lex79someone can upload kipi-plugins from bzr? thanks00:18
Riddelldebfx: yes we managed to get upstream to give us a tar, but I think it only affects packages in universe so it's not a priority for me and I'm happy to let fabo do it and sync from debian00:23
Riddellso time for a sneaky 4.4.90 upload to maverick?00:30
lex79I think so :)00:42
CIA-99[muon] jmthomas * 1143498 * trunk/playground/sysadmin/muon/src/ (6 files in 2 dirs) Split the installed files tab off into its own class.01:10
CIA-99[muon] jmthomas * 1143499 * trunk/playground/sysadmin/muon/src/ (4 files in 2 dirs) Move the .ui file for the Main detail tab to DetailsTabs/01:15
Riddellshadeslayer: how come all the files from packages you've done are chmod +x ?01:17
Riddellsomething up with your filesystem?01:17
Riddellshadeslayer: also you forgot to commit kdegames to bzr, I'll do that now01:20
ScottKRiddell: Would you please try uploading 4.4.90 backwards again.  It takes a bit longer to build, but it seems fewer FTBFS.01:44
RiddellScottK: ok01:45
CIA-99[muon] jmthomas * 1143507 * trunk/playground/sysadmin/muon/src/ (5 files in 2 dirs) Start work on the Technical Details tab. It now displays version/size information. It's still very rough, and this is just an initial commit02:51
JontheEchidnaPartially why I used a QScrollArea :P http://simplest-image-hosting.net/i0-plasma-desktopgd1472-jpg.jpg02:53
CIA-99[libqapt] jmthomas * 1143512 * trunk/playground/libs/libqapt/ (example/qapttest.cpp src/package.cpp src/package.h) (log message trimmed)03:12
CIA-99I failed to realize that I'd need a method for both the installed size of the03:12
CIA-99current package as well as the newest available version's installed size. Rename03:12
CIA-99[muon] jmthomas * 1143515 * trunk/playground/sysadmin/muon/src/DetailsTabs/TechnicalDetailsTab.cpp Update for new LibQApt API. Also use the new availableDownloadSize() method to show the installed size for not-installed packages in the tech details tab03:15
JontheEchidna*the new availableInstallSize() method03:15
CIA-99[muon] jmthomas * 1143519 * trunk/playground/sysadmin/muon/src/DetailsTabs/ (TechnicalDetailsTab.cpp TechnicalDetailsTab.h) Hide/show the "Installed Version" details box if the package is indeed not installed03:24
DarthFrogHi folks,  I need a bit of guidance about whether to file a bug report or not.  In a nutshell, I've just done a dist-upgrade and am running KDE 4.5 RC1.  The  problem is in Amarok (v. 2.3 running under KDE 4.4.2 it says).  It segfaults when I double-click on a playlist item.  I went through the bug reporting process, with backtrace, and found this behaviour had already been reported.  The bug report had been closed as having been 04:27
DarthFrogfixed.  Do I file a new report saying, no it hasn't? Or do I wait for a new release of Amarok?04:27
DarthFrogThe issue has been with me ever since I started running the beta of Kubuntu KDE 4.5.04:28
ScottKDid the bug report say how it had been fixed?04:33
ScottKDarthFrog: I assume you are on Lucid?04:33
DarthFrogNo, only that it had been fixed.  yes, Lucid.04:33
ScottKIt may be that Amarok needs to be recompiled to work with the newer KDE.04:33
DarthFrogOK, so I'll wait then.04:33
DarthFrogIt was intimated that the problem was with the newer Qt.04:34
ScottKlex79 or JontheEchidna: Do you know?04:34
ScottKAh.  You also have the Qt 4.7 beta then.04:34
DarthFrogNo idea.  Did it come with the RC of 4.5?04:34
ScottKNo idea on Lucid.  I've ben focused on Maverick.04:34
ScottKI think those most likely to know are probably sleeping.04:35
ScottKI'd try again in 6 - 12 hours.04:35
DarthFrog:-)  A biological necessity.   but it sure wastes a lot of time.04:35
macowhats the date it was marked as fixed04:36
DarthFrogI didn't notice and the window is closed.04:36
macoif it was months ago, then "no it hasnt" could be valid, but if it was a day or two ago, then it probably just isnt packaged yet04:36
DarthFrogOK, I'll check the date the next time Amarok crashes.  Which is very repeatable.04:37
ScottKmaco: It may also be it's fixed in Maverick, but Lucid PPA wasn't updated.04:37
DarthFrogThe reason I'm hesitating is that the message was the bug has been closed, marked fixed and that I'd be wasting the devs time to report it.  Kinda struck me as ... discouraging feedback.04:39
DarthFrogHmm, Alt-F2 for krunner and F12 for yakuake still aren't working. :-(04:41
DarthFrogps aux says they both are running.  Strange.04:42
DarthFrogAnd clicking on "Show Application Window" in System Activity does nothing for either.04:44
CIA-99[messages] alvarenga * 1143536 * trunk/l10n-kde4/pt_BR/messages/ (8 files in 6 dirs) [KDE-pt_BR]04:46
=== PRIDE is now known as valorie
ScottKRiddell: It looks like everying hit depwait on i386, amd64, powerpc, and armel.  So it should go ~smoothly.  I checked and all the packages are there.  Thanks.06:19
jussidid we get a new kdeversion in beta ppa? :D09:06
* jussi dances09:06
Quintasan|Szellex79: about the packages you asked, yes, I do have them installed and I can easily install dbg packages too09:12
Riddelljussi: RC 1 probably, testing needed09:23
jussiRiddell: installing now :)09:41
jussiRiddell: its all ready to go? all packages copied over etc?09:41
RiddellI don't know, I've not looked at it, I'm looking at maverick for now09:45
Tm_Toh, right, trunk is open09:46
* Tm_T just loves this flu09:46
RiddellNCommander, agateau: did you schedule your akademy bofs?10:06
agateauRiddell: nope :(10:07
Riddellagateau: are you going to?10:07
agateauRiddell: I guess I should10:07
* agateau adds it to its TODO for today10:07
jussiRiddell: Im looking forward to your visit10:11
jussiRiddell: do you know where I c an find the changelog beta -> rc1?10:19
jussialso, Im really glad the folderview works now :=D10:19
NCommanderRiddell: ememoryfailure >.>;10:21
NCommanderRiddell: I even forgot what I was BoFing about10:22
RiddellNCommander: ARM!10:27
Riddelljussi: somewhere on http://kde.org/announcements/announce-4.5-rc1.php ?10:28
jussiRiddell: thanks!10:28
Riddelljussi: it's going to be a long day of travelling on Thursday, you may have to ensure I don't collapse in the sauna10:38
RiddellI hear that's dangerous10:38
jussiRiddell: no problems. sauna is very relaxing, and Ill have the bedroom set up for you. 10:39
jussiI thinking whether I should make a vihta for the sauna. what do you think Tm_T? :D10:39
Riddelljussi: bedroom?  but it's 24 hour sunlight, I thought nobody goes to bed until winter!10:40
Tm_Tjussi: sure10:40
Tm_Tjussi: or vasta10:40
jussiTm_T: ihan sama :P10:40
jussiRiddell: well, we take naps occaisionally10:41
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Riddellyay, blur effect finally works in 4.4.9012:03
jussiblur effect?12:04
jussiIm just happy the quickaccess plasmoid works again :D12:05
jussiok, perhaps this needs to go upstream, but having kinfocentre and hardware drivers next to each other in the menu is really confusing, due to their almost same ikons...12:07
jussiawww, blur doesnt work for me...12:08
Riddellhardware drivers is an ubuntu thing and I expect we just picked an oxygen icon which looked suitable12:08
jussiyeah, the icon is great, its just theat its the same icon as kinfocentre except kinfocenter has a blue circle with a white !12:09
Riddelltime to show us your inkscape skills jussi :)12:09
jussiRiddell: cant we just change the order?12:09
Riddellit's alphabetical12:10
Tm_Twe need driver/jockey sitting in top of some symbol there12:10
Riddellwe could use the icon from kolf :)12:10
Riddellhum, so kontact from lucid beta PPA fails because I have kontact 4.4.5 from staging and that's compiled against the old kdepimlibs which isn't split out12:11
jussisigh.. I have a decent graphics card, but I still cant get desktop effects at a decent speed, no matter what I do. 12:12
jussi01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc M76 [Radeon Mobility HD 2600 Series]12:13
CIA-99[muon] jmthomas * 1143625 * trunk/playground/sysadmin/muon/src/DetailsTabs/TechnicalDetailsTab.cpp Add a spacer widget to the "Installed Version" groupbox layout to ensure that its items maintain horizontal alignment with the "Available Version" groupbox's items12:22
Tm_TJontheEchidna: hiya12:32
RiddellI'm going to upload kdepim-runtie and kdepim 4.4.5 to beta PPA else staging/updates will have a higher version number12:45
keepitsimpleis KDE 4.5 RC1 already packaged for Kubuntu?13:15
keepitsimpleoh, nevermind I think I found what I was looking for: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/beta/+packages13:16
Riddellkeepitsimple: it's not well tested, let us know how you get on13:19
Riddella|wen: thanks for doing 4.4.5, it's looking good13:57
Riddellwhat does "ubuntu4.1 ok " mean?13:57
