directhexasac, ping01:40
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achiangping humphreybc03:49
achiangargh fat fingers03:49
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sabgentoncjwatson: is the website admin about?05:20
sabgentonI don't know his nick05:21
cjwatsonsabgenton: no05:58
sabgentonyes I knowticed  I found his nick :)05:59
cjwatsonI don't like giving out personal contact info when there are plenty of advertised ways to contact webmaster which don't rely on it being that one person06:01
cjwatson(the ubuntu-website project in LP, webmaster@)06:01
sabgentonI have since found that to install ubuntu server with usb-creator is now possbile but not with The out of the box instructions given on the website06:06
nigelbsabgenton: why don't you open a bug against the ubuntu-website project?06:09
nigelbI'm sure the concerned folks will take a look at it when they come online :)06:09
cjwatsonnigelb: I suggested that to sabgenton several days ago too06:12
cjwatsonI don't think stalking the webmaster on IRC is a good way to get things done, generally06:12
sabgentonmeah ok06:16
sabgentonI posted the bug06:16
sabgentoncjwatson: is the any proper way to bump a bug?06:17
nigelbsabgenton: you don't have to, they get a mail automatically06:19
nigelbcjwatson: agreed there06:19
sabgentonok I'll just leave the bug06:20
dholbachgood morning07:01
pittiGood morning07:22
dholbachhey pitti07:23
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asacdirecthex: ?09:16
lifelessthe 'share this network' stuff in NM is really pretty neat.09:17
RAOFNM is really pretty neat.09:17
directhexasac, i'm tracking down ARM problems with mono. it looks like our current 2.6.3-2 package in experimental, which includes the previous ubuntu ARM changes, doesn't build on the debian arm porterbox ("illegal instruction")09:17
lifelessRAOF: the adjective I had in mind was a tad different.09:17
lifelessI like this bit ;)09:18
directhexasac, getting ARM working well is a blocker on pulling it into maverick09:18
asacdirecthex: hmm09:20
asacdirecthex: i can see what happenes on our porter box09:21
asacgive me the .dsc ;)09:21
directhexon agricola, it fails about a third of the way through the build, i.e. when bootstrapping the class library, after building the C-based runtime09:22
pittiasac: I prepared the dpkg filtering patch for maverick, FYI; but didn't you say that there was a WI for that?09:27
asacpitti: one second. let me give you an item ;)09:29
pittioh, I was just wondernig whether I should close something09:29
asacpitti: you said you also needed to upload apt?09:30
pittido I?09:30
pittiasac: depends on what you want to do; these are quite independent09:30
pittibut I'd like mvo to have a look at my MP first before I put it into the official distro09:30
asacpitti: added that work item to arm-m-on-disk-footprint and set it to DONE for you. also added an apt item there09:33
pittiok, thanks09:33
Chipzzsabgenton: and FWIW, "bumping" a bug is hardly ever an appropriate thing to do in my personal opinion09:37
Chipzzpersonally I find "bumping" a bug obnoxious behaviour09:38
sabgentonChipzz: so if no one answers just leave it ?09:39
Chipzzsabgenton: they'll get to when they get to it09:41
Chipzzyou don't know what else they have on their plate09:42
Chipzzthat's the whole point of a bug tracking system09:42
directhex372 test(s) passed. 7 test(s) did not pass.09:42
sabgentonI'm just trying to understand the ettiquett09:43
sabgentonChipzz: do all bugs get read eventually09:43
sabgentonor do some get disgarded09:43
asacRiddell: please fix 51214609:44
Chipzzlike cjwatson pointed out above, the person responsable will get an email about it09:44
asacthat clearly had open MIR points when you promoted ;)09:44
sabgentonif It say there for like 9 months or something should I take action09:44
sabgenton / raise awarness09:45
jibelmvo, chrisccoulson, hey, latest flashplugin-nonfree in lucid-proposed introduces a regression. Could you please have a look at 429841 again.09:45
sabgentonor does that not happen09:45
asacRiddell: same for 51214809:45
sabgenton(it was barrly yesterday :)  )09:46
directhex7 fails is a HUGE improvement on what's in lucid09:46
sabgentonChipzz: with the understanding of time u just gave me I will leave it at thatt :)09:47
