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seif_djsiegel, i uploaded a branch for unity-place-files that does not view files which paths are not reachable16:30
djsiegelseif_: not reachable?16:31
seif_as in deleted or moved16:31
seif_djsiegel, ^16:31
djsiegelah, right, they should definitely not be displayed16:31
djsiegelI suggest you report a bug against unity and propose a merge on those grounds16:32
seif_+i did16:32
seif_djsiegel, patched and fiels a bug16:32
seif_djsiegel, what about thumbviews16:32
djsiegelnice dude16:32
seif_i mean thumbnails16:32
seif_do u want to view thumbnails of images and videos16:32
seif_ok awesome16:33
faganhmmm got a weird bug with unity yesterday when I tried it16:33
seif_djsiegel, i will put my gsoc student on it16:33
djsiegelseif_: awesome16:33
seif_djsiegel, he ported seze nto vala to make the transition to unity devleopement for us easier16:33
seif_we have the code for it16:33
djsiegelthat is insanely awesome16:33
seif_ok 16:34
faganoh seif_ I could help a little with that 16:34
seif_i am summoning him to do this work16:34
* fagan <3 vala16:34
seif_fagan, the port is done16:34
seif_we ported to vala already16:34
djsiegelcan't wait until we can port all of this vala to C# ;)16:34
seif_mhr3, can u push ur pixbuf cache to unity16:34
seif_mhr3, bzr branch lp:unity-place-files16:35
mhr3seif_, i can try16:35
fagandjsiegel: is there a bug reported yet about the unity launcher not going away when you open a full screen app like a game?16:35
mhr3but it's slow and i dont like it :P16:35
seif_mhr3, its better than what they have now :)16:35
djsiegelfagan: I am not launchpad!16:35
mhr3ah ok :)16:35
fagandjsiegel: lol 16:35
faganill go looking then 16:35
seif_djsiegel, are u interested in drag and drop support16:36
faganI tested it out last night and tried to open a game and the launcher kept focus 16:36
djsiegelseif_: yes, files are draggable to the Launcher16:36
seif_djsiegel, i think "Today" could be used as a pinboard16:40
seif_imagine dragging 4 files form last week into today16:40
djsiegelseif_: nope16:40
djsiegelthis is hands-off16:40
seif_ok ok16:40
seif_just asking16:40
djsiegelno, I mean, let's not add opportunities for users to organize files themselves16:41
djsiegelwe already have too many16:41
seif_good idea16:41
djsiegelFiles place is nice because it alleviates that burden a bit16:41
seif_djsiegel, ok i will push ammonkey to patch nautilus to tell us when something is moved16:41
seif_this way when u move something aorund zeitgeist can change its uris :)16:42
seif_thus never losing trace16:42
djsiegelseif_: hmm16:42
djsiegelcan we patch at a lower level?16:42
djsiegelbecause moves can initiate anywhere16:42
seif_djsiegel, gio?16:43
seif_inotify sucks16:43
djsiegelnjpatel: ^16:43
seif_so what i can do is write a zeitgeist extension that takes in such "move" operations and updates the DB16:43
seif_and some1 patch gio or whatever to inform us16:43
faganOk bug reported 16:44
fagandjsiegel: how could you not have a launchpad account if do is on there 16:47
* fagan only figured that out now16:47
djsiegelI thought I said "I'm not Launchpad!"16:47
djsiegeldid I say "I'm not on launchpad!" by mistake?16:48
djsiegelI am on Launchpad :)16:48
faganOh you did whoops 16:49
faganI can read just not today for some reason 16:49
seif_ njpatel there?16:52
seif_njpatel, we have a zeitgeist issue that could be solved if gio is patched16:52
seif_djsiegel, found something in gio16:56
seif_g_file_monitor_directory ()16:56
seif_however dunno how muhc it depends on inotify16:56
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