gorgonizerRiddell: since the upgrade to RC 1, plasma-desktop memory usage has decreased dramatically, and all seems to be working very well so far.. :)  Very impressed, thanks to all you guys for all the effort :)13:57
Riddellgorgonizer: on maverick or lucid?13:58
gorgonizerRiddell: on Lucid, have yet to upgrade my Maverick VM as of yet :)13:58
a|wenRiddell: jup, it is indeed looking good :) ... i've looked through lucid-updates, and checked that all changes/patches from there is in our 4.4.5 packages (so that is the ubuntu4.1 package from lucid-updates that has been checked)13:58
Riddella|wen: groovy13:59
a|wenRiddell: first step of getting them ready to go to lucid-updates themselves ;)13:59
Riddellmm, I still need to do the upstream kde policy to get that allowed14:02
ghostcube4.5. rc1 in ppa buildin :) ?14:06
ghostcubeoh just ssen the post about14:06
Riddellghostcube: what post?14:07
ghostcube<keepitsimple> is KDE 4.5 RC1 already packaged for Kubuntu?14:08
ghostcube<keepitsimple> oh, nevermind I think I found what I was looking for: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/beta/+packages14:08
agateauRiddell: Hi. Is it still possible to update dbusmenu-qt and plasma-widget-menubar in alpha2?14:11
Riddellagateau: yes should be (we don't have a release manager so there's no freeze :)14:12
agateauRiddell: good :)14:12
* agateau goes tarballing then14:12
keepitsimpleI can't install all the updates from KDE 4.5 RC1 because they're not for some reason on the servers (mirrors). KPackageKit blocks them for the reason that some dependencies are missing i.e not found on the mirror server14:41
keepitsimpleany mirror already updated?14:41
keepitsimpleI'm interested only in KDE packages and don't want to fully upgrade to the next version using apt-get dist-upgrade14:43
Riddellkeepitsimple: in maverick or lucid?14:43
ulyssesapt-get dist-upgrade *don't* upgrade the system to Maverick14:44
Riddellkeepitsimple: from KDE 4.4 or 4.5 beta?14:44
keepitsimplefrom KDE 4.4.4 to KDE 4.5 RC 1 aka KDE 4.4.9014:44
Riddellyes it needs to be an apt-get dist-upgrade, all the library transitions mean a plain upgrade won't do anything except get confused14:45
Riddellkeepitsimple: and Umbrello isn't dead but it does have almost no developers14:46
keepitsimpleRiddell: oh, ok thanks for that piece of information; I was asking that because I'm interested in this project and maybe I'll do something14:48
Riddellkeepitsimple: there's a 3/4 finished port to qt 4's qgraphicsview that was done by a google summer of code student a couple of years ago and it needs someone to pick it up and finish it off14:51
ScottKWhat time is the meeting?14:56
a|wenScottK: 17:30 UTC14:58
* a|wen will probably be a little late for the meeting14:58
* ScottK had something come up today, but that will be fine (was afraid it was an hour earlier)14:59
shadeslayerRiddell: meh.. thats the stupid NTFS file system.. everything gets +x , i fixed it my bzr for some packages,but lex then did dget -xu for the ones i didnt upload to bzr,must be due to that15:08
Riddelltopic says 18:00UTC for meeting not 17:3015:13
ScottKRiddell: That's the tutorials day.15:13
Riddellhmm, I do need glasses15:14
* shadeslayer is back home after a very very long day...15:14
JontheEchidnaagateau: ping15:19
agateauJontheEchidna: pong15:19
JontheEchidnaagateau: Hi, I have a QAction inside a KMenu that is assigned to a StatusNotifierItem.15:20
JontheEchidnaagateau: But when I do action->setIcon(QPixmap), the icon wont' show up15:20
JontheEchidnasetIcon(KIcon) works15:20
agateauJontheEchidna: yes, there is no support for dynamic icons for now :/15:20
agateauJontheEchidna: you need to use icons from disk15:20
agateauJontheEchidna: why do you want to use a pixmap?15:21
JontheEchidnaI get passed one. I suppose I could look in to changing the class15:21
JontheEchidnavoid Event::show(const QPixmap &icon, const QString &text, const QStringList &actions)15:21
JontheEchidna^That class was just showing a KNotification, but I'm expanding it to optionally have a KNotification, and have a KStatusNOtifierItem15:22
JontheEchidnaScottK: http://simplest-image-hosting.net/i0-plasma-desktopqz1472-jpg.jpg15:24
JontheEchidnaSo I am doing this:15:27
JontheEchidnaconnect(m_notifierItem, SIGNAL(activateRequested(bool, const QPoint &)), this, SLOT(run()));15:27
JontheEchidnabut clicking the notifieritem still activates the context menu :(15:27
ulyssesJontheEchidna: the Kickoff icon is nice:)15:28
JontheEchidnaulysses: shtylman gave it to me at UDS :D15:29
ulyssesit should be the default:)15:29
JontheEchidnaagateau: would you happen to know if there's some magic to get the above signal working and not activating the context menu?15:31
agateauJontheEchidna: mmm, it should work already?15:32
* agateau reads KSNI API15:32
* JontheEchidna too15:33
agateauJontheEchidna: did you by chance call KSNI::setAssociatedWidget(menu) where menu is the context menu?15:34
JontheEchidnaagateau: http://paste.ubuntu.com/456414/ nope15:34
agateauJontheEchidna: why do you add all actions twice?15:36
agateau(not sure it's related, but it's weird)15:37
agateauoh, maybe "actions" is not a list of action :/15:37
agateauof QActions I mean15:38
jtechidnablegh, wifi cut out15:39
jtechidna[10:34:18] <agateau> JontheEchidna: did you by chance call KSNI::setAssociatedWidget(menu) where menu is the context menu?15:39
jtechidna[10:34:46] <JontheEchidna> agateau: http://paste.ubuntu.com/456414/ nope15:39
=== jtechidna is now known as JontheEchidna
=== echidnaman is now known as JontheEchidna
* JontheEchidna is wired now ;)15:39
agateauso I was saying:15:39
agateauJontheEchidna: why do you add all actions twice?15:39
agateauoh, maybe "actions" is not a list of QAction15:39
* shadeslayer goes and watches Attack of the clones15:40
JontheEchidnathe subclasses pass us a list of qstrings to be the text for those actions15:40
JontheEchidnaagateau: here's the whole function: http://paste.ubuntu.com/456417/15:42
agateauJontheEchidna: ok, makes more sense :)15:43
JontheEchidnathe KNotification part was really elegant, too....15:44
JontheEchidnaKStatusNotifierItem is a bit complicated :(15:44
* agateau is in irc meeting bbiab15:45
kim___hi everyone... I would like to contribute with documentation. How do I do that?15:52
Riddellhi kim___!15:53
shadeslayerkim___: \o15:53
kim___hello :)15:53
Riddellnixternal is usually the man for docs although he doesn't seem to be around today15:53
shadeslayerkim___: start with kubuntu specific topics in help.ubuntu.com15:53
shadeslayerthats the easiest15:53
kim___okay... I almost feel like I am betraying Kubuntu when browsing around bigbrother Ubuntu15:54
shadeslayersee what needs updating 15:54
jjessekim___ you interested in docs?15:54
* jjesse ears perk up15:54
shadeslayerjjesse: me too.. but i was waiting for help.kubuntu.org :P15:55
jjesseso shadeslayer mentioned the first thing to do15:55
jjesseshadeslayer wans't ryanakca working on it?15:55
shadeslayerjjesse: yes.. but idk the status15:55
jjesseping ryanakca on help.kubutnu.org15:55
shadeslayerkim___: many of the apps have screenshots from KDE 3 environs and old instructions,think you can tidy them up?15:56
jjesseif either of you find typos, grammer problems or things that are wrong in the current lucid docs please create bugs on launchpad15:56
JontheEchidnaagateau: weirdly enough, it sorta works if you set the associated widget to the context menu. (It activates the slot, but also makes the menu pop up at 0,0)15:56
shadeslayerjjesse: cant he just update the stuff?? 15:57
kim___that sounds like a big effort to make documentation15:57
jjesseon the wiki or in the system docs?15:57
agateauJontheEchidna: mmm, does your program have a main window?15:57
JontheEchidnaagateau: nope, its a KDEDModule15:57
jjessehere are the current bugs in the system docs: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kubuntu-docs15:57
shadeslayerjjesse: help.ubuntu isnt editable? ... never noticed that :P15:57
shadeslayerah .. those docs15:58
jjessehelp.ubuntu.com/community is editiable15:58
jjessehelp.ubuntu.com comes from the system docs15:58
agateauJontheEchidna: what is run() going to do?15:58
jjessedoes that make ssense on the difference between the two?15:58
shadeslayerjjesse: to me it does :)15:59
JontheEchidnaagateau: whatever the subclass tells it to do, then this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/456426/15:59
* shadeslayer hates wiki.k/ubuntu tho16:00
agateauJontheEchidna: the standard behavior of left-click is either: show/hide a window or show/hide the context menu16:00
shadeslayermoin moin is outdated...16:00
agateauJontheEchidna: anything else is inconsistent imo16:00
jjesseshadeslayer agreed16:00
