sebsebsebAlan502: website should be a last resort really00:00
sebsebseb!nivida  | Alan50200:00
UboyThanks VCoolio . where can I change my pass without insert old pass? (my system does't authentificate my password for sudo, Software Source and..., I use lucid)00:00
Alan502sebsebseb: so i have to remove the nvidia driver from grub?00:00
flypiperI need a driver for ipw9345 and it's in non-free source , can somebody point me in the right direction???00:00
ZykoticK9gionnico, to my knowledge you need to use the USB/Startup Disk Creator thing to create Persistant USB drives00:00
gionnicoduffydack: dd will not give me free space for documents, will it?00:00
hiexposebsebseb,  just one example i have 1200 dvds and it took me 2 weeks to build a data base of them i do not want to do that again lol a back up took 30 secs and have used it twice already   lol00:00
sebsebsebAlan502: well you can't  log in at all at the moment right?00:00
gionnicoZykoticK9: but i dont use ubuntu00:00
microclusterSlidingHorn, i've a lot of gb on it00:00
gionnicoan equivalent tool for any distro?00:00
duffydackgionnico, so you want persistence.. ok then.. there are guides to making casper-rw out there, google.00:00
Alan502sebsebseb: i can with a cli00:00
Alan502sebsebseb: i just changed tty00:01
sebsebsebhiexpo: right well data CD's and DVD's  don't last forever,  so well every like two years or so, you should make new ones really00:01
ZykoticK9gionnico, could you use a LiveCD to create the USB image perhaps?00:01
soadkombuchaTootoot222: Yeah I know that much. I don't want the script to be modified by anyone but me if it ever needs to be.00:01
gionnicoZykoticK9: heh no really. if i created a livecd then i would use it00:01
sebsebsebAlan502: right, but you can log in, but only to command line?00:01
Uboywhere can I change my pass without insert old pass? (my system does't authentificate my password for sudo, Software Source and..., I use lucid)00:01
soadkombuchaTootoot222: What about the GRUB issue?00:01
gionnicoi dont have a empty CD rom now00:01
sebsebseb^xellos^: uhmm00:01
Alan502sebsebseb: yes00:01
sebsebseb^xellos^: still Flash issue right?00:01
icerootUboy: as root you can00:01
sebsebsebAlan502: yeah its messed up00:01
Alan502sebsebseb: can i remove the driver from the command lne?00:01
SlidingHornmicrocluster, unfortunately there's no way to do that, if I remember correctly.  It's always suggested that you keep an unencrypted backup if you choose to encrypt your home directory00:01
sebsebsebAlan502: time to try recovery mode00:02
Uboyiceroot How?00:02
SlidingHornmicrocluster, see here for more information: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EncryptedHomeFolder00:02
sebsebsebAlan502: uh yeah with the correct command sure,  but not sure which that is,  anyway recovery mode will let you do it I guess00:02
VCoolioclayg: for i in $(ls); do zip -r $i.zip $i; done      <-- my last stab at it00:02
microclusterSlidingHorn, ok thanks00:02
Alan502sebsebseb: ok i'll reboot and try00:02
icerootUboy: sudo -i  and then  passwd theusername00:02
sebsebsebAlan502: I think theres an option xfix or something like that still00:03
sebsebsebAlan502: if  not well you need command to remove it00:03
icerootUboy: maybe sudo passwd username   is also working00:03
sebsebsebAlan502: or I think theres still a fixing xorg ooption00:03
gionnicoduffydack: i see it's easy00:03
gionnicojust loopmount the iso, create the empty file of right size and format it ext300:03
Anvoidi want to get mozilla thunderbird working but it exits. whenever thunderbird connects to aim/aol server to update mails, it happens. this works well when i add mail accounts from gmail, hotmail, etc. any clues? thank you.00:03
^xellos^sebsebseb,: thanks for help, i will do a fresh 10.1 install00:04
soadkombuchaTootoot222: I also got the grub issue. I'll be back shortly after I test a reboot and test my script.00:04
sebsebseb^xellos^: you could do yeah00:04
duffydackgionnico,  use a virtualbox install to make the cd/usb, or use portable ubuntu (not sure it`d work never tried)00:04
sebsebseb^xellos^: or just upgrade to it00:04
Uboyiceroot when i type sudo -i, the system want form me the password and when i insert that, system say password wrong00:04
VCoolioUboy: did you change hosts file and not hostname file or other way round? check if /etc/hosts contains correct hostname00:04
hiexposebsebseb,  i have never heard that before that the life on a cd/dvd is only two years / i was refering to a library00:04
gionnicoduffydack: no looks like loop mount and dd is all what i need00:04
sebsebseb^xellos^: good idea to check your CD ISO before using by the way00:04
icerootUboy: then insert the correct password00:04
sebsebseb!md5sum | ^xellos^00:04
ubottu^xellos^: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows00:04
icerootUboy: its the password from your current logged in user00:05
Alan502sebsebseb: ummm google?00:05
sebsebsebhiexpo: not 2 years well it can be00:05
sebsebsebhiexpo: they tend to last like 5  or 7 or maybe 10 years,  apparantly00:05
sebsebsebhiexpo: I mean CD R  DVD R00:05
Uboyiceroot i know, but the system does't accept this!00:05
sebsebsebhiexpo:  CD RW  DVD RW00:05
icerootUboy: but you are logged in with the user and password00:05
* duffydack has a cd that still reads that he wrote back in 199600:06
sebsebsebhiexpo: and after a while the disc doesn't work as well as it used to00:06
Alan502sebsebseb: there's a command named xfig and another one named xmix00:06
sebsebsebhiexpo: depends though on the CD/DVD00:06
hiexposebsebseb, true00:06
icerootUboy: so i am sure you have misstyped the password, using capslock,different keyboard-layout or something like that00:06
duffydackits also a cheap nasty disc and totally transparent in its dye :)00:06
soadkombuchaTootoot222: Thank you very much for the help the script works perfectly. Stupid realtek wifi cards.00:07
Uboyiceroot I'm surprised, the main problem and joke is here, in login window, the system dont wanna me the password, but in any command after login and sudo, want me!00:07
icerootUboy: you have autologin enabled as it seems00:07
sebsebsebduffydack: well I got a lot of old CD's here, that I want to go through,  that will take a long time,  and most of them haven't been looked after properly, and I have no idea what is on them, since not labbeled, quite a lot will be blank CDs in fact. and yeah throw out what I don't want.  A bit like how I got a lot of papers here, that I want to go through and get rid of what I don't want, but not done it again yet.00:08
Uboyiceroot ok, but waht can i do now?00:09
hiexpo^xellos^, place iso in home folder right click on it click properties copy top line /name of it / close it / no changes   / open terminal type md5sum paste what you copied and get the output/ compare to ubuntu's iso md500:09
icerootUboy: remember your password00:09
Uboyany command with sudo needs password and I don't have that00:09
icerootUboy: have a look at /var/log/auth.log about th error-message00:09
ricky_goopmay somebody help me? how do i change the splash screen on ubunutu?00:09
UboyI know that successfully00:09
Alan502somebody help me getting my kubuntu again!00:09
soadkombuchaiceroot: Couldn't he sudo -s and change the password through bash using the root account?00:09
icerootUboy: sudo wants your user-password00:09
sebsebsebhiexpo: to late they left00:09
hiexporicky_goop,  leave it alone00:09
hiexpooh well00:10
icerootsoadkombucha: that is what i am telling him but he forgotten his userpassword00:10
ricky_goophiexpo: why?00:10
UboyI know, all of my usernames, account in Pc, Net, Blog and.... is one thing!00:10
sebsebsebAlan502: right uhmm00:10
duffydacksingle user mode is the way then00:10
sebsebsebAlan502: xfix yeah?00:10
soadkombuchaiceroot: ahh.00:10
sebsebsebAlan502: what were the options?00:10
hiexporicky_goop,  it was  not meant to be changed with grub200:10
icerootUboy: cat /var/log/auth.log00:10
ZykoticK9Uboy, see this link to reset passwords http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/resetpassword00:10
icerootUboy: and look for the error from sudo00:10
Anvoidknow why adding an aim account crashes thunderbird?00:11
duffydackrecovery mode, passwd , done.00:11
flypiperwhat is the bots name here?00:11
icerootflypiper: ubottu00:11
marcos_ubottu, flypiper00:11
soadkombuchaAnvoid: Is it adding the AIM account or is it the server settings? Does Thunderbird support AOL Mail connections?00:11
ricky_goophiexpo: but there is a lot of splash images to download00:11
hiexporicky_goop, how long do u have to look at it 15 secs who cares if it's not broke no need to fix it00:12
sebsebsebsoadkombucha: this channel isn't really the best for Thunderbird help,  theres  irc.mozilla.org  mozillazine.org forum00:12
tommy2010__how do I disable tcp6 in 10.4 ?00:12
Anvoidsoadkombucha: not sure what you mean by support but i it does help me config the smtp, imap, and port when i enter the name@aim.com00:12
soadkombuchasebsebseb: Anvoid was asking a question.00:12
=== marcos_ is now known as Daekdroom
soadkombuchaAnvoid: Take sebsebseb's adive and try the Mozilla IRC00:13
soadkombuchaAnvoid: You're on a software-wide issue, not a system-wide issue dealing with thunderbird00:13
hiexporicky_goop, \ you can google it and find out how if u want to but don't say i didn't warn you cause i guarantee you will crash and lose boot00:13
Flannelsoadkombucha: AOL mail would either be POP or IMAP, so yes, it will.00:13
ricky_goophiexpo: okay... and where i can learn about these things that is not meant to be changed?00:13
soadkombuchaFlannel: It's IMAP00:13
soadkombuchaAnvoid: http://www.mozilla.org/support/thunderbird/faq#aol00:13
Flannelsoadkombucha: Then yes, thunderbird supports IMAP00:13
soadkombuchaFlannel: I know. that's why I use it.00:13
ricky_goopthere must be a lot of thing like this00:13
ActionParsnipyo yo yo00:13
anigmais there a way to reinstall/recover ubuntu using the install disk? I'm not able to login and I desperatly need to keep my configuration and all the stuff in /home00:13
omanigot a problem with mutt. deleting msgs is not possible. the $ funtcion to sync the mailbox doenst work too00:14
ricky_goophiexpo: there must be a lot of thing like this00:14
hiexporicky_goop,  - google is your best friend00:14
ricky_goophiexpo: heh00:14
omanieveratime a start mutt i have the msgs there again00:14
ricky_goophiexpo: ok, ty00:14
ActionParsnipanigma: why don't you just restore from backup?00:14
ricky_goophiexpo: XD00:14
Flannelanigma: One thing you can do is move /home to a separate partition, and then reinstall Ubuntu around it.00:14
hiexporicky_goop, yep no prob00:14
soadkombuchaanigma: Boot into recovery mode and "cp -r" the /home/username directory to a different drive00:14
Flannel!separatehome | anigma00:14
ubottuanigma: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome00:14
flypiperbot must be taking a nap... I need a wireless driver for 9.10 in non-free... does anybody know what I need to put in sources.list??00:14
icerootomani: #mutt00:14
soadkombuchaanigma: And then you could reinstall ubuntu and like Flannel said make /home a separate mount point on it's own partition00:14
ZykoticK9anigma, you could boot to a LiveCD and copy your files to another media00:14
_athif anyone knows anything about xorg/fglrx, I'd appreciate it if they took a peek at this and, if they can provide it, give some advice: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=151855600:15
ricky_goophiexpo: may i ask you another thing?00:15
hiexporicky_goop, sure00:15
gionnicois MBR of the livecd the first 512 bytes of ISO?00:15
soadkombuchaflypiper: What wireless card do you have?00:15
duffydack446 isnt it00:16
ricky_goophiexpo: look, i have gnome and kde here00:16
flypipersoadkombucha, it's the intel/pro 394500:16
Uboyiceroot I think what the mistake i did! when I'm trying to configure fingerprint sensor from this site > http://knowledge76.com/index.php/Fingerprint_Reader_Installation > in term of instructions wants me to edit the file named > /etc/pam.d and u can see it in configure PAM section, I did that and after that this error appeared , can u see the page below and help me plz?00:16
ricky_goophiexpo: i cant shutdown from kde00:16
soadkombuchaflypiper: OK I was going to say if it's Realtek you can get proprietary drivers from their site and I have a good tutorial I used but let me look really quick00:16
ricky_goophiexpo: `cause i use gdm00:16
mattgyverdoes ubuntu maintain a list of package versions that are contained within each released distro?00:16
ActionParsnipmattgyver: sure, you can ask ubottu00:17
Typos_Kingmattgyver:   yes00:17
SlidingHornmattgyver, yes -- http://packages.ubuntu.com00:17
ricky_goophiexpo: there is any way to shut from kde even if i continue using gdm?00:17
ActionParsnipmattgyver: use: !info packagename release00:17
hiexporicky_goop, yhats weird cause i use gnome and some gdm stuff also but no kde i hate it00:17
Uboyiceroot I think what the mistake i did! when I'm trying to configure fingerprint sensor from this site > http://knowledge76.com/index.php/Fingerprint_Reader_Installation > in term of instructions wants me to edit the file named > /etc/pam.d and u can see it in configure PAM section, I did that and after that this error appeared , can u see the page below and help me plz?00:17
flypipersoadkombucha, I reinstalled 9.10 on my daughters HP DV6000 and the driver on the CD is broken..00:17
mattgyverThanks guys, thats good information to know :)00:17
soadkombuchaflypiper: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/how-to-install-intel-pro-ipw3945-wireless-drivers/00:17
ActionParsnipSlidingHorn: asking ubottu is a bit easier ;)00:17
Typos_Kingricky_goop:    sudo poweroff; not working? :)00:17
ZykoticK9gionnico, i'm not sure ISO boot files are even in an "MBR" in the same way hard disks are.  i'm not sure man, good luck.00:18
SlidingHornActionParsnip, probably -- mattgyver follow action's suggestion instead :)00:18
flypipersoadkombucha, Thanks00:18
ricky_goophiexpo: no...00:18
soadkombuchaflypiper: Not a problem.00:18
ActionParsnipTypos_King: sudo shutdown -h now    will shutdown the pc00:18
Uboyiceroot I think what the mistake i did! when I'm trying to configure fingerprint sensor from this site > http://knowledge76.com/index.php/Fingerprint_Reader_Installation > in term of instructions wants me to edit the file named > /etc/pam.d and u can see it in configure PAM section, I did that and after that this error appeared , can u see the page below and help me plz?00:18
SlidingHorn!repeat | uboy00:18
ubottuuboy: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.00:18
ricky_goophiexpo: i have to logout and shutdown from the login screen00:18
soadkombuchaDoes anyone in here know how to properly compile the realtek high-def audio codecs for linux?00:18
gionnicoZykoticK9: i'm trying to create USB image from CD image00:18
Typos_Kingricky_goop:  what about what ActionParsnip just said? sudo shutdown -h?00:18
mattgyver!info initramfs-tools lucid00:18
ubottuinitramfs-tools (source: initramfs-tools): tools for generating an initramfs. In component main, is required. Version 0.92bubuntu78 (lucid), package size 86 kB, installed size 432 kB00:18
gionnicobut i dont just copy cd image to usb because i need to edit some file00:18
Uboyok, sorry guys00:19
hiexporicky_goop, is that a fresh install ?00:19
ricky_goophiexpo: w8, i'll login in kde00:19
gionnicoso I mount /mnt/cdrom with loop from ubuntu.iso and /mnt/usb00:19
gionnicothen cp -r /mnt/cdrom/* /mnt/usb00:19
gionnicothen i need the mbr I guess00:19
SlidingHorn!enter | gionnico00:19
ubottugionnico: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:19
Uboyiceroot are u here?00:19
soadkombuchagionnico: What if you tried getting the ISO image and adding the files to it and rebuilding it as bootable00:20
hiexporicky_goop,  ^ read what others are saying also please00:20
ActionParsnipgionnico: sudo mount -o loop /path/to/ubuntu.iso /mnt/cdrom; sudo ln -s /mnt/cdrom /mnt/usb00:20
gionnicosoadkombucha: that's what i'm doing00:20
soadkombuchaHi Jaker00:20
ActionParsnipgionnico: assuming /mnt/cdrom exists. if not run: sudo mkdir /mnt/cdrom00:20
soadkombuchagionnico: Trying to copy it to USB? You could use unetbootin for Linux it has a GUI00:20
ricky_goopTypos_King: i'll login in kde00:20
ricky_goopTypos_King: w8\00:21
gionnicosoadkombucha: i don't have a gui i'm working from ssh00:21
gionnicomaybe i should use syslinux00:21
Uboyfarsi zaboon hast onja?00:21
soadkombuchagionnico: Syslinux should work.00:21
soadkombuchaflypiper: How's that tutorial going for you?00:22
_athif anyone knows anything about xorg/fglrx, I'd appreciate it if they took a peek at this and, if they can provide it, give some advice: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=151855600:22
ActionParsnip_ath: you didnt add your xorg.conf file00:22
Uboyguys, what is the IDE for AVR developing with C?00:22
_athah one second ActionParsnip00:22
_athi'll quickly paste my latest one00:22
hiexpoi know what the problem is he has all that kde stuff install in gnome now kde has overridin00:22
profxavierno /etc/init.d/samba ?00:23
profxavierhow can I restart Samba ?00:23
_athActionParsnip: added it.00:23
plainashow do i activate universe and multiverse on lucid?00:23
Uboyprofxavier reinstall package00:23
orm[ kd197] !fight arch ubuntu00:23
orm19:16 [ phrik] kd197: arch: 8750000, ubuntu: 594000000:23
ormthought you ought to know00:23
ActionParsnipplainas: use software sources under: System -> admin00:24
profxavierUboy: its installed00:24
Daekdroom!ot | orm00:24
ubottuorm: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:24
=== ricky_goop is now known as Guest21462
UboyI know, Remove and reinstall again00:24
plainasmmm they are already active... strange, can't seen to find winwrangler in there00:24
soadkombuchaDoes anyone know if a repository for the proprietary realtek wireless LAN drivers exists?00:25
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.00:25
ActionParsnipsoadkombucha: it needs compiling00:25
Uboyu can copy back up with  >> cp /etc/init.d/samba  ~/Samba00:25
soadkombuchaActionParsnip: I'm aware. I've been doing it by hand.00:25
Uboyand before that > mkdir ~/Samba00:26
ActionParsnipsoadkombucha: set one up dude00:26
Uboyreinstall package and copy the backup00:26
soadkombuchaActionParsnip: I don't have a server to run a repository off of. Plus linuxwiki has a really good tutorial. 10.04 has a really annoying fix that I wrote a shell script for00:26
Uboyyour files works, your shell doesnt khow the levels00:26
profxavierUboy, odd, but I tried to -reinstall- samba00:27
soadkombuchaActionParsnip: So a repository might not work very well anyways. Plus I only have the rtl8191_se, which uses the same as rtl8192_se and only those two as far as I know00:27
profxavierit did, but still the same issue, nothing in /etc/init.d00:27
Uboyok, what happened?00:27
Uboyprofaxvier u can make that dir bye hand00:28
ActionParsnipsoadkombucha: you'd need to compile it for every kernel going as not all users will be using the latest kernel00:28
soadkombuchaActionParsnip: And as of right now I don't have that kind of time. If you look the tutorial isn't too difficult to find.00:29
Uboysorry guys I'm so tired00:29
ActionParsnipsoadkombucha: make a script, when you get a new script just run the script :)00:29
soadkombuchaActionParsnip: A script to autocompile the driver?00:29
soadkombuchaActionParsnip: I'm gonna go work on that.00:29
_athActionParsnip: you had a chance to look at it?00:30
ActionParsnipsoadkombucha: sure, jut keep the source for the driver in teh same place, you can use the defined constants in linux as well as uname in various guises to set stuff up nice00:30
profxavieranyone else, wanna try and troubleshoot why I have samba installed, but I cannot restart the service using /etc/init.d/samba00:30
_athprofxavier: can you stop it?00:31
profxavierits smbd, not samba00:31
profxavieri believe00:31
Tootoot222yes, it is smbd00:32
LifeEscaladehi guys00:32
* LifeEscalade bows down to jpds00:32
LifeEscaladesup feanus00:33
soadkombuchaActionParsnip: Yeah I set it as ~/00:33
ActionParsnipsoadkombucha: could be dead handy00:33
ActionParsnip_ath: post again00:33
soadkombuchaActionParsnip: The only problem is I'll have to modify the script if an updated driver version comes out00:34
LifeEscaladeanyone know a good vnc server/client combo to use?00:34
profxavieranyone develop iphone apps in Ubuntu ?00:34
soadkombuchaActionParsnip: But that's just changing version names in directories and the .tar.gz file00:34
ActionParsnip_ath: set some refresh rates in your monitor section. it may not be reoprting them properly00:34
cntrational1377 nicks00:34
_athActionParsnip: it didn't work with them set either.00:35
soadkombuchaActionParsnip: I'm going to be rebooting from an Ubuntu update I'll be back in a few minutes00:35
ActionParsnipsoadkombucha: you could just have a folder called source, the version number would be moot then00:35
DrKenobianyone uses Sugar in ubuntu?00:35
_athbesides, that wouldn't explain locking the entire machine until power cycle / ctrl + alt + sysrq + b00:35
cntrationalshouldn't it be "Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid) has been released!"00:36
JakerI am a Russian user ubuntu greetings to you from Russia!!00:37
bazhangJaker, did you have a support question?00:37
cntrationalJaker: hi00:38
bazhangJaker, then please ask00:38
Jakercntrational hi00:38
plainascan anybody tell me where to find winwrangler debs?00:38
plainasI even added the developer's own ppa reository and still can't find it by search through apt00:39
JakerYou were in Moscow?00:39
bazhangplainas, did you sudo apt-get update00:40
bazhangJaker, please keep the channel for ubuntu support questions only; chat in #ubuntu-offtopic00:40
ActionParsnipplainas: you will need to run: sudo apt-get update   after you add the ppa00:40
plainasActionParsnip, i did00:41
wajimbaHow do I use [ctrl]+[alt]+f2 to kill the current session and launch a new one?00:42
profxavieranyone develop iphone apps in Ubuntu ?00:42
Jakerwell, OK00:43
notebookhowcan i download itunes for ubuntu???00:43
plainasmmmm ok... i checked the output a bit more carefully W: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/kamstrup/ppa/ubuntu/dists/lucid/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz  404  Not Found00:43
profxaviernotebook, you cannot, but there are similar applications, what did you want to do exactly ?00:43
bazhangnotebook, there is no itunes for ubuntu00:43
LifeEscaladehas anyone used vnc to remotely connect from win7 to 10.04 server?00:43
Typos_King!ipod | notebook00:43
ubottunotebook: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod00:43
notebookhowcan i download itunes for ubuntu??????00:44
profxavierLifeEscalade, server, meaning the command line ?00:44
bazhangnotebook, you cannot, please don't repeat00:44
ActionParsnipnotebook: bazhang : some versions of itunes work with some versions of wine00:44
LifeEscaladeno server edition00:44
Typos_Kingscrew itunes, is just a 250mbs piece of bloatware :P00:44
aretrfre34laptop hasn't /dev/radio0 is it means i cant play radio?00:44
bazhangActionParsnip, barely00:44
kermithow does ubuntu pay for all the bandwidth they must be using?00:44
LifeEscaladei went nu-school and installed kde on server edition :P00:44
ActionParsnipbazhang: ipods barely work too ;)00:44
Daekdroomkermit, Canonical00:44
Vexillekermit: ubuntu is run by a level 27 wizard00:44
notebookwell is there something that i can download that is like itunes that i can download to put songs on my ipod touch???00:45
aretrfre34i mean real radio00:45
kermitDaekdroom: ty00:45
ActionParsnipnotebook: banshee00:45
notebookthank you00:45
bazhangnotebook, there are several; rhythmbox is one00:45
Vexillenotebook: your question was answered already. scroll up and look for the responses00:45
DaekdroomRhythmbox itself can do it.00:45
Typos_King!rhythmbox | notebook00:45
alascanotebook,  Listen, the guys have explained you what to do. If you are a troll please /part.00:45
ubottunotebook: Audio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs00:45
plainasmmmm ok, it appears that the guy maintains the repo didn't added packges for lucid00:45
plainaswhatever... i'll just install this one:00:45
aretrfre34or i need radio module using headset?00:46
cntrationaldoes empathy not support file transfers00:46
wajimbaanybody? how do I kill the current session and start a new one using tty?00:46
Vexillecntrational: only for certain protocols i.e. people nearby can do it00:46
duffydacknotebook, forget itunes, use ubuntuone account with ryhthmbox00:46
cntrationalI'm not sure of what "people nearby" actually is <.<00:46
Typos_Kingwajimba:  why you need to do that?00:46
Daekdroomcntrational, well, I'm sure it doesn't have file transfer over MSN00:47
cntrationalanyway what00:47
cntrationalwhy would it not support something like that00:47
DaekdroomEmpathy is kinda recent.00:47
alascacntrational,  I don't know about empathy sorry, file transfer in Pidgin works.00:47
wajimbatypos_king: it froze and I don't want to take the entire system down00:47
ActionParsnipnotebook: or gtkpod, easier to get a decent player. You have a device from one of the most shortsighted and closed mnded companys around00:47
cntrationalthen why is it GNOME's new default IM app00:47
DaekdroomBecause it was made by GNOME team.00:48
notebookis there a chat thing like messanger that will work on ubuntu???00:48
_athIf you know anything about the ati proprietary drivers running under 10.04 LTS, please have a look at: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=151855600:48
aretrfre34laptop hasn't /dev/radio0 is it means i cant play radio?00:48
Typos_Kingwajimba:    just use alt-f1 through alt-f6 either will give you a console session00:48
ActionParsnipnotebook: emesene or amsn or pidgin00:48
bazhangnotebook, there are several00:48
bazhangnotebook, I would suggest you have a read of the ubuntu manual00:48
bazhang!manual | notebook00:48
ubottunotebook: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/00:48
soadkombuchaActionParsnip: So even when I used synaptics to remove an old kernel (this one is running stably), the grub entries didn't delete. Is it gonna be a problem that I "sudo rm /boot/..." the old vmlinuz and init files?00:49
Uboyhi againguys00:49
Typos_King!pidgin | notebook00:49
ubottunotebook: The Instant Messenger Client Pidgin (formerly Gaim) (http://help.ubuntu.com/community/Pidgin) supports MSN, XMPP (Jabber, GTalk and variants), AIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ, YIM, IRC and others. See also !Kopete00:49
wajimbatypos_king: yeah, what's the command to launch gnome? I tried xstart and it says "server is already active for display 0"00:49
_athwajimba: gdm00:49
Vexillecntrational: you've got me on that one. i imagine because of something to do with the telepathy framework; there must be something about it that is preferred?00:49
ActionParsnipsoadkombucha: try: sudo apt-get --purge autoremove00:49
ActionParsnipsoadkombucha: make sure it is removed with: dpkg -l | grep linux-image-200:50
soadkombuchaActionParsnip: After I finish installing Cheese00:50
Typos_Kingwajimba:    ..... there's one... to restrart the GDM? or the window manager compiz/metacity?00:50
coz_hey guy00:50
coz_cesc,   hey guy00:50
wajimbayeah, how do I restart the gdm00:50
TaskbarGoneIs there a way to mashup "apt-cache search <SearchTerm>" & "dpkg -l" - so that given a SearchTerm, it would find all the related package names in the cache, then do a "dpkg -l" on those package names?00:50
soadkombuchaActionParsnip: Only one file is found however. So I can continue installing software,00:51
Typos_King!gdm | wajimba00:51
_athwajimba: gdm will start with X00:51
soadkombuchaActionParsnip: But I will write a script to perform that function00:51
Uboyguys I try to change my pass with this instruction > http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/resetpassword using the GRUB but when I choose the recovery mode the white page 2 (contains Drop to root shell prompt) does't appear and the GRUB stopped in lines.... cn any body help me?00:51
Typos_Kinghehe, wrong shot ^_^00:51
=== has_ is now known as HebertSilva
hanasakianyone running acidbase?  for some reason it cannot connect to my DB....00:52
cntrationali wonder if anybody has made an ubuntu derivative called "isintu" or "abantu" or some other isiZulu prefix using -ntu00:52
wajimbatypos_king, _ath, !gdm isn't working either00:52
Uboyguys I try to change my pass with this instruction > http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/resetpassword using the GRUB but when I choose the recovery mode the white page 2 (contains Drop to root shell prompt) does't appear and the GRUB stopped in lines.... cn any body help me?00:52
_athwajimba: what exactly are you trying to do.00:52
Typos_Kingwajimba:  right.... there's one I think, I believe is ... gconf line, the bot has it, just can't recall the alias/trigger00:53
aretrfre34Uboy:GRUB is boot load you can reset passes using it00:53
wajimba_ath: the current session froze, trying to start a new one without taking the whole system down00:53
LifeEscaladeso honestly how bad is it when apache states: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName00:53
_athwajimba: change to that screen, and ctrl alt backspace00:54
_athtried that?00:54
aretrfre34Uboy:just hit esc and select recovery mod from grub list00:54
Typos_KingLifeEscalade:  regular MO00:54
soadkombuchaActionParsnip: I am glad I've been reading an ubuntu book... It's for 8.04 and 8.10 but I've learned a decent chunk from it already00:54
LifeEscaladeTypos_King: So its cool it says that?00:54
Uboyaretrfte34 yes I did that but the GRUb stopped after I select Recovery Mode fro Grub list00:54
aretrfre34Uboy:did you touch grub files?00:55
ActionParsnipsoadkombucha: never read it myself, i just used the OS and learned00:55
Typos_KingLifeEscalade:    yes, I think it just means whatever it found on the httpd.conf or other .conf's for the ServerName or such directive, didn't go through or is not found, I think it does that when there's none set00:55
_athwajimba: by changing to the X screen i mean ctrl + alt + F700:55
Uboyaretrfte34 normally we must see the page white in this link/ true? http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/resetpassword00:55
soadkombuchaActionParsnip: My friend had it so I figured why not. The internet is useful but I learn really well from books.00:55
NetScr1beClean install of Ubuntu 9.04 (jaunty) connects to wifi but won't resolve any addresses00:56
dominicdinadaNetScr1be: Are you using the correct authentication method00:56
soadkombuchaWhat's the package name that installs all the non-free common files?00:56
dominicdinadasoadkombucha: Conical Partners?00:56
NetScr1beWPA PSK00:56
_athwajimba: if gdm has already died, but X is still running, kill X and restart it.00:56
Typos_Kingsoadkombucha:    I think is the Restricted packages, not sure though00:56
soadkombuchaTypos_King: There's a package that installs Java and audio codecs00:57
wajimba_ath: yeah, that's got it. Thx :)00:57
_athwajimba: yw.00:57
cntrationalso, I use the Compose key to enter characters; but GTK+ and Qt applications use different combinations — ".." is … in GTK, but it's ˙ in Qt00:57
=== Spyder|zzz is now known as SpyderBite
_athwajimba: for future reference, ctrl alt backspace tries to restart the X server.00:57
alasca!ubuntu-restricted-extras | soadkombucha00:57
ubottusoadkombucha: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats00:57
soadkombuchaalasca: Thank you I had just found it00:57
cntrationalis there a way to have them use the same combinations00:57
_athwajimba:  so if you get gui problems that look terminal, that's your first port of call.00:57
NetScr1besame as on this system WPA/WPA200:57
_athterminal ie cancer.00:57
_athnot tty.00:57
aretrfre34Uboy:don't ever touch system files unless you know what are you doing00:57
matt____Hiya, I was looking for a little simple help on formatting an external HDD with gparted... i select the HD in the list of sdb devices, but i can't select 'Format to' - why is this likely to be? Thanks!00:58
Uboyaretrfte34:  yes, i think00:58
Typos_Kingsoadkombucha:   I install those separately :)00:58
soadkombuchaaretrfre34: What if you're using a very detailed tutorial?00:58
_atharetrfre34: that's a pretty bad guideline..00:58
VexilleUboy: yeah you are supposed to see that menu upon choosing recovery mode in grub, but you said you aren't getting anywhere. Do you have more than one kernel installed to just try recovery mode on a different version?00:58
soadkombuchaTypos_King: I use all of them. I don't WANT to have Flash installed but I'm still on firefox for now I just installed Chrome. Thankfully they have internal flash in the stable builds now00:58
soadkombuchaIs Amarok KDE?00:58
_atharetrfre34: one it restricts you enormously, two you don't get to have as much fun(http://df.magmawiki.com/index.php/Fun) / learn.00:59
cntrationalsoadkombucha: yes00:59
aretrfre34laptop hasn't /dev/radio0 is it means i cant play radio?00:59
soadkombuchacntrational: OK I'll need to install Kubuntu Restricted to use it then even if I'm under Gnome?00:59
Uboyaretrfre34: I'm just follow this instructions to configure my fingerprint sensor  http://knowledge76.com/index.php/Fingerprint_Reader_Installation00:59
cntrationalno, you don't00:59
_athno soadkombucha00:59
lfitzis there a way to customize the them of notify-send, i have x forwarded on my sheeva to send notifications to my laptop using a script, but i get the standard blue and white notify-send notifications00:59
_athgnome / kde apps can run under either dm.00:59
soadkombuchacntrational: Odd last time I did Ubuntu restricted it didn't play any of my audio files00:59
cntrationalsoadkombucha: GNOME will support KDE apps and vice versa00:59
lfitzi would like to receive the black ubuntu notifications..00:59
Uboyvexille: no one kernak00:59
NetScr1beok it just started working00:59
lfitzusing 10.0400:59
soadkombuchacntrational: That's why I was curious. Because I was having issues before.01:00
dominicdinadaNetScr1be: What did you select differently ?01:00
Typos_Kingsoadkombucha:    they do not afaik, I got chrome recently, didn't come with flash, you can always just get the libflashplayer.so file by itself or extract it from the .zip for installation and drop it at /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins and chrome/opera/firefox use that01:00
cntrationalsoadkombucha: it'll take up more RAM to run programs like that, though, since they'd have to load more stuff01:00
soadkombuchaTypos_King: Is not not on Debian based linux yet?01:00
soadkombuchaTypos_King: I know internal flash is on Windows01:00
_athcntrational: at the moment that's largely irrelevant01:00
_athand soon to be entirely.01:01
Typos_Kingsoadkombucha:    ubuntu is, yes01:01
Uboyaretrfre34: see this page > http://knowledge76.com/index.php/Fingerprint_Reader_Usage  Upper page I'm sent is wrong01:01
cntrational_ath: is it?01:01
NetScr1bedominicdinada, that's the weird part - it just started working01:01
_athcntrational: yes.01:01
crdlblfitz: I'm not sure I understand your setup, but the difference is between notify-osd and notification-daemon01:01
soadkombuchaTypos_King: I know Chrome is, but they haven't released stable with internal flash yet.01:01
cntrationalsoadkombucha: exaile is a amarok inspired music player for GNOME01:01
NetScr1bedominicdinada, actually I 6ook etho down01:01
soadkombuchacntrational: If Amarok decides to continue being odd I'll use it. I was upset when they discontinued songbird support for Linux.01:01
aretrfre34Uboy:ok, see, how many reasonable people around01:02
_athNetScr1be: you did ifconfig eth0 down01:02
Typos_Kingsoadkombucha:  chrome is debian based?  not sure on that, I know is based on Chromium the browser01:02
_athand it came up by itself?01:02
soadkombuchaTypos_King: They have a debian release for Chrome01:02
dominicdinadasoadkombucha: cntrational there is also the default rythmbox01:02
soadkombuchaTypos_King: chrome.google.com gives you a download01:02
