Torchamichair: one is a plasmoid, the other an application to live in the systray00:10
amichairTorch: does the plasmoid work with hidden ssids? (I know the -kde doesn't)00:12
amichairwill the app be deprecated by the plasmoid upstream?00:12
vbgunzis KDE 4.5 RC located at ppa:kubuntu-ppa/beta OR will the RCs get another ppa?00:35
Riddellvbgunz: it'll be in that beta PPA, not sure of the current state00:35
vbgunzI sort of trust the RCs and considering 90% of the focus is on stability Im tempted to try it out00:37
vbgunzkdebase-bin is at 4:4.4.90-0ubuntu1~lucid1~ppa100:37
vbgunznot sure if you can tell if its a beta or rc00:38
daniel_hi how can I update from Kubuntu 10.04LTS to Kubuntu 10.10?00:47
daniel_i would lke to not download the .iso.00:48
Typos_Kingthe update may not go as smooth though00:49
daniel_thats ok with me00:49
Typos_Kingyou can always do a -> sudo apt-get distro-upgrade;00:50
daniel_through the konsole?00:50
daniel_i am still learning kubuntu and linux in general. I switched to linux 2 years ago as my main os.00:51
Dragnslcrdist-upgrade doesn't upgrade your system to a new release00:52
amichairI don't think apt-get dist-upgrade does distro upgrades anymore (it used to)00:52
amichairthere's 'update-manager -d' though00:52
daniel_so what is the new command for kubuntu?00:53
DragnslcrIf there even is an alpha of 10.10 yet, you can get support for it in #ubuntu+100:53
daniel_there is an alpha 1 right now.00:53
Scuniziin the last 6 years I don't remember dist-upgrade doing release upgrades.. only software version upgrades ie packages within the currently running system and only if there were available through normal repository sources.01:08
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poetapt-get dist-upgrade is a well-known mis-named command, and the aptitude has changed its name into full-upgrgade.01:42
poetIn ubuntu we should use do-release-upgrade to do the release upgrade.01:43
ner0xIs there a place I can put the source .deb files and dpkg will recognize them?02:29
DarthFrogner0x:  It doesn't matter where you put them.  "sudo dpkg -i <debfile>" will install them.  Otherwise, have a look at /var/cache/apt/archives.02:56
ner0xDarthFrog: It attempts to download a firmware file and I do not have internet to that machine.03:45
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weshello all06:12
wesanyone still up?06:13
wesIm looking for a little help with pyshell06:16
Vegetai cant help06:17
wesaight, thanks anyways06:17
SandGorgondoes anybody know how I can get BCI (font hinting compiler) enabled in Kubuntu 10.04 ? doe I need to patch and recompile ?06:17
CayHas anyone in here successfully gotten twinview to work with a laptop on 10.04?06:24
* bono waves hello06:25
Cayyou wouldn't by chance have gotten twinview to work with nvidia and 10.04 have you? :P06:31
moetunesisn't there a gui thing for setting twinview on nvidia cards?06:39
moetunesCay: http://http.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/1.0-8178/README/appendix-g.html - for setting twinview06:41
bono<moetunes> Cay: http://http.download.nvidia.com/XFree86/Linux-x86/1.0-8178/README/appendix-g.html - for setting twinview06:42
Caybono, I've tried that, no luck06:48
Cayit seems as though it will detect one monitor or the other (the laptop LCD or the HDMI connected LCD) but not both at the same time :(06:49
Caybut thanks man06:49
cucoi just installed kubuntu and checked the encrypt home dir option. how do i enable or disable it?09:15
cucoi want to move my /home/ dir to another partition and I want to know how to do this09:16
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ArGGu^^cuco I dont know about the encryption, but to mount /home to another partition you must edit the /etc/fstab file.09:39
cucoArGGu^^: yes. i know how to do this, but i don't know if i will break the system, since it expectes an encrypted dir, or how to re-enable the encryption09:40
ArGGu^^cuco I dont think that fstab has anything to do with the encryption so it should be safe to edit it.09:53
ArGGu^^* I think09:53
ArGGu^^wait I think or I dont think xD09:55