JontheEchidnaagateau: for example, the RebootEvent class sends a qdbus message to KSMServer to show the reboot dialog16:00
shadeslayerjjesse: i had to change my time zone in LP,to edit wiki's :P16:01
JontheEchidnathen runs Event::run()16:01
jjesseshadeslayer thats wierd16:01
shadeslayerjjesse: yeah.. it doesnt recognise my time zone... its a known bug16:01
shadeslayer2 open tickets as well16:01
jjesseyou live in some wierd time zone?16:02
JontheEchidnaagateau: so yeah, not showing something would be inconsistent, but KSNI should trust the app to show something even if it's not a QWidget controlled by the app16:02
agateauJontheEchidna: I kind of agree, even if I am a bit afraid of what you are doing :)16:03
* agateau digs into KSNI code16:03
JontheEchidnaBasically we want to do ->apt notifies us that we need to reboot -> Reboot event pops up a notification and a KSNI -> user clicks on that KSNI to get reboot dialog16:04
JontheEchidnawe're doing that now, just with KNotification only16:04
shadeslayerjjesse: set your LP time zone to Asia/Kolkata16:05
shadeslayerjjesse: and see the magic ;)16:05
agateauJontheEchidna: are you inheriting from KSNI?16:05
JontheEchidnaagateau: just from QObject16:06
agateauJontheEchidna: so you did not change the behavior of KSNI::activate()16:06
JontheEchidnaagateau: correct16:06
agateauJontheEchidna: that's weird, because the code says the only way activate() can show the context menu is if the associated widget is the menu16:07
JontheEchidnaI know, but it seems to be the opposite, to a degree :s16:07
agateauand in this case activateRequested is not emitted16:07
JontheEchidnathis is the whole class: This is the whole class: http://paste.ubuntu.com/456433/16:09
JontheEchidnableh @ copypaste16:09
JontheEchidnaRebootEvent (and several other *Event classes) inherit this, and run show() when the KDED module tells them to do so16:10
JontheEchidnawell, if the user hasn't permanaently ignored them, or if they are already showing ;)16:10
agateauJontheEchidna: unrelated, but you shouldn't call "delete m_notifiierItem" in Event::run()16:11
agateauJontheEchidna: yes16:12
agateauJontheEchidna: if KSNI does anything else after emitting the signal it's going to crash because it's already dead16:12
JontheEchidnaIt'd be nice if there was a less dirty method of making it go away...16:13
agateauJontheEchidna: than deleting it?16:13
agateauJontheEchidna: why? would you want to reuse it?16:13
danttia patch to ->hide() would be great !16:13
danttiI would16:14
agateaudantti: if you want your icon to be permanently there, but not always visible, you can change the ItemStatus16:14
danttiagateau: that's not what I want16:14
agateaudantti: if it's set to Passive then Plasma systemtray won't show it by default16:14
danttiI want it to go away16:15
JontheEchidna^the current printer applet is using the Passive status, but people still complain that it's in the hidden part16:15
danttiyep, that sucks16:15
danttithat's why in the printer-manager we delete it16:15
agateauI don't think this is going to change as it would require a change of the ksni dbus protocol16:16
danttiit's a shame cause with the old one it was possible to hide16:17
agateaudantti: just create a simple function to recreate your item and you are done, no?16:17
agateauJontheEchidna: I assume you have debug symbols of kdelibs, it would be interesting to step into KSNI::activate()16:17
danttiagateau: yes but it's not convienent 16:18
JontheEchidnaagateau: how would I do that?16:18
agateaudantti: I can see that, but it's not that painful to workaround I think16:18
agateauJontheEchidna: are you familiar with gdb?16:18
JontheEchidnaagateau: I can do bt full, and such16:18
JontheEchidnabut I've not done much else with it16:19
agateauJontheEchidna: ok16:19
agateauJontheEchidna: first, do yourself a favor and install cgdb :)16:19
agateauJontheEchidna: it's a curse-frontend for gdb, but it retains the "wonderful" gdb command interface16:19
agateauthen you start your program with it: cgdb muon16:20
JontheEchidnaagateau: oh, this is kded16:20
agateauJontheEchidna: ok, so you need to attach to it16:20
JontheEchidna(we're shipping the knotification-only version of it in 10.04)16:21
agateaucgdb kded <pid-of-kded>16:21
agateauthen you can set a breakpoint on the method with:16:21
JontheEchidnagah, not this again... http://paste.ubuntu.com/456438/16:21
agateaub 'KStatusNotifierItem::activate(<tab>)'16:22
* JontheEchidna fumbles for the workaround16:22
agateaummm, I mean enter "c" (for continue) so that your program continues16:22
agateauthen you click your item, gdb should stop in the function16:22
agateauI remember reading about that16:23
JontheEchidnabug 58984116:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 589841 in kdebase-runtime (Ubuntu) "[Maverick] drkonqi can't retrace crashes anymore" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58984116:23
JontheEchidnayay security \o/16:23
agateauyou should talk to kees cook I think16:23
agateauhe was the one talking about this on ubuntu-desktop ml16:23
JontheEchidnayeah, we've been doing email16:23
agateauwell, you can also restart kded16:24
agateauthat's a bit more brutal16:24
JontheEchidnaagateau: ok, got the workaround in place16:24
JontheEchidnab KStatusNotifierItem::activate(QPoint const&)?16:24
agateauit should tell you it set a breakpoint16:25
agateauyou can verify with "info breakpoints"16:25
agateauor "i b" for short16:25
JontheEchidnathen "c", then click my icon?16:25
JontheEchidnaso now it stopped at the breakpoint16:26
agateauif you are in cgdb you should see the source code in the upper part of the screen16:26
JontheEchidnasorta: http://paste.ubuntu.com/456445/16:26
JontheEchidna(gdb assumes you built it locally)16:26
agateaudo you have the source code for kdelibs somewhere?16:27
JontheEchidnanot compiled16:27
JontheEchidnabut yes16:27
agateaunot a problem16:27
agateauyou can point gdb to it16:27
* agateau tries to remember how to16:27
agateau"directory <path/to/kdelibs>"16:29
JontheEchidnado I have to restart gdb to do that?16:31
agateauI don't remember if you can point it to the base dir of if you must point it to the exact subdir16:32
agateauwhich would be kdelibs/kdeui/notifications16:32
JontheEchidnawell, I have to restart kded16:35
JontheEchidna(I made a mistake)16:35
blueyedSince 4.5beta2 already I'm only getting e.g. "Application: Dolphin (dolphin), signal: Segmentation fault" with the kde crash handler (no backtrace). is this a kde or kubuntu problem?16:36
JontheEchidnablueyed: https://launchpad.net/bugs/58984116:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 589841 in kdebase-runtime (Ubuntu) "[Maverick] drkonqi can't retrace crashes anymore" [High,Confirmed]16:36
mfraz74some good news the quick access widget doesn't crash plasma any more with KDE 4.5 RC116:37
JontheEchidnamfraz74: yup, was a KDE problem after all and they fixed it :)16:38
mfraz74just need to sort out Kopete's menu now and the lack of printer config.16:38
mfraz74oh and k3b crashing when trying to configure it.16:38
mfraz74i also notice that the menus in the login screen now work correctly.16:39
JontheEchidnaagateau: ok, back to where I was16:39
JontheEchidnaagateau: http://paste.ubuntu.com/456449/16:40
agateauJontheEchidna: with source code?16:40
JontheEchidnayep, appears to have worked16:40
agateaunow you can run the code one line at a time16:40
agateauwith "next" ("n" for short)16:40
JontheEchidnaso now it's at: 502├>    if (d->status == NeedsAttention) {16:40
agateauok, you can see after this part if checks whether associatedWidget is the menu16:41
agateaulet's see if it enters this if16:41
JontheEchidnait went back to 499???16:41
JontheEchidna(the opening bracket)16:41
agateauJontheEchidna: that's the joy of debugging with code compiled in release mode16:42
agateauthe compiler optimized the order things are executed :)16:42
JontheEchidnaoh, ok, pressing n a few times, and it does enter the loop16:42
agateauthe loop?16:42
agateauI see no loop in this method16:42
JontheEchidnaif statement for NeedsAttention16:43
JontheEchidnait does not enter if (d->associatedWidget == d->menu) {16:43
JontheEchidnanor if (!d->associatedWidget) {16:43
JontheEchidnathen it continues on to exit16:43
agateauI just got it16:43
agateaufor some reason associatedWidget is not null16:44
agateauso the signal does not get emitted16:44
JontheEchidnathat's to be expected16:45
JontheEchidnabecause I tried setting the associated widget as the context menu to test if that would work16:45
agateauah yes16:45
agateauso it's not a bug in KSNI16:45
JontheEchidnalet me go back to doing setContextMenu(contextMenu) and setAssociatedWidget(0)16:45
JontheEchidna(it still failed doing that)16:45