chrisccoulsonbug 42984109:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 429841 in flashplugin-nonfree (Ubuntu Lucid) "broken packaging: package flashplugin-nonfree failed to install/upgrade: (breaks upgrade)" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42984109:47
Chipzzsabgenton: raising awareness is sth which is often done09:47
ChipzzI disagree with the whole sentiment of "raising awareness", but that is again, my very personnal opinion09:48
Chipzzsth -> something09:48
Riddellasac: both opengtl and plotutils have .symbols files09:48
sabgentonChipzz: do you believe someone should submit and then trust the system?09:49
sabgentonno matter the time09:49
Chipzzif say one year passes you may consider bumping it09:50
asacRiddell: right. but plotutils the warnings still left09:50
asacat least one "definitly fix"09:50
Chipzzbut it's not like bugs get deleted from the BTS09:50
Riddellasac: right enough.  what's up with opengtl?09:50
sabgentonChipzz: ok I think I agree with that09:50
Chipzzit may just not be a high priority for the person involved09:51
mvothanks jibel, I check it out09:51
asacRiddell: now looking at the comments, its fine. thx09:51
asacRiddell: so just plotutils ;)09:51
asacRiddell: also bug 512159 has still a few issues09:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 512159 in libqtgtl (Ubuntu) "[MIR] libqtgtl" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51215909:54
seb128hum, do we really need tk8.4 in the default installation?10:06
seb128it seems only recommended by some of the printing stack components right now10:07
pittiI'd like to get rid of it, indeed10:13
pittiwe have had 8.5 in main for quite some time now10:13
BlackZcould someone look at bug #598874 ? this situation should be solved BTW10:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 598874 in libmpc (Ubuntu) "Please sync libmpc 2:0.1~r459-1 (universe) from debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59887410:14
BlackZ(libmpcdec is in main)10:16
seb128pitti, but do we need any tk at all on the default installation?10:24
pittiseb128: not sure what still needs it; would be nice to get rid of it, of course10:25
directhexpurging it doesn't seem to remove anything else10:28
hrwcjwatson: can you link xdeb page there: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xdeb ?10:33
cjwatsonhrw: urgh, cross-channel stuff, let's keep this on #linaro?11:14
hrwcjwatson: ok11:15
vaul1Hello people. Could someone please give me guidance? I want to know where to post a request for a mono icon for an application in Launchpad.11:19
lifelesswhat do you mean?11:24
vaul1I want designers of a standard Ubuntu icon theme to draw an icon for an application that I use.11:25
vaul1And I want to know where on Launchpad to post a request about that.11:25
lifelesspossibly the ubuntu artwork list11:25
lifelessI'm not sure a bug is the best way to get the attention of artwork folk11:25
vaul1Bug, feature request — what is a better way to get an attention of some developer?11:26
vaul1There is a «Humanity» team, maybe it is a place?11:29
vaul1There are similar reports here, so I am opening a report.11:31
vaul1It seems there is not much life here, though.11:32
vaul1Oh, «ubuntu-mono» seems an exact match for that, in case anyone else is interested.11:33
lamontcjwatson: how would you feel about ltsp-server [i386] for a depends?12:00
cjwatsonlamont: seems too heavyweight really.  we often advise people to install livecd-rootfs when they're doing customisation12:02
lamontcjwatson: ok.  I'll fix make-chroot.sh to install it then.12:02
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lamontcjwatson: all fix0red. enjoy12:23
cjwatsonI shall enjoy two fewer mails per day, hopefully12:25
lamontsounds like a drop in the bucket12:26
lamontcjwatson: on a different note, do you happen to remember which architecture was throwing random SIGILLs back when?  I'm thinking of dropping that auto-retry, since we've found at least one solid SIGILL on arm12:27
cjwatsonI don't, sadly12:28
lamontI'm fairly certain it was either hppa or ppc, just can't remember for sure which12:29
directhexis there an ARM porterbox available to non-canonical staff?12:29
lamontnot that I know of12:29
directhexhow vexatious12:30
siretartasac: what's the problem with libva? it does provide a shlibs file: "libva 1 libva1"12:30
