akgranerhey jcastro this week's UWN when it's published will have articles from all 4 horsemen :-)  that's kinda cool!02:12
nigelbjcastro: its your turn on monday to post cleansweep updates - just remdinding you :)04:26
nigelbpopey: where do you find the background audio for uupc? It sounds so retro :)05:16
jussigood morning world06:32
nigelbgood morning jussi :)06:55
nigelbsaw the match last night?06:55
jussiwell until it went 2-0 and decided time was better spent in the garden06:56
dholbachgood morning07:01
jussigood morning dholbach, hows the hangover? :D07:13
dholbachhey jussi07:15
dholbachjussi: no hangover here :)07:15
dholbachjussi: I had like one beer with my sister last night07:16
jussidholbach: aww... cmon I expect more from you  :D07:19
dholbachI drove like 700km yesterday and was a bit too tired when I got here :)07:21
jussifair enough07:28
jussioh and heres a bit different take on the mac vs pc ad... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Ycih_jMObQ07:28
dpmgood morning all07:29
nigelbmorning folks07:30
nigelbdholbach: still high from last night?07:30
aramorning all!07:31
jussimorning ara07:31
nigelbmorning ara :)07:31
aramorning jussi, nigelb  :-)07:31
nigelbdpm: good morning :)07:31
dpmbuenos días ara07:31
arabuenos días dpm :)07:32
dpmmorning nigelb, jussi, dholbach :)07:32
popeynigelb: archive.org :) it's out of copyright which is why we use it :)07:32
nigelbpopey: its beautiful audio :)07:32
nigelbthanks for talking about operation cleansweep :)07:33
nigelbthe interview with sief was quite interesting :p07:33
jussipopey: commiserations... they were awful.07:34
nigelbjussi: commiserations?07:34
jussinigelb: he is english...07:34
duanedesignhello nigelb07:49
nigelbduanedesign: goto bed you insomaniac! :P haha07:51
duanedesign:P yeah my hours are backwards07:53
duanedesignnigelb: how is patch reviewing going07:54
dholbachpopey, james_w: are we still friends?07:55
nigelbdholbach: haha, I think went the linesman missed one goal any chance of friendship got blasted :p07:57
nigelbduanedesign: going badly, my laptop died, so haven't been able to do much :/07:57
dholbachnigelb: man, I'm so glad the goal difference was obvious in the end and not just a result of the referree we paid^W^Wwho overlooked that one goal :)07:58
nigelbdholbach: me too!07:59
nigelbI was taking a nap and got awoken with some loud swearing in many different languages07:59
dholbachI can imagine :)07:59
nigelbI came to see that the linesman missed that goal08:00
duanedesignnigelb: ugh, that is never fun. I am trying to do some package work. Haven't done any since before Lucid release.08:00
nigelbduanedesign: same here08:00
duanedesignnigelb: i also need to work on getting the word out about the screencast team. Need to raise some awarness there.08:01
nigelbduanedesign: the best way is to do some yourself and probably say how others can help :)08:03
* jussi dances a happy little jig09:07
nigelbjussi: wats up?09:38
popeyjussi / dholbach meh, it's only football :)09:40
* dholbach hugs popey :)09:40
popeythanks nigelb09:40
jussinigelb: just feeling good, which is strange for a monday. :D09:41
nigelbjussi: probably you had an awesome weekend :)09:47
nigelbpopey: :)09:47
nigelbdholbach: popey will say that now - I suggest bulletproof vest at next uds :p09:48
dholbachnigelb: you like your armed conflicts, don't you? :)09:49
nigelbdholbach: I've been reading mathew reilly :)09:52
dholbachnever read anything of him09:53
dholbachhey czajkowski09:55
nigelbdholbach: he writes james bond style novels, prety interesting to read :)09:55
nigelbaloha czajkowski :)09:55
czajkowskihows folks? Good weekend ?10:15
czajkowskidholbach: how's the head?10:15
dholbachczajkowski: the head?10:15
czajkowskiyes the head, as in were you on the beer yesterday during the match10:17
dholbachczajkowski: you, nigelb and jussi all thought I'd be totally drunk or high today - seriously when was I ever drunk or high? :-P10:18
dholbachczajkowski: just kidding - I spent most of my day in the car yesterday, but saw the match on a break after the first half of the 700km, so I just had one beer last night with my sister, when I arrived home again10:19
czajkowskidholbach: I remember you spilling my beer on me giving me a hug mister at UDS :p10:20
