flandaker, pong.00:07
dakerdid you saw the mockup ? http://imagebin.org/index.php?mode=image&id=10241600:08
flanI did. But, as I mentioned, I think we're envisioning rather different scopes.00:09
flanI'll be taking some of your layout and formatting ideas, of course, but this isn't intended to be a public resource.00:10
flanIt's just a part of the backend system for Quickshot. Most installations will only really have one or two projects.00:10
flanYour mockup will probably be really useful as a starting point for the quickshot.ubuntu-manual.org page, though.00:11
flanSince that'll feature a whole bunch of unrelated projects in a single place.00:11
flanOnce we start work on allowing other groups to advertise through the bulletin-board-like system00:12
flanI like how you were using space in the mockup, though. I'll definitely try to reflect that when I start tweaking things again.00:14
flanThanks. :)00:14
dakeryou are welcome00:16
zkriessehey guys got a question00:49
zkriessehow do i make my own branch that i could push stuff up to for my own project?00:49
brandonjfor you personally or for a project?00:51
brandonjeither way you go to the "Code" page on Launchpad for either you, or your project and pick 'register new branch' I think00:52
zkriesseit's my project00:53
brandonjyeah so go to "Code" at the top00:53
zkriesseI have two pdf's but instead of changing then deleting and re-uploading the new version i'd like to be able to just push it00:53
zkriesseregister a branch?00:54
brandonji think so00:54
brandonjI've never actually done it myself though00:54
brandonjafk for a couple hours00:56
zkriesseok now just gotta figure out how to add the file00:56
dakerzkriesse, just create a folder00:57
zkriessedaker: where00:57
zkriessedaker: in my projects folder?00:57
dakerif you want00:58
dakerthen $ cd /to/this/folder00:58
dakerthen do00:58
daker$ bzr init00:58
zkriesseok done00:59
zkriessei did that now what00:59
dakeradd your files in this folder00:59
zkriesseoh ok01:00
dakerthen $ bzr commit -m "type here what you have done"01:00
zkriesseit said no changes to commit01:02
daker$ bzr add01:02
zkriesseI've got two .tex files for two different pdf's01:03
zkriesseshould i make two separate folders in the main folder or?01:03
dakerit dependent on you01:04
zkriessewell how do i push the files up there01:04
zkriessei did the bzr add01:04
zkriessedo i do bzr commit?01:04
daker$ bzr commit -m "type here what you have done"01:04
zkriesseand then bzr push01:05
daker$ bzr push --use-existing-dir lp:your branch here01:06
zkriesseI was just going to ask what to type01:07
zkriesselol it gave me an error01:07
dakerpaste here01:07
zkriessethink i got it01:08
zkriesseone sec01:08
dakerit works01:09
dakeryour branch is being updated01:10
zkriesseit didn't update my pdf though01:11
zkriessei'm trying to update the Filing Wiki Bugs01:11
dakerit will not update your pdfs01:11
dakeryou should do it your self01:12
zkriessewell that's what i wanted to do01:12
zkriesseis there a way i can do that?01:12
dakeryou want just by updating the tex files in your branch then the pdfs will be update ?01:13
zkriesseI was hoping to01:14
zkriesseGuess not?01:14
dakeri think so01:14
zkriessecause it's not01:15
dakerlaunchpad can't do that01:16
zkriessewell i was hoping to do it like the ubuntu manual01:16
zkriessedo i have to merge the two pdf's into one first?01:16
dakerreally i don't know much more, you should ask godbyk or godbyk-android, he is Mr TEX :)01:19
zkriessegodbyk-android: HELP!01:20
zkriessegodbyk-android: HELP!01:33
zkriessebrandonj: ping01:33
zkriessebrandonj: wait never mind sorry01:34
zkriessedaker: ok i think i got it...just it wont let me commit the change01:52
zkriessedaker: i try and it goes01:53
zkriessezach@zach-desktop:~/Projects/main$ bzr commit01:53
zkriesseCommitting to: /home/zach/Projects/main/01:53
zkriesseaborting commit write group: PointlessCommit(No changes to commit)01:53
zkriessebzr: ERROR: No changes to commit. Use --unchanged to commit anyhow.01:53
dakerit says that you did't make any changes on your files01:53
zkriessewell i did01:53
dakerwhat you did ?01:53
zkriessei edited like three or four lines01:53
dakeryou are sure ?01:54
zkriesseI know when I'm editing something01:54
dakerbzr add01:54
dakerthen  $ bzr commit --unchanged -m "type your changes here"01:55
daker$ bzr push lp:your branch here01:55
dakerwithout the --use-existing-dir01:56
dakernight all02:14
zkriessegodbyk-android: u there?02:24
brandonjwhats your issue, zkriesse02:26
zkriessebrandonj: it's the branch thing...the thing you couldn't help with02:26
brandonjwhat thing02:26
zkriessecommiting/pushing my edit(s) of my own .tex file to a branch on lp for my project to update the pdf file02:27