aretrfre34laptop hasn't /dev/radio0 is it means i cant play radio?01:02
crdlblfitz: notify-osd is the ubuntu one01:02
soadkombuchadominicdinada: I hate rythmbox01:02
VexilleUboy: try this guide for using a livecd to reset your password http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/linux/reset-your-ubuntu-password-easily-from-the-live-cd/01:02
cntrational_ath: what's going to happen that it'll become irrelavant01:02
_atharetrfre34: yes.01:02
aretrfre34wanna fun01:02
Typos_Kingsoadkombucha:  surely, that doesn't mean is debian based per se,but I see what you mean, either way, the libflashplayer.so drag/drop will work just the same :)01:03
dominicdinadasoadkombucha: To each their own I hate vlc and totem as well01:03
thune3matt____: the partitions may have been automatically mounted when you plugged in the device. In this case you need  to unmount them first.01:03
_athcntrational: the cost of manufacturing hardware is continuing on the same course it has been; not only that, higher level frameworks are, with extra resources, becoming excellent at handling them.01:03
SlidingHornsoadkombucha, Typos_King: You can also take a look at Chromium, which is in the repos -- in my *personal experience* it has worked better than the actual chrome01:03
cntrationalone thing that annoys me about rhythmbox and exaile is that you can't play a single song, it has to be part of a playlist01:03
hiexpodid i miss much i was in pentoo01:04
aretrfre34_ath:a lot of reasonable people or i cant play real radio?01:04
* Typos_King uses mainly Opera :)01:04
soadkombuchaSlidingHorn: Chrome stable is working well. There is only one difference between Chrome and chromium. Well two.01:04
_athcntrational: soon enough, for running Qt apps on windows, or kde apps on gnome, 'it uses up more memory' won't mean anything.01:04
soadkombuchaSlidingHorn: Chrome and Chromium have a different colored logo, and Chrome has the google tracking app. Otherwise they're identical.01:04
VexilleUboy: The steps should be similar to what you were using as a guide before, but this just uses the livecd to mount your hard drive and chroot to it so yo ucan perform the same steps as in the guide you posted01:04
_athcntrational: and in a lot of cases, it does now.01:04
soadkombuchaI need to compile enlightenment er17...01:04
alascaTypos_King,  Don't like Firefox?01:04
_atharetrfre34: if you don't have a radio device, you cannot 'play' radio.01:04
soadkombuchaalasca: In my experience firefox can hog resources.01:04
hiexpois chrome better that firefox?01:05
soadkombuchahiexpo: Depends.01:05
SlidingHorn!best | hiexpo01:05
ubottuhiexpo: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.01:05
_atharetrfre34:  i don't know how to simplify that any more.01:05
cntrationalFirefox doesn't take up that much resources if you restart it every now and then01:05
soadkombuchahiexpo: Chrome separates each tab into a separate process, so if you use LOTS of tabs, Chrome has benefits. It's Javascript is faster too.01:05
UboyVexille:  ok, I read that know and i got it, before it, can u answer a questuin >  I change a portion of file with this instruction> http://knowledge76.com/index.php/Fingerprint_Reader_Usage  > is it my fault?01:05
alascasoadkombucha,  Yes, this is right...firefox is a bit greedy on resources...sadly...01:05
cntrationaland try not to have a million tabs open01:05
cntrational(cursed tvtropes)01:05
soadkombuchahiexpo: But Opera 5 has benchmarked JS speed tests at 25% faster than Chromium 6 Developer01:05
_athhiexpo: i've personally found chrome to run faster under nix and windows.01:05
aretrfre34_ath:got it, just wanted some fun, compiled for mplayer source rised core cpu 100C, isn't funny now!01:05
hiexpoSlidingHorn,  - don'tsend me the bot best   lol i knew that was gonna happen01:06
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Uboyvexille: for configuring fingerprint sensor01:06
Typos_Kingalasca:   have it installed too, chrome/firefox lack the flexibility Opera has for a few things, window manipulations and other stuff, their beta1 10.6 is quite good01:06
_atharetrfre34: then remove it and recompile it without that radio make flag.01:06
soadkombuchaTypos_King: There is one thing I dislike about Chrome over Firefox.01:06
_atharetrfre34: if you compiled it yourself you should probably know that.01:06
coz_cesc,   hey guy did you need something?01:06
soadkombuchaTypos_King: Greasemonkey for firefox, the userscripts for chrome don't support unsignedwindow or the gm_* values. So you can't run ALL userscripts in chrome.01:06
aretrfre34_ath:noo, fun was to hack!01:06
_atharetrfre34: then enjoy your short lived processor.01:07
soadkombuchaSwitching to Chrome01:07
avelldirollin my experience chromium starts faster but hogs more ressources than firefox01:08
dominicdinadachrome is pretty fast under linux01:08
hiexpo!everyone | don't send me bot stuff i help here too looll01:08
_athavelldiroll: agreed, under nix anyway, either way, i've found it performs faster on both nix / win platforms01:08
soadkombuchaThat's better.01:08
_athunfortunately it doesn't quite have the plugin support firefox has.01:08
_athwhich is probably the biggest deciding factor for most people to whom these things matter.01:09
soadkombucha_ath: Not completely true.01:09
matt____thune3: Thanks! That worked. Many thanks.01:09
_athsoadkombucha: what isn't.01:09
soadkombucha_ath: There are lots of plugins for Chrome that perform really nice functions01:09
soadkombucha_ath: And the extension gallery is growing fast01:09
_athsoadkombucha: yes, there are, but theres lots more for firefox, that perform better, most of the time.01:09
_athsoadkombucha: but we're in the present.01:09
Typos_King_ath:   and lacks configuration flexibility, I checked all available options, I think I can count them to less than 50 hehehe01:09
soadkombucha_ath: The only extensions I found to work better than firefox, are google extensions01:10
_athsoadkombucha: reread what i said.01:10
soadkombuchaTypos_King: Pretty much everything lacks configuration flexibility over firefox's about:config01:10
greezmunkeyTypos_King: have you looked at about:config within FF?01:10
soadkombuchaNothing is as configurable as Firefox01:10
greezmunkeysoadkombucha:  :)01:11
soadkombuchagreezmunkey: Trust me, I love Firefox, I actually converted almost everyone I know to it. But I'm a heavy tab user, so Chrome works better for me.01:11
dominicdinada_ath:  as for the plugin support FireFox is 7 years old and chrome really is like a year old from stable builds...01:11
soadkombuchadominicdinada: And developing more rapidly than firefox ever has01:11
Typos_Kinggreezmunkey:   yes, doesn't compare to Opera's, opera has countless options, thus the flexibility I use :), doesn't hog the memory like FF and runs smooth enough, chrome uses less than half memory Opera does, but is  pretty configurationless01:12
_athdominicdinada: correct. the question wasn't, 'what browser will be better in perhaps a year or two?'01:12
_athdominicdinada: as i said, we're not time travellers, and we're arguing about the present state.01:12
soadkombuchaTypos_King: But Chrome doesn't need too much configuration out of the box in my opinion.01:12
dominicdinadasoadkombucha: Correct... so plugins are not all built for chrome but will be ported since FF is playing the catchup game :D01:12
greezmunkeywell...that was fun01:12
soadkombuchadominicdinada: the browser war is becoming negligible anyways.01:12
soadkombuchaThe only browser I say don't use is any IE-based browser01:13
VexilleUboy: I am unfamiliar with anything involving setting up fingerprint readers. The info there states it will try to read your fingerprint first before using your password, so if that is true then I imagine it isn't supposed to make your login stop working, but liek I said I am unfamiliar with is so who knows :(01:13
_athsoadkombucha: I'd also say don't use konqueror01:13
duffydackSince I got my fonts looking right (removing that damn ttf-msttfonts package) I`m using chromium01:13
_athand i'm a kde fanboy.01:13
soadkombucha_ath: What engine does it run off of?01:13
dominicdinadasoadkombucha: It is not a war as google and FF are allies, But when Chrome dropped it is the fastest thing out, and FF said they moving to a new javascript core01:13
_athsoadkombucha: christ knows, probably dolphin, the kde explorer.01:13
_athit's kde's equivalent of IE.01:13
Typos_Kingsoadkombucha:    depends on what you do, for plain browsing, no, true, for one thing, I have flash off, and turn it on whenever I need it, like for a clip or news ticker or other stuff, in Opera is just 2 clicks for that, there's no such in chrome/ff01:14
dominicdinadasoadkombucha: Some websites still force IE :( but thats what plugins are for01:14
duffydack_ath, thats not a good advertisement01:14
soadkombucha_ath: Ahh. I like Nautilus01:14
_athduffydack: from personal use i've found it to be a terrible browser.01:14
aretrfre34how do i get info about how old is cpu01:14
hiexpoi'm sticking to firefox than01:14
dominicdinada_ath: imo dolphin is was to bloated,resource hungry01:14
Typos_Kingaretrfre34:  how old? what do you mean?01:14
_athdominicdinada: can't agree with you there.01:14
Knoxville  how much memory do you reccomend for a caching only bind9 server for 2 users on a LAN?01:15
N3VV3Khey does anyone know hoow to turn off motion01:15
soadkombuchadominicdinada: Or you just use useragents01:15
_athi was just saying konqueror is a shitty browser.01:15
soadkombuchakonqueror is KHTML01:15
N3VV3Kto turn it on was sudo motion how do i turn it off01:15
soadkombuchaGoogle chrome and Safari are KHTML forks due to Webkit01:15
=== Weust` is now known as Weust`afk
duffydackI`ll use Chromium daily.  It starts before I even de-press the mouse button and loads pages hella fast01:15
soadkombuchaduffydack: I use Chrome, but that's because google owns my internet life and it integrates nicely with google01:15
_athTo those with ati driver experience, please have a look at this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=151855601:16
dominicdinadasoadkombucha: When I was in school websites for the school and resources where based around IE for example the online blackboards. Cbtnuggets.com etc... would only work with IE01:16
_athdominicdinada: cbtnuggets lol01:16
soadkombuchaI need to restart chrome01:16
Typos_KingN3VV3K:    I guess I don't use 'motion', soooo dunno01:16
cntrational"cbtnuggets"? what's that01:16
_athcntrational: it's a like, service that provides learning resources for technical subjects01:16
_athcntrational: ie, 'passing your CCNA01:16
duffydack_ath, I have an ati 4650 working fine.. mates 36xx works fine too01:16
cntrationalis it good01:17
aretrfre34Typos_King:i mean assembly time01:17
Knoxville  how much memory do you reccomend for a caching only bind9 server for 2 users on a LAN?v01:17
dominicdinadacntrational: some dumb videos our profs made us watch because the school paid like $20,000 per semester for use01:17
_athduffydack: thanks for taking a look. and fuck.01:17
IdleOne!language | _ath01:17
ubottu_ath: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:17
duffydack_ath, tried xorg edgers ppa?01:17
_athduffydack: yeah01:17
Typos_Kingaretrfre34:    get the name and model, you can find that online, the manufacturer's site or some other archive will have it01:17
duffydack_ath, and proposed repos01:17
greezmunkeyI am looking around for a decent (free) radius server, one that isn't too much of a bother to setup and maintain. FreeRadius, and Radiator seem to be the two likely candidates, but I am looking for a recommendation from someone who has delt with them. Suggestions?01:18
_athduffydack: for what? xorg?01:18
cntrationalwhat's a radius server01:18
duffydack_ath, I get 3d accel without ati driver.. dont you?01:18
Typos_Kingaretrfre34:    we may even know too, what's the name and model or codename if any?01:18
dominicdinadacntrational: for those that no nothing it provides insight... for those who do it is a snooze01:18
greezmunkeycntrational: authentication server01:18
N3VV3Kwhy would you say anything if you dont know <Typos_King>01:18
duffydack_ath, I mean its not quite as fast but its there.01:18
N3VV3Kwhat do u  use anyway01:18
cntrationali use "you" instead of "u"01:19
aretrfre34Typos_King:name and model i know to01:19
N3VV3Kso id this place just filled with assholes or actual help01:20
dominicdinada!language | N3VV3K01:20
ubottuN3VV3K: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:20
soadkombuchaWow I love this Enlightenment tutorial... So easy to get it compiled and running01:20
Typos_KingN3VV3K:     why would I say anything?   well, to ensure you're asking the right question, it happens, often times folks ask for 'other' things in extraneous fashion01:20
dr4c4nI just wanted to mention the issue I had with my dvd player earlier has been solved, but only by going back to version 9.04 without doing the updates.. I'm not sure which update breaks dvd playback.. but there is one..01:21
NetScr1beis this the right to set eth0 to dhcp? auto eth0 (CR LF) iface etho inet dynamic01:21
cntrationalwhat's enlightenment01:21
dr4c4nhow do I report a bug for this if i'm not sure which package or kernel update to report the bug on?01:21
Typos_Kingcntrational:     window manager01:21
hiexpoenlightment is a desktop01:21
NetScr1beright way01:21
soadkombuchahiexpo: Yup.01:21
soadkombuchacntrational: It's beta.01:21
soadkombuchacntrational: http://enlightenment.org/01:22
vodlhi, can I update my network manager on ubuntu 8.04 to the one found in 9.10 and later so I can visually edit networks?01:22
Typos_Kingversion 5 I think is in beta, olders' aren't :P01:22
sebsebsebvodl: not easilly, and trying to might brake your system01:22
soadkombuchaTypos_King: I'm installing e1701:22
ceschi guys.. which button or button combination should I press to see all my windows side by side without overlapping?01:22
sebsebsebvodl: well your not meant to install from 9.10 repo01:22
sebsebsebvodl: why not just upgrade to 9.10,  it has untill  the end of April next year when it comes to support just like 8.0401:23
soadkombuchaTypos_King: My friend's friend writes a blog, and he has a REALLY easy tutorial (plus a shell script) to get enlightenment running: http://jeffhoogland.blogspot.com/2010/05/howto-install-e17-from-svnsource-on.html01:23
dominicdinada8.04 LTS ranout didnt it :O01:23
cntrationalby window manager, do you mean something like GNOME or X11?01:23
sebsebsebdominicdinada: not yet01:23
soadkombuchadominicdinada: Shouldn't have it's only been 2 years01:23
sebsebsebvodl: for the desktop01:23
soadkombuchaAnd some of the packages have 5 year support01:23
hiexpopentoo uses an enlightment desktop as in referancce01:23
sebsebsebsoadkombucha: only the server edition01:23
vodl<sebsebseb> i need the 8.04 version of wine to run some window apps, that's what"s keeping me from upgrading01:23
Typos_Kingsoadkombucha:    to get enlightment running? hehe, there's nothing to it AFAIK, I used to run it in SuSE10, no fuss, is a bit fancy window manager, is all01:24
sebsebsebvodl: Which Windows apps?01:24
Adman65how can I configure rsync? I don't have /etc/rsyncd.conf01:24
soadkombuchaTypos_King: Well to install it from source.01:24
vodladobe dreamweaver  and photoshop cs201:24
soadkombuchaTypos_King: Plus he took the time to give you ALL the dependencies you need to install01:24
vodl<sebsebseb> adobe dreamweaver  and photoshop cs201:24
sebsebsebvodl: you can install a earlier verison of Wine into 9.10, and those should work with the 9.10 version anyway01:24
greezmunkeycesc: check into X-Tile01:25
Typos_Kingsoadkombucha:    .... well... hehe, is not a bad manager, is light too01:25
cesca noob question: how to see all opened windows side by side (like a mosaic) without overlaping each other? which button should I press to get this?01:25
sebsebsebvodl: also when doing the upgrade if you tell it not to upgrade Wine01:25
hiexpoi think enlightment is gonna replace kde01:25
sebsebsebvodl: you can probably just use the 8.04 version in 9.1001:25
* dominicdinada never used 8.04 but BT4 is 8.04 :)01:25
vodl<sebsebseb> on winehq it says they run lousy under other versions than 8.04, or am I mistakenly interpreting that chart?01:26
Baba_b00iein ubuntu 10.04, can i set it up to boot straight to Cli instead of GUI?01:26
Typos_Kingenlightment....who? kde what?01:26
mdgHow do I tell what video card I have via CLI?01:26
sebsebsebvodl: if you mean appdb,  a lot of the info in appdb is out dated01:26
Baba_b00iemdg, lspci -vvv | grep video01:26
soadkombuchaIs there a program for Ubuntu that replaces the default copy manager? Similar to TeraCopy for Windows? I'm just curious linux doesn't need it but it'd be nice to know it was there01:26
cescC'mon guys ... please answer my question01:26
sebsebsebvodl: also are you sure the network manager you want isn't in 9.04?01:27
SlidingHorn!patience | cesc01:27
ubottucesc: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.01:27
SlidingHorncesc -- also, greezmunkey already gave you a possible solution01:27
Typos_Kingmdg:     lshw -C video01:27
delinquentmeanyone know what the command line tag is to allow the editor to close only the file which was OPENED01:27
sebsebsebvodl: 9.04 runs out of support end of  October01:27
cescsorry, I'm new.01:27
delinquentmethen return to the current location on the command line?01:27
sebsebsebvodl: anyway the later network manager or whatever it was, you can probably install that into 8.04 really01:28
sebsebsebvodl: a ppa or something possibily01:28
vodl<sebsebseb> don't think so, i looked for it under preferences but there's no network connections there, just net tools01:28
vodl<sebsebseb> http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=769401:28
supernothingcesc: you can do this using compiz-fusion. if you install ccsm then you can get access to all the advanced settings01:28
mdgBaba_b00ie: thanks for responding, but the grep video part didn't work01:28
Typos_Kingdelinquentme:   'the editor'? what editor?01:28
Typos_Kingmdg:     lshw -C video01:28
vodl<sebsebseb> that's what I was ref. to01:28
cntrationalTypos_King: gedit, probably01:28
Typos_Kingdunno, I use Geany, jEdit, and others01:29
hiexpoaloso need simple ccsm01:29
supernothingcesc: sorry, it's been renamed. now it's called compizconfig-settings-manager01:29
patxwhat packages do i need to install if i need to run a "python setup.py install" script?01:29
Baba_b00iemdg, yeah i know, it's wrong command. i wanted to say lshw -C video01:29
delinquentmeim talking about w like git... i thought it was -f01:29
supernothingor simple ccsm works too01:29
delinquentmegit config --global core.editor gedit -f01:29
Typos_Kingdelinquentme:    .... can't say, many keybindings use ctrl-w though :)01:30
mdgthanks Typos_King - that's awesome01:30
dominicdinadacesc: Compizconfig is buggy from my exp01:30
dominicdinadacesc: very bugggy01:30
spazdorSo I'm trying to chmod a device file in order to give raw access to it. specifically I want to let a non-root user run VirtualBox, using a .vmdk file that links to a real physical partition.01:30
delinquentmequality help01:30
sebsebsebvodl: How much RAM do you have?01:30
supernothingcesc: by default, the command to show all windows expo style is <super> w01:30
vodl<sebsebseb> 2gb ram01:31
spazdorThe problem is, whenever I chmod the device file /dev/sda1, my changes are always reverted a few minutes later01:31
sebsebsebvodl: and you got a Windows CD yeah? which version?01:31
spazdori assume this is some sort of anti-rootkit behaviour. can it be suppressed?01:31
supernothingdelinquentme: i havent had any issues with it really, other than that it takes a bit to figure out what all the settings do01:31
nonix4How to diagnose ethernet which seems to be in receive-only state? eth0: <NO-CARRIER,BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP> RX packets:56 TX packets:001:31
vodlwindows xp pro something01:31
sebsebsebspazdor: anti rootkit stuff probably not01:31
sebsebsebvodl: ok01:32
sebsebsebvodl: now if you set up a Windows virtual machine properly in Virtualbox, it will probably work quite well  for your two apps01:32
vodl<sebsebseb> http://i524.photobucket.com/albums/cc322/Skeleton_Eel/forums_topics/free_vpn/vpn_connections.png01:32
vodl<sebsebseb> that's the network manager i'm referring to01:32
Typos_Kingnonix4:   diagnose?    seems to me you already have a diagnosis :)01:32
soadkombuchaFlash crashed when I was installing dependency packages01:32
sebsebseb!virtualbox | vodl01:33
ubottuvodl: virtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox01:33
dominicdinadasebsebseb: is that possible with only 1 gig of ram ? To run say dreamweaver/ulead  ? since this was my problem earlier. Darn blocked bits01:33
spazdorperhaps it's just a properdy of udev files? Is there any way to make permission/ownership changes in /dev/ persistent?01:33
_athTo those with ati driver experience, please have a look at this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=151855601:33
sebsebsebvodl:  Both versiosn are free as in price,  open source version from repo lacks USB support,  other version from website/server has it, and you can set that up.01:33
nonix4Typos_King: as in further than that... it receives (w/ tcpdump) but never seems to send a single packet. Is that software or hardware issue?01:33
cescthanks for all your replies.01:33
sebsebsebdominicdinada: with 1GB RAM probably just about01:33
Uboyhey guys01:33
sebsebsebdominicdinada: I mean without thinks being to slow01:33
sebsebsebdominicdinada: and if its XP01:34
sebsebsebwith 2GB RAM like what vodl has,  more likely to get better performance :)01:34
krazykrivdaevery time i attempt to mount a partiion hardrive i get it read only.. how can I mount a partition os I can move files to iit01:34
dominicdinadasebsebseb: Because MY question earlier today was why Wine is blocking all my apps from installing such as PHP Nusphere, Ulead etc...01:34
soadkombuchakrazykrivda: What's the filesystem?01:34
sebsebsebdominicdinada: without things being  really slow, above01:34
vodl<sebsebseb> no go, it's vital to me that I run dreamweaver non-native for security reasons [ 50% the reason i moved to linux, the other 50 was constant re-installing of windoze]01:34
krazykrivdasoadkombucha: /dev/sda701:34
dominicdinadasebsebseb: this is a ummm free back to life laptop I just use for odds and ends01:35
osmodivs me what does this means?01:35
osmodivsW: Error de GPG: http://ppa.launchpad.net lucid Release Las firmas siguientes no se pudieron verificar porque su llave pública no está disponible: NO_PUBKEY 1780999033C3C10401:35
sebsebsebvodl: right, but 8.04 will run out of support end of April next year01:35
sebsebsebvodl: on the desktop01:35
soadkombuchakrazykrivda: No partition type01:35
osmodivsPublic key not found01:35
krazykrivdafat32 i believe01:35
=== FrozenFire[alt] is now known as FrozenFire[work]
vodl<sebsebseb> what does that mean?01:35
SlidingHornvodl: maybe I'm just ignorant on this, but what effect does that have on security?01:35
wajimbaanyone know of a good, easy to install vnc server?01:35
SlidingHorn!eol | vodl01:35
sebsebsebvodl: End of Life no more security updates01:35
ubottuvodl: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades01:35
sebsebsebSlidingHorn: I was thinking about doing that01:36
thune3_ath: i don't have experience, but the logs seem to complain that the xorg.conf is wrong. did try using "/usr/bin/aticonfig --initial" (not sure syntax) to get a basic xorg.conf?01:36
Typos_Kingnonix4:  has to be software..... almost like a firewall rule or something....you can always use something like 'WireShark' to check the connection interface further -> http://www.qweas.com/downloads/network/other/scr-wireshark.png01:36
sebsebsebvodl: now if you knew what you were doing, you could actsaully maintain it quite well yourself, but  you still woudn't be able to get support from this channel anymore for 8.0401:36
soadkombuchakrazykrivda: It should be readable01:36
_aththune3: that is using aticonfig --initiak01:36
krazykrivdasoadkombucha: i know that.. btu it is not.. what shoudl i do01:37
vodl<sebsebseb> there's a new family of viruses that tap ftp clients on windows xp and leak passes and such01:37
aretrfre34how to broadcast connection like wifi router in ubuntu01:37
dominicdinadavodl: I only have had windoze go down on me once ever... I just dont get how people can allow any computer to become that over-run with viruses/trojans, faulty apps01:37
sebsebsebvodl: I think you meant to send that to SlidingHorn01:37
sebsebseband yes there are many security issues when it comes to Windows01:37
SlidingHornvodl: I think your last statement was for me -- oh, I see :)01:37
soadkombuchakrazykrivda: Hold on01:37
UboyI can't change my pass, I use grub in recovery mode and it didnt completed, then I use Live Ubuntu Disk and mk dir in /media/sda1 > mount /dev/sda1 /media/sda1/ > chroot /media/sda1   > then use this command: passwd myusername   >  then insert the password two times  and then restart PC after see the Line: Password Updated Successfuly  ,  (login configured in auto without pass) when I try to type and run any command in terminal with sudo i have the last problem01:38
soadkombuchakrazykrivda: try chmod +w /dev/sda701:38
soadkombuchain terminal01:38
vodl<sebsebseb> got bugged myself so decided to go the absolute safest way and install linux and run any ftps on linux01:38
hiexporem this is not windows01:38
nonix4Typos_King: well, the NO-CARRIER in "ip addr list" also suggests issues deeper than firewall... kinda weird that it can receive while having NO-CARRIER state though...01:38
sebsebsebvodl: really running a Windows install online is quite the security risk, but most users have no idea01:38
Typos_Kingdominicdinada:   pebkac, I've run win32 box just as well, in 14years or so, I may have gotten a whopping 5 or so malicious stuff,01:38
vodl<sebsebseb>still would really need that network manager01:38
sebsebsebvodl: ok i'll look at the screenshot hold on01:39
Uboyguys help me plz!01:39
soadkombuchakrazykrivda: Lemme know if that works01:39
vodl<sebsebseb> for use with a vpn, setting it up manually is nightmare-ish [ for me at least]01:39
vodluboy what's wrong?01:39
krazykrivdasoadkombucha: chmod: changing permissions of `/media/FILES': Read-only file system01:39
Uboyvodl:  I can't change my pass, I use grub in recovery mode and it didnt completed, then I use Live Ubuntu Disk and mk dir in /media/sda1 > mount /dev/sda1 /media/sda1/ > chroot /media/sda1   > then use this command: passwd myusername   >  then insert the password two times  and then restart PC after see the Line: Password Updated Successfuly  ,  (login configured in auto without pass) when I try to type and run any command in terminal with sudo i have the last 01:39
dominicdinadasebsebseb: every OS has their share of security problems. This is something that I hear from Mac users they cant get viruses etc. But that is very untrue, Windows has 90% of the worlds computers so it only makes sense to attack the easiest prey as linux and macs become even more common place you can be so will problems01:39
hiexpoUboy,  if none answers your ? ask again in 15 or so01:39
dominicdinadaTypos_King: I get malicious stuff from websites and other things alike I just notice the signs and take care of it right away. I mean you dont drive your car until the engine seizes with out servicing it :D01:41
sebsebsebdominicdinada: there is always the market share excuse, and I never said that Linux distros are immune from malware01:41
vodluboy: sorry, never had pass problems, best of luck :)01:41
sebsebsebdominicdinada: they do happen to be immune from Windows malware though01:41
dominicdinadasebsebseb: Very true :D01:41
ubottuAntivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus01:41
zenlunaticeverytime i peak in here its debate01:41
SlidingHorndominicdinada, (if i'm not ignored anymore) I find the whole "market share based security" argument to be flawed.  I'm sure that it would be more targeted if it did have a larger share, however, there are features of most linux systems that are inherently more secure than a windows system (no auto admin, open source -- lots of eyes to find/fix holes, etc)01:41
sebsebsebvodl: you can install  uhmm01:41
osmodivsthen, why is there an Antivirus in the Ubuntu repository?01:41
sebsebsebvodl: well thats part of Gnome01:41
hiexpoUboy,  this is not A paid channel everyome just helps to help out others01:42
soadkombuchakrazykrivda: Can you touch it?01:42
krazykrivdasoadkombucha: so it still doesn't work01:42
krazykrivdasoadkombucha: read only01:42
soadkombuchakrazykrivda: http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/redhat-fedora-linux-help/28502-chmod-w-doesnt-work-vfat-partition.html01:42
vodl<sebsebseb> should i look for it in synaptic?01:42
sebsebsebvodl: you could install a later version of Gnome yourself, and maybe just the network manager01:42
dominicdinadasebsebseb: but using a linux server for windows file sharing  will help windows viruses propagate :D01:42
Uboyhiexpo: are you have problem with me?01:42
sebsebsebvodl: also since your on 8.04,  you get the option of KDE 3 or KDE 4 from the repo01:42
sebsebsebvodl: both of which will have a similar program01:42
sebsebsebvodl: I mean you could try both KDE 3 and 401:43
frank82vtwhy doesnt appear the distribution ubuntu 8.10  intrepid ibex as an option in  http://packages.ubuntu.com/ ?01:43
sebsebsebvodl: and as far as I know in those versions there is a similar program, but yeah thats a differnet look01:43
ne7workhello all01:43
hiexpoUboy,  nope01:43
ne7workplease someone tell me how to compile alsa on ubuntu 9.04?01:43
sebsebseb!8.10 | frank82vt01:43
ubottufrank82vt: Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) was the ninth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: April 30th, 2010. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.01:43
dominicdinadaSlidingHorn: Some time Ago on a number of security sites packetstorm, beehive, securityfocus alike were showing like 300 new malicious threats for windows while say macs had 2001:44
resnoim looking to automate virtualbox virutal machine starting and stopping. should i write a cron using @restart?01:44
vodl<sebsebseb> not a fashion critic anyway, so I'll try them out01:44
sebsebsebvodl: KDE 3 is rather nice01:44
sebsebsebvodl: nice and mature been around for years01:44
ne7workplease someone tell me how to compile alsa on ubuntu 9.04?01:44
sebsebsebvodl: on the verge of deiing, well some people are still working on it01:44
Uboyhiexpo, this IRC channel is for Ubuntu and we all using that dist. it is usual to ask questiotion, so what for u say> (05:12:00 AM) hiexpo: Uboy,  this is not A paid channel everyome just helps to help out others01:44
sebsebsebvodl: not upstream KDE though, they are doing KDE 401:44
vodl<sebsebseb> do i need to install kde desktop or can I stick to gnome desktop and just run that manager?01:45
frank82vtwell i just want search packagues only for intrepid in http://packages.ubuntu.com/ so that distribution doesnt appear as option. why?01:45
sebsebsebvodl: you can maybe just install that manager yourself some how,  or upgrade Gnome yourself to a later version which isn't really supported by Ubuntu01:45
bp0how long will it take for the new vlc to appear?01:45
de_debI am trying to install ubuntu onto my external usb hdd from virtual box in xp01:45
hiexpoUboy,  if i souned rude sorry01:45
sebsebsebvodl: or you could install KDE 3 and 4 and see if they got something like what you want,  I think they do01:46
Uboyhiexpo pleasure01:46
de_debbut I am having trouble making virtual box recognize my usb hdd as an hdd01:46
sebsebsebvodl: and then you just select the session and log in to the one you want from log in screen01:46
sebsebsebvodl: and one will be the default.01:46
ceschow to make ubuntu to shut down at a specific time?01:47
sebsebsebvodl: seems a bit silly in a way though, to install the whole of KDE 3 or 4 or both, just for a network manager01:47
Uboyvodl: it means i don't have any way to change my pass?01:47
sebsebseb!info ghutdown01:47
ubottuPackage ghutdown does not exist in lucid01:47
sebsebseb!info gshutdown01:47
ubottugshutdown (source: gshutdown): Graphical shutdown utility and shutdown timer. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2-0ubuntu3 (lucid), package size 107 kB, installed size 520 kB01:47
sebsebsebcesc: there ^01:47
frank82vtwell i just want search packagues only for intrepid in http://packages.ubuntu.com/ so that distribution doesnt appear as option. why?01:47
sebsebsebcesc: np01:47
vodl<sebsebseb> alrighty I'll see what i have available here, many thanks:)01:48
SlidingHorndominicdinada, btw, I'm sorry if I came across as rude earlier.  Just wanted to make sure you were pointed somewhere that would have more focused expertise to your issue :)  -- and I got a little defensive afterward01:48
sebsebsebvodl: and if you look around on uhmm01:48
dominicdinadacesc: sudo shutdown -h (min)01:48
sebsebsebvodl: sf.net freshmeat.net maybe there is some alternative one you can install,  in fact I guess even xubuntu has one01:48
de_debplz anyone01:48
kostkonfrank82vt, http://old.releases.ubuntu.com/01:49
kostkon!eol | frank82vt01:49
ubottufrank82vt: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades01:49
IvanOoze|OpiatesHow can I add my music to my ipod touch 2nd gen?01:49
sebsebsebvodl: again xubuntu/xfce is in the 8.04 repo01:49
dominicdinadaSlidingHorn: Actually sebsebseb pointed out I could virtualbox windows and run my programs since wine seems to blockbit so many apps01:49
sebsebsebdominicdinada: Depends on RAM, and  which programs, how well a vm works or does not work01:49
IvanOoze|OpiatesHow can I add my music to my ipod touch 2nd gen?01:49
SlidingHorndominicdinada, sebsebseb good idea :)01:49
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aretrfre34how do hookup laptop with table via wifi?01:50
frank82vtthanks kostkon and ubottu01:50
soadkombuchaOkay I know why Amarok isn't working it's a Phonon error01:50
sebsebsebdominicdinada: and to some extent other hardware, for example at the moment they tend to suck for Windows 3D gaming, but support is getting there slowly01:50
sebsebsebdominicdinada: however for pretty much anything else, they will be fine01:50
aretrfre34sorry, how do I hookup laptop with tablet via wifi?01:50
vodl<sebsebseb> I have something called "network-manager" installed in synaptic, how do I find out what's the console command to run it?01:50
aretrfre34laptop with table, funny :)01:50
resnoim looking to automate virtualbox virutal machine starting and stopping. should i write a cron using @restart?01:51
dominicdinadasebsebseb: my purposes are just dreamweaver/Nusphere php,  ulead01:51
sebsebsebvodl: network-manager and open it from the terminal01:51
sebsebsebdominicdinada: uhmm you don't need Wine for PHP01:51
sebsebseb!lamp | dominicdinada01:51
ubottudominicdinada: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)01:51
dominicdinadasebsebseb: no but the editors i use01:51
vodl<sebsebseb> um...come again?01:51
Agu10how can I start some program in the second virtual desktop on startup?01:51
sebsebsebvodl: you can type in the name of a proccess/program/package in the terminal hit enter and open01:51
krazykrivdaAny partition i mount in ubuntu is all of a sudden read only, both swap and vfat.. it was working with fstab, I have changed nothing and now it doesn't work01:52
sebsebsebcesc: ok you didn't need to pm that01:52
Agu10I need to run some app on a specific virtual desktop on startup01:52
vodlpaul@paul:~$ network-manager01:52
vodlbash: network-manager: command not found01:52
aretrfre34dedicated: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=151857001:52
sebsebsebcesc: however yeah this is what you want01:52
sebsebsebcesc:  system > administration > terminal01:52
dominicdinadasebsebseb: I actually removed the LAMP package as for development purposes for me it is not practical to keep having to update the sites. So I switched to the Apachefriends for linux package01:52