asacsiretart: hmm. did i miss that?12:32
asacsiretart: you do that manually?12:33
siretartasac: I've just downloaded the .deb from launchpad and checked with 'dpkg-deb -I libva1_1.0.1-3_i386.deb shlibs'12:33
asacsiretart: thats the auto generated file, yes. having that maintained explicitly in rules gives more confidence12:33
asacthat someone is actually caring about that ;)12:33
siretartasac: which is perfectly fine until upstream actually does a change that is not.12:34
siretartasac: so you require some special action from the maintainer to indicate "I promise that I will check on the next upload?"12:34
asacsiretart: actually i want .symbols files12:34
asacso i dont need to hope that debian maintainer knows how to do that and does it right12:35
siretartasac: uff? is that a new ubuntu policy? since when do all libraries in main need to have .symbols files?12:35
asacsiretart: as i said. i want .symbols files12:35
asacbut its not required. i just want confidence that abi is properly tracked12:35
seb128siretart, hey12:36
asachaving no explicit makeshlibs doesnt give that to me12:36
siretarthi seb12812:36
seb128siretart, did you talk with sirestart about ffmpeg 49 and 50 binaries overwritting files issues?12:36
siretartasac: in the pkg-multimedia team, we do maintain quite some libraries and we do care about ABI/API issues12:36
asacsiretart has two owners now?12:36
asacsiretart: how do you track them?12:36
seb128siretart, with Sarvatt I meant12:37
siretartwith objdump?12:37
siretartseb128: no, he didn't contact me. what's the lp bug number you're talking about?12:37
asacsiretart: so you double check for every upstream pick that nothing changed and do the right thing?12:37
siretartI do, yes.12:37
seb128juin 25 00:36:58 <Sarvatt>gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg should just be built against libavutil50 anyway though shouldn't it?12:37
seb128juin 25 00:38:17 <Sarvatt>other junk is still using libavutil49 though like vlc and thats screwed up also if you have extra installed :(12:37
seb128juin 25 00:40:02 <Sarvatt>yeah libavutil49 isn't even built in ffmpeg-extra anymore so the screwed up empty package is just hanging around in the archive12:37
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asacsiretart: you do ... but how about the others ;) ... what i think is that its hard to see that a team i dont know cares about this in a way that we can rely on it here12:38
siretartasac: if there is a rule that all libs in main are required to have .symbols file, please show it to me12:38
asacbut i can approve it if you say its not going to be a problem ;)12:38
asacsiretart: as i said. there is no rule. and i didnt ask for that12:38
siretartyou said something else at 13:3512:39
asac13:35 < asac> siretart: as i said. i want .symbols files12:39
asac13:36 < asac> but its not required. i just want confidence that abi is properly tracked12:39
asacno ... thats what i said ;)12:39
siretartI see12:39
siretartseb128: he seems pretty confused12:39
asacthe easiest way to convince is .symbols ... not sure why thats a problem for anyone doing lib maintenance though12:40
siretartseb128: libavutil49 is NBS, packages will drop that dependency as they are rebuilt12:40
seb128siretart, dunno, but we got quite some bugs about avi playing not working in maverick, not sure if that's because we still use the wrong one12:40
seb128siretart, well, then we need to rebuild things to pick the new soname?12:40
siretartseb128: having libavutil49 and libavutil50 loaded at the same time shouldn't be a problem anymore, as I've introduced symbol versioning upstream12:41
siretartseb128: if there is an undeclared file conflict, please file a bug and tell me the bug number. I'll take care of that12:41
siretartif there is a crash, I'd need a backtrace12:41
seb128juin 25 00:33:24 <Sarvatt>libavutil49 is correct, its libavutil-extra-49 that is screwed up and that replaces libavutil4912:41
seb128siretart, I will check what's going on12:41
seb128siretart, I think he said he managed to get files overwritten and then not there after an upgrade12:41
siretartof course libavutil-extra-49 is supposed to replace libavutil49. same for the 50 variant12:41
siretartwe are doing that game for a couple of releases12:42
siretartis he on amd64?12:42