agateauaccording to the associatedWidget should be 0, because it's initialized to the parent of the KSNI16:46
agateau*according to the code16:47
mfraz74bug #599424 reported16:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 599424 in Kubuntu PPA "Kopete's system tray menu flickers" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59942416:48
shadeslayermfraz74: did you try the new dbus libs?16:50
mfraz74shadeslayer: what are the new dbus libs?16:51
JontheEchidnaagateau: I'm not getting the activated signal at all if there's not an associatedWidget16:51
JontheEchidnait just pops up the context menu, even though I have the breakpoint16:52
* agateau reads the code a bit more16:52
shadeslayermfraz74: lemme check16:52
JontheEchidnaI need to go acquire lunch. Will be back in 10 or 15 minutes16:53
agateauok, but I won't be there I am afraid16:53
agateausee you at irc meeting tonight?16:53
shadeslayermfraz74: libdbusmenu-qt from https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/beta16:56
shadeslayermight need porting16:57
mfraz74shadeslayer: ii  libdbusmenu-qt2             0.3.3-0ubuntu1~lucid1~ppa116:57
shadeslayerlex79: poke16:57
shadeslayermfraz74: so this happens to you too? ( which kde version btw? )16:59
mfraz74shadeslayer: kde 4.5 RC116:59
mfraz74it has been like that since i upgraded to 4.5 beta 216:59
shadeslayermm...maybe needs a recompile against new KDE? ( not too sure here )17:00
shadeslayerofirk: \o17:00
ofirkshadeslayer: hi17:00
ofirkwhen the meeting starts?17:01
shadeslayer90 miins17:01
ScottKIt would be really nice if someone would look at the DSA on kvirc and see about doing security patches for our packages.17:04
ScottKIt looks like Maverick is fixed.17:04
shadeslayermfraz74: ill look into this17:05
mfraz74shadeslayer: thanks17:06
shadeslayerScottK: pokey17:07
shadeslayerScottK: does libdbusmenu-qt2 need a recompile if new KDE was released?17:07
JontheEchidnashadeslayer: no17:12
JontheEchidnait could need updating, though17:13
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: ill have a go.. i think we should use a git version,current release is very un usable17:16
shadeslayerbut ill have to check...17:16
JontheEchidnashadeslayer: 0.4.0?17:16
JontheEchidnashadeslayer: if you have problems with 0.4.0, talk to agateau17:16
JontheEchidnawell, I guess he won't be on until tonight, but yeah17:17
JontheEchidnahe's the libdbusmenu-qt dev17:17
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: its 0.3.3 thats having issues17:18
shadeslayerwith lucid and maverick.. 17:19
JontheEchidna[12:13:10] <JontheEchidna> it could need updating, though17:19
shadeslayerlex79: \o17:19
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: yes :)17:19
JontheEchidnano git snapshot needed, there's a new stable release17:19
shadeslayerill make another upload.. not on Ubuntu atm :P17:19
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: ooohhh17:19
shadeslayerthen ill push for maverick as well17:19
JontheEchidnait's already in maverick17:19
danttiRiddell: just pushed the distro-upgrade and debconf into aptcc (tough the debconf isn't added into kpk)17:19
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: ok will upload for lucid in ppa :D17:20
shadeslayerbrb real quick ;)17:20
lex79meeting at 18 utc?17:21
* dantti going home...17:21
bulldog98lex79: 17:3017:22
Quintasan|SzelRiddell: meeting here?17:22
lex79the topic says 1817:22
ScottKlex79: That's not for the meeting.  That's for tutorial's day17:24
lex79ah, sorry :)17:25
ScottKFYI, If I'm late for the meeting, I'm +1 all the specs.17:25
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: heh.. even you have outdated info.. we have 0.5.0 for release17:30
mfraz74another thing I've noticed recently is that sometimes when I click on a window, i will end up dragging it17:33
JontheEchidnashadeslayer: looks like maverick was just updated 30 minutes ago, too: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/maverick/+source/libdbusmenu-qt17:33
JontheEchidnaupstream is fast ;)17:33
JontheEchidnamfraz74: new Oxygen feature17:33
mfraz74JontheEchidna: can i disable it?17:34
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: oxygen feature?17:34
JontheEchidnamfraz74: I can't find an option :(17:34
shadeslayeri thought oxygen == Artwork 17:34
JontheEchidnamfraz74: ah, oxygen-settings17:34
JontheEchidnashadeslayer: including a widget theme17:35
Quintasan|Szelhey, hey aren't we supposed to hold a meeting? :D17:35
shadeslayerQuintasan|Szel: 60mins17:36
* shadeslayer is wondering why everybody is getting the time all wrong17:37
Quintasan|Szelit's UTC time :S17:37
mfraz74JontheEchidna: is that the drag windows option?17:37
Quintasan|Szelthen, I can go swimming17:37
JontheEchidnamfraz74: yeah17:37
RiddellQuintasan|Szel: meeting in #ubuntu-meeting if possible17:38
Quintasan|SzelRiddell: awesome17:38
shadeslayerzomg... poor LP builders...17:38
Riddellin 50 minutes17:39
shadeslayerspecially the ia64 ones....17:39
shadeslayermfraz74: the fix should be in the PPA in about 30 mins.. 17:39
shadeslayermfraz74: poke me if it doesnt :P17:40
mfraz74shadeslayer: thank you :)17:40
shadeslayermfraz74: no problemo ..17:40
mfraz74JontheEchidna: how do i get to oxygen-settings in system settings?17:40
shadeslayerRiddell: btw is all of kde* built ?17:41
JontheEchidnamfraz74: they put it as a separate program to not clutter up system setting. I don't think you can put it there17:41
JontheEchidnamfraz74: a lot of the less advanced settings can already be configured in systemsettings17:41
CIA-99[messages] lranghetti * 1143762 * trunk/l10n-kde4/pt_BR/messages/playground-sysadmin/muon.po some updates17:41
ryanakcashadeslayer, jjesse: No, it was nixternal working on help.k.o17:42
Riddellshadeslayer: not last time I looked17:43
shadeslayerRiddell: cuz i haz upgrades...17:43
Riddellshadeslayer: how important?  we need to freeze for alpha 217:44
mfraz74going to come back in a bit17:44
* JontheEchidna sighs at Chromium's CSD18:01
bulldog98Riddell: we can’t do meeting in #ubuntu-meeting there is already an other meeting18:15
shadeslayerRiddell: lemme check18:16
ofirkthe Kubuntu meeting starts in 15 minutes at #ubuntu-meeting, right?18:16
shadeslayerRiddell: last time i saw,we had kdebase built and published...18:17
macogiven teh security people look to be busy in there, i imagine it'll be in here ofirk18:17
ofirkok, thanks18:17
macojust talked to sbeattie18:20
macohe says he doesnt think they'll go past :30 but if they do, just give them the boot18:20
macoas far as he knows, they dont actually have the meeting room reserved, just kinda popped in18:20
shadeslayerRiddell: http://pastebin.com/egP7ggZ818:20
apacheloggerI just came to wonder18:20
apacheloggerhow does 18utc translate to something :30ish in CEST?18:21
apacheloggerobviously something is wrong ^^18:21
shadeslayerapachelogger: time for meet is 17:30 UTC18:21
apacheloggerthat is the tutorials day ^^18:21
shadeslayerapachelogger: 4th person to get it wrong :P18:22
apacheloggercome to think of it18:22
apacheloggerwhy does our topic constantly grow longer than my screen manages to display?18:22
apacheloggerholy enterprise18:22
apacheloggerSput: you must give the channel topic news ticker behaviour, obviously kubuntu uses it as one18:23
Sputwe could add a RSS feed18:23
apacheloggerthat would be handy too18:23
macoapachelogger: you know if you mouse over it, itll expand and show the whole thing...18:24
macoat least, if you're using Sputware18:24
maconot for irssi18:24
apacheloggerSput: well, how much work would it be to make that thingy move the text?18:24
Sputwe used to have that18:24
apachelogger...well, optional...18:24
Sputfor now, you can just hover over it18:24
macoapachelogger: are you really asking him to bring back 1997 <marquee> tags?18:24
macoapachelogger: what next? blink?18:24
apacheloggerDO NOT BLINK!18:24
maco(dont blink. dont even blink. blink and you're dead)18:25
apacheloggerhere we are going off topic now18:25
apacheloggerofirk: how about writing a mail to the list about that topic entry of yours? :P18:25
* shadeslayer wonders who is on lucid + kde 4.5 RC18:25
apacheloggerso we can remove it18:25
macoRiddell: *poke*18:26
apacheloggerSput: now really, for the current topic here, a ticker would be totally appropriate18:26
macoRiddell: sbeattie says they're wrapping up and we can have -meeting. i said this way up there ^18:26
ofirkapachelogger: oh, we can remove it, the site is about to move to production so...18:26
=== ofirk changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Alpha 1 released! | https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Todo | https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuTutorialsDay Wed 7th July 18:00UTC | Kubuntu Meeting : https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Meetings | KDE 4.5 RC1 https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Ninjas/Packaging
