daniel_i would like to upgrade from kubuntu 10.04LTS to the latest alpha of Kubuntu 10.10.00:59
daniel_i dont mind using buggy software and helping the ubuntu/kubuntu communities.01:01
daniel_how can i e able to upgrade to maverick from kubuntu 10.04LTS without downloading an .iso?01:03
yofeldaniel_: make sure that update manager doesn't only show LTS release upgrades (somewhere in software sources) and then use 'sudo update-manager -d' in a terminal. It should show Maverick as available then.01:07
daniel_ok thank you01:17
psusiis anyone still having the power management icon show up in the indicator applet when it shouldn't?02:35
DanaGUpdated clutter and Unity... still gives blank desktop.03:05
DanaGoh,  I see... now clicking the button does something.03:06
DanaGStill not very useful... all it gives is a search box.03:06
DanaGAnd when I start typing in the search box, I get:03:07
DanaG.... it doesn't erase the text that's already there.03:07
DanaGAnd even when I clear the text, it gives zero results for anything.03:09
DanaGI hope that's not the intended behavior.03:09
legodudehi, anyone know how to disable the startup sound in KDE 4.5 in maverick?04:36
legodudethe option seems to have disappeared on me...04:37
napsterWhere is Maverick translations in LP?06:55
DanaG[ 1558.953086] rtl819xE:ERR in CPUcheck_firmware_ready()08:05
DanaG[ 1558.953106] rtl819xE:ERR in init_firmware()08:05
DanaG[ 1558.953120] rtl819xE:ERR!!! _rtl8192_up(): initialization is failed!08:05
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BUGabundo_remote"The medium '/home/mainroad/.VirtualBox/HardDisks/Win XP SP3-2.vdi' has a logical size of 2047GB but the file system the medium is located on can only handle files up to 2043GB in theory.08:57
BUGabundo_remoteWe strongly recommend to put all your virtual disk images and the snapshot folder onto a proper file system (e.g. ext3) with a sufficient size."08:57
BUGabundo_remote$ mount  /dev/sda1 on / type ext3 (rw,errors=remount-ro)08:57
* BUGabundo_remote scratches head08:58
dupondjesomebody that has vsftpd installed ?11:00
gnomefreakis there a limit on MG that Rhythmbox can handle?11:12
The-CompilerHi there, someone using Unity? I'm using Maverick + Unity, but when I click on the ubuntu icon, I see that graphic overlay and the search bar like on http://ubuntuxx.de/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/image7.png  but I don't see the categories nor the apps....12:45
htorqueinstall unity-place-applications and unity-place-files12:46
htorquesorry, didn't read carefully12:46
The-Compilerperfect, thanks!12:47
htorqueah, that's not your screenshot?12:47
htorquethen my advise was alright :D12:47
The-Compilerguess so. Nothing did change yet, but I'll restart unity and see ;) (however I need to go now, thanks again!)12:48
htorqueyw :)12:49
cucohi all, i need to test a package uploaded to maverik on my 10.04, grub2 to be exact. where can i get it?13:13
cucothis is because of bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/debian/+source/grub2/+bug/45026013:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 450260 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "grub-probe fails with btrfs root (and ext3 /boot)" [Medium,Fix released]13:14
Ian_corneif the fix is released, you should just update13:15
cucoif i understand this is fixed for ubuntu+1 which means i have to wait 6 months for the fix :)13:16
cucoand i kinda want to test it now on ubuntu+013:16
Ian_corneyou could install that package I guess13:16
cuco"where can i get it"?13:17
G_A_Ccuco: you could look into "apt-pinning"13:17
G_A_Cthis would allow you to have repos for both 10.04 and 10.10 on your system, always use grub2 from 10.10, with deps satisfied from 10.04 where possible, or 10.10 if the packages aren't available in 10.0413:18
G_A_Cit's a bit dangerous though I believe if you get it wrong...13:18
cucoeventually grub2 will need a newer glibc, i understand13:19
G_A_Cs/a bit/very/ then :)13:19
cucoso... which repository do you recommend? I usually use the local one which contains only stable13:21
bazhangyou shouldn't mix packages between versions13:22
cucobazhang: thanks for the advice13:23
bazhangthat is a recipe for guaranteed breakage13:23
cucobazhang: again, thank you. please read the bug report I linked to before and propose a better solution.13:25
* cuco shouts fedora 13, which does support this setup13:25
* cuco runs from the mad ubuntu fans13:25
bazhangcuco, you are set in using btrfs?13:26
cucobazhang: i do want to see how good/bad it is13:27
bazhangcuco, best way is use the development version then with alternate installer and d-i13:27
cucoeven though the kernel+btrfs utils on ubuntu are too old for this kind of setup (the interesting parts are missing)13:27
cucoguys, please stop13:28
cucoi have a working system, it's up and running13:28
cucoand i found a simple bug - with a simple solution: update grub2 to a newer solution13:28
bazhangcompletely unsupported method13:29
cucoi know, because i am testing something that is unsupported in ubuntu yet.13:29
cucothe good thing about using linux for 10 years and working for a hw vendor which sells linux machines is that you know the system enough to try risky moves13:30
cucowish me good luck, i updated two packages and it seems to work, now i only need to test if the machine boots :)13:43
cucook, seems to work, system is not on fire or something. now i hope someone backports those packages to 10.04, so I can have a regular install :)13:47
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hiredgoon 16:37
jpdslose 4.16:37
hiredgoonirssi fail!16:38
BUGabundo_remoteI'm feeling like wither killing NX or X16:47
BUGabundo_remotedamn it16:47
BUGabundo_remotedarn X/UDEV ubugs16:47
BUGabundo_remoteand can't find anyone to help me report it :(16:47
BUGabundo_remoteso if anyone here uses NX could help, I would appreciate16:48
adilalpmanhi all16:50
adilalpmanis pulse-audio will be default sound system for kubuntu and ubuntu 10.10?16:53
adilalpmanor can we choose alternatively it?16:53
adilalpmancan anybodyread me?17:11
adilalpmancan anybody give me an answer if possible :S17:12
Ian_corneadilalpman: it's the default17:19
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DanaG" Choose this to take full advantage of computers based on the AMD64 or EM64T architecture (e.g., Athlon64, Opteron, EM64T Xeon, Core 2). If you have a non-64-bit processor made by AMD, or if you need full support for 32-bit code, use the Intel x86 images instead."18:36
DanaGWhat, does Intel have no non-64-bit processors?18:36
maxbDanaG: But the assumption is that someone with an Intel processor isn't going to be considering using an "amd64" image, I would think.18:39
patdk-wkmaxb, only if the person using intel, knows that a company called amd exists, and is a intel compeditor :)18:43
SensivaI knew that amd64 images are for 64bit processors (whatever the mfg. is) from debian docus18:44
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pvandewyngaerdmy screen becomes black when i click the kbluetooth icon in Kubuntu MM, any one else having this ?19:29
patdk-wkhmm, kernel upgrade19:38
patdk-wkI wonder if my system will boot19:38
patdk-wkheh, same issue, kernel root ro option kills boot19:40
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DrHalanmh. i don't really understand why network-indicator is useing connman23:11
BUGabundostupid pidgin imploded23:27
h00kI've been out for a bit, is btrfs-tools supported by the installer on the daily builds?23:58

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