dholbachczajkowski: I'm sure it wasn't my fault :-P10:20
czajkowskifolks might like to watch this, really good talk http://meetings-archive.debian.net/pub/debian-meetings/2009/debconf9/high/1030_Tool_adoption_behaviour_in_the_Debian_project.ogv10:21
czajkowskidholbach: :)10:21
nigelbdholbach: actually, I thought you'd be high on the sucess of your team, strangely you're not :D10:23
dholbachnigelb: I see ;-)10:31
doctormoGood morning11:16
dpmdholbach, the intro to my UDW talk looks good, thanks a lot :)11:36
nigelbmorning doctormo :)11:44
doctormohello nigelb11:44
nigelbdoctormo: Hope you had an awesome weekend besides last night's match ;)11:44
doctormo4-1 is a rather bad thrashing11:44
nigelbeven 4-2 is rather bad :D11:49
doctormonigelb: I just mentored a guy into the ways of foss programming, I believe he was from your side of the planet.12:15
nigelbdoctormo: my side of the planet tends to be very much into programming, sadly not foss :)12:18
doctormonigelb: This guy was quite keen actually, liked the ideas of oss, asked on aardvark so I got him plugged into more relevant networks.12:19
dholbachdpm: de nada12:19
nigelbdoctormo: beatuiful :) aardvark is turning out to be a hit :)12:21
doctormonigelb: Aye I keep an eye open for foss and ubuntu questions.12:36
doctormonigelb: btw, what do you think of my cheeky floss logo: http://imagebin.ca/view/PK25f_Ri.html12:36
nigelbdoctormo: hahahaha12:38
nigelbRMS would hug you12:38
doctormonigelb: You don't know RMS do you, he's more likely to give me a lengthy lecture.12:49
nigelbdoctormo: Nope, I dont know him. Lenghty leture for what?12:49
doctormonigelb: "Free Software is the way, liberty is the only reason and everything else just gets the way of understanding the importance of freedom."13:12
doctormoI pretty much have a built in Stallman quote generator I've heard so much.13:12
Pendulumdoctormo: I bet you don't always say GNU/Linux either, you cheeky man :P13:14
* nigelb hi 5 Pendulum 13:15
nigelbthat was a good one :)13:15
doctormoPendulum: I know, I'm cheeky enough not to say either Linux or Gnu Slash Linux13:15
doctormoPendulum: I say FreeDesktop, and damn anyone's eyes who says I should say different!13:16
dholbachjcastro, nigelb: did any of you guys blog the cleansweep update?14:21
dpmdholbach, I've still got the "blog about daily builds" action for alpha-2. Is that something I should be looking into before the end of the week, or shall I postpone it until later?14:28
dpme.g a-314:28
dholbachdpm: I wrote something up and kept it in my blog as draft and marked the action done :)14:29
dholbachdpm: problem solved :)14:29
dpmdholbach, ah, good, thanks :)14:30
dholbachbut you're right I need to check with the LP folks again to see where things stand14:31
dpmyeah, I'm happy to blog about it later on as well. I liked jcastro's idea to show how a translation is submitted and the next day is already in the package and ready for users to see14:35
nigelbdholbach: jcastro's turn today14:36
dholbachnigelb: alright14:37
dholbachdpm: yeah, that's awesome14:37
jcastroit is my turn!15:11
jcastroon it now15:11
jcastroso does the -27 mean that we did 27 patches last week?15:15
nigelbjcastro: it means we closed 27 bugs with patches15:16
nigelbi.e. Fix Released15:17
jcastro+4 forwarded upstream, +5 to debian, etc.15:17
nigelbyeah, bad participation15:17
* nigelb is furstrated with laptop being dead :/15:17
jcastroI just got a new laptop!15:20
nigelbjcastro: lucky guy15:21
dholbachhey jono15:23
jonohey dholbach15:23
dholbachthanks jcastro!15:23
jcastrowoo hoo15:25
jcastrojono: I joined your ranks, ordered a kindle15:25
nigelbI'm off folks, catch y'all tomorrow :)15:25
jonojcastro, nice!15:25
jonolater nigelb15:26
jonojcastro, small one or the DX?15:26
jcastrothe small one15:26
jcastrobig one looks too big15:26
jcastroplus they dropped the price to like 189, hard to say no15:27
jcastrodang, just remembered something15:29
jcastronigelb: akgraner: are we putting cleansweep stats in lwn?15:30
jcastrosorry, UWN15:30
akgranerjcastro, yep they go out as part of UWN which goes to lwn15:38
akgranerjcastro, so yes to both :-)15:38
qenseGood afternoon.15:38
jcastrovish: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!15:38
