankarsee the changelog its very different from ours03:37
dipankaroops.. wrong file03:38
dipankarfalse alert03:38
dipankarokay neeraj try packaging it with debuild -S -sa03:39
neerajwhat changes should I do in changelog using dch -i?03:40
dipankarno chnages03:40
neerajgot it03:40
neerajonly control file03:40
dipankarleave the package as it is03:40
dipankarsince we have not made any changes in the source/patches03:41
dipankarleave the package unmodified03:41
dipankarand run debuild -S -sa03:41
neerajI mean we don't even need to maintainer field?03:41
dipankarthat part I will tell later03:41
neerajLemee change the maintainer filed in control file03:41
dipankarmaintainer will automatically get changed afterwards03:42
dipankaryou will get a error of signature problem03:42
dipankarthat we have to do manually03:42
dipankarplease don't change the maintainer field03:43
dipankarjust run debuild -S -sa03:43
dipankartrust me03:43
dfarningneeraj, I didn't believe him either.... but it works:)03:43
neerajindeed.. the build was successful03:45
dipankardfarning, I am following luke's method03:45
dipankarbut did the signature procedure get completed? :)03:46
neerajit just asked me for my passphrase03:46
neerajnothing else03:46
dipankarthats weird03:46
dipankardid you change anything in the file?03:47
dipankarany file?03:47
dipankarI get a error msg, that signing of files is not possible03:48
dipankar'cause I am not Jonas03:48
dipankarSo I have to sign manually using debsign -k<pgp-keyid> <path-of-change-file>03:48
neerajin debain/control file maintainer field is : Debian OLPC <debian-olpc-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org>03:48
neerajNow, I just need to dput the changes file?03:49
neerajor make any other changes03:49
dipankaryup to sugar ppa03:49
dipankarjust try it once03:49
dipankarif it fails, then we will use the forced method03:49
dipankarjust to have some idea : look at the error I get http://paste.ubuntu.com/455734/03:50
dipankardfarning, does this occur on your machine too?03:51
neerajthough package is uploaded but it gave this message in b/w gpg: verify signatures failed: file open error03:51
neerajError in finding signature verification status.03:51
dipankarI guess you too have to sign manually03:52
dipankarrun the command:03:52
dfarningdipankar, yes i do03:52
dipankarthen neeraj must have added some fix well before03:52
dipankarokay neeraj the command03:52
dipankarI have mentioned that above03:53
dipankardebsign -k<pgp-keyid> <path-of-change-file>03:53
dipankardfarning: lfaraone is on vacation I guess <from your e-mail> , :) when is he returning?03:55
neerajdfarning, can you check whether the package is building or not?03:55
dipankarneeraj, any problem??03:55
dfarningdipankar, he is leaving the monday after next03:55
neerajwait it got rejected03:55
neerajlemme run debsign03:56
neerajI have to run debsign in source folder naa?03:56
dipankaryup.. neeraj but remember to give the full path of the .changes file03:57
dfarningneeraj, first you will get an rejection or acceptance notice03:57
neerajI am not getting it03:57
dfarningif the package is accepted you can see the build status at https://launchpad.net/~sugarteam/+archive/ppa/+packages03:57
neerajI should run debsign in source folder03:57
neerajand the .changes file is one dir above the source03:58
dipankarsilly mistakes03:58
dipankardfarning, the dead line is so close.. 12th August04:00
dipankarneeraj, done04:02
neeraj error04:02
dfarningdipankar, yes it is. but you guys are learning really fast so it won't take long to get the packages included.  The biggest problem is the fact that in alpha1 of the next release the changes are happening so fast it is impossiable to debug unless have a good understanding of what worked in the the last release04:02
neerajdebsign: Only a .changes, .dsc or .commands file is allowed as argument!04:03
neerajin the directory, in which my *.changes file was present04:03
dipankarwhat command did you use: paste it here04:03
neerajdebsign -k 3FD149A5 python-xklavier_0.3-1_source.changes04:04
dipankarokay neeraj change the second argument04:04
dipankarto look something like this : ~/work15/py... _source.chnages04:05
dipankartypos :)04:05
dipankarenter the full path04:05
dipankardfarning, are you saying we have to go through lucid build once to get the understanding of maverick alpha104:07
dfarningneeraj, I think your command was correct but there should not be a space between the -k and the 3F....04:07
neerajdfarning, bingo :)04:08
dipankarno spaces buddy04:08
dfarningdipankar, yes it will help a lot to spend a couple of week on lucid which is stable before we start shooting for a moving target.04:08
dipankardfarning, ok.. I am feeling its gonna be a little tough :)04:09
dipankarbut great, 'cause I like difficult things04:09
dfarningIt will be a challange.04:10
dipankarneeraj, whats your status?04:11
neerajThe .changes file is already signed.04:11
neerajWould you like to use the current signature? [Yn]Y04:11
neerajLeaving current signature unchanged.04:11
neerajalso the reason for rejection of last upload was :-04:12
neerajUnable to find distroseries: unstable04:12
neerajFurther error processing not possible because of a critical previous error.04:12
dipankarnow we have to use the upload override method04:13
dipankarfollow this site for .dput.cf file: https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA/Uploading04:14
dipankargo through to get some idea04:14
dipankarthen I will further explain the exact process04:14
dipankarnow go to the home folder cd ~/04:17
neerajI used sudo gedit to open it04:17
neerajits blank..04:17
dipankaryou have to make it :)04:18
dipankarhere is what you have to write in that04:18
dipankarthese ftp values to be used04:19
dipankarthe imp part is the 'incoming' - field04:19
dipankarwhat we are doing is instead of letting ppa software decide where to put the package04:20
dipankarwe are deciding it from our end04:20
