sommermdke: do you know if there's any issue with doc.u.c updating from the maverick source?15:04
czajkowskisommer: would you know who I could talk to regarding getting a wiki page convered to a pdf and adding to the doucment team resources16:25
sommerczajkowski: not 100% sure, is it something that you'd want to automatically recreated the pdf after edits?16:37
czajkowskisommer: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/ubuntu-loco-manual-guidelines-and-best-practices16:37
czajkowskilast action item16:37
sommerczajkowski: I'd guess you'd have to convert the page to docbook, latex, or another format then create the pdf16:40
czajkowskihmm I've no experience in that16:41
czajkowskiI'll poke around some more, thanks16:41
ubuntujenkinsI suggest latex :)16:41
ubuntujenkinsyou could print to cups pdf16:41
ubuntujenkinsczajkowski: am i right in thinking you want the wiki page to be in a pdf?16:43
czajkowskiubuntujenkins: yes16:44
ubuntujenkinsI will have a go some time today if you like16:44
ubuntujenkinsczajkowski: http://ubuntuone.com/p/8DQ/ very first try We can soon change the layout. I have to go and cook now but will be back afterwards17:47
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ubuntujenkinsShayonJ: to be honest i don't know much about what needs to be done for the doc team i mostly work with the ubuntu manual team. the doc team mailing list is https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-doc this page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/Wiki has some info on helping with the wiki stuff19:04
ShayonJubuntujenkins: thanks a lot . :-)19:29
ubuntujenkinsShayonJ: sorry i could not be more help19:31
zkriesseShayonJ: ooh another potential wiki editor?19:32
ShayonJubuntujenkins: no worry dude . :-)20:17
ShayonJzkriesse: looking forward too :-) . Lets hope for the best ;-)20:18
ShayonJsorry for the late replies . Theres a match going on current ly . And Brazil is doing well . :D20:19
ShayonJzkriesse: If there is something you would like to share in this regard , lemme know !20:24
zkriesseShayonJ: well i lead a wiki group that is part of #ubuntu-beginners-team20:32
zkriesseShayonJ: I've got to mow my lawn but join that channel and ask around20:32
czajkows1iubuntujenkins: wow thanks21:04
=== czajkows1i is now known as czajkowski
ubuntujenkinsczajkowski: no problem, it was easy, once we get a layout you like. I think writing a script to convert the wiki to latex should be easy enough. No point people translating twice21:06
czajkowskiubuntujenkins: those links don't seem to work though..21:06
ubuntujenkinsczajkowski: the did when i posted them try http://ubuntuone.com/p/8DQ/ and http://ubuntuone.com/p/8Dp/21:07
ubuntujenkinsnope stupid ubuntu one21:07
ubuntujenkinslet me put them in drop box21:08
ubuntujenkinsfirst one http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5012868/locos.pdf21:09
ubuntujenkinsand http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5012868/locos2.pdf21:09
ubuntujenkinsI wish ubuntu one was reliable21:10
ubuntujenkinsczajkowski: What do you think of the layout? I don't like either of them very much but its not my document, I don't know how you see it21:13
czajkowskiubuntujenkins: wow thanks21:15
czajkowskiubuntujenkins: meet paultag alother loco council member21:15
paultag'lo ubuntujenkins21:16
ubuntujenkinshello paultag21:16
czajkowskipaultag: ubuntujenkins has helped with one of the action items http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5012868/locos.pdf  and http://dl.dropbox.com/u/5012868/locos2.pdf21:16
paultagsec -- downloading21:16
paultagubuntujenkins: looks like LaTeX -- any chance you can push the .tex to LP so we can merge it into our +junk branch?21:17
paultagubuntujenkins: looks great, btw21:17
ubuntujenkinsI can indeed push it. any suggestions on how you want the layout? which branch would you like it in?21:18
paultagubuntujenkins: whatever format is fine, don't go through extra trouble, I know tex fairly well, so you won't confuse us :)21:18
paultagubuntujenkins: looks great, really, thank you for helping :)21:19
ubuntujenkinscool, I am happy to help and do the other langauges. I will set up a branch and link it for you21:19
paultagubuntujenkins: sure, that sounds great21:19
czajkowskiubuntujenkins: you rock thank you very much21:20
ubuntujenkinsno problem. I needed to get around to writing my first actual file after loads of debug work for the manual team :)21:21
ubuntujenkinspaultag: / czajkowski lp:~ubuntujenkins/+junk/loco has the .tex file in21:24
paultagubuntujenkins: thanks mate :)21:24
=== Pendulum_ is now known as Pendulum
paultagubuntujenkins: branched and merged. I'll maintain "1.0" in lp:~ubuntu-lococouncil/+junk/guide :)21:25
paultagubuntujenkins: thanks, my friend :)21:25
ubuntujenkinsdo you want me to do the same for the other langauges?21:26
czajkowskiubuntujenkins: if you could I know I'd really appreciate it21:26
paultagubuntujenkins: I don't see why not, that sounds fantastic21:26
ubuntujenkinscool will do21:27
ubuntujenkinsi will prepose the merge when they are done21:27
paultagubuntujenkins: sounds great, I'll get right on it as soon as you do :)21:27
czajkowskiwhoo progress21:30
ubuntujenkinsthe translators have not translated LoCoCouncil/LoCoTeamsBestPracticesandGuidelines, kinda makes the file incomplete21:36
czajkowskiubuntujenkins: what do you mean?21:53
ubuntujenkinsczajkowski: it would be nice if the words Council teams best practices and guidelines were translated to go in the title21:54
czajkowskiah I see21:54
czajkowskiI'm not sure the translators do it that way...21:54
ubuntujenkinsright what do you mean czajkowski?21:58
czajkowskiwell I've not seen translators translate the title page21:59
czajkowskibut I'll ask dpm tomorrow21:59
ubuntujenkinsI just mean the title bit thats all21:59

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