jcastrovish: NOW I get mark's message!15:38
jcastroI was like "what does this message mean? Is he drinking or something?"15:39
qenseI needed Vish's clarification as well to understand it.15:39
jcastroI get it, 0.0.7!15:39
akgranerjcastro, I can add cleansweep to the Ubuntu stats area instead of the planet...15:45
jcastroit's fine15:45
jcastrothe more spammy the stats are the better. :)15:45
jcastroakgraner: I am on now, ring whenevs15:47
jcastrosurprisingly most of my mail is bugmail from app menu this morning! *gasp*!15:47
jcastrodholbach: hey were you able to hang out with mvo during your trip?15:49
dholbachjcastro: no, unfortunately much much much too busy :(15:50
akgranerjcastro, getting my headset now15:50
dholbachjcastro: but we'll meet in 3 weeks or something ;-)15:50
jcastrowe need to still corner him to do the apt-listening-to-avahi-thing by default in maverick. He's ignoring me. :)15:50
jcastroI recommend we surround him15:50
dholbachmaybe the sprint is a good time for that :)15:51
jcastroI think NGOs will love it!15:52
vishqense: jcastro: hehe , yeah , he had me confused too :)15:52
qenseWhat about the CUPS Avahi/Bonjour/DNSSD support? At the moment it doesn't detect Bonjour/Apple printers, while it can with the right flags on and a not-too-old version of libdns!15:53
qenserelogging for Unity!15:54
james_wdholbach: just :-)15:55
* dholbach hugs james_w15:55
jonodpm, ping?16:02
dpmhi jono16:02
jonodpm, quick call now?16:02
dpmjono, sure, let me get my headset.16:02
doctormojcastro: How did Mark pull off that message id of 007, or was it a freeky coincidence?16:03
jonodpm, http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/maverick/canonical-community-maverick-alpha-2.html16:08
jonoPendulum, what is the latest on merging in the chapter?16:15
Pendulumjono: I am finally better than I was. So definitely should have the first chapeter done by thursday16:17
jonoPendulum, great16:18
jonohow are you planning to handle the work?16:19
jonoare you breaking it down across the week?16:19
popeyjcastro: do you know of a good upstream ppa for gwibber than doesnt suck?16:21
jcastropopey: I use what's in the distro16:21
jonoPendulum, if for some reason it is going to be a struggle for thurs, just let me know16:22
jcastropopey: but I'll be making dailies for it when the feature lands in lp16:22
jonohappy to figure something out16:22
jcastropopey: yeah, lucid (though I am in maverick right now)16:22
popeyseems quite broken here16:23
Pendulumjono: current plan is to do 2 sections a day starting tomorrow and get done Thursday, but there's a slight chance I'd have to shift that off Wednesday so I'd finish Friday instead16:23
jcastropopey: is it couch? (probably)16:23
jonoPendulum, no worries, that sounds fine16:23
Pendulumjono:  are any of the other sections up?16:23
jonoPendulum, not afaik, I am going to check in with the other folks16:24
jcastropopey: this is why I am such a fan of chrome-wrapped web apps ftw.16:24
jonoI am just keen to ensure I can help if there are problems in getting it done by the agreed deadline16:24
popeyfair point jcastro16:24
jonolife crops up :)16:24
jcastropopey: this is what I use in app mode when gwibber is broken: http://hahlo.com/16:24
jcastropopey: the seesmic web client is quite nice too16:25
jcastropopey: I have to test maverick from now on so I rely on web apps because on any given day part of my desktop is broken16:25
popeythat is a cunning plan16:25
jcastroso I have a web backup for each one16:25
Pendulumjono: also, are there ways of getting the images/diagrams? (I've got the dot family in my section and it's good for people who prefer visual over words16:25
jonoPendulum, hmmm, good question, not sure - maybe a screenshot of the PDF?16:26
jonoI haven't got the originals16:26
Pendulumjust figured I'd ask in case you had a copy or could get them easily16:26
czajkowskijono: you free later for a catch up, have a couple things need some help on16:27
Pendulumjono: btw, my inner publishing geek was very happy with all the info about how the book was typeset. Especially as one of the typesetters at my old job is interested in Ubuntu, but hasn't switched as he mostly uses his computer to work from home16:28
jonoczajkowski, sure, when are you around?16:31
