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ScottKjussi: Could you help me figure out who "owns" #ubuntu-python?23:38
erUSULScottK: freenode-staff         +voOtsriRfAF23:40
ScottKerUSUL: Can you translate that into English for the IRC impaired?23:41
erUSULScottK: freenode-estaff is a cloak of freenode staffers afaik; they probably registered it preemptively or maybe they just regained ownership after seeing someone not allowed using the chan ?23:42
marienzthe previous owner disappeared, so it's now owned by the freenode-staff fake(ish) account. To regain control of it you need to get a ubuntu group contact to ask a freenode staffer to transfer ownership.23:42
marienzif the founder account is dropped it falls to freenode-staff automatically. It's more likely that's what happened than that it was explicitly transferred to freenode-staff.23:43
marienz(I'm freenode staff, in case you missed that part)23:43
erUSULScottK: there you go :) just ping jussi Pici topyli tsimpson or nhandler XD23:44
ScottKmarienz: I did.23:44
ScottK(miss that)23:44
ScottKjussi: I'd like to get this channel under control so we can redirect people to #debian-python on OFTC where the joint Ubuntu/Debian python work happens.23:46

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