ArGGu^^Well anyway it should be safe to edit it. That is what I think.09:55
ArGGu^^cuco but It is good thing to backup everything from your encrypted /home09:57
cucoalso important to understand how the ecryption stuff works09:57
FloodBotK3veronesa: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:50
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simion314hi, if xorg crashes, is it writes any data in some logs? /var/log/Xorg.0.log has only startup info, i want to find what triggers the crashes  because are very random and happen only in KDE11:29
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apparlesimion314: I think there is an old Xorg log also, which might have data of the previous crash. Check for yourself11:58
simion314apparle: the Xorg.-.log.old contains only startup info also, maybe it crashed so hard that it had no chance to write something12:01
simion314it happened when pressing keys, when switching desktops or ctrl tab in firefox12:02
apparlesimion314: maybe,12:02
apparlesimion314: try to reporduce it exactly12:02
apparlesimion314: is your gfx card capable enough to render all effects, do you have correct drivers12:03
simion314apparle: it works perfectly under gnome, and i use open source drivers for ATI, it is imposible to make it happen, i tried to reproduce it12:07
apparlesimion314: which card12:07
simion314i am thinking to try disabling KMS or upgrading my xorg to the newest version12:07
simion314apparle: 01:05.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RC410 [Radeon Xpress 200M]12:08
apparlesimion314: I also have RC410 :P although I have Radeon Xpress 20012:08
simion314i am thinking that is not related with video, it always happened when pressing CTrl+F1-F4 or ctrl+tab12:09
simion314apparle: do you have KMS enabled?12:09
apparlesimion314: I always run it with KMS disabled, I don't get graphics at all if I don't disable the effects12:09
simion314apparle: i will try it disabling KMS, just it is hard to understend how to corectly edit grub12:10
apparlesimion314: do you want to disable it permanantly or just for one boot12:10
ionuthi, does any of you knows how can i install some effects for compiz??12:11
simion314i know how to do it for one boot,12:11
simion314just that now grub is configured diffrently and at every kernel install the menu is regenerated12:11
apparlesimion314: what do you add ? "radeon.modeset=0"?12:11
simion314apparle: does your laptop resume from sleep?12:12
simion314i add nomodeset12:12
apparlesimion314: its a desktop and it doesn't12:12
apparlesimion314: don't do that, just disable the KMS for graphics12:12
simion314apparle: same here, tried the new xorg 1.8 in arch with KMS enabled and nothing, i think it will never happen12:12
simion3142nomodeset does more then radeon.modeset=0?12:13
apparlesimion314: nomodeset means KMS is disabled for everything. but radeon.modeset=0 means only for the radeon driver12:14
apparlesimion314: for the timebeing lets make it permanant12:14
apparlesimion314: edit the file "/etc/default/grub"12:14
simion314apparle: next..12:16
apparlesimion314: change the line "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash"" to "GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash radeon.modeset=0""12:16
apparlesimion314: basically add radeon.modeset=0 to that variable12:17
apparlesimion314: then in konsole do sudo update-grub12:17
apparlesimion314: check my launchpad profile, I'm subscribed to some bugs you might be interested in12:17
ionuthi, does any of you knows how can i install some effects for compiz??12:18
apparleionut: on kubuntu?12:19
simion314apparle: is the clock plasmoid in the bar looking ok on your KDE, mine is cut,is missing some parts from the edges and only in kubuntu, in arch with kde it looks fine on the same laptop12:19
apparlesimion314: I'm on vacation so I can't confirm12:20
simion314ok, thx for all12:20
ionutapparle: on ubuntu12:21
apparle!info compizconfig-settings-manager | ionut12:22
ubottuionut: compizconfig-settings-manager (source: compizconfig-settings-manager): Compiz configuration settings manager. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.8.2-0ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 623 kB, installed size 4068 kB12:22
