stlsaintgreenjon: looking into python?00:00
stlsaintgreenjon: well pedro3005 is your man00:00
pedro3005I think it's an excellent source of confusion and frustration00:00
stlsaintpedro3005: LOL00:01
pedro3005and I do not feel the need for yet another beginners introduction to Python00:01
stlsaintpedro3005: today was my first time seeing it00:01
pedro3005the only possible validity of such a page on the ubuntu wiki would be if it described the integration of ubuntu and python. then, it would be a great idea (if executed properly)00:01
greenjonstlsaint: i'll have to keep that in mind >:D00:01
stlsaintpedro3005: you ever work with zope3?00:02
pedro3005never heard of that name00:02
stlsainti heard a few weeks back then came across it today in the python wiki...hrm, might be something interesting00:02
stlsaintpedro3005: sweet.... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AllanDay00:03
pedro3005stlsaint, that's not supposed to be there is it?00:04
stlsaintpedro3005: LOL..heck no!!00:04
greenjonpedro3005: is python considered "coding" or "scripting"?00:04
stlsaintgreenjon: how dare you!00:05
stlsaintgreenjon: simply python is a programming language00:05
pedro3005greenjon, it _is_ a scripting language, but nevertheless you may call if coding... I don't see both terms as mutually exclusive00:05
stlsaintgreenjon: just about every language is a scipting language00:06
stlsaintNOT ALL are, but most00:06
greenjonhmm on another irc server i chat on, a guy corrected me and said it's scripting00:06
pedro3005stlsaint, the hell man?00:06
stlsaintque paso?00:06
pedro3005there are lots of non-scripting languages00:06
stlsaintDANG IT PEDRO!!!00:07
stlsainti said NOT ALL are sripting!!!!!00:07
stlsaintSTAY WITH ME BUDDY!!!!00:07
pedro3005most of the languages a normal person is likely to have ever heard of are not scripting languages00:07
pedro3005C (and its variations), Java, etc00:07
stlsaintwell: perl, python, ruby, php,.....00:08
stlsaintpedro3005: you wanna fight?00:08
stlsaintdo ya...?00:08
pedro_stlsaint, shit man, I didn't know you could disconnect people from freenode00:09
pedro_I'll stay out of your way :|00:09
stlsaintTHATS RIGHT!00:09
=== pedro_ is now known as pedro3005
pedro3005stlsaint, IT'S ONNNNNNNN00:11
pedro3005according to the data in http://langpop.com/ , the three most famous languages are not scripting languages00:12
* greenjon says in his best announcer voice...00:12
pedro3005greenjon, anyway, do you know any language?00:14
greenjonpedro3005: used to work with vb 6 back in high school (8 years ago). haven't done any since00:15
greenjoni guess you could say i'm starting out fresh00:15
pedro3005greenjon, at least you have the concepts, like variables, if/else, etc00:16
greenjoneh i didn't do too much work with it. just couldn't wrap my head around all of it :/00:16
pedro3005greenjon, I recommend this: http://docs.python.org/tutorial/index.html00:17
stlsaintpedro3005: i recommend the school of UBT!! :D00:17
pedro3005and don't let any Perl dude tell you Python sucks because IT ROCKS DAMN IT00:18
greenjonhehe thanks pedro300500:18
stlsaintgreenjon: theres a couple perl fellas in BT but dont let them itimidate you!!00:19
stlsaintgreenjon: (they have some pretty serious itimidation powers!!)00:19
greenjonduly noted00:20
stlsaintalwasy stay vigilant00:20
greenjonBT being beginners team?00:20
pedro3005there might be a perl programmer in your household! ta ta ta taaaaa00:20
stlsaintgreenjon: si senor00:20
greenjonpedro3005: guaranteed to be no perl programmers around here lol00:21
greenjoni'm the only computer nut in this house00:21
pedro3005greenjon, then you are safe :D00:21
stlsaintgreenjon: i know how you feel00:22
pedro3005+1 - only computer dude in the house00:22
stlsaintmy wife runs ubuntu but she just wants it to be pretty, not code ready or anything,,,,just pretty!00:22
stlsaintand she doesnt know why she likes ubuntu aside from the fact that i like it00:22
greenjonstlsaint: lol i know what you mean. i still haven't convinced my fiancee to have a go with it even though she uses my laptop and i've got it dual booting xp and 10.0400:23
stlsaintgreenjon: touche, same here00:23
pedro3005I installed ubuntu on an old laptop.. the folks use it now and then00:25
stlsaintpedro3005: hehe00:27
pedro3005stlsaint, I've been needing to get back on that bot :x00:29
stlsaintcrap, man your right, i need to as well...i left off with the plugin00:29
