dkulchenkoIf I've been experiencing frequent kernel panics since I switched to Lucid, what should I file the bug against?00:39
micahgdkulchenko: linux00:46
dkulchenkomicahg: thanks00:50
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trinikronoddecator: ping06:21
drew212ddecator: are you around?07:14
trinikronodrew212: ddecator is your mentor also right?07:16
drew212trinikrono: yessir/mam07:16
drew212trinikrono: how's you're debugging going?07:16
trinikronothat makes us classmates lol, its sir thank you very much07:17
trinikronoyou mind if i pm you i tend to talk a lot07:17
drew212trinikrono: go ahead =)07:17
drew212does anyone know why a user wouldn't have permission to access a .crash file?07:36
trinikronoany BC people online?07:44
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ddecatordrew212: trinikrono: sorry i wasn't around guys, i had some stuff come up. i'm about to head to bed, but feel free to pm me any questions and i'll get back to you tomorrow, promise :)09:48
trinikronoddecator: :D09:48
trinikronoi was killing the old bugs in checkgmail09:49
trinikronoit has 3 only now09:49
ddecatorvery nice :)09:49
trinikronoi have one to show you though sometime09:49
trinikronomaybe when you have time09:49
ddecatori can take a look at one real quick before bed09:50
trinikronobug 582778 i want to make into a question09:51
ubot2Launchpad bug 582778 in usb-creator (Ubuntu) "RFE: Support cloning an existing Ubuntu installation onto another disk in a bootable form (affects: 1) (heat: 102)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58277809:51
trinikronothats the best i can come up with09:51
trinikronoi am sure you rem this one09:51
trinikronoalso i think bug 236046 is a dupe of 403135 i just wanted to hear what you though09:53
ubot2Launchpad bug 236046 in checkgmail (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "checkgmail tray background colour cannot be changed (affects: 26) (heat: 137)" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/23604609:53
trinikronobug 40313509:53
ubot2Launchpad bug 403135 in wine1.2 (Ubuntu) (and 31 other projects) "Notification area icon wrongly rendered/uses bg_color as a background (multiple apps) (affects: 378) (dups: 33) (heat: 1757)" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40313509:53
ddecatorit's not really a support question though...you can leave a comment on the bug asking if dmitrijs thinks it could potentially become a feature of usb-creator down the road so it can be wishlist-ed09:53
trinikronolol, i dont think it is a bug either ddecator09:54
trinikronoso the question is, what is it09:54
ddecatorwell it's a feature request, we just need to find out if it's within the scope of the project. if it is, it can be a wishlist bug, if it isn't, then brainstorm is the best choice (even if the user doesn't want to use it)09:57
ddecatori'm looking at the other two a sec..09:57
trinikronotoo bad usb-creator does not take blueprints09:58
trinikronothat was the first bug you helped me with :D10:00
ddecatorwow, way too many people uploaded pics of their icons not working even after the dev asked them not to...-sigh- anyway it does look like it could be the same, so we could probably move the report over. however, i'm really tired and out of it, so mind if i look again tomorrow and see what i think when i'm awake? :p10:04
trinikronoyou go and sleep10:05
trinikronolooking at the questions in usb-creator10:05
trinikronoits not a long shot though lol10:06
ddecatoralright, thanks. i also started looking through some of your work. i want to look through some more, but i should be ready to give you a review within the next couple of days10:06
trinikronodoes ubot understand questions also?10:07
trinikronoquestion 7663410:07
ddecatorif you can do some work on a few recently reported bugs, that'd help. it's great that you are able to close a lot of old bugs, but work on newer bugs shows your abilities better10:07
ddecatori actually don't know if ubot2 can link to questions..not that i know of10:07
ddecatoralright, good night everyone10:08
ddecatorkeep up the good work trinikrono :)10:10
trinikronolater ddecator10:10
trinikronois anyone else able to look at bug 582778 from bugcontrol10:30
ubot2Launchpad bug 582778 in usb-creator (Ubuntu) "RFE: Support cloning an existing Ubuntu installation onto another disk in a bootable form (affects: 1) (heat: 102)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58277810:30
gnomefreakcan anyone reproduce bug 59931311:58
ubot2Launchpad bug 599313 in rhythmbox (Ubuntu) "There is no way to stop a song from playing (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59931311:58
