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ukleinekericm|ubuntu: oh, you're reading lkml05:57
ukleinekericm|ubuntu: and I would welcome some common practise, Linus, too, I guess06:00
ericm|ubuntuukleinek, replied06:27
ukleinekericm|ubuntu: oh, missed the __initdata06:43
* ukleinek is away, the children are up, so time for breakfast06:44
ukleinekericm|ubuntu: what do you need .dev_name for?07:20
ericm|ubuntuukleinek, nothing - just to distinguish between dev_name and drv_name :-)07:20
ericm|ubuntuukleinek, I hope in the end I can use dev_name only - when all platform driver accepts a list of supported platform_device_id[]07:23
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ukleinekericm|ubuntu: why is platform_device_id[] better than a dev_name?07:55
ukleinekericm|ubuntu: just to let you know, this is how I register devices on imx (currently)07:56
ukleinek83285 is more interesting than 83342 though07:59
ukleinekericm|ubuntu: regarding "Introduce 'struct machine_class' for SoC level abstraction", do you really want to have boot_params in struct machine_class?  I didn't recheck, but isn't that legacy cruft?08:10
ukleinek(i.e. for platforms not passing r2)08:11
ericm|ubuntuukleinek, well - I don't like that either - but for backward compatiblity consideration, it can be removed later as well08:24
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lagMorning hrq08:36
lagMorning hrw!08:36
hrwogra: hi09:58
ogra_cmpccooloney, does the new omap4 package have the videoram fixes from TI so we can actually boot with a screen ?10:29
cooloneyogra_cmpc: oh, no,10:31
cooloneyogra_cmpc: is there any bug about that videoram issue?10:31
cooloneyogra_cmpc: i can talk with sebjan about that10:32
ogra_cmpccooloney, there isnt a bug, i think sebjan's tree has the fix though, vram needs to be 32M instead of 810:33
hrwmy first gfx card had 2MB ram...10:33
ogra_cmpcwell, your first gfx card dint have three different outputs i guess :) each needs 8M10:34
hrwyep - vga only10:34
hrwand I used 1152x864-16 with it10:34
ogra_cmpcmy first gfx card didnt do more than 640x48010:35
ogra_cmpcand that was an expensive one back then10:35
hrwogra: it was 200010:35
hrwpci ati mach64 card which was quite obsolete at that time10:35
ogra_cmpcyeah, mach64 cards didnt exist when i started10:35
* ogra_cmpc isnt even sure ati existed back then10:36
cooloneyogra_cmpc: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=roc/ubuntu-maverick.git;a=commitdiff;h=5c5862e6dfc3a46e72d82c46ea8534b38c4ac3a810:36
cooloneyogra_cmpc: is this commit which will fix this issue?10:36
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cooloneyi am not sure about that, since there is no bug information in the commit log10:36
hrwogra: at same time I had Hyundai 386sx/25MHz with ati onboard graphics. but we used only 720x480 mode for text console with it10:37
ogracooloney, hmm, afaik it was just a config option10:38
cooloneyogra: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=roc/ubuntu-maverick.git;a=commitdiff;h=984ab103c27b1811e05a60e0a1a7129fed3b525010:39
cooloneythis is the only config change in the commit10:39
cooloneybut i failed to see any videoram fixes10:39
ograthere must be a default for VRAM10:39
cooloneyogra: so the testing kernel fixed that?10:39
ograsetting that to 32M should fix the display issues10:39
ograi havent tested it yet10:39
ograsetting vram=32M on the cmdline gives me HDMI with all kernels though10:40
cooloneythat's a very useful info10:40
hrwlooking at apt-cross code makes my head explode10:40
sebjancooloney: I planned to set the VRAM to 32MB by default in next kernel sometimes this week (not included in the patches you pulled today)10:42
cooloneysebjan: ok, got it. from ogra's info, HDMI issue can be fixed by that10:43
sebjanyes, the vram size can be overriden through the command line10:43
cooloneysebjan: sorry, i am not debugging on it, it seems it doesn't work on lag's side10:53
ogracooloney, TI said there might be issues with some monitors10:53
lagThis is the one I'm using10:53
ografunnily ndec said specifically with samsung ... my samsung works fine though10:53