sebsebsebcesc: then do this01:52
vodl<sebsebseb>doesn't seem to work01:52
sebsebsebcesc: sudo apt-get install gshutdown01:52
sebsebseb!pm > cesc01:53
ubottucesc, please see my private message01:53
dominicdinadacesc: you can ALSO do "sudo shutdown -h (min)"01:53
aretrfre34ubottu: wifi01:53
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:53
dominicdinadacesc: sudo shutdown -h 1001:53
sebsebsebdominicdinada: hes a noob01:53
cescthanks everybody for helping me.01:53
sebsebsebhiexpo: well thats what I was told01:53
sebsebsebdominicdinada: anyway so if you want to explain what that does to them, sure go a head01:54
sebsebsebdominicdinada:  or maybe its enough to know that it shut down, and not what the command means01:54
dominicdinadacesc: just type ( shutdown from your terminal and it will tell you how to reboot or turn off or whatever )01:54
dominicdinadasebsebseb: heh01:54
hiexposebsebseb,  ok i am lost on reading up oops lol01:55
sebsebseb!pm > Uboy01:55
ubottuUboy, please see my private message01:55
sebsebseb!ask | Uboy01:55
ubottuUboy: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:55
vodl<sebsebseb> network-manager doesn't work in terminal, any ideas?01:56
Uboysebsebseb here or private?01:56
sebsebsebUboy:  here I guess01:56
sebsebsebUboy: plus if you ask here and I don't know, someone else may know01:56
omanii have no beep in virtual terminals01:56
omanitty1-7 yes. but not in X01:56
resnoomani: try modprobe pcspkr01:57
omanipcspkr module is loaded01:57
dominicdinadavodl: ummm is it typically a static wifi connection ? take the time to write you interfaces and wpa_supplicant files01:57
Uboysebsebseb I can't change my pass, I use grub in recovery mode and it didnt completed, then I use Live Ubuntu Disk and mk dir in /media/sda1 > mount /dev/sda1 /media/sda1/ > chroot /media/sda1   > then use this command: passwd myusername   >  then insert the password two times  and then restart PC after see the Line: Password Updated Successfuly  ,  (login configured in auto without pass) when I try to type and run any command in terminal with sudo i have the la01:57
resnoomani: you need to enable them in settings/prefrences?01:57
omaniwhen i start X i can hear it, but then, something happens and my beep is gone01:57
omaniresno, where in lucid is the preference for that?01:57
dominicdinadavodl: Like always your home or work ?01:57
sebsebsebUboy: ok re setting a user account password is easy01:57
sebsebsebUboy: get the recovery mode and the root shell in it01:58
thune3_ath: the only thing related i see is http://forums.opensuse.org/get-help-here/hardware/435380-ati-radeon-5670-fglrx-problem-opensuse-11-2-x64.html , where the problem ended up being a bios/on-board-graphics/pci-address issue. I might recommend commenting out the BusID line, and try to let fglrx try to find the device.01:58
sebsebsebUboy: then do.  passwd your username01:58
sebsebsebUboy: and put in the new password twice01:58
dominicdinadapasswd Uboy googler googler01:58
k-radanyone need help ?01:58
omaniresno, where is that?01:58
CrazyHyenaHello, I am trying to compile a program using gcc-4.2 and g++-4.2. GCC/++-4.4 is currently linked to g++ and gcc. I use CC=gcc-4.2 and CPP=g++-4.2 as environment variables before using ./configure, but says that gcc-4.2 fails sanity check... if I link gcc and g++ to 4.2, then it works. why would it not work with a variable?01:59
Uboysebsebseb: Yes I get the recovery mode with change the GRUB option but the grub doesnt enter in recovery uption to select the Root mode!01:59
sebsebsebUboy: oh it won't boot up recovery mode?01:59
Uboysebsebseb yes01:59
sebsebsebvodl: try KDE or something,  I am not so sure what is the best way to help you01:59
sebsebsebvodl: or try to01:59
vodl<sebsebseb>http://www.ubuntugeek.com/wicd-wired-and-wireless-network-manager-for-ubuntu.html found the manager02:00
resnoomani: try checking sound options02:00
Sa[i]nTWhat is the tool ubuntu uses to make a book usb?02:00
sebsebsebUboy: Which version of Ubuntu?02:00
omaniresno, i dont have any internal speaker / pc speaker option in lucid02:00
sebsebseb!usb | Sa[i]nT02:00
ubottuSa[i]nT: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent02:00
Uboysebsebseb 10.04 LTS lucid02:00
dominicdinadavodl: that is not the default manager :D but it is a good one02:00
sebsebsebSa[i]nT: Unetbottin02:00
sebsebsebUboy: clean install or?02:01
vodl<dominicdinada> after I added the repo I get this error: W: GPG error: http://apt.wicd.net hardy Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY FEC820F4B8C0755A02:01
cescwhich dictionary would you recommend me to allow me to select a word while surffing on the www and get the definition on a pop-up window or even the translation into another language? English is not my mother-language so sometimes I get words which I don't understand. That would be very handy for me.02:01
Uboysebsebseb: what u meaning af clean install?02:01
sebsebsebUboy: a new install of Ubuntu?02:01
Uboysebsebse yes02:02
sebsebsebUboy: ok02:02
vodl <dominicdinada> how do I add a key?02:02
Uboysebsebseb and the Hard disk was row!02:02
sebsebsebUboy: There is bound to be another way to fix this, but it would probably be easier to just clean install02:02
sebsebsebUboy: row ?02:02
Uboysebsebseb I mean that before i start install install I erase all of my hard and format that and creat all partition with installation of linux02:03
sebsebsebUboy: right yeah02:03
sebsebsebUboy: so not data on there that you want?02:03
Guest31698hey everyone. :)  hope you are all doing well.... would someone possible be able to help me with a printer issue?02:04
ne7workplease someone tell me how to compile alsa on ubuntu 9.04?02:04
sebsebsebUboy: well then clean install I guess.  also a tip for operating system installs, make sure the CD is good,  so  when it comes to Linux distros make sure your ISO is good, check it02:04
Uboysebsebseb no and I creat back up from package by APTonCD02:04
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows02:04
ubottuSee https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes for the md5sums of Ubuntu discs.02:04
sebsebsebubottu: ok I haven't used APTonCD  before, or have I hrm02:05
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:05
Uboyyeah a Disk is DVD and bought from good shop center02:05
sebsebsebindeed you are just a bot, a female bot that isn't intelligent, that was meant to go to Uboy  silly messing up of auto complete02:05
ubottuyes, I can confirm I am a female bot :)02:05
Uboysebsebseb ok APTonCD just back up all package.02:06
thune3cesc: hyperwords is a firefox plugin that does something like what you describe02:06
Uboysebsebseb ybottu is bot, it do'snt me!02:06
sebsebsebUboy: Whats that?02:06
cescthanks thune3 gonna check it02:07
LostwfCan any one point me to where i can find the pool for maverick meerkat? I have tried archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu and I still need 214 files to complete my iso02:07
ahmedkotbi really need help02:07
sebsebseb!meverick | Lostwf02:07
LJRuff!ask | ahmedkotb02:07
ubottuahmedkotb: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:07
UboyI don't khow, but i know this bot is a program written fot IRC (automatic IRC Robat)02:07
dominicdinadavodl: I was afk But i dont use Wcid anymore i believe you go under properties02:07
sebsebseb!maverick | Lostwf02:07
ubottuLostwf: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is Not released and Not Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+102:07
ahmedkotbi have just deleted all my home partition by accident ....02:08
Uboysebsebseb I don't khow, but i know this bot is a program written fot IRC (automatic IRC Robat)02:08
ahmedkotbfrom the terminal02:08
ahmedkotbusing the rm command with the -R flag02:08
omaniwhere is the preference for internal speaker / pc speaker in lucid lynx02:08
Uboysebsebseb so what can I do except Reinstalling Ubuntu?02:08
ubottuMaverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is Not released and Not Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+102:08
LostwfThanks ubotto02:09
LJRuffahmedkotb, How did you do that???02:09
ahmedkotbi was just deleting a single file02:09
UboyEvery Body Khows > ubotto is BOT02:10
ahmedkotbbut i pressed enter before completting the path02:10
Uboysebsebseb u gone?02:10
ahmedkotbwithout completing02:10
ahmedkotbso it deleted all the contents of home02:10
sebsebsebUboy: nah still here02:10
sebsebsebahmedkotb: ok why were you doing home stuff?02:10
ahmedkotbfeeling really stupid to make such mistake :(02:10
LJRuffahmedkotb, with recursive options?02:10
LJRuff= ?02:10
ahmedkotbi just wanted to delete a folder02:10
wise_cryptahmedkotb: sudo mkdir /home/yourusername/02:11
sebsebsebwise_crypt: stop02:11
ahmedkotbhow can i restore the files ?02:11
sebsebsebahmedkotb: right yeah02:11
sinnedamhey guys..my firefox browser seems laggy..like video wise when scrolling for instance..is this normal for Ubuntu?02:11
sebsebsebwise_crypt: lets not get his hard disk over written and such02:11
LJRuffwise_crypt, that won't restore the lost files...02:11
Uboysebsebseb ok02:11
sebsebsebahmedkotb: ok if the partition is really gone02:11
ahmedkotbthe partition is there02:12
wise_cryptLJRuff: but he won't reinstall ubuntu ?02:12
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
sebsebsebahmedkotb: you can probably restore most or all of the data using test disk02:12
Uboysebsebseb so what can i do except Reinstalling Ubuntu?02:12
ahmedkotband the home folder is there02:12
ahmedkotbbut all the configuration files where lost02:12
ahmedkotband ofcourse my files02:12
LJRuffwise_crypt, reinstalling is just as bad. He needs to restore the files if he can. There's some packages that do that.02:12
ahmedkotbi have tried scalple02:12
sebsebsebahmedkotb: hrm I think test disk only works on partitions that have actsauly been deleted02:12
ahmedkotbbut it restores certain files only02:13
sebsebseb!info testdisk02:13
ubottutestdisk (source: testdisk): Partition scanner and disk recovery tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 6.11-1 (lucid), package size 1510 kB, installed size 4672 kB02:13
omani!info pc speaker02:13
ubottu'speaker' is not a valid distribution: hardy, hardy-backports, hardy-proposed, jaunty, jaunty-backports, jaunty-proposed, karmic, karmic-backports, karmic-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, maverick, maverick-backports, maverick-proposed, medibuntu, partner, stable, testing, unstable02:13
wise_cryptLJRuff: then testdisk02:13
sebsebsebUboy: you can mess around with Grub 202:13
sebsebsebUboy: which won't be fun at all02:13
sebsebsebUboy: well the old version wasn't as bad to mess around with02:14
ahmedkotbshould i try test desk ?02:14
Uboysebsebseb how?02:14
thune3sinnedam: with compiz enabled, i had to turn off smoothscroll in ubuntu because it looked terrible. i don't have great hardware.02:14
sebsebsebUboy: and you can change the boot menu, and then maybe the recovery mode will load up02:14
thune3sinnedam: smoothscroll in firefox, that is02:14
wise_crypt!info testdisk | ahmedkotb02:14
ubottuahmedkotb: testdisk (source: testdisk): Partition scanner and disk recovery tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 6.11-1 (lucid), package size 1510 kB, installed size 4672 kB02:14
sebsebsebUboy: easier to re install, than mess around with Grub 2 really02:14
sebsebseb!grub2 | Uboy02:14
ubottuUboy: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub202:14
sinnedamill check those settings thanks guys02:14
sebsebsebahmedkotb: got another computer?02:15
sebsebsebahmedkotb: and you got Ubuntu Live CD yeah?02:15
sinnedamwell crap where are the smooth scroll settings at?02:15
ahmedkotbactually no :(02:15
brueniggrub is not that hard, just follow instructions like anything else02:15
sebsebsebbruenig: well it is for Ubuntu newbies and such02:16
cellofellowgrub2 makes more sense than grub1 ever did.02:16
sebsebsebcellofellow: Grub Legacy  was really easy to configure for basic stuff02:16
LJRuffsebsebseb, When you've been in the Unix-like family for so long you forget. "zomg! You can't hardcode and compile a kernel by hand?" =P02:17
thune3sinnedam: Firefox Edit>Prefs>Advanced02:17
cellofellowIn grub1, /boot/grub/menu.lst was actually two files, one of which configured the other one.02:17
Uboysebsebseb Installing and using of GRUB 2 needs root password and my pass doesn't work!02:17
cellofellowwell, not really two files, but it behaved that way.02:17
sebsebsebUboy: no02:17
sebsebsebUboy: you already have Grub 202:17
sebsebsebUboy: its the program that boots up Ubuntu02:17
Uboysebsebseb i know , so....?02:17
=== k is now known as Guest9006
juggalo483how do i install java02:17
Uboysebsebseb the last way?02:17
sinnedamok smooth scroll is turned off...so are you saying i need to turn it on?02:17
sebsebsebbruenig: if you want to  try and help Uboy feel free02:17
sebsebsebUboy: tell people your issue, others may be able to help02:18
wise_crypt!java | juggalo48302:18
ubottujuggalo483: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java. For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.02:18
Uboysebsebseb tnx02:18
Uboyjuggalo483 which version?02:18
LJRuffUboy, please explain your issue in as much detail as possible so we can all appraise it and provide any help.02:18
sebsebsebUboy: if it had been the old Grub,  I would have been able to help you more right now02:18
juggalo483uboy: newest02:19
sebsebsebjuggalo483: uhmm?02:19
smuggleshow do i install a kernel module?02:19
smugglesi need modprobe02:19
smugglesi mean tun02:19
thune3sinnedam: no. you can leave it off. up scroll and downscroll are still "juddery" for me, still02:19
wise_cryptsmuggles: i use kernelcheck to do that02:19
Uboysebsebseb i explain every think i see02:19
mdgIn Lucid, what kind of video cards work/work the best?02:19
soadkombuchaSo I just wrote a script that assumes the realtek audio drivers are extracted and that the package folder is in ~/ I'm hoping it works...02:19
sebsebsebahmedkotb: ok back to you02:19
wise_cryptsmuggles: http://kcheck.sourceforge.net/02:19
ahmedkotbno problem02:20
ahmedkotbwelcome back02:20
Uboysebsebseb ask me i answer02:20
quesoIn Rhythmbox, how do I turn off the new song growl notification that fades in/out at the upper right of the screen?02:20
soadkombuchaCan anyone check a script for me to make sure that it would work if I uploaded the code to pastebin?02:20
sebsebsebUboy: no tell the other people in this channel, what your trying to do02:20
sebsebsebUboy: since they missed it when you told me02:20
ahmedkotbsebsebseb,  it is totally my mistake i know that02:20
Agu10how can I install alltray on ubuntu 10.04 ?02:20
Agu10it's not in the sources :S02:21
ahmedkotbsebsebseb, and the bigger mistake is that i didnt do backups :(02:21
LJRuff!hi | devian02:21
ubottudevian: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!02:21
sebsebsebahmedkotb: ok not a big deal02:21
sebsebsebahmedkotb: data is still there, untill the hard disk overwrites it02:21
ahmedkotbi know that02:21
LJRuffqueso, I know it's in the preferences under rhythmbox.02:21
wajimbahow do I set up a VNC server?02:21
LJRuff!rhythmbox | queso02:21
ubottuqueso: Audio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs02:21
ahmedkotbbut how can i extract it02:21
LJRuffOops... that's not it02:21
sebsebseb!vnc > wajimba02:21
ubottuwajimba, please see my private message02:21
wise_cryptahmedkotb: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery02:21
sebsebsebahmedkotb: you can download the test disk Live CD02:22
sebsebsebahmedkotb: or  Ubuntu Live CD install test disk on it and use it from that02:22
=== Weust`afk is now known as Weust`
Uboysebsebseb all of people here and in forum and... can't help me! if this is linux, so we must not reinstall it and this is exactly diffrence between both02:22
sebsebsebahmedkotb: and it should get hold of all/most of your data, however it seems the partiton has to actsaully been deleted first from the partition table, before that worsk02:22
mdgAnyone know what an "init" error of 4 is?02:22
soadkombuchaWho was asking about alltray?02:22
devianThks but i am also new at this02:22
soadkombuchaAgu10: http://ftp.debian.org/pool/main/a/alltray/02:22
soadkombuchaAgu10: Download the .deb file for your system02:22
quesoLJRuff: oh, it was in the plugins area.02:22
sebsebsebUboy: how new are you to Ubuntu?02:22
Uboysebsebseb between linux and windows02:23
LJRuffUboy, please explain your issue in as much detail as possible so we can all help you02:23
jsecHi all. Battery life indicator on my laptop has been reading 0% even after a full charge for about a month now. Anybody know what may cause this? Searching the forums doesn't really yield any results.02:23
sebsebsebLJRuff: he can't log in to his account02:23
wajimbasebsebseb: thx!02:23
ahmedkotbdoes test disk restore all the files02:23
sebsebsebwajimba: np02:23
ahmedkotbor it just searches for a known header format ?02:23
soadkombuchaWould anyone be willing to check a script for me to make sure it's formatted properly?02:23
LJRuffsebsebseb, Thanks.02:23
sebsebsebLJRuff: he can't get into the recovery mode02:23
mdgAnyone know what an "init" error of 4 is?02:23
sebsebsebLJRuff: he seems to have tried the chmod or whatever on the Live CD as well without luck02:23
UboyLJRuff I was enter in linux last week, today I'm triying to configure and install fingerprint sensor02:23
LJRuffjsec, does the laptop work if you unplug it?02:24
sebsebsebUboy: uh02:24
sebsebsebUboy: you told me you can't get into your account02:24
LJRuffsebsebseb, Uboy hmmm... did you ask in #grub?02:24
UboyLJRuff & sebsebseb no02:24
soadkombuchaTootoot222: Could you possibly check a script for me so I know it'll work when I run it?02:24
cellofellownot really02:24
jesuskaHi everyone. Looking for some help with Empathy02:24
mbrigdanCan anyone help me out? I recently re-jaibroke my ipod, so ssh was complaining about a wrong key. I removed the offending line from my known_hosts file, but nautilus still refuses to mount it, saying "Host key verification failed"02:24
sebsebsebUboy: trust me if you only started with this last week02:24
jsecLJRuff, yes. I keep tabs on about how long I've had it unplugged, it's just really annoying when I lose track and it randomly dies on me.02:24
ahmedkotbsebsebseb, thanks for the help02:24
sebsebsebUboy: you won't want  to be messing around with Grub 2 already02:24
wise_cryptsoadkombucha: what kind of script?02:25
ahmedkotbsebsebseb, i will see what i can do02:25
ahmedkotbthanks 4 all of you02:25
sebsebsebahmedkotb: ok good luck :)02:25
soadkombuchawise_crypt: A shell script that auto configures makes and installs the 4 realtek hi def audio drivers02:25
ahmedkotbthe most important lesson is : BACKUP02:25
ahmedkotbBACKUP BACUP02:25
soadkombuchawise_crypt: http://pastebin.ca/189014902:25
LJRuffjsec, hmmm... what are you using?02:25
jesuskaHi everyone. Looking for some help with Empathy02:25
soadkombuchawise_crypt: I don't THINK anything is wrong with it02:25
soadkombuchaI used .. to cd back to the parent folder02:25
jsecLJRuff, MacBook running lucid02:26
LJRuffI've never heard of this issue with a macbook and as I've never used one... = /02:26
ubutom!ask > jesuska02:26
ubottujesuska, please see my private message02:26
ZykoticK9mbrigdan, you might want to try moving known_hosts to a new file and retrying (just to test)02:26
sebsebsebUboy: yes it can be good to mess around  / experiment a bit to try and learn something02:26
quesoLJRuff: actually, no, I still can't get it to turn off those notifications.02:27
jsecLJRuff, haha understood. I've seen problems on the forum with a pretty wide range of laptops affected. It seems like it might be an ACPI issue, but I don't know where to get started.02:27
mbrigdanZykoticK9, ok, trying that now02:27
soadkombuchawise_crypt: Anything look wrong with it? Just let me know.02:27
sebsebsebUboy: however I have used Desktop Linux since 2004, and no Ubuntu was not my first distro :)   and even now,  I will clean install if something happens,  and I know that, there isn't much point trying to fix in some way02:27
wise_cryptsoadkombucha: you already have alsa lib on you machine why compiling another ?02:28
quesoLJRuff: I tried Edit, Plugins, Status Icon, Configure, Notifications, Never Shown, and it still shows them.02:28
soadkombuchawise_crypt: My audio drivers were messed up they were playing static02:28
LJRuffqueso, try asking in #gnome or #rhythmbox?02:28
soadkombuchawise_crypt: So I figured I'd do a clean compile and install02:28
jesuskamy empathy doesnt seem to work anymore.. it just stalls when validating new chat account parameters... i cant connect to any account anymore. any idea ?02:28
quesoLJRuff: okay, will do. thank you.02:28
wise_crypt!info libasound2 | soadkombucha02:28
ubottusoadkombucha: libasound2 (source: alsa-lib): shared library for ALSA applications. In component main, is optional. Version 1.0.22-0ubuntu7 (lucid), package size 384 kB, installed size 1308 kB (Only available for alpha amd64 arm armeb armel avr32 hppa i386 ia64 lpia m32r m68k mips mipsel powerpc ppc64 s390 s390x sh3 sh3eb sh4 sh4eb sparc all)02:28
LJRuffqueso, sorry i couldn't help more. = /02:28
sebsebsebUboy: and even  experienced users quite a lot of us, will avoide messing around with programs that we don't like, for example  Grub2, or  Xorg for the graphics02:28
soadkombuchawise_crypt: I'm having audio issues. Let me try a reboot...02:28
LJRuffjsec, Nor do I. I've never worked under Ubuntu's hood much. After I got a feel for linux I kind of moved off...02:28
soadkombuchawise_crypt: After my file copy operation finishes02:29
wise_cryptsoadkombucha: ok02:29
soadkombuchawise_crypt: But does anything minus that look wrong with the script?02:29
soadkombuchathe alsa-lib is easy to edit out02:29
sebsebsebLJRuff: yeah most of us don't really need to do anything as such with under the hood02:29
wise_cryptsoadkombucha: no02:29
soadkombuchawise_crypt: Alright. Just wanted to make sure. I'd read up on making bash scripts, and I thought I had it right, but seeing as today was the first time I've ever actually implemented the knowledge of writing them I checked. Thank you.02:30
wise_cryptsoadkombucha: np02:30
LJRuffsebsebseb, That's why I moved away from Ubnutu. It's basically already perfect on the user's end - if you want to play around with a tuner car then you need to move onto Debian's Sid or Slackware or Gentoo or something. =P I still use and love Ubuntu tho...02:30
soadkombuchaWhat about Linux Mint?02:30
UboyLJRuff & sebsebseb after I'm triyng to apply this changes > http://knowledge76.com/index.php/Fingerprint_Reader_Usage > my problem appears > my password doesn't work for authentificate command in sudo, instal package from software source and..... but log in page doesn't want me a password becouse I think i changed the setting to log in after problem occure, so I'm triying to change password bu GRUB and go to root shell, but GRUB doesn't complete that the option02:30
sebsebsebLJRuff: Mandriva for me since November on here, but thats also a noobs distro,  in fact more user friendly than Ubuntu really02:31
mbrigdanZykoticK9, did that, the old copied contents back in, and now it works. Thank you!02:31
sebsebsebLJRuff: other computer is still Ubuntu02:31
ZykoticK9mbrigdan, glad you got it working :)02:31
soadkombuchasebsebseb: you really like Debian distros? Isn't RPM a tad more stable?02:31
wise_cryptsebsebseb: !poll02:31
LJRuffsebsebseb, never used it - but we're moving off-topic. I have dual boots. Playign with gentoo and ubuntu02:31
soadkombuchaLJRuff: If you want something to mess around with why don't you try out ArchLinux? It's pacman based, not Deb or RPM02:32
sebsebsebwise_crypt: having a nice graphical control centre for setting up the system,  makes it more user friendly, anyway off topic02:32
Uboysebsebseb > Explain > after I'm triyng to apply this changes > http://knowledge76.com/index.php/Fingerprint_Reader_Usage > my problem appears > my password doesn't work for authentificate command in sudo, instal package from software source and..... but log in page doesn't want me a password becouse I think i changed the setting to log in after problem occure, so I'm triying to change password bu GRUB and go to root shell, but GRUB doesn't complete that the opt02:32
LJRuffsoadkombucha, It's on my list to try after I master Gentoo02:32
sebsebsebsoadkombucha: DEB, RPM,  apt-get yum, whatever, I don't care, as long as the apps I use will work :)02:33
juggalo483still cant get java installed any ideas02:33
LJRuffbrb all02:33
jesuskaanybody here can help me ?02:33
jesuskamy empathy doesnt seem to work anymore.. it just stalls when validating new chat account parameters... i cant connect to any account anymore. any idea ?02:33
Uboysebsebseb > Explain > after I'm triyng to apply this changes > http://knowledge76.com/index.php/Fingerprint_Reader_Usage > my problem appears > my password doesn't work for authentificate command in sudo, instal package from software source and..... but log in page doesn't want me a password becouse I think i changed the setting to log in after problem occure, so I'm triying to change password bu GRUB and go to root shell, but GRUB doesn't complete that the opt02:33
wise_cryptif you guys wana mess around use slackware they are plenty to mess with02:33
ZykoticK9!repeat > Uboy02:33
ubottuUboy, please see my private message02:33
sebsebsebUboy: don't repeate stuff so quickly02:33
soadkombuchawise_crypt: There's always Arch02:34
Uboyok sorry02:34
Uboyso pleas read it02:34
sebsebsebUboy: sometimes we are doing something else,  or we end up in off toipc chat :D,  or were helping someone else in here as well,  patience :)02:34
juggalo483uboy: any ideas on java02:34
Uboyok i know02:34
wise_cryptsoadkombucha: or ubuntu in minimal install ;p02:34
soadkombuchawise_crypt: Haha02:35
sebsebsebUboy: and we are volunters, we don't get paid to help out in here,  so yeah patience02:35
ZykoticK9juggalo483, "apt-cache policy sun-java6-plugin" does it show as installed?02:35
soadkombuchawise_crypt: I think I'm going to continue coming to this room. Despite being a relatively new regular linux user, I'm getting a decent chunk of knowledge from here, plus am finding that I actually CAN help people02:35
juggalo483zykotick9: sorry new to the OS where would i see that02:35
ZykoticK9juggalo483, run everything inside the "s in a terminal02:36
Uboysebsebseb all of this mean's I'm so tired and 13 Hours working front Laptop to solve 1 problem! :d02:36
wajimbasebsebseb: got vnc working- now how do I change my screen resolution to 1440x875?02:36
sebsebsebwajimba: uhmm well  I know that the computer your connecting to, that that is the one where the resolution should probably be changed really02:36
wajimbaso, is it an xorg.conf thing?02:37
sebsebsebwajimba: so yeah on that computer get it changed02:37
sebsebsebwajimba: no I don't think it has anything to do with xorg02:37
sebsebsebwajimba: how big or small the connection is on your screen02:37
sebsebsebwajimba: the desktop02:38
wajimbawell, my only problem is that 1440x875 is not a standard resolution, so I can't just pick it on the VNC server computer02:38
=== kevin__ is now known as triaflete
sebsebsebUboy: right I just gone on your link02:38
Uboyok tnx dude02:39
wajimbathe connection is LAN -- 100 Mbps02:39
sebsebsebUboy: pm only with proper reason :)02:39
sebsebsebUboy: and so far you haven't been pming me like that at all02:39
juggalo483Zykotick9: unable to find package02:39
ZykoticK9wajimba, that limitation would be in your VNC client (not really surprising actually)02:39
sebsebsebUboy: basically pm is good for stuff that shoudn't go in the channel, for example off topic chat02:39
ZykoticK9juggalo483, are you on 10.04?  if you you need to enable the Partner repository.02:39
sebsebseb!pm | Uboy02:40
ubottuUboy: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.02:40
ZykoticK9juggalo483, my note in blue at the top http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/java02:40
wajimbaZykoticK9: huh? I'm just using the built-in remote desktop on ubuntu. To my knowledge the vnc clientside will adjust the window according to the resolution set on the server side02:40
sebsebsebUboy: you asked in pm if my name is always sebsebseb when I am in here, most of the time it has been02:41
NetScr1bex-chat can't survive power standby?02:41
NetScr1beUbuntu upgrade weirdness02:41
sebsebsebUboy: also it is a good idea to not target a particular person when wanting support and asking a question, instead ask the whole channel :)02:41
Uboysebsebseb are u play with me?02:41
ZykoticK9wajimba, vnc client must be the resolution cause though02:41
flypipersoadkombucha, are you still here??02:41
juggalo483father-inlaw said nstall openjdk java runtime02:41
soadkombuchaflypiper: Yes02:41
sebsebsebUboy: and now hold on so I can read the link you gave :)02:41
soadkombuchaflypiper: What's going on?02:41
wajimbaZykoticK9: the cause?02:41
Uboywhat link?02:42
NetScr1beIt's in the installing software phase preparing to configure HAL and is hung ....02:42
flypipersoadkombucha, the ipw3945 modules aren' in non-free02:42
NetScr1be... mouse won't move and Caps Lock is blinking02:42
ZykoticK9wajimba, why would you want to run a remove connection that that high a resolution anyway?  isn't that slow?02:42
sebsebsebUboy: the one you gave out in here three times02:42
ZykoticK9wajimba, s/remove/remote02:42
=== no-name is now known as Guest67689
Uboysebsebseb http://knowledge76.com/index.php/Fingerprint_Reader_Usage02:42
sebsebsebUboy: yes that one02:43
=== Longhorn|XP is now known as Longhorn
soadkombuchaflypiper: Hrm. Did you try compiling them from source?02:43
Uboysebsebseb http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/linux/reset-your-ubuntu-password-easily-from-the-live-cd/02:43
sebsebsebUboy: by the way I am not a girl02:43
bazhangylmfos, english here02:43
NetScr1beI wwas not a girl one02:43
soadkombuchaflypiper: http://ipw3945.sourceforge.net/#downloads02:43
Uboysebsebseb any way I love U!02:43
flypipersoadkombucha, ok.. thanks02:44
bazhangylmfos, #ubuntu-cn for chinese02:44
sebsebsebUboy: is your computer a system76 ?02:44
soadkombuchaflypiper: Not a problem.02:44
bruenigipw3945 is way out of date02:44
soadkombuchaflypiper: Do you know how to compile from source?02:44
Uboysebsebseb Waht?!!!1102:44
soadkombuchabruenig: It's the card he has though02:44
bruenigiwl drivers are the up-to-date supporter drivers02:44
sebsebsebUboy: ok on the top of02:44
flypipersoadkombucha, yea.. but this is a new install so I will have to install all the build tools02:44
bruenigipw was deprecated by iwl02:44
wajimbaZykoticK9: that's a good point. That's the size of the client screen I want to view it on minus the window bar height02:44
Uboysebsebseb 2 minutes can u go in IM/02:44
macoUboy: isnt this something you can call system76 about? they provide support when you buy their hardware, i thought02:45
bruenigyou are looking for this, not the ipw3945 driver02:45
soadkombuchaflypiper: Try the iwl drivers02:45
soadkombuchaflypiper: Search for them, if they're not there build from them: http://intellinuxwireless.org/?n=Downloads02:45
ylmfosWhere are you from?02:45
bazhang!ot | ylmfos02:45
sebsebsebUboy: uhmm02:45
ubottuylmfos: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:45
macoUboy: for reference,  they have ##system76 on here and they have their own subforum on http://ubuntuforums.org if you want help direct from system76 folks02:45
flypipersoadkombucha, that is what is installed from default.. and they are really slow... it won't load a web page at all02:45
sebsebsebubottu: point 4 on the page you gave02:45
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:45
Uboysebsebseb what's your meaning of system 76?02:45
bazhangylmfos, this is NOT the chat channel02:45
soadkombuchaflypiper: Ahh.02:45
bruenigI find it hard to believe that iwl is not included by default in ubuntu or alternative that there is not a package for it02:46
soadkombuchaflypiper: Then try the ipw drivers if you want.02:46
derpIs there a way to take VMware and make it the GUI for ubuntu?02:46
Uboysebsebseb no my system not 76!02:46
=== derp is now known as Guest87049
soadkombuchaflypiper: Did you try the wireless backports module?02:46
sebsebsebUboy: have you even read all of this page?  http://knowledge76.com/index.php/Fingerprint_Reader_Usage02:46
wiresharkcould anyone check  to synaptic if has already instaled the sun-java6-bin and sun-java6-jre???02:46
flypipersoadkombucha, Im trying to get them.. but they seem to have vanished02:46
ZykoticK9wajimba, isn't resolution all determined by your VNC client setup? - i don't use remote GUI stuff02:46
sebsebsebUboy: look at number 402:46
Uboysebsebseb yes02:46
soadkombuchaflypiper: hold on02:46
sebsebsebUboy: also the introduction mentions system 7602:46
macoUboy: why are you using system76-hardware-specific drivers if you dont have a system76 machine? have you checked that its the exact same hardware?02:46
Guest87049Just saying this again due to the nick change: Is there a way to take VMware and make it the GUI for ubuntu?02:46
sebsebsebUboy: number 4 is your problem?02:46
flypipersoadkombucha, where would I find those?02:46
CrazyHyenawill ubuntu's future versions continue to try to be lightweight, as in using the same amount of RAM in the next versions?02:47
sebsebsebmaco: :)  bingo I was getting to that,  that he is probably doing the wrong thing02:47
wajimbaZykoticK9: my client, realvnc, grabs the resolution of the screen that it's looking at02:47
bruenigipw isn't even maintained anymore, I doubt seriously that it will even compile and work properly in the latest kernels02:47
NetScr1beGuest87049, say more about that but maqybe differently02:47
bruenigit stopped being maintained at least a year ago02:47
soadkombuchaflypiper: Try compat-wireless? http://wireless.kernel.org/en/users/Download/stable/02:47
wiresharkcould anyone check  to synaptic if has already instaled the sun-java6-bin and sun-java6-jre???02:47
macobruenig: 2 or 3 more like02:47
Uboysebsebseb dude my fingerprint is another problem! I can't install and use it02:47
soadkombuchabruenig: You think compat-wireless might work?02:48
wise_cryptderp: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware/Server it has a web interface02:48
flypipersoadkombucha, Ok.. gimme a few02:48
Uboysebsebseb my fingerprint sensor in windows named UPEK02:48
Guest87049Well what I am wanting to do is take the functions of VMware and literally just make the different OS onto the same desktop as the default OS02:48
soadkombuchaGuest87049: There's software that does that hold on02:48
macoUboy: but UPEK is a brand....02:48
macoUboy: you need to check whether its the exact same model02:48
ylmfos What does it chat the function is?02:48
macoylmfos: what?02:48
bazhangylmfos, Ubuntu support only02:49
soadkombuchaGuest87049: There's QEmu and there's another one02:49
Uboymaco is there any way to found the exact model?02:49
bazhangylmfos, chat in #ubuntu-offtopic02:49
ZykoticK9wajimba, when you connect in realvnc see the "connection options" and the scale option appears to modify resolution somehow.  Good luck man.02:49
soadkombuchaCrazyHyena: No02:49
Guest87049I am not wanting to do virtual box or VMware or any of that02:49
cellofellowFLV is a container format that can use the Sorenson 3 codec (ffmpeg calls it flv, it's a subset of H.232) or On2 VP6 or H.264.02:49
soadkombuchaCrazyHyena: Guest87049  wants to run the kernels cocurrently02:49
ylmf-hanhow can i update a software? i have download the .desktop file02:49
cellofellowoops, wrong chanel02:49
Guest87049I want the OS to be a universal operating system02:49
soadkombuchaGuest87049: CoLinux or QEmu02:49
Guest87049thank you02:50
bazhangylmf-han, downloaded from where02:50
cellofellowirssi split screens are a little confusing02:50
Uboymaco i think u'r bot102:50
sebsebsebUboy: make sure your installing for your computer, otherwise yes problems02:50
macoUboy: run "lsusb" to get the vendor & model id numbers02:50
soadkombuchaGuest87049: Not a problem. CoLinux might need to be run from windows though..02:50