ionutapparle: i have installed compiz config but i want some other effects (like the one , the window that burns out when you close it)12:24
simion314ionut: hi12:30
simion314you need to install the compiz-plugins-extras and compiz-plugins-unsuported or something like that12:30
ionutsimion314: hi12:32
simion314ionut: i told you above that you must install all plugins packages12:33
simion314ionut: from Romania?12:33
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ionutsimion314: yes12:33
ionutsimion314: all plugins, i don't know how12:34
white_mousehow to fix gtk fonts under kde 4.4.212:34
white_mouseto look better12:34
white_mouseor qt fonts under kde12:34
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amichairhey slowmo13:39
mime2hello, anyone knows a way to upgrade from jj 9.04 to kk without comiting changes in audio, i mean, dont upgrading it? thnx13:43
ubottupinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto13:46
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mimetypehello, anyone knows a way to upgrade from jj 9.04 to kk without comiting changes in audio, i mean, dont upgrading it? thnx13:48
amichairmimetype: ^^ I think the answer above was for you :-)13:48
mimetypesorry didnt see it due to connection probs13:48
amichair!pin | mimetype13:49
ubottumimetype: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto13:49
mimetypeso i select only the kde and thats all?13:49
amichairmimetype: I never used it myself, but I think you need to pin the specific packages that you don't want to upgrade13:50
amichairand everything else gets upgraded normally13:50
mimetypethnx, my prob is that i dont want audio disappear when headphone pluged, and in kk once pluged build in speakers are muted13:51
amichairmimetype: is it that way in lucid too?13:51
mimetypei dont know13:51
amichairit sounds like the kind of thing that should be configurable somewhere...13:51
mimetypei think the only version is in jaunty j. 9.0413:51
mimetypebut others consider it a bug13:52
amichairI can only guess that you'll have much larger problems trying to hand-pick old versions of stuff in an upgraded distro13:53
mimetypeyeah, maybe live it that way,13:53
mimetypethank u both ppl13:54
mimetypei wish u are fine13:54
geemeehey folks.. I have a requirement to monitor temperature of a room. I was looking online on ebay and there is cheap USB sensors availible. Anyone have experience of these?14:07
Itessomeone from maastricht around?14:39
bazhangItes, in #ubuntu-nl14:39
BluesKajhiyas all14:44
adrianx77hello guys14:44
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kimHello everyone.... I am eager to begin writing documentation for Kubuntu. How do I start?15:38
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aaron_i'm in need of help anyone available15:40
amichair!ask | aaron_15:41
ubottuaaron_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)15:41
aaron_can't seem to find out how to access my windows PCs shared folders on Kubuntu15:41
amichairkim: try asking in #kubuntu-devel to see where the help is most needed and how to go about doing it... thanks!15:42
amichairaaron_: are you using wubi? or dual-boot system? or over network?15:42
aaron_home network15:43
aaron_so far i have tried smbclient -L MEDIA (media name of my PC )15:46
aaron_Connection to MEDIA failed (Error NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL)15:46
amichairaaron_: in dolphin, if you go to smb:/windowsboxname/sharename, what happens?15:47
aaron_timeout on server15:48
amichairaaron_: also, did you check that it's accessible from another windows box?15:48
aaron_i tried ip & name same result15:48
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aaron_i'm able to view on both PCs on my windows 7 laptop15:49
aaron_when i''m on kubuntu it doen't work15:49
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amichairaaron_: are all boxes configured using the same workgroup name?15:53