brandonjwhat didn't work02:27
brandonjor what doesn't work, I should say02:28
zkriesseIt wouldn't update the pdf02:28
zkriesseit would push but not update02:28
brandonjit probably can't read changes in the pdf because it isn't plain text02:28
brandonjif you want to distribute a pdf that way you probably have to get everybody else to build it from the .tex02:29
zkriesseWell i'm not going to worry about it...at least not for now..i'll just edit it when it needs editing, change it to a pdf and upload it to lp02:29
zkriessethanks though02:30
brandonjno problem02:30
godbyk-saganOkay. Have checked into the hotel and have eaten dinner. Let's see what I've missed.05:46
zkriessegodbyk-sagan: I need some help!05:47
godbyk-saganHey, zkriesse. What's up?05:50
zkriesseOn there I've got a pdf05:50
zkriesseI want to be able to push edits up to it like we do for the ubuntu manual05:51
zkriesseHow do i set that up?05:51
godbyk-saganzkriesse: Well, the way we do it, is I manually run a shell script I wrote that generates the PDFs and uploads them to my webserver.05:52
godbyk-saganSo it's not the best process by any metric.05:52
zkriesseoh so i cant do it then?05:52
godbyk-saganDoes Launchpad's build server let you build PDFs from LaTeX?05:53
zkriessewhere is that05:53
godbyk-saganI have no idea.05:53
godbyk-saganubuntujenkins may know. He's the one who's created PPAs for us in the past.05:53
zkriesseI'll ask him when he comes on05:53
godbyk-saganOr poke around the Launchpad help or Google for 'launchpad build (server OR service)" or something like that.05:54
godbyk-saganIf their build server doesn't support LaTeX, you might see if Launchpad's API supports uploads.  That is, can one write a script that uploads the latest PDF you build to Launchpad and set it as the current download (and deprecate the previous downloads).05:55
godbyk-saganMost of what we do in the Ubuntu Manual Project is hacked together. :-)05:55
godbyk-androidgodbyk-sagan: beep06:45
godbyk-androidgodbyk-sagan: beep again06:49
godbyk-saganThat's better.  xchat now beeps (as opposed to playing horrid white noise).06:49
godbyk-saganI had to tell xchat to use paplay to play the sounds.  Its auto-detection scheme must be faulty of something.06:49
nisshhgodbyk-sagan: urgh, i dislike xchat, i prefer irssi, the commandline irc client06:54
godbyk-sagannisshh: yeah, I haven't used irssi much yet.06:54
nisshhgodbyk-sagan: you should try it again, its really quick and easy to use, and you can easily log channels and query people06:55
nisshhgodbyk-sagan: setup autojoins and themes and everything06:55
godbyk-saganthemes? isn't it a terminal-based app? what kinds of themes are there?06:55
nisshhgodbyk-sagan: here: http://www.irssi.org/themes06:57
nisshhthere are hundreds06:57
godbyk-saganare they just different color schemes? or is there more to a theme than color?06:57
nisshhgodbyk-sagan: mostly color since its the terminal not a gui app, but also various things like right aligned nicks and different nick colors06:58
nisshhyou can also load your own scripts written in pearl06:59
nisshhthings that provide extra functionality and stuff06:59
godbyk-saganyeah, you can load scripts with xchat, too.07:00
nisshhalso, some themes use different formatting when it comes to some of the commands and displaying things07:00
nisshhoh, you can, ok07:01
godbyk-saganhow's irssi compare to smuxi?07:03
nisshhgodbyk-sagan: the other benefit of irssi is that you can use it with screen07:03
nisshhgodbyk-sagan: never heard of smuxi07:03
godbyk-saganPer the pkg description in Synaptic: Smuxi is an irssi-inspired, flexible, user-friendly and cross-platform IRC client for sophisticated users, targeting the GNOME desktop.07:04
godbyk-saganLooks almost like a GUI wrapped around irssi.07:04
nisshhgodbyk-sagan: just looked at the features list for it and it looks like irssi with twitter support07:05
nisshhso unless you want to use twitter and irc at the same time, there is not much difference07:05
nisshhgodbyk-sagan: looks, alot like a gui wrapped around irssi actually07:07
nisshhgodbyk-sagan: do you prefer a gui or the command-line07:07
godbyk-sagannisshh: Most of what I do is on the command-line.07:09
godbyk-sagannisshh: But if i'm using GUI-like stuff, why not use a real GUI?07:09
godbyk-sagan(e.g., tabs, windows, etc.)07:09
nisshhgodbyk-sagan: yea, but dont you find the terminal way more efficient?07:11
nisshhgodbyk-sagan: plus, now that iv used the terminal for so long i find most gui's pretty clunky07:12
godbyk-saganI do use the command line for nearly everything.07:13
godbyk-saganI guess it all depends on how well irsii works.07:13
nisshhlike i fond that i could go and change 100 settings in the preferences for an app, or i could just start it with some commandline parameters instead07:13