dipankarin the changelog file the first line should contain 'lucid'. But I told you to leave it to unstable :)04:21
dipankarthe solution to that is this overriden dput method04:21
dipankarneeraj, are you done with the file .cf?04:22
neerajdput sugarteam-lucid python-xklavier_0.3-1_source.changes04:23
neerajshould I run this now?04:23
dipankardone neeraj, any error? most probably you shouldn't get any04:26
neerajdipankar, done :)04:27
neerajthanks for your help :)04:27
dipankarwow.. any time buddy04:27
neerajdfarning, do I have to follow the same steps for remaining two packages?04:28
dfarningneeraj, only one more package for you then it is on to something new:)04:29
dfarningneeraj, but yes same process04:29
dipankarwhich package is neeraj trying out?04:29
dipankardfarning, ?04:29
dfarningneeraj, but first we need to add the package you just created as a build dependancy to sugar session.04:30
neerajdfarning, ok04:30
dfarningyes, then neeraj is going to do some debuging on a problem with the function key not working..... but I think the package he just built will fix the function key bug:)04:31
dipankarneeraj, dependency addition and removal is done in debian/control file04:31
neerajyes.. i tried this when removing the browse04:32
neerajactivity bug04:32
neerajI main changing dependency :)04:32
dipankardfarning, which package neeraj will be handling?04:34
neerajdfarning, sugar session package is the default settings one?04:34
dfarningneeraj, I am not sure what you are asking?04:35
neerajhmm.. build dependancy to sugar session04:36
neerajthere is no package for sugar-session.. on lp.04:37
dfarning_sorry lost you:(04:38
neerajor we have to add this dependency to sugar -0.8804:38
neerajnp :)04:38
dfarning_did you get it figured out04:38
dipankarneeraj, you have to add it to sugar-0.8804:39
dipankardfarning_, is it ok?04:39
neerajgot it :)04:39
dipankarneeraj, you have to do one more package04:40
dfarning_dipankar, yes that is correct04:40
dipankarpython-carquinyol-0.88 0.87.1-1" is really old, what about using04:40
dipankar0.88.1 release04:40
dipankardfarning_, I have to go some place. you around till midnight?04:41
dfarning_yes, ill be here for a little more than two hours till 1am04:41
dipankardfarning_, I will be back as quickly as possible04:42
dfarning_dipankar, no hurry.04:42
dipankarI need some pointers on register bug04:42
dfarning_ok, i'll stay till you get that started:)04:43
dfarning_neeraj, are you comfortable add a depandcy to a package?04:44
neerajI think so..04:44
neerajits a build dependancy or something else..04:45
neerajlemme download the source first04:45
neerajI will get back to u in a min04:45
dipankarbrb guys04:45
dfarning_neeraj,   this time python-xklavier is a runtime depandancy for sugar.04:46
neerajwhere should I add python-xklavier04:50
neerajin debain/control file04:50
dfarning_what command did you use to get the source,  I need to download it to look:)04:50
dfarning_neeraj, does dget -ux https://launchpad.net/~sugarteam/+archive/ppa/+files/sugar-0.88_0.88.1-2.dsc look correct04:53
neeraji used the same :)04:53
neeraji pasted the control file content04:53
dfarning_neeraj, this is a slightly differnt method of package04:57
dfarning_neeraj, in the rules file look around line 106-119 we need to more the dependancy from recommend to depends04:59
neerajdidn't got the last msg05:01
neerajhmm.. I am viewing debian/rule file05:01
dfarning_neeraj, this is a slightly differnt method of package05:03
dfarning_ neeraj, in the rules file look around line 106-119 we need to more the dependancy from recommend to depends05:03
dfarning_open the rules file05:03
neerajI am viewing lie 10605:03
dfarning_it is in the same dir as the control file:)05:03
neerajyes.. I found it.. in debain/05:04
dfarning_in line 106 it set the var CDBS_DEPENDS_sugar-session-$(pkgbranch) to a bunch of dependancies05:04
neerajCDBS_DEPENDS_sugar-session-$(pkgbranch) = python-sugar-$(pkgbranch), python-sugar-toolkit-$(pkgbranch), sugar-artwork-$(pkgbranch), python-jarabe-$(pkgbranch)05:05
neerajgot it..05:05
dfarning_now down in line 119 it sets CDBS_RECOMMENDS_sugar-session-$(pkgbranch) += , python-xklavier05:06
dfarning_we need to change that to CDBS_DEPENDS_sugar-session-$(pkgbranch) += , python-xklavier05:06
dfarning_then you are ready to update the changelog, build the package and dput it to the ppa05:08
dfarning_did you see your first package finished building:)05:08
neerajyes :)05:09
neerajin change log05:09
neeraj* Added python-xklavier as dependency" will do?05:09
dfarning_then bump the version number05:11
neerajdch -i05:11
dfarning_ok that works even better05:12
neerajsugar-0.88 (0.88.1-2ubuntu1) lucid; urgency=low05:13
neeraj  * Added python-xklavier as dependency05:13
neeraj -- Neeraj Gupta <neeraj@seeta.in>  Sun, 27 Jun 2010 09:42:12 +053005:13
dfarning_looks good05:15
neerajdo I need to change anything in control file? like maintainer id..05:15
neerajor I should use previous dch over ride method05:16
dfarning_you can leave it as it is05:17
neerajrunning debuild -S -sa05:17
dfarning_neeraj, great05:18
neerajrunning debsign05:19
neerajusing force dput method05:21
dfarning_neeraj, you are making this look easy:)05:22
neerajdfarning_, i only followed the steps :)05:24
dfarning_neeraj, nice job it is building:)05:29
dfarning_are you ready to try python-carquinyo of do you need a break to celebrate?  :)05:30
neerajI am ready.. If u want to take a break then u can :)05:31
neerajin python-carquinyo, I might need to change the changelog file as we want to upgrade it to latesh 0.88.1 release05:33
neerajsugar-datastore-0.88 (0.88.1-1) lucid; urgency=low05:42
neeraj  * New Upstream Release05:42
neeraj -- Neeraj Gupta <neeraj@seeta.in>  Sun, 27 Jun 2010 10:11:06 +053005:42
dfarning_neeraj, +105:42
neerajwhen I use dch -i it adds (0,88.0.ubuntu2)05:42
neerajI manually changed it..05:42
neerajto (0.88.1-1)05:43
neerajthen dch gave this warning05:43