aaron_don't know how to change on kubuntu but yes all of my windows installs are15:54
amichairaaron_: I think it's in /etc/samba/smb.conf15:54
amichairaaron_: maybe this will help: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=116914915:55
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aaron_thank aimchair i'll just give up trying it's not going to work for me linux is too difficult to use16:01
amichairaaron_: some parts are, some parts aren't. I moved from windows a couple years ago, and I find the benefits outweigh the drawbacks16:02
aaron_it pretty fustrating for me using linux when i just want to do the simplest thing right now access my music library16:03
amichairaaron_: actually, if I'm not mistaken, better samba integration out of the box is on the feature list for Kubuntu 10.1016:03
aaron_i'll dab into some linux books16:03
amichairaaron_: or, wait for someone more knowledgable than myself to come here :-)16:04
amichairaaron_: I also had a quirk or two getting sharing with winxp to work, but now it all works well. So there's a way - it's just a matter of finding it :-)16:04
BluesKajaaron_, open the run command , alt+f2 , kdesudo kate /etc/hosts.allow , add a line , portmap then directlunderneath list all the IP  adresses on your network like this, ALL:192.168.x.x16:04
aaron_thanks again Amichair i'm going to have to learn linux one way or another since my major is Computer Science16:05
BluesKajaaron_, also install openssh-server16:07
amichairBluesKaj: can u explain that one?16:07
amichairI remember needing to install samba, smbfs, bind...16:08
HazamonzoHey folks. I16:09
aaron_thanks Blueskaj but what is openssh for ?16:09
HazamonzoIve been having issues with my ATI drivers but and learned to live with it. I thought i would try to remove and reinstall the drivers again recently. See if that changed anything and it actually did. I got the composition running again and those lovely wobbly windows.16:10
BluesKajamichair, having a ssh connection is beneficial , it gives you access via the cli to other pcs on the network and also if configured properly gui and remote access as well16:10
HazamonzoI restart yesterday and the composition it switched back off and the desktop graphics are running poorly again16:10
Hazamonzohow can this happen? And how might i got about debugging the issue?16:10
BluesKaj!ssh | amichair16:10
ubottuamichair: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHHowto for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)16:10
HazamonzoSo gutted to have it working for 5 minutes then fail again. It just shows me that it IS possible to get this working nicely16:11
HazamonzoThe only thing i did that i can think of was enable my desktop over two monitors16:12
BluesKajHazamonzo, did you try installing a proprietary ati issue driver ?16:12
amichairBluesKaj: oh, I know and use ssh... I was wondering how installing it might help accessing a windows share16:12
HazamonzoBluesKaj: I did indeed sir. This is the driver i removed and reinstalled recently16:13
HazamonzoAnd it did give me great graphics for about 5 minutes :)16:13
BluesKajamichair, I assumed ssh was going to be accessing other linuxboxes , but smbclient accesses windows pcs better than ssh due to that clunky putty app which I found useless on vista and w716:15
amichairoh, ok. aaron_'s problem was accessing a media share on a windows7 box from kubuntu. Any thoughts on how to help him?16:16
HazamonzoBluesKaj: If you are interested this thread pretty much sums up the same problems i have (same card and same problem) http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=143632816:17
HazamonzoThis is why i decided to remove and reinstall my dribver just in case it did work. And it did initially16:17
aaron_thats my problem16:17
BluesKajamichair, but using the hosts.allow to list the pcs on the network helps your networking clients find the right IP addresses .16:17
amichairwow, just found out a cool shortcut - clicking on a window thumbnail on the taskbar makes the window minimize/restore :-)16:20
