flaccidsmoser: i took your advice; now i am doing ec2-bundle-image; just about to test one04:39
flacciderichammond, smoser : i noticed that bundling an image and uploading takes longer, i guess this is because its a full uncompressed img, in this case 10GB, right?04:39
erichammondflaccid: bundling and uploading an image takes longer than what?05:25
flaccidjust saying that ec2-bundle-image takes longer than ec2-bundle-vol05:25
flaccidbecause the image has a physical size05:26
flaccidthus why lots of parts compared to the compressed userland on bundle vol05:26
erichammondflaccid: Ah.  I use bundle-vol.  It avoids potential security issues with deleted files and lets you start up faster.05:27
flaccidyeah, i found the opposite with the security files thing05:27
erichammondflaccid: However, I think S3 based AMIs are obsolescent and should only be used for rare cases.  EBS boot should be the default for most folks.05:27
flaccidso you think ebs boot even if you are not going to bundle again i.e. true appliance?05:28
erichammondflaccid: With EBS boot you snapshot instead of bundling.  You can register the snapshot as a new AMI if you want.05:28
flaccidi'm talking about re-snaphotting in this case for persistence05:29
flaccidi think you can ebs vol boot as well05:29
flaccid625seconds to bundle from an image05:36
flaccidthat is considerably more05:36
flaccid36 parts05:36
flaccidupload 72 seconds05:37
flaccidgood rule of thumb to upload image parts and manifest into a dedicated 'sub-bucket' ?06:17
flaccidthe bucket can get large with lots of images06:20
flaccide.g. i just did rightscale-rightimages/rightimage_debian_squeeze_i386_server_v5.4.6_20100628.1.manifest.xml06:20
flaccidrightscale-rightimages will get very big with child objects06:20
flaccidlooks like it takes about an extra 3mins for startup with a bundled image06:31
flaccidyeah hmm 6 mins to go from pending to booting07:31
flaccidi guess its unpacking a 10GB07:31
erichammondflaccid: There's a fairly low limit on buckets, so I put bundles into relatively few buckets.  Of course, I recommending using EBS boot instead and with EBS boot, you don't have to worry about buckets.08:46
flaccidhow does ebs boot work - do you boot directly from an ebs volume that is restored from an ebs snapshot ?08:47
erichammondflaccid: Yes. http://aws.amazon.com/about-aws/whats-new/2009/12/03/amazon-ec2-instances-now-can-boot-from-amazon-ebs/08:48
flaccidyeah so you just pay a bit more for the ebs usage right?08:48
flaccidso you make persistent by taking an ebs snapshot and restoring/booting from that?08:49
erichammondThe root EBS volume is persistent itself.  You can snapshot to improve reliability.08:50
erichammondYou can also register a snapshot as an AMI to use as the base for new instances.08:50
flaccidyeah, the equiv of a rebundle to s3 right?08:50
erichammondDepends on your use, but generally.08:50
flaccidi assume the snapshot size is irrelevant to the size of your volume08:51
flaccidwhich means the snapshot is only the size of the data in the fs08:51
erichammondJust like normal EBS volume snapshots.  Depends on the data onthe disk and the blocks modified since the last snapshot.08:52
flaccidyep the delta08:52
flaccidi'm just thinking about the process when using a bootstrapped ami mounted to loopback..08:52
erichammondYou create the original AMI by copying the file system over to an EBS volume and creating a snapshot.08:53
flaccidyep i'm just thinking of avoiding the copying08:53
flacciddon't think its possible08:54
flaccidrsync -avz08:54
erichammondIf you don't copy, then you have more modified blocks on the EBS volume including any deleted files.08:54
erichammondIt is possible, but I recommend the rsync.  No need to use -z08:55
flaccidok thanks08:55
flaccidbasically everything is strapped to a .img08:55
flaccidthen s3 or ebs are options after that..08:55
erichammondYou don't need to use loopback.  You can debootstrap to a subdirectory08:56
erichammondassuming you're still building Debian.08:56
flaccidyeah but my build process uses an image so you can also archive that08:57
flaccidand optionally remount and check prior to bundling/regstration08:57
flaccidits handy for the possibilities of generic images between ec2 and eucalyptus08:59
erichammondflaccid: Yep, that's what Canonical is doing.  I start my EBS boot AMIs by downloading their pre-built images.09:12
flaccidsweet as09:13
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