neerajdch warning: no orig tarball found for the new version.05:43
dfarning_neeraj, I don't understand these warning.... but I think you can ignore it.05:44
dfarning_neeraj, did it build ok?05:49
dfarning_cool while we are waiting lets see if the xklavier package fixed the bug.05:54
dfarning_try updateing your system, starting the emulator, and looking at the log.05:55
neerajdfarning_, accepted.. building now.. :)05:55
dipankardfarning_, I am back05:56
dfarning_before we were getting an error about 'No module named xklavier '05:56
dfarning_dipankar, welcome back05:56
dipankarhi neeraj05:56
dipankarso what's the status?05:56
neerajhi dipankar05:56
dfarning_neeraj, nice it looks like the error message is gone05:59
neeraj:).. i m still updating my system05:59
dfarning_dipankar, neeraj build the first package and it fixed the error message we were getting06:00
dfarning_and now the second package is in the ppa building!06:00
dipankarthats great06:01
dipankarthe activity circle is appearing now?06:01
neerajdfarning_, the 6th task,, python-sugar-toolkit one06:01
dipankarhey I am ready with the package..06:01
neerajI think dipankar has completed it..06:02
dipankarwill push it06:02
neerajyeah.. that's what i was saying :)06:02
dipankarbrb in 506:02
dfarning_neeraj, now you are onto #606:02
neerajhmm.. dfarning_ dipankar is saying he has already build that package.. he just needs to push it06:04
dfarning_neeraj, yes you are on 6. Sometime the f1-4 keys stop working to switch between views in the emulator.06:05
dipankaruploaded toolkit to ppa06:10
dipankari guess it would take sometime as another package is being built06:10
dfarning_neeraj, it might be tricky becase it sometimes seems to work correctly and sometime fail, so we need to poke around and figure out when and why it fails.06:11
dfarning_dipankar, nice.  Can you look at 9 before 8?  the analyze activity is a nice help for debugging because it let you look at the logs easily from within sugar06:13
dipankarbut dfarning_ I updated the ppa packages and downloaded the xklavier too.. the bug is still coming06:14
dipankardid i miss something?06:14
dfarning_dipankar, which bug?06:15
dipankarthe activity circle is not appearing on home screen of sugar.06:16
neerajthe python-xklavier fix was for import error06:17
dfarning_dipankar, yes we will have to wait until python-carquinyo is done building and install in to get rid of the:06:17
dfarning_Traceback (most recent call last):06:18
dfarning_  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/jarabe/desktop/favoritesview.py", line 122, in __connect_to_bundle_registry_cb06:18
dfarning_    self._add_activity(info)06:18
dfarning_  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/jarabe/desktop/favoritesview.py", line 131, in _add_activity06:18
dfarning_    icon = ActivityIcon(activity_info)06:18
dfarning_  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/jarabe/desktop/favoritesview.py", line 366, in __init__06:18
dfarning_    datastore.updated.connect(self.__datastore_listener_updated_cb)06:18
dfarning_AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'updated'06:18
dfarning_I think that will fix the activity circle error06:18
dipankarohk.. that explains the 'datastore' package..06:19
dipankarmy package uploading is giving some hiccups.. but i can deal with it..06:20
dipankardfarning_, neeraj :package accepted, building06:25
dfarning_dipankar, nice06:26
neerajdipankar, :)06:27
dipankarabout register option bug dfarning_06:29
dipankarit just hangs there for a second06:30
dipankarand then returns to normal state with a msg: you are registered in your class06:30
dfarning_dipankar, ok so that is fixed too:)06:33
dipankarbut I didnot do anything :)06:33
dipankarI guess there was some update for that06:34
dfarning_dipankar,  yes, that is why it is important to keep update as things are fixed.... seemingly unreleated fixes can fix what you are looking at.06:35
dipankardfarning_, ook :)06:36
dfarning_neeraj, I haven't been able to consistenly reproduce the function key bug.  sometimes it seems to work and seemingly randomly it fails:(06:39
neerajhmm.. what i am also unable to figure out what exactly is the bug06:40
dipankardfarning_, can you please check if the analyze activity is crashing on emulator, 'cause it is not on my emulator06:40
dfarning_neeraj, can you see if you can trigger the bug if you run sugar as a session from the login screen06:41
dfarning_dipankar, checking06:41
neerajdfarning_, ok06:42
dfarning_dipankar, it crashes for me.  what version of analyze are you using?06:43
dfarning_dipankar, I am running version 8 and get the following error06:44
dfarning_1277617336.246537 WARNING root: No gtk.AccelGroup in the top level window.06:44
dfarning_1277617336.304486 WARNING root: No gtk.AccelGroup in the top level window.06:44
dfarning_/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/sugar/graphics/window.py:290: DeprecationWarning: use toolbar_box instead of toolbox06:44
dfarning_  warnings.warn('use toolbar_box instead of toolbox', DeprecationWarning)06:44
dfarning_** (sugar-activity:6481): DEBUG: Got client ID "108613b3d02cfbca10127761733653075800000064150000"06:44
dfarning_** (sugar-activity:6481): DEBUG: Setting initial properties06:44
dfarning_** (sugar-activity:6481): DEBUG: Received SaveYourself(SmSaveLocal, !Shutdown, SmInteractStyleNone, !Fast) in state idle06:44
dfarning_** (sugar-activity:6481): DEBUG: Sending SaveYourselfDone(True) for initial SaveYourself06:44
dfarning_** (sugar-activity:6481): DEBUG: Received SaveComplete message in state save-yourself-done06:44
dfarning_Activity died: pid 6481 condition 11 data (None, <open file '<fdopen>', mode 'w' at 0x1b17ed0>)06:44
dipankardfarning_, how do we check the version? :P06:44
dfarning_you can see an activities version number from the activity listview screen06:45
dipankar:(.. I am an idiot. dfarning_ : I am also running version 806:47
dipankarshell log doesnot have any app crash report.06:48