nisshhgodbyk-sagan: well, how many channels do you normally sit in?07:13
godbyk-saganIt depends on what project(s) I'm active in at the time.07:14
nisshhright, on average?07:15
godbyk-saganIt can be anywhere from 4-10 channels.07:15
godbyk-sagan(I try to keep it to the lower end of that range.)07:15
nisshhdoes xchat have keyboard shortcuts to switch channels?07:15
nisshhgodbyk-sagan: also, you can do heaps of things with irssi, like log different messages and outputs to other terminals, log files, or windows07:16
godbyk-saganI'm not sure if I can jump directly to a particular channel or not.  I usually use Ctrl+PgUp and Ctrl+PgDn to switch between them (or use the mouse.)07:17
nisshhgodbyk-sagan: right07:17
nisshhin irssi, you can use alt + number to switch channels07:17
nisshhlike in firefox07:17
nisshhplus, irssi has support for being able to sit in more than 20 channels at once07:18
godbyk-saganlooks like xchat supports the Alt+[number] to jump to a specific tab, too.07:19
nisshhah ok07:19
godbyk-saganI'd never tried it before.07:20
godbyk-saganI'll give irssi a shot.  We'll see how it goes.07:21
godbyk-saganI may have to pester you for help occasionally.07:21
godbyk-sagan(Due to my laziness.)07:21
godbyk-saganFor now, I think I'm going to head to bed.07:21
godbyk-saganI have to get up early tomorrow for this conference.07:21
nisshhok, gnight then :)07:22
* nisshh doesnt mind being pestered07:22
zkriessehi thorwil07:31
thorwilgood morning! :)07:32
zkriessewell it's 1:30 am for me07:32
zkriessebrandonj: ping08:53
zkriessehey guys, I fixed bug https://code.edge.launchpad.net/bugs/599084 and i committed/pushed it up to lp. when i open up the pdf of the manual though it doesn't have the updated field08:57
zkriesseam i doing something wrong?08:57
zkriesseok...if ya guys figure it out let me know via memoserv09:00
zkriesseI need to go to bed09:00
* zkriesse out09:00
humphreybcwe need to decide on something soon10:14
thorwilhumphreybc: while i intend to stay out of that decisions, i wonder if it couldn't be tackled on a by-tags basis10:18
thorwilif you know what tags (and this structure) you need, you can compare with the existing standards10:18
thorwileven going with something custom that has overlap with docbook and co, but is not identical, could be an option10:19
thorwilhi shrini, ubuntujenkins10:40
ubuntujenkinshey thorwil10:40
humphreybcthorwil: yes, well I'm staying out of the decision as well11:05
humphreybcI don't know enough about documentation formats to be useful11:05
humphreybcI just want us to choose something soon and get work underway :)(11:05
ubuntujenkinshumphreybc: you use pidgin for irc right?11:20
ubuntujenkinsI have started using it and have a few questions11:20
humphreybcfire away11:20
ubuntujenkinscan you make the buddy list a chat tab?11:20
ubuntujenkinshow do you tell if people are away on irc?11:21
humphreybcI don't think so11:21
humphreybcI don't think you can11:21
* humphreybc having never used anything else except Pidgin, doesn't miss those features11:21
ubuntujenkinsif I close all of the chat tabs, i have them set for me to stay in the irc channel. how do i open all of them again?11:22
ubuntujenkinsI have 9 at least. I don't want to click each one to open them again11:22
humphreybcalso, not sure11:23
humphreybcI'm only in one or two channels max at any one time :P11:23
humphreybchave you looked in the plugins?11:23
ubuntujenkinsyea i use a few of them already to get the functionality of xchat. I would like everything working out of the me menu you see11:24
ubuntujenkinsI will see if i can find any more11:25
ubuntujenkinsreally the irc away one is the most important missing feature.11:26
humphreybcthat would be handy11:26
thorwilubuntujenkins: i doubt all the hassle of not using xchat (or perhaps irssi if you want a client running on a server) is worth it11:35
humphreybcand it's way prettier11:36
ubuntujenkinsthorwil: we will have to see, I only have one thing left to find the away thing. I don't have a sever to run irc on :(11:36
humphreybcespecially if you use the new elementary icon theme for it11:37
ubuntujenkinsit is shiney, already use that theme11:37
humphreybcdaker: The site is nearing completion :)11:48
humphreybcjust working on the pictograms for the nav bar and other places around the site with the design team11:49
humphreybcI also have a Quickshot site almost finished for you to start work on in the meantime, if you want11:51
humphreybcIt's only three pages11:51
ubuntujenkinshumphreybc: what does it look like?11:51
humphreybcyou haven't seen it yet, have you?11:53
dakerme no :)11:53
ubuntujenkinsi might have done11:53
humphreybcgive me a sec11:53