greenjonthe two of you seem to be some busy people00:29
pedro3005I sit around all day procrastinating00:30
stlsaintpedro3005: ive been procrastination all day today ! :D00:31
greenjonsounds like me lol00:31
greenjonand being unemployed at the moment doesn't help much00:31
pedro3005we can start the procrastinating club... we'll start tomorrow00:31
stlsaintgreenjon: well learning linux will definately make you marketable!00:32
stlsaintgreenjon: id say get yourself a server or vps and start learning linux administration!00:32
greenjonhmm that would make me quite marketable00:32
greenjonnever have done any server work before00:33
stlsaintyou can get a nice vps off fivebean site for 20 bucks a month if or get a small server for about 12000:33
greenjonmight be an interesting endeavor00:33
stlsaintgreenjon: make look at jobs on craigslist just for giggles and see how all of them are looking for linux personnel00:34
greenjonlol nice00:34
stlsaintim so lazy its just stupid! :D00:36
pedro3005stlsaint, ok, I'll work on the bot first thing tomorrow!00:40
pedro3005well, no, I have to watch the world cup game. but I'll work on it _right_ after the game!00:41
pedro3005I just need to outline how exactly the permissions system will work00:50
pedro3005it's a theoretical rather than practical problem00:51
stlsaintim telling ya man lets run sqlite300:52
stlsaintlite3 or whatever that built in sql is00:52
stlsainti forget that fast...see lazy has its downside! :D00:52
pedro3005do you know how to use it?00:52
pedro3005I'd have to learn it00:52
stlsaintpedro3005: heck no, id have to learn00:53
stlsainti know its effective though00:53
stlsaintpedro3005: maybe we should take this to -dev...00:53
stlsaintpedro3005: i got snova talking, maybe he can shed some light00:53
greenjonwhat kind of bot are you guys talking about?00:54
pedro3005an IRC bot00:54
stlsaintgreenjon: built with PYTHON!!! FTW!!00:54
greenjonhehe cool00:54
greenjonsounds like a fun project00:55
pedro3005greenjon, yeah, learn python quick so you can join00:56
greenjonlol i don't think i could learn quick enough :(00:57
stlsaintgreenjon: sure you can...its really easy00:58
pedro3005greenjon, check it out https://launchpad.net/failbot00:59
stlsaintthats why i choose to learn it....heck i dont even really know it i just pretend to! :D00:59
* phillw or you can learn a really useful language like php ---> runs :-D00:59
* phillw unexpected " at line 001:00
stlsaintwhats the output error?01:00
stlsaintphillw: particular objects i mean??01:00
pedro3005you must be kidding me01:01
pedro3005phillw, go back to MySQL and leave the _real_ coders alone01:01
phillwstlsaint: well, that sort of depends if what version of php.config you are suing01:01
pedro3005phillw, talk about frivolous lawsuit01:02
phillwphp runs in both foramts http://forum.phillw.net/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=4#p77  kinda cute :p01:03
stlsaintphillw: php   geesh who are you!?!?01:03
phillwstlsaint: some one learning it :-D01:04
phillwnot doing _too_ badly, got my 'AAA' badge for accessibilty, something I do not think python knows ;-)01:06
zkriessephillw: PING!! Emergency!03:33
iktwhat's up?03:43
zkriessehi ikt !03:44
zkriesseikt: a forum error on phillw's forum03:44
phillwzkriesse: there is an error with the server#03:49
zkriessephillw: i figured03:49
phillwI am the line with the server people now03:49
phillw24/7 support :-D03:50
zkriessephillw: sweet03:51
zkriessethat's rockin03:51
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zkriessehey PD18705:32
PD187hello zkriesse05:32
zkriessePD187: sorry that i deleted switch2nix05:32
PD187I should probably take it off my autojoin then.05:33
zkriessePD187: :D05:33
stlsaintzkriesse: switch2nix?05:33
zkriessePD187: open a pm with me and we can discuss this05:33
zkriessestlsaint: yeah...i got rid of it05:33
stlsaintwhat was it?05:33
zkriessestlsaint: personal channel for me/friends05:33
zkriessestlsaint: due to my responsibilities in many channels i just can't manage keeping that up05:35
stlsaintzkriesse: how many channels do you have?05:35
PD187I have 17 in this client...05:36
PD187granted I never speak in most of them...05:36
PD18723 on the other :O05:37
zkriessestlsaint: you mean how many channels do i join?05:37
zkriesseOh, I manage #ubuntu-beginners-wiki and that's about it...05:37
zkriessei join/take part in 18 on freenode and 1 on GIMPNet05:38