jonoPendulum, nice! :)16:31
nhandlerPendulum: That reminds me, I should follow up with some people about getting a LaTeX-beamer Ubuntu theme (like what Debian has)16:31
czajkowskijono: heading in 45mins and gone for 3 hrs visting mum in hospital and on then for the night16:32
czajkowskijono: nothing too urgent, just need some advice on a few things16:32
czajkowskiakgraner: see http://ubuntu.hu/node/19430 some of the teams are publishing the uwn links on their main homepages and tweeting them, trying to get more of them to read it16:33
jcastropleia2 is on west coast time now right?16:38
Technovikingczajkowski: I'm pinging the FC to get that ball rolling again16:44
czajkowskiTechnoviking: thank you16:44
czajkowskijcastro: aye16:45
czajkowskiTechnoviking: what was decided?16:45
Technovikingczajkowski: to be honest, I can't remember, still working 60+ week at my job and taking classes, so I'm having trouble keeping up with Ubuntu this cycle.16:47
czajkowskiTechnoviking: yer grand just wondered as didnt see a note on the bug. Tis a weird cycle, I'm not working, but the added work of looking for work and studying for interviews is taking up more time.16:48
Technovikingczajkowski: I hope the interviews are going good.16:52
dholbachjono: 8m?16:52
jonodholbach, yep16:52
jonoczajkowski, sorry, just finished a call16:52
jonoczajkowski, I have a call, can we talk either late tonight for you or tomorrow?16:52
czajkowskilater tonight is good, shall poke when I get back need to go see the mothership16:57
czajkowskiback later16:57
Pendulumczajkowski: hope she continues to do well with recovery :)16:57
jonoczajkowski, thanks!16:59
jonodholbach, will be a little late, wrapping an email16:59
dholbachjono: alright17:00
pleia2jcastro: yeah, I tend to wake up around... no :)17:03
jcastropleia2: ok, I have a WI to spread the word to loco teams about #classroom, wanna proofread my mail? (when I get to writing it, heh)17:04
pleia2jcastro: sure17:05
jonodholbach, done17:09
jonosigning into mumble17:09
dholbachjono: good17:09
jcastro<--- lunch17:16
* dholbach calls it a day - see you all tomorrow and have a great rest of your day!17:27
* dholbach hugs you all17:27
bencrisford!info tcl18:51
ubot2bencrisford: tcl (source: tcltk-defaults): The Tool Command Language (default version) - run-time files. In component main, is optional. Version 8.4.16-2 (lucid), package size 4 kB, installed size 68 kB18:52
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doctormohello qense20:10
qensehi doctormo20:12
doctormoqense: It's all too quiet, what's happening in your part of the world?20:13
qensedoctormo: nothing much now. Public life stopped a few hours ago during the football match, but the formations of the new administrations are still ongoing, although they are slow and don't seem to progress a lot.20:16
qenseWarm here. :)20:16
qense(There was even a suggestion for a coalition government as large as give parties! We'll probably get one with four, though.)20:16
qensedoctormo: How's your world part doing?20:16
doctormoqense: It's 33°C here and 90% humidity, it's like roasting in an oven with tin foil over you.20:16
qenseSounds fun.20:17
qenseI think we reached 30 today as well, but fortunately our humidity is better.20:17
qensejono: Will we have to redo all the screenshots for the d.u.c content you're gathering? The guidelines for screenshots in the Ubuntu Web Guidelines seem rather strict.20:18
jonoqense, yeah I am plannin on blitzing them all20:20
qensejono: ok, ping me when you need a new one20:20
doctormojono: You going to use the screenshot tool made by ubuntu-manual?20:20
qenseThat would be useful if we'd translate the page.20:20
qenseHey! What about translating the page?20:20
qenseWould be useful to reach out to local developers.20:21
qenseNot everyone is very confident in English, and maybe they'd feel more at ease with translated marketing. :)20:21
jcastrohey qense20:27
jcastroqense: did you decide on the roles for adopt an upstream?20:27
jcastrowether you were happy with them or not?20:27
* jcastro sees an easy work item to cross off20:27
jcastroqense: also I signed up for adopt an upstream for dev week20:28
qensejcastro: The roles seem good.20:28
qensejcastro: Ah! *Week sessions! Let me know if you need any help for that.20:29