humphreybcIt needs a bit of fine tuning re: colours and icons11:54
dakernice humphreybc11:59
humphreybcdaker: thanks. I'll touch some things up, make any changes that the Quickshot guys want and then flick you over the PSD.11:59
ubuntujenkinshumphreybc: we need to set up an e-mail in which people can contact is or point that link to the launchpad answer system. only members of the quickshot team can mail that list12:00
ubuntujenkinshumphreybc: the colours are gowing on ome12:00
humphreybcWhat I'm going to do is actually use some contact forms, instead of email addresses12:01
humphreybcubuntujenkins: gray, orange and aqua?12:01
ubuntujenkinsyea, was not a fan of it at first12:01
humphreybcIt's a beautiful colour scheme :)12:01
humphreybcI actually wanted to make the Quickshot site darker, but it didn't really work12:01
humphreybcI'd like to get lots of animations in there12:02
humphreybcbasically, when you change page, the left hand side of the content area will fade in and out, but everything else including the nav bar, image on the right (that *could* fade too) and the footer will stay constant.12:02
ubuntujenkinscan we get the contact form to mail to several people?12:02
humphreybcSame for the UMP website. daker will have to use some javascript magic12:02
humphreybcubuntujenkins: yep, easy12:02
ubuntujenkinsI guessed it would be12:02
dakerubuntujenkins, yes we can12:12
ubuntujenkinsI might see if i can make my e-mail auto forward the contact form ones to the mailing list12:13
ubuntujenkinsshould be easy to do12:13
c7pdaker, there are some parts of the website that need translation and there are no strings for them on lp. Could you do something for it ?12:14
dakerc7p, everything we be fine in the 0.3 version12:15
c7pdaker, ok thx12:15
dakeri have just stared working on12:15
c7pI think it will take some time12:16
c7pCould you add only one string the "We're sorry, but the language you have selected ..." paragraph to lp ?12:17
dakeri'll fix those strings12:18
c7pok thx :)12:18
ubuntujenkinsthe quickshot ui is getting there hopefully some more screenshots soon13:25
dakerhumphreybc, http://humphreybc.homeip.net/files/lucidtimeline.jpg nice :)13:25
humphreybcAre you browsing through files?13:35
humphreybcdaker: what do you think?13:48
dakerhumphreybc, yes :)13:49
humphreybcdaker: did you see the quickshot site?14:00
humphreybcDo you want me to send you the PSD for that so you can start?14:00
dakerone question, where is the QS logo ?14:01
humphreybcthey're getting a new one14:02
humphreybcif thorwil or vish get around to designing one14:02
humphreybcI might have a play later on14:02
ubuntujenkinsthe current one is in lp:quickshot in the media file14:02
humphreybcbut I'll put that in once we get one14:02
humphreybcubuntujenkins: yeah, the current one sucks14:02
ubuntujenkinsIt could do with changing but we cna use that as a place hoder for now14:02
humphreybcI'll make a better one14:03
ubuntujenkinsI keep trying to think of ideas but nothing good yet14:03
humphreybcso ubuntujenkins, feedback on the Quickshot site please14:07
humphreybcyou're the Quickshot team leader14:07
ubuntujenkinsI would say flan and i are joint leaders but thats not relevent14:09
ubuntujenkinswe need a few more pages, how to use quickshot for your project14:09
ubuntujenkinshelp page14:09
ubuntujenkinsThe words Home Install Get Involved anc Contact should be spelt with a captital at the start14:10
humphreybcdon't pull the capital card14:11
humphreybcthey're lowercase for a reason :)14:11
ubuntujenkins:P filing bugs what we want from a bug report page14:11
humphreybcbecause it looks cool14:11
humphreybcthe project is badass and badass projects have their menus in lowercase14:12
ubuntujenkinsotherwise thats all i can think off14:12
ubuntujenkinsat the moment anyway14:13
ubuntujenkinsstill a bit unsure on the colours14:17
dakeryoutube with the vuvuzela button14:25
dakerhumphreybc, we were discussing last time about a forum14:53
daker<daker> guys!!! do you think we should install a forum for the project ? forum.ubuntu-manual.org ?14:53
daker<c7p> yes for sure14:53
daker<daker> or the ML is enough ?14:53
daker* dutchie dislikes fora14:53
daker<c7p> well it helps very much, you don't have to search through the whole mess of messages to find some useful info, everything is categorized14:53
daker<dutchie> some people like them14:53
daker<dutchie> not for me14:53
daker<daker> c7p, +114:53
daker<c7p> on the forum we can have different sections for translators, editors, developers future plans etc ;)14:53
daker<daker> subsections too14:53
ubuntujenkinsI suggested the additon of a docs section to the current ubuntu forums14:56
humphreybcI could ask for a sub forum on ubuntuforums.org14:59