stlsaintzkriesse: you a GIMP guru?05:39
PD187Oh, manage/own?  technically 2 for me then :-\05:39
zkriessestlsaint: I'm going to be working with the GNOME team eventually05:39
stlsaintgnome team as in doing what?05:40
stlsaintediting gnome?05:40
stlsaintzkriesse: ^05:40
stlsaintaye nevermind05:41
zkriesseediting gnome docs and such yeah05:41
zkriessesorry..i'm checking college courses05:41
that_guy_hi, does any one here know how to install games from cd using wine?09:38
that_guy_its star wars best of pc09:40
that_guy_when i install star wars republic commando, and run it i get a blank pop up window...10:32
geirhaNever heard of that game. You might have more luck in #winehq10:36
that_guy_how do i go there?10:38
kermiacthat_guy_: these sites might help10:39
kermiacthat_guy_: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=725510:39
* kermiac goes back to watching tv10:39
duanedesignhello kermiac10:54
kermiachey duanedesign :)10:58
kermiacduanedesign: There hasn't been many U1 bugs the last couple of days :)11:01
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guest999999999morning - trying to chroot in a livecd and get chroot: cannot run command `/bin/bash': Exec format error any help please11:06
duanedesignkermiac: are their any other packages you work on?11:46
_ting_anyone around ?12:00
_ting_i have a question12:00
_ting_why not can i do export in a script?12:01
_ting_bash script12:01
_ting_i have a few lines like this: export CFI_INSTALL=FULL_PATH_TO_WHATEVER12:02
duanedesignhello _ting_12:21
duanedesign_have you you figured out your BASH script?12:26
_ting_i am sorry duanedesign12:44
_ting_i was out of my computer12:44
_ting_how can i figure out my Bash Sell ?12:44
=== zz_severity1 is now known as severity1
duanedesign_ting_: when you execute a script it can not effect the enviroment of the parent. That might be what you are running in to?12:52
_ting_i want to run a script to create and update a few env variales12:53
_ting_so is it not possible ?12:53
duanedesign_ting_: If you really want your script to affect the parent shell's environment, run the script as ./script12:56
_ting_but i am running like this12:56
_ting_using ./12:56
_ting_but not effect at all12:56
_ting_that is why i am wondering what i am doing wrong12:56
duanedesign_ting_: try:  source myscript12:58
_ting_source ?12:58
_ting_umm ok12:58
=== severity1 is now known as zz_severity1
_ting_so instead of running myscript using ./, i have to run it using source ?12:58
duanedesignyeah the synonym for the source command is '.'12:59
duanedesignso instead of ./ use source12:59
_ting_ok thanks13:00
duanedesignshould do the same thing. Maybe one will work13:00
geirhasource myscript and source ./myscript is not the same13:00
geirhaThe first one will search for myscript in PATH13:00
_ting_it is woring now13:01
_ting_thanks duanedesign13:01
geirhaThe second will only look for it in the current dir13:01
_ting_now my script is working using source13:01
duanedesignok great!13:02
_ting_now i can update and create new env. variales13:02
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thomas_whitakernew to the site. i'm looking for some help with 10.04 netbook remix. got myself into some trouble messing with auto login15:08
hobgoblinnever played with the remix - but what have you done to the login?15:09
thomas_whitakerwell i just tried to change it to autologin, as opposed to password required. after reboot got a whole set of errors : could not update iceauthority file, there is a problem with the configuration server, and nautilus could not create /home/thomas/desktop...15:11
thomas_whitakerthought i was on to something here : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gconf/+bug/269215   but couldnt get the fix15:16
ubot2Launchpad bug 269215 in gconf (Ubuntu) "There is a problem with the configuration server. (/usr/lib/libgconf2-4/gconf-sanity-check-2 exited with status 256) (affects: 16) (dups: 3) (heat: 102)" [Medium,Incomplete]15:16
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hobgoblinthomas_whitaker: have a look through this one - fairly old now - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=102110615:20
hobgoblinbut you can unset the autologin thing - gksudo gedit /etc/gdm/custom.conf  and change the autologin line to False15:21
thomas_whitakeri managed to do that, changed it to false but still can not get log in to reappear. it automatically logs me in. not sure how?15:22