amichairBluesKaj: I got the win name resolution working by installing bind and adding "wins" to the "hosts:" line in /etc/nsswitch.conf. It's worth a shot anyway :-)16:23
amichairaaron_: ^^ you can try that16:23
aaron_thanks everyone :)16:24
amichairaaron_: and make sure in /etc/samba/smb.conf you have workgroup = <the right workgroup name in caps>16:24
amichairhmmm... that was winbind, not bind16:25
Tuphi folks16:28
Tupi've got the following problem16:29
Tuprunning ubuntu 10.4 server16:29
Tupbehind a cable modem16:29
Tupthe dhclient doesn't use the broadcast address for a DHCPREQUEST but the dhcp-server address directly16:29
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Tupand the isp dhcp server doesn't allow this ...16:29
aaron_tried temp mount & got mount error(12): Cannot allocate memory16:30
Tupafter some time the dhclient falls back to use the broadcast address and everything is fine ...16:30
Tupany ideas ?16:30
BluesKajHazamonzo, maybe your xorg.conf isn'tsaving the changes and reverts when you reboot. Try this http://www.pastebin.ca/189115816:30
amichairaaron_: u mean u tried smbfs mount? in any case, that error is quite strange16:31
aaron_i know16:31
HazamonzoBluesKaj: Okay. 2 minutes16:32
aaron_this really sucks oh well i'll keep trying another time thanks for your help guys16:32
amichairaaron_: sorry I couldn't be of more help... good luck next time :-)16:32
BluesKajaaron_, I access my windows pcs by using the network option in dolphin, using add network folder , this creates a shortcut to shared windows folders16:35
aaron_can you walk me through your settings?16:35
BluesKajok, open dolphin and choose network16:36
aaron_name server folder16:36
BluesKajaaron_, choose add network folder16:37
aaron_ok now do i select the obvious Microsoft Windows network drive or other options16:38
BluesKajyes aaron_ depending the OS , for windows the Microsoft Windows network drive is best16:39
aaron_can you give me a example of your settings i tried with name Music Server: MEDIA Folder:Music16:40
mfraz74Is there way to install Kubuntu onto a computer so that I can give it to someone and they are asked for username etc when they turn it on?16:40
BluesKajnow , make sure you do this for each windows pc16:40
aaron_my HTPC name is Media share folder name is Music16:41
DarthFrogmfraz74: Yes.  It's one of the install options when you first boot the CD.  I think it's labelled OEM or something like that.16:41
amichairmfraz74: I think the OEM installer would do that16:41
mfraz74is that on the alternate install cd?16:41
BluesKajaaron  I would choose the C drive or the Documents foldere so you can acces everything16:41
DarthFrogmfraz74: Sorry, don't know more than what I told you.  I know it's possible but have never done it.16:42
aaron_ok folder on my windows pc D:\Music do i enter the same16:42
amichairmfraz74: I think both. in the boot menu, search the options (press F6 or f4 or something like that) and look for OEM16:42
mfraz74DarthFrog: thanks16:42
mfraz74amichair: can i pre-install packages with it?16:43
DarthFrogmfraz74: I'm fairly sure that it only does a generic install.16:43
BluesKajaaron_,D:/Music , not sure i just use my windows C16:43
adilalpmanhi all16:43
mfraz74just thought it would be nice to be able to have things like digikam, firefox etc already set up16:44
adilalpmanis kubuntu 10.10's default sound base is pulse or alternatively we can use it?16:44
aaron_for server do i type name MEDIA or IP16:44
adilalpmani am talking about maverick alpha16:45
amichairmfraz74: yes, you basically enter a session as oem user, customize the system to your liking (including installing packages or anything else), and when you're done there's a command you run that finalizes the installation. on the next reboot, the user gets the customized system with a customized installer - this is useful for creating custom install images, etc.16:45
MartiiniDoes anyone know  ... who maintain kpackagekit ... it still does not work16:45
BluesKajaaron_, IP16:45
mfraz74amichair: thanks for that, will have to give that a go :)16:45
amichairmfraz74: found it - https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuOEMInstaller16:45