ubuntujenkinsI did also point out that we don't have much mailing list traffic at the moment14:59
humphreybcI don't think we need our own forum15:00
humphreybcwe don't really even need our own planet15:00
ubuntujenkinsI like the idea but agree that it is probably not needed yet15:01
dakerhumphreybc, oki send me the psd15:12
humphreybcdaker: okay15:12
ubuntujenkinsflan: I am doing a choose a project page for quickshot what boxes do you think i can add? Its currently very boring http://www.ubuntu-pics.de/bild/91516/quickshot_015_TxvC7Z.png15:23
ubuntujenkinsapart form an import file button15:26
dakerit would be great if you an do the project listing like GC do it15:28
dakera treeview i think instead of a listview15:28
dakerGround Control15:28
ubuntujenkinsI will install gc and look at how it does it15:29
flanYeah, that could be helpful.15:29
flanRemember that we need multiple entry points, though. (Just in case this screen isn't currently intended to be shown after the user clicks some sort of "What projects need my help?" button)15:30
ubuntujenkinsthis screen will also come up in a prefences menu of some form15:32
flanWhat would it be doing there?15:32
ubuntujenkinsI thought you said you wanted it there .  I don't recal why15:33
ubuntujenkinswhat do you mean by "multiple entry points"? it will appear  after a what project needs help button15:34
humphreybcvish: ping15:36
flanThe user has to be able to launch a session by choosing a recently opened project (~/.quickshot/recent_projects), a local .qsproj file, a URL, or the bulletin board service.15:37
flanI don't recall anything about a preferences menu being related to project-selection, unless we were to use it to apply filters.15:38
dakerubuntujenkins, http://launchpadlibrarian.net/44939107/bug_GC1.6.png15:39
ubuntujenkinswell each project will be allowed to specify the user account name so recent projects will only work if projects choose the same user name15:39
ubuntujenkinswe could add a remove user fearute15:39
flanThis is based on the notion of requiring all users to create an account with the name 'quickshot', right?15:40
flanIs that really necessary?15:40
flanIt may be for UMP, but I can't see every project needing that.15:41
ubuntujenkinsdaker: yea that could use that it might take up to much screen space as people may be seeing on small resolutions15:41
flanA separate user should be strongly recommended, since the commands to be run are supplied by an external party, but most projects won't likely need to care if the user account is consistently named or not.15:41
ubuntujenkinsflan: i think the default user name would be quickshot but it should be an option for the user name to be sepcified some where.15:41
dakerubuntujenkins, you can add icons ?15:42
ubuntujenkinsflan: I suppose some projects will not need to switch users15:43
flanI'd imagine that most projects wouldn't. My argument is for including that feature in the UMP-specific patches we'll be maintaining.15:43
ubuntujenkinsdaker: may be, I am think about another idea that has come into my mind15:43
ubuntujenkinsI woudl rather we did one release and had a way of sepecifiying in the qsproject file what happens for each file15:44
ubuntujenkinsf*each project15:44
flanI've never seen that work well in a long-lived project.15:45
flanManaging one release that meets everyone's needs, I mean.15:46
ubuntujenkinswell surely all it needs is a "make user account" option in the qsproject file. and possibly "a switch to new user" option. how ever you are more experienced15:47
flanWe could set a version-level flag that checks to make sure the user has a specific username/display name, but we'll need to be really careful to avoid including anything that might change the direction of development or unnecessarily bloat the core codebase.15:48
flanIf the name doesn't match and there's no local UID that qualifies, then prompt the user to create the new account.15:48
flanI'll add 'user_name' and 'real_name' fields to the server's database schema at lunch.15:50
flanThey'll default to null and need to be set individually, at the project version level.15:51
flanNull in either case means "I don't care about this attribute".15:51
ubuntujenkins"If the name doesn't match and there's no local UID that qualifies, then prompt the user to create the new account." is what we do already. If the manual guys get around to this persona stuff i think we will probably have to do some patches to include that in a custom build15:51
vishhumphreybc: pong15:52
flanIf they do persona stuff, they could just use this and create a series of parallel versions.15:52
flan10-04-marcia and 10-04-john, which work alongside the generic 10-04 for screenshots that don't need to reflect personas.15:52