hobgoblinme neither then15:23
hobgoblinwere all the errors you got permission ones?15:23
thomas_whitakerhow can you tell if it is permission15:24
hobgoblinusually it says so I seem to remember - I have had the same thing in the past15:25
thomas_whitakerit doesnt say just grey box w/text and one option "close" for the iceauthority15:26
thomas_whitakerthe nautilus error does say permissions needed15:27
thomas_whitakeri tried messing w/ sudo chmod a+rwx /tmp  but kept getting error on that command, not sure why15:28
hobgoblindid you go to the link I gave above?15:29
hobgoblinhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/dmrcErrors might also end up being useful15:30
thomas_whitakeri did go there but, doesn't look quite right. i don't think its dmrc either... did you click on my link? it explains my problem exactly if you go to comment  #5515:33
thomas_whitakeri can't seem to get access to /tmp15:33
hobgoblindid you try chmod and chown on the .ice authority file15:37
hobgoblinand no I didn't read the comment in the bug report - I rarely do - not so easy to see who's answering who there15:38
thomas_whitakersays ICEauthority 'no such file or directory' with chown15:45
thomas_whitakeris there any easy way to see what exactly my user name is?15:46
=== collinp is now known as Hellow
hobgoblinopen a terminal = the prompt should say something like bert@bert-something - bert's the username15:47
thomas_whitakerthat's what i thought... this looks promising http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=901635515:49
hobgoblinanyway - good luck - I'm off now - hopefully there's someone from the team awake - they are the voiced people - maybe ping one of them if no-one appears - but bear in mind we are all volunteers15:49
thomas_whitakerof course, appreciate the service15:51
thomas_whitakeris anyone able to pick up on this problem with me?16:02
thomas_whitakermy problem is described here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9016355 but can't find fix16:13
thomas_whitakeranyone free to help?16:33
holsteinthomas_whitaker: have you tried making a new user?16:38
thomas_whitakerno, how would i do tha16:39
holsteinwell, you should think about this as one of the last efforts16:39
holsteinbacking up your home folder16:39
holsteincreating a new user16:39
holsteinand deleting that one16:40
thomas_whitakerok, this whole problem arose when i simply changed to auto login, ran some updates and booted. so really frustrating16:40
holsteini read16:40
holsteinim auto-login with no problems16:41
holsteinbut i did not encrypt anything16:41
holsteinis this a notebook?16:41
thomas_whitakertoshiba nb 20516:41
holsteindid you encrypt the /home?16:41
holsteinat install?16:41
thomas_whitakeri think so at install16:42
thomas_whitakeri saw the thread for that, but it looks way over my head, decrypting that is16:42
holsteinjust curious... why would you encrpyt the home, and later want to bypass that with auto-login?16:42
holsteinthats going to be the deal16:43
thomas_whitakeri didn't know what it meant to encrypt the home? it was the default setting at install if i remember16:43
holsteincould be16:43
holsteinits handy for noteboos16:43
holsteinwell, i bet that would work16:44
thomas_whitakerso i should give this a shot you think? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory#How16:44
holsteinthen the user thing16:44
holsteingood luck16:45
holsteinthats a drag16:45
thomas_whitakeryea, it was a relatively fresh install so i might just start over16:47
holsteini was going to say16:47
holsteinif you dont have any data your worried about16:47
holsteina fresh install is probably just as fast16:47
holsteinand this time, you can read EVERYTHING during install16:48
holsteinand google the terms you dont understand16:48
thomas_whitakerand it would probably reassure me of possible later glitches16:48
thomas_whitakerhaha, that's good advice. so would you say encrypt the home?16:49
thomas_whitakeri'm not worried about sensitive data16:49
holsteinits a security measure16:49
holsteinif someone were to steal your notebook16:49
holsteinif your going to have auto-login16:50
holsteinyou dont need it16:50
holsteini dont usually do it16:50
holsteinbut i would if i had sensitive data on me netbook16:51
thomas_whitakeryea, ok well thanks for the advice.. i had another question : does ubuntu require an antivirus?16:51
