pleia2Pendulum: I figured I'd touch base before the holiday weekend... do we have an interview for FCM this month?03:53
pleia2I'm wondering if we always want to have one in the queue so we don't have to worry so much about people getting back to us on time03:53
rwwthe /topic in here and #ubuntu-women says the last meeting date, btw08:09
issyl0pleia2: that would be a good idea, yes08:20
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czajkowskitis rare anymore I read the UW planet, just looked now , it's very un ubuntu related and not really technical posted20:09
pleia2we don't have any techincal requirements on our planet20:25
czajkowskipleia2: aye I know, just 7 in a row from one person20:25
pleia2neither does the main ubuntu planet, but the culture is a bit different there20:25
czajkowskinothng about ubuntu20:25
pleia2we don't have an ubuntu requirement either, just that they use ubuntu20:25
czajkowskipleia2: aye my blog is only on the planet, but my reason for that  is I don't believe in seperate planets20:26
czajkowskipleia2: aye and they don't have to be members20:26
czajkowskiI do get it, just rather disapointing to read as well20:26
IdleOne/blog_uwp <body> Ubuntu Rocks! UWP Rocks N' Rolls! >/body>20:26
IdleOneoops s/>/</20:26
pleia2I think it's quite refreshing :)20:26
czajkowskipleia2: pros and cons for both I do get it20:26
czajkowskijust not really my cuppa tea either20:27
czajkowskiand was looking for information for the workshop/talk I'm giving20:27
pleia2we can talk about changing our policy, but I quite like the plants actually being a glimpse into lives like the ubuntu planet claims to be (but isn't)20:27
IdleOneI can post about how Ubuntu helped me not to trash the new BBQ I am trying to assemble (on little break now)20:27
czajkowskipleia2: nah there is no need, just waffling20:28
pleia2ok :)20:28
czajkowskitrying to find and link resouces20:28
czajkowskipleia2: just had hope they'd a bit more technical/ubuntu related than what's there, it's just a bit disapointing also20:29
czajkowskipleia2: imo just disapointing to see an planet on women - not really technical, it's extremely the oposite20:31
IdleOneI believe some less technical post are refreshing and can still be used as a resource20:31
czajkowskipleia2: I did love your pink wii20:31
czajkowskiand showed it to my sister, made her day20:31
czajkowskiIdleOne: they're all nearly non technical.20:31
IdleOneat the same time it would be nice to see more tech posts from women.20:31
akgranerI never write about technical stuff  :-(20:31
akgranerbut anywho .... back to UWN20:31
pleia2czajkowski: I guess I just see it as getting people to realize that *normal* people use linux too, we've already reached out to all the geeky girls in the world, time to show that not everyone is a supergeek and we have regular lives too20:32
pleia2and you don't need to be supertechnical to be part of the community, or use ubuntu20:32
czajkowskipleia2: yup I agree totally, but now we seem to be going to the other extreme,20:32
pleia2there are plenty of other sites which showcase geeky women20:32
czajkowskiI know we cant please everyone20:32
czajkowskipleia2: don't mind me I've just spent hrs in a hospital and now researching stuff so it's just jumping out20:33
pleia2that doesn't sound fun :\20:43
czajkowskiah mum is being admitted in for an op tomorrow.20:43
czajkowskinow resarching stuff on Ubuntu women- women in tehnology for my talk in 2 wks time in Leeds in UK20:44
macoczajkowski: have you seen http://planeteria.org/wfs/  ?20:44
pleia2yeah, that's the one I was just looking up the url for, thanks maco :)20:45
czajkowskimaco: ahh now that;s what I'm looking for20:45
* czajkowski gets the RSS feed20:45
czajkowskimaco: Thanks20:45
czajkowskimaco: all exams done?20:45
macowell exams yeah20:48
macobut not projects20:48
czajkowskiwhat's left on the cards?20:49
macorewriting dragon in python to see how much slower it is than the c++ version20:51
macodoing that with a partner20:51
macoand thats due wednesday20:51
macothen im done for summer...sorta20:51
czajkowskiany plans?20:54
czajkowskicoolio, no travelling?20:59
macomaybe pop over to SF to hang out with pleia2 and MarkDude a bit21:01
macoand there'll be a few days in NYC for DebConf and HOPE21:02
czajkowskiwhat;s HOPE21:02
czajkowskiI'd love to be going to DebConf :(21:02
macoHackers On Planet Earth21:08
macojust watched Doctor Who Confidential21:09
macoand i think there was a Torchwood reference in there21:09
czajkowskienjoy the last episode?21:09
czajkowskiaye there is meant to be new torchwood coming21:09
czajkowskibring back Jack :D21:09
macoyes yes21:09

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