humphreybcvish: Change nautilus into tree view using Control + 2, and then try to create a folder15:53
ubuntujenkinsthe persona stuff also includes mp3 files and odt and other random files15:53
vishhumphreybc: you mean list view?15:53
vishhumphreybc: yeah , you cant15:54
vishhumphreybc: there is a longstanding bug for that :)15:54
vishhumphreybc: Bug 5104315:55
vishhuh , not bot :/15:55
* ubuntujenkins nudges dutchie that manualbot is not here15:56
dakerhe is on holidays :p15:56
vishMootBot is really moot! ;p15:57
humphreybcvish: is it nominated as a papercut?16:02
vishhumphreybc: if you see the bug , it is marked as a "confirmed" papercut , but fixing it is not really simple.. it needs fixing in gtk and what not16:03
dakerit should gives you more space at bottom16:04
dakeri can create a folder :)16:04
vishthe way it is done in OSX is the best though ;)16:04
dakervish, are you using OSX to design stuff ?16:05
visharea other than the text+icon  is treated as background allowing us to create the new folder or use context menu for the particular folder16:06
vishdaker: lol no! , i read that it was how it works in OSX   :D16:07
* vish planning on installing OSx86 on an alternate partition16:08
dakerso you are using inkscape :)16:10
nisshhhumphreybc: that is a kick-ass planet design!16:53
humphreybcone sec16:54
humphreybcrefresh it16:54
humphreybcso now the pictograms up the top are in the same order as the menu on the main site16:55
humphreybcso on the planet, they'll *mainly* be there for eye candy - but if you want, you can click on one of them and it will take you to the respective page on the main site16:55
humphreybcbecause they're not very discoverable, there's the navigation menu with five main links to the right of that16:55
* nisshh checks his blogs stats on wordpress16:56
dakernisshh, vish why you are not doing web design ?16:57
nisshhdaker: on the new website?16:57
dakerin general16:57
nisshhbecause, one, i suck at creating mockups, humphreybc makes my design skills look shit16:58
humphreybcdesign is really easy, there are only three things you have to learn16:58
humphreybc1) Grids16:59
humphreybc2) Effective use of white space16:59
nisshhoh, here we go....16:59
humphreybcand 3) How to have a nazi like attention to detail16:59
nisshhhehe, thanks for the tips16:59
nisshhi do actually have a good attention to detail16:59
nisshhbut my GIMP/inkscape skills have never been up to par17:00
nisshhHOLY CRAP!!!17:00
nisshhover the weekend i had almost 1400 hits on my blog :)17:00
nisshhthats more than iv had in over 4 months17:01
nisshhdaker: plus, i mainly focus on my python coding skills and such17:02
nisshhdaker, humphreybc: if you want me to help out with the website, i will, its just it seemed to be going ok, so i took a break to work on some of my projects17:03
humphreybcrefresh the planet one17:04
humphreybcit looks better now17:04
humphreybcnisshh: nah that's no problem17:05
humphreybcI'm having fun designing stuff :)17:05
nisshhhumphreybc: ok, sure thing17:10
humphreybcso daker, we're gonna get some animation going on our site17:14
humphreybcfor example, if someone was going from the planet (http://humphreybc.homeip.net/files/planet-ump.png) to the main page (http://humphreybc.homeip.net/files/ump-index.png) and they clicked on the link on the planet called "Website" on the top right17:15
humphreybcthe orange icons would slide along to fill up the whole bar, as the blue links on the planet disappear, and the content fades in17:15
humphreybcyou can imagine the transition if you just switch between those two mockups in a browser :)17:16
humphreybcof course, it's not hugely important that the site has animations - but it would be nice :D17:16
nisshhhumphreybc: your acting like a macboy, we dont need SHINYNESS!17:18
humphreybcyes we do :)17:18
nisshhno, we dont...17:19
* nisshh shakes fist at humphreybc 17:19
vishhumphreybc: looks like thorwil wasnt here to listen to some of your designing wisdom :p17:19
humphreybctoo bad17:20
humphreybcI can tell him later :)17:20
nisshhvish: i think i need it more than thorwil anyway :)17:20
humphreybcso vish, we need some more Ubuntu pictograms17:21
humphreybcfor a couple of our links17:21
humphreybc"About Us" and "Contributors"17:22
humphreybcthe ones I have on the site currently are just placeholders17:22
humphreybcI'll send you some stuff17:22
humphreybcokay, email sent17:24
dakersent to me ?17:47
humphreybcnope, to vish lol17:49
humphreybcI can send you the planet one17:49
humphreybclet me tidy it up a bit17:50
humphreybcvish: Just asked Dom, he's gone home now though17:55
vishhumphreybc: no hurry here ;)17:55
humphreybcdaker: sent :)17:55
dakeroki i'll start woking on17:56
dakerwhere are the planet's files ?18:02