neerajdfarning_, all keys are working..06:49
dfarning_dipankar, activities each make their own crash report I am getting one called 'org.laptop.Analyze-1.log' when analyze fails06:50
dfarning_neeraj, that is good to know it must be and emulator issue.06:50
neerajthought I don't knw the exact function of each key but each key is responding :)06:50
dipankargot it dfarning_06:51
dfarning_neeraj, f1-4 let you switch between views.  please see http://en.flossmanuals.net/Sugar/Interface for more info06:52
neerajdfarning_, yes each key was changing view :)06:53
dipankardfarning_, Mine crashes on presence service view06:54
dipankarbut it starts fine06:54
dfarning_dipankar, I don't know what is causeing the toolbar_box problem.  It is a tomeu or alsroot level issue06:54
dipankardhere is my crash report: http://paste.ubuntu.com/455780/06:56
alsrootdfarning_: "DeprecationWarning: use toolbar_box instead of toolbox" is just a warning, it shouldn't cause any probelem06:57
dfarning_ok the package you guys have been working on have been published.06:58
dfarning_I updated and the activity circle works now06:59
dipankaralsroot : hi, The strange thing is I am able to run the interfaces: X Server and Network Status06:59
dipankaron Analyze Activity06:59
dipankarbut when I try to run the 'Presence-Service' interface07:00
alsrootdipankar: about Analyze Activity, better to ask walterbender on #sugar, he is an author07:00
dipankarok alsroot, thanks for the help07:00
dipankardfarning_, thats great07:00
dfarning_dipankar I am going to go to bed, so I suggest that you guy poke around and look for bugs, report them to me or the mailing list and try to fix them:)07:01
dfarning_i'll be back in about 5 hours:)07:01
dipankarok dfarning_ , goodnight07:02
dfarning_dipankar so have a couple hours of free hacking:) that is the best way to learn!07:02
dipankar:) I will try my best dfarning_, but I am up with some documentation work. As soon as that finishes, I will get back to hacking!07:03
neerajdfarning_, good night :)07:05
ankurkhuranahi dfarning_ , is it a good time to work?08:28
dfarning_good morning12:36
ankurgood morning dfarning_12:37
dfarning_hey ankur12:37
ankurso, are you comfortable now?12:39
ankurhad a good sleep?12:39
dfarning_ankur, do you know is dipankar or neeraj_are around?  When I went to sleep they were going strong.12:40
dfarning_ankur, yes a good but short sleep.12:40
ankuri currently don't know about there status12:41
ankurthey should be coming soon12:41
neeraj_dfarning_, good morning :)12:42
dfarning_ankur, when I went to sleep all of the task except two were already completed:) and those two tasks needed help from someone else.12:42
dfarning_neeraj_, good morning12:43
ankurWell that's good,12:43
ankurwhich tasks were left, i suppose sugar toolkit is uploaded to ppa12:43
dfarning_neeraj_, any thoughts on what we should work on?12:44
ankurand xklavier package was also puched12:44
neeraj_ankur, dipankar pushed that package in morning..12:44
ankurthere was some thing about switching views in emulator using12:44
ankurfunction keys12:44
dfarning_6. Sometime the f1-4 keys stop working to switch between views in the emulator.12:45
dfarning_9. The analyze activity crashes after start up in the emulator. This activity is very useful for debugging.12:45
neeraj_register bug got fixed automatically after system update12:45
neeraj_function key bug is random.. U can't fix it until and unless you face it..12:45
neeraj_and dipankar was working on analyze activity12:47
ankurany suggestions by you dfarning_ ,on which we can work on?12:47
dfarning_neeraj_, dipankar has a lead to talk with the upstream author of analyse.12:48
dfarning_ankur, How about going through the items on the control panel and making sure everything there works?12:49
neeraj_dfarning_, I am unable to find analyze activity :(12:49
ankurseems good to me12:50
dfarning_neeraj_, can you go to the list view and find it?12:50
ankurone more thing i needed to ask12:50
ankurhow to exit from the sugar session ?12:50
ankuronly way out for me was to restart my system12:51
neeraj_right click on Xo icon12:51
dfarning_ankur no need to ask permission to ask a question:)12:51
ankurdfarning_,  i was working on sugar from Lucid which is also my developer environment12:52
ankurnow i installed USR iso on vm in my virtual box12:52
ankuri was thinking of tweaking things there12:53
ankurrather than logging of everytime12:53
ankurneeraj_,  thanks12:53
ankurgot it12:53
dfarning_ankur, or just hover the pointer over the xo icon for a couple of seconds and a menu will appear:)12:53
neeraj_dfarning_, in list view(f4) there is terminal activity12:53
neeraj_chat  but no activity named analyze..12:55
ankurso i updated that vm, including all the proposed updates12:55
ankuranything else i need to to do with that12:55
ankurso that it is most updated12:56
dfarning_neeraj_, as an aside short task can you explain to ankur how and why we enable -proposed12:56
dfarning_ankur, oppps I am too slow:) seem like you have already done that!12:56
neeraj_dfarning_, in vm build script12:56
ankuralso , can you explain me working of zsync?12:57
dfarning_ankur, I would enable all of the repos from the update page on synaptic.12:57
dfarning_ankur, just in case....12:57
ankurdfarning_, i done that, you told me to do that a day before yesterday when sugar session was crashing :)12:58
ankuri did select all 412:58
ankurof them12:58
ankurin vm12:58
dfarning_then everything will be up to date:)12:58
ankurdfarning_,  can u help me out with updating my copy of USR iso12:59
ankurusing zsync12:59
dfarning_ankur,  then just out of habit, I run apt-get update and apt-get upgrade every time I start a new debugging task.13:00
dfarning_ankur sure.13:00
dfarning_ankur, before we start with zsync... something looks wrong with look too small:(13:02
neeraj_201 MB..!!13:03
dfarning_the iso should be about 600M and yesterdays looks like it is 201M something must have failed in the build process.13:03