ofirkapachelogger:  removed18:26
shadeslayercall to people using https://edge.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/beta to test new libdbusmenu-qt18:27
* a|wen is (unexpectedly) here in time for the meeting, yay :)18:27
apacheloggershadeslayer: write to the list18:27
Riddellmaco: ok thanks18:27
* apachelogger would have come 30 minutes late :P18:27
* a|wen grabs apachelogger and hold him so he stays :P18:28
apacheloggerkubotu: topic learn18:28
shadeslayerapachelogger: hmm.. its just that i need verification to close bug 59942418:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 599424 in Kubuntu PPA "Kopete's system tray menu flickers" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59942418:28
=== apachelogger changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu Meeting https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Meetings
apacheloggershadeslayer: also you need verification that nothing else broke on the way, so more testing is better I imagine :)18:28
shadeslayerapachelogger: :D18:28
apacheloggeroh dear18:29
shadeslayerRiddell: meeting in #ubuntu-meeting ?18:29
apacheloggertoo long an agenda18:29
Riddelllet's try for #ubuntu-meetting18:29
shadeslayerok.. looks quite atm :P18:29
=== apachelogger changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu Meeting https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Meetings in => #ubuntu-meeting
ofirkI will be here in 5 minutes18:30
* maco giggles18:30
macowe should have a #kubuntu-meeting just to be divisive18:30
=== jtechidna is now known as JontheEchidna
=== DarkwingDuck_ is now known as DarkwingDuck
gorgonizershadeslayer: as soon as it appears in the repository, I will install and test..18:34
shadeslayergorgonizer: w00t :D18:34
_Groo_hi/2 all18:34
_Groo_JontheEchidna: ping18:34
_Groo_apachelogger: ping18:35
ScottKJontheEchidna: One good thing about Chromium's CSD is it's example was useful in the argument to convince Canonical to back off from CSD.18:35
_Groo_could anyone confirm me if kdm is still broken in 4.5 rc1?18:35
JontheEchidnait was un-broken in a packaging update to beta118:36
_Groo_JontheEchidna: hey john18:36
_Groo_JontheEchidna: well yesterday as you know i updated to rc1, and i cant use themes yet, it gives the same error of permissions for /tmp/kde-<user>18:37
shadeslayer_Groo_: i think thats in the wiki page for packaging18:37
_Groo_shadeslayer: any workaround?18:37
_Groo_btw are you guys planning to add phonon-vlc to the release?18:38
shadeslayer_Groo_: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Ninjas/Packaging18:38
JontheEchidnaIt seems my definition of a "broken" kdm is a bit more severe than yours :P18:38
_Groo_also ive been testing kmix with pulseaudio since 4.4 (using diferent branch) and it works very well, maybe pulse could be enabled for next kubuntu?18:38
JontheEchidna_Groo_: pulse is on by default in 10.1018:39
ScottK_Groo_: Already done18:39
_Groo_JontheEchidna: i just wanted to confirm you guys are aware of it18:39
_Groo_ScottK: niiice :)18:39
JontheEchidnaand now that vlc 1.1 is out, debfx is working on phonon-vlc I think18:39
_Groo_JontheEchidna: real nice18:40
_Groo_JontheEchidna: so, is there a workaround for kcm?18:40
_Groo_kdm i mean18:40
JontheEchidna(the kdm kcm?) :D18:40
_Groo_JontheEchidna: lol wait...18:40
_Groo_JontheEchidna: what i mean is for kdm, the themes cant be applied18:41
JontheEchidnaKDM KControl Module18:41
JontheEchidna== KDM KCM18:41
apachelogger_Groo_: yus?18:41
_Groo_JontheEchidna: he shows up and run, but when i click apply it says it cant save the config files18:41
_Groo_on another news in lucid the kde printer configuration is broken (again) :P18:42
_Groo_so my question is (for KDM specifically), is there a workaround?18:42
JontheEchidnamaybe kdesudo kcmshell4 kdm?18:43
_Groo_JontheEchidna: let me try, but its the same behhaviour as root, so it shouldnt matter18:44
_Groo_JontheEchidna: same thing18:46
_Groo_JontheEchidna: http://pastebin.ca/189124418:47
_Groo_JontheEchidna: maybe kdm isnt calling the authorization window? changing time for ex works just fine18:49
_Groo_JontheEchidna: it worries me cause if im getting bitten maybe some other users are18:50
kimIs there anyone in here that can help me get started with the documentation. Sorry to make such a fuss, but since I am not a programmer, I have to contribute in a way I can. 18:55
bulldog98kim: please wait until end of the meeting than everybody will have time18:57
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=== ubott2 is now known as ubottu
gorgonizershadeslayer: after installing the new libdbusmenu-qt5 package (amd64) and a reboot, the Kopete menu doesn't flash anymore, and is a lot more responsive :)19:04
shadeslayergorgonizer: woot19:04
shadeslayergorgonizer: lets close that beastie shall we  ;D19:04
=== asac_ is now known as asac
=== emma_ is now known as emma
gorgonizershadeslayer: I might get some more feedback, but I am much happier with menu responsiveness :)19:07
* Quintasan|Szel wonders why he didn't nominate himself for council19:21
shadeslayerQuintasan|Szel: lol19:22
JontheEchidnaQuintasan|Szel: you could try to oust me in a year, I think. (Next election)19:22
Quintasan|SzelJontheEchidna: :>19:22
nixternalooh, a meeting19:23
nixternali should have applied for membership, though I haven't done a damn thing :)19:24
Quintasan|Szelnixternal: well, you can try doing it now before we finish :P19:24
shadeslayernixternal: fix bug 1 :P19:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1 in Ubuntu "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119:24
=== Quintasan|Szel is now known as Quintasan
nixternali need to go and get a damn hard drive for my server so i can leave it up all the time...i miss using mutt...tired of using the gmail interface :)19:25
nixternalshadeslayer: bug 1 will never get fixed19:25
shadeslayeryou will probably become ubuntu core dev :P19:25
nixternali have closed it numerous times in the past just to piss people off19:25
Quintasanshadeslayer: gratz btw19:25
Quintasankubotu: order cookies for shadeslayer 19:25
* kubotu slides a whole bunch of world's finest cookies down the bar to shadeslayer.19:25
JontheEchidnaThat page takes too long to load....19:25
shadeslayerQuintasan: thanks :D19:26
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: bug 599424 by new libdbus-qt ;)19:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 599424 in Kubuntu PPA "Kopete's system tray menu flickers" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59942419:26
shadeslayeris fixed..19:26
JontheEchidnashadeslayer: throw me a package and I'll review/sponsor after the meeting19:27
shadeslayerJontheEchidna: uh.. sponsor for what? :)19:27
shadeslayerits in kubuntu beta ppa already :)19:27
JontheEchidnaoh, right, already in maverick :)19:27
lex79if it's fixed, mark it fixed release19:27
shadeslayerlex79: yeah i did :)19:27
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: blur works in rc1 \o/19:27
* apachelogger notes that networkmanagement plasmoid looks a lot better that way ^^19:28
shadeslayerthat remids me.. have to test out RC119:28
ScottKhttps://edge.launchpad.net/~blca/+archive/ppa/ looks like someone that might be worth recruiting.19:38
=== frank_ is now known as bambule
shadeslayerRC seems to be slow...19:47
shadeslayervery slow if i may add19:47
JontheEchidnaseems fine here19:47
apacheloggerofirk, agateau, shadeslayer: You should be approved as members of ~kubuntu-members on lp and receive an @ubuntu.com and @kubuntu.org email address soonish - for other benefits please review https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Membership19:53
shadeslayerapachelogger: wheee19:53
apacheloggerThanks for contributing to Kubuntu and once again welcome :)19:53
agateauapachelogger: \o/19:53
shadeslayerapachelogger: will we get a email about the aliases ?19:53
Quintasanshadeslayer: btw, what are you going to package when you will be giving a lecture on KTD?19:55
apacheloggershadeslayer: I do not think so, just try sending to yourlp@ubuntu.com every once in a while, you should get it to your primary listed email address on launchpad then19:55
shadeslayerQuintasan: kdetoys... thats the smallest :P19:56
shadeslayerapachelogger: ah ok19:56
agateauok, celebration dinner time!19:56
JontheEchidnaI think with some careful upstream maintaining, kdetoys could be removed in a kde minor release^19:56
JontheEchidna(e.g. moving amor to kdegames and giving the boot to unmaintained stuff)19:56
