spivGood morning.00:57
lifelessallo allo00:59
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pooliehi spiv02:33
lifelesshi poolie02:34
lifelessanyone know, can you do keyword lambdas in python 2.4?03:24
lifelessby which I mean03:26
lifelesslambda foo=bar:quux03:26
thumperlifeless: I've never seen that before03:28
lifelessthumper: :)03:28
lifelessthumper: I'd never had cause to do it before today.03:28
thumperlifeless: what are you trying to do?03:28
lifelessit Just Worked in python 2.603:28
lifelessthumper: theres an interface which is (now) called with keyword parameters, that a test stubbed out with a lambda.03:29
parthmlifeless: seems to work on 2.4 http://pastebin.com/k4X1x8pE03:31
lifelessparthm: thanks!03:31
spivYou've been able to do that with lambda since approximately forever.03:32
spivIt was particularly useful back when Python didn't have nested scopes.03:32
pooliehi there spiv03:33
spivHey poolie03:35
pooliehi spiv03:36
pooliedo you have any particular thoughts on bug 582157?03:36
ubot5Launchpad bug 582157 in Bazaar "pull from launchpad is slow (affected: 1, heat: 8)" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58215703:36
lifelessspiv: http://pastebin.com/fqiwpZ7S03:36
spivpoolie: I like your remarks about the two parts of the problem03:39
pooliei was hoping you'd say i was obviously wrong and there was an easy fix :)03:40
lifelessspiv: I'm not entirely sure why the is None check is needed; pqm failed two calls to stat() with it though03:42
lifeless'bzr st'03:42
poolieor the IoM, 10% tax and low ping time :)03:43
lifelessspiv: or possibly I'm misreading the trace; trace shadowing a top level import is a bit annoying.03:44
lifelessHmm, maybe we should fix that03:44
spivpoolie: so how close are we to finding that SSH is the limiting factor?03:46
pooliegood question03:47
pooliewe know that https from chinstrap is not much faster03:47
poolieit would be nice to try plain tcp with no encryption03:47
spivAnd SSH with no encryption, perhaps.03:47
poolieif it is something at the encryption level it might be either encryption cpu overhead or added latency or windowing effect03:48
pooliemm that could be good03:55
pooliespiv, what are you up to next?03:55
spivFiring off a merge request, then lunch ;)  Then https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/551525, then maybe https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/52263703:58
ubot5Launchpad bug 551525 in Bazaar "reconfigure --unstacked doesn't quite work for lp branches (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [High,Confirmed]03:58
lifelessspiv: no comment on my pastebin ?03:58
pooliethat would be nice03:58
pooliebug oh especially the latter, but both would be great03:59
spivlifeless: the test change seems fine, there's an incomplete sentence in the docstring change, and I lack enough context to judge if that's sane and obviously correct, or nonsense ;)04:00
pooliei'm going to try Maverick on my desktop to give feedback on some kernel bugs i hit on the new mb04:01
spivHmm, SSH with no encryption seems hard with modern versions of SSH.  Oh well.04:01
pooliei may try ssh without encryption04:01
poolieistm the next thing is plain tcp04:01
pooliethis might require sysadmin help04:01
lifelessspiv: yes04:02
spivYou could try SSH with a supposedly faster cipher at least, like blowfish.04:02
lifelessspiv: the doctstring is winging its way up, I'll iterate on it sometime this week.04:02
lifelessspiv: its only missing a single bracket.04:02
spivThat's ok, the original sentence was arguably missing a comma ;)04:03
lifelessI'd like --lsprof-file04:04
lifelessto tell the smart server to lsprof the request (and lock out other threads yada yada)04:04
lifelessand attach the callgrind format data as another part of the response.04:05
poolie! :)04:06
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AfC1Strangest thing just happened. Doing bzr push bzr+ssh:/// to a server where we don't have RSA keys and so have to type the password on console,07:12