ankurwho build it , in any case if it was due to internet failure ig gnu screen was not used13:04
dfarning_how about if you verify that every thing in the control panel works as expected while neeraj_and I work on fixing the ISO build.... then we can work together on zsync?13:06
ankursome pointers on doing that13:06
dfarning_ankur, I built the iso yesterday:)13:06
neeraj_and I made some changes in build script :)13:07
dfarning_ankur, I would just go through the items in the control panel and verify that nothing you do causes a crash and everything seems to work.13:08
ankurshould i check for it in xephyr13:08
dfarning_ankur, yes please test within the emulator and then as a session.13:09
ankurand by control panel you mean -> my settings13:09
dfarning_neeraj_, can you log into the build vm and comment out the changes you made yesterday and rerun the build?13:09
neeraj_I am logged in vm..13:10
dfarning_ankur, yes... sadly we are inconsistant with our terminology.13:10
ankurand what if i say i found something13:10
ankuror :(13:10
neeraj_dfarning_, for commenting.. ##?13:11
dfarning_ankur,  just ping me on this list and we will figure out how to proceed.13:12
ankurright click -> my settings->about me->click to change color-> restart now13:12
dfarning_neeraj_, yes13:12
ankurand then it does not restart13:12
ankurapplication just closes itself13:12
ankurbut do not do restart after color change13:12
neeraj_dfarning_, done13:13
dfarning_ankur, I would leave that issue for now the upstream designers have been debating what to do about that.  we can bring that up later as request.13:15
=== neeraj_ is now known as neeraj
dfarning_neeraj, can you run the build using the debug flag and watch for errors?13:15
dfarning_it might take a while but you will learn about the steps in the build process,13:16
ankurdfarning_,  it crashes when i click on time and date13:16
dfarning_ankur, ok that looks like a major issue we should fix:(13:17
dfarning_can you go into the sugar logs and see if you can find a likely source of the crash ?13:18
ankuryes looking itno that13:18
dfarning_ankur, I like to deleat the log dir and then reproduce the bug as soon as possiable after restart sugar to eliminate most of the noise in th shell log.13:19
ankurdfarning_,  i just did that :)13:19
dfarning_ankur, cool13:19
neerajsudo usr-scratch.sh debug i386 ?13:20
ankurit seems it is something realted to xklavier13:20
ankuri am updating13:20
ankurand upgarding my system13:20
ankurforgot ur advice13:20
ankurof upgrading everytime berfore debugging13:20
dfarning_neeraj, yes that is correct.13:21
ankurdfarning_,  how did you solve xklavier issue today13:21
ankurit seems the same issue13:21
dfarning_ankur, yesterday dipankar upload python-xklavier to the ppa13:22
ankurhere is the lo13:22
neerajsudo: usr-scratch.sh:13:23
neerajI m getting this error..13:23
neerajcommand not found13:23
dfarning_neeraj, sorry it should be sudo ./usr-scratch.sh debug i38613:24
neerajon ls: i m seeing two file usr-scratch.sh#*13:24
dfarning_you need ./ if a script is not it the path13:25
neerajin dipankar's documentation ./ was missing..13:25
dfarning_neeraj, anyting with a # or ~ atthe beginning or end of the file name is a automatic backup made by an editor.13:26
ankuri forgot to point it out but afaik all shell script,applications run as ./ if not added to path13:26
ankurdfarning_,  how old is that backup13:26
ankuror does it make backup for every change13:26
dfarning_if you run 'ls -la' it will give you the date the file was last touched13:27
dfarning_ankur, it is usually updated every 10 minutes the file is open in an editor.13:28
dfarning_ankur, is the update in your system complete?13:28
dfarning_the xklavier import should have been solved.13:29
ankursorry i was talkiong on phn13:32
ankurya i updated it just 5 min back13:32
ankurmy system13:32
ankurdfarning_,  should i download deb file from ppa and install it again manually13:33
ankurdfarning_,  it solved the xklavier problem13:34
ankurbut it is still crashing13:35
ankurneeraj, dfarning_  http://paste.ubuntu.com/455897/13:35
dfarning_ankur, ahh that is much less weird:)13:35
ankurbut why was python-xklavier was not installed in my system despite the fact that13:36
ankuri have added sugar ppa to my repository13:36
dfarning_ankur, the isses is the last line in the log13:36
ankurplease see the error log i have pasted above13:36
dfarning_ERROR:sugar-drawing.c:390:sugar_draw_rounded_arrow: code should not be reached13:36
ankurokay , so how to go about it13:37
ankurgrep command can be used to lines in folder as well?13:38
dfarning_I suggest going into #sugar and asking bernie, alsroot, or cjb what is going wrong.  They all understand the sugar code very well13:38
dfarning_ankur, yes grep can search all file in a dir.13:39
ankuri am going to sugar channel as of now :013:40
ankurplease tell me if build issue is solved so that we can work on zsync as well13:40
ankurhow would i introduce to alsroot13:40
alsrootankur: it is debian issue, http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/202913:41
dfarning_ankur, neeraj is still working on it builds often take as long as an hour.13:41
dfarning_ankur, how was that for and intorduction to alsroot:)13:41
neerajankur, sending u the deb file..13:43
dfarning_ankur, so it looks like you found your important issue to work on.13:43
neerajdfarning_, 197 MB this time :(13:44
dfarning_neeraj, did you see anything obviously wrong in the build logs?13:45
ankurdfarning_,  sry i am on phone13:45
ankur1 min13:45
ankurcan't recieve your deb file13:46
ankurwhich file you were sending13:46
neerajankur, python-xk..13:46
ankurdfarning_,  dip called me and said that he will be available after 2 hrs13:47
ankurneeraj -> i installed that after downloading from ppa13:47
dfarning_ankur, ok thanks13:47
ankurdfarning_, should i go to alsroot now13:47
ankurfor that bug13:48