jfignomefreak, I don't reproduce it with maverick (and I use rythmbox all the time)12:00
jfiyou just have to left click on the tray bar icon and deselect 'play'12:00
gnomefreakyou have to do the same to play after stopping?12:01
jfiyou can also hit the play button (left top corner) of rythmbox12:01
jfignomefreak, yes12:02
gnomefreakjfi: that pauses it12:02
jfiho you real mean stop12:02
jfiI don't know a way to stop that's correct12:02
jfijust to pause/resume12:02
gnomefreakjfi: that is no way for a UI to work. shouldnt have to be a seasoned user to stop a song12:02
gnomefreakstop a song so i can play another song12:03
jfiyou can remove the song from the queue12:03
jfiyou can go to next/previous12:03
gnomefreakjfi: that is not ideal just to stop a song IMHO12:03
jfimaybe, personnaly I use rythmbox all the time and I did not suffer for this missing feature12:05
gnomefreaki have ~5 gigs of music. play next/previous somtime isnt an option.12:10
jfiyes, skipping a song is very important:)12:11
jfiyou can do that, you have next/previous in the UI and in the trybar icon and even in docky12:12
gnomefreaki know that but skipping 50 song is not the best idea for new users.12:13
jfiI don't see the relation with the missing 'stop' button12:13
gnomefreakjfi: so pause is ok but stop isnt?12:14
jfiwell, that's just my very personnal opinion)12:14
jfithe usecase is to be able to replay the current song no?12:15
gnomefreakjfi: not from the bug i filed12:15
gnomefreakstop a song for any reason12:16
* gnomefreak be back in a few hours i have a meeting12:17
seb128gnomefreak, what does stop mean for a player? how is that different from pause for example?12:19
jfiseb128, it returns to the begining of the song12:20
seb128gnomefreak, not have a stop button is a design decision12:20
seb128you can click previous for that?12:20
jfiyou have to hit previous + pause12:20
seb128well what is the interest to go back to start of a song if that's not to play it?12:20
jfibecause is not stopping the song, it just go back to the begining of the song and playh it12:20
seb128I just discuss the real world usecase for stop12:21
jfiseb128, I don't know, that why I said that I dont see the usecasse:)12:21
seb128I think upstream decided there was no real need for one12:21
seb128it's not a bug12:21
jfiI guess that the usuability issue is that there is a stop button in most of song device12:24
jfiso user searchs it even if don't really need it12:24
seb128ipods for example don't have one12:25
jfigood point, my mp3 player (mws-e444) don't have stop too12:26
jfibut my old hifi system got one, even on the radio module (!)12:26
seb128old broken design? ;-)12:27
seb128in any case I doubt rhythmbox will get a stop button12:27
jfiwhy? Maybe I can really stop the radio!!!! :-D12:27
jfiyoutube does not have stop12:28
ubot2Gnome bug 320047 in User Interface "Add the STOP button to the Library control panel as it is in the Radio control panel" [Enhancement,Resolved: duplicate]12:37
jfiThe Stop button isn't something that is missing, it's something that has12:38
jfideliberatly been omitted. It's present in most other players to mimic "real12:38
jfiworld" audio players (even if it may not make sense since there is nothign12:38
jfimechanical involved in a computer audio player), but isn't really useful, apart12:38
jfifrom complexifying the UI.12:38
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hggdhjibel: ping14:59
jibelhggdh, pong14:59
BUGabundo_remoteL33T http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=%CF%80%25+of+133717:26
* vish hopes to see a few unassigned bugs get assigned tomorrow ;)18:15
seb128_vish, who would assign bugs?18:16
seb128_usually it works the other way around there, people grab bugs they want to work on ;-)18:17
vishseb128_: yeah , hyperair is running a bug jam tomorrow , so showed him the unassigned list18:17
seb128_oh ok18:18
vishwe probably need a tiny url for that link o.0  , copy pasting the wiki link is not possible :p18:18
vishhttp://tiny.cc/s36xt , prettier :D18:19
bencrisford!info tcl18:52
ubot2bencrisford: tcl (source: tcltk-defaults): The Tool Command Language (default version) - run-time files. In component main, is optional. Version 8.4.16-2 (lucid), package size 4 kB, installed size 68 kB18:52
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hggdhI hope pedro_ does not get sad if I get to go rooting for Brazil (as opposed to Chile) right now19:29
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trinikronoevening all22:08

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