AfC1suddenly a GTK dialog popped up asking for the target user@host's password.07:12
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AfCWas that Bazaar trying to be helpful, or something else $known trying to be helpful, or a "problem"?07:13
lifelesssomething else probably07:13
lifelessnew ubuntu version ?07:13
AfClifeless: Lucid07:13
AfCboth sides07:13
AfCIt was reminiscent of the Subversion credential caching behaviour, but I wasn't expecting Bazaar to do that at all, and especially not for an SSH login password.07:15
AfCAnd not I can't duplicate it. If I can't figure it out, I may have to judge that the box got owned07:16
lifelessthere is a gtk UI for ssh keychains07:16
lifelessits part of the gnome stack07:16
AfCIt was just really anonymous looking. Didn't look that authoritative.07:17
AfClifeless: (anyway, thanks)07:17
lifelesslook in your process list07:18
lifelessfor agent07:18
vilahi all07:41
spmhey vila!07:51
pooliehi there vila08:35
vilahey poolie08:36
poolievila, did i tell you i replaced my broken pc with a 6-core amd?08:39
poolieit makes selftest --parallel pretty nice08:39
poolieit gets easily disk bound though08:39
vilawow, welcome to the club :-)08:39
vilapoolie: python -c 'from bzrlib import osutils ; print osutils.local_concurrency()' ?08:41
vila6 or 12 ?08:41
poolieprobably 6, no ht08:41
lifelessAIUI amd have rather different ideas in that space08:42
vilaso running the full test suite is down to what ? 6mins 8 mins ?08:42
pooliesomething like that09:06
lifelessremind me to land my 'delete 1/3 of the registered repo formats' patch.09:10
lifelessits intermingled with other stuff09:10
poolievila, is texinfo blocked, or still on your plate, or ..?09:10
lifelessbut I can pull it out and do it with a prod, and I think it will be quite noticable09:11
vilastill on my plate09:11
lifelesshi jkakar09:14
jkakarHiya lifeless!09:15
lifelessmemo to self, put http://www.webperformancematters.com/journal/2007/7/24/latency-bandwidth-and-response-times.html in the bzr perf bug10:06
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jamvila: what's up with: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~vila/bzr/cleanup/+merge/2831517:56
jamthough you may already be gone17:56
vilajam: almost but not quite, I just need to look at it, I'm looking into .conf files needs to be locked and ran into yes-but-lock-info-use-config loop :-)17:58
jamvila: sure, just trying to drive the queue, and that is a 'tweak' entry17:58
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vilajam: I'll look into them as soon as I submit this one17:59
parthmjam: hi18:16
jamhey parth18:28
Stavrosis there a way for a colocated branch switch to store uncommitted changes?18:33
parthmStavros: i haven't used colocated branches but shelve command stores uncommitted changes. maybe you can check if they work together.18:37
Stavrosi can't find it anything in the docs, but it would be great if colocated branches could store changes a la shelve18:37
Stavrosi could have two branches in the same dir and work on them at the same time18:37
parthmStavros: yes. i understand the colocated concept in bzr but just haven't tried it :) ... so i don't know how well it works with shelve.18:39
Stavrosas far as i know, it doesn't work at all18:39
Stavrosi'll add a feature request, thanks18:39
parthmStavros: oh. yup. in that case its probably a good idea.18:39
jamStavros: I'll also note that 'bzr-pipeline' does something similar and stores a related group of 'shelved changes' on a given branch18:44
StavrosAdded: https://answers.launchpad.net/bzr-colo/+question/11604418:44
jamI don't know the details, though18:44
Stavrosjam: oh, let me check that out, thanks18:44
jamabentley might be able to give more details (author of bzr-pipeline)18:44
Stavrospipeline looks great, i should be able to figure it out from the docs, thank you very much18:45