holsteinubuntu doesnt require anything really16:51
holsteinyou mean, is ubuntu a security risk out-of-the-box like windows?16:52
holsteinsomething you need to add antivirus to?16:52
holsteini urge you to read, and do research, and make your own decisions BUT16:53
holsteinive read that linux boxes running with windows boxes on the same network16:53
holsteinthose people usually run antivirus on the linux boxes16:53
holsteinto keep them from passing something to the windows boxes16:53
holsteindo i run antivirus? no16:54
thomas_whitakerok.. ill look into it. like i said, i'm new but really like the mission of linux, not to mention the look and feel of the os16:54
thomas_whitakerso much better than windows... if it weren't for these pesky glitches16:55
holsteinit gets easier16:55
pjarnahomhow to configure broadcom bluetooth....16:59
duanedesignpjarnahom: is it not showing up at all?17:13
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_CommandeR_Anyone got any solutiion about wubi going into c:/Windows/sysnative/bcdedit.exe instead of system32 ?19:55
_CommandeR_this = http://bayimg.com/LAncFaACg what do :(20:10
phillw_CommandeR_: I'd suggest heading over to http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=313 that is the section of the main forum dedicated to wine, I don't think too many on here have experience of wine20:12
_CommandeR_phillw, Wine?20:12
_CommandeR_why wine :P20:12
_CommandeR_its wubi :P20:12
phillwsorry --- blonde moment !!!!20:12
* phillw makes note to read more carefully :-)20:12
_CommandeR_How could you even remotely think its wine :P20:13
hobgoblinis there not a wubi channel?20:14
_CommandeR_nop... :/20:14
_CommandeR_posted recently in ubuntu forums hopes to get the wubi dev on it maybe.20:15
hobgoblinthere should be a channel20:15
hobgoblin_CommandeR_: got a link?20:15
thomas_whitakerhey all, i'm back with a partition question if someone can help20:15
hobgoblinI can as I am back now :)20:16
_CommandeR_hobgoblin, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9522206#post952220620:16
edwin-svhi, someone have made work a plugin to see spreadsheet in IE6 inside Ubuntu (installed with PlayOnLinux)?20:16
hobgoblin_CommandeR_: don't bump it and if you've had no bites in 24 hours ping me and I will move it to general20:17
_CommandeR_hobgoblin, sure will20:17
hobgoblinunfortunately it's all the help I can give you - as I wander off muttering about wubi20:17
_CommandeR_hoes that it will get bites before the 30 or the first20:17
_CommandeR_hopes **20:18
_CommandeR_haha :P20:18
_CommandeR_getting to Roskilde Festival in few days :P20:18
hobgoblinit's an international forum - which is why we like 24 hours before a bump20:18
thomas_whitakeri have a dual boot windows/10.04 netbook remix , trying to reinstall ubuntu but can't figure out partition screen. how can i delete old version of ubuntu and replace with new20:18
hobgoblinthomas_whitaker: are you in the installer now?20:19
hobgoblinor at least the livecd20:19
_CommandeR_he ran away20:24
hobgoblinhe'll be back20:24
_CommandeR_like all do :)20:24
hobgoblinsimple enough issue anyway = even zack could do it without pointing at a wiki page :D20:25
thomas_whitakercommander, hobgoblin any suggesetions for me?20:25
Silver_Fox_I hope so20:25
hobgoblinthomas_whitaker: yea - are you in the installler now?20:26
hobgoblinassuming you are - please open a terminal and paste the result of the following to paste.ubuntu.com - give us the link20:27
hobgoblinsudo fdisk -l20:27
hobgoblinthomas_whitaker: are you at the partition stage - if so pick MANUAL and hang on20:27
thomas_whitakerif i open the installer i can't access the chat room20:30
hobgoblinnot ethernet then?20:31
thomas_whitakerwait a tic, think i got it20:32
thomas_whitakerDisk /dev/sda: 160.0 GB, 160041885696 bytes 255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 19457 cylinders Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes I/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes Disk identifier: 0x22a222a2     Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System /dev/sda1   *           1        9604    77142386    7  HPFS/NTFS /dev/sda2           20:33
thomas_whitakerwait thats not right20:34
zkriesse!pastebin | thomas_whitaker20:34
ubot2thomas_whitaker: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:34
hobgoblinthomas_whitaker: I think we been there before :D20:34