siretartthe amd64 build arrived only this weekend, because of the vdpau trouble12:42
seb128could be12:42
siretartthat I fixed this weekend by disabling the 32bit libs12:42
seb128siretart, I was just checking if you knew anything before spending time on that12:42
seb128siretart, I will try to figure what the issues are now and ping you back later if needed, thanks12:43
siretartseb128: as said, I'm not aware of a problem related to that12:43
siretartasac: .symbol files are still a huge pain for c++ libraries. We've tried for libjack, but it's pretty pointless there12:44
asacsiretart: we have a lot of crack libs in main even. some have loads of symbols exported that should never have been exported (e.g. _xxx symbols that were not properly hidden upstream). i just want to ensure that folks get reminded about this topic whenever upstream changes their abi/api and .symbols is the easiest way i can currently see that will ensure that such a reminder will take place12:44
siretartIIRC libva is plain c, so adding .symbol files should be rather easy12:44
asacsiretart: yeah i see your point12:44
asacbut libva is C ;)12:44
siretartas said12:44
siretartbtw, for ffmpeg, these libs also don't provide .symbols files, and won't in the forseable future12:45
asacin the end i trust you to do the right thing. but in general i am looking at a package without knowing its origin etc.12:45
siretartI play rather dirty tricks with the shlibs file so that the ffmpeg-extra trick works12:45
asacsad enough ;)12:45
siretartor other way round, I cannot implement that trick with symbol files12:45
siretartoh, I'd also love to get rid of that trick12:45
siretartbut that would require to promote liblame, x264 and xvidcore to main12:46
siretartwould you be more comfortable with that? ;-)12:46
asacbut does that mean that all other libs shouldnt use symbols ;)?12:46
asacsiretart: i didnt talk about ffmpeg here12:46
asacanyway. you can choosed: a) add .symbols \o/ ... b) add explicit makeshlibs o/ c) keep it as is and state the process you have in place in the multimedia team that will ensure that abi/api will be properly tracked12:47
asacall three are good enough to get approval12:47
siretartno, I just wanted to point out that I do care about ABI/API issues, and that I feel your decision to make a .symbol file a requirement for libva's promotion to main overexaggerated12:47
siretartI choose c) for now, but feel free to propose a symbol file as bug in debian with attachment ;-)12:48
asacsiretart: can you post your process to the bug then?12:48
siretartthat the normal sponsoring review process12:49
siretartbut fair enough12:49
pitti!regression-alert is cjwatson, jdong, pitti, slangasek, ScottK, mdz, kees, ttx, marjo, seb128: reporting regression in a stable release update; investigate severity, start an incident report, perhaps have the package blacklisted from the archive12:59
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:59
pittihm, that's what https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots documents..12:59
pittisorry all for the noise; seems I'm not able to update this, will contact Jussi13:01
jussi!regression-alert is <reply>cjwatson, jdong, pitti, slangasek, ScottK, mdz, kees, ttx, marjo, seb128: reporting regression in a stable release update; investigate severity, start an incident report, perhaps have the package blacklisted from the archive13:01
ubottuI'll remember that, jussi13:01
pittijussi: erm, wow -- that was fast :)13:02
pittijussi: many thanks13:02
jussialthough, lets just check13:02
ubottucjwatson, jdong, pitti, slangasek, ScottK, mdz, kees, ttx, marjo, seb128: reporting regression in a stable release update; investigate severity, start an incident report, perhaps have the package blacklisted from the archive13:02
jussiit works!13:02
jussipitti: the bot sometimes doesnt like long calls, not sure whats up with it. you did it correct, although it makes things easier if you include the <reply>13:03
* pitti grabs megaphone "This was just a drill. Don't panic. As you were."13:03
* ogra_cmpc shades his ears13:04
seb128pitti, way to stress me to start the week :p13:04
smbogra_cmpc, Back to the classmate again? :)13:04
ogra_cmpcsmb, my living room machine :)13:04
* ogra_cmpc is having lunch13:05
pittiseb128: need to clean up my GTG list a bit :)13:15
hyperairdholbach: ping13:59
