UbuntuLilyhow do I format a hard disk from a Mythbuntu live cd?03:04
rhpot1991UbuntuLily: should be able to launch gparted from the menu03:24
rhpot1991and the installer will format it along the way03:25
thebosswondering if someone could help me get mythtv working on ubuntu 10.404:56
rhpot1991!ask | theboss04:59
Zinntheboss: Please don't ask if anyone is around or if it is alright to ask a question.  Many people check back periodically and may answer your question when they see it.  IRC is not normally an instant fix so check back often for an answer.04:59
thebosswell my problem is this i have the card installed and recognizing on the system and lspci i also was notified by a user in here for the module fix so the card should work now05:01
thebosswhen i mythtv-setup for whatever reason the card is not there05:01
thebossalso is it better to run mytbuntu than mythtv05:04
thebosson top of regular ubuntu 10.0405:04
thebossi just have the regular install for ubuntu 10.04 but see where i can apt-get in mythbuntu05:05
Infl8ableSoulm8so, that card option didn't fix it?05:09
Infl8ableSoulm8check to see if /dev/dvb exists05:09
thebosswell i removed mythtv05:09
thebossjust reinstalled05:09
Infl8ableSoulm8/dev/dvb should still exist without mythtv05:09
theboss/dev/dvb is there05:10
thebossi believe my card is functioning05:10
thebosssomething isnt jiving still though05:10
thebossi reinstalled i start mythtv-setup05:10
Infl8ableSoulm8did you select DVB as the device type?05:10
thebossi go to capture cards05:10
thebossit has samsung something or another05:10
Infl8ableSoulm8that's what mine shows up as.05:10
thebosswhat else should i try to do there in setting up the capture card05:11
Infl8ableSoulm8but I can only get a few station that don't work because my antenna is apparently crap.05:11
thebossbare with me for just a second05:11
Infl8ableSoulm8the rest of the mythtv setup I haven't gone through, yet :/05:11
Infl8ableSoulm8because I need to get a working antenna05:12
Infl8ableSoulm8I got it to do a channel scan and came up with only a couple of channels, but it's going to hbe a backend server, solely, so I haven't tried to test if those channels will come in clearly.05:12
Infl8ableSoulm8and apparently after trying tosetup a myth-frontend on the same box, the frontend and the backend don't communicate :/05:13
Infl8ableSoulm8so I'm also going to end up doing a wipe/reinstall.05:13
Infl8ableSoulm8and try to get them both set up at the same time.05:14
Infl8ableSoulm8and, btw, all that stuff I told you is in no way related to me knowing anything ;)05:16
Infl8ableSoulm8you just happened to have the same card and problem I had the day before you showed up.05:16
thebossits cool05:26
thebossthanks for the insight05:26
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* sh_kilnao 15:33
KjetilKdoes the MythBuntu installer CD support LVM installs?19:13
rhpot1991KjetilK: not any more, its not really needed with storage groups19:14
rhpot1991KjetilK: there are a few ways you can go about it though, if you really need to19:15
KjetilKhmmm, ok19:17
KjetilKthe system I'm building has a 30 GB SSD drive that I plan to use for / and a 500 GB HDD and a 1.5 TB HDD19:17
KjetilKso, the idea was to use the two HDDs in an LVM19:18
rhpot1991KjetilK: storage groups will handle that for you19:18
rhpot1991you just tell your storage group it has those 2 drives, and it will fill and maintain them19:18
rhpot1991no reason to hastle with a LVM then19:19
KjetilKthat sounds good, as it is indeed a hassle19:19
KjetilKbut where do I mount the drives, then?19:19
rhpot1991KjetilK: wherever you want, all the mythtv stuff lives in /var/lib/mythtv by default19:20
rhpot1991I like to do /var/lib/mythtv/recordings/drive1 and /var/lib/mythtv/recordings/drive219:20
KjetilKright, so you mount the drives on those two points?19:22
* KjetilK finds http://www.mythtv.org/docs/mythtv-HOWTO-9.html#storagegroups19:24
KjetilKOK, thanks, I'll continue the install now :-)19:27
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sidhexcuse me I would need your help: yesterday i watched tv with mythbuntu without a problem, and today, when i want to watch tv, i get a message in french that says : "Error : MythTV uses all entries, but there is none active recordings"20:42
sidhI've made some settings with permissions for dierectory for records and so on, and add the mythtv user in the NFS share group for the video retrieving, maybe i would have made an error in setting the permission of the mythtv user20:43
rhpot1991sidh: sounds like your tuner is currently recording20:43
Seeker`sidh: what cards do you use?20:54
sidhSeeker`: i use a nova td 500 (dvb-t)20:56
sidhi ran mythtv setup and set generic for both tuner20:57
sidhit seems to work know20:58
sidhbtw if there is some french users , the xmltv grabber seems to be unavailable (telepoche)21:12
sidhis there another one ?21:13
chiluksorry sidh, you are the first french user I've seen on this channel.21:29

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