hobgoblinI gave you the paste.ubuntu.com adress a few lines up20:35
thomas_whitakersorry sorry20:35
hobgoblinthomas_whitaker: k -all cool - start the installer go to manual partitioning20:36
thomas_whitakerok im there20:36
hobgoblinwhen you have the next window open - pick sda5 - then close to bottom of window - edit partition20:36
hobgoblinopens new window - use as drop down - ext4 - mount point drop down - pick / - then exit that window20:37
hobgoblinpartition window refreshes - make sure that sda5 has ext and / against it20:37
thomas_whitakeri have change, delete, revert as options20:38
hobgoblinnever had that - ever in hundreds of installs20:38
thomas_whitakerif i click manual partitions (advanced) then click forward20:39
hobgoblinthomas_whitaker: unless you'd already started the process and are now changing it I guess20:39
hobgoblinyea - must be in manual partitioning20:40
thomas_whitakeri have new partition table, add, change delete revert20:40
thomas_whitakeri shouldn't be there?20:40
hobgoblinthomas_whitaker: I have no idea what you did before you got there - you can just exit the installer and start again = though I'd appreciate a screenshot20:41
hobgoblinthomas_whitaker: go back and pick manual20:43
hobgoblinthomas_whitaker: ty for the screenie - picture paints a thousand words20:44
hobgoblinBodsda: hi to you - long time no speaky :)20:45
thomas_whitakerhobgoblin: this is prev sn http://imagebin.org/10319420:46
thomas_whitakerif i click manual it takes me to first screen shot20:46
hobgoblinmmm - k exit the installer then - start it up again20:46
hobgoblinthomas_whitaker: hang on - that is right - sorry long day - select sda5 and then change - I'm sure it used to say edit20:51
hobgoblinbetter to be safe in the end I guess :) you;d swear if I lost your windows ...20:52
hobgoblinooh - run away :(20:52
hobgoblinwelcome back - thought you hated me :)20:53
thomas_whitakersorry hobgoblin, disconnected : ok so i selected change on the sda520:54
hobgoblinthomas_whitaker: in the use as box - pick ext4, in the mountpoint box pick / and tick the format box20:56
hobgoblinexit - save or whatever the prompt is now20:58
thomas_whitakerok back at main partition screen20:58
hobgoblinsda5 should have / ext4 and format enabled20:59
hobgoblinnothing else should have anything against it20:59
thomas_whitakerroger that21:00
hobgoblink - forward21:00
thomas_whitakerso just to double check you know what im trying to do right? just replace an old copy of ubuntu with new21:01
hobgoblinwe are installing the new one over the top of the old one = the original install was on sda5  - we have juts told the installer to format that partition, use it as ext4 (filetype) and install the root system to that partition21:03
hobgoblinthomas_whitaker: I was playing with the minimal today doing the same thing about 6 times ...21:03
hobgoblinkept entering at the worng time instead of tab ;)21:03
thomas_whitakerhob: this whole issue arose because i tried to switch to auto log in with a decrypted home file and the system didn't like it. any recc for log in specs21:04
Bodsdahey hobgoblin :)21:05
hkc94501I want to mount a filesystem on /home but I am having difficulty getting a consistent copy of the current contents of /home onto the new filesystem.  I used rsync -a to copy to the new filesystem, then I added the new mount to /etc/fstab but when I rebooted with the new filesystem in place Gnome reported inconsistencies and would not start.21:06
Bodsdahkc94501: define 'inconsistencies'21:07
hkc94501I got some error dialogs popping up when Gnome was starting.  I would have to do it again and take notes to say exactly what, sorry for the poor information.21:08
Bodsdahkc94501: no worries, the likelihood is that gnome is looking for things like Xauthority Xdefaults etc.21:09
thomas_whitakerhobgoblin : system installing now, thanks for your help, your a gentleman and a scholar21:09
hobgoblinthomas_whitaker: I did catch the scrollback on that - I was here for a short while earlier with you21:09
hobgoblinthomas_whitaker: you are welcome :)21:09
hkc94501I'm thinking that I should probably do the rsync from single user mode (Does ubuntu do single user mode?  I'm an old Unix guy and don't speak Linux too well.;-))21:09
Bodsdahkc94501: it would be useful to have those error messages though. The issue is not with the destination of the old /home, but of the config files that it is expecting to be in ~/21:11