dholbachhyperair: pong13:59
hyperairdholbach: i'm going to be conducting a bug jam tomorrow, and was wondering if you had the template (or at least the background of) the "Ubuntu in 50 minutes" presentation around?14:01
* hyperair needs to do some introduction slides14:01
dholbachyou mean the text for the presentation?14:01
hyperairhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Presentations <-- the first link here14:01
hyperairno, the template14:01
hyperairlike the background/formatting14:01
dholbachoh, I got that from henninge14:02
dholbachmaybe he still has it14:02
hyperairhmm so i should contact him for the template?14:02
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Jams/Bugs?action=AttachFile&do=view&target=bug_report_triage_feb09.odp might be helpful too14:02
hyperairhmm let's see.14:03
hyperairdholbach: ah that's the glossyubuntu template. i was actually hoping for something that suits ubuntu's colour scheme post-branding-refresh14:04
dholbachhyperair: I meant the actual content14:04
hyperairyes, that helps very much =P14:05
dholbachrock on!14:05
dholbachand enjoy the jam - will you post some pictures of it later on?14:05
hyperairdholbach: er where? =p14:07
hyperairer nevermind, i'll go register a flickr or picasa account or something14:07
hyperairdholbach: by the way, http://people.canonical.com/~dholbach/talks/Bugfixing%20in%20Ubuntu%20-%20German.odp <-- this gets 403.14:08
dholbachhyperair: sorry, fixed14:09
hyperair\o/ thanks14:10
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vishhyperair: hey.. how big an event?14:26
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cndpitti: I see that linux-firmware-1.34.1 has been sitting in lucid-proposed for three weeks15:41
cndis there something that needs to be done to push it out to release?15:41
pittiit has 2/4 verified15:41
pittiI guess it's "good enough"15:41
pittithe jaunty-proposed one is there for > 3 months already with zero feedback15:42
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cjwatsonpitti,slangasek: could one of you review the dpkg SRU in lucid-proposed, please?15:47
ScottKpitti: Would you please rescore kdepimlibs.15:47
ScottK ... or cjwatson ^^^15:47
pittiScottK: done15:47
pitticjwatson: looking15:47
ScottKpitti: Thanks.15:47
cndpitti: maybe the jaunty one could just be dropped15:48
pitticjwatson: so this calls sync() once per package instead of fsync() once per file?15:49
cjwatsonright, it turns out that's synchronous on Linux15:53
cjwatsonand on many filesystems fsync() ends up nearly equivalent to sync() due to having to catch up with the journal anyway, as I (naively) understand it15:54
cjwatsonso rather than write-sync-write-sync-write-sync, it's better to do write-write-write-sync15:54
ionCrap. Sorry, wrong channel16:13
cjwatsonpitti: the -23 kernel looks not too bad regarding verification; what does your threshold normally tend to be for this stuff?16:21
ogasawarapitti: cnd pointed out that amd64 ddebs aren't getting published for recent kernels  - http://ddebs.ubuntu.com/pool/main/l/linux/ .  I'm not familiar with what needs to be done to fix that, any ideas?16:22
smoserwe are in a freeze right now, right ?16:23
cjwatsonsmoser: no16:23
smoseri've not seen any announcements, but guessing based on alpha2 on thursday. wondering if there is somewhere i missed an announcemnt.16:23
smoseroh. ok.16:23
cjwatsonguess I should send a warning16:26
ograsmoser, "soft freeze" its expected that you upload "carefully"16:26
cjwatsonogra: if we were in a soft freeze, there would have been a mail to ubuntu-devel-announce16:27
ogracjwatson, hmm, i though we have soft freezes by default before every milestone16:27
* micahg thought it would be tomorrow16:27
cjwatsonogra: well, I just said "smoser: no" above, didn't I? :P16:28
ograindeed you did :)16:28
cjwatsonwe normally soft-freeze basically last thing Monday / first thing Tuesday before alphas16:29
hyperairvish: 2h 30m, the last event of tomorrow during the mosc 2010 (http://conf.oss.my)16:53
bgamariShould -work of hald-addon-cpufreq. After removing the file 10-cpufreq.fdi from /usr/share/hal/... it wasn't loaded anymore and my issue was done with.16:59
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bgamariScratch that; Should hald-addon-cpufreq be present in Maverick?17:00