aaron_i tired Unable to connect to server. lol this is rich linux hates me16:46
BluesKajaaron_, use the pc name as it appears on your windows login16:47
aaron_same error msg16:47
BluesKajaaron_, list what you entered, pls16:49
adilalpmancan anybody answer me?16:49
BluesKajadilalpman, try in #ubuntu+1 , it's the maverick chat16:50
adilalpmanok blues16:51
BluesKajaaron_, do you still want help , if so maybe some one else can ...I have stauff to do ..I"ll be back later16:54
aaron_i gave up16:54
aaron_for now atleast16:55
mfraz74amichair: thanks for that link, will have to take a look16:55
amichairmfraz74: it's not entirely up to date, but I hope you'll find your way from there :-)16:55
mfraz74amichair: yeah, i doubt it will be that much different in 10.0416:56
mfraz74i've got a couple of computers i'm going to put it on16:56
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ganeshpHi all, I am using Kubuntu Lucid AMD64 desktop with Nvidia Geforce 7100 / nForce 630i card. After I did fresh Lucid installation, sound in few applications has stopped. for example I am unable to hear sound when I play mp3 song from VLC. Online radio such as in.com I am unable to hear. Fortunately Amarok is playing very well. Kindly sugges17:15
amichairganeshp: maybe wrong output device is configured for video in system settings -> multimedia?17:16
ionuthow can i set priviledges to a partition to read/edit/modify by anyone?17:17
ganeshphi amichair: I have loaded the system settings->multimedia.  it is showing a set of nvidia devices.  How do I configure them right?17:18
ganeshpbtw i noticed a test button over there and clicked on it. I can hear the sound.  Even Amarok works just fine.17:19
amichairganeshp: move them up and down and use the 'test' button :-)17:19
amichairso move the device that works to the top of the list also for 'video' and/or other categories17:19
ganeshpamichair: thank you so much. I got it now.17:22
amichairganeshp: you're welcome :-)17:22
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ganeshpamichair: I tried all the steps you had mentioned. But still unable to play sound from VLC, online radio and few others. Dont know why :(17:56
totorowhere sound doesn't play at all except from the login sound?17:58
ganeshptotoro: Sound does not play in my VLC player, flash related websites such as farmville at facebook and other onlne radio stations.  It use to work fine in my previous karmic amd64.  But Amarok and login sound working fine17:59
ganeshpand dragon palyer can also play sound without any issues18:00
ganeshpcurrently I am using Kubuntu Lucid AMD64 desktop with Nvidia Geforce 7100 / nForce 630i card18:01
totoroi've had that problem too, not sure how to help18:05
ganeshptotoro: no issues.  thanks.18:07
totorooh, it's gone?18:07
ganeshpno no.  I meant I will search for solution elsewhere :)18:08
Iggy__@ionut - dont set permissions at the partition level, set the permissions at the directory/file level18:10
twotenis there an easy way to upgrade from Kubuntu karmic to Ubuntu (gnome) 10.04?18:11
twotenor do I have to download and burn the iso?18:12
bazhangtwoten, install the package ubuntu-desktop18:13
twotenbefore the upgrade or after?18:14
twotenI guess it doesn't matter18:14
bazhangnot really18:14
Torchtwoten: after the upgrade will save you downloading old packages only to update them.18:15
amichairtwoten: it will be less to download if you do it after18:15
twotenexcellent! good news for my girlfriend's laptop!18:15
amichairdoes the /tmp folder get erased on reboots?18:15
Torchamichair: at least it should18:16
twotenI think there's a switch for that, so it's an option18:16
ganeshpI am unable to run kmix software. I read it from internet that using kmix I can fix my sound relatd issues. Can anyone help?18:18
macokmix is the volume thingy in your panel and can change the volume18:19
twotenhit alt-f2, type in kmix and go18:19
ganeshpthanks maco18:20
Riddell** Kubuntu meeting in #ubuntu-meeting in a minute18:30
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smajluseněkdo z česka?:D19:17
Pici!pl | smajluse19:18