macoUboy: and no, i'm not a bot02:50
wiresharkcould anyone check  to synaptic if has already installed the sun-java6-bin and sun-java6-jre???02:50
Guest87049Does colinux allow mac, windows, and ubuntu02:50
Uboymaco sorry,02:50
CrazyHyenais there a way to convert USB into a normal COM serial port?02:51
bazhangwireshark, enable the partner repo to get02:51
soadkombuchaGuest87049: I don't know. There's also KVM02:51
bazhang!partner | wireshark02:51
ubottuwireshark: Canonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »02:51
sebsebsebGuest87049: no colinux is uhmm02:51
Guest87049These are all just virtualhost correct?02:51
Uboysmaco lsusb show me only a UPEK in line 102:51
sebsebsebGuest87049: a bit like Wine, but for Windows and for Linux apps02:51
ZykoticK9wireshark, could you rephrase?  what would you like?02:51
soadkombuchaBut KVM is virtual machines02:51
soadkombuchaGuest87049: CoLinux is the only one I know that allows a kernel to be run cocurrently02:51
wiresharkZykoticK9:  only to check if you already installed them02:51
edbiansoadkombucha, coLinux is really cool02:52
ZykoticK9wireshark, i have them jre installed02:52
Uboymaco us 008 Device 002: ID 147e:1000 Upek02:52
wiresharkcould you check ZykoticK9?02:52
UboyBus 008 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub02:52
UboyBus 007 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub02:52
UboyBus 006 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub02:52
UboyBus 005 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub02:52
UboyBus 004 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub02:52
FloodBot2Uboy: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:52
UboyBus 003 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub02:52
UboyBus 002 Device 002: ID 0c45:63e0 Microdia Sonix Integrated Webcam02:52
flypipersoadkombucha, I will have to build that also.. let me try the ipw3945 first02:52
cntrationalUboy: what02:52
soadkombuchaGuest87049: But colinux is linux in windows02:52
ylmfos Where do I want to know you from02:52
sebsebsebUboy: did you set a root password?02:52
Guest87049So how do I get an Operating system to just kinda be like a 3rd party hosting to allow mac, windows, and linux functions/programs to be run on one desktop?02:52
cntrationalUboy: use pastebin02:52
soadkombuchaflypiper: Alright.02:52
soadkombuchaGuest87049: Well through windows you can use colinux to run a linux kernel I don't know if you can emulate mac02:52
bazhangylmfos, please chat elsewhere02:52
ZykoticK9wireshark, jre version 6.20dlj-1ubuntu302:53
=== Sememmon_ is now known as Sememmon
Uboysebsebseb I'm not what is Root!02:53
wiresharkZykoticK9:  is already installed uh?02:53
soadkombuchaflypiper: If I'm not here when you get back, I'm doing a system reboot02:53
Uboysebsebseb the only account created is one and during in install02:53
ZykoticK9wireshark, what do you mean?  not be default!02:53
macoCrazyHyena: http://delicious.com/macoafi02:53
flypipersoadkombucha, Thanks a million for your help.. U ROCK02:53
Pirate_HunterGuest87049, just install a vm of your choice i.e. virtualbox/vmware and load your chosen os02:54
soadkombuchaflypiper: It's not a problem. It's just a matter of looking for the drivers.02:54
Uboycntrrational : waht is pastebin?02:54
maco!pastebin | cntrational02:54
ubottucntrational: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:54
macocntrational: sorry02:54
maco!pastebin | uboy02:54
ubottuuboy: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:54
FloodBot2maco: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:54
sebsebsebAnyone want to take over helping Uboy  or well trying to like I was doing?  I want to go away from the computer02:54
cntrationali was thinking whether ubottu had description pastebin02:54
cntrational*description for pastebin02:54
juggalo483Zykotick9: keeps sitting at starting applet02:54
soadkombuchaI use pastebin.ca02:55
Pirate_Huntersebsebseb, what is wrong with his system02:55
soadkombuchaHe forgot his password02:55
soadkombuchaAnd is trying to reset it02:55
sebsebsebPirate_Hunter: not sure exactly, he can't  go into recovery mode02:55
soadkombuchaAnd as far as I can recall the passwd utility wasn't working either02:55
sebsebsebPirate_Hunter: he can't get his Ubuntu password re set, and it seems he has been trying to install some odd driver, that wasn't for his hardware02:55
sebsebsebPirate_Hunter: http://knowledge76.com/index.php/Fingerprint_Reader_Usage02:55
brueniguse a live cd and chroot to reset your password02:55
sebsebsebbruenig: it seems he has tried that, and that won't even work02:56
Agu10is there a program to start other windows in a specific virtual desktop?02:56
bruenighe has done it wrong02:56
bruenigthere is no concievable reason that wont work02:56
sebsebsebPirate_Hunter: I suggested clean installing  earlier, but they didn't want to do that02:56
Pirate_Huntersebsebseb, errrrgh....02:56
ZykoticK9juggalo483, if you trying a web app many won't work on linux - i'm affraid fewer seem to work with the openjava/icedtea then sun's version, BUT you can report stuff as potential bugs.  Good luck man.02:56
cntrationalAgu10: virtual desktop?02:56
sebsebsebPirate_Hunter: and hes new as well, last week apparently02:56
Agu10I mean workspaces02:57
Agu10in a specific workspace02:57
Traveler3zykotick9: got jave installed02:57
ZykoticK9Traveler3, ya?02:57
Pirate_Huntersebsebseb, that's gonna be a pain, fresh install would be easier than messing with pam specially since I dont know anything about the system7602:57
Uboybruenig I use a live CD to change a password by this instructions > http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/linux/reset-your-ubuntu-password-easily-from-the-live-cd/ and Terminal said password successfuly updated but a problem still exist02:58
sebsebsebPirate_Hunter: sure, but his computer isn't even a system7602:58
cntrationalAgu10: compiz has a setting to always open a app in a specific workspace, but i don't think that's what you want02:58
juggalo483Zykotick9: traveler is me  lol just took a few sec. for the applet to load02:58
Pirate_Huntersebsebseb, now you're just pulling my leg so what is it?02:58
sebsebsebPirate_Hunter: no idea02:58
sebsebsebUboy: which manufacture is your computer?02:59
rpgsimmasterOn a different note, someone want to assist me? :P I'm booting Ubuntu 10.04 server, and one of my Software RAID arrays apparently has an error: "Serious errors were found while checking dthe disk drive for /var... Press F to attemp to fix the errors, I to ignore...." however, here it just freezes - it doesn't want to accept any of the valid keypresses; I know it's reading the keyboard, because I can switch virtual terminals, but I can't actually start02:59
Guest87049But I dont want to have a program open to run virtual machines. I want to literally have a distro of linux that I just pop in an install disc for another OS and have it install02:59
juggalo483Zykotick9: i use a java based IRC client02:59
sebsebsebUboy: who made it?02:59
Guest87049I hope that clears what I am trying to say02:59
Pirate_HunterUboy, can you lshw and paste the contents to a pastebin site?02:59
Uboysebsebseb Dell Vostro 152002:59
Agu10cntrational, well, I want that in a console line command02:59
ZykoticK9juggalo483, it seems to be working ;)02:59
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:59
Pirate_Huntersebsebseb, have they got any access to the system i.e. recovery?02:59
juggalo483zykotick: Thanks a bunch02:59
Agu10to open the app in whichever workspace I'd like02:59
sebsebsebPirate_Hunter: no recovery mode won't work02:59
Guest87049Does what I said clear it up any further?03:00
cntrationalAgu10: hmm, I don't know about anything like that, sorry D:03:00
rpgsimmastersebsebseb: What's the issue, and what do they say they have *absolutely* tried?03:00
soadkombucharpgsimmaster: Almost everything03:00
juggalo483how do a reset my video should i just delete the Xorg.conf file?03:00
UboyGuys Thanks For Helping, I'm Still Hear03:00
rpgsimmasterlol, is the issue almost everything, or what they've tried?03:00
soadkombuchajuggalo483: Are you trying to restart X?03:00
Pirate_Huntersebsebseb, oh wow this is getting better and better, I'll have to pass my skills wont suffice this time03:01
soadkombucharpgsimmaster: They've tried almost everything.03:01
rpgsimmasterbut what's the issue?03:01
ZykoticK9juggalo483, don't delete it, just move it to a different name03:01
Guest87049But I dont want to have a program open to run virtual machines. I want to literally have a distro of linux that I just pop in an install disc for another OS and have it install. does that clear it up at all?03:01
rpgsimmasterI came in late03:01
bazhangGuest87049, yes, but that has nothing to with ubuntu support03:01
Dargonhey guys, my cron says /usr/local/bin/php /home/kenko/www/crons.php > /home/kenko/cron.log 2>&1 is there any reason that theres absolutely nothing in cron.log?03:01
soadkombucharpgsimmaster: Improper hardware installed fingerprint reader drivers preventing login03:01
juggalo483no i got a new graphics card03:01
sebsebsebrpgsimmaster: basically they can't  get into recovery mode,  so can't get their Ubuntu account password reset, they have tried a Live CD no good.   and they seem to have been trying to install a driver for a computer that isn't the one they are using03:01
Guest87049bazhang how do I accomplish this, then?03:01
bazhangGuest87049, try #ubuntu-offtopic03:01
ll62ilove you03:01
Guest87049thank you03:01
rpgsimmasterGuest87049: It sounds like you need a bare metal VM installation, but it's rarely ever that simple03:01
juggalo483i love you too 116203:02
Dargonanyone help me with crons?03:02
Pirate_HunterGuest87049, before asking that let me ask you is that even possible if so where did you read it03:02
sebsebsebrpgsimmaster: or whatever this is.  http://knowledge76.com/index.php/Fingerprint_Reader_Usage03:02
sebsebsebPirate_Hunter: got enough info?03:02
bazhangPirate_Hunter, feel free to join him in #ubuntu-offtopic03:03
RPG-MasterAnyone know of a way to turn a .odp and .ppt file into a full video complete with background music, for playback on a DVD player?03:03
deserteaglehello all03:03
soadkombuchaPirate_Hunter: You can run a linux kernel cocurrently along windows with colinux03:03
Pirate_Hunterbazhang, nope I'll stay here I dont think they are aware of what they are asking03:03
Uboyguys I'm here03:03
rpgsimmasterhave they reverted the PAM files?03:03
juggalo483can i fun the explorer window as root/sudo03:03
ubottucron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto  -  There is also a decent Howto at http://www.tech-geeks.org/contrib/mdrone/cron&crontab-howto.htm03:03
=== dank is now known as dankcajun
deserteaglei'm connecting my droid to my PC, but it always mounts for root access only. Any ideas? THanks!03:03
rpgsimmasterAlso, any ideas for my problem anyone, I'm kind of stuck here03:03
Uboyrpgsimmaster i Edit a PAM file03:04
UboyGuys Help me! My english doesn't very well03:04
Pirate_HunterUboy, where trying to figure out how to help you but I just dont know the problem and your system is on a 50% chance a system76 but than were not even sure so could you explain your problem using as much detail as possible and dont leave out something that might help us03:05
cntrational"My english doesn't very well" that must be intentional03:05
Pirate_Hunterjuggalo483, huh?03:05
juggalo483any way to run explorer with read/write acess03:05
sebsebsebcntrational: no  I think its true, from all the communication I have had with them so far03:06
UboyPirate_Hunter ok03:06
cntrationalsebsebseb: but it's so apt03:06
UboyPirate_Hunter > > Explain > after I'm triyng to apply this changes > http://knowledge76.com/index.php/Fingerprint_Reader_Usage > my problem appears > my password doesn't work for authentificate command in sudo, instal package from software source and..... but log in page doesn't want me a password becouse I think i changed the setting to log in after problem occure, so I'm triying to change password bu GRUB and go to root shell, but GRUB doesn't complete that t03:06
Pirate_Hunterjuggalo483, again huh...? explorer windows, ubuntu nautilus and if that is what your asking than use gksudo nautilus to run it as root but I wouldn't advise it as you could break your system03:07
UboyPirates_Hunter > is that enogh?03:07
sebsebsebPirate_Hunter: look at point 4 on that webpage :)03:07
rpgsimmasterUBoy, what is your native language?03:07
rpgsimmaster(I'm wondering if we'd have more success with a machine translation)03:07
juggalo483i just wanna be able to delete/rename files with out having to open command03:07
sebsebsebrpgsimmaster: or maybe he could explain  stuff, to people in a channel for his language, when done here03:07
sebsebsebrpgsimmaster: if can't be helped here properly I mean03:08
Uboyrpgsimmaster persian and sorry for much much more bad speaking in english103:08
sebsebsebUboy: who did you buy your computer from?03:09
jmknsddoes Ubuntu work on the i3 on chip graphics?03:09
Uboysebsebseb our IR Ubuntu channels are empty now03:09
Pirate_Huntersebsebseb, just read it, it is actually states it clearly.... oh boi...03:09
sebsebsebUboy: also your not even in USA or Canada are you?  if so you can't buy from System7603:09
rpgsimmasterUBoy: Just to check, have you attempted:03:09
sebsebsebPirate_Hunter: point 4 you mean?03:09
rpgsimmaster- Booting from a Live Ubuntu CD-rom?03:09
Pirate_HunterUboy, can I ask why you can't reisntall the system again03:09
sebsebsebPirate_Hunter: point 4 does sound like his problem03:09
Uboysebsebseb I'm Live in IRAN not USA or Canda03:09
deserteaglei'm connecting my droid to my PC, but it always mounts for root access only. Any ideas? Thanks!03:10
Pirate_Huntersebsebseb, yup it actually states it loud and clear03:10
aloudeni just installed today and was wondering if there is a solution to the cursor jumping when I touch the touchpad with two fingers..other than not doing that03:10
sebsebsebPirate_Hunter: indeed which has been said for a while now03:10
rpgsimmasteralouden: Is your touchpad multitouch?03:10
soadkombuchaflypiper: Any luck?03:10
aloudendoubt it03:10
aloudennot sure actually03:11
UboyPirate_Hunter becouse i heared that Linux not need to reinstall like window and this only my resoan to choose linux03:11
rpgsimmasterThen probably not - it's by hardware design that it will do that03:11
Pirate_HunterUboy, how can I say this you got very little experience with linux, you just installed the OS a week ago, why can't you reformat it?03:11
Kyokois there a way to dual boot ubuntu without overwriting the mbr?03:11
sebsebsebUboy: the instructions on  this webpage http://knowledge76.com/index.php/Fingerprint_Reader_Usage  ARE NOT FOR YOUR COMPUTER!03:11
rpgsimmasterUBoy: Have you booted into a Live CDRom?03:11
rpgsimmasterKyoko: Yes03:11
rpgsimmasterThe long answer is a little more complex :P03:11
* rpgsimmaster curses Software RAID VERY LOUDLY03:11
Uboysebsebseb OOKKK!03:12
sebsebsebUboy: and since you used them, you have the problem that is mentioned on the webpage in 4.03:12
Pirate_HunterUboy, I understand what you mean but what people don't take into consideration is the learning curve and the experience, the longer you use it the less you'll need to reformat it, heck even I had to reformat my system a couple times as a beginner03:12
Uboyrpgsimmaster yes03:12
deserteaglehmm... ok how about this: how do I change the permissions on a mounted drive?03:12
cntrationalit's generally a good idea to format after your system's gotten cluttered <.<03:13
Uboyok. Guys I reformat my linux03:13
sebsebsebcntrational: or has the wrong driver installed03:13
Pirate_Hunterrpgsimmaster, i'll let you take over this is too much fo my skills and suggesting chroot willl be harder than it seems03:13
sebsebsebUboy: finally :)03:13
rpgsimmasterDoes anyone know how to rebuild a Software RAID array from Ubuntu live CD?03:13
sebsebsebUboy: oh if you set up a seperate /home when you install03:13
Uboysebsebseb and other guys thanks for Helping03:13
sebsebsebUboy: and there is a reason to re install in the future, makes it much easier03:13
wise_cryptUboy: OS (operating system ) is just a tools it depends on how you use it :)03:13
cntrationalyou could always just setup a /home partition03:14
sebsebsebPirate_Hunter: want to tell him how to do that? sepereate home befoer installing,  I do want to go away from computer :)03:14
cntrationalthat'd make formatting much easier03:14
sebsebsebcntrational: yeah /  /home and swap03:14
sebsebsebcntrational: exactly03:14
Pirate_HunterUboy, I know it is not what you want to hear but at this point it ms the best option and please stay away from that page unless you're sure it actually works. do me a favour when you log in to your new system type this command sudo lshw > hardware-info.txt03:14
soadkombuchasebsebseb: You don't do a /boot?03:14
Uboysebsebseb my /home is in another Partition103:15
sebsebsebcntrational: and his swap will be ok,  but he will need to get rid of /03:15
soadkombuchasebsebseb: I make a 100MB partition for /boot so all my kernels are alone03:15
soadkombuchaUboy: then you could reinstall03:15
sebsebsebsoadkombucha: no need to do seperate /boot untill its  well I guess still need it for XFS, and need it for the optional btrfs  support in development versions of 10.1003:15
Pirate_Huntersebsebseb, nope cause it will take longer and I dont even know what system they have as far as I can tell a reformat is the best option03:15
sebsebsebsoadkombucha: unless its, above03:15
soadkombuchasebsebseb: I like having my kernels separately. Plus it's the first partition on my disk.03:15
sebsebsebUboy: Ubuntu is teh only OS on the computer?  no Windows?03:16
soadkombuchasebsebseb: And I have a 500GB HDD I didn't want my linux partition too large. I have 15GB root, 5GB home, 2GB swap, 100MB boot, 50GB windows, and the rest (about 393GB) is data03:16
Uboysebsebseb No Windows is commonly used in teh03:16
soadkombuchasebsebseb: And the data is on an extended partition, I'm thinking about figuring out Hackintosh or trying out chromium OS03:17
rpgsimmasterUboy: That was not the question03:17
rpgsimmasterUboy: Is Linux the only Operating System you have currently installed on the system?03:17
cntrationalUboy: "teh" was just a mistake for "the"03:17
UboyPirate_Hunter where exactly i must type sudo lshw ?03:17
soadkombuchaOK my audio won't play at all03:17
alouden Using two fingers in a pinching  motion will zoom in and out, and moving a finger in a circular motion  will scroll.03:17
Uboysorry guys103:17
aloudendoes that mean its multi touch or just sort of03:17
rpgsimmasterthat's multitouch03:18
sebsebsebUboy: ok makes re install easy03:18
Pirate_HunterUboy, if you choose to reistall your linux distro than in you can type that in terminal once you log in03:18
Uboythe linux is only os on my laptop03:18
sebsebsebUboy: with seperate /home as well03:18
aloudenso what does that mean to me03:18
sebsebseb!home | Uboy03:18
ubottuUboy: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome03:18
rpgsimmasteralouden: Er... you have a multitouch touchpad? I'm not sure of the answer you're looking for here03:18
cntrationalalouden: what does what mean to you03:18
Uboysebsebseb u mean /home must be in another partition of HDD03:18
sebsebsebUboy: it is a good idea03:19
sebsebsebUboy: makes re installing much easier03:19
cntrationalUboy: it doesn't have to be, but it's a good idea, yeah03:19
aloudencan i stop the cursor from jumping around or do i just have to be careful not to touch with more than one finger03:19
sebsebsebUboy: or when your more expereinced,  and maybe wanting to try another distro, it would make that easier as well03:19
soadkombuchaCan anyone help me get my audio working?03:19
rpgsimmasteralouden: You should be able to disable multitouch, if you do not want it03:19
cntrationalooh is that a guide to moving your home partition03:19
aloudenok thanks03:19
rpgsimmasteralouden: from memory, under the Mouse preferences, there is an option there to disable it03:19
cntrationalthis'll be useful03:19
Uboysebsebseb tnx03:20
Pirate_HunterUboy, I got sometime I can help you with the reinstall if you want to do it now instead of going in a loop on the same issue and getting nowhere03:20
sebsebsebcntrational: want to help him partition for the seperate /home as well, if he comes back on the Live CD?03:20
soadkombuchaCan anyone help me get my audio working? Not actually the sound but playing media files03:20
aloudenit is disabled03:20
rpgsimmasteralouden: Most curious. I would say the settings are therefore wrong03:20
wildbatsometime my laptop can't wake up to ubuntu after suspend ~ it just power on and freeze w/ black screen , how do i troubleshoot it03:20
UboyPirate_Hunter tnx03:20
Pirate_Huntersoadkombucha, have you got the codecs03:20
sebsebsebcntrational: swap should be fine, from his original install.   so just remove /   and make a new 10GB or so I guess, and big seperate home, both Ext4, and done03:20
soadkombuchaPirate_Hunter: I installed the restricted pack03:20
sebsebsebcntrational: I mean I want to go away from the computer soon really03:20
aretrfre34how to hookup 2 ubuntus via wifi?03:20
Pirate_Hunter!codecs | soadkombucha03:20
ubottusoadkombucha: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats03:20
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:21
soadkombuchaPirate_Hunter: I have the restricted pack03:21
Uboysepsepsep, before I install linux I creat 3 partition 1 > sda1 for root 2> swap area 3> /home, this was enogh?03:21
aloudensettings where doesnt look like i can do a lot in the system, mouse, etc area03:21
cntrationalsebsebseb: oh uh, maybe03:21
cntrationalsebsebseb: i might not be here, either03:21
sebsebsebUboy: come back on the Live CD03:21
sebsebsebUboy: get it booted now03:21
sebsebsebUboy: and i'll tell you how to partition :)03:22
aretrfre34ubottu:wifi didnt helped03:22
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:22
Pirate_Huntersoadkombucha, you mean ubuntu-restricted-extras?03:22
sebsebsebUboy: and then thats it I am so done, with Ubuntu support for tonight :)03:22
soadkombuchaPirate_Hunter: Yes.03:22
Uboysebsebseb I partitioned my HDD already now03:22
sebsebsebUboy: boot the Ubuntu CD, the live session, and come back here on it, yeah?03:22
sebsebsebUboy: yes, but03:22
sebsebsebUboy: not the way03:22
sebsebsebUboy: are you on the Live CD now?03:23
Uboysebsebseb ok wait03:23
Uboysebsebseb before that I mustnt move or copy anything to another partition?03:23
sebsebsebUboy: have you loaded up from the Ubuntu CD?03:23
sebsebsebUboy: are you using the Ubuntu CD now?03:24
soadkombuchaPirate_Hunter: And system sounds work.03:24
Uboysebsebseb restart pc and use the LIVE session?03:24
sebsebsebUboy: use the live session on the Ubuntu CD03:24
soadkombuchaPirate_Hunter: And so do youtube videos...03:24
Uboysebsebseb ok03:24
jmknsddoes Ubuntu 10.04 work on the i3 on-chip graphics? or is there some sort of supported hardware website I am not seeing03:25
=== has is now known as HebertSilva
aloudenrpgsimmaster, on second look, i dont see an option to disable multitouch  or is that something that is done in pc setup03:25
rpgsimmasteralas, not having multitouch myself, I can't be of any more use here03:25
aloudenthanks anyway03:26
soadkombuchaPirate_Hunter: I'm really confused03:27
alex_mayorgahi! How can I get the list of bluetooth MAC addresses of the devices paired to my laptop?03:29
juggalo4833ok. so how do i install a file ending tar.bz203:29
=== rpgsimmaster is now known as rpgsim[away]
soadkombuchajuggalo4833: You have to compile it from source03:29
soadkombuchajuggalo4833: Do you know how to use the terminal?03:30
aurillianceYesterday I finally got my eGalax touchscreen working again after updating to 10.04 - Now I want to get it working *with screen rotation*. When I rotate the screen, the touchscreen calibration still thinks it is not rotated, anyone know how to fix this?03:30
soadkombuchajuggalo4833: What driver is it?03:30
juggalo4833its not its the updated firefox03:30
soadkombuchaWhat version?03:30
kent\nI've been having some mindnumbing headaches with regard to (possibly) dnsmasq, but also possibly something else. Firstly, for some bizzare reason I cannot make out (or diagnose), machines randomly lose TCP/IP connectivity to my ubuntu box, and its only ever one machine at a time, and when this happens, they also stop being able to request/update dhcp leases ( happens under both windows and linux -_- )03:31
thune3jmknsd: reports in forums are that graphics work fine (suspend/resume problems have been reported though). i say try the liveCD and see for yourself.03:31
cntrationaljuggalo4833: you shouldn't install firefox like that03:31
soadkombuchajuggalo4833: where did you save the file to?03:31
cntrationaljuggalo4833: if you do, you'd have to download and recompile to update again03:31
juggalo4833then how do i update03:31
kent\nadditionally to my above problem, dnsmasq for some reason keeps having /var/run/dnsmasq/resolv.conf as an empty file, I would report this bug on launchpad, but the signup rigmarole is way too much -_-03:32
soadkombuchajuggalo4833: I'm looking03:32
jmknsdthanks thune3, I'm just shopping for a laptop atm,  and want to make sure it has supported hardware03:32
soadkombuchajuggalo4833: Can't you just update through firefox itself?03:32
juggalo4833no option03:32
cntrationalsoadkombucha: it's disabled in ubuntu's version of firefox03:32
* kent\n is welcome to suggestions, and will try not being an ass, seriously, but it may take a bit of self-restraint -_-03:32
soadkombuchacntrational: Odd.03:32
aretrfre34how to hookup 2 ubuntus via wifi?03:33
juggalo4833would it hurt my os to install that way03:33
aurillianceanyone know how to get an egalax touchscreen to handle screen rotation?03:33
=== FrozenFire[alt] is now known as FrozenFire[work]
Nolahow many years do you think before Ubuntu will start to be as good as Windows 7?03:34
sebsebsebUboy: I nearly left the computer, hi again03:34
aretrfre34how to hookup 2 ubuntus via wifi?03:34
aurillianceNola, negative, several03:34
kent\nNola: thats probably a negative value03:34
sebsebsebUboy: on the CD?03:35
Uboysebsebseb I'm Here in Live CD Session03:35
sebsebsebUboy: ok03:35
=== cellofel1ow is now known as cellofellow
juggalo4833guys http://linuxers.org/howto/how-update-your-firefox-364-ubuntu-1004-lucid-lynx03:35
sebsebsebUboy: I want to see what your current partition set up is, so  system > administration > partition editor03:35
Uboysebsebseb and sorry for Delay03:35
kent\nNola: also, "better" is an entirely subjective thing, some people think DOS is better than windows 703:35
cntrationaljuggalo4833: i can tell you how to add a mozilla repository that'll give you the latest updates03:35
sebsebsebUboy: and show me a screenshot03:35
sebsebseb!screenshot | Uboy03:35
ubottuUboy: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://tinyurl.com/imagebin and post a link to it.03:35
Nolayou cant go to a web page and download a program for linux03:35
Uboysebsebseb ok03:35
cntrationalto be fair, Win7's taskbar is pretty awesome03:35
Nolaand then uncompress it and run03:35
Nolabut windows can03:36
aurillianceI would say 10.04's support for drivers out of the box was on par with win7, but this is probably for offtopic chat03:36
kent\nNola: so, we consider that a *perk*03:36
Nolaso its gonna be a good while before linux is capable03:36
aretrfre34Nola:you are awsome03:36
Nolaa perk how?03:36
kent\nNola: just download and run is why windows is so full of viruses !03:36
aretrfre34how to hookup 2 ubuntus via wifi?03:36
Joshua_RobertsNola, Windows doesn't have repositories either.  I can't update everything on a Win7 machine with one command or menu option.03:36
Uboysebsebseb i have partition editor, another one03:36
sebsebsebWindows 703:36
sebsebsebblah de blah03:36
sebsebsebVista version 203:36
sebsebsebblah de blah03:36
FloodBot2sebsebseb: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:37
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:37
Uboysebsebseb name Disk Utility03:37
Nolawell at my university we had a project of maintaining and releasing a package that our group had put together03:37
Nolait took 3 weeks to even get it packaged up and attempt to be usable on different linux distros03:37
cntrationalsebsebseb: win 7 is pretty good03:37
sebsebsebUboy: system > administration > partition editor03:37
Pirate_Hunterirony sebsebseb  being told off by obottu03:37
kent\nNola: also, all the software on $Distro is supported, for free, by that distribution . Unlike windows where ,er, yes, good luck getting any support for ANYTHING, even if you're paying for it03:37
sebsebsebPirate_Hunter: not ubottu  FloodBot203:37
Joshua_RobertsWhat are some methods to mount a passworded network share on boot with open box?03:38
Nolalinux int gonna catch on until you can download software from pages03:38
Nola*is not03:38
Pirate_HunterNola, seriously #off-topic and I stand corrected sebsebseb03:38
sebsebsebcntrational: it stil shoudn't really be online :)  security reasons, more secure than XP though03:38
kent\nNola: that is your belief, but I completely disagree =)03:38
Uboysebsebseb > the utilitu for disk in lucid is Disk Utility, wait for screenshot03:38
sebsebsebUboy: no gparted/partitioneditor should be on the CD03:38
cntrationalNola: you can, actually, with .deb files03:39
Uboysebsebseb http://img22.img98.com/out.php/i111072_Screenshot.png03:39
ubottugparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php03:39
aretrfre34how to activate alt-f2-6 consoles?03:39
=== administrator is now known as Guest81801
jojogizmoajkeI have a problem03:39
juggalo4833firefox update worked03:39
jojogizmoajkeI have a linux vps first time ever using linux lol03:39
aretrfre34if i go alt-f2 it just blinks not active03:39
Joshua_RobertsNola; you do know that almost all of 7's great ideas came from linux don't you...?03:39
jojogizmoajkeso i managed to ssh? into the machine and start vnc03:39
lobitoI did the upgrade to ubuntu 10.04 but like every minute my screen blinks03:39
kent\ncntrational: neg, you still have to "sudo dpkg -i *.deb"03:39
kent\ncntrational: thats "too hard!"03:40
jojogizmoajkeBut when i tried installing gui i get this03:40
lobitois there a problem with xorg.conf ? or what it could be?03:40
Uboysebsebseb ok and screenshot of gparted > http://img22.img98.com/out.php/i111074_Screenshot1.png03:40
sharedLanwhy can't i browse mshome network?? why can't i browse my other ubuntu pc? on the same network..it's linked and shared03:40
cellofellowcntrational: actually, you can just double-click a .deb file in Nautilus and install it.03:40
jojogizmoajkewhat did i do wrong03:40
sebsebsebUboy: hrm03:40
cntrationalcellofellow: yes that's what i said03:40
Uboysebsebseb relax i'm w803:41
sebsebsebUboy: no partition editor or gparted in  system > administratino ?03:41
sharedLani would like to update the other ubuntu pc to 10.4 but it has no cd-rom?03:41
* cellofellow decides to pay closer attention03:41
jojogizmoajkeanyone help me?03:41
Joshua_RobertssharedLan? does it have a network connection?03:41
Uboysebsebseb , yes I have gparted and disk utility03:41
* sebsebseb might boot up that 10.04 ISO in a vm, stil hasnt' used it for anything03:41
sebsebsebUboy: ok gparted is what we want03:41
sharedLanit is shared via wifi and cable yes..03:41
cntrationalkent\n: you can doubleclick to install, as cellofellow said, yeah03:41
cellofellowsharedLan: you can use a thumbdrive to install, or you can be adventerous and set up a terminal server to install from.03:41
Uboygparted screenshot: http://img22.img98.com/out.php/i111074_Screenshot1.png03:41
Joshua_Robertshave you tried upgrading through apt or update center?03:42
Uboysebsebseb gparted screenshot http://img22.img98.com/out.php/i111074_Screenshot1.png03:42
sharedLanjosh yes03:42
Uboysebsebseb diskutilitu screenshot http://img22.img98.com/out.php/i111072_Screenshot.png03:42
Uboysebsebseb ?03:42
Joshua_Robertswhat about making a usb bootable install?03:42
sharedLanit doesnt support usb boot i dont think..03:43
sebsebsebUboy: ok not quite the set up I was expecting, you have a seperate /boot03:43
sharedLanbut how would i do that anyway?03:43
sorchahi i need some help when someone has time03:43
cntrationalsharedLan: what os are you using03:43
sebsebseb!ask | sorcha03:43
ubottusorcha: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:43
Pirate_Huntersebsebseb, are you trying to guide them into doing a separate /home why use gparted why not do it straight form install menu?03:43
aretrfre34how to activate alt-f2-6 consoles?03:43
jojogizmoajkecan anyone help :(03:43
sebsebsebPirate_Hunter: through manual install is one way yes03:44
sebsebsebPirate_Hunter: and probably will do that03:44
Joshua_RobertsI thought there used to be an option on the web site. and there used to be some tutorials on the web about how to use an existing ubuntu install to create a usb install stick.03:44
sebsebsebPirate_Hunter: want to see what partitions they had first, and yes I know there is also a command03:44
sharedLansnt ubuntu 1003:44
Uboysebsebseb is everything for partitions ok?03:44
sebsebsebUboy: how did you install Ubuntu before?  did you do manual install?03:44
Uboysebsebseb yes03:44
sorchaok i am new to linux, trying to get qavimator to run in linux, it has instructions but i am looking at them and wondering what they mean03:44
Joshua_Robertssharelan, it is on the website as an option, create cd or usb stick...03:45
sebsebsebUboy: ok good this will  make things easier then, since you have already used manual install03:45
sharedLankk josh i'll try it03:45
sebsebsebUboy: why did you do a seperate /boot by the way?03:45
aretrfre34how to hookup 2 ubuntus via wifi?03:45
thune3aretrfre34: gettys should be available with ctrl-alt-f[1-6], sometimes framebuffer/graphics issues cause problems for them. what hardware do you have?03:45
Pirate_Huntersebsebseb, okyour the captain of the boat I'll let you take full command03:45
cellofellowaretrfre34: what exactly are you trying to do?03:46
Joshua_RobertssharedLan choose USB stick and then Ubuntu in the next option line and click show me how.03:46
sebsebsebPirate_Hunter: maybe its of a pirate boat, and now your well hunting me03:46
Uboysebsebseb no I didn't make a seperate partition for /boot!03:46
sharedLankk i am also seeding these have they been updated in the past 4 days?03:46
sebsebsebUboy: well according to the screenshot you have one03:46
aretrfre34thune:intel gfx03:46
Uboysebsebseb gparted or disk utility?03:47
aretrfre34cellofellow:I wanna hookup to pcs to each other, to make them ping each other03:47
sebsebsebUboy: gparted03:47
sebsebsebUboy: also why do you have a big NTFS partition, I thought you told me that Windows wasn't on there?03:48
cellofellowaretrfre34: using an ad-hoc wifi network, or something?03:48
Uboysebsebseb I creat this partition with NTFS format manully03:48
sharedLanshould i re d/l the image files from website? to be sure i'm seeding the most recent files?03:48
sebsebsebUboy: ok your going to do this correctly with Ext403:48
sebsebsebUboy: my way :)03:48
aretrfre34cellofellow:no directly wifi cards on each03:48
Pirate_Huntersebsebseb, nope not hunting you you help them will just add to my skills and knowledge we learn from each other03:48
sebsebsebPirate_Hunter: no that was a joke, since your IRC nick :D03:49
Uboysebsebseb becouse if in future I use a window my pictures, music and .... shown in windows03:49
sebsebsebUboy: if your going to have Windows on there, you should put it on first really03:49
sebsebsebUboy: since if you do it after Ubuntu, Windows makes it so only Windows boots up,  and then you would have to mess around with Grub 2 to get Ubuntu to boot again, and uh03:49
cellofellowaretrfre34: ok, yeah, they call that ad-hoc. I've never done this myself, but I think they way to work it is to on one of the machines "create a new wireless network" in NetworkManager, and have the other join. They should each give themselves ZeroConf IP addresses in the range. Then, you can ping and whatnot.03:49