Quintasanwell I think that was covered last year but I can give a short talk on packaing plasmoids :P19:56
shadeslayerkubotu: order party for everyone19:56
* kubotu is going to his secret storehouse to get party for everyone - might take some time.19:56
* kubotu is back and slides party down the bar to everyone19:56
Quintasanshadeslayer: ^^19:56
shadeslayerapachelogger: whats the party think again?19:57
apacheloggerjust party19:57
apacheloggerorder party19:57
* apachelogger is wondering why the for is not working though19:57
shadeslayerQuintasan: sure,we can do it together :D19:57
Quintasankubotu: order party19:57
* kubotu gives everyone a party hat and a hand full of conffeti.19:57
* kubotu turns on tha most funky party music as well as the all shiny disco ball.19:57
kubotuQuintasan: wanna dance with me? :-)19:57
* kubotu starts shaking her tight ass19:57
apacheloggerwrong condition chain it seems19:57
shadeslayerhaha :D19:58
jussithis maybe because I have debfx's packages installed, but: dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/kdebase-runtime-data_4%3a4.4.90-0ubuntu1~lucid1~ppa1_all.deb (--unpack):19:59
jussi trying to overwrite '/usr/share/kde4/apps/desktoptheme/default/icons/network.svgz', which is also in package plasma-widget-networkmanagement 0:0.9~svn1137272-0ubuntu1~lucid019:59
shadeslayerjussi: does debfx has nm packages as well?20:01
shadeslayerhmm... only debfx can tell then :D20:01
debfxjussi: yes it's because of nm package, you shouldn't use it with kde 4.520:02
jussidebfx: its getting replaced, no?20:02
debfxjussi: I think it's already in the beta ppa20:03
jussidebfx: yeah, so it should be getting overwrtten then, I suppose20:04
debfxjussi: you should upgrade nm first20:05
jussiyeah, it got upgraded in the process :)20:06
Riddellryanakca: are you able to put up the KDE SC rc 1 story on kubuntu.org?20:07
Riddellcan just copy the last beta story20:07
Riddellwith a "packages still compiling in maverick" notice20:07
shadeslayerRiddell: uh.. KDE RC1 works on maverick20:11
Quintasanlucid too20:11
shadeslayerhttp://imagebin.ca/view/T2spBv.html << from my maverick machine20:12
Riddellshadeslayer: but it's not yet all compiled in the archives20:12
shadeslayermaybe amd64 is done?20:13
shadeslayerQuintasan: so your saying we do plasmoids? ( im more experienced with kdeartwork and stuff ) 20:17
shadeslayerill have a poke around plasmoids tho20:17
Quintasanshadeslayer: plasmoids are very easy20:17
Quintasanshadeslayer: if we get some minions the we can set up a ppa20:17
Quintasanbecause uploading most of em to archive would be a bad idea20:18
shadeslayerof course...20:18
shadeslayerQuintasan: maybe we can create a team on lp for the time being?20:19
shadeslayer~kubuntu-plasmoids :P20:19
Quintasanwell, I don't think we need that now20:19
QuintasanI'm just too lazy to create it20:20
Quintasanshadeslayer: :P20:20
shadeslayerQuintasan: haha ... ok ill look into it in 2-3 days.. 20:20
Quintasanapachelogger: that was too easy20:21
Quintasan:P I mean20:21
apacheloggerQuintasan: we'll see :P20:21
Quintasanapachelogger: it's stressing, I bet I would forget it if I was the one being questioned :P20:22
shadeslayerapachelogger: whew... i thought you were going to grill me like anything :P20:23
Quintasanshadeslayer: MOTU is sometimes worse20:29
Quintasanshadeslayer: "What was your biggest mistake?"20:29
Quintasan1,5 minutes later20:30
QuintasanI was thinking about it for 1,5 minute20:30
Quintasanapachelogger: the new BSD is short, but if you try to paste an old BSD license you can notice the thanks part takes twice the license place :P20:32
Quintasankubotu: order cookies for lex79 20:32
* kubotu slides a whole bunch of world's finest cookies down the bar to lex79.20:32
lex79thanks Quintasan :)20:33
apacheloggerthere are multiple BSD licenses, so the answer of having to deploy the full license along the source is entirely correct because just saying BSD would be amibous in any case20:33
* lex79 is awesome20:34
* apachelogger agrees20:34
apacheloggershadeslayer: well, you see what happens when you apply for kubuntu-dev :P20:34
Quintasanapachelogger: You'd better get some easy questions for me then :P20:35
lex79I'm feeling a bit under pressure20:35
lex79how so? :D20:35
Quintasanare we finished with things on #ubuntu-meeting?20:35
apacheloggerno easy questions there, no one gets into my playground without careful grilling first :P20:35
apacheloggerkubotu: topic restore20:35
=== kubotu changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Alpha 1 released! | https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Todo | https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuTutorialsDay Wed 7th July 18:00UTC | Kubuntu Meeting : https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Meetings | KDE 4.5 RC1 https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Ninjas/Packaging
apacheloggerkubotu: topic del 420:36
=== kubotu changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Alpha 1 released! | https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Todo | https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuTutorialsDay Wed 7th July 18:00UTC | KDE 4.5 RC1 https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Ninjas/Packaging
* lex79 smoke a cigarette, is better20:36
apacheloggerah, look, the topic is of sensible lenght again20:36
apacheloggerlex79: ^^ you are supposedly half way in already20:36
lex79^ he left20:37
Quintasanshadeslayer, apachelogger: about Project Neon20:37
shadeslayerdont have the time right now with training and all :D20:37
Quintasanapachelogger: you threw it at me without any explanations and I must say the code is crap and I really don't know how it should work20:38
shadeslayercan barely manage rekonq + packages + merges :P20:38
Quintasanapachelogger: what was the process (ie. how were you using it) to build those?20:38
apacheloggerQuintasan: you just do not see the beauty of the design20:38
apacheloggerget source | invoke distro build | do other stuff20:38
Quintasanapachelogger: the beauty of your design is that it doesn't work now20:39
apacheloggerdistro builder does in our case : iter over successfully fetched sources -> for each source merge it with a generic packaging and specific packaging for the particular package -> dput20:39
apacheloggerQuintasan: it worked for me :P20:39
Quintasanapachelogger: first of all, which should be executed first: amarok.rb or kde.rb20:39
apacheloggeryou are just missing deps supposedly20:39
shadeslayerlex79: how did you survive that20:40
apacheloggerQuintasan: amarok.rb qt (or all, some argument)20:40
* shadeslayer gives +100 to lex7920:40
apacheloggerthat will build qt-copy20:40
apacheloggerfetch source | invoke distro builder20:40
shadeslayerjust read the backlog :D20:40
apacheloggermaybe you need to use kde.rb nowadays :P20:41
apacheloggerwell, just check the two scripts20:41
lex79shadeslayer: thanks if it's a compliment :)20:41
apacheloggerone will contain the magic to build qt20:41
apacheloggerthat one you use to get a qt-copy package up20:41
shadeslayerlex79: of course it was :D20:41
shadeslayerlex79: so now your a kubuntu dev?20:41
lex79thanks :)20:41
Quintasandamn you svn20:41
Quintasanwhen the move to GIT will be complete?20:41
lex79shadeslayer: read kubuntu-devel list20:41
apacheloggerQuintasan: what I would do though is push jamesw along to get his recipe stuff going20:41
shadeslayerlex79: okies :D20:42
lex79JontheEchidna: thanks for sent the email to the ML20:42
Quintasanapachelogger: who is jamesw?20:42
JontheEchidnalex79: yup, no problem20:42
apacheloggerthen you can basically implement neon using launchpad board utils20:42
apacheloggerwhich is of course much better suited anyway20:42
Quintasan>launchpad board utils20:42
apacheloggerQuintasan: the dude working on distributed packaging20:42
Quintasanyou got lost me there20:42
Quintasanwhats that?20:42
shadeslayerQuintasan: apachelogger you guys free this weekend?20:43
Quintasankde.rb starts with kdesupport20:43
Quintasanshadeslayer: well, I have holidays so, you know20:43
Quintasanoh crap20:43
shadeslayerQuintasan: i have holidays too,but theres this fricking training i have to attend20:44
QuintasanI forgot I going to Muse concert :P20:44
shadeslayerVSAT's is a huge huge ... you know.... subject :D20:44
shadeslayerlex79: can kubuntu members vote ?20:44
lex79no, only kubuntu-dev20:44
shadeslayeri would have voted +1 tho :D20:45
lex79thanks anyway :D20:45
Quintasanapachelogger: none of those scripts build qt for starters20:45
shadeslayerQuintasan: apachelogger lex79 ( if your interested ) maybe we can revive project neon this weekend20:45
shadeslayerstudy the code and all20:45