ubottusmajluse: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.19:18
smajlusePici: co ?:D19:19
smajluseubottu: díky:)19:19
Alan502Hi! I have two monitors and connected to a NVIDIA graphics card but kubuntu says i don't appear to have multiple monitors19:20
Alan502so i can't use my second monitor19:20
Alan502can somebody help me?19:20
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dmattsmajluse: try #ubuntu-cz19:22
DarthFrogAlan502: What video driver are you using?  You might need to use the Nvidia proprietary driver.19:22
Alan502DarthFrog, i just installed the lastest, 256, since i thought that was the problem19:22
DarthFrogAlan502: And the control program doesn't see two monitors?19:22
Alan502DarthFrog, in karmic i could set up my second monitor with the nvidia-settings utility but it doesn't seem to work on lucid19:23
Alan502DarthFrog, kde system settings doesn't, nvidia-settings does19:23
DarthFrogAlan502: Sorry, I'm of no further help to you.19:23
Alan502DarthFrog, the weird thing is that my second monitor is technically active, but its only black and when i move my cursor over it my cursor becomes x-shaped19:24
Alan502DarthFrog, ok thanks :D19:24
DarthFrogAlan502: I found this: http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Lucid#Configure_Dual_Monitors_with_nVidia19:26
Alan502great! let me check it19:26
lokpesthow do I connect to network if I dont have access to dhcp?19:31
pvandewyngaerdset the configuration manually19:31
DarthFroglokpest: You can configure your network interface manually.19:32
lokpestDarthFrog: yeah, but how...19:32
lokpestI tried and failed19:32
DarthFroglokpest: Do you know the IP address you want and the IP address of the gateway?19:32
DarthFrogDo you know the IP address of a DNS server you can use?19:32
HazamonzoHey folks. I have a file with an unknown extension type (name) How might i tell Kate to use XML syntax highlighting for this new extension type?19:33
pvandewyngaerd for one file you can set it in tools > highlighting19:37
SilenceMessiahhi zusammen19:37
pvandewyngaerdconfigure kate > editor component  > open/save > modes & filetypes >       create new one ?19:41
pvandewyngaerdand then make your file always open with kate ?19:41
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Hazamonzopvandewyngaerd: Hey there. Yeah i can set it to XML on a ad-hoc basis19:43
Hazamonzopvandewyngaerd: But it would be nice to associate the hightlighting with the extension type19:44
twotenwhat is nepomuks and why does 6 of them appear and hog my cpu up to 99%?19:44
DarthFrog!nepomuk | twoten19:44
Hazamonzotwoten: Is some indexing madness i think. Best to switch it off. Or at least thats what i did19:45
twotenwould love to, how do I kill this alien leech?19:45
Hazamonzogoto settings, advanced19:45
Hazamonzoand its there i think19:45
DarthFrogNepomuk (and virtuosos and Strigi) are part of the KDE semantic desktop.19:45
Hazamonzoyou can edit its settings and stop it from running on boot19:45
pvandewyngaerdHazamonzo: yes you can find these settings as i described earlier to associate your new extension to xml highlighting in the settings  > configure kate19:47
Hazamonzopvandewyngaerd: Ahh sorry i missed that :)19:49
Hazamonzopvandewyngaerd: Been a long day :)19:49
Hazamonzopvandewyngaerd: http://imagebin.ca/view/Cm-3aOu.html thats what im thinking. Not working though19:51
pvandewyngaerdif you load the  cda file in kate ? or if you click to open ?19:52
Hazamonzopvandewyngaerd: i click to open (already associated .cda file tyes to open with Kate)19:53
Hazamonzotried to open via Kate and the fiel menu. Same behaviour19:53
Hazamonzodang, gotta have me dinner. Back in 1519:53
pvandewyngaerdHamanzo: try adding .cda to the list of extensions already opening with xml19:56
pvandewyngaerdand make sure everything you added before is not confusing kate any more20:06
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AhoxHi, can I change the partition type without having to reformat the partition?20:16
pvandewyngaerdext2 -> ext3 -> ext4 ?20:16
