zveroboyjust installed ubuntustudio 10.04 and during installation I opted not to configure network since I wasn't connected, and now I can't find a way to configure it03:29
zveroboyCould anyone drop a hint please03:29
FezzlerSoftware drum vs drum machines?  Pluses and minuses?04:05
databridgeHey guys the ubuntu studio is completly shit its totally useless - whats the problem to make it right? maybe linux is only a server system but not usable for multimedia: my audigy card isnt fully supported - audacity crashes all the time - jack is making dirty noises - sometimes i can record with effect mostly it doesn`t work - i cannot even use 3 inputs the same time then everything crashes - i tried different versions now and soundcards -11:29
databridge my cpu is an amd dual core 3800+ but it even seems to be to slow - sorry this shit is absolutly useless so please stop this project it makes no sense because its based on linux and ubuntu which is also more shit than other distros sorry11:29
__nando_does somebody use TASCAM US122L?11:40

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