HeTaLAnd messing with grub 2 isn't the best thing around.03:50
sebsebsebUboy: and what HeTaL  put03:50
Uboysebsebseb all of it means I change the format to Ext4?03:50
sebsebsebUboy: is Windows going on the computer?  if so,  make that choice now03:50
Pirate_Huntersebsebseb, I know :D03:51
sebsebsebUboy: Windows does not play nice with other operating systems03:51
pollywogis it appropriate to ask for help with Evolution here?03:51
sebsebsebUboy: so if you put it on after another operating system,  it makes it so only Windows will boot up03:51
sebsebsebpollywog: yes03:51
Uboysebsebseb Perhaps in future I have to use window for working by Special Eletronic Programs03:51
aretrfre34cellofellow:tried joiner can't see ad-hoc03:51
sebsebsebUboy: well then you should put it on now before Ubuntu03:52
cellofellowaretrfre34: well, you got me.03:52
Uboysebsebseb there is only 1 OS in my system every time ok?03:52
sebsebsebUboy: you can dual boot03:52
sebsebsebUboy: have Windows and Ubuntu on the same computer03:52
pollywogI do not run a mail server for my domain, it is hosted elsewhere.  Is there a way to get Evolution to reject foreign character sets or treat emails containing them as junk?03:52
sebsebsebUboy: then choose which one to run, when the computer is turned on or re booted03:53
Uboysebsebseb : I know but I don't linke tu have a window and ubuntu toghether03:53
juggalo4834anyone have issues with flash craching during fuillscreen03:53
soadkombuchajuggalo4834: Haven't fullscreened flash yet03:53
aretrfre34why if run weechat in root, cannot connect to servers?03:53
sebsebsebUboy: ok well lets do this partition set up, and if you remember how to do it, you can do something similar later on as well03:53
ruarisebsebseb: I run ubuntu native and then vmplayer for my xp windoze box03:54
juggalo4834wanna go try for me03:54
ruariworks micely03:54
sebsebsebRunar: yes I know virtual machines :) ,but I have a feeling  that Uboy might not have enough RAM03:54
sebsebsebUboy: how much RAM do you have any idea?03:54
Uboysebsebseb: the NTFS partition is for future, becouse if i decide to use windows I need the DATA03:54
sebsebsebUboy: look at this03:54
sebsebsebUboy: this is for the old Grub, but look03:54
sebsebseb!grub | Uboy03:54
ubottuUboy: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.03:54
aretrfre34how switch between consoles, alf-f1-6 ctr-alt-f1-6 just show blinking no wellcome messages03:55
alex_mayorgacan someone help me with my bluetooth woes?03:55
sebsebsebUboy: if you want to have both on the same computer  Ubuntu and Windows,  Windows should be installed first.03:55
Uboysebsebseb my size of ram?03:55
juggalo4834how do i change my nick03:55
alex_mayorganeed the MAC address of my phone to file a police report as it was stolen :(03:55
sebsebsebUboy: and if you have enough RAM and such so like at least 1GB I would say, you could virtual machine Windows inside Ubuntu as ruari  was suggesting03:55
cellofellowjuggalo4834: most clients, the /nick newnick command03:56
Uboysebsebseb no If i decide to use windows i Erase carefully linux then install windows03:56
juggalo4834tryed that03:56
sorchai have been told i can run some windows programs in Ubuntu, how would i do this please?03:56
sebsebsebUboy: ok03:56
cellofellowjuggalo4834: which client?03:56
sebsebsebUboy: well hopefuly you will dual boot later on if you want to do Windows as well :)03:56
sebsebseb!dualboot | Uboy03:56
ubottuUboy: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot03:56
Uboysebsebseb ok03:56
juggalo4834flash irc located here  http://java.freenode.com03:56
sebsebsebUboy: ok now do the Ubuntu installer03:56
Uboysebsebseb u means Now install Ubuntu again?03:57
sebsebsebUboy: user name and password and such.  so letters and numbers at least for password,  characters such as £ $  %  ^ to make a bit more secure if you really want.  and I always do more than 8 letters/numbers/characters03:57
cellofellowjuggalo4834: http://webchat.freenode.com is better. AJAX instead of Java.03:57
cellofellowjuggalo4834: even better, a real client.03:57
sebsebsebUboy: then when it gets to partitioniong do manual install, and i'll tell you what to do03:57
Pirate_Huntersebsebseb, suggest vbox and have them setup windows than start it with command such as VBoxHeadless -startvm "name of machine with quotes" than use rdesktop to run it03:57
sebsebsebPirate_Hunter: sure, but we don't know if Uboy 's computer can handle Virtualbox yet03:57
sebsebsebPirate_Hunter: altough theres a command to find out RAM,  can't remember what, and the output is rather geek03:58
Pirate_Huntersebsebseb, should do if it handles the desktop but than... free -m if I aint mistaken03:58
ebhcI have a DNS problem I was hoping someone could help me out with.03:58
Pirate_Huntersebsebseb, -m for megabytes03:58
cellofellow!ask | ebhc03:58
ubottuebhc: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:58
ruarifree -m yepper03:59
sebsebsebUboy: so when you get to partitioning and you select manual install, tell me03:59
Pirate_Huntersebsebseb, yup just tried it, it works free -m03:59
Uboysebsebseb, I'm so tired, it is now 17 hours I'm on the laptop! plz let me u help me later every time u tell me. can u plz?03:59
sebsebsebUboy: ok uhmm03:59
soadkombuchaPirate_Hunter: I reinstalled most of my audio stuff and got it working03:59
pollywogis the only way to reject or delete emails with foreign character sets to use fetchmail and procmail?  I use Evolution but do not run the mail server for my domain.03:59
ruariebhc: what knida of dns problem?04:00
=== bpoc is now known as shadylookin
Uboysebsebseb so so tnx and much much more04:00
Pirate_Huntersoadkombucha, awww nice04:00
sebsebsebUboy: 17 hours non stop?04:00
soadkombuchaDoes anyone know how to get the media control keys on a Toshiba Satellite L500D-ST2543 to work? My volume control doesn't work and neither do my media kes04:00
EntityRebornHey guys. Got a system running Server 9.04, can someone lead me to a guide for getting name servers installed and running on it?04:00
sebsebsebUboy: lets do this later then :)04:00
soadkombuchaPirate_Hunter: Yeah there's one thing left from ubuntu being perfectly working04:00
Uboyno with 2 hours stop04:00
=== shadylookin is now known as bpoc
sebsebsebUboy: 2 hours stop?04:00
Uboysebsebseb yes04:00
sebsebsebUboy:  its getting late here well is already really04:01
sebsebsebUboy: this won't take long04:01
Uboyi've headacke04:01
ebhcI have a Ubuntu box acting as a firewall/router for my internal network and the two windows boxes I have hooked up to it work just fine but DNS can't resolve on the two bsd boxes I have hooked up.  I'm able to ssh to all boxes no problem.  Any ideas?04:01
Pirate_Hunterits 4 in the morning I am still wondering what im doing here04:01
sebsebsebUboy: ,but if you want to do it later, uhmm  you can catch me again in like 14 hours from now or something04:01
Uboysebsebseb ok tnx04:01
soadkombuchaPirate_Hunter: Who knows. You any good with getting keys to work?04:01
jugalo483yo dawgs04:01
sebsebsebPirate_Hunter: same time zone :D04:01
vaulCould anyone tell me a command of the «CD/DVD» creator application launcher?04:01
rpgsim[away]ebhc: Are you able to ping outside addresses?04:01
sebsebsebPirate_Hunter: and I know what I am doing here, but it wasn't planned04:01
rpgsim[away]as in the actual IP addresses04:01
vaulAccidentaly deleted it.04:01
=== rpgsim[away] is now known as rpgsimmaster
Pirate_Huntershouldn't the desktop option have keyboard command in system>*04:02
ebhcrpgsim: one sec04:02
Uboysebsebseb what your time of country exaxtly now?04:02
ruariroute -n showing your default gateway?04:02
cellofellowebhc: what does /etc/resolv.conf in the client boxes look like?04:02
sebsebsebUboy: anyway  i'll be around later and such04:02
kostkonvaul, "brasero"?04:02
vaulkostkon: No.04:02
sebsebsebPirate_Hunter: I like this time of year though, its about to get light :D04:02
kostkonvaul, :/04:02
vaulkostkon: Look at the «Edit menu» thing, they are different application.04:02
jugalo483you guys have been a big help in the transformation between windows and ubuntu04:02
vaulkostkon: Applications, I meant.04:03
sebsebsebPirate_Hunter: however want to get some sleep before watching  England play Germany,  and my sleeping is rather uh at the moment04:03
kostkonvaul, oh right, w804:03
Pirate_Huntersebsebseb, well Iat 9 I was meant to find some batteries which has got me into an adventure which I wont discuss on IRC and yeah I agree with you its a good time of the year04:03
ebhcI can't ping any outside ips, and the resolv.conf has the nameservers for my isp listed.04:03
rpgsimmasterPirate_Hunter, sebsebseb speak for yourselves - it's winter here :S04:03
rpgsimmasterebhc: Then your problem is not DNS resolution04:03
sebsebsebrpgsimmaster: Australlia? New Zealand?04:03
Uboysebsebseb tnx a lot and I see u here 14 hours from now04:04
cellofellowebhc: ok, so it's not a DNS problem, it's an IP problem.04:04
vaulkostkon: It's all due to this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alacarte/+bug/118936 bug, which is not fixed for some three years.04:04
rpgsimmastersebsebseb: NZ04:04
rpgsimmasterebhc: Are your systems able to ping internal IPs?04:04
kostkonvaul,   the command is:  nautilus --no-default-window --no-desktop burn:///04:04
sebsebsebUboy: yeah or something like that I guess04:04
sebsebsebUboy: i'll be around again later04:04
Pirate_Hunterrpgsimmaster, dont worry over here (UK) we get all seasons in a day no matter what time of the year :( an winter well dont want to remember04:04
cntrationalsebsebseb: he could've been in africa or south america or something :V04:04
ebhcrpg: yes, I can ping and ssh to all boxes on my internal network04:04
rpgsimmasterPirate_Hunter: NZ is much the same04:04
Uboysebsebseb ok, Tnx a lot too, have fun with World Cup !04:04
rpgsimmasterebhc: Is your firewall permitting your BSD boxes to route through?04:04
sebsebsebcntrational: oh yeah South America get winter when we get summer as well,  I think04:05
rpgsimmasterperhaps it's a restrictive firewall, and not a problem with your BSD boxes04:05
alex_mayorgaany ideas on querying for bluetoth addresses of paired devices04:05
soadkombuchaAnyone in here ever used keytouch?04:05
cntrationalsebsebseb: everything in the southern hemisphere is like that04:05
ebhcrpg: see that's the thing, I'm pretty sure it's my firewall on ubuntu as I've hooked up the bsd boxes directly to my cable modem and it works no problem.04:05
Pirate_Hunterof to a shower than sleep too much for me bye all04:05
sebsebsebPirate_Hunter: showever at this time?04:06
sebsebsebPirate_Hunter: a little bit past 4am04:06
vaulkostkon: Please recheck, it gives me an error.04:06
Pirate_Huntersebsebseb, like I said I was off to an adventure believe me I need a shower04:06
ruariwbhc : and you checked your default gateway?04:07
kostkonvaul, hmm, it works here. try leaving a space after burn:///04:07
ebhcruari: default gateway?04:07
rpgsimmasterebhc: Have you checked for static routes?04:07
ruaridoes your firewall log denials04:07
sorchacan anyone help me get a window program working in Ubuntu?04:08
sebsebseb!wine | sorcha04:08
ubottusorcha: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu04:08
sebsebsebsorcha: Which program?04:08
vaulkostkon: I though that ":///" part is some weird smile. :)04:08
sorchai am trying to get qavimator working04:08
kostkonvaul, lol04:08
sorchait has instuctions for linux, but i am lost on what it means04:08
cellofellowebhc: you can check your systems routing dtable with "route"04:08
ebhcrpg: not sure how to check for static routes.  I was using webmin to setup iptables but then switched to firestarter.04:09
vaulkostkon: Now you why that "wrapping" near commands is neccessary sometimes. :)04:09
sebsebsebsorcha: I don't know what that is04:09
vaulkostkon: Thank you, it works.04:09
ruaribsd it is netstat -rn04:09
rpgsimmastersorcha: It is not, exactly, a Windows program04:09
rpgsimmastersorcha: The instructions you see on the page are to be typed into a console04:09
rpgsimmastersorcha: They will compile the program on your Ubuntu system04:09
ruarithat should show you default gateway04:09
sorchaok what console04:10
rpgsimmastersorcha: go Alt+F2; do you get the run dialog?04:10
k-radi may have been rash in my criticism of ubuntu04:10
soadkombuchaDoes anyone know how to enable the Satellite L500D-ST2543 media keys?04:10
* cellofellow defers to ruari who obviously knows a thing or two about BSD that he doesn't.04:10
sorchayes i did04:10
rpgsimmastertype in 'gnome-terminal'04:11
rpgsimmasterdo you get a terminal window?04:11
kostkonvaul, in most cases to wrap filenames. instead of giving for example: command -i my\ file, you need the '\ ' to escape the spaces in the filename; an easier way is: command -i "my file"04:11
sebsebsebkostkon: ok04:11
sebsebsebkostkon: wrong one04:11
sebsebsebk-rad: ok04:11
ponderawhat is the code name for ubuntu 10.04 ?04:11
sebsebsebk-rad: well I don't know what you said, but04:11
ebhcrpg: on the ubuntu box the default gateway shows my isp ip.04:11
sorchayes kinda like the old dos04:11
soadkombuchapondera: Lusty Lynx I think04:11
rpgsimmasterebhc: Good. Now have you checked your firewall rules?04:11
soadkombuchalucid lynx04:12
soadkombuchapondera: Why04:12
ponderawhats the one b4 THAT ?04:12
vaulkostkon: I knew that. I meant wrapping in quotes in the chat, when communicating.04:12
rpgsimmastersoadkombucha: Lol at lusty lynx04:12
ponderai want to install mana world04:12
sebsebsebk-rad: your entitled to an opinion about Ubuntu, even if it is wrong and unfair04:12
soadkombuchapondera: Intrepid Ibex and Hardy Heron are 804:12
k-radi wouldn't say unfair04:12
soadkombuchapondera: Jaunty Jackalope 9.04 Released April 2009 Karmic Koala 9.10 Released October 200904:12
soadkombuchapondera: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DevelopmentCodeNames04:12
sebsebsebk-rad: right well I don't even know what you said,  am interested though, but this is off topic I guess04:12
sebsebsebk-rad: pm?04:12
GNUtoo|laptophi, I've installed medibuntu, but only the free part,and I don't see libavcodec-52-extra04:13
k-radno thats quite alright04:13
rpgsimmastersorcha: Okay, now follow the isntructions04:13
soadkombuchaHave to run a script be back in a minute04:13
ruariebhc need to know the routing table for your bsd's that are behind your ubuntu firwall04:13
ebhcrpg: I think the rules are set to forward all internal network traffic.  let me check that faq that was just posted for me. brb04:13
sebsebsebk-rad: what problem did you have?04:13
rpgsimmastersorcha: start with entering: `svn co https://qavimator.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/qavimator qavimator` (without the quotes)04:13
k-radsomething stupid.  :)04:13
sebsebsebk-rad: normally people will complain about Ubuntu, if they have unsupported hardware that didn't just work, for example04:13
GNUtoo|laptopwhat should I do, did I do somehting wrong?04:13
ruarihate to ask but your interfaces are up on your bsd as well, ifconfig -a04:13
rpgsimmasterruari: Yes they are, he can ssh in, remember04:14
ruarisorry missed that04:14
kostkonvaul, ah, for example, to separate your own text from the cmd you are giving to someone? for example: to list your files give "ls" in a terminal04:14
rpgsimmastersorcha: Do you get a very long list of files appearing, or do you get some statement about 'program not installed'?04:14
aurillianceanyone know how to get an egalax touchscreen to handle screen rotation?04:15
=== Weust` is now known as Weust`afk
sorchano it told me svn is not installed04:15
vaulkostkon: I am not sure if this is correct, but I do so most of the time.04:15
rpgsimmastersorcha: Okay, go 'apt-get install svn'04:15
wynecan someone help me04:15
kostkonvaul, :)04:15
rpgsimmastersorcha: Actually, scratch that04:15
sebsebseb!ask |  wyne04:15
ubottuwyne: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:15
rpgsimmastersorcha: Go 'apt-get install svn build-essentials'04:15
wynei am trying to install wireless on my laptop04:15
wynei have linux GoS04:16
rpgsimmasterooh, this'll be fun04:16
k-radheck, forget fedora, i'll stick with ubuntu :)04:16
vaulkostkon: But in worst case you also need to mention not to type quotes in the terminal.04:16
sebsebsebwyne: oh GOS is based on Ubuntu, so really you need their support channel04:16
sin_taxIs there a hotkey to move a window to another virtual desktop (instead of dragging halfway between two, switching, and then dragging it all the way in)?04:16
sebsebsebwyne: or forum04:16
vaulkostkon: But luckily, it seldom happens.04:16
cellofellowsin_tax: Ctrl+Alt+Left or Right04:16
ebhcruari & rgp: Thanks! using the netstat command I saw that my default gateway was set to instead of  I fixed it and now it works.  Thanks!04:16
cellofellowor up or down04:16
wynemy laptop is compac presario04:16
rpgsimmasterebhc: np04:16
kostkonvaul, yes, it's best to put it in a parenthesis at the end of your text, for example04:16
flypipersoadkombucha, Im installing 9.04.... I think that worked great. I can't beleive that the new distro's have such a problem with this wireless driver04:17
sorchaok its not finding it04:17
wynesebsebseb help04:17
rpgsimmaster!pastebin sorcah04:17
sebsebsebflypiper: Ubuntu versions you mean04:17
sebsebsebflypiper: also sometimes or a lot of the time actsaul other distros, work better for wireless than Ubuntu04:17
rpgsimmaster!pastebin | sorcha04:17
ubottusorcha: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:17
rpgsimmastersorcha: can you paste the exact output to there?04:17
vaulsin_tax: Of couse the is.04:18
vaulsin_tax: Do you have compositing effects turned on?04:18
flypipersebsebseb, I understand that but my 14 year old daughter doesn't .. she likes Ubuntu04:18
cellofellowsin_tax: oops, it's Ctrl+Alt+Shift+DirectionKey04:18
dbdii407Where aré the wallpapers stored?04:18
vaulsin_tax: Yes, he is right.04:18
sebsebsebflypiper: as for 9.04 its a pretty great release really, shame it will go end of life at the end of October, no more security updates04:18
cellofellowdbdii407: default ones are in /usr/share/backgrounds04:18
sorchai'm sorry i am lost04:18
sin_taxcellofellow, perfect - thanks! and thanks as well vaul04:19
sharedLanhow do i enable shared video ram with my nvidia 5500? ubuntu 10.4 studio04:19
sebsebsebflypiper: well there was one end user feature that really got at me, but other then that :)04:19
rpgsimmastersorcha: Okay, you have the old "DOS" window open, yes?04:19
flypipersebsebseb,  I understand building a CD that doesn't have the wireless working and NetworkManager shuts down the interfaces about every 20 seconds.. that's called a great Release04:19
vaulsebsebseb: What was so great about 9.04 that is not present at 10.04?04:19
rpgsimmastersorcha: Okay, now when you type in 'sudo apt-get install svn build-essential', what happens?04:20
aurillianceanyone know how to get an egalax touchscreen to handle screen rotation?04:20
sebsebsebvaul: thats a bit off topic, but  with 10.04 they have changed Gnome even more, in  a bad way,  just most users like those changes04:20
sebsebsebvaul: I mean changes that won't go upstream04:20
flypipersebsebseb, That is the best advertising for our cause that you can get -(04:20
sharedLan10.4 is solid and updated?04:20
sharedLanseb whats bad?04:21
vaulsebsebseb: And unfortunate for you I do belong to «most» users that liked the changes. Mwaha-ha-ha. :)04:21
cellofellowI'm guessing sebsebseb is complaining about Ayatana.04:21
sorchareading was done but then i got this04:21
rpgsimmasterIf there's one thing I hate, it's the new theme04:21
sorchaE: Couldn't find package svn04:21
cellofellowAyatana rocks, better than the GNOME Shell stuff that upstream is coming up with.04:21
sharedLansome people think it uses more ram??04:21
sebsebsebrpgsimmaster: yeah I would rather have the old brown look myself :)04:21
rpgsimmastersorcha: er, whoops04:21
rpgsimmastersorcha: make that 'sudo apt-get install subversion build-essential04:22
sebsebsebshut down and log out not being in the system menu, where they should be.  no auotmatic shut down feature anymore with me menu enabled,  that kind of  stuff04:22
sharedLanlol main reason i use ubuntu is it seems to be able to run software meant for other "shells" as well04:22
sorchaok its loading something it asked if it could i said yes04:23
sebsebsebcellofellow: Gnome Shell might be like KDE 4 to begin with, basically  not liked that much by many, but then improved and most users like it04:23
rpgsimmastersorcha: 'good, that's what you want'04:23
cellofellowsebsebseb: we'll see what happens.04:23
cntrationalsebsebseb: actually, it's there in the system menu if you remove indicator applet04:23
sebsebsebcntrational: yes I know04:23
vaulsebsebseb: That's not objectively bad, changes just do not fit you taste.04:23
sebsebsebcntrational: and then the linking, of  indicatoer applet and sound menu.  and all that, as well, uh04:23
flypipersebsebseb, Thank You.. you just explained the compile problems with the new versions04:23
aurillianceDoes anyone here have an egalax touchscreen? I'm having trouble getting mine to handle rotation...04:24
sebsebsebflypiper: the compile problems?04:24
sorchait says config deferred now taking place04:24
SaxonCan anyone help me get DVDs to play?  I can't make them work in Totem, Kaffeine, or VLC.  I need to get DVDs to work on Ubuntu!04:24
rpgsimmastersorcha: Good; tell me when it's all done04:24
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats04:24
sharedLanhow do i tell my video card to use a swap file for mem? or system memory?04:24
sorchait seems to be but it hasn't told me it is04:24
aurilliancesharedLan, is that even possible?04:24
cellofellowSaxon: what exactly isn't working? Have you installed libdvdcss2 from Medibuntu?04:24
SaxonI've already gone through the ubuntu websote stuff already.04:24
vaulSaxon: You meant movies when saying DVDs, did you?04:24
rpgsimmastersorcha: Are you back at a commmand prompt, where you can type in more stuff?04:24
sebsebsebvaul: in my  opinion there are quite a few bad changes in 10.04, at least for expereinced users such as myself, who have used Ubuntu either from the second release in 2005 in my case, or for some the first in 2004.   However this is off topic, so this is a good thing to end it with.04:25
flypipersebsebseb, ERROR: not using the "bash" shell.. ERROR 204:25
rpgsimmastersorcha, okay, now we get to the actual part of installing your program04:25
sebsebsebflypiper: uh how did I explain a compile problem?04:25
sebsebsebflypiper: they haven't messed with the shell stuff yet04:25
flypipersebsebseb, Gnome shell04:25
rpgsimmastersorcha: can you type in 'svn co https://qavimator.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/qavimator qavimator'?04:25
sebsebsebflypiper: bash is the terminal04:25
juggalo4834how do i unrar something04:25
vaulsebsebseb: I understand your point, but I think you just had habits theese changes broke. Okay, lets end this.04:26
lostinubuntuhi hi.. im a bit lost04:26
sebsebsebflypiper: Gnome Shell is the new look for Gnome 3, which will be released in September, was going to be April, but they are delayed04:26
flypipersebsebseb, why do I get that error then in 10.4??   I dunno04:26
sorchaits done i have a promote after a long list of checks04:26
flypipersebsebseb, ahhh04:26
cntrationali wonder if gnome shell'll be in maverick04:26
Saxoncello yes I've had installed04:26
rpgsimmastersorcha: Okay,04:26
sebsebsebcntrational: no it won't won't be, but should be able to get it from the repo04:26
cellofellowSaxon: well, then, what doesn't work?04:26
lostinubuntui tried looking for massive amounts of info and find nothing much.. anyone good at figureing out video issues04:27
juggalo4834how do i unrar soemthing04:27
=== syrius is now known as kostas
sebsebsebcntrational: like at the moment you can get Gnome Shell for 10.04, but the version in the repo is old, well theres a ppa for a later version04:27
rpgsimmastersorcha: now follow the instructions here http://www.qavimator.org/, where it says 'and run the following commands:' under Linux(SVN)04:27
juggalo4834whats the issue04:27
cntrationalsebsebseb: they're already in the re- oh04:27
Saxoncello, when I try to start the movies on DVD, sometimes the opening starts, but then it cuts off, or just nothi9ng.04:27
sebsebsebcntrational: already in the what?04:27
sharedLanyes it's possible04:27
cntrationalit's already in the respositories04:27
rpgsimmasterjuggalo483: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=unrar+Ubuntu04:27
soadkombuchaSaxon: Did you installed the ubuntu restricted drivers package?04:27
lostinubuntui have a ibm e-server 445 and i can install the server just fine but then if i try to install desktop the video goes whack and get infinate loop04:27
aurilliancesharedLan, is that even possible?04:28
aurilliancesorry ^04:28
aurillianceDoes anyone here have an egalax touchscreen? I'm having trouble getting mine to handle rotation...04:28
sharedLanxp uses virtual memory for opengl and directx as well as the on videoboard memory04:28
cellofellowSaxon: kind of hard to diagnose that. Totem is a generally flakey DVD player. VLC always works for me, but that's works-for-me. If all else fails you can try buying the commercial DVD player from Fluendo.04:28
Saxonsoad, yes all other  restricted format work04:28
sharedLanubuntu see's it but it is not enabled04:28
sebsebseb!google | rpgsimmaster04:28
ubotturpgsimmaster: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.04:28
ubotturar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free04:29
rpgsimmastersebsebseb: That's why i google it for him04:29
rpgsimmaster*googled :P04:29
soadkombucha7z > rar04:29
sorchaok on the first line i get no directory found04:29
cntrational7zip is good04:29
sorchathen for qmake i get a couple of options with get package04:30
cellofellowtar.lzma > 7z04:30
presBetween 7z and unrar, you can cover everything.04:30
rpgsimmasterCan someone else help sorcha build qavimator, I have to go?04:30
cntrationalcellofellow: >:v04:30
sorchais this something i will hav eto go through each time i use this04:30
rpgsimmastersorcha: No, just once04:31
sorchathank heavens for that04:31
cellofellowcntrational: what?04:31
cntrationalcellofellow: nothing04:31
=== CQ_ is now known as CQ
cellofellow7z is windows-specific, like zip. On *nix, better to use tar.lzma, which gives you the same compression algorithm with a UNIX-native archive format.04:31
sharedLanxp can even be glitched into using onboard video at the same time as pci video..and share that ram too..using  "rivatuner"04:31
rpgsimmastersorcha: Can you get someone else to help you now - I have to disappear, unfortunately;04:32
sorchathank you for your help04:32
sorchai will try04:32
sharedLanI want the same kinda setup in my ubuntu studio04:32
presThat's crap. 7z and zip are not MSWindows specific.04:32
=== jmad980 is now known as _||^^||-\|]980
sorchadoes anyone know how to build qavimator?04:32
cellofellowpres: yes they are. They store Windows file attributes, not Unix permissions.04:32
sebsebsebcellofellow: 7-zip has a command line app for Linux distros04:33
sebsebsebcellofellow: the graphical 7-zip program will also work nicely in Wine04:33
sebsebsebcellofellow: and  other programs in  a Linux distro can deal with those files, native programs04:33
cellofellowp7zip is there and it works, yes, but that doesn't make it any less a Windows-specific archive format.04:33
pressebsebseb; 7z integrates into Ubuntu's built in archiver. No need for Windows version+WINE. Or use cli, which is what I prefer.04:34
lostinubuntui belive i have a buildt in radeon 7000/ve04:34
sebsebsebpres: and here we got cellofellow thinking its a Windows thing04:34
presWell that's wrong.04:34
sebsebsebcellofellow: 7zip is open source, and RAR is more of a Windows thing, and RAR is horrible04:34
juggalo4834why would ubuntu give me shitty download speeds and my window system gets great speeds04:34
cntrationalhow does it integrate into the built in archiver? that sounds neat04:35
sharedLanusually ubu gets great and xp fails04:35
cntrationalsebsebseb: at least rar is a bit better than zip04:35
ruaritowards bottom04:35
cellofellowsebsebseb: both zip and 7z specifically store windows file attributes, and can't store unix file attributes like permissions. Prove me wrong.04:35
sebsebsebcntrational: not on a Linux distro04:35
prescntrational; it just does.04:35
sharedLanjuggo try disableing ipv604:35
juggalo4834how so?04:35
cntrationalpres: how do i do this04:35
kostkonsorcha, according to this: http://yetanotherubuntublog.blogspot.com/2010/03/qavimator-on-karmic-32-64bit.html you'll need to install some packages first04:35
kostkonsorcha, thus, give the command:  sudo apt-get install subversion qt4-qmake libqt4-dev freeglut3-dev04:36
sharedLanwell ping and d/l's in ubuntu my personal experiences has far exceeded and microsoft os's04:36
sebsebsebsharedLan: also Wget is :)04:36
prescntrational; just install 7z and unrar from the repos and it automatically intergrates.04:36
sorchaok gonna run that and see04:36
sharedLanbut there are settings that can free things up more04:36
lostinubuntui love ubuntu but it seems that there is no support for my new (Used) server. all because of a video driver issue04:37
sharedLando you have pci-e juggo?04:37
sebsebseblostinubuntu: whats the exact problem?  and which card?04:37
sharedLanname of system and maker??04:38
aurillianceDoes anyone here have an egalax touchscreen? I'm having trouble getting mine to handle rotation...04:38
sharedLanmodel number of motherboard would help too04:38
cntrationalpres: hmmm 7z doesn't appear to be in the repos04:38
lostinubuntui have a imb e-server i can install the ubuntu server just fine but if i try to install the desktop it will cause the server to reboot forever04:38
cellofellowcntrational: it is, p7zip04:38
lostinubuntuit has a radeon 7000/ve04:38
sebsebseblostinubuntu: server edition?04:39
lostinubuntuyep ibm04:39
cellofellow!info p7zip04:39
ubottup7zip (source: p7zip): 7zr file archiver with high compression ratio. In component universe, is optional. Version 9.04~dfsg.1-1 (lucid), package size 350 kB, installed size 1000 kB04:39
prescntrational; type into terminal "sudo aptitude install p7zip-full unrar"04:39
sebsebseblostinubuntu: well your not meant to install a GUI on the server04:39
=== Keira is now known as Guest64
sebsebseblostinubuntu: and you can run servers in the desktop version as well04:39
cntrationalpres: oh, i used "7z"04:39
cntrationalpres: 'kay04:39
sebsebseb!server | lostinubuntu04:39
ubottulostinubuntu: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server04:39
prescntrational; yeah I thought you may have.04:39
sharedLanthe console works..becuase it's not using video..but you can use it to setup the gui??04:39
lostinubuntuim used to running the gui in server04:40
sharedLanhis issue is the video card won't run the gui04:40
lostinubuntuits how i do alot of quick things04:40
sebsebseblostinubuntu: and if you do the server  LTS04:40
lostinubuntuthe video card is a radeon 7000/ve04:40
sebsebseblostinubuntu: and do desktop stuff, well the desktop stuff will run out of support, before the server stuff04:40
sharedLanthis is 10.4??04:40
lostinubuntuyes 10.0404:40
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)04:41
sebsebseblostinubuntu: you got a boot up issue?04:41
lostinubuntuonly if i install the desktop04:41
sharedLanhave you tried other drivers for it??  what is your chipset??04:41
lostinubuntuthats what im looking for04:41
lostinubuntuno clue where to begin04:41
sebsebseblostinubuntu: did you install a propritary driver?04:41
sharedLansudo lshw04:41
lostinubuntuthe chipset would of been for a radeon ve or radeon 7000/ve04:41
lostinubuntuno clue how to do it04:42
ITSOSIMPOhello could someone send a link with instructions to free memory after unmounting /var/lib/ureadahead/debugfs04:42
sharedLanthe chipset is usually separate from the video card unless ati made that specifically for that board..04:42
lostinubuntubut also another issue comes up seems this fsck thing likes to come up and cause lock04:42
sebsebseblostinubuntu: does the graphical boot up show ok or not?04:42
lostinubuntuwell it is a buildt in video04:43
sharedLanhow are you installing?04:43
lostinubuntufor the e-server 45504:43
sharedLanhmm let me google04:43
lostinubuntuthe only info i got was a dropped off support on it04:43
=== AmritP is now known as Guest61475
cntrationalthis channel moves really quickly04:43
sharedLanthat doesn't mean nobody  has answers for you04:43
sharedLanit may not have been built for linux yet??04:44
lostinubunturight now it is running a windows server 2008 and i hate MS products04:44
ruarime too04:44
lostinubuntuand i am too noob at ubuntu to really know what im doing04:45
lostinubuntulove the server though04:45
sharedLancan you run sudo lshw and see if it report onboard video or just the chipset??04:45
lostinubuntuhmm ill have to reinstall04:46
lostinubuntuthis will take a few04:46
sharedLani'm hopeing the cd got messed up in transit to the other pc...04:46
sharedLanor the hd is messed up04:46
sharedLancause server could run exclusively in ram xD04:47
lostinubuntuwell with god's will i will have my ubuntu on a silly server04:47
sharedLanlol any pc can be a server..but this one has things that make it better suited04:48
lostinubuntuyea its got 4 2.7 ghs processors and 8 gb ram04:48
lostinubuntunot the best but its better then the 1.3 ghz pc i was using04:48
sharedLan4 separte cpus???04:48
lostinubuntucant run a 64 bit os04:49
lostinubuntubut xcan run 32 bit04:49
sharedLanhey pm me so we don't flood this thing04:49
lostinubuntuit loves the server cd all untill the desktop04:49
lostinubuntukk will do04:49
sharedLanclick the name hheh04:49
=== gues is now known as risa212
NeoCicakhi all.. i'm running windows xp guest inside my ubuntu virtualbox.... but the speed of the xp is very slow! i have a 2GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo... and the XP guest recognizes it (it says 2GHZ intel core 2 duo)... but it says 50 Mhz for the speed...04:51
juggalo4834why would flash not alow me to use hardware accleration04:52
sandyis kubuntu and ubuntu all the same program04:52
sorchaok sorry it was taking a while to load all that04:52
=== sandy is now known as Guest4839
xanguaubuntu uses gnome, kubuntu kde; you can install the same apps04:53
mercutio22can someone please help me fix my dual monitor with compiz setup? here's xorg.conf: http://paste.ubuntu.com/455754/04:53
Guest4839ok xangua so will gnome work on kubuntu04:54
mercutio22Neither thing works, compiz or RandR dual head04:54
ruarisorcha it work? looks like a cool program04:54
cntrationalyou can install gnome on kubuntu04:54
cntrationaland gnome applications will work as well04:54
xanguaGuest4839:  you can install so many desktops you want to > sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop04:54
Guest4839xangua so if i upgrade to kubuntu is there any advantages to it04:55
mercutio22I probably made a mess on xorg.conf04:55
wildbatubuntu don't give the option to suspend/sleep(it got hibernates thou) in the shutdown menu~ what should i do to enable it? 10.04, E6600, ASUS P5B04:56
sorchano its telling me a bunch of errors then command not found04:56
cntrationaloh whoa they already released firefox 3.6.604:56
sorchaand yes if you do any 3d av animations its a great program one i can't afford to lose unless theres something else i can use04:57
hasek79what do i need to be able to play dvd movies in my dvd rom drive on my laptop?04:57
xanguahasek79: libdvdcss2, you can get it from medibuntu04:58
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org04:58
dschulzhasek79: take a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs04:59
Guest4839xangua is there a reason to upgrade to kubuntu then is it a better program?05:00
cntrationalGuest4839: it's a different program05:00
sorchai just reran it all again everythings fine til the make command05:00
sorchathen i get two errors05:00