lagFairly standard10:53
lagogra: What do you see on your monitor?10:54
cooloneyogra: mine is viewsonice HDMI 1080P, but don't have hardware to test, -:<10:55
ograteh kernel messages and some plymouth console errors (as i said my rootfs doesnt work)10:55
ograi'll try with a proper rootfs later today10:56
lagAt least you see something10:56
lagWhat kernel are you using?10:56
ogracurrently i'm busy getting the omap3 images working at least10:56
ograLinux version 2.6.34-900-omap4 (buildd@hubbard) (gcc version 4.4.4 (Ubuntu 4.4.4-4ubuntu1) ) #1-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Fri Jun 18 23:51:15 UTC 201010:56
lagSame as me10:57
ograthe latest archive kernel10:57
lagThat sucks :(10:57
ogradid you try booting without setting a serial console on cmdline10:57
ogra(your paste chopped off the cmdline string)10:58
lagsetenv bootargs root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rootwait ro mem=463M console=ttyO2,115200n8 vram=32M; mmcinit 0; fatload mmc 0 0x80200000 uImage; bootm 0x8020000010:58
ograconsole=ttyO2,115200n8 and no other console= option forces serial only10:59
ogratry dropping all console= options for a start10:59
ograthat should default to tty010:59
cooloneyogra: yeah, i agree10:59
lagsetenv bootargs root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rootwait ro mem=463M vram=32M; mmcinit 0; fatload mmc 0 0x80200000 uImage; bootm 0x8020000011:12
ogratry setenv bootargs root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rootwait ro mem=463M console=ttyO2,115200n8 console=tty0 vram=32M; mmcinit 0; fatload mmc 0 0x80200000 uImage; bootm 0x8020000011:12
ograthats what i used with my last boot11:12
ograif that doesnt work, tell ndec that LG monitors have issues too11:13
lagTried that already - Fail11:13
lagI think he would have heard you11:13
lagndec: ACK -^11:13
* ogra ponders buying something like http://www.mp3car.com/vbulletin/mp3car-blog-talk/141162-hardware-review-lilliput-669gl-70np-c-t-7-hdmi-monitor.html for travelling11:17
hrwogra: to car or for desk?11:21
ografor using my omap boards while travelling11:21
ograits small enough to fit in a laptop bag along with beagle or panda11:21
hrwand needs 12V11:22
ogracomes with power supply11:22
hrwso you need power socket to use it11:22
hrwdpkg-shlibdeps: error: couldn't find library libc.so.6 needed by debian/libgcc1-armel-cross/usr/arm-linux-gnueabi/lib/libgcc_s.so.1 (ELF format: 'elf32-littlearm'; RPATH: '').11:22
lagIt's more expensive, but: http://www.cinema5d.com/news/?p=306311:25
ograheh, $60011:26
lagAs I said ...11:27
loolhrw: Yeah, same thing as last week11:28
loolhrw: Did you make progress on this issue?  Did you chat with slangasek about it11:28
lagProbably better to buy a 12v battery pack - not sure how long it would last though11:28
loolIt's quite a subtle issue, and resolution is not easy11:28
hrwlool: I just got hit by that11:29
ogralag, well, i'm more intrested in having a display when sitting in some hotel room at a conference or sprint11:29
ograbeyond that the lilliput has a touchscreen too :)11:29
loolhrw: Isn't that the same thing as last week, where we discussed shlibs and building a fake shlibs package?11:29
hrwlool: no11:29
lagIt looks good, and I'm sure you'd be able to power it if you really wanted to11:29
hrwlool: thats I have in chroot which has all cross libs installed11:30
loolhrw: I dont see the difference11:30
lag(by batteries I mean)11:30
loolhrw: Do you have binutils-multiarch installed?11:30
* ogra fires off an omap3 livefs build ... 11:40
hrwlool: I found a bug11:42
hrwside effect of merging cross rules11:42
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lagHas anyone seen this before? http://paste.ubuntu.com/456338/12:24
lagogra -^12:30
ogra_cmpclag, nope12:31
ogra_cmpcbut i havent tried the kernele from lucid-proposed12:31
ogra_cmpc(which you seem to use)12:31
ogra_cmpchttps://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-ti-omap/2.6.33-502.8 doesnt really look like there was something added to it that could cause it though12:32
lagI'm using the kernel from git://kernel.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-lucid.git12:34