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lifelessjam: I think you perhaps got tricked by the new feed-pqm19:51
lifelessjam: did you mean 'e' ?19:51
jammorning lifeless20:01
jamwell, right now it is hard to test as it says "No remaining merge proposals matching status ['Approved']?"20:02
jamhowever, if there is a single proposal marked approved ,then running 'n' will repeatedly give you back the same proposal20:02
jam(go to next)20:02
jamlifeless: also, I submitted martin's proposal, but pqm doesn't seem to be running, nor did I get an error message about it.20:03
jamthough it did go into the Queued state20:03
jamand it didn't seem to write a 'sent to pqm message'20:03
lifelessjam: run with --help20:04
lifelesstheres an option to access queued ones too20:04
lifelessthen use e to send it via email20:04
jamlifeless: so is 's' useless now?20:04
jam(until we get pqm reading queued messages again) ?20:04
lifelessI sent email a while back - thumper asked us to stop using queued20:04
jamit was certainly the obvious step20:05
lifelessI would love to fix that20:05
jamand Queued gives:20:05
jam  File "c:\Python26\lib\site-packages\lazr.restfulclient-0.9.10-py2.6.egg\lazr\restfulclient\resourc20:05
jame.py", line 852, in __getitem__20:05
jam    raise KeyError(key)20:05
jamKeyError: '--queued'20:05
lifelessdah wtf20:05
jamapparently you need to put the project name before the arguments20:05
jamthat doesn't work either20:05
jamit tells me that I need to only supply 1 argument20:05
lifelessthe __name__ == __main__ section is borked20:06
lifelessoverlapping merges I think20:06
jamchecks length and then aborts20:06
jamvs using OptionParser for it20:06
jamI'll fix it up20:06
lifelessoverlapping merges20:07
jamoh, and it still uses argv[1] after parsing into args :)20:07
lifelesshttp://pastebin.com/Zc6PrRhy is most of it20:07
lifelessoh lol20:07
lifelessthat think is going to be me20:07
lifelessthe other bit I dunno what happened20:08
jamlifeless: it also doesn't work particularly well if you initially gave hydrazine readonly credentials20:11
lifelessthats surprising20:12
lifelesssurely the queue command would have blown up, then ?20:12
jamwell, it read it ok, but it failed with big tracebacks when I tried to set something20:12
jamit just failed in hard-to-debug ways20:12
jamlifeless: anyway, 's' is much more obvious for submit (IMO), but hey, as long as we get something working.20:15
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JoshBrownI've accidentally added my email to my name in all my commits, so I'm seeing something like: 'Josh Brown josh@host.com <josh@host.com>' - is there anything I can do about this this?21:51
rubbsJoshBrown: you can try to reset your whoami by doing bzr whoami Josh Brown <josh@host.com>22:00
rubbsalternatively you can edit the "email" line in your bazaar.conf file. On linux that is located at ~/.bazaar/bazaar.conf22:01
JoshBrownrubbs: I've got it set fine now ('Josh Brown <josh@host.com>'), it's just that it looks messy in the logs.22:01
rubbsoh, of that I'm not sure.22:01
rubbsunfortunately I must go, I wish you luck in finding your answer22:02
JoshBrownrubbs: Bye.22:02
jamJoshBrown: you might look at using something like 'bzr rebase', but I think that tries to preserve the original author info22:10
JoshBrownjam: Thanks, I'll look into it.22:12
JoshBrownActually it only seems to change the actual content, while preserving author info.22:14
jelmer__heh, bzr transports ftw22:41
* jelmer__ runs bzr.dev pack sftp://charis.local/~/samba3.git22:41
jamjelmer__: interesting22:49
jamnow does that end up doing a git pack  on the remote side?22:49
jamseems like it would be pretty inefficient, but still interesting to have it work22:50
jelmer__jam: Since it's all local it's not that inefficient22:50
jamjelmer__: well, other than the sftp protocol overhead :)22:50
jelmer__local as in LAN I mean22:50
jelmer__jam: right22:51
lifelessjelmer__: \o.22:59

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