neerajdfarning_, I am unable to find something wrong in terminal screen..13:49
neerajwhere can I find the log for this build?13:49
alsrootankur: if you mean "ERROR:sugar-drawing.c:390:sugar_draw_rounded_arrow" issue, debian people know more http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=58471713:50
dfarning_ankur, I would read all of the bug report in both the the sugarlabs and debian bug tracks to try to understand what is happen and why.  you want to do you 'homework' before asking to many question on upsteam channels13:50
dfarning_ankur, by doing your 'homework' it will help earn respect from upstream developers like alsroot so when you do ask a question they know you are serious:)13:52
dfarning_neeraj, if you ran it as debug the logs are redirected to the terminal13:52
ankurI will do so in future and keep it in mind.13:52
dfarning_ankur:) reputaion is everything while working in open source projects.13:53
dfarning_neeraj, I am running a amd64 build to see if the arch is causing the problem13:55
dfarning_neeraj, one problem I see is that in we should have two 'current' files one for i386 and one for amd6413:58
dfarning_neeraj, can you try to fix that?13:59
neerajerr.. dfarning_ in that I can only see one current, one current zysnc and three iso(with different date) for i38614:02
neerajfor removing a file, I guess moving to ouput and running rm <file name> will be sufficient14:02
dfarning_neeraj, here is the error14:03
dfarning_Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have14:03
dfarning_requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable14:03
dfarning_distribution that some required packages have not yet been created14:03
dfarning_or been moved out of Incoming.14:03
dfarning_The following information may help to resolve the situation:14:03
dfarning_The following packages have unmet dependencies:14:03
dfarning_  sugar-activities: Depends: sucrose-0.88 but it is not going to be installed14:03
dfarning_  ubuntu-sugar-remix: Depends: sucrose-0.88 but it is not going to be installed14:03
neerajIf a package depends on some another, then how do we make sure it gets automatically installed along with the package..14:04
neerajAs in synapic, if u select a package, it automatically select those packages which it will need..14:05
dfarning_neeraj, apt-get should handle all of the dependancy stuff automatically so we must have an error.14:07
dfarning_to debug it we want to stop the automatic build process at the time of the bug to poke around14:07
dfarning_ankur, do you see the line 43 of user-chroot.sh?14:08
ankurcurrently i was looking out the bug report14:08
neerajapt-get also reporting this error for unmet dependency while installing sugar-activity14:09
ankurof that rounded corner cursor crash14:09
dfarning_ankur, sorry typo I meant neeraj:(14:09
dfarning_neeraj, , do you see the line 43 of user-chroot.sh?14:09
neerajapt-get for sugar activity14:10
neerajin line 4314:10
dfarning_neeraj, /bin/bash pauses the build process and drops us into a shell so we can poke around.14:11
dfarning_neeraj, just remove the comment and rerun the build .14:11
dfarning_it will pause after a few minutes:)14:12
ankuri will be back in some time14:21
ankurgot to go now14:21
dfarning_ankur,  ok, I'll leave the drawing bug assigned to you.14:22
dfarning_ankur, thanks for the good work14:23
dfarning_neeraj, I think the problem is in sugar-activities, it depends on sucrose which is a source package not a package for installation.14:24
neerajhow come we didn't faced this problem earlier?14:27
dfarning_I am not sure. dependany issues can be really fragile.14:27
dfarning_neeraj, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dependency_hell14:28
neerajdfarning_, lol :D14:29
dfarning_neeraj, I think that you can solve the problem by removing  sucrose-0.88 from the depends in sugar activities14:30
dfarning_neeraj, and as long as you are in sugar-activies it would be good to run the update.sh script...  there has been some recent activity work on aslo14:32
dfarning_neeraj, by the way did the build script pause?  If so you can restart it by type 'exit' to quite the shell and give control back to the build script.14:33
dfarning_good evening manusheel14:34
dfarning_we have gone though most of the bugs on the list and have a new set.14:35
neerajwhat about ubuntu-sugar-remix?14:35
neerajI am downloading the package now14:35
dfarning_neeraj, what about it?14:35
dfarning_manusheel, 6. Sometime the f1-4 keys stop working to switch between views in the emulator.14:36
dfarning_9. The analyze activity crashes after start up in the emulator. This activity is very useful for debugging.14:36
dfarning_10. 1277640794.729128 ERROR dbus.proxies: Introspect error on org.freedesktop.ohm:/org/freedesktop/ohm/Keystore: dbus.exceptions.DBusException: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.freedesktop.ohm was not provided by any .service files14:36
dfarning_1277640794.729676 ERROR root: Cannot unfreeze the DCON14:36
dfarning_11. 1277640794.639546 ERROR root: No gsm connection was set in GConf.14:36
dfarning_12. ERROR:sugar-drawing.c:390:sugar_draw_rounded_arrow: code should not be reached --- http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/202914:36
dfarning_13 Should have current amd64 and i386 isos in output dir.14:36
neerajdfarning_, leave it.. :)14:36
dfarning_neeraj, yes this is one of those depency chain problems u-s-r- depends on s-activities and s-sctivites fails because of s-surcros14:38
dfarning_neeraj, but at first glance it looks like the problem is with u-s-r14:39
neerajdfarning_, I also thought so as usr has sugar-activity in it :O14:40
neerajdfarning_, I have the latest uploaded package on my machine as I uploaded it..14:41
dfarning_neeraj, it does.  Fixing sugar-activities should fix the whole mess.  It get really confusing where there are circular dependancies.14:42
neerajShould I use it or download it again..14:42
neerajdfarning_, got ur point :)14:42