lagIs that proposed?12:34
ogra_cmpcwell, 502 is in proposed12:35
ogra_cmpc501 was a security update i think12:36
ogra_cmpc500 was the release kernel for lucid12:36
ogra_cmpcyour paste has 2.6.33-502-omap12:36
lagYes, that's what it says12:38
ogra_cmpcall i can say is that the 500 kernwel worked fine for me12:39
ogra_cmpcno idea about the security or proposed versions12:39
lagOkay, I'll try and find someone who has built the latest kernel12:39
lagThanks ogra_cmpc12:39
ogra_cmpcto be honest i dont really look at lucid atm12:40
* ogra_cmpc sighs about evolution-data-server being out of sync and breaking the images12:42
dcordesusing rootstock I created an ubuntu armel rootfs. most stuff works ootb. also networkmanager sets up my usb ethernet device correctly with dhcp. but there is one problem13:17
dcordesonly root can use networking13:17
dcordesI setup my 'user' ubuntu with all privilges seleectable in the gui but it didn't fix it13:17
dcordeswhat could be the cause of the problem ?13:18
lagogra_cmpc: Can you email me your Panda kernel which you have HDMI working on please?13:24
ogra_cmpclag, its the plain archive kernel13:27
lagAs is mine I think13:27
lagBut I'd like to double-check13:28
lagI'd like to check all avenues before I say "it's an LG monitor issue"13:28
directhexhow close is qemu-arm-static to the hardware platform ubuntu is compiled for, especially the thumb2 stuff?13:29
ogralag, http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/panda/13:44
lagThanks ogra13:45
sebjancooloney: I tested your image: it boots on my 2 boards. However, the smsc95xx.macaddr parameter does not have any effect, and I can't understand why... (this is the last patch that you pulled)14:01
lagogra: That doesn't work either. It must be a problem with LG monitors14:05
ograyeah, i suspected that after ndec's comment last week14:05
ograseems some EDID's cant be read properly by the driver14:05
lagThat makes sense14:06
lagIt must only be a parsing issue though? No biggy?14:06
hrwhttp://people.canonical.com/~hrw/ubuntu-maverick-armel-cross-compilers/ updated to recent compilers14:10
cwillu_at_workrcn-ee, <314:12
ogralag, probably14:13
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cwillu_at_workogra, do you know anything about x-loader and company?17:03
prpplaguecwillu_at_work: anything in particular you would like to know?17:04
cwillu_at_workprpplague, background:  I'm trying to rig up an sd card to update nand and poke at a couple odds and ends on a zippy board if and only if the user button is held down17:05
cwillu_at_workso, I need an x-load that both initializes i2c correctly so that the zippy will work, and which will pull u-boot off nand rather than mmc17:05
cwillu_at_workapparently the place to set that is in include/configs/omap3530beagle.h17:06
cwillu_at_workCFG_CMD_MMC   017:06
cwillu_at_workexcept, that doesn't make any difference17:06
cwillu_at_workit's reading the x-loader off nand (verified with the datestamp), but the option just has no effect17:07
cwillu_at_workif I boot without the sd card in, it loads u-boot off nand correctly, so it's not that I don't actually have a usable u-boot on there17:07
cwillu_at_worki.e., I could just kill off MLO from the sd card, and things would work17:07
cwillu_at_workbut I'd lose the ability to use the user button to trigger updating x-load and u-boot to nand17:08
* prpplague reads through and tries to understand your targer17:08
cwillu_at_workI don't get what I'm doing wrong though;  as far as I can tell from reading this, setting CONFIG_MMC to 0 should completely remove the code to even attempt to load u-boot from mmc17:09
cwillu_at_workbut yet it _still_ does it17:09
prpplaguecwillu_at_work: hmm, interesting situation17:11
prpplaguecwillu_at_work: i'd have to look at the sysboot configuration on the beagle(its been awhile)17:12
* prpplague pulls the docs17:12
cwillu_at_workand I've checked the voltages on the user button, it's not broken :p17:13
cwillu_at_work1.8v on one side, 0v on the other17:13
cwillu_at_workand pulled down to 0v when the button is pushed17:13
* cwillu_at_work huggles prpplague 17:13