Quintasanshadeslayer: well, I would vote to rewrite it20:46
apacheloggershadeslayer: supposedly free this weekend20:46
shadeslayerso.. i guess thats a yes 20:47
Quintasanwell, let's get the script rolling20:47
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: thanks for the mail20:47
Quintasanmaybe it will sync the svn now20:47
shadeslayerbtw i propose updating the ppa every 2 weeks...20:48
shadeslayeror after every 2 snapshots...20:48
Quintasanapachelogger: one more thing, there is no output when it's doing svn co20:48
Quintasanit downloads something20:49
Quintasanbrb syncing Qt20:50
shadeslayeroh man20:53
QuintasanI hope it will at least succeed in fetching the sources20:53
Quintasanif not then I'm going to rewrite it in python20:53
shadeslayerupdate-apt-xapi is taking up 130 MBs20:53
Quintasanapachelogger: ^^20:53
shadeslayeroh.. thats going to make apachelogger very fluffy20:53
JontheEchidnaQuintasan: more like </trollface>20:54
* apachelogger told Quintasan what to do already :P20:54
QuintasanJontheEchidna: QTrollface :P20:54
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: I suppose Quintasan's trollface app leaks mem20:54
JontheEchidnaQuintasan: more like </trollface>20:54
Quintasanapachelogger: what?20:54
apacheloggeryou are a memleaker!!!!20:54
JontheEchidna(accidentally hit up)20:54
Quintasanhow come?20:54
Quintasanapachelogger: first of all20:55
Quintasanapachelogger: it's TROLLFACE20:55
Quintasanwho said it's going to use ur mem wisely? :P20:55
Quintasanshadeslayer: go and fix qt examples20:55
Quintasanshadeslayer: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/69524/trollface-1.0.tar.bz220:56
ScottKAll ur mem are belong to us?20:56
shadeslayerQuintasan: bah20:56
apacheloggershadeslayer: go and fix Quintasan plz20:56
QuintasanScottK: something like this20:56
shadeslayerapachelogger: exec(fixme)? :P20:56
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: btw, it's not done and needs some bugs worked out, but I haz initial support for KSNI in kubuntu-notification-helper20:56
Quintasanshadeslayer: I thought you fixed it when you said to file a bug on it :P20:56
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: please revu the new Event api additions: http://pastebin.com/RE8GNvuF20:56
shadeslayerQuintasan: noo.. lex79 is looking after that20:56
Quintasanoh, okay20:56
apacheloggerkubuntu super natural insects?20:57
shadeslayerlex79: qt4-demos :D20:57
apacheloggerkubuntu sexy nude integrity20:57
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: KStatusNotifierItem20:57
Quintasanwut Qt source takes 600mb?!20:57
JontheEchidnathough I like yours better :P20:57
shadeslayerQuintasan: ooh20:57
apacheloggerkubuntu scifi nano intelligence20:57
apacheloggerah oh20:57
shadeslayerQuintasan: we can ship qt on a CD20:57
shadeslayerQuintasan: Qbuntu :P20:58
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: KSNI is not a terribly cool name20:58
apacheloggerdoesnt roll either20:58
apacheloggerkubuntu-dev quorum is 3/3 or majority20:58
Quintasanapachelogger: btw. where the hell my QTrollface can leak mem? @_@20:59
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: could you have made individual diffs for the changes? :P20:59
shadeslayerok guys gtg.. have to wake up @ 7 tomorrow ..  -.-20:59
apacheloggerQuintasan: glib :P20:59
shadeslayerbye all.. and thanks :D20:59
Quintasanapachelogger: glib what? :S21:00
* JontheEchidna is not sure how to split those up21:00
apacheloggerthe JontheEchidna uses the qstringbuilder21:00
apacheloggerhow very wise21:00
JontheEchidnabtw, I also committed some const correctness fixes21:01
* apachelogger has these misbehaviours all of a sudden21:01
JontheEchidnaas well as more QStringBuilder porting21:01
apacheloggerQuintasan: glib the mother of all memleaks21:01
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: m_notifierItem->setAssociatedWidget(NULL);21:02
JontheEchidnathat was an experiment21:02
JontheEchidnaI'm testing a bug in KSNI21:02
apachelogger#define NULL Quintasan21:02
apacheloggerthere now your notifier eats Quintasan21:02
apacheloggerhappy? :P21:02
JontheEchidnaI was seeing if somehow 0 wasn't satisfying a !bool condition21:03
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: i18nc would be nice, while you are at it21:03
JontheEchidnabut that appears not to be the problem21:03
* JontheEchidna will revert NULL to 0 before he commits21:03
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: is contextMenu parented by the notifier?21:04
apacheloggerI mean, after you use setContextMenu(contextMenu)21:04
apacheloggerwho will take care of deleting that beastie21:04
JontheEchidnano, but it should be. fixed21:05
JontheEchidnait needs a qwidget if we are to parent it21:05
JontheEchidnaso we'll have to delete it manuallyh21:05
JontheEchidnawhich means it needs to be a member var21:06
JontheEchidnaI have to go home now21:06
JontheEchidnawill fix when I get back21:06
JontheEchidnaalso, I knwo the actual implementation has some boogs21:07
apacheloggeryeah :P21:07
JontheEchidnalike closing the KSNI is currently connected to ignore forever21:07
JontheEchidnaand a bunch of other little beasties21:07
JontheEchidnaI just need to know if the new member vars/private functions are sane21:07
apacheloggerI do think so21:08
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: maybe you should consider making the event be based on KSNI though21:08
apacheloggerOTOH that is designwise a bad choice :D21:08
JontheEchidnaalso I want to make show() get passed a kicon, not a qpixmap21:09
JontheEchidna(see my todo)21:09
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
Nightrosedoes anyone have time to help me rescue a broken system after a failed upgrade to 10.04? :(21:24
neversfeldeNightrose: what happened?21:26
Nightroseneversfelde: computer decided to reboot in the middle of upgrade21:27
Nightrosei finished from command line with dist-upgrade after the reboot21:27
Nightrosenow it hangs when it should show kdm21:27
neversfeldeNightrose: is everything configured? sudo dpkg --configure -a21:29
Nightroseneversfelde: hmm let me try to get a console...21:30
lex79ciao gp[8] :) welcome where dreams come true :P21:31
ScottKAlso check to see which kernel you're running.  If it's still on the old kernel, not booting would not be suprising.21:31
lex79ScottK: you missed my grill :(21:32
ScottKYeah.  I'm busy with $WORK right now, I'll catch up later.21:32
NightroseScottK: k thx21:32
gp[8]ih lex79 :) where dreams come true? :D21:33
Nightroseneversfelde: jep seems ok there21:34
Nightrosechecking kernel now21:34
neversfeldeyes, old kernel21:36
neversfeldeno sorry21:37
neversfeldeI forgot that I use maverick for a moment :)21:37
a|wenNightrose: which kind of graphics card do you have?21:38
Nightrosea|wen: no idea - how do i find out?21:38
a|wenNightrose: "lspci" should show you ... it was more, if you remembered if you installed proprietary drivers in the past21:39
lex79lspci | grep -i vga21:39
Nightroseati radeon  9800 pro21:40
a|wenhmm ... try to (re)move your /etc/X11/xorg.conf (if it exists?)21:41
a|wenif it was there, and you moved it out, then try to reboot21:43
Nightrosei did - seems to be showing the end of a trace now21:44
* Nightrose tries to figure out how to scroll up21:44
Nightrosehmmmmm doesn't work it seems21:45
a|wenNightrose: also try to start aptitude "sudo aptitude" ... do you have an item on the list named "obsolete and locally created packages"?21:45
Nightrosei can't get into anything graphic21:46
Nightrosejust command line21:46
a|wenNightrose: it is commandline :)21:47
* Nightrose tries21:47
Nightrosea|wen: jep21:48
a|wenNightrose: if that item is on the list, look through the packages if any of them looks graphics related (fglrx?)21:48
a|wen(only the packages under that item)21:49
Nightrosea|wen: doesn't look like it :/21:49
a|wenNightrose: you could try to paste your /var/log/Xorg.0.log (if you can get internet access from the machine)21:51
Nightrosei'll have a look in there21:52
Nightrosea|wen: pastebin.com/iY1G3apy21:55
a|wenNightrose: you are sure, that there is no /etc/X11/xorg.conf file now?21:57
* a|wen looks a bit at the line "Setting screen physical size to 380 x 238" ... that looks wrong21:58
Nightrosei moved it21:58
a|wenuh, unless that is real physical size21:58
Nightroseit's a 19" screen21:59
Nightroseso nope ;-)21:59
Nightrosei think21:59
a|wen38 x 23 cm ;)22:01
shadeslayera|wen: maybe a whole reconfigure of X ?22:01
shadeslayerjust a suggestion.. im off to bed now :P22:01
* shadeslayer just finished watching clone wars :P22:01
a|wenshadeslayer: deleting xorg.conf will make it auto-configure everything22:01
shadeslayera|wen: yes,but after deleting it,dont you have to run nvidia-xconfig ( for nvidia cards ) , dunno about ATi22:02