dfarning_neeraj, since you were the last to work on it you can just use the copy on your local machine14:42
manusheeldfarning: Good evening David.14:44
manusheeldfarning: I am sorry. I was ending a meeting.14:44
manusheelWe can talk now.14:44
neerajbuild script paused long time back..14:45
neerajsorry didn't informed you.14:45
manusheeldfarning: Kindly send me the fresh list. Let me do a study at my end.14:45
neerajCurrently tunning the update script.. :)14:46
manusheeldfarning: We'll work on the tasks once we arrive at a structure.14:46
dfarning_manusheel, should I email it to you?14:46
manusheeldfarning: Sure. Please do.14:48
dfarning_manusheel, done14:49
manusheeldfarning: Let me study them and define a structure. Will discuss with you this evening.14:49
manusheeldfarning: I think the tasks came along well today.14:49
dfarning_manusheel,   ok, after the developers at your end go to bed I'll clean up the task list and probobly add a few more.14:50
dfarning_manusheel, yes a lot a stuff was fixed14:50
neerajdfarning_, I first ran the update script, then removed the dependency on sucrose 0.88 from control file and after that I ran dch -i14:51
neerajsugar-activities (0.1ubuntu6) lucid; urgency=low14:51
neeraj  * Dropped dependency on sucrose-0.8814:51
neeraj -- Neeraj Gupta <neeraj@seeta.in>  Sun, 27 Jun 2010 19:18:48 +053014:51
dfarning_and a lot of stuff was learned.14:51
neerajsorry for interrupting .. :(14:51
dfarning_neeraj, then it should be ready to upload14:51
manusheeldfarning: Yes, please do.  Yes, I am happy with the learning curve. I would like everyone in the team to become core functional experts in operating systems, algorithms and programming. I like working with the team members. They have been consistent.14:53
dfarning_neeraj, no need to apologize for interrupting . IRC is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asynchronous_communication :)14:53
manusheelankur: Around?14:54
dfarning_neeraj, if we need to hold a meeting we can leave the development chanel and go to a meeting channel.14:54
manusheelankur: Please start doing the ground work for the two issues assigned to you. Start with the analyze activity. Dipankar is spending time on documentation, and will join us tonight.14:54
neerajdfarning_,  :).. pushing the package in ppa.. it will take time.. like 30 min..14:56
dfarning_manusheel, ankur has narrowed the analyze bug down to the sugar-drawing bug (12) and reading background information before asking for help on #sugar.14:57
dfarning_neeraj,  nice14:57
dfarning_neeraj, while you wait for it to build do you want to look at the current issue?14:58
manusheeldfarning_ : Great to hear. Yes, Dipankar and Ankur are trying to arrive at a good conclusion on this issue.14:58
neerajhmm.. current issue? as in the iso output directory or something else?14:59
dfarning_neeraj, yes the iso output thing14:59
dipankarhi all15:00
dfarning_dipankar, welcome back:)15:00
neerajsure.. :)15:00
neerajhi dipankar15:00
dipankardfarning_, I am left some documentation work. I will join you all in 15 minutes..15:00
dipankar*left with15:01
dfarning_neeraj, ok lets start by taking a look at how we build current.15:01
dfarning_dipankar, ok see you soon15:01
dfarning_neeraj, take a look at the function do_zsync on line 266 of usr-scratch.sh15:01
neerajok.. it will take some time.. uploading is consuming all the bandwidth.. so server vi is running very slow..15:03
dfarning_neeraj, yes s-activities is huge we will have to split it up in a couple of weeks.15:05
neerajon line 26615:10
dfarning_neeraj, The build script is working correctly now. see
dfarning_neeraj, there are two *current.iso files.15:12
neerajfor 64 n 3215:12
dfarning_ neeraj but it is still worth looking at the function to get a feel for how the script (and bash) works15:14
neeraji think I got the working of function :)15:17
neerajit just check if there is a current iso, then delete it and rename current iso to new iso15:18
neerajalso it copies the new build as with date in its name..15:18
dfarning_neeraj, yes now take a look at line 311.15:19
neerajwe just need to keep deleting the iso with name manually.. current iso will get replace each time when we will build a new iso  :)15:19
dfarning_neeraj, yes:) we will have to ask for more disk space if we want to have many iso laying around.15:20
neerajdfarning_,  :), on line 31115:21
dfarning_neeraj,  in line 321 we see that the build script is just a series of function calls15:21
dfarning_neeraj, if you what to see how the script works you can just look at the 4 main function calls15:22
neerajdfarning_, is their any way so that i can download the script on my machine?15:25
neeraj*so that*->to15:25
dfarning_neeraj, yes you can use scp of sftp (see the man pages for more info)15:28
dfarning_scp _or_ sftp15:28
neerajdfarning_, ok15:29
dfarning_neeraj, do you want to poke around scp and the script while I am sleeping?  we have a interesting task for you:)15:36
neerajI will look at scp after some time.. at present I am going out for dinner.. I will be back in with in 1 hr.. After than I can work on the task you are talking about :)15:38
dfarning_great. enjoy dinner15:38
neerajthe package will still take 20 min or so.. I will check it after coming back :)15:39
dipankardfarning_, I am almost done15:50
dipankardid I miss anything? :)15:50
dfarning_nothing you can't catch up on.15:51
dipankarI was poking around in Ubuntu and screwed up the system really bad today afternoon15:52
dipankarand it took me nearly two hours to get it in an order it was. :(15:53
dfarning_dipankar, that happens:)15:54
dfarning_dipankar, we have a power management issue for you:)15:54
dfarning_10. 1277640794.729128 ERROR dbus.proxies: Introspect error on org.freedesktop.ohm:/org/freedesktop/ohm/Keystore: dbus.exceptions.DBusException: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.freedesktop.ohm was not provided by any .service files15:54