cwillu_at_workthe odd thing is that there's a version of x-load that works properly re: nand, but it doesn't initialize i2c properly, so u-boot with zippy2 support just hangs17:14
cwillu_at_workfatload mmc 0 80200000 x-load.bin; nandecc hw; nand erase 0 80000; nand write 80200000 0 20000; nand write 80200000 20000 20000; nand write 80200000 40000 20000; nand write 80200000 60000 2000017:16
cwillu_at_workis what I'm using to write it17:16
cwillu_at_work(I've named the file x-load.bin instead of .ift after signing it, as the extra extension triggers the bad behaviour re: requiring MLO to be written first on fat17:17
prpplaguecwillu_at_work: hmm, from what i am seeing, if you have a valid x-load in the nand flash, and the user button is not pressed, it should load the x-load from nand flash, not the sd card17:21
prpplaguecwillu_at_work: is that what you are seeing?17:21
cwillu_at_workTexas Instruments X-Loader 1.4.4ss (Apr 13 2010 - 22:36:28) with user17:22
cwillu_at_workTexas Instruments X-Loader 1.4.4ss (Jun 28 2010 - 10:11:02) without17:22
cwillu_at_workboth give Loading u-boot.bin from mmc17:23
cwillu_at_workif I remove the sd card, I get Loading u-boot.bin from nand17:23
prpplagueahh, ok17:23
cwillu_at_workand then the u-boot prompt17:23
prpplaguecwillu_at_work: you need to look in the x-load code, there is a order of preference for loading the u-boot.bin file17:24
prpplaguecwillu_at_work: normally it is the sd card file, nand second17:24
cwillu_at_workprpplague, mmc support isn't even compiled in as far as I can tell17:24
cwillu_at_workinclude/configs/omap3530beagle.h is documented as the place to change the ordering17:25
cwillu_at_workbut the setting doesn't affect it17:25
prpplaguethat is in the x-loader code?17:25
cwillu_at_workline 48 should be 1 to boot from mmc, and 0 to boot from nand17:25
cwillu_at_workI've also tried disabling CONFIG_MMC entirely17:26
* ogra_cmpc thought its a matter of how long you hold down the user button17:26
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ogra_cmpcat least it seems to work that way wiht the ubuntu x-loader here17:27
cwillu_at_workogra_cmpc, if I'm not holding the user button down, it shouldn't be loading from mmc17:27
cwillu_at_workogra, it's pulling x-loader from nand, but that xloader is just going to mmc17:27
ogra_cmpcright, but if you hold it down after x-loader is up it should load u-boot from mmc17:27
cwillu_at_workogra_cmpc, ...17:28
cwillu_at_workit's going from mmc even _without_ the user button17:28
ogra_cmpcright, i got that17:28
cwillu_at_workthe only way it pulls u-boot from nand right now is if I don't put the sd card in at all17:28
cwillu_at_workyes :)17:29
cwillu_at_worklib/board.c:91 is where it tries to pull it17:30
cwillu_at_workand as far as I can tell, that shouldn't even be compiled in (CONFIG_MMC = 0)17:30
prpplaguecwillu_at_work: something doesn't sound right for your configuration and such17:31
prpplaguecwillu_at_work: i just tested on my beagle and it works fine17:31
cwillu_at_workand you had an otherwise bootable sd card in the beagle?17:31
cwillu_at_workthis is from koen's golden git repo :./17:33
prpplaguecwillu_at_work: i think it might be best if you have the same x-load built from scratch on both the sd and flash17:33
cwillu_at_workno offense, but how is that relevant?17:33
cwillu_at_workif the mmc is affecting this, then something is broken17:34
cwillu_at_workit shouldn't be touching it, and so whatever is on it should be irrelevant17:34
* ogra_cmpc agrees17:35
prpplaguecwillu_at_work: you need to start from a known position, if you have the same code built together at one time, you can use it as a basis for your tests17:36
ogra_cmpcwe're using 1.4.3 from the sarkoman tree in ubuntu btw17:36
cwillu_at_workprpplague, I'm not going to lie, that's a maddeningly frustrating thing for you to say17:38
cwillu_at_workI justed deleted MLO and x-load off the sd card completely.17:39
cwillu_at_worksame behaviour17:39
prpplaguecwillu_at_work: interesting17:39
cwillu_at_workcould you send me your copy?  about the only thing left it could be is my build environment and my beagle17:40