_CommandeR_Guys, how do you make an entry in grub to for example start in terminal mode only and launch a server application ?21:11
hkc94501Bosada: thanks.  I think I will try doing the rsync from recovery mode so Gnome isn't running.  If I still have trouble I will come back with detailed messages.  Many thanks!21:12
Bodsda_CommandeR_: you would change the default selection to be recovery mode (single user as kernel boot option) then launch the service/app as a startup program21:13
Bodsdahkc94501: see you soon :)21:13
_CommandeR_hm but will this startup also go upp when i launch in normal mode Bodsda ?21:13
Bodsda_CommandeR_: quite probably21:14
_CommandeR_Hm, but is there no way to make it when i only launch it in grub?21:14
Bodsda_CommandeR_: I would suggest not doing this from grub, but do it based upon user login, that way you can specify startup apps per user21:15
_CommandeR_hm, because i want to make an srcds linux server on my laptop.21:15
_CommandeR_Valve Source server21:16
Bodsda*shrugs* :) - _CommandeR_ have you thought about having another installation on the same drive. That way you could have different startup apps based on grub selections21:17
_CommandeR_Bodsda, hm, there should be a way though, My friend had a same server by just lauching it in grub menu that entered a terminal.21:18
Bodsda_CommandeR_: lets have a quick google then... one sec21:18
Bodsda_CommandeR_: does it have to be before the user logs on?21:20
_CommandeR_would be great if it would :)21:20
hobgoblinI was in one that like recently on the forum21:21
_CommandeR_about this ?21:21
hobgoblinhttp://www.uluga.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1519013you might get some ideas following this one21:22
hobgoblinthe one I was in I closed ;)21:22
_CommandeR_you are gold :)21:22
edwin-svsomeone have made work a plugin to see spreadsheet in IE6 inside Ubuntu (installed with PlayOnLinux)?21:23
_CommandeR_hobgoblin, hm but still no answer to his questions.21:24
Bodsdathis is rediculous.... if ubuntu didnt balls up the single user mode21:24
_CommandeR_Bodsda, what do you mean ?21:24
Bodsda_CommandeR_: there used to be a default grub line that just dropped to text mode. No GUI, which would have been perfect here21:25
hobgoblinmake a custom one perhaps then make it default21:26
_CommandeR_in grub.cfg?21:26
Bodsdacould do, if grub didnt balls up their config file :)21:26
hobgoblinBodsda: works fine here :)21:27
Bodsdameun.lst is the old one, that was magic, grub.cfg is a mess and I can't enthuse myself to learn it21:27
hobgoblin_CommandeR_: no - make it in the 40_custom file21:27
hobgoblinBodsda: I totally agree with that21:27
hobgoblinI've only bothered with a few bits of grub221:27
_CommandeR_hobgoblin, Say what now?21:28
* Bodsda would edit grub.cfg, but he loves messing with conf files21:28
hobgoblin_CommandeR_: add it to /etc/grub.d/40_custom21:29
hobgoblinBodsda: which is fine till there's agrub update21:29
_CommandeR_what should i add there ?21:29
hobgoblintyry adding whatever was the old line that Bodsda is talking about21:30
Bodsdabaah, edit the main one :)21:30
_CommandeR_Bodsda, what whas the line you were talking a but ?21:30
Bodsda_CommandeR_: the line already exists (it is called 'recovery mode')21:32
hobgoblinBodsda: oic - you want the old one without the root menu21:33
_CommandeR_Bodsda, recoverymode gives me a nice menu to select few things etc. You mean by Root "drop to root shell prompt" ?21:36
hobgoblin_CommandeR_: keep an eye out for drs305 on here - he might well know how to do that with grub2 if no-one else pisk it up21:40
hobgoblinI'm off now - night all21:40
_CommandeR_night oi/21:41
Bodsda_CommandeR_: yeah, that interactove bollacks is how they screwed that up, it used to drop straight to a shell prompt rather then that menu21:43
_CommandeR_Bodsda, hm i did a menu entry, now i need to launch linux without gdm etc.22:03
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hkc94501Bosada: Thanks for the help earlier about mounting a filesystem on /home.  Problem turned out to be that there was an additional home directory on the mounted filesystem.  So the result of the mount was not /home/username but /home/home/username  so no surprise that things couldn't find their configuration files.  Everything's working now that I removed that extra directory.22:30
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