fireunhey all, fresh 10.04 install here with a mouse that isnt working (when it should) I found http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1485671&page=205:01
riz0nWhen I try to log out Ubuntu, it says I have stopped jobs. How can I switch to the job and end it? Thanks05:01
fireunwhich says its some odd problem with ehci->uhci handoff not covering everything05:01
manhunterhi,what's that application to install that will appear at bottom or above on ubuntu desktop,like gnome-panel,that panel will contain shortcut of installed application like firefox,piding,openoffice,gedit etc. if i move the cursor on that shorcut the icon of that application will increase,the shortcut of application on that menu will rotate according to the movement of the mouse.someone tell me what's the application/menu05:03
cntrational...a dock?05:03
cellofellowmanhunter: Docky05:03
YoquesI need to solve a problem with a break USB mass storage 4GB05:03
Joshua_Robertsis there a default calculator app with ubuntu?05:03
cellofellowmanhunter: or Avant Window Navigator, or Cairo Dock.05:03
kostkonJoshua_Roberts, yes05:04
cellofellowJoshua_Roberts: gcalctool, in Applications -> Accessories -> Calculator.05:04
YoquesThe USB appears when I put lsusb, but is impossible to mount it to can copy with ddrescue05:04
manhuntercellofellow: what's the command to install it?05:04
Joshua_RobertsI am using openbox instead of kde or gnome05:04
cellofellowmanhunter: just search for them in Software Center.05:04
Joshua_Robertsso it is gcalctool  thanks05:04
cntrationalmanhunter: sudo apt-get install docky05:05
cellofellowmanhunter: it may be docky205:05
kostkonmanhunter, or search for "dock" in the ubuntu software center. it will list a few05:06
cntrationalthere doesn't appear to be a docky2 in the repos05:06
hasek79what the app called that you can put animation following the cursor and where can you get it?05:06
shoonyais there any indicator patch available for exaile ?05:07
cntrationalindicator patch?05:07
shoonyai mean indicator support for exaile05:07
hasek79is it an app?05:07
shoonyaindicator-applet available in ubuntu 10.0405:08
inertanyone here know how to get lubuntu to load itself entirely into memory for a low-power environment?05:08
cntrationalshoonya: open exaile, Edit » Preferences » Appearance » Tick "Show tray icon"05:09
hasek79how do you become the owner of the system? i tried to move a folder to the backgrounds folder and it said you are not the owner????????05:09
hasek79isnt the admin the owner?05:09
=== _||^^||-\|]980 is now known as jmad980
XP1i have a win98-era computer and after i try to install 10.04 (ubuntu, xubuntu, and lubuntu), the comp freezes after BIOS: the keyboard is frozen, screen is blank, hdd activity off05:10
XP1the live cd can run, but after install ubuntu doesn't load05:10
cntrational"win98-era" what05:11
jmad980that means around 1997 ;)05:11
XP1P III 500Mhz05:11
kostkoncntrational, i guess that option is for the old gnome tray applet, not for the new ubuntu tray, aka indicator applet05:11
ubutom_XP1, try lubuntu05:11
cntrationalXP1: o:05:11
jmad980he did ;)05:11
XP1i did05:11
XP1i also tried CD, DVD, and alternative05:12
sorchacan anyone help me figure out the errors on trying to build qavimator05:12
cntrationalkostkon: eh05:12
XP1i checked the RAM and 1 stick had failed the tests, so i just took out all the others and left a 128MB05:12
XP1which was one that passed05:13
ubutom_well, 128mb ram and 500 mhz processor aint gonna be fun with a modern os05:13
cntrationalsounds like a really old computer05:13
LymIs there any way I can install the latest ubuntu using an external hard drive? I don't have any blank cds or a pendrive05:13
jmad980XP1: don't think thats enough to run ubuntu05:13
cntrationalis it one of those towers with the dirty white exterior05:14
jmad980not sure if swap would let you get away with it or not05:14
XP1i still have another 128MB, 64MB sticks but i took them out because it was freezing during install05:14
jmad980might have to buy more ram, or just a new computer if you could05:14
jmad980can get some cheaper than ram prolly05:14
ubutom_XP1, win2k might run well on it...05:14
jmad980old ram is expensive05:14
caleb_or use bsd : D05:14
=== MK-BB is now known as MK|BNC
cntrationalLym: i've tried that before, i don't think you can05:15
odoxi have a question on ubuntu plz05:17
cntrationalodox: yes05:17
ubutom_!usb > Lym05:17
ubottuLym, please see my private message05:17
radikalhey good night everybody05:17
odoxi'm looking for a list of the most recommended hardware to run ubuntu on, any helps plz?05:18
radikal someone can help me, i want to try sync my evo phone and cant sync whit my computer05:18
ubutom_odox, I don't think there is such a thing as most recommended hardware05:19
ubutom_odox, most pc will work, as with peripherals like printer, scanner and so on you should check first before you buy05:19
actionParsnipyo yo yo05:20
ubutom_!es actionParsnip  :D05:20
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:20
ubutom_just kidding05:20
supernothingactionParsnip: oy oy oy05:20
actionParsnipubutom_: you forgot the pipe dude ;)05:20
ubutom_actionParsnip, yah, well, I am only a bot, please don't think I am intelligent :P :D05:21
cntrational¡au lait!05:21
odoxoh ok ubutom.....the community doesn't keep lists of hardware that ubuntu has failed to support, or another list where ubuntu users give their recommendations on what works best for them?05:21
riz0nWhen I try to log out Ubuntu, it says I have stopped jobs. How can I switch to the job and end it? Thanks05:21
actionParsnip!hcl | odox05:21
ubottuodox: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection05:21
ubutom_odox, sure there are hardware compatibility lists, but there is no best05:22
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots05:22
ubottuWhile Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.05:22
bazhangcntrational, /msg ubottu please05:23
odoxthank you ubutom and ubotto05:23
mcl0vinjust installed 9.10 on a laptop and when it asked me to boot i did , now i get "GRUB loading. error:file not found" then furb rescue> "05:23
actionParsnipmcl0vin: i'd boot to live cd to reinstall grub05:23
preecheri kno this is probly not a qstn for here but is they a program i can get for ubuntu that will let me send and recieve faxes without having a fax machine05:23
hasek79ty the dvd player works now05:24
kavelothow do I add a shortcut to "Favorites" on this new ubuntu interface (I don't know if it's just for netbook, but that's my case)05:24
=== hebert is now known as hebertsilva
mcl0vinactionParsnip: how would i install it form liveCD05:24
ubutom_preecher, asterisk but I don't know anything about that :)05:24
actionParsnippreecher: you'll need a fax modem at least05:24
actionParsnip!grub2 | mcl0vin05:24
ubottumcl0vin: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub205:24
Flannelpreecher: There are, I suggest you search the repositories for others, but if nothing else 'efax' claims to be what you're looking for05:25
preecherubutom and actionParsnip  and Flannel thx-) -05:26
actionParsnippreecher: isnt fax fairly dead now email exists05:26
supernothingactionParsnip: so is snail mail, but people still use it occasionally :P05:27
actionParsnippreecher: you may be able to send fax from email clients, i know outlook can do it but i think its some magic in exchange or somesuch05:27
cntrationalactionParsnip: we can't exactly talk, since we're using irc05:27
preecheractionParsnip yea i kno i was just lookin at some things and was wondering05:27
actionParsnipsupernothing: oh totally05:27
hasek79is there a way to make the admin for the system also the owner?05:27
* actionParsnip isnt in a fit state to advise so will only be answering easy questions 05:27
cntrationaland snail mail is cool05:27
actionParsnippidgeon post is cooler than snail mail05:28
cntrational*space* snail mail05:28
ubutom_fax is still used for canceling contracts and so on, though e-mail replaced it in many cases, yeah, but fax isn't dead05:28
soadkombuchaI find it funny that the Ubuntu support channel is still IRC05:28
chazsoadkombucha: What do you think it should be?05:29
actionParsnipsoadkombucha: makes sense, what would you use instead?05:29
supernothingyou know, just go all the way and use avian tcp: http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc1149.html05:29
soadkombuchachaz: Nothing else, but still. IRC is not very common anymore05:29
SirMooWe really need a cow friendly version. How many cows do you see using a computer? None. I propose someone creates Moobuntu. A cow friendly OS.05:29
chazsoadkombucha: Maybe Jabber. That's about all i'd use in it's place.05:29
soadkombuchaThe only times I see IRC are 1) For Linux support and 2) to promote illegal activities05:29
Cathalgreetings all05:29
coz_SirMoo,  yes we can "milk" it for all its worth05:29
preecherwat is jabber05:30
cntrationalsoadkombucha: you haven't seen irc enough05:30
Cathalhave a Q about installing Ubuntu on an old Mas G305:30
soadkombuchacntrational: I don't hang around IRC I grew up in the AIM age05:30
CathalMAC G305:30
chazpreecher: A different protocol.05:30
soadkombuchacntrational: Just so happens I'm on a handful of sites that use IRC as their chatrooms05:30
preechero ok05:30
ubutom_icq is now russian owned, but that's kinda ot05:31
soadkombuchapreecher: The same messaging protocol GTalk is based off of05:31
SirMooFarmers will have better milk yield with happy cows... Happy cows that surf the web.05:31
ubutom_!cn > yuan05:31
ubottuyuan, please see my private message05:31
soadkombuchapreecher: XMPP05:31
ubutom_!cn | yuan05:32
ubottuyuan: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk05:32
xiongI just passed 30 days uptime!05:32
SirMooIsn't it slightly odd that Ubottu says to see the private message in English, not the native language?05:32
cntrationalsoadkombucha: NO WAY05:32
cntrationalsupernothing: NO WAY05:32
FlannelPlease stop that.05:32
actionParsnipSirMoo: could let the guys in #ubuntu-ops know05:33
Cathaldang busy in here, isn't it?!05:33
cntrationalCathal: maybe!?05:33
Cathalwhere would I go for help installing Ubuntu on a Mac?05:33
ubutom_!ask @ Cathal05:33
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:34
coz_you know guys....being a family  channel as well as official support channel for ubuntu.... I would think you would be a bit less "chatty"05:34
SirMooAbout what? Native language? Or my ingenious idea to capitalize on cow related web surfing with Moobuntu?05:34
ubutom_!apple | Cathal05:34
ubottuCathal: For PPC discussion, join #ubuntu-powerpc. For discussion on Mac software, or help with same, please visit ##apple.05:34
xiongThat's 30 days without a reboot and yes, I've been doing stuff; my swap is half a meg full (and I notice the kernel isn't very swappy). Take that, M$.05:34
coz_SirMoo,  well...that is more appropriate for  #ubuntu-offtopic05:34
Neo31In windows RDP does this : Port Redirection allows applications running within the terminal session to access local serial ports directly. >> any idea on how to do it in linux?05:34
cntrationalCathal: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootCamp05:34
ubutom_Cathal, since it is PPC, good place to ask there I guess05:34
cntrationalno wait05:35
cntrationalthis page is useless05:35
xiongCathal, It's always a good idea to browse heavily for background. But you're welcome to talk about Mac install here. Which kind of Mac?05:36
Cathalyeah, the Mac in question is running 9.205:36
Cathalits an old Mac G305:36
UbuntuLilyHOw do I check for hard disk errors (Physical)?  (In Winblow it was chkdsk /f/r )05:36
cntrationalis it a powerPC or inte- powerPC, then05:36
xiongCathal, You will not get Ubuntu on that, sorry.05:36
ubutom_G3 is powerpc05:36
supernothingUbubtuLily: fsck05:37
hasek79can you watch quicktime file formats on the internet? is there a plugin for the web browsers to see them?05:37
xiongCathal, You may want to look into one of the Yellow Dog distros. Also, OpenSUSE supports PPC.05:37
yuanBU HU YONG ZHE GE05:37
CathalI used to work with open suse, back when it was 10.005:37
cntrationalwell actually you can sorta isntall ubuntu05:37
ubutom_!cn | yuan05:37
ubottuyuan: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk05:37
supernothingUbuntuLily: chkdsk only checks for filesystem errors though, if i remember correctly...been awhile since i've been on the windows though05:37
coz_yuan,  are you sure you are not being silly now?05:37
Flannelyuan: This channel is english only, please join #ubuntu-cn for Chinese05:37
xiongCathal, Not to discourage you but I did spend quite a long time trying to get Linux on a PPC machine. There's much to be said for getting new hardware. No offense.05:37
actionParsnipUbuntuLily: fsck -a /dev/partitionname    (if you use -r for chkdsk)05:38
cntrationalhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPC apparently there are community supported PPC releases05:38
Cathalheh, well, this is a toy for now05:38
Dr_WillisI agree with xiong -  i worked at getting linux on my imac DV  ( a 500mhz ppc) and basically  it was more trouble then it was worth.05:38
UbuntuLilykool thanx05:38
UbuntuLilyhow do I get part name?05:38
Cathalif I do get it up. it'll only be for formatting, or re-formatting ebooks.05:38
actionParsnipUbuntuLily: you can also use ultimate boot disk to test it with the manufacturers tools (will require CD / USB to boot from)05:38
actionParsnipUbuntuLily: sudo fdisk -l     will (L)ist the partitions05:39
supernothingUbuntuLily: System->Administration->Disk Utility will let you find hardware issues i believe as well05:39
supernothingif you need those05:39
xiongCathal, If you're looking at it as a way to salvage old hardware, maybe yes.05:39
yuanZHE SHI05:39
xiongI wasn't aware that there was *any* PPC Ubuntu port.05:39
ubottuTo install a Java runtime on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java. For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.05:39
soadkombuchasupernothing: chkdsk only checks for bad hardware sectors05:39
soadkombuchaxiong: it exists05:39
soadkombuchasupernothing: On an HDD05:40
actionParsnipxiong: sure there are ppc version05:40
UbuntuLilyWell my issue is I am trying to install mythubuntu and I got an IO error.  The error said it could be the CD or the hard drive, but since I pulled this PC off a shelf its been sitting on for like a year I wanted to make sure the hard drive was okay before I go wasting disks05:40
xiongWell, I would still try OpenSUSE first.05:40
gommlesynergy is lagging, and the sudo workaround isn't working. any ideas?05:40
actionParsnipxiong: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/releases/lucid/release/ubuntu-10.04-desktop-powerpc.iso05:40
soadkombuchagommle: What's the sudo workaround?05:40
soadkombuchagommle: Did you try sudo -s??05:40
gommlesimply running as superuser.05:40
gommlesynergyc that is05:40
soadkombuchagommle: What exactly is synergyc?05:40
supernothingsoadkombucha: http://www.microsoft.com/resources/documentation/windows/xp/all/proddocs/en-us/chkdsk.mspx?mfr=true it checks the filesystem according to this05:40
holocenemsg nickserv indentify xchat66605:41
soadkombuchasupernothing: Yeah.05:41
supernothingyou can't "correct" physical failures05:41
gommleprogram for sharing mouse/keyboard over network05:41
soadkombuchasupernothing: You never can05:41
cntrationalCathal: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/releases/lucid/release/ here's a powerPC port of lucid05:41
ubutom_UbuntuLily, if that I/o error is during install or before rebooting, thats a thing the livecd has on all my pc05:41
soadkombuchagommle: Did you try gksudo?05:41
ubutom_UbuntuLily, no need to worry about that05:41
xiongactionParsnip, Thank you but I'm not going that way. I have one old G3 running 9.2.2 and I'm keeping it just that way, until I get all my files from it. I may keep it around for specialized graphics work.05:42
soadkombuchagommle: With QuickSynergy?05:42
UbuntuLilyI dont think it finished tho05:42
supernothingsoadkombucha: never is such a dirty word. it's very difficult to. and you definitely can't do it in software, unless you mean write around it. but yeah, ckdsk cleans filesystems, not checks disks for failures afaik05:42
gommleinstalling quicksynergy now. But I doubt it will work, as it's simply a GUI05:42
UbuntuLilyit was 48 % thru, than I got the IO error than I went to get a drink and the installer was gone05:42
soadkombuchaUbuntuLily: What speed did you burn the disc at05:43
soadkombuchaUbuntuLily: Try to reburn the image on a disc that supports 2.4x and burn it that slow05:43
Cathalthank you cntrational, that's just what I needed. here's hoping it works. I want to completely wipe the old OS and rebuild from scratch is possible.05:43
test34Any firewall program that is similar to ZoneAlarm?05:43
aurillianceDoes anyone here have an egalax touchscreen? I'm having trouble getting mine to handle rotation...05:43
UbuntuLilyhigh- think 20x05:43
ubutom_UbuntuLily, ah, ok, that's different then, got it only in the shell before the disc unmounts after installing05:43
yuan这个东西怎么用 b]05:43
actionParsnip!firewall | test3405:43
ubottutest34: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist.05:43
UbuntuLilyis there a way to do an integrity check on the disk?05:43
Dr_Willistest34:  firewalls in linux work in a radically different way then they do in windows. So somthing like zone alarm is really not needed.05:44
ubutom_!cn | yuan05:44
ubottuyuan: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk05:44
cntrationalCathal: it's not an official port, though05:44
Cathalwill, it update if I connect it?05:44
Cathalthat's all I really need then05:44
soadkombuchaUbuntuLily: What kind of disc?05:45
soadkombuchaUbuntuLily: Ubuntu install disc?05:45
Cathallike I said, it will be primarily for formatting ebooks.05:45
test34Dr_Willis, Some are radically different, but they should clone zonealarm05:45
UbuntuLilyYa - Mythbuntu to be exact05:45
soadkombuchatest34: They don't need to yet...Windows is much more compromised05:45
actionParsniptest34: submit the idea at: http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com ;)05:45
bazhangyuan, english here  ly you too05:45
soadkombuchaUbuntuLily: When you boot there should be a boot and verify option05:46
ubutom_yuan 这仅是英语频道。为了获得在中国的帮助,请键入/加入#Ubuntu的- cn的05:46
soadkombuchaUbuntuLily: But like I said, try reburning the ISO at 2.4x05:46
bazhangyuan ly #ubuntu-cn for Chinese05:46
sha1sumHey all. I think my disc got corrupt somehow, and I don't have another burner around. I'm using the livecd for 10.04 now, and I'd like to know if there's a way I can just install from the network packages, but from the live cd?05:46
UbuntuLilyIll do that too05:46
soadkombuchaUbuntuLily: Generally a slower burn speed results in less chance of the disc failing05:46
test34soadkombucha, i like to know when a program that isnt supposed to access the net actually tries05:46
soadkombuchaUbuntuLily: For future advice, NEVER burn an ISO image at full write speed.05:47
UbuntuLilyyes, normally I burn slower, i just wasn't thinkin05:47
test34actionParsnip, I'll take a look, thanks05:47
gommlesha1sum, the USB install works nicely, and you don't have to format it either. just a heads up05:47
soadkombuchaUbuntuLily: Ahh alright05:47
UbuntuLilythanx! kiss ;)05:47
sha1sumgommle: awesome. where can I get it?05:47
sin_taxIs a single ext partition with ubuntu installed a bad way to start a dual boot (ubuntu / *dows) setup?  Or can I modify the partition and use GRUB or something to do the dual boot?05:47
soadkombuchasha1sum: Download the ISO05:47
soadkombuchasha1sum: And download unetbootin05:47
soadkombuchasha1sum: And it will write the ISO image to a bootable USB drive for you05:48
gommlesha1sum, I only used the GUI for windows, but I assume it exists for ubuntu too05:48
soadkombuchaIt exists cross platform05:48
sha1sumsoadkombucha: can you give me the URL for the ISO for 32 bit 10.04? Firefox is one of the sectors of the disc that is corrupt so I have to use wget I guess05:48
crdlbsin_tax: you should install windows first05:48
sin_taxI was afraid of that :-(05:48
cntrationalthe best way is to install windows then ubuntu05:49
soadkombuchasha1sum: http://mirrors.gigenet.com/ubuntu/10.04/ubuntu-10.04-desktop-i386.iso05:49
the_fileI just downloaded an ati driver its a .run file, how do I install it?.05:49
soadkombuchasha1sum: Actually..05:49
Dr_WillisUnless of course you count the best way as locking up  the windows cd.. and not even installing windows at all. :)05:49
crdlbthe_file: what GPU do you have?05:49
sha1sumcool thanks05:49
soadkombuchasha1sum: If you download unetbootin05:49
Dr_Willisthe_file:  chmod +x whatever.run, then ./whatever.run05:50
soadkombuchasha1sum: It will download the ISO file for you through the gui05:50
the_fileATI Radeon Xpress 125005:50
crdlbthe_file: that driver won't work, then05:50
CathalDr_Willis personally, id burn the winblows CD. but that's just me05:50
actionParsnipthe_file: mark it as executable and run it in a terminal05:50
gommlesame GPU as me. the built in works perfectly.05:50
crdlbthe_file: I don't think the legacy version works on recent kernel/Xorg versions05:51
PiperManhello people05:51
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PiperMansad night tonight05:51
soadkombuchasha1sum: apt-get install unetbootin05:51
the_fileu sure?05:51
the_filecause its a linux driver05:51
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soadkombucha The ATI non-free driver works perfectly fine05:51
actionParsnipthe_file: if you have an older chip the open driver will service you05:52
Dr_Willisthe_file:  its always a good idea to tell us exactly what it is.05:52
Rajhi there05:52
crdlbthe_file: considering it was released over a year before lucid, I'm pretty sure it won't run on 10.04 at least05:52
Dr_Willisthe_file:  with some video card drivers, you may need to Exit out of X and run them from the Console.05:52
the_fileso why would ubuntu just drop support?05:52
Dr_Willisthe_file:  ubuntu dident.. ati did.05:52
Raji need some help with respect to WiFI on 10.0405:52
PiperMan@Raj hello pal05:52
soadkombuchaRaj: What wifi card?05:52
actionParsnipcrdlb: it'll run, just maybe not with ful 3d goodness, vesa driver can run any chip05:52
PiperManRaj: have i seen u here b4?05:53
Raji dono what card it is05:53
gommlethe_file, SYstem->administration->hardware drivers05:53
actionParsnip!ask | raj05:53
ubotturaj: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:53
Rajthis is my first time05:53
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soadkombuchaRaj: Can you find out?05:53
actionParsnipRaj: what is the output of: sudo lshw -C network | grep -i product05:53
crdlbactionParsnip: I'm talking about the legacy fglrx driver specifically05:53
actionParsnipcrdlb: gotcha05:53
Rajsoadkobucha: how to find out?05:53
the_fileso I am in terminal how do I install the driver?05:53
aurillianceactionParsnip, Hi there!05:53
actionParsnipRaj: i told you how you can find out above05:53
aurillianceDoes anyone here have an egalax touchscreen? I'm having trouble getting mine to handle rotation...05:53
actionParsniphi aurilliance05:54
mneptokRaj: lspci05:54
actionParsnipmneptok: might be usb ;)05:54
Rajubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo lshw -C network | grep -i product        product: 82573L Gigabit Ethernet Controller        product: PRO/Wireless 3945ABG [Golan] Network Connection05:54
Rajthat was the output05:54
mneptokactionParsnip: one thing at a time05:54
actionParsnipmneptok: lshw covers both ;)05:54
mneptokRaj: so what is the issue? the 3945 has been supported in the kernel for a few years.05:55
actionParsnipRaj: what is the output of: lsb_release -c    ?05:55
Rajis the output of lsb_release05:57
Rajits very confusing here05:57
mneptokRaj: what is the exact symptom you are experiencing?05:57
Rajwell, it says connected but when i try to browse the net05:57
Rajit is not working05:58
Rajit asks for password05:58
Rajagain n again05:58
aurillianceI'm trying to get my touchscreen to work when I rotate the screen, does anyone have any pointers?05:58
mneptokRaj: pastebin the output of "ifconfig"05:58
mneptokRaj: and please keep answers on one line05:58
mneptokRaj: and what encryption schema does the WAP use? WEP? WPA? WPA2?05:59
Rajwlan0     Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:19:d2:53:07:42             inet6 addr: fe80::219:d2ff:fe53:742/64 Scope:Link           UP BROADCAST MULTICAST  MTU:1500  Metric:1           RX packets:665 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:0           TX packets:789 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:0           collisions:0 txqueuelen:1000            RX bytes:89775 (89.7 KB)  TX bytes:127487 (127.4 KB)05:59
RajI chose WPA and WPA205:59
soadkombuchaWhat torrent client would you recommend? Transmission or KTorrent05:59
mneptokRaj: well, what does the AP actually use?05:59
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Rajwhat is AP?06:00
mneptokRaj: access point06:00
actionParsnipsoadkombucha: i use transmission due to my phone being able to talk beautifully with it, both are great, if you use gnome and instal ktorrent you will pull in a tonne of qt libs06:00
soadkombuchaactionParsnip: I have multiple desktop managers installed06:00
actionParsnipRaj: does it connect with no security06:00
soadkombuchaactionParsnip: I have the space for it. I've been using transmission.. I wanted to try out KTorrent06:00
soadkombuchaI'm partial to the utorrentesque GUI06:00
Rajlet me chk06:01
actionParsnipsoadkombucha: ok then both are good, ktorrent has a web ui too but you have to install php5-cli extra (last I used kde it was needed)06:01
actionParsnipsoadkombucha: go for it then dude, its free to try06:01
sha1sumsoadkombucha: is there any way I can skip the USB thing and load the iso via loopback or something and do it that way?06:01
soadkombuchasha1sum: I don't know06:01
soadkombuchaactionParsnip: I have kde installed06:01
cntrationalsoadkombucha: i like transmission06:01
soadkombuchacntrational: I'm a utorrent fanboy06:02
soadkombuchacntrational: KTorrent is closer than Transmission06:02
soadkombuchaTorrenting works better on linux I get better speeds.06:02
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!06:02
cntrationalwell i don't really know much about KTorrent06:02
Dr_WillisTransmission 2.0 is out in the PPA's also. :) been using that for the last few weeeks.06:03
Rajwill be back.. i'm using LAN right now...06:03
soadkombuchacntrational: There is nothing wrong with transmission06:03
Rajwill chk connecting to WiFI06:03
soadkombuchaTransmission 2 is out?06:03
cntrationalyeah, it is06:03
Dr_WillisTheres PPA's of it yes. soadkombucha06:03
soadkombuchaDr_Willis: PPA?06:03
Dr_WillisTransmission is still a little lacking in some ways. but 2.0 has some good improbements06:04
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.06:04
faceI've been having some trouble getting my monitor to configure correctly.  Is there anyone who could help me?06:04
cntrationalbasically a PPA is more or less a special repository for a single program06:04
actionParsnipsoadkombucha: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/06/transmission-20-released-new-ui-filters.html06:05
usfmy external hard drive is no more detected on ubuntu 10.04 and just yesterday it was working,plz help06:05
Dr_Willisor often a single persons, or groups own  personal repo.06:05
usfmy external hard drive is no more detected on ubuntu 10.04 and just yesterday it was working,plz help06:06
soadkombuchaGot it thanks guys06:06
Dr_Willisusf:  step #1. try to mount it by hand - using the command line.06:07
* mneptok is reminded to run an fsck on the company's backup disk downstairs06:07
usfDr_Willis:it's not detected,how can i do it?06:07
Dr_Willisusf:  your use of the term 'detected' is vague.. how are you determining its not detected>?06:08
faceGrandr doesn't give me any options other than 1024x768 or 800x600.  My screen is 1600x900.06:08
faceWhy is this?06:08
Dr_Willisusf:  does 'sudo fdisk -l' show it? if so - then it IS being detected by the system.. (gnome may be confused)06:08
soadkombuchausf: You can mount a hidden partition06:08
usfDr_Willis:not in  /media06:08
soadkombuchasudo mkdir /media/disk06:08
faceI've been told to edit my xorg, but that caused problems for me too, and I had to reconfigure the file.06:09
actionParsnipface: what video card?06:09
faceHold on06:09
Dr_Willisusf:  thats not showing that its not 'detected' by the system.. check fdisk -l output, and 'dmesg' output.06:09
Dr_Willisusf:  If you can determine what '/dev/sdXX' it is. then you can try to mount it by hand.06:09
actionParsnipface: lspci | grep -i vga     will tell you06:09
silv3r_m00ndoes cron have any other command other than crontab ?06:09
actionParsnip!cron | silv3r_m00n06:10
ubottusilv3r_m00n: cron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto  -  There is also a decent Howto at http://www.tech-geeks.org/contrib/mdrone/cron&crontab-howto.htm06:10
the_fileso is there anyway to get my motherboard graphic card driver to work?06:10
soadkombuchausf: then sudo mount -t /dev/sdb (or what fdisk shows) /media/disk06:10
soadkombuchausf: then sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/sdb (or what fdisk shows) /media/disk06:11
face00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Device 0046 (rev 12)06:11
usfDr_Willis:when i type lsusb it gives that is detected06:11
faces the output.06:11
actionParsnipface: oh, one of those. yeah you'll need an xorg.conf file dude. You'll be fighting it until you get a nice display06:11
faceOkay, okay.06:12
Dr_Willisusf:  determina what /dev/sdXX it is.. and use commands like soadkombucha  posted.. but he did a typo. :)    it will be like /dev/sdb1  not /dev/sdb06:12
faceWould you be kind enough to help me with that?06:12
soadkombuchaDr_Willis: OK sorry.06:12
paranoidphreakhi everybody, i have a 16gig flash drive and i have ubuntu 10.04 installed on it (8gigs) and swap (2gigs) allocated towards linux and the remaining free space, i'm planning on allocating toward data, (fat format). i'm planning on using public computers to access this partition. should i be worried about this because i may catch a virus or something that corrupts my OS or is it wise to get a new flash drive for storing data?06:12
Dr_Willissoadkombucha:  ive seen cases where you do uise /dev/sdb :) but proberly not in this case.06:13
soadkombuchaDr_Willis: The only reason I remember that command is because I needed it to manually downgrade to patch the firmware on my archos06:13
soadkombuchaDr_Willis: And my archos used /dev/sdb06:13
the_filewere can I install compiz fusion?.06:13
the_filesoftware center?06:13
soadkombuchathe_file: Ubuntu Software Center06:13
the_fileI can't find it there06:13
Dr_Willissoadkombucha:  yep. Some times you can do it that way.06:13
Dr_Willissoadkombucha:  also optical disks are often /dev/sdb or sdc. but thats getting more uncomon these days also.06:13
hanasakiwhat's a good admin tool and modeling and does table diff etc for mysql, postgresql and oracle?06:14
soadkombuchaDr_Willis: Well I even modified the command I posted, because I had to use -o06:14
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount06:14
faceactionParsnip, I followed the instructions here (http://crunchbanglinux.org/forums/topic/7168/vga-output-to-a-169-tv/), and when I rebooted the computer I got, "ubuntu is running in low graphics mode."06:15
the_filewere can I donwload compiz fusion?.06:15
aurillianceI'm trying to get my touchscreen to work when I rotate the screen, does anyone have any pointers?06:15
actionParsnipthe_file: sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager06:15
actionParsnipface: yeah you'll have to jig the file06:15
actionParsnipface: tweak, modify06:15
soadkombuchathe_file: sudo apt-get install compiz compizconfig-settings-manager06:16
faceOh, I see.06:16
hanasakiface:  what are you trying to do06:16
actionParsnipface: its derrived from jiggle06:16
faceI figured.06:16
actionParsnipface: try adding refresh rates to the monitor section in xorg.conf too, this can help06:16
faceI just didn't want to make assumptions with computer - possibly -terms.06:16
faceUm, hold on a second.06:16
soadkombuchausf: Any luck?06:17
usfnothing yet06:17
faceHanasaki, I'm trying to adjust screen resolution,06:18
soadkombuchaI need to download a real IRC client06:18
usfsoadkombucha:the both of them didn't work06:18
faceIs there a specific way to add a screen resolution in xorg, actionParsnip?06:18
wise_cryptsoadkombucha: irssi06:18
RajWiFi problems06:18
soadkombuchausf: Hrm06:18
soadkombuchawise_crypt: I would rather a GUI06:18
actionParsnipface: yes they are defined in the screen section06:19
wise_cryptsoadkombucha: xchat06:19
usf sudo mount -t /dev/sdb  /media/disk gives the manual of mount06:19
actionParsnipsoadkombucha: i use pidgin personally06:19
faceThe screen section06:19
soadkombuchaactionParsnip: I've used pidgin's IRC06:19
faceSection "Screen"06:19
faceIdentifier"Default Screen"06:19
faceMonitor"Configured Monitor"06:19
faceDevice"Configured Video Device"06:19
FloodBot2face: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:19
soadkombuchaactionParsnip: Not the biggest fan.06:19
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actionParsnip!irc | soadkombucha06:20
ubottusoadkombucha: A list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines06:20
faceDo I add a new variable?06:20
Dr_Willisusf:  you dont weant /dev/sdb you proberly want /dev/sdb106:20
usfand sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/sdb /media/disk gives me no medium found06:20
usfin /dev i have only /sdb06:20
Rajmneptok: r u there?06:20
greezmunkeyface: you can step through your screen resolutions by holding down ctrl+atl and then hitting (+) plus or (-) minus06:20
faceNo, sorry.06:20
actionParsnipface: thats why then, find some example xorg.conf files and see how resolutio is defined06:20
Dr_Willisusf:  that is weird then.  what does 'sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdb' show then?06:20
faceI see06:20
aurillianceDoes anyone here have a touchscreen?06:20
faceWill do, actionParsnip06:20
faceAnd greezmunkey, it's not offering my specific resolution.06:21
sharedLanugh that was a doozey06:21
faceby "it" I mean grandr06:21
greezmunkeyface: rodger that, just fyi06:21
the_fileoff fuck how do I get the pannels back?.06:21
soadkombuchaAhh a real IRC client so much better06:22
usfDr_Willis:sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdb gives nothing06:22
Dr_Willis!resetpanels | the_file06:22
ubottuthe_file: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »06:22
cntrationalsoadkombucha: irssi is nice06:22
Dr_Willisusf:  thats even stranger.  how about the tail end of 'dmesg' does it mention the usb devices at all?06:22
soadkombuchacntrational: irssi is nice but I didn't want to be in terminal06:22
cntrational<.> then what are you using06:22
soadkombuchacntrational, XChat06:22
actionParsnipsoadkombucha: i used to use it in guake06:22
mercutio22I think I have some configuration problem... audio playback does not work only for my user apparently06:22
soadkombuchaactionParsnip: haha nice06:23
wise_cryptsoadkombucha: screen irssi ?06:23
soadkombuchahey ConfusedLinux_06:23
soadkombuchawise_crypt: Hmm?06:23
soadkombuchaWhy does XChat default to , on a tab06:23
ConfusedLinux_can someone help me dual boot W7 and Kubuntu using Wubi06:23
ConfusedLinux_im new to linux06:23
ConfusedLinux_and wubi gives an error06:23
ruariwaz the error?06:23
paranoidphreakhi everybody, i have a 16gig flash drive and i have ubuntu 10.04 installed on it (8gigs) and swap (2gigs) allocated towards linux and the remaining free space, i'm planning on allocating toward data, (fat format). i'm planning on using public computers to access this partition. should i be worried about this because i may catch a virus or something that corrupts my OS or is it wise to get a new flash drive for storing data?06:23
soadkombuchaConfusedLinux_: You're probably going to want to try and run it with the option acpi=off.06:24
ConfusedLinux_lemme get the error06:24
Rajhi there06:24