prpplaguecwillu_at_work: i'm currently at work and am limited to what i can send you17:40
prpplaguecwillu_at_work: i could post something on the wiki this evening17:40
ogra_cmpccwillu_at_work, just grab the ubuntu deb and unpack it if you need a working bainry17:41
prpplagueogra_cmpc: have your tried the MLO binary that i already have posted?17:41
ogra_cmpcnope, i'm not near my beagle17:41
prpplagueoops sorry that was for cwillu_at_work17:42
prpplaguecwillu_at_work: http://www.elinux.org/BeagleBoard_Zippy2#Copy_files_onto_the_BOOT_partition17:42
cwillu_at_workprpplague, was that MLO built for nand or for MMC though?17:42
cwillu_at_work... and all this to avoid teaching a technician how to write the firmware by hand :p17:44
cwillu_at_workjust to check, when you said that you had it working:  you had MLO and u-boot on MMC, and x-loader and u-boot in NAND, and when you booted without the user button held down, you got the message "Loading u-boot.bin from nand"?17:46
prpplaguecwillu_at_work: correct17:46
cwillu_at_work... you know what would kinda tick me off?17:49
cwillu_at_workif the damn signing program was silently not doing anything because of an existing file with the same name, which wasn't getting cleaned by make distclean17:49
prpplaguecwillu_at_work: yea you have to be careful about that17:51
prpplagueand you have to make sure that you copy the x-load.bin.ift to the file name MLO17:51
lagorga: ping17:51
cwillu_at_workno, not in this case17:51
cwillu_at_workMLO is what you call it if you're booting off the sd card17:52
cwillu_at_workwhich I'm not (unless the user button is pressed, but that's not where my grief is)\17:52
prpplagueright, with respect to the SD card17:52
cwillu_at_worknope, that didn't change anything17:53
cwillu_at_workTexas Instruments X-Loader 1.4.4ss (Jun 28 2010 - 10:50:17)17:53
cwillu_at_workLoading u-boot.bin from mmc17:53
cwillu_at_workprpplague, which config options did you have to change in include/configs/omap3530beagle.h?17:54
cwillu_at_workand then I'll stop bugging you and give up on this for a while :p17:54
lagogra_cmpc: ping17:55
prpplaguecwillu_at_work: sorry, i don';t have the source here, i'm currently working onsite for a customer17:55
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directhexsigh. i create an image to run qemu-system-arm, and i'm left with a blinking cursor and no cpu activity. this isn't fun.20:01
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prpplagueogra_cmpc: ping20:53
prpplagueogra: ping20:53
prpplagueany ubuntu userland folks awake?20:58
GrueMasterdefine "awake".  :P21:00
GrueMasterwhat's up?21:00
prpplagueGrueMaster: hey, i'm mainly a kernel person, i wonder if you know about running ubuntu userland with multiple framebuffers?21:01
GrueMasterHmm.  Not really.  I would think X treats them as separate screens.21:01
prpplagueGrueMaster: that is my thoughts, i was just curious if there were some good examples21:02
GrueMasterBut the only system I have that remotely fits that description is my desktop w/ nVidia graphics.21:02
prpplagueGrueMaster: ahh21:02
GrueMasterX should detect the outputs.21:02
GrueMasterI would think it would be similar to a laptop with external video output ports (vga, dvi, s-video).21:03
prpplagueGrueMaster: that was my guess, but some reading online seems to indicate some people have problems with that21:03
GrueMasterDepends on the card & drivers.21:03
* prpplague will find out soon21:04
GrueMastergood luck.  post your results.21:04
prpplaguehehe, won't be able to for a while21:04
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dcordesanybody able to comment on my non-root network usage problem ?21:06
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dcordesis it possble to debug qemu during rootstock process ?23:30
dcordesit seems like it gets stuck on "Switching to Virtual Machine for second stage processing"23:31
dcordesqemu process eating 100% cpu23:31
dcordesand mem usage doesn't change23:31
dcordeslast time let it run for 20 minutes23:31
dcordeswithout any output. is this high duration without any output expected ?23:32

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