AhoxMy problem is that I formated a partition as ntfs but its type is 83 - linux. In this case windows does not recognize the partition20:17
DarthFrogAhox: Cute.  Do you have a backup?20:17
AhoxDarthFrog,  no, its a 2TB disk...20:17
DarthFrogAnd do you have data on that disk you care about?20:18
AhoxDarthFrog,  yes, kind of, as in sucks if it get lost, but I won't jump out of the window kind of importance ;-)20:18
DarthFrogThen go ahead and change the partition type.  You _should_ be OK.20:19
Ahoxactually let me try it on a disk image...20:19
AhoxDarthFrog,  looks good, the data is still there20:25
DarthFrogGlad to hear it.20:26
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Guest74687un saluto a tutti20:38
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)20:38
TorchAhox: not a problem, just change it in fdisk.20:46
TorchAhox: ah, you did it already. fine.20:47
HazamonzoDang it. I want to use kate as my simple editor but it doesn't like me. When i edit the plugins and enable Tabs. then apply and close20:57
Hazamonzoits not there when i reopen20:57
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lokpestwow! knetworkmanager can only conect with dhcp and not use static ip?21:31
* lokpest reading all this bugs I found whe googling21:31
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dodo_duckhello all, i am using universal usb installer v1.6.5 to create a 4gb persistant image on my usb drive, but when i touch a file in my /root dir and reboot. The file is gone. I dont seem to have any persistance.22:01
kaddihi what plugin do i need to be able to watch divx in firefox? the vlc-plugin isn't really working all that well22:11
pvandewyngaerdhave you installed the kubuntu-restricted-extras ?22:12
kaddihmm any other suggestions?22:16
kaddithe video is playing fine, i would just like to get some control buttons so that i can stop the trailer for a while, until i get a buffer so that it isn't always stoping on me22:17
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kaddion a different note anyone here know the clementine project?22:20
kaddiporting amarok 1.4 to qt4?22:21
solidturtlehi, does anybody can tell me how do I install gcaldaemon deb package in lucid?22:24
Freddy2am i wrong, or kde 4.4.5 is in repos?22:33
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nerdy_kidis it possible to get this lovely config part in systemsettings? http://www.packagekit.org/img/kpk-settings.png23:01
Hazamonzohey folsk. How can i find information on the graphics driver im using?23:05
nerdy_kidHazamonzo lspci -k | grep -A 5 VGA23:06
Hazamonzonerdy_kid: Thank you :)23:09
GreydonSquarehey guys23:18
HazamonzoSo im trying to debug my ATI woes23:18
HazamonzoI can't seem to get decent composition working23:18
Hazamonzobut just recently i removed my FLGRX driver and reinstalled it23:19
HazamonzoIf i do this then composition works great23:19
GreydonSquarethat problem sounds like it would eat MY problem23:19
Hazamonzobut... if i enable my second monitor (dual screen)23:19
Hazamonzothe compositions stops functioning23:19
Hazamonzoand my desktop graphics become really sluggish23:19
GreydonSquareis it a virtual setup?23:19
HazamonzoGreydonSquare: lol. Sorry?23:20
HazamonzoGreydonSquare: Just a regular install buddy23:20
HazamonzoRight now im sitting with working composition with twin monitors setup (default)23:20
Hazamonzoim p[retty sure if i enable dual screen i have to restar23:21
Hazamonzoand then the graphics lag again23:21
GreydonSquareoh ok cool, i JUST got into linux so im trying immerse myself in linux chat and information. I installed a VMware fusion version of Kubuntu and Ubuntu,23:21
Hazamonzoand no composition23:21
daedaluzHazamonzo: phoronix forums are the best place to look for others with fglrx problems, check it out. I switched to nVidia, that's the best solution, frankly23:28
Hazamonzodaedaluz: Yeah i used to have a nvidia card. Thought i would give ATI a bash23:31
Hazamonzosilly mistake :)23:31
HazamonzoJust seems a shame that im sitting here right now with full composition, just need to enable dual monitors and im all set :)23:31

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