dakeri can't find them on the branch :s18:05
dakerthat's ok i found them18:06
zkriessehey guys, I fixed bug https://code.edge.launchpad.net/bugs/599084 and i committed/pushed it up to lp. when i open up the pdf of the manual though it doesn't have the updated field18:17
zkriesseam i doing something wrong?18:17
dakerzkriesse, have you compiled the pdf ?18:18
zkriesseyou mean make?18:18
zkriessemake clean; make ? yes i did that18:18
daker_zkriesse, ?18:22
daker_zkriesse, have you compiled the pdf ?18:22
=== daker_ is now known as daker
zkriessedaker: ok what command is that18:22
dakershould ask ubuntujenkins :)18:23
zkriesseubuntujenkins: hey got a question. again18:23
dakerubuntujenkins, show zkriesse how to compile the manual pdf18:23
ubuntujenkinszkriesse: sure what langauga do you want to do it for?18:24
ubuntujenkinsand which edittion18:24
zkriessee2 en us18:24
ubuntujenkinshave you got latex installed?18:24
zkriessebut when downloading it from the lp page it doesn't show the fix18:25
zkriesseubuntujenkins: I do indeed...i pushed two fixes up last night but after i downloaded the pdf from lp it didn't list the change18:25
ubuntujenkinsas in the pdf on here https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual18:25
ubuntujenkinsthat does not get updated untill release18:26
zkriessestupid me18:26
ubuntujenkinsyou need to run "make" in the folder to see your changes18:26
ubuntujenkinsno worries18:26
ubuntujenkinsyou will need to install latex18:26
zkriesseah i have latex installed18:26
ubuntujenkinsyou should run make before pushing to avoid latex errors18:27
zkriessei do18:27
ubuntujenkinsok cool which branch are you doing them on?18:27
zkriessemake clean; make18:27
zkriesselucid e218:27
ubuntujenkinscool, my bad I was in the wrong folder18:28
zkriessethat was my last fix18:28
zkriessenow to compile and see the manual in pdf form18:29
zkriesseforgot that comm18:29
ubuntujenkinsyea so the only way to see the latest version is to view it your self18:29
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk / godbyk-android ping18:29
zkriesseisn't it make ubuntu-manual-en_US.pdf ?18:31
ubuntujenkinsno just make18:34
ubuntujenkinsen_US is default18:34
zkriesseok and where does it compile it to?18:34
zkriesseor is the change in the tex file18:34
ubuntujenkinsthe folder you are in18:34
ubuntujenkinsyou can do make show18:34
zkriesseah thanks18:35
ubuntujenkinsnp, be back in 20mins18:35
* dutchie is going on holiday tomorrow!19:02
ubuntujenkinsyey \o.19:04
ubuntujenkinshave fun19:04
ubuntujenkinscan you put manual bot back please19:04
dutchieoh yeah19:12
dutchiedunno where it went19:12
dutchieit's only Abergavenny anyway :19:12
ubuntujenkinsI like brecon19:12
dutchieweek of debauchery to celebrate exams finishing: )19:13
dutchieoh dear oh dear :(19:13
* daker doesn't finished yet19:13
dakervish, inkscape is good to slice psd file ?19:27
ubuntujenkinsdaker: I find they open in gimp iirc19:27
vishdaker: yeah , you can use gimp19:28
dakerphotoshop is very easy than gimp19:28
=== daker_ is now known as daker
dakerdutchie, ping20:03
ubuntujenkinswho are you watching?20:08
dakerand 2-0 for BRA20:08
c7pwho created the quickshot live-cd ?20:31
* ubuntujenkins i might have done it depends why you ask :P20:31
ubuntujenkinsc7p: why do you ask?20:32
c7pbecause I have installed the distro to a friends of mine pc ... and many packages are missing20:33
c7pwhat i want to learn is which packages should I install on system so it can have sound20:34
ubuntujenkinsyea I removed loads, there sould be a  note where you downloaded it saying don't use it as an  install cd. I THINK installing ubuntu-desktop *should* fix it20:34
ubuntujenkinsI removed some very serious bits tbh i would get a cd from ubuntu.com20:36
ubuntujenkinswe only kept the stuff we had to to make it function20:37
c7pyes I can understand it's for the job of project not for home using20:37
c7pah by the way20:38
c7pwhouldn't be nice to create a Ubuntu Manuals Contributor DVD with all the latex packages, quichshot, etc. ?20:38
ubuntujenkinshmm its possible relitvley easy but there is a bug with the packages that we are trying to fix20:39
ubuntujenkinsnothing major as far as checking translated versions etc but it does mean that I can't build final versions20:40
c7pby packages you mean official packages downloaded with the script or the packages on repo ?20:42
ubuntujenkinsI mean the latex ppa i made20:42
c7pyap that i was meaning by repo :)20:43
ubuntujenkinso i see.20:43
ubuntujenkinskevin is looking into it and so am i20:44
daker3 - 0 for BRA20:45
c7pg night20:50
ubuntujenkinsnight c7p20:50
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk / godbyk-android ping21:12
=== _thumper_ is now known as thumper