a|wenNightrose: what happens, when you start it ... do you see a mouse or anything, or just black screen?22:02
shadeslayerNightrose: oohh try startkde and see what happens22:02
shadeslayerthat should give a idea as to whats the issue22:02
Nightrosek - sec22:03
Nightrose$DISPLAY is not set or cannot connect to X server22:04
Nightrose(for startkde)22:04
apacheloggerstartkde will not launch an X server22:04
* apachelogger needs to go to bed though22:05
Nightrosescrewy graphics22:05
Nightrosecan't see anything useful besides garbage22:05
Nightroseapachelogger: *hug*22:05
a|wenNightrose: do you have the package "fglrx" installed?22:05
shadeslayerapachelogger: hmm.. so startkde only launches KDE stuff?? no X ?22:06
shadeslayerapachelogger: also i found out that X is leaking.. nothing related to KDE...thats why my mem consumption is high22:07
Nightrosea|wen: doesn't look like it22:07
Nightroseshould i install it?22:07
a|wenNightrose: good ... no, you should nuke it, if it was there22:08
shadeslayeropen source drivers for ATi are now in the repos ;)22:08
shadeslayerwork pretty good,from what i hear22:09
a|wenshadeslayer: it uses the open source drivers22:09
* ScottK looks at the way kde* is starting to dominate the buildds and thinks all is right with the world again.22:09
shadeslayerScottK: hehe22:09
shadeslayerim getting updates in waves22:10
a|wenNightrose: hmm, i'm a bit out of ideas here ... the log-file doesn't show anything; according to it, it looks like everything works out fine22:10
shadeslayerx seriously needs to fixed :|22:10
Nightrose:/ thx a|wen22:10
Nightroseany other ideas anyone?22:11
Nightrosei really need to get this system up again soon because i need to prepare my akademy talks22:11
shadeslayerNightrose: well...  try sudo apt-get -f install22:11
shadeslayerdoes it say anything?22:11
Nightrosejust a few packages that are no longer needed22:11
shadeslayerNightrose: #ubuntu-x then22:12
shadeslayergods of X :P22:12
shadeslayersarvatt should be around... 22:12
Nightroseok thx22:12
a|wenNightrose: check that kubuntu-desktop is installed?22:12
shadeslayerNightrose: good night.. hope you get your system fixed :)22:13
Nightrosea|wen: jep installed22:13
Nightrosethx shadeslayer22:13
shadeslayermay the force be with you :D22:13
a|wenNightrose: "sudo apt-get --fix-policy install"22:14
shadeslayera|wen: thats a new one :D22:15
Nightrosea|wen: ah that shows a few upgrades...22:15
Nightroseshould i do them?22:15
* shadeslayer goes to man pages22:16
a|wenNightrose: give it a go22:16
a|wenshadeslayer: installs all missing recommended packages (check that kubuntu-desktop is installed and doing that might fix it sometimes)22:16
shadeslayera|wen: omg thats not  even in man pages22:16
a|wenshadeslayer: no ... iirc there is a bug report against apt in debian, that it is undocumented in the man page ;)22:17
a|wenthats where you should look it up :P22:17
shadeslayerhehe :D22:17
shadeslayerweird.. rekonq is still writing stuff.. and i closed it 30 mins ago22:18
a|wenshadeslayer: debian bug 57802022:19
ubottuDebian bug 578020 in apt "apt-get: --fix-policy not documented" [Wishlist,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/57802022:19
shadeslayera|wen: awesome :D22:19
a|wenNightrose: your machine is using GMT+2 time ?22:20
Nightroseit should be yes22:21
a|wenthen that is why I am confused ... the Xorg.0.log is not from after the restart after removing xorg.conf22:21
Nightrosehmm interesting22:22
Nightrosemight not have survived the restart then22:22
a|wenyou did restart it and had the grahical interface fail to start?22:22
Nightrosewith startx in recovery mode22:23
Nightrosethen i get screwy graphics and i can't do anything anymore22:23
a|wennot the best sign22:25
a|wenNightrose: try rebooting in non-recovery mode, and do a new pastebinning22:25
Nightrosei get the bootsplash and then screwy graphics22:26
Nightrosecan't do anything again22:26
a|wenso X starts ... then the question is what causes the scewy graphics22:27
a|wen(hopefully the new log shows something)22:27
Nightrosei'm not sure X stars22:27
a|wenhmm, the timestamp in the log should reveal that22:28
Nightrosek sec22:28
Quintasanapachelogger: hngh22:32
Quintasanapachelogger: no utf-8 support in that damn script?22:33
a|wenNightrose: it confirms that X is being started, and from the log it looks to be successfully; might be some incompatible settings, that is being used, but it is hard to know, what is causing it22:35
CIA-99[muon] jmthomas * 1143852 * trunk/playground/sysadmin/muon/src/ (MainWindow.cpp MainWindow.h muonui.rc) Add a "safe upgrade" feature, and stick a QAction for it in the file menu. (Useful for when you want to upgrade without removing kdebase because kdebase-data built but as arch-all but amd64 is still a bit behind)22:36
JontheEchidnathey say necessity was the mother of invention ;)22:36
JontheEchidnanot that I'm doing anything new there, but...22:37
* JontheEchidna wanders off to play mario kart22:38
ScottKJontheEchidna: Please pick a different name though.  "safe-upgrade" is something aptitude does and I don't think it's quite the same.22:38
a|wenNightrose: you could try booting using the vesa driver ... /etc/X11/xorg.conf should look like this http://pastebin.com/v6eZX8RW22:39
Nightroseok will try22:40
Nightrosea|wen: doesn't show anything then after the bootsplash - looks like the monitor isn't getting any input22:48
Nightroseindeed :(22:51
Nightroseand i don't even have a clue where to look for more help22:52
Nightrose#ubuntu-x is silent22:52
QuintasanJontheEchidna: any idea how to make ruby utf-8 aware?22:52
a|wenNightrose: strange ... hope you get it fixed22:54
Nightrosenixternal: around?22:55
Nightroseyou helped me with my X problem last time...22:55
Nightroseneed help! :)22:55
Nightrosea|wen: yea :/  thx for trying22:55
ulyssesKDE – Légy szabad!23:02
ulyssesuhm, sorry23:02
ulyssesthe load goas a bit high:P23:07
QuintasanI think I get it now23:08
Quintasanapachelogger: got that Project Neon gpg key?23:08
Riddelllex79: with creative commons licences you first have to work out which CC licence it is and whether or not it's a free one.  there's lots of CC licences and many aren't free enough for main/universe, anything noncommercial isn't free23:20
lex79ok I see thanks :)23:21
Riddellyou also have to consider the version, anything CC 2.0 isn't accepted in debian for technical reasons, although ubuntu does accept it, but it's best to get upstream to change to 3.0 if possible23:21
Riddellthen you just have to make sure that CC-BY-SA isn't mixing with anything GPL (e.g. can't embed a CC-BY-SA icon in a GPL app with qt resources files)23:22
Riddellbecause the licences are incompatible23:22
lex79btw I'm the only one that care about symbol files, and work to updating it ;) except you and JontheEchidna I think23:23
Riddellthey're easy to forget, I'm not in the habit of thinking about them much of the time23:23
lex79ok now I see your email :)23:24
_Groo_hi/2 all23:24
_Groo_ppl, can you guys update QT 4.7 for a mroe recent git? the current version  breaks krdc and other embedded apps23:24
_Groo_see http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/browse/QTBUG-1080923:26
lex79seems not already fixed23:27
_Groo_lex79: yeah :( well have to wait a little23:28
_Groo_just informing that the current lucid backport + kde 4.5 are suffering from this bug23:28
lex79so, why we should update Qt ?23:28
_Groo_lex79: not now.. when this bug is fixed23:28
ScottKlex79: Not the only one http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=58701223:29
ubottuDebian bug 587012 in python2.6 "python2.6: Symbols missing from symbol file" [Normal,Fixed]23:29
_Groo_ScottK: that one breaks printer settings right?23:29
ScottK_Groo_: Not as far as I know.  It's fixed in Ubuntu in any case.23:29
_Groo_ScottK: or unrelated? i didnt look at printer settings yet23:30
lex79ScottK: right :)23:30
_Groo_ScottK: ahh kde printer setting is a deprecated symbol that was removed in 4.523:30
_Groo_ScottK: bummer23:30
_Groo_ScottK: whos the dev on this one? is it kubuntu specific?23:30
ScottKSort of.  It's upstream, but Riddell is the main developer.  dantii is working on a replacement.23:33
_Groo_ScottK: k ScottK [, tks23:35
Riddellsystem-config-printer-kde has no symbols, it's all python23:37
ryanakcaRiddell: Aye, I'm heading out the door, I'll post it when I get back in about ~1:30...23:39
Riddellryanakca: i did it already but the URL could do with being nicer23:41
ScottKRiddell: By my count kubuntu-dev has 8 direct members, so 5 is a majority.23:57
ScottKOnly one more needed for lex79.23:57

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