bgamariIt may very well be the reason why my cpufreq maximum frequency is 800 MHz17:01
bgamariThere's definitely some major fail here either way17:01
bgamariI was under the impression, however, that we finally broke away from hal under 10.1017:02
JontheEchidnabgamari: that package is no longer available in 10.1017:15
JontheEchidnafrom what I can see, anyhow17:15
pitticjwatson: hmm, "gut feeling and talking to smb about regression reports", but I'd say something like #verified >= min(10, #bugs/2)17:21
pittierm, "max"17:21
pittiif it's been in proposed for three weeks and we haven't heard about problems, then it can't be too bad17:21
smbDid I hear my name?17:21
pittiogasawara: I'll check tomorrow morning (sorry, just finished a phone interview and need to run now)17:21
pittismb: boo!17:22
ogasawarapitti: no hurry, thanks!17:22
JontheEchidnaah, its part of hal. If you have apps that still need hal, it'll be there, but the default Ubuntu install shouldn't have hal by default17:25
cjwatsonkirkland: present for you, debian-installer 20100211ubuntu1117:47
* kirkland hugs cjwatson 17:47
kirklandand goes look at his present17:47
ogracoudl some buildd admin bump livecd-rootfs so it starts in less than 5h ?17:48
ogra(i tried to get NCommander to do it but he doesnt seem to be around)17:49
cjwatsonogra: doing17:49
* kees just spent 30 seconds trying to figure out what regressed. ;)18:01
cjwatsonkees: hmm?18:03
cjwatsonoh :-)18:03
keescjwatson: :)18:03
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cjwatsonogra: it's built now18:09
bgamariJontheEchidna: It's been uninstalled18:11
bgamarilooks like banshee pulled it through the upgrade18:11
bgamariAnyone know of a way to determine which process is writing to a sysfs file?18:11
JontheEchidnayeah, looks like banshee depends on hal18:11
bgamariftrace syscall_enter_open doesn't seem to catch it18:12
ccheneyanyone know why i would have trouble sending keys to the ubuntu key server? it seems to hang for me18:15
ccheneyor is the keyserver just broken?18:15
gesermight be that the ubuntu key server has issues again18:16
hyperairjcastro: ping.18:25
hyperairjcastro: when conducting a bug jam, how do you usually avoid stepping on each others' feet?18:27
kirklandcjwatson: thank you thank you thank you!18:27
hyperairjcastro: like person X changes bug A, person Y performs a redundant action on bug A at the same time18:28
jcastrohyperair: section off groups of bugs to each group, so like, either by package, or by status18:28
* vish had just set up hyperair for unassigned bugs and jcastro messed that up :p18:29
hyperairjcastro: yeah, so like vish said, i was planning to work on unassigned bugs, since there are quite a lot of them, and we don't have much time.18:29
cjwatsonkirkland: thought you'd like it18:30
kirklandcjwatson: very much so, can't wait to try it out18:30
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mdzSpamapS, re: your memcached branch, the code in debian/preinst needs a test for the arguments to preinst18:34
mdzI see it was copied from gearman, and it looks like gearman is buggy in this respect also18:34
SpamapSmdz: does seem like this would be a useful addition to debhelper so we stop making these mistakes .. since gearman copied it from mysql... ;)18:35
mdzSpamapS, indeed18:35
cjwatsonit's being added to dpkg, if this is what I think you mean18:35
cjwatsonconffile handling?18:35
mdzcjwatson, adding a user18:35
cjwatsonah ok18:36
mdzbut this is a general issue with maintainer scripts, forgetting the tests18:36
mdzthe mysql one even has the comment at the top "summary of how this script can be called" but ignores it ;-)18:37
SpamapSmdz: another thing that would be awesome would be if pbuilder simulated failures to test the abort states of the maintainer scripts.18:43
mdzSpamapS, sounds like the sort of thing which would fit into piuparts if it isn't there already18:46
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leonpeggHello all I know this is not the place to ask but ubuntu-app-devel were unable to help, could anyone here help me with packaging some sourcecode ? Situation (attempting to package the php-gtk2 source into a source package except need it to output multipul binary packages from the one source tree)20:14
leonpeggwould be happy to be pointed to the direction of a tut on it (but cant find one myself)20:14