jonothanks qense20:30
jonodoctormo, very possibly20:30
jonoI plan on nailing all the screenshots in one afternoon20:31
jcastroIs it too late in the day to declare this pantera monday?20:33
qenseWould that be positive or negative for this Monday?20:35
jcastroI guess that depends on how much you love pantera20:36
* qense goes searching on YouTube.20:36
qenseNo, that would be bad for my Mondays.20:36
qenseLol for Lifehacker's attempt to explain football, by the way. :) Was jcastro very sad when the US got kicked out of the tournament by Ghana?20:37
jcastroqense: I was sad, then england got knocked out so I felt happy enough20:38
qenseThis is the first World Cup I remember seeing this much enthusiasm from the Americans, like they care more nowadays.20:40
pleia2I recall it being popular last time too, but not before that, I think the web just helped bring fans together and buzz started so others started paying attention20:41
jcastroqense: I went to lunch at a sports bar and even though we're not playing anymore people were still there waiting for the other games to start20:41
jcastroqense: also, there are no other sports in the US right now so there's nothing else to watch20:41
qenseThat must have helped. :)20:42
qenseBut still, maybe because you started to play better recently, so there was more to watch.20:42
qenseI was surprised to see Budweiser as the main beer sponsor though, no one here drinks it or wants to drink it.20:43
jcastrothey sponsor everything20:43
jcastroeven the world rock paper scissors tournament (seriously)20:43
qenseThere is a world rock-paper-scissors tournament? :P20:43
jcastroyeah, I know20:44
jcastrowho knew?20:44
qenseWho watches that?20:44
qenseWhat kind of people?20:44
jcastropeople who drunk budweiser I guess20:45
qensejcastro: http://blogs.gnome.org/bolsh/2010/06/28/gnome-developer-training-in-danger/20:48
qensejcastro: Can't Canonical send some people? :)20:48
jcastroit's a shame though20:49
jcastroqense: do you know any of the guys planning the parties?20:51
jcastroit seems difficult to find space for a party in The Hague20:51
qensejcastro: I think I might know them without being aware of it, but I could become aware of it by searching my mail archive! What do you need?20:51
jcastroI need to find a place to host a GUADEC party for attendees that people can walk to from the venue20:52
jcastroand not want to charge us an arm and a leg20:52
qenseof course20:52
qenseWell, you are in Europe (euros!) and in The Hague (Randstad!), so things aren't going to be very cheap. But it should be possible for Canonical to get a location without selling your pensions.20:53
jcastroJeroen van der Vegt is the person I am talking to20:54
qensejcastro: You were aware that the former main planner/GUADEC local organisatorial lead, Koen Martens, has stopped due to 'personal reasons'?20:54
qensejcastro: He is the right guy for that indeed.20:55
qenseI find this of him: "There's still a request out for a whiskey 'nosing and tasting' during Guadec. I'd love to attend such event, but I do not have20:55
qenseenough time to organise this. Anyone who can look into this?20:55
qensejcastro: I'm afraid I don't know him, apart from having his mail address.20:56
qenseand elsewhere he said that it is also perfectly possible to stay in Delft or Leiden if you can't stay in The Hague, the public transport is good. But nothing more about parties.20:56
qensejcastro: So summarised: no, I'm afraid I can't help you here. I could help you with taking a look at locations if you need someone who speaks Dutch to make sure you don't get swindled.20:57
jcastrorick and I will work something out20:58
qenseOK, I'm off now. Shutting down for the day. Good night everyone!20:58
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czajkowskijono: ello back now21:05
=== Pendulum_ is now known as Pendulum
jonoczajkowski, can you talk in about 15mins?21:34
czajkowskiI can indeed21:35
jonoczajkowski, ok22:01
jonosorry for the delay22:01
jonoall set now?22:01
czajkowskijono: I am indeed22:01
jonoczajkowski, skype?22:01
czajkowskidont see you signed in o skype..22:01
jonologging in22:02
czajkowskilovely jubbly22:02
jonogot voicemail czajkowski22:02

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