dfarning_1277640794.729676 ERROR root: Cannot unfreeze the DCON15:54
dfarning_could you ask m_stone on #sugar. he is waiting to help you:)15:55
dipankarhave to turn on my desktop so be there in a minute15:57
dipankarok dfarning_ ready16:01
dipankardfarning_, btw was the analyze activity bug solved?16:01
dfarning_dipankar, if you ping m_stone in #sugar.  I'll explain the prgress on analyze.16:03
dfarning_dipankar, we are not exactly sure:) but ankur(i think, I need to look at my notes) was working on it. And he needs to talk to walter bender the upstream author to get help debugging it16:05
dipankardfarning_ : some help will be appreciated :P16:15
dipankarI did not get it totally16:15
dfarning_dipankar please feel free to ask m_stone to explain further he smart and understand this area much better than I do:)16:17
dfarning_m_stone is also a good teacher who likes to teach:)16:17
dipankar:) great dfarning_ then I am on it16:18
dipankardfarning_: About the patch, what does a/ and b/ refer to?16:24
dfarning_dipankar it refers to the source of the original and the patched version of the code (i think)16:26
dfarning_dipankar are you following what mike is talking about?16:36
dipankardfarning_: I am going through wiki page currently.. yup it is good for a start. :)16:37
dfarning_dipankar ping me when you are ready to apply the patch.16:39
dipankardfarning_ : I manually added the fix to the file in concern16:59
dfarning_dipankar the proper way to apply the patch will be to drop it into the patches dir and add it to the series file.17:03
dfarning_dipankar did you work with luke on that that other day?17:03
dipankaryup dfarning_ , I remember17:04
dipankarI was just chekcing out17:04
dfarning_dipankar +1, then after we test it and make sure it work we should submit the patch upstream to debian.17:07
dipankarI think it worked.17:07
dipankarI forgot to have a look before patching17:07
dfarning_dipankar ok great after you the package has been pushed to ppa and build I will test in then we can write the email to the debian mailing list.17:08
dipankarok.. but which package to download ? sugar-session?17:10
dipankardfarning_, I have found the package : sugar-session-0.8817:14
dipankardfarning_: I will join in 15 minutes, going for dinner17:14
dfarning_dipankar yes and the source package to download is sugar-sucrose17:14
dfarning_neeraj, looks like we have to remove sugar-surcrose as a dependancy from the u-s-r package.17:15
neerajdfarning_,by u-s-r package  you mean default settings one>17:23
dfarning_neeraj, https://launchpad.net/~sugarteam/+archive/ppa/+files/ubuntu-sugar-remix-meta_0.1ubuntu8-6.dsc17:24
dfarning_neeraj, yep sucrose-0.88 is list as a dependancy in line 10 of the control file.17:27
neeraj_dfarning_, done17:34
dfarning_neeraj_, nice17:36
dipankardfarning_, I am back17:37
dipankarBut dfarning_: There is some problem in installing sucrose17:37
dipankardependency error17:37
dfarning_dipankar  is what neeraj_ was just fixing.  he push two new packages within the last couple of hours.17:39
dfarning_one is building now.17:39
dipankarohk dfarning_17:39
dipankarso shall I wait till the build is complete? Or download the source from debian17:40
dfarning_dipankar sucrose is a source package that is split into several different packages at build time.17:40
dfarning_dipankar for which package?17:41
dipankardfarning_, sucrose.. I have to patch it for the power management bug17:41
dfarning_dipankar you can grab it from the ppa since that is already the most recent.17:43
dipankardfarning_: I am unable to find sucrose package on PPA17:47
dfarning_dipankar https://launchpad.net/~sugarteam/+archive/ppa/+files/sugar-0.88_0.88.1-2ubuntu1.dsc17:48
dipankaroops.. found it17:48
dipankaryup^^ that one17:48
dfarning_sucrose is part of the larger package named sugar.17:48
dfarning_Nice work again today everybody.  I am going to get lunch.17:51
dipankarhey the interface has changed for downloading17:51
dfarning_as all of your changes for the day propagate through the build system,  I'll set up a new list of tasks for tomorrow.17:52
ankurhey dfarning_ ,17:55
ankuri have searched for sugar-drawing for some time17:56
ankurand i am not able to sort out the issue17:56
dfarning_ankur, yes.  My computer just beep while I was walking out the door:)17:56
ankurit seems that bug should not have been there17:56
ankuras it was fixed for .86 and after that17:57
ankurCan you tell me where to search for the source file which need to be sorted out17:57
ankuri searched on net but couldn't come to a conclusion17:57
dipankarankur, may be you can paste the link here. :) you forgot to that buddy17:58
dipankar^^ The one you found in debian17:59
ankurand shell log is18:00
dfarning_ankur, I it looks like you are done good research into the issue.18:01
ankurBut still , was not able to sort it out18:02
dfarning_I would try pinging alsroot of sible in #sugar for advice on which direction to go next.18:02
dfarning_ankur, but they might not be around until tomorrow.18:02
dfarning_ankur, you can also just ask the question on #sugar and see if anyone has time to help?18:03
dfarning_both are good options.18:03
ankurdfarning_,  Are there any directions18:05
ankurto do that18:05
ankurany specific procedure18:05
dipankardfarning_, The patch is not working.18:06
dipankarI copied the patch lines to make a new file18:06
dfarning_ankur,  nope just explain your problem and what you have been doing to solve it.18:06
dfarning_dipankar sorry but I have to take a break:)18:08
dipankardfarning_, I will wait for sometime. You can contact me after having your lunch :)18:08
dipankarnp dfarning_ :)18:09
ankurdfarning_,  have a good lunch.18:09
ankuri will most probably see you tommorow morning18:09
dfarning_neeraj__, hmm it looks like i was wrong about sucrose..... the problem is that sucrose won't install becuase of a problem with browse:(18:09
dfarning_bye all18:10

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