akgranerFamily is fed, dishes are done, and the house is quiet.. back to UWN :-)01:41
akgranerhighvoltage, you around?02:07
internalkernelakgraner: how's it? is there anythign left to do? did we publish? do you need help? should I ask another question?02:41
akgranerinternalkernel, proofing now and trying to see what Jono's QA and was about this week so I can add that02:41
akgranerso if you want to read through it that would be great02:42
internalkernelwhere is it? ;) gdoc? etherpad? or the wiki?02:42
akgranerI am in the wiki right now so just make notes of what you think needs to be changed and let me know and I'll exit02:42
akgranerinternalkernel, but before you do that can you check the links for the Development Team meeting minutes and make sure they go to where they are supposed to02:43
internalkernelIm checking all the links - https://launchpad.net/~mypiju - is not found02:44
internalkernelunder new ubu-members section02:44
internalkernelmay I edit?02:44
internalkerneljust editing spelling changes at this point - trivial changes.02:47
akgranerone sec I am saving now02:51
akgranerinternalkernel, ok I'm out02:53
internalkernelno worries, it seemed to let me make trivial changes a sec a go - hope that didn't disturb you...02:53
akgranerno worries I can fix it02:55
akgranerit didn't save one thing I as working on but no biggie02:55
nhandlerakgraner: I'm just getting caught up on stuff I've missed while on vacation, I like the extended intro in UWN 19804:04
akgranernhandler, welcome back!  Hope you had a great vacation...04:05
nhandlerakgraner: Yep. It was a nice cruise04:05
akgranerawesome...  you were missed!04:06
zkriessehey nhandler!04:07
zkriessenhandler: did you have fun?04:07
akgranernhandler, no hurry - get rested (as I always need a vacation from my vacation to get caught back up) but take a look at -news archives.  I was wondering why it didn't put the full newsletter in the archive last week...04:19
akgranerI meant - take a look (when you can)04:19
zkriesseakgraner: busy busy busy you are04:20
akgranerI am working on fixing that :-)  it's a bug in my priorities... but I submitted a fix and it should be place soon :-)  (how's that for geek humor)04:21
akgranerok the news letter is ready to be published but I gotta grab some zzz's I'll send it out in a few hours - Thanks everyone for everything today!06:04
akgranerThe new edition of the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter is now available here:12:48
Pendulumakgraner: yay!12:50
akgranerPendulum, :-)12:50
nigelbakgraner: \o/ :)12:51
pleia2g 6717:34
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