godbyk-androidubuntujenkins:  pong21:37
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk-android: what can i do to help the german manual progress?21:38
godbyk-androidI don't recall where we left off on the German one.21:39
godbyk-androidDid he get all of the extra translated stuff in there?21:39
godbyk-android(like the copyright page, colophon, etc.?)21:40
ubuntujenkinsnot a clue the last e-mail said he had now added the .tex file and that hypernation was alrigt I am just looking for the e-mail with the translations in21:40
godbyk-androidThe translation asks be in the repository.21:41
godbyk-androidasks -> should21:41
godbyk-android( stupid phone auto complete)21:42
ubuntujenkinswe have some words translated in an e-mail sent on 18/6/2010 or 6/18/2010 which ever side of the water you are21:43
ubuntujenkinsI can't build the final version as i have this crazy bug21:44
godbyk-androidI think we need the following words translated for the psfbookmark commands:21:45
godbyk-androidTitle page21:45
godbyk-android(maybe some others)21:45
ubuntujenkinsok i will check for those as they are not japanese. has the extra text for the copyright page been done?21:46
godbyk-androidI don't recall seeing it21:47
ubuntujenkinswhere is the english version of it?21:47
godbyk-androidIn the lucid-2w repository, I think.21:47
ubuntujenkinslucid-2w means lucid-2e ?21:49
godbyk-androider, yeah21:50
godbyk-androidFat fingers + tiny onscreen keyboard21:50
ubuntujenkinswhat is the extra text say aproximatly? I don't want to paste it all here21:51
godbyk-androidIt has a version for print and a version for screen21:52
godbyk-androidThe screen version links to the lulu page for a hardcopy21:52
godbyk-androidThe print version links to the ubuntu manual website21:53
godbyk-androidIf they had more AC outlets in this room it's make my life easier.21:54
godbyk-android(the career on my laptop doesn't last very long anymore.)21:54
ubuntujenkinsis it all of that file or jsut one paragraph?21:54
godbyk-androidThe whole file.21:55
ubuntujenkinso right thats ok i don't see the word screen in it and neither does cntrl+f21:55
* dutchie wonders what daker wanted21:55
ubuntujenkinsdutchie: is manualbot dead then?21:56
ubuntujenkinsright i will ak for the extra words and that file to be translated21:56
dutchiemanualbot doesn't want to connect21:56
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk-android: I don't see the funny letters when i do german21:57
dutchiethough it does seem to be running21:57
ubuntujenkinso i lied there is 3 of them21:57
godbyk-androidOkay check our the lucid-e1-en repository instead.21:57
ubuntujenkinsdutchie: hmm kill it and restart?21:58
ubuntujenkinsdutchie: what is index in german?21:58
dutchiemiles ahead of you :)21:58
dutchieubuntujenkins: no idea21:58
dutchieWARNING 2010-06-28T20:58:13 Error connecting to irc.freenode.net:6667: timeout: timed out21:58
ubuntujenkinstry using 8001 as the port?21:58
ubuntujenkinsindex in english is the same as german aparently21:59
dutchiedoubt that will help to be honest21:59
dutchieno, it hasn't21:59
godbyk-androidubuntujenkins:  shouldn't be21:59
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk-android: thats what google translate says22:00
dutchiei do have german dictionaries upstairs22:00
godbyk-androidOh, you  mean the word "index" not the index itself.22:02
dutchieask #ubuntu-de?22:03
godbyk-androidOr thorwil.22:04
dutchiehe's not around though22:05
ubuntujenkinshe is not here22:05
dutchiegodbyk-android: how is the train trip going?22:05
ubuntujenkinswe appear not to have translated Creative Commons Notice22:05
* dutchie will be stuck in the back of beyond (aka Wales) from tomorrow evening until Thursday22:06
dutchiethere is not even a landline22:06
godbyk-androidTrain trip  is over. During in the conference now.22:07
godbyk-androidSomeone's talking about using tex in his studies of chinese22:07
dutchieeverybody's going away now22:07
godbyk-androidWe're all gonna have a lot of work to so when we all get back next week. :-)22:09
ubuntujenkinsgodbyk-android: I don't think any of the Define translated macros are translated in the um-greman.clo file22:10
ubuntujenkinsat least in comparison with the greek one22:11
godbyk-androidWhich macros should be translated?22:11
ubuntujenkinsI also have no german 8.tex file22:12
ubuntujenkinsI am going to get a new branch to be sure22:13
ubuntujenkinsyea thats what i ment22:15
ubuntujenkinsI have it now, I will send an e-mail in the morning,22:18
ubuntujenkinsstrange this time there were no funny letters but in the greek one there still are funny letters22:21
ubuntujenkinsright night all22:22
brandonjsuccessful GRE is successful22:38

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