ConfusedLinux_soad how do i do that06:24
actionParsnip!virus | paranoidphreak06:24
Rajmy wifi is not working properly... it keeps on asking for password.. i'm using 10.04 using live cd06:24
ubottuparanoidphreak: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus06:24
soadkombuchaConfusedLinux_: I'm not very familiar with Wubi06:24
sharedLanparanoid...no you should be protected mildly06:24
slacker-Hi guys, I've just upgraded from jaunty to lucid. All seems to work ok except the screen doesn't show anything any more. I'm thinking maybe a framebuffer thing, beacuse I had framebuffer set up previously but now I cannot find the right file where it is configured. Any suggestions?06:24
ConfusedLinux_ill type out the error06:24
usfin /dev i have only /sdb06:24
actionParsnipslacker-: did you stop at karmic?06:24
soadkombuchausf: You could try to mount that06:25
greezmunkeyparanoidphreak: if you are booting into your flash drive, then all that will be there is your OS...06:25
usfDr_Willis: dmesg|grep sdb* gives[  186.712164] sd 12:0:0:0: [sdb] Attached SCSI removable disk06:25
soadkombuchausf: try sudo mount -t ntfs o=0 /dev/sdb /media/disk06:25
slacker-actionParsnip: I don't konw if it worked for karmic because it did the upgrade remotely06:25
sharedLananti-virus on a ssd usb stick would be extreamly slow06:25
ConfusedLinux_by the way, im trying to install Kubuntu Netbook for dual boot with windows 706:25
actionParsnipslacker-: no, when you upgraded from jaunty to lucid, did you upgrade to karmic first?06:25
paranoidphreakgreezmunkey: i'm planning on using windows machine to access the data (fat) partition06:25
slacker-actionParsnip: I also replaced grub1 with grub2 afterwards but that didn't seem to change anything06:26
soadkombuchausf: Try that06:26
Rajneed help06:26
ConfusedLinux_ok soad06:26
ConfusedLinux_heres the error06:26
slacker-actionParsnip: yes I did. using do-release-upgrade each time06:26
soadkombuchausf: try sudo mount -t ntfs -o offset=0 /dev/sdb /media/disk06:26
actionParsnipslacker-: ok just checking06:26
greezmunkeyparanoidphreak: well then, the usual precautions apply06:26
soadkombuchausf: It'll try to mount it with the partition as the first cylinder of the drive06:26
actionParsnipslacker-: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-fix-ubuntu-10-04-lts-lucid-blank-screen-at-startup.html06:26
slacker-actionParsnip: from the syslog I see that it's loading vga16fb06:27
ConfusedLinux_An error occured: Cannot download the metalink and therefore the ISO. For more information, please see the log file : c:\blablablabla06:27
evodragunHi everyone06:27
soadkombuchaConfusedLinux_: You can't even get it installed?06:27
soadkombuchaConfusedLinux_: I have no idea.06:27
=== TannerF is now known as SleepingF
soadkombuchaHey evodragun06:27
sharedLanis there  a fi for ati 70000ve on-board--boot issues loop...hd scans...repeats or crashes..06:27
evodragunSomeone knows in spanish chanel06:27
ConfusedLinux_yeah soad06:27
slacker-actionParsnip: thanks, I'll check that site in a sec once I moved to a machine that has X on it ;)06:27
evodragunHi Soadkombucha06:27
ConfusedLinux_can anyone help me with Wubi here?06:28
paranoidphreakactionParsnip: oh, i know that you dont need an antivirus in linux but i'm planning on sometimes accessing using public machines that have windows installed on it06:28
ruaridoesn't look like it is supported yet on windows 7,06:28
usfsoadkombucha:the command gives :/dev/sdb: No medium found06:28
soadkombuchaevodragun: Spanish channel is ubuntu-es if that's what you're looking for. But what's up?06:28
soadkombucharuari: I got wubi installed on win706:28
evodragunI newby06:28
soadkombucharuari: But I couldn't run it because it uses the windows boot loader and my hardware won't load it unless it's noacpi06:28
ruariwhy not use vmplayer or virtual box?06:28
sharedLansevearl people have installed from win7?06:28
evodragunI need a lot of help06:28
soadkombuchaevodragun: Such as?06:29
usfsoadkombucha:it's a external hard drive with usb connecter06:29
Rajhi there. i'm using Ubuntu 10.04 live cd and connected via Wired network.. my wireless is not getting connected properly. Please help me out06:29
soadkombucharuari: I have a working Ubuntu 10.04  2.6.32-22-generic06:29
evodragunI own of samsung N130 netbook06:29
usfsoadkombucha:it's sata06:29
usfsoadkombucha:it's not sata06:29
paranoidphreakgreezmunkey: so, i can lose everything from the flash drive if the virus attacks the flash drive?06:29
evodragunI have lucid06:29
sharedLanraj configure the wifi manually?06:29
soadkombuchausf: It's IDE? Could that be the problem?06:29
greezmunkeyparanoidphreak: um, is you ubuntu on the fat partition?06:29
sharedLanparanoid? not if you remove it06:29
evodragunBut I can comunicate with msn on webcam06:29
usfsoadkombucha:how can i know this??06:30
soadkombuchausf: If it's not SATA it's probably IDE06:30
ruarihttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fy1ISEJIv84   wubi windows 706:30
paranoidphreakgreezmunkey: no, it's on ext306:30
soadkombuchaevodragun: I don't know if you can06:30
ConfusedLinux_i installed Ubuntu 10.04 the other day to run the game Starcraft , and whenever I play it for about 3-6 minutes, it either says that the game isnt installed or just quits me to the ubuntu login screen06:30
evodragunWith any program??06:30
paranoidphreakgreezmunkey: i'm using fat just to store data06:30
usfsoadkombucha:okey yesterday it works perfectly06:30
greezmunkeyparanoidphreak: exactly, I would think any virus activity on the fat partition would only affect that partition.06:30
hanasakiwhat is a good mountaable shared filesystem? with ACL and encryption over the network?06:31
RajsharedLan: i need some guidance to configure WiFI06:31
soadkombuchaevodragun: Maybe aMSN06:31
sharedLana virus can infect any media installed unless it's read only06:31
usfsoadkombucha:i have this problem only with lucid,06:31
evodragunNop dont work06:31
sharedLanmy mouse is messed up so i'm kinda slow getting to pm's06:31
evodragunI try de Emense but nothing06:31
ConfusedLinux_Is there an easy way to dual boot Windows 7 and Linux Mint 9 or Windows 7 and Kubuntu 10.04?06:32
paranoidphreakactionParsnip, greezmunkey: thanks for the info06:32
soadkombuchaConfusedLinux_: Installing Windows first and then installing Linux06:32
evodragunI read alot about Empathy an say soppurt webcam but nothing06:32
Dr_WillisConfusedLinux_:  if you have 2 hard drives.. that makes it very very easy.06:32
greezmunkeysharedLan: it would have to be a darned smart virus to cross over from fat to ext3...especially if the ext3 isn't even mounted...06:32
soadkombuchaevodragun: Hmm. Try installing Cheese, see if your webcam is recognized06:32
=== vorian is now known as gallifrey
evodragunI tested an is okay06:32
wise_cryptsoadkombucha: screen irssi >> http://imagebin.org/10298606:32
actionParsnip!wine | ConfusedLinux_06:32
ubottuConfusedLinux_: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu06:32
soadkombuchaevodragun: That's odd06:32
Dr_WillisConfusedLinux_:  with 1 hd. you may want to resize the windows partition from within windows. leave part of the HD unallocated. and let the ubuntu installer install to that unalocated space.06:32
soadkombuchawise_crypt: How would I do that06:33
Rajhi there. i'm using Ubuntu 10.04 live cd and connected via Wired network.. my wireless is not getting connected properly. Please help me out using private message06:33
ConfusedLinux_dr_willis: i tried wine, starcraft still boots me out06:33
actionParsnipwise_crypt: you can get rid of the guake icon in the tray you know06:33
soadkombuchaDr_Willis: People really install windows to just one partition on a hard drive?06:33
actionParsnipConfusedLinux_: try adding the wine ppa then upgrading06:33
wise_cryptsoadkombucha: ya still need it lol06:33
soadkombuchawise_crypt: I have irssi06:34
aurillianceDoes anyone here have a touchscreen?06:34
ConfusedLinux_actionParsnip: whats wine ppa? im new to linux if you cant tell06:34
greezmunkeyparanoidphreak: if you are that worried, keep your ubuntu ssd in your pocket when using public pcs, get another one for transferring files. They're pretty cheap these days.06:34
Dr_Willissoadkombucha:  someone posted the drive layout on their new win7 boxx in here the other day.. windows 7 + the hp recovery partition took up all 4 primary partitions.. that was a total mess.06:34
actionParsnipConfusedLinux_: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade06:34
Ademhow do i modify my font config file?06:34
Dr_Willissoadkombucha:  win7 likes to use 2 primary partitions  these days one for some sort of /boot/ feature. (ive never used it)06:35
actionParsnipConfusedLinux_: you may be new to linux but not new to websearching, instead of asking, take direction and run with it instead of asking. you'll learn more and faster06:35
soadkombuchaDr_Willis: It allocates 100MB for the boot sector files06:35
greezmunkeyDr_Willis: I remember watching you work through that with him, it was pretty sticky.06:35
ConfusedLinux_actionParsnip: i did, ive been trying to find answers on google for at least a week. nothing06:35
soadkombuchaDr_Willis: I have that 100MB because Ubuntu is easier to dualboot if you install windows first06:35
b14ckHow can I remove a group from a user? I accidentally assigned one of my users to the group 'www-data', and I'd like to remove that group from the user. I'm using server edition, so I need the command line argument, not the GUI tool.06:35
Dr_Willisgreezmunkey:  i dont know if he ever got it going or not. I love how PC makers take up a huge part of your HD so they dont have to include optical-recovery media.. THEN charge you extra for the  disks.06:36
wise_cryptsoadkombucha: http://quadpoint.org/articles/irssi06:36
greezmunkeyDr_Willis: exactly!06:36
Dr_Willissoadkombucha:  i keep the oss on their own hd's that makes it even easier. :)06:36
aurillianceI have 3 disks on my pc that I am installing ubuntu on. How should I format them06:36
soadkombuchaDr_Willis: My laptop only has one drive06:36
actionParsnipConfusedLinux_: try a different search engine if google fails you06:36
Dr_Willisaurilliance:  depends On your needs.06:36
aurillianceDr_Willis, I want to install ubuntu on the largest one, and then use the other two simply for storage06:37
soadkombuchaDr_Willis: And I think I'm going to resize my extended data partition and install Chromium OS just to try it out. Or attempt to get Hackintosh running06:37
Dr_Willissoadkombucha:  next laptop i get - im buying a 2nd hd just for it to keep the 'windows' system on. and keep it on a shelf. :) and use linux on its own hd.06:37
ConfusedLinux_actionParsnip: although i highly doubt i will find an answer, ill go check again.06:37
soadkombuchaDr_Willis: I don't mind dual booting, it's not a huge deal to me.06:37
Dr_Willissoadkombucha: it is possible to use grub2 to boot ISO files. Thats a handy way to test out different disrtos.06:38
aurillianceDr_Willis, My real q is: should I use ext4 for all of them? And what is the difference between Logical / Primary?06:38
soadkombuchaDr_Willis: Especially seeing as the laptop was bought for me as a present and my parents think if I install anything other than Windows to it it will die06:38
actionParsnipConfusedLinux_: i gave you the full and exact command you neede06:38
evodragunSoadkombucha: Thaks for everything06:38
aurillianceDr_Willis, Can grub2 do that? (boot iso's)?06:38
Doonzhey does anyone know of a webpage template that acts like googles picasa?06:38
Dr_Willisaurilliance:  when in doubt ext4. You can have 4 primary partitions MAX per hard drive.. ONE of those Primaries can be a extended, that holds logicals.06:38
ruarib14ck: sudo deluser username  groupname06:38
actionParsnip[06:34] <actionParsnip> ConfusedLinux_: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade06:38
evodragunI have more questions but I see you to busy LOL06:38
Dr_Willisaurilliance:  so if you just need 1 partition per hd. use primarys.06:38
b14ckruari, thanks so much :)06:38
soadkombuchaAnd you can have up to 60 logicals?06:38
ConfusedLinux_actionParsnip: is there any chance that will mess anything up? what does it even do?06:38
Dr_Willisaurilliance:  if you need 4 or less partitions per hd.. use primaries..06:38
evodragunSee you in other time and thanks again06:38
soadkombuchaevodragun: We can answer.06:39
soadkombuchaevodragun: We may look busy, but people just help people whenever, it's not that we're really ignoring anybody.06:39
slacker-actionParsnip: ok the nomodeset option fixed the console, now how do I get my framebuffer back? I put GRUB_GFXMODE=1024x768 in /etc/default/grub, will that do it?06:39
soadkombuchaevodragun: And it's not a problem.06:39
actionParsnipConfusedLinux_: it adds the wine development ppa which is a 3rd party repository (non-canonical) and then upgrades, the version on the wine ppa is later than the canonical version so you will download the later version of wine06:39
soadkombuchaDr_Willis: I don't know how to use GRUB2 to boot an ISO06:39
soadkombuchaDr_Willis: Plus Chromium OS isn't live06:40
usfnow my usb flash it's not mounted,i think that every thing is mounted only the first time and after that nothing works06:40
Ademhow do i modify my font config file?06:40
ConfusedLinux_actionParsnip: okay, I will go re-wubi Ubuntu Netbook and try again. Will you be on here for much longer?06:40
aurillianceDr_Willis, one more thing, where should I set my 2 storage drives to mount? /dev/something???06:40
actionParsnipslacker-: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=148388206:40
evodragunSoadkombucha: I understand and was a joke06:40
soadkombuchaevodragun: Haha alright06:40
Ademwhats the commandline to install new fonts?06:40
Dr_Willisaurilliance:  you DONT mount to /dev/ thats where devices show up06:41
evodragunSoadkombucha: Thanks06:41
Dr_Willisaurilliance:  /media/stuff06:41
actionParsnipConfusedLinux_: i'm outt ahere in 50 mins, then back on in 10 after that til about an hour later, then bed cos i'm knackered06:41
aurillianceDr_Willis, thanks06:41
soadkombuchaevodragun: Anytime. I'll try to help if I can, sorry I couldn't be more assistance.06:41
soadkombuchaDr_Willis: Or /media/Data1 and /media/Data206:41
soadkombuchaDr_Willis: Or he could do /media/DATA and /media/data06:41
ConfusedLinux_actionParsnip: okay, ill try to do this fast06:42
Dr_Willissoadkombucha:  yes.. but NOT anything in /dev/  :)06:42
soadkombuchaDr_Willis: Haha of course not06:42
soadkombuchaDr_Willis: I do have to say I like that Linux is case-sensitive...Although it causes problems in Windows sometimes06:42
ConfusedLinux_wait soadkombucha what06:42
ConfusedLinux_it causes windows problems?06:42
slacker-actionParsnip: I don't have nvidia btw. it's an onboard intel06:42
evodragunSoadkombucha: Only one last question06:42
JokerCan someone help me with my microphone issue? I'm running Ubuntu NR 10.04 and none of my programs will recognize my built-in microphone.06:43
soadkombuchaConfusedLinux_: If you had two folders on an NTFS drive that you were using in Ubuntu06:43
slacker-actionParsnip: will follow anyway and maybe do some searching myself ;)06:43
soadkombuchaConfusedLinux_: And one was /DATA and the other was /data06:43
aurillianceDr_Willis, one more thing :P (thanks for all the help btw) it's asking me to choose a swap partition as well, where would be the best place for that?06:43
evodragunSoadkombucha: In Windows I use software like Ccleaner o Vopt to clean and defrag my unit06:43
ConfusedLinux_soadkombucha: well considering i have no idea what that means, and I just used wubi, i think ill be alright06:43
=== Srpski is now known as Dannyboy
Dr_WillisConfusedLinux_:  it can also be an issue with Samba shares. if you have 'DataDir' and 'datadir' on the same share.. windows can get confused and not see one.06:43
soadkombuchaConfusedLinux_: Ubuntu is case sensitive, recognizes them as different folders. Windows thinks DATA and data are the same thing06:43
evodragunSoadkombucha: In Ubuntu exist something like that??06:43
soadkombuchaevodragun: There are defraggers06:44
JokerAny help with my problem? :)06:44
ConfusedLinux_so should i get a different distro than ubuntu?06:44
soadkombuchaevodragun: There is no registry cleaner. Ubuntu manages cleanup pretty well on its own.06:44
Dr_Willisaurilliance:  i alwyas  make a 512mb swap on every hd. but in your case. You proberly want to put it on the HD that will get used the least. and the fastest.. but you may never even need swap. so it may not matter much06:44
Dr_WillisConfusedLinux_:  its a free world.. get what you want.06:44
evodragunSoadkombucha: Can you recomend one drefragger?06:44
soadkombuchaevodragun: I've never defragged on linux hold on06:44
Dr_WillisConfusedLinux_:  it all depends on your 'needs'06:45
Ademwhats the commandline to install new fonts?06:45
soadkombuchaevodragun:I mean you don't really have to06:45
evodragunSoadkombucha: Okas06:45
soadkombuchaevodragun: Linux just.. It's a lot more organized and doesn't do the crazy things windows does06:45
ConfusedLinux_dr_willis: the only reason I have linux is for running Starcraft because Windows 7 freezes when you play it, so other than that i'll stick to Windows simplicity06:45
wise_crypt!font | Adem06:45
ubottuAdem: Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer06:45
Dr_WillisAdem:  where are you getting these fonts from? I just copy .ttf files to my .fonts dir06:45
Evil_Do I have to use openjdk in 10.04?06:45
soadkombuchaEvil_: You can get the JRE06:46
soadkombuchaEvil_: It comes with the restricted extras06:46
Dr_WillisConfusedLinux_:  so you cant 'fix' windows.. so you want to play windows games in linux.. :)     Check the wine app database on that game and see if theres any known wine issues with it.06:46
Ademwhere can i download monospace font06:46
soadkombuchaDr_Willis: Actually, Starcraft 2 beta works better under Wine than it does natively under windows06:46
evodragunSoadkombucha: I see ubuntu use only the procesor and to much memory06:47
Evil_soadkombucha, I had openjdk installed and tried installing limewire but it's complaining about not having sun-java6-jdk06:47
soadkombuchaDr_Willis: It doesn't freeze on online play under Wine, but it does under Windows06:47
Dr_WillisAdem:  theres several fonts in the package manager repos.  There were some mono fonts also installed by default06:47
soadkombuchaEvil_: Install the Ubuntu Restricted Extras Package. Or enable the canonical repository and search for it06:47
chinmaya__does any one know how to control the default zoom in a gnome window06:47
evodragunSoadkombucha: How I can optimaze my ubuntu to make faster06:47
hydehow to boot into x windows with Ubuntu 10.04 server?06:47
Dr_WillisAdem:  and theres the MS fonts package for some of the MS fonts if you want those.06:47
=== dgtlchlk is now known as dgtl|screen
soadkombuchaevodragun: Trust me you don't have to it will be fast enough on its own06:47
losti need to know what does it mean http://paste.ubuntu.com/455777/06:47
actionParsnipConfusedLinux_: there are native games too, and some commercial games have native windows installers like doom3 and return to castle wolfenstein06:48
wise_cryptAdem: copying form your windows font directory might do the work06:48
soadkombuchaevodragun: You'll see what I mean. It boots a lot faster.06:48
evodragunSoadkombucha: I dont understand06:48
soadkombuchaevodragun: You're accustomed to Windows I assume?06:48
chinmaya__does any one know how to control the default zoom in a gnome window06:48
Dr_Willischinmaya__:  what default zoom are you talking about?06:49
soadkombuchaevodragun: Linux is completely different. The file structure is completely different, the way it manages files is different, and the speed at which it boots is much faster.06:49
actionParsnipchinmaya__: are you using compiz?06:49
ConfusedLinux_actionParsnip: I'm not looking for anything new06:49
ConfusedLinux_dr_willis: nobody has the same problem on WineHQ06:49
actionParsnipsoadkombucha: depends on config of both, but generally linux boots faster06:49
chinmaya__actionParsnip, yes. But I mean the zoom property of the window which shows files. I mean in nautilus06:49
actionParsnipsoadkombucha: if boot times excite you, look into xpud ;)06:49
JokerCan someone help me with my microphone issue? I'm running Ubuntu NR 10.04 and none of my programs will recognize my built-in microphone.06:50
soadkombuchaactionParsnip: I'm talking generally06:50
soadkombuchaactionParsnip: I'm happy with the fact that linux takes about a minute to load.06:50
profxavierwhen connecting to an Ubuntu machine, via samba, how do you surf to a folder, when the machine is Windows 7. I am trying to go to \\ip.address, but im being prompted for a user/password06:51
Dr_Willisa whole 60sec? thats too slow!06:51
chinmaya__actionParsnip,  While opening one of my folders its getting opened in 66 % rather than 100%06:51
ConfusedLinux_why must linux be so confusing!06:51
Dr_Willisprofxavier:  i always give my linux users a samba password with 'sudo smbpasswd -a USERNAME'06:51
soadkombuchaDr_Willis: It's less than 6006:51
Dr_WillisConfusedLinux_:  its not.. windows is confuseing.06:51
soadkombuchaDr_Willis: But 1 minute is better than Windows06:52
Dr_WillisConfusedLinux_:  and using games in wine. is always a bit of a gamble.06:52
soadkombuchaDr_Willis: I think my boot time is somewhere around 30-40 seconds max06:52
profxavierDr_Willis, then how do you access the shared drive/folder ?06:52
ConfusedLinux_dr_willis: windows is really simple. you dont need to use terminal or anything like that06:52
soadkombuchaI use command.com in windows all the time06:52
Dr_Willisprofxavier:  i enter my linux users name/samba password.06:52
ConfusedLinux_dr_willis: it doesnt take three years to connect to wireless on windows06:52
Dr_WillisConfusedLinux_:  but... you were unable to actually FIX your problem in windows.. so that sort of points that its not simple.06:53
chinmaya__ConfusedLinux_, Its not dude.. Its just lack of touch with it06:53
Dr_WillisConfusedLinux_:  computers are 'simple' when they work.. when somthing breaks.. well thats when you get into the issues.06:53
mneptoklet's stop the offtopic "Linux vs. Windows" stuff, please06:53
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=== John_Albert is now known as Colonel_Panic
ConfusedLinux_dr_willis: i cant "fix" the problem in ubuntu either06:53
* wise_crypt hope that everybody wont feed the troll06:53
Colonel_Panichello all06:53
soadkombuchaConfusedLinux_: Linux isn't terrible, it's just a matter of having a little bit of google-fu06:54
soadkombuchaHey Colonel_Panic06:54
* Dr_Willis finally got Lord Of the Rings Online working in Wine. :)06:54
Colonel_PanicI'm running Ubuntu on a Dell Mini 906:54
soadkombuchaI have to look into Wine configuration06:54
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ConfusedLinux_soadkombucha: I don't want to spend seven years of my life on google figuring out commands to run stuff because it wont run with icons06:54
chinmaya__Does anyone know how to control the default zoom property for nautilus. For one of my folders it has got reset to  66% rather than 100%06:54
actionParsnipsoadkombucha: if you reduce startup services it can be a lot faster, lik if the system doesnt have bluetooth, turn off bluetooth. or disable cups at startup if it doesn't have or use a printer06:54
Colonel_Panicthis machine uses a Broadcom chipset with the iw-broadcom driver06:54
aurillianceI'm installing ubuntu and wondering: If I select the option to "use my password to log in *and* decrypt my home folder" will that be much of a performance loss?06:55
actionParsnipsoadkombucha: that sort of thing06:55
mneptokchinmaya__: "View" menu in Nautilus06:55
ConfusedLinux_dr_willis: also, about a day after getting W7 and ubuntu dual booted, I started getting weird errors about ChkDsk or something each time I booted up06:55
wise_cryptplease if you really want to play games with wine use http://wiki.winehq.org/winetricks or have more money use codega or crossover instead :)06:55
Colonel_PanicI mean wl-broadcom06:55
Dr_Willisaurilliance:  i imagine there will be a slight loss. but ive not heard of anyone complainng about it. But if you ever need to access your HOME from a live cd. Your files will all be encrypted. and i ahve had seen people ask how to Unencrypt them.06:56
chinmaya__mneptok, it just sets temporarily... but when i open the next time its just standing at 66% only!!06:56
ConfusedLinux_wine and playonlinux both fail at installing06:56
profxavierDr_Willis: before that, how do you access the shared resource, what syntax do you use?06:56
nopecedega works very nice06:56
soadkombuchawise_crypt: Or just get smart and pirate it06:56
ConfusedLinux_but costs money06:56
nopewell worth the donation06:56
aurillianceDr_Willis, good point.06:56
Dr_WillisConfusedLinux_:  i dont use Win7 and i basically dont game on windows any more either. So cant help.06:56
Colonel_Panicanyway, the ESSID and other info about connected wifi APs doesn't show up in iwconfig06:56
wise_cryptsoadkombucha: no pirated stuff talk here ;p06:56
the_filehow can I change the menu icon ?06:56
the_filehow can I change the menu icon ?06:56
soadkombuchaThere's one game I refuse to run on anything but windows purelityy out of system intens06:56
Dr_WillisColonel_Panic:  there is a wine support channel. and newer versions of wine come out every week or so.06:56
actionParsnip!legal | soadkombucha06:56
the_fileI know I can do this in 9.10 bu not the new one06:57
ubottupiracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o06:57
Colonel_PanicI'm not asking about wine06:57
ConfusedLinux_dr_willis: alright, ill go get ubuntu back for now. whats an IRC program I can use once i get there?06:57
soadkombuchaDr_Willis: I will NEVER run Dragon Age Origins under wine06:57
Dr_WillisColonel_Panic:  nick completion :)06:57
actionParsnipsoadkombucha: play on linux is free, I believe you are thinking of cedega or crossover office06:57
chinmaya__mneptok, it just sets temporarily... but when i open the next time its just standing at 66% only!!06:57
profxavierwhen connecting to an Ubuntu machine, via samba, how do you surf to a folder, when the machine is Windows 7. I am trying to go to \\ip.address, but im being prompted for a user/password06:57
Dr_WillisConfusedLinux_:  theres dozens of irc clients out there.  xchat is the common one.06:57
soadkombuchaactionParsnip: Not too long ago crossover was free for a while06:57
ConfusedLinux_my experience with playonlinux is terrible06:57
ConfusedLinux_it doesnt even install06:58
Colonel_Panicwhat I want to do is be able to access the SSID and signal strength info from my wirelewss card06:58
ConfusedLinux_wubi time06:58
ConfusedLinux_be back soon06:58
soadkombuchaColonel_Panic: What wireless card06:58
Dr_WillisConfusedLinux_:  what game exactly are you trying to play? Starcraft 1 2? 3 ? i dont even keep track.06:58
actionParsnipprofxavier: on the server run:  sudo smbpasswd -a $USER   and type your login password for $USER for all prompts06:58
losthelp on this http://paste.ubuntu.com/455777/06:58
soadkombuchaDr_Willis: It's 206:58
Colonel_Panicit's a broadcom06:58
actionParsnipprofxavier: you can now authenticate as $USER06:58
Colonel_Panicin a Dell Mini 906:58
chinmaya__Does anyone know how to control the default zoom property for nautilus. For one of my folders it has got reset to  66% rather than 100%06:58
Dr_WillisLinux is 'bad' because wine cant play all windows games.. :) Gotta love the logic.06:58
soadkombuchaColonel_Panic: Hmm. The only wireless card I know how to configure well is my realtek driver because those are a PAIN to get running on ubuntu06:59
actionParsnipDr_Willis: its flawed, it's wines fault ;)06:59
profxavieractionParsnip, then any domain/user combo, as long as user is on the server, should work ?06:59
* wise_crypt cant understand that06:59
actionParsnipprofxavier: just needs to be the username you used, no need for domain stuff06:59
Colonel_PanicWell,if I mouse over the wireless signal icon in my system tray, it displays the SSID and other info about the network06:59
chinmaya__Does anyone know how to control the default zoom property for nautilus. For one of my folders it has got reset to  66% rather than 100%07:00
soadkombuchaColonel_Panic: Does it at least connect?07:00
slacker-actionParsnip: thanks for your help07:00
Colonel_Panicyeah, it works fine07:00
soadkombuchaColonel_Panic: Lucky you. I had to compile my drivers.07:00
actionParsnipslacker-: np bro07:00
ConfusedLinuxdr_willis it wont even install Ubuntu Netbook07:00
soadkombuchaColonel_Panic: And they're still iffy sometimes... Although I downloaded a slightly more recent release and it seems to be running better07:00
Colonel_Panicif I open the connection manager, the ESSID, BSSID, signal strength, etc. are displayed07:00
profxavieractionParsnip, the Windows dialog already pre-fills that info in07:00
Colonel_Panicbut that info does not show up in iwconfig07:01
chinmaya__Does anyone know how to control the default zoom property for nautilus. For one of my folders it has got reset to  66% rather than 100%07:01
actionParsnipprofxavier: i see, you may have to change it to the name on the Ubuntu side which is what you authenticating against07:01
profxavierah, perfect07:01
soadkombuchaColonel_Panic: I have no idea07:01
Colonel_Panicwhat I want to do is access that info somehow, so I can display it on my conky-enhanced desktop07:01
profxavierworking, thanks actionParsnip/Dr_Willis07:01
Colonel_Panicdoes anyone know the name of the connection manager in Ubuntu?07:01
Dr_Willischinmaya__:  the people in #gnome may know where that setting is at.. ive never had one folder get 'stuck'07:01
ConfusedLinuxDoes anyone have a simple way, like Wubi, to install Linux Mint 9 dual booted with Windows 7?07:02
Dr_WillisConfusedLinux:  dont use mint. I dont see any point in using mint.07:02
actionParsnip!mint | ConfusedLinux07:02
ubottuConfusedLinux: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)07:02
chinmaya__Dr_Willis, thanks!! I will get this to them... :)07:02
Dr_WillisConfusedLinux:  if you want to 'test' out linux in an easy way. try it in virtualbox.07:02
soadkombuchaColonel_Panic: WICD07:02
wise_crypt!mint | ConfusedLinux07:02
actionParsnipDr_Willis: i believe it has all the restricted stuff already rolled in07:03
Colonel_PanicI wonder how I can go about accessing that information then07:03
soadkombuchaThat was a few years ago07:03
ConfusedLinuxdr_willis: dont know how, also, mint might work 1st try unlike ubuntu07:03
soadkombuchaBut I can't see them changing it too much07:03
Dr_WillisactionParsnip:  its got a lot of JUnk rolled in. :)07:03
soadkombuchalemme check synaptic07:03
rashd7_hi all07:03
Dr_WillisConfusedLinux:  go do what you want.. but then see the Mint channel not here.07:03
actionParsnipDr_Willis: yah07:03
Colonel_PanicI'm thinking about writing a python script to pass that daya to conky07:03
HeTaLColonel_Panic: WICD is not the main connection manager.07:03
rashd7_i have a trident tv tuner card which works fine on windows07:03
rashd7_but in linux its not recognised07:03
soadkombuchaHeTaL: What is it then? I'm curious07:04
soadkombuchaColonel_Panic: Did you try command arguments for iwconfig?07:04
Colonel_Panicwell, I just want to find out where that information is stored07:04
actionParsnipHeTaL: its still a good network manager, its DE independant too so can be used on any desktop without issue07:04
rashd7_how to use my tv tuner card in ubuntu 10.0407:04
soadkombuchaactionParsnip: Does it work with the ubuntu wireless panel?07:04
Colonel_Panicyeah that ESSID, BSSID, signal strength, etc doesn't show up.07:04
HeTaLactionParsnip: I thought he might want to run it after it crashed.07:04
actionParsnipsoadkombucha: not seen that before07:04
soadkombuchaColonel_Panic: iwconfig x07:04
ConfusedLinuxdr_willis: whats the mint channel?07:04
actionParsnipHeTaL: i prefer it personally07:04
HeTaLactionParsnip: Same here07:04
ConfusedLinuxdr_willis: new to irc as well07:04
Dr_WillisConfusedLinux:  no idea.  see the mint homepage.. and i dont know that either..07:05
soadkombuchaactionParsnip: Seen what?07:05
HeTaLsoadkombucha: It's a gnome default, if I remember correctly. Can't remember the name07:05
actionParsnip!mintsupport | ConfusedLinux07:05
ubottuConfusedLinux: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org07:05
soadkombuchaactionParsnip: The panel icon that displays the wireless connectivity?07:05
wise_cryptColonel_Panic: just download network-manager from apt and see what in it might do the trick :)07:05
actionParsnipsoadkombucha: ubuntu wireless panel07:05
Colonel_Panicone sec07:05
soadkombuchaactionParsnip: The icon that displays the wireless network manager07:05
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actionParsnipsoadkombucha: oic, yeah it runs around there07:06
Colonel_Panicit's something to do with that wl-broadcom driver07:06
soadkombuchaactionParsnip: I'm going to try it out07:06
actionParsnipsoadkombucha: you mean the indicator applet07:06
soadkombuchaactionParsnip: Yeah I didn't know the name for it07:06
actionParsnipsoadkombucha: it doesnt support 3G afaik07:06
Colonel_Panicalso, my wifi adapter shows up as eth007:06
ConfusedLinuxdr_willis: heres the error ubuntu netbook gives me when i try using Wubi07:06
actionParsnipsoadkombucha: it may run in the tray rather than indicator. i dont use gnome07:06
Colonel_Panicsorry, I mean eth107:07
mneptok!ru | liga07:07
ubottuliga: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke07:07
soadkombuchaWow WICD looks nice07:07
Colonel_Panicif I plug in my USB wifi adapter, it shows up as wlan007:07
ConfusedLinuxdr_willis: one sec, I have to wait for the error07:07
Dr_WillisConfusedLinux:  i never use wubi either. I do normal dual boots on my netbook.   I thought you had a WINE issue?07:08
actionParsnipsoadkombucha: its a pc with a green bar, not exactly a looer07:08
ConfusedLinuxdr_willis: i have tons of linux issues.07:08
raj-darkmysterymsg NickServ identify mailjol07:08
Colonel_Panicis there a way to change the name of my internal broadcom adapter to wlan0 instead of eth0?07:08
mneptokraj-darkmystery: oops. password change time07:08
Colonel_Panicsorry if this sounds confusing07:08
raj-darkmysterymnemon, yes hehe :)07:08
Colonel_PanicI think it's some strange quirk of wl-broadcom driver07:09
Dr_WillisColonel_Panic:  from what ive noticed that name depensds on the driver its using.  I got a similer issue on one of my laptops07:09
Dr_WillisColonel_Panic:  thw wireless works.. its just a little confuseing to some applets07:09
ConfusedLinuxdr_willis: it doesn't recognize that a disk is in in both Wine and Playonlinux so whenever I want to play I have to type stuff into terminal. When I do get it running, about three or four minutes into a game it will kick me out of ubuntu. Now wubi wont work.07:09
`AssassinWhat's the name of that Ubuntu app with which you install drivers?07:10
ConfusedLinuxdr_willis: wubi might be working this time07:10
Colonel_PanicI believe if it was named wlan0 instead of eth0, the info relevant to wifi will be displayed07:10
Colonel_Panicby conky07:10
Colonel_Panicget what I'm saying?07:10
soadkombuchaOK I did NOT get enough sleep last night, and it's going on 1:15AM here07:10
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Dr_WillisConfusedLinux:  often with wine - and some games. the issue can be the game-cd-copy protection.  ive had to use various no-cd-cracks in the past to play my 'legally bought' games in Wine befor,.07:10
actionParsnipsoadkombucha_sle: i'm in the closing minutes of a 12 hour shift at work, i'm shattered07:11
actionParsnip!away > soad_sleep07:11
ubottusoad_sleep, please see my private message07:11
Colonel_PanicConfusedLnux, have you looked up the game in the WineHQ?07:11
Colonel_Panicwhat game is it?07:12
ConfusedLinuxdr_willis: i think there might be a developer-made no cd thing07:12
Colonel_PanicI've been able to get a lot of games running in Linux under Wine07:12
ConfusedLinuxwell you apparently have magical powers...07:12
Dr_WillisConfusedLinux:  starcrtaft 1? 2?