directhexleonpegg, try #ubuntu-motu for more beginner packaging help20:15
lifelessand/or #ubuntu-packagng20:15
leonpeggThanks guys :DF20:15
Laneywhat's that channel for?20:16
LaneyIs -motu no longer the place?20:16
leonpeggseems as if both rooms have people in :D20:17
leonpegglooks like motu is for offical packages and packaging is for ppa's and the likes20:17
directhexasac, any idea when you'll be able to look at the downstream mono arm breakage? i completely give up on getting a build environment going without real hardware, it's just not happening, and i've spent about 2 days on this so far with reality fighting against me. best i can do is reverting whichever ubuntu patches broke building in debian20:19
ogra_cmpcdirecthex, sudo apt-get install qemu-arm-static && sudo qemu-debootstrap --arch armel maverick maverick-chroot && sudo chroot maverick-chroot20:23
ogra_cmpcdirecthex, oh, wait, you do mono, the above works for everything but mono thanks to boehm gc20:24
TylerGaltHello everyone, while browsing https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM , I stumbled on this sentence: "However this almost always NOT be the same hash as the iso image that was burned to the disk"20:26
TylerGaltWhile english is my second language, I feel like a verb is missing, but I'm not sure how best to correct this (I just created an account on the wiki). Would "However this *will* almost always NOT be the same hash as the iso image that was burned to the disk" work better in your opinion? Or should we revamp the whole sentence?20:26
JontheEchidna"However this will almost always..."20:27
TylerGaltcool, thanks :)20:27
JontheEchidna(sorry, lag)20:27
TylerGalt(no problem :) I wanted to double-check: it would have been dumb to correct the sentence to introduce a grammatical error. Goodbye everyone, and thanks for working on Ubuntu (love it) )20:30
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RinsmasterJust getting an opinion here: Is it a bug that nautilus freezes when clicking properties on an infinite loop postscript file?20:37
achianganyone know the best forum for casper questions?20:44
ccheneycan someone promote bugs 589993 and 58999520:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 589993 in mdds (Ubuntu) "[MIR] mdds" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58999320:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 589995 in mysql-connector-c++ (Ubuntu) "[MIR] mysql-connector-c++" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58999520:44
ccheneydoko__, do you happen to be awake to promote the above mentioned MIRs ?20:44
ScottKpitti or cjwatson: Would you please rescore kdebindings and kdebase-workspace.20:51
kbliner, durn, wrong #21:14
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ScottKThanks whoever bumped them.21:15
cjwatsonScottK: done21:16
cjwatsonScottK: do they need retried on amd64/armel?21:16
ScottKcjwatson: I just retried amd64.  Would you please bump that one?21:17
ScottKcjwatson: armel would fail now because kdepimlibs isn't done.  I'll retry them later for armel.21:17
ScottKSorry about that one.21:17
ScottKhttps://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Ninjas/DependencyGraph is the rosetta stone for KDE package building if you ever wondered the sequence.21:18
geserlooks simplier than the haskell ones21:25
ScottKYes.  Definitely.21:27
ScottKThose are totally insane.21:27
vishbdrung: audacity or audacious?  audacious has the icon21:39
bdrungvish: audacity - it has the icon21:40
vishhmm , odd ,audacity doesnt show icon for me too21:40
bdrungi am on amd6421:40
vishi386 here21:41
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zygawhere can I find older ubuntu releases?22:58
sorenHow old?22:58
sorenRight next to the current ones.22:58
zygaI tried checking cdimage.ubuntu.com but it seems /releases/ keeps going nowhere22:58
sorenFor really old releases, see http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/22:58
sorenTry http://releases.ubuntu.com22:59
sorenThat's where we put releases.22:59
zygaoh, thanks22:59
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ScottKcjwatson: Would you please rescore kdebindings kdebase-workspace again (to pick up armel).23:48
TheMusogah wrong tab23:49

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