Colonel_PanicConfusedLinux, how much RAM do you have in your machine?07:13
ConfusedLinuxdr_willis: SC 1, latest patch. 4gb ram and 2.11 ghz processor07:13
ConfusedLinuxdr_willis: also SC brood-war07:13
actionParsnipConfusedLinux: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=7207:13
ConfusedLinuxactionParsnip: believe me, ive read it multiple times already07:14
Colonel_PanicConfusedLinux, I've never played Starcraft so I wouldn't know about that game specifically07:14
Colonel_PanicHow much RAM do you have in your machine?07:14
profxavierhow can I run applications on my Windows 7 system07:14
ConfusedLinuxand a 2.11ghz processor07:15
profxavierlike they would be running on Ubuntu, in a GUI...07:15
Colonel_Panicthat's a good amount of RAm07:15
Colonel_Panichave you considered running the game in a virtual machine?07:15
actionParsnipprofxavier: in linux? unless they are portable apps it most likely wont work due to registry entries07:15
Dr_Willisprofxavier:  clarify what you mean...07:15
wildbatubuntu don't give the option to suspend/sleep(it got hibernates thou) in the shutdown menu~ what should i do to enable it? 10.04, E6600, ASUS P5B07:15
Colonel_Panicprofxavier, what apps?07:15
profxavieri want to run firefox, but from putty07:15
Colonel_Panicputty? why?07:16
ConfusedLinuxcolonel_panic: well A. i dont know how to get ubuntu into a virtual machine. B. ive heard it doesnt work.07:16
profxavierwhich runs off my Ubuntu station, which I have SSHed into07:16
actionParsnipColonel_Panic: central point of execution, settings and profiles i one place07:16
ConfusedLinuxubuntu netbook ISO is almost downloaded from wubi07:16
Dr_Willisprofxavier:  to see a 'linux' application ran remotely on the windows machine. You will nee d a X server on the window smachine  such as 'xming'07:16
lgpIhava problems getting gnash working like adobe flashplayer in Ubuntu 10.04 AMD6407:16
Dr_Willisprofxavier:  so short answer  "install xming' on windows07:16
Colonel_PanicConfusedLinux: you run a virtualization package like VirtualBox, and install Windows into that07:16
ruariprofxavier : try lynx, browser for terminal07:17
Colonel_Panicit will display your Windows desktop in a window07:17
actionParsnipprofxavier: if you connect with x formwarding enabled in putty, you can launch firefox in the putty session and it will appear on the windows screen (assuming you have an x server like xming running)07:17
Colonel_Panicand you casn install and run any Windows apps you like07:17
Colonel_Panicfor all intents and purposes, it will be just like running Windows07:17
actionParsniplgp: why not use the flashplugin-nonfree package ?07:17
Colonel_Panicbut... on top of Lkinux07:17
ConfusedLinuxcolonel_panic: you mean install ubuntu in it? I like windows better. also what would that solve?07:17
ConfusedLinuxstarcraft would still freeze...07:18
Colonel_Panicyou.re currently running Linux, correct?07:18
ConfusedLinuxi just reinstalled it07:18
Colonel_Panicwhat is it you want to do, exactly?07:18
actionParsnipConfusedLinux: have you tried both versions of wine?07:18
Colonel_Panicplasy Starcraft from within Lmux?07:18
ConfusedLinuxit doesnt work07:19
actionParsnipConfusedLinux: uninstall wine and then install wine1.207:19
Colonel_Panicyou want to play Starcraft within Linux?07:19
ConfusedLinuxthats the only reason i want linux07:19
lgpIt doesnt work for me......I can get the controlpanes to work.07:19
Colonel_Panic1. install VirtualBox07:19
ConfusedLinuxit doesnt work on windows 7, just so you know07:19
PitelColonel_Panic: better use wine07:19
wildbat!wine | ConfusedLinux07:20
ubottuConfusedLinux: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu07:20
Colonel_Panic2. Open Virtualbox and Install Windows onto the virtual machine07:20
ConfusedLinuxit wont work panic07:20
ConfusedLinuxthats why im getting linux07:20
ConfusedLinuxto make it run IN linux07:20
ConfusedLinuxnot in a fake w707:20
Colonel_Panic3. Install Starcraft on your Windows installation in virtualization07:20
ConfusedLinuxor you could just ignore me07:20
Colonel_Panic4. Play Starcraft07:20
Ademwhats the point of emerald themer? it doesnt let you change themes via it does it?07:20
ConfusedLinux5. have the game freeze after 3 minutes07:20
ConfusedLinuxyou forgot that one07:21
Colonel_PanicYou've tried it?07:21
ConfusedLinuxon the actual w707:21
zryanhi all07:21
Colonel_Panicoh sorry07:21
profxavierfirefox was an example of an application that runs in a GUI, that can be run from a call, from within putty07:21
Colonel_PanicI didn't see where you mentioned that07:21
profxavierjust an example07:21
XP1anyone remember my problem with the freezing after install?07:21
Colonel_Panicmaybe I casme in after you mentioned that07:21
profxavieri realize I can install FF for Windows07:21
XP1on my win98-era computer07:21
ConfusedLinuxit runs fine on Windows 98, XP, vista, but not Windows 7 or ubuntu07:22
ConfusedLinuxso thats why I wanted to get linux, to see if it would work there07:22
Dr_Willisprofxavier:  I use 'xming' to 'ssh' to my linux box's from my windows machines and run linux apps on the local windows desktop. that way i can haev a gnome-terminal, or gedit, or other apps appear  here.. while they are actually running on the box in the basement. :)07:22
ConfusedLinuxand in wine and playonlinux, it said there was no CD in07:22
ConfusedLinuxso i used terminal to start it07:23
ConfusedLinuxand it worked07:23
ConfusedLinuxbut then kicked me out of ubuntu after a few minutes07:23
ConfusedLinuxand said that it wasnt installed, when i was playing it...07:23
Dr_WillisConfusedLinux:  ubuntu totally crashed? or the game crashed? or the Desjktop crashed back to GDM?07:23
vadi01guys how to i add myself to the to the user group vboxusers using the graphical add users program? i can see my user name in gui but how?07:23
vadi01using lucid07:23
ConfusedLinuxdr_willis: it went back to the login screen07:23
Dr_WillisConfusedLinux:  so 'X' crashed then basically.07:24
Colonel_Panicprofxavier: www.andlinux.org07:24
Dr_WillisConfusedLinux:  and whats your video card?07:24
Ademwhats the point of emerald themer? it doesnt let you change themes via it does it?07:24
ConfusedLinuxdr_willis: not too sure. i know everything else though07:24
Colonel_PanicactionParsnip: were you replying to my wifi question?07:25
delinquentmesoo ubuntu came prepackaged w this great little app called tomboy notes ... and i went to use the spell correct on it ... and it crashed ...... now it wont start back up07:26
ruariDr Willis: xming looks mad cool, thanks for mentioning it07:26
Dr_WillisConfusedLinux:  from what i just googled. starcraft in wine. cant work online/in battlenet. but should work with the latest wine. I dont even know where my old starcraft cd is at.07:26
ConfusedLinuxdr_willis: those people have a different problem. I got onto battlenet fine. it still crashed.07:26
Colonel_PanicConfusedLinux: Some Windows apps (especially games) do not work in Wine07:27
Dr_Willisruari:  yep its handy.  Its a  little odd how the licensing/release schedule works. at least it used to be.  If you wanted the latest you were expected to give a little $$ to the project. :)07:27
wildbatubuntu don't give the option to suspend/sleep(it got hibernates thou) in the shutdown menu~ what should i do to enable it? 10.04, E6600, ASUS P5B07:27
Colonel_Panicespecially newer games, I should have said07:27
ConfusedLinuxcolonel_panic: there is youtube videos of people playing it online in wine in ubuntu07:27
ConfusedLinuxcolonel_panic: are videos*07:27
Dr_WillisConfusedLinux:  so that game worked, ran. but then X crashed.. thats the 'core' of the problem/07:28
ConfusedLinuxdr_willis: what is this "X"?07:28
Colonel_Panicdid these videos give a link to a tutorial showing how to get it running?07:28
wildbatConfusedLinux, wineisn't supported here ~ go to #winehq / http://winehq.org07:28
ConfusedLinuxcolonel_panic: no, and if they did i guarantee it wouldnt work on my comp07:28
Dr_WillisConfusedLinux:  X is the core of the Linux Desktop.07:29
ConfusedLinuxwildbat: im hardly talking about wine.07:29
Dr_WillisConfusedLinux:  the 'foundatiion' of the whole GUI system.07:29
Colonel_PanicConfusedLinux, have you tried these tutorials?07:29
ConfusedLinuxdr_willis: oh ok07:29
ConfusedLinuxcolonel_panic: i said there arent any07:29
Colonel_PanicX Windows07:29
ConfusedLinuxcolonel_panic: atleast that work.07:29
Colonel_Panichave you tried them?07:30
ConfusedLinuxdr_willis: so would it be a problem with wine or ubuntu or my video card?07:30
Colonel_Panicyou might want to consider installing a dual-boot with Windows and Linux07:30
Dr_WillisConfusedLinux:   it sounds more a problem with the video card/X server/Desktop then it is a wine issue07:30
ConfusedLinuxthats what i have...07:30
aurillianceWhen setting up my partitions, I accidentally told one drive to mount at /meda/sdfsdf rather than /media/sdfsdf how can I change this?07:31
Dr_WillisIm suprised theres not some dozen+ pages on getting starcraft working in Win7 out there.07:31
Dr_Willisaurilliance:  edit /etc/fstab07:31
Dr_Willisaurilliance:  and make sure the proper directory exists in /media/07:31
Colonel_Panicso why not just boot into Windows and run Starcraft under Windows instead of dicking around with Wine?07:31
ConfusedLinuxdr_willis: okay, so there isnt any simple fix?07:31
aurillianceDr_Willis, thanks07:31
ConfusedLinuxhow many times do i have to say it07:31
Dr_WillisConfusedLinux:  want me to wave my magical wand? :)07:32
ConfusedLinuxi tried on windows07:32
ConfusedLinuxit freezes07:32
ConfusedLinuxdr_willis: ?07:32
Colonel_Panicthen there's some other issue at fault07:32
ConfusedLinuxwell wine also said "the game isnt installed" while i was playing it...07:32
Colonel_Panicif it freezes and crashes in both Windows or Linux, then there's obviousoly something else to blame07:32
profxavierhmm xming isnt working07:32
profxavieri setup X11 forwarding in my sshd_config07:33
Dr_Willisprofxavier:  its a complex tool. check its docs/guides and logs07:33
Ademwhat radio plugins can I use on rhythmbox so i can broadcast?07:33
profxavierbut I get "Error: Can't open display:"07:33
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ConfusedLinuxcolonel_panic: or maybe windows 7 has that problem for EVERY 7 user, and linux/wine is just retarded?07:33
ConfusedLinuxcolonel_panic: and yes, the majority of 7 users have that problem07:33
Dr_Willisprofxavier:   be sure you dont accidently run more then 1 x server. I also recall issues where if i ran the wizard to start an app more then once. it wouldent work properly sometimes.07:33
Colonel_PanicLinux is a fantastic OS for a lot of things07:33
Guest98538ConfusedLinux, what problem07:34
deb_df Hi I just downloaded a program that works for windows only, I have wine installed, but for some reason when I double click to install the program, it gives me an error07:34
Colonel_Panicplaying Windows games, not so much07:34
ConfusedLinuxstarcraft crashes X07:34
ConfusedLinuxone sec07:34
Jordan_Udeb_df: What does the program do?07:34
ConfusedLinuxi doubt i havent already read it07:34
* Dr_Willis looks at his HUGE box of old old old windows games...07:34
Dr_Willisand decides to not dig it out.07:34
ConfusedLinuxwillis those 3 steps dont fix anything07:35
deb_dfjordan_u: its just a video editor07:35
ConfusedLinuxsupposedly the freezing is a problem with ddraw.dll07:35
Colonel_Panicdoubt... you haven't...already read it... is that as triple or just a double-negatigve=07:35
ConfusedLinuxlearn to spell07:35
Colonel_Panicsounds like you're dooming yourself to failure before even trying07:35
bazhangConfusedLinux, please calm down07:35
Guest98538deb_df, what error07:35
Dr_WillisColonel_Panic:  thats the extent of my research on the topic. so im basically done.07:35
profxavierwhat would I do to find out which displays are available, which are in use?07:35
Colonel_Panicwhat exactly do you expect from us?07:36
deb_dfits says: "not marked as executable"07:36
Dr_Willisoopps wromng nick again. :) heh07:36
* Dr_Willis enlarges his fonts again07:36
breakholas viva mexico07:36
deb_dfjordan_u: its says: "not marked as executable"07:36
Guest98538deb_df, ok mark as executable07:36
Colonel_PanicIs Starcraft even compatible with Windows 7?07:37
deb_dfit worked07:37
Colonel_PanicIt's a pretty old game, isn't it?07:38
Dr_WillisColonel_Panic:  it has 'issues' from what i juszt googled.07:38
xanguaColonel_Panic: this is ubuntu, not windows07:38
Dr_WillisColonel_Panic:  11 yrs old.07:38
Colonel_Panicxangua, thanks07:38
ConfusedLinuxAlso, the install.exe and setup.exe inside of the starcraft disk are marked as not executable, so wine cant open them07:38
Dr_WillisColonel_Panic:  it also seems it had issues in wine. most of which have been fixed at this time.07:38
ConfusedLinuxyeah, I fixed the color problem that most people have07:38
Colonel_Panicwell if somebody's not even willing to try...07:38
Dr_WillisConfusedLinux:  thats due to a quirk in the wine/launcher..  which is a very annoying bug.07:38
bazhangConfusedLinux, check the appdb and /join #winehq for specific game help07:38
bazhang!appdb | ConfusedLinux07:39
ubottuConfusedLinux: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help07:39
ConfusedLinuxyou dont understand how much i tried before coming to irc07:39
Dr_WillisConfusedLinux:  so you basically use wine via command line to launch the exe's07:39
IdleOneColonel_Panic: for windows support please join ##windows07:39
Colonel_PanicHaha I don't need Windows support! I don't even run Windows!07:39
bazhangColonel_Panic, lets get back on topic then07:39
ConfusedLinuxbazhang: I already checked the db07:39
Dr_WillisConfusedLinux:  if Wine is crashing X so badly its going back to the GDM login. well thats the problem to check into.07:39
Colonel_PanicOK howabout my wifi driver issue?07:39
bazhangConfusedLinux, then /join #winehq07:39
Colonel_Panicis it possible to have my wifi adapter renamed to wlan0 instead of eth1?07:40
mneptokConfusedLinux: this "Starcraft won't work" issue is now best moved to #winehq. the problem is WINE, not Ubuntu per se.07:40
Dr_WillisColonel_Panic:  i think its possible.. but i dont recall how. :)07:41
aurilliance>insert pun about a certain user being confused<07:41
ConfusedLinuxmneptok: how can you be sure that the problem is wine?07:41
mneptokConfusedLinux: well, i'm not entirely. the problem could be that you don't have the lsightest idea what you're doing. but i'm trying to be nice.07:42
ConfusedLinuxmneptok: thats true. linux is really confusing.07:42
mneptokConfusedLinux: only to new users.07:42
* Dr_Willis finds windows confuseing.07:42
ConfusedLinuxwe are opposites07:43
Dr_Willisbut we dont want to start that OT again.07:43
Colonel_PanicWindows 7 was *NOT* MY idea07:43
mneptokConfusedLinux: in any event, your Starcraft issue is not going to get fixed here. i siggest asking in #winehq.07:43
* Dr_Willis has now spent more time researching Starcraft, then he has actually ever PLAYING the game.07:43
ConfusedLinuxmneptok: i've got more help here than there. nobody has said anything.07:44
Dr_WillisConfusedLinux:  now if you have several windows games that cause wine to crash so badly it goes back to GDM. well that may be a Driver issue/video issue. or some deeper linux issue..07:44
Colonel_Panicmight I recommend World of Goo? That's an excellent game that runs great in Linux07:44
Dr_WillisConfusedLinux:  there are also updated versions of wine at the winehq web site that may work07:44
mneptokConfusedLinux: that's not a salient point. the discussion *belongs* in #winehq.07:44
ruaricolonel_panic: do a cat /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules07:44
Guest98538free software is free but you have to make it work07:45
deb_dfis there anyway to install an old ati card onto ubuntu 10.04?.07:45
Colonel_Panicthanks, ruari07:45
deb_dfI do have the driver its a .run file07:45
bazhang!ot > Guest9853807:45
ubottuGuest98538, please see my private message07:45
ConfusedLinuxdr_willis: i'll go try downloading a newer version or going to the terminal to start the setup.exe before mneptok has a baby07:45
ruarithen vi or gedit07:45
Dr_Willisdeb_df:  an old ati card proberly uses the opensource drivers.. and wont work with the newer ati drivers.07:45
Guest98538deb_df, what card do you have07:45
ClemensI want to upgrade/download the adobe flashplayer on my new Ubuntu 64-bit 10.04 machine. I think I tried all versions mentioned on the website http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/. What to do to get it installed ?07:46
Dr_WillisConfusedLinux:  do BOTH.07:46
ConfusedLinuxdr_willis: thats what i mean07:46
ruariColonel_panic: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=119903007:46
ruarithat might help07:46
deb_dfGuest98538: well its an intergrated one into the board, ati 125007:46
Dr_WillisClemens:  i just use the one in the package manager. I never downioad it from adobes site07:46
nikolamwhat should I do about misbihaving google earth on Lucid amd64? The one that I downloaded from google after that, does not even start..07:46
Dr_Willisnikolam:  run it in terminal, look for error messages.07:47
ClemensDr_Willis: Is there a apt-get way to do that ?07:47
BeirdoAnyone have a pointer to a page, etc that shows how to setup wireless with WPA2 without network-manager?07:47
nikolamDr_Willis, yes and it does not say where to report error log07:47
nikolamproblem is that one from repos have issues with display07:47
Colonel_Panicruari, all I need do is change the name in there and it will work fine?07:48
xanguaClemens: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree , install ubuntu-restricted-extras to also install video and audio codecs, etc07:48
geoffrey_whiteIt worked by the way, thank you.07:48
Clemensxangua: thanks. I will try07:48
ruarino guarantees in life, :)07:48
mneptokClemens: hold on.07:48
xanguaBeirdo: wicd¿¿07:48
mneptokClemens: you said AMD64, yes?07:48
Clemensmneptok: yes07:49
Beirdoxangua: ??07:49
mneptokClemens: the packaged version will install the 32 bit plugin and nspluginwrapper07:49
BeirdoI want my wireless config in /etc/network/interfaces07:49
Beirdobut I can't seem to find the magic incantations07:49
Clemensmneptok: What should I do now ?07:49
mneptokClemens: Adobe cancelled development of the 64-bit Linux beta, and it's no longer available for download. one moment while i get my archived version for you.07:50
Clemensmneptok: thanks07:51
Colonel_PanicBeirdo: klaatu barada nikto07:51
Colonel_PanicOK rebooting...07:52
=== efrain is now known as inpxf
=== inpxf is now known as inpxfx
Colonel_panicstill showing  up as eth007:56
Colonel_panicI mean eth107:56
ActionParsnipYo yo yo07:57
delinquentmeive got some corrupted files!!07:57
Colonel_panicugh...damn it07:57
delinquentmeused this, but I have heard that this is a very good place to start07:57
delinquentme<JoelMcCracken> what is your programming background?07:57
delinquentme<delinquentme> HTML css php07:57
delinquentme<delinquentme> actionscript07:57
delinquentme<delinquentme> this is my first HARD coding language07:57
FloodBot2delinquentme: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:57
delinquentmewhat do i do :D07:58
delinquentmeall this stuff randomly got corrputed07:59
Fatzillarob_p: s07:59
Colonel_panichmmm that didn't seem to work08:00
Colonel_panicit did not change the name of my wireless adapter08:00
ruari_you rebooted?08:00
Dr_WillisColonel_panic:  even after a a reboot eh?08:00
Dr_Willisreboot 10 times! :)08:00
Colonel_panicwhy not?08:01
=== david is now known as Guest43383
ActionParsnipColonel_panic: if you use wicd you can tell wicd what interface name to use and you won't have to rename the device08:01
Dr_WillisOh wait - thats windows thinking08:01
emergionis there a package I can use for development. Something that includes a web server, mysql and  I can plug apache modules in as I need them ?08:01
Colonel_panicwhat's wicd?08:01
emergionI love the way rails just has its own server :)08:01
Dr_Willis!lamp | emergion08:01
ubottuemergion: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)08:01
delinquentmesudo apt-get rails -v 2.3.5 ??08:02
delinquentmei think i need a spcific version08:02
emergiondelinquentme, ?08:02
Dr_Williswe dont know what versions you need. :)08:02
ActionParsnipdelinquentme: you will need to add: --reinstall ,if you want to reinstall a package which is currently installed08:03
thalibdoes anyone know a good download manger for ubuntu08:03
ActionParsnipthalib: gwget08:03
Guest98538delinquentme, what is corrupted08:03
delinquentmesudo apt-get rails --reinstall -v 2.3.5 ??08:03
ActionParsnipthalib: I've seen people mention jdownloader but I've not used it08:03
Guest98538thalib, synaptic08:03
delinquentmetons ... donno how it happened08:03
delinquentmethats the readout from my previously working spec spec/08:03
thalibdoes it support usernames and passowrd for sites like rapidshare and hotfile08:04
ActionParsnipdelinquentme: sudo apt-get --reinstall install packagename08:04
ActionParsnipthalib: not sure, search software centre08:04
ruariActionsParsnip: wicd, mad cool thanks!08:04
Dr_Willisthalib:  check its homepage perhaps.08:04
delinquentmelike that pastie code used to return 6 examples 0 errors08:05
ActionParsnipruari: I find it more flexible than network manager although it doesn't support 3G afaik08:05
delinquentmeannd magically now everything breaks08:05
thalibDr-willis > which home page08:05
ruariyes someone earlier was asking how to configure from CLI wpa2, looks like this would do it, trying to see if they still in chat08:05
ActionParsnipruari: wicd has an ncurses interface too :)08:06
Dr_Willisthalib:  the jdownloader homepage. if you want to know its features.08:06
Dr_Willisits not in the repos. There are some downloader tools in the repos.. but proberly dont do what you want. (judgeing from your questions about jdownloader)08:06
delinquentmeok so it looks like the reinstall went through .. however still have the errors : http://pastie.org/102057108:07
thalibis there are newer version of ubuntu comning up08:07
ActionParsnip!maverick | thalib08:07
ubottuthalib: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is Not released and Not Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+108:07
Dr_Willisthalib:  every 6 months08:08
ActionParsnipDr_Willis: was typing that (slowly)08:08
Dr_Willisthalib:  notice that the 'version' numbers are actually the month/year  of release.08:09
* Dr_Willis goes back to answering forum questions08:10
mek8630does anyone know an easy way to download and install a different version of the kernel?08:10
Dr_Willismek8630:  there are kernel PPA repos out for newer kernel vbersions.. but use with caution08:11
ActionParsnipmek8630: you'll need the debs for the kernel, the modules and the headers08:11
Dr_Willismek8630:  unless you mean you want some Other older versions..08:11
thalibi have installed both .34 and .35 kernels08:11
ActionParsnipmek8630: i'd say very caution. Some are very experimental08:11
thalibso far no problems08:11
mek8630Dr_Willis: yeah I am wanting to use karmic kernel08:12
thalibwhats that08:12
ActionParsnipthalib: why are you using the 35 kernel?08:12
mek8630ActionParsnip: I am wanting to use an older version08:13
ActionParsnipmek8630: same applys, you may find some stuff in your release needs certain stuff in the kernel which may be lacking in older versions08:13
thalibi just installed becuase i have problem loading my tuner... on the way i fouind it support .34 so installed .35 also when i found it08:13
thalibnothing specific08:13
thalibi'm just learning ubuntu and very much newbie08:14
delinquentmesudo gem --reinstall install rails -v 2.3.508:14
delinquentmeis this syntactically correct?08:14
mek8630Dr_Willis: someone told me that since the kernel in Linux Mint 9 wasn't compatible with my graphics chipset because of it being so old. I needed to use an older kernel08:14
alascahow can i install java from terminal?ubuntu extra repositories are enabled.08:14
ActionParsnipmek8630: mint isn't supported here08:15
delinquentmeActionParsnip, comments? checks out?08:15
ActionParsnipdelinquentme: I've not used gem08:15
Dr_Willismek8630:  what chipset?  somthing seems faulty with the logic of that statement.08:15
mek8630ActionParsnip: I understand this is the Ubuntu chat, but I am asking about kernels08:15
delinquentmeits for RoR .. that parts good .. does the rest look ok?08:15
delinquentmeim a bit scared im gonna break my new install haha08:15
mek8630ActionParsnip: also Mint is based off of Ubuntu08:15
ActionParsnipmek8630: yes its based but its not supported here08:16
Dr_WillisYou want to use a older ubuntu kernel on a mint install>?08:16
ActionParsnip!mintsupport | mek863008:16
ubottumek8630: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org08:16
mek8630Dr_Willis: /exec -o inxi -G08:16
ActionParsnipmek8630: like I said, its NOT supported here08:16
mek8630Dr_Willis: sorry that didn't work08:16
ActionParsnipmek8630: if you expect support in the official ubuntu channel you must be using an official canonical release08:17
qwiksilver711how do i run something in terminal, i know i need to be in the directory, what command runs?08:17
Dr_WillisI would think that any 'driver' issues for video would be more of a Driver and X version issue then a kernel issue.  In any case.08:17
mek8630ActionParsnip: I am using Xubuntu right now in this channel but really please don't talking to me, I don't really need your input08:18
Dr_Willisqwiksilver711:  bash basics.. 'cd Dirctory'  './thingtorun'08:18
=== doug_ is now known as Noobuntu
Joshmuffinqwiksilver711, what are you trying to run08:18
Dr_Willis!shell | qwiksilver71108:18
ubottuqwiksilver711: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal08:18
Joshmuffinqwiksilver711, a bash script08:18
thalibwhere can i get all the command used in the terminal08:18
ActionParsnipmek8630: just telling you mint isn't supported and for why08:18
qwiksilver711a game file thing that I think will install it08:18
Dr_Willisqwiksilver711:  you CAN be a little more specific :)08:18
ActionParsnipthalib: press tab a few times with no text on the prompt08:19
Joshmuffinqwiksilver711, whats the files extention08:19
mek8630Dr_Willis: yeah I can't get drivers for my chipset for some reason08:19
Dr_Willisqwiksilver711:  you will want to make it executable also most likely08:19
Colonel_panichmmm... How do I do this?08:19
qwiksilver711its a shell script08:19
Colonel_panic"The bootloader will no longer need the devfs=mount parameter on the kernel command-line. So, whether you use GRUB or LILO, remove or comment the reference to devfs=mount."08:19
Dr_Willisqwiksilver711:  and it may be worth while to spend an hr learning some bash and shell basics.08:19
Colonel_panicI'm installing udev08:19
mek8630Dr_Willis: the only easy solution I can think of is to install a supported GPU08:19
ActionParsnipthalib: there are lots, even in a vanilla install08:20
Noobuntudr_willis: this is ConfusedLinux, I'm on ubuntu now. How should I get the latest Wine version?08:20
Dr_Willismek8630:  i dident even see you mention what video it was. :) so cant really say mugh more08:20
Colonel_panicas per these instructions: http://www.debianadmin.com/rename-network-interface-using-udev-in-linux.html08:20
=== SNIPER is now known as Guest73275
qwiksilver711Dr_Willis: where is a place where there may be a tutorial for terminal basics08:20
Dr_WillisNoobuntu:  get latest from the winehwq web site and repositories.08:20
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu08:20
Dr_Willisqwiksilver711:  doazens of sites.  check out the following08:20
Dr_Willis!terminal | qwiksilver71108:20
ubottuqwiksilver711: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal08:20
delinquentmeanyone know whats going wrong here :D08:21
mek8630Dr_Willis: its ok I am just trying to find someone that knows about kernels.08:21
Joshmuffin!details | delinquentme08:21
ubottudelinquentme: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."08:21
mek8630Dr_Willis: I have read a few help forums on this and they are just confusing08:21
Noobuntudr_willis: I also have a problem where the taskbar thing at the top disappears after awhile, do you know how to fix it?08:22
Guest73275I'm fairly new to linux I was just wondering, Right now then I'm using Ubuntu, if I wanted to install a package from a Red Hat Distro. then would I just open up a command line and go to the directory and use the commands ./configure & make to install the package08:22
delinquentmeim tuning up my ruby on rails ... testing things out with git and rspec08:22
Dr_WillisNoobuntu:  sounds like lots of things are crashing on you that shouldent be.08:22
delinquentmei ran "git checkout ." ( which should bring all my files back to the last commit )08:22
NoobuntuDr_Willis: google time for me.08:22
delinquentmeHOWEVER ... i run "spec spec/" and i get the following08:23
Dr_WillisNoobuntu:  its hard to trouble shoot such problems. On a new clean install, you proberly want to update and upgrade everything to the latest versions and see if they are still crashing.08:23
Noobuntudr_willis: ok08:23
delinquentmei was EXPECTING .. to get 6 examples 0 errors ... and i got 6 examples .. 6 errors08:23
Dr_WillisNoobuntu:  that will proberly be the first suggestion anyone will give you :)08:23
ruariGuest73275: if it is in an RPM package you could use alien08:23
delinquentmeand im asking in #rubyonrails as well .. and no bites08:24
Guest73275I installed alien and still learning how to use it, is alien a command line driven program08:24
=== Guest73275 is now known as S1564
Dr_WillisGuest73275:  yes08:25
ubottuRPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)08:25
delinquentmenow whats more worry some is in the output http://pastie.org/1020571 there are errors in files i havn't even TOUCHED08:26
ruarihave you checked ubuntu's repositories for the program?08:27
mek8630Noobuntu: what other problems are you having besides your top panel disappearing?08:27
S1564Alright ya thats what i'm still kinda learning, so since I'm using ubuntu then I should just try to find the package thats meant for my distro. and if not find a similar program08:27
S1564alright thanks ruari I'll look at the site08:27
mek8630Noobuntu: the reason I ask is because I had that problem with Xubuntu and there is a help forum that tells you how to fix it08:28
Dr_WillisS1564:  what are you trying to install anyway?08:28
ruariyea especially if it is a production system08:28
Noobuntumek8630: wine not working, playonlinux not working08:28
=== Hesay1st_ is now known as hesay
Shadow__Xhello everyone i setup netatalk but an unable to connect from my mac it keeps saying i have entered invalid username or password08:28
S1564I've tried looking up programs like Ktorrent, and virtual box from google and It gave me a downloaded version of .rpm08:28
S1564still kinda a newbie08:29
mek8630Noobuntu: I know everyone in here will get mad at me for saying this...BUT switch to Linux Mint 9 man and all your problems will go away08:29
Dr_WillisS1564:  you need to learn to use teh ubuntu package manager.. those are all avilable with out  messing with rpms08:29
Dr_Willis!manual | S156408:29
ubottuS1564: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/08:29
mek8630Noobuntu: everything works right after install you dont have to unlock any abilities or anything08:29
mek8630Noobuntu: all media and everything will work, I use Wine on Mint 9 and it works fine08:29
ruaris1564 : sudo apt-get install virtualbox08:30
Noobuntumek8630: But what is the simplest way to dual boot Windows 7 and Mint 9? I used Wubi to do it with Ubuntu and it was easy08:30
Dr_Willismek8630:  that logic dosent follow in all cases.    if he is having a driver bug/issue - mint uses the same driver versions...08:30
Noobuntuwhat if it isnt a driver issue...08:30
S1564Alright Thanks, i'll go through and kinda read over everything and learn more about08:30
Dr_Willisi dont even want to get into 'wubi' issues. :)08:30
mek8630Noobuntu: well I figure you can just install the same way you did Ubuntu08:31
Dr_WillisS1564:  thing to rember. uSe the package manager first... this is not windows.. going to a web site and downloading stuff to install is only in special cases in linux08:31
mek8630Dr_Willis: I have tons of problems with Ubuntu and Xubuntu working with different things.08:31
mek8630Dr_Willis: MInt 9 has always worked for me08:31
Noobuntumek8630: Wubi gives no option to install Linux Mint 908:31
Dr_WillisNoobuntu:  did you ever figure out your video chipset.08:31
mek8630Noobuntu: do you have a cd burner?08:32
Noobuntudr_willis: didn't check, I got on ubuntu and got chatzilla08:32
S1564alright, also as far as the repository goes then what is that exactly, is just websites that tells the manager where to look for programs08:32
Noobuntumek8630: yeah, cant I use a flash drive/usb though?08:32
Dr_WillisNoobuntu:  that is a #1 critical bit of info on any troubleshooting.08:32
mek8630Noobuntu: there is a way but I don't know how, I always use cd installation08:32
Noobuntudr_willis: how do i find out from ubuntu then?08:32
Dr_WillisS1564:  no its a server with files.. not a 'web site'08:32
Dr_WillisNoobuntu:  lspci commahd should tell you the 'hardinfo' program may also tell you in a nicer gui08:33
Noobuntujust type lspci in terminal?08:33
ruaris1564: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu08:33
Dr_WillisNoobuntu:  yes.. thats a common linux 'thing'08:33
mek8630Noobuntu: I have all kinds of problems with different programs working and drivers working with Ubuntu and Xubuntu, I switched to Linux Mint 9 to try and see if I liked it and now I LOVE it. I still use the others on a couple computers but I will be sticking with Mint from now on08:33
Noobuntumek8630: I want to try but don't want to mess anything on my windows 7 up.08:34
Dr_WillisNoobuntu:  -> sudo apt-get install hardinfo  , then run 'hardinfo'   is a nice gui tool for a lot of system info08:35
mek8630Noobuntu: I know what you mean, the only way I could help you out with is the cd installation. I could walk you right through it. But if you are wanting to use usb then you will have to read forums and stuff to get help08:35
S1564alright Thanks ruari for the website08:35
Colonel_panicI still don't get it... where am I supposed to uncomment the line "devfs=mount"?08:35
Noobuntumek8630: if it can't harm my comp then ill do it, but i'll need to be on windows. so, how about tomorrow? its 3 am here. lol.08:36
Noobuntudr_willis: let me try that instead of lspci08:36
leenuksi am having trouble extracting multi-volume rar archive. if i choose "decompress here" i'll get a "format not supported" error. any idea why?08:36
ruarinp :)08:36
Dr_Willis!info hardinfo08:36
ubottuhardinfo (source: hardinfo): Displays system information. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.1-1.1ubuntu2 (lucid), package size 240 kB, installed size 684 kB08:36
Dr_Willisleenuks:  some rar archives  require tjhe non-free version of rar from the repos in order to be extracted.08:37
Noobuntudr_willis: it says that i need my password, and doesnt let me type anything into it...08:37
Dr_Willisleenuks:  you may want to try extarcgint them from command line08:37
Dr_WillisNoobuntu:   it is typing things into it..08:37
Dr_WillisNoobuntu:  you dont want  Your password echoed.. logical eh?08:37
leenuksDr_Willis, i would need a way to do it graphically.08:37
Dr_Willisleenuks:  You want to trouble shoot.. i suggest the shell...08:38
mek8630Noobuntu: haha yeah its 3:30am here too yeah I can help you if I am here but I don't get on the Ubuntu server very much.08:38
Dr_Willisleenuks:  or fire up package manager and see what other rar packages are in there. and try the nonfree rar packages.08:38
Noobuntudr_willis: Huh? Heres what it says: [sudo] password for xxxx:08:38
Dr_WillisNoobuntu:  yes.. so type in your users password and hit enter08:38
Noobuntumek8630: this is my first time ever trying irc, what about AIM or something08:38
Dr_WillisNoobuntu:  you DONT see the paassword or *'s echoed.08:38
S1564Thanks for all your Help guys, I'll try reading more up on it, & check back if I need any help ttyl08:38
Noobuntudr_willis: OH, so im typing but it doesnt show it?08:39
Dr_WillisNoobuntu:  ive said that like 3 times now. :)08:39
mek8630Noobuntu: yeah when you type it in you can't see it just type it and hit enter08:39
Noobuntudr_willis: you had to put it kindergarden-style :)08:39
Dr_Willisits 3 am . do you know where your password is.. :)08:39
Noobuntulawl no im drunk in a sewer08:39
Dr_WillisNoobuntu:  you might want to spend the timne reading up on the ubuntu manual then. :)08:40
Colonel_panicanybody know where I set boot parameters?08:40
leenuksDr_Willis, thanks, i'll see what i come up with.08:40
Dr_Willisbiggest danger to a ubuntu system i find is users doing things.. err.. wrong08:40
Noobuntudr_willis: if you were serious, yes i know my password.08:40
jerry_hi there it is  possible to lock home folder for all users and make password on that ?08:41
Noobuntudr_willis: where can i find hardinfo? or should i run it through command line?08:41
Dr_Willisjerry_:  what are you trying to acomplish with thuis?08:41
Dr_WillisNoobuntu: 'sudo apt-get install hardinfo' will install it.08:41
Dr_WillisNoobuntu:  then run the command 'hardinfo'08:42
Noobuntudr_willis: k08:42
jerry_dr_Wilis .....the thing is that kids was deleeted some files from my home folder i need it lock it down and make pass on that08:42
cloversgcan anyone help me restore my screen resolution to 1680x1050.  Ub 10.04 started up and changed my monitor settings08:42
ruaricould make a group and add a password to the group for /etc/home i think...08:42
Dr_Willisjerry_:  you left your system logged in and the kids got on the pc?08:43
cloversgI also cannot detect my monitor to reset the resolutions08:43
anthony_hi i what to learn on how make an ubuntu base distribution can any one help me.08:43
Noobuntudr_willis: would it be the Display controller or the VGA compatible controller that is it?08:43
jerry_yap exactly08:43
Dr_WillisNoobuntu:  look at both.. vga proberly08:43
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Dr_Willisjerry_:  time to set the screensaver back to lock the machine when you walk away im thinking.  Im not sure what else you are going to do.08:44
Noobuntudr_willis: want me to type out exactly what it says?08:44
Dr_WillisNoobuntu:  look at it.. read it.. summaruze it..  think about what it says. :)08:44
ruarijerry: chmod 700 /home/username08:44
delinquentmehello all ... i think i've got a corrupted (few) file .. can i get a confirmation ? http://pastie.org/102057108:44
Noobuntudr_willis: Intel Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller08:45
Noobuntumek8630: how should I find you tomorrow?08:45
Dr_WillisNoobuntu:   check out some of the other things in hardinfo and see if you can get any more info. at least you know its an Intel Mobil 4 now.08:45
mek8630Noobuntu: yeah I will meet you here08:45
jerry_DR-willis  i just have idea but im not sure if it can be done .....changing the  premisions orr installing some  clever app. which can make this orr i dont realy know ..you know if they go on internet wtching movies orr somethig between that they jumping everywhere but i dont have always time watching them and there we go08:46
mek8630Noobuntu: apparently you are on the same time zone so what you thinkin like 11pm or somethin or you want something sooner?08:46
Noobuntumek8630: earlier in the day08:46
NeoCicaki'm using virtualbox 3.1.6 , and my guest OS (xp) keeps reporting different cpu speed ... what is worse... the speed is very slow (50MHz), even my host is 2GHz intel core 2 duo.... has anyone experienced this before?08:46
cloversgis anyone around to help me restore my monitor resolution settings?08:46
Dr_Willisjerry_:  its not very clear to me what you are wanting to do exactly.   There is the 'guest' account feature of ubuntu - you can use to let the kids get on and watch  cartoons.08:46
mek8630Noobuntu: I am going to send you private message08:47
anthony_hi i have a problem i what to practice php but php is not working on my computer can any one help me..08:47
mek8630Noobuntu: look for it over on the left under where it says Ubuntu08:47
ruarijerry: chmod 700 /home/jerry  would prevent other users from coming into your home directory08:47
lance__ciao a tutti quanti08:47
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)08:48
Noobuntudr_willis: thats all i can seem to find, anywhere specific to look?08:48
jerry_DR_willis  sorry for bad explanation i just want my home folder on root password anytime i will open my account i want passw.on my home folder becouse of kids ... i dont have solution for that it is not the second time where  my files are gone -)))08:49
Noobuntudr_willis: 4gb ram, intel 2.11 dual core processor08:50
Dr_Willisjerry_:  you allready have to enter your password when you login,   so you are sitting there reading email. save a file.. you wan tto have to enter the password anytime you do ANY change to any file in your home?08:51
Dr_Willisjerry_:  you get up to get a soda.. you can set the screensaver to lock automatically after 30 sec.. so you have to reenter your passwprd when you come back..  that keeps the kids off also.08:52
jerry_yes taht is exactly what i  want to do.....it is quiet crazy to lock screen orr use it xtrlock everytime i will go toilet  dont  you thing ;-)08:52
Dr_WillisNoobuntu:  not really. the intel video drivers are constantly being worked on. so its possible you are having some video card driver issues. YOu may want to check the ubuntu forums for intel video 4 also.08:53
Dr_Willisjerry_:   The screensaver can do this automatically.. or theres features where it can lock by just moving the mouse to a specific location.08:53
ActionParsnipYo yo yo08:53
cloversgcan anyone help me change my lcd resolution?  I can't get my old resolution back08:53
ActionParsnipCloversg: what video card?08:54
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jerry_ok Thank you  wery much  i will try to do something08:54
cloversginternal ati radeon 4250 with hardware dirivers08:54
ActionParsnip!ati | cloversg08:55
ubottucloversg: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto08:55
cloversgmy old monitor settings were 1600x1050, working yesterday, booted today and I can't get it back.08:55
ActionParsnipCloversg: I believe ati use a gui thing like nvidia does08:55
=== Mysteron is now known as rww
ActionParsnipcloversg: what caused the sudden change? New kernel maybe?08:56
cloversgActionParsnip, yes, I can access that, but on System>Preferences, can't change my LCD monitor to the higher resolutions08:56
cloversgActionParsnip, don't know, just changed last night after reboot08:57
ActionParsnipCloversg: check the factoid, there may be a command or 2 for you to run to make things nice08:57
cloversgActionParsnip, as far as I know, I didn't update the kernal08:57
cloversgthe binary drivers are working ok, its just the monitor settings, where do I change that? xserver-xorg?08:58
AvaszI want help in sharing internet... i have two pc.. one with wifi and one without.. i want to share the internet captured thru wifi to another pc.. how to do that?08:58
ActionParsnip!ics | avasz08:58
ubottuavasz: If you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php08:58
NeoCicaki'm using virtualbox 3.1.6 , and my guest OS (xp) keeps reporting different cpu speed ... what is worse... the speed is very slow (50MHz), even my host is 2GHz intel core 2 duo.... has anyone experienced this before?08:59
Avaszfire starter fails to start properly.. says: the device wlan0 is not ready even if i am connected right now thru wlan008:59
ActionParsnipcloversg: you could remove the driver then reinstall it08:59
cloversgI used to be able08:59
cloversgActionParsnip, did that already08:59
cloversgActionParsnip, any way of setting the monitor resolution, trying it with xrandr09:00
Avaszand i have already followed the first method that the bot gave me... it didnt work.09:00
cloversgActionParsnip, any prog to detect monitor settings?09:01
AvaszActionParsnip, and I hav a spare router too.. i want to send the wifi to that router first...09:01
ActionParsnipcloversg: you could go old school and formulate an xorg.conf file09:01
goshawkcloversg, grand09:01
ActionParsnipAvasz: how do you mean send the wifi to that first?09:02
cloversgActionParsnip, tried that too, changing xserver-xorg no effect09:02