hggdhDaviey: you there?00:09
jeeves_MossI'm having some issues with my script.  I can't figure out how to get my script to dload the files it greps out and skips the files that already have been dloaded.  curl http://boards.4chan.org/b/ | grep -o 'http://[^"]*' | grep "http://images.4chan.org/b/src/"00:37
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jrsomeone can help me to configure a network wireless in ubuntu server01:09
hey_joeim trying to setup ldap on 10.04, or 9.10, but the dpkg-reconfigure slapd no longer asks for the password for the admin account to be created... am I missing something or what? all howtos say this, and yet it doesnt exist.01:45
hey_joewhats up with this?01:45
wadHi folks. I just installed Ubuntu 10.04 server edition on a new box. It has no network yet (don't ask). The one thing that's blocking me right now is installing mdadm on this box. I know it's on the install CD somewhere, but uncommenting the cdrom source in /etc/apt/sources.list doesn't help; it tried to install, but says it can't find files. Ideas?01:52
* wad looks around hopefully01:54
pmatuliswad: how did you try to install it?01:54
wadapt-get update01:55
wadapt-get upgrade01:55
wadapt-get install mdadm01:55
uvirtbotwad: Error: "^" is not a valid command.01:55
pmatuliswad: well, what happened?01:55
wadIt said it would install mdadm, and I confirmed with Y,01:55
wadand then it hit the CD for a moment, and came back with errors about not finding files.01:55
pmatuliswad: maybe pastebin your sources.list file01:56
wadI can go and get the exact errors, they are still on-screen (two floors away; no network; don't ask)01:56
wadIt's a brand new install.01:56
wadAs in, this is the very first thing I tried doing after the install.01:56
wadI need to pull all the files off of a disk from a raid, so that I can configure this box.01:57
wadThat's why I need mdadm. :)01:57
wadThe only line uncommented is the first one, specifying the cdrom as the source.01:58
wadcd /media/apt #this gets me into the CD-ROM, which has files and stuff in it.01:58
* wad goes downstairs to try some more things with it02:00
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uvirtbotNew bug: #599201 in postfix (main) "package postfix 2.6.5-3 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 75" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59920104:31
_chris_hej all07:48
_chris_when logging in to my server with putty, i always get some kind of small stats summary07:48
_chris_and there it tells me "6 packages can be updated, 6 updates are security updates"07:48
_chris_when i run update though, he doesnt update anything07:49
RoAkSoAxttx: new debdiff attached for etckeeper :)08:19
ttxRoAkSoAx: arh :)08:19
ttxWill sponsor during my sponsoring time, in two hours :)08:19
RoAkSoAxttx: no prob!! I just stood up from bed to fix that so that I can sleep :)08:21
ttxok, you can sleep now :)08:22
twbI got a nasty surprise when I found the new LTS defaults to silly bzr for etckeeper08:22
RoAkSoAxttx: indeed. nighty!!08:22
twbAt least git is in main08:23
ttxtwb: well, bzr is in main too08:24
twbI meant "at least I can still manually make etckeeper use git, without leaving main"08:25
ttxah, ok :)08:25
uvirtbotNew bug: #599252 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (main) "package mysql-client-5.1 (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/bin/mysqlaccess', which is also in package mysql-client 0:5.1.48-2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59925208:31
ben99`Hello world!08:57
uvirtbotNew bug: #599265 in tomcat6 (main) "Sync tomcat6 6.0.26-4 (main) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59926509:16
GorlistHi! running 8.04 with plesk 9.5.2 - last week we've been having allot of denied dns query cache errors cropping up in the logs pointing to various domains. I suspect we are under DNS spoofing attack, searching on google now but can anyone here give any advice on blocking or prevent the problem? fail2ban?10:26
twbIdeally you would first understand the attack.10:28
Gorlistwhere could I find more information out? ive been skimming the logs and the only ref. i can find is in the syslog10:30
twbIs it *your* DNS cache that is being poisoned?  Or are you saying that random people in the internet are having their caches poisoned for your records?10:30
Gorlistone sec, let me paste the error10:30
Gorlistclient query (cache) 'mail.kssogo.com.tw/MX/IN' denied: 1 Time(s)10:30
Gorlistand as a result Im suspect we are outputting packets to other DNS servers10:31
twbWhat is that message from?  bind?10:31
Gorlistyes I believe so. Appears in syslog10:31
Gorlistto be honest im slightly confused by it, I can only seem to trace it back to the bind server10:31
twbWell, some things you can do are 1) turn on more logging in bind; 2) talk to the bind people / read their docs10:32
twbmail.kssogo.com.tw doesn't resolve, here.10:32
twb77.255.9.81 appears to be some Polish host.10:33
Gorlistyes, normally about 5 attempts from each ip to different URLS/DNS10:33
Gorlistand about 10 to 15 attempts during the day10:33
Gorlistokay will check into bind more and see what I can see. I was wondering if I could change the bind ports as well10:34
twbAre either or mail.kssogo.com.tw your customers?10:34
Gorlistno, nothing todo with me10:35
Gorlistlet me put a bit in pastebin10:35
Gorlistthats over period of 24 hours..10:35
twbIt sounds to me like you're (ab)using bind both outward-facing, serving your DNS records, and inward-facing, serving other people's records to your LAN.10:35
Gorlisthmm slightly worrying.10:36
twbAnd bind is (correctly) telling random strangers on the internet to go to hell, when they ask your bind to resolve something for them.10:36
Gorlistthats given me something to look for atleast. Thank you10:37
twbWell, you could just host your DNS records elsewhere, and close that port on the internet-facing interface.10:37
Gorlisthow do you mean host elsewhere?10:37
twbI mean zonedit or dyndns or similar.10:37
GorlistI agree though closing or adjust ports is the quickest temp solution until I can figure out it further10:38
twbIf you aren't hosting your own records, there's no reason that port should be open in the first place10:38
Gorlistim hosting our own10:39
Gorlist17 domains10:39
twbThen you should know bind better ;-P10:39
Gorlist :) I should know lots of things better, but im human after all :)10:39
Gorlistand I don't pretend to be an expert!10:39
drurewHey people...I need a bit of help running a network mapper on a remote interface...anyone know where to start on "forwarding a local script to a remote interface"? More specificly Im trying to map our network, and to get the best results I would like to sniff the gateway...the gateway however is a junos (juniper). I have ssh but no method to run (or install) the libs or script.10:44
Jeeves_drurew: Create a mirrorport on your switch10:46
drurewthanks Jeeves_10:47
Jeeves_the router will probably not show you traffic other than traffic directed to the router itself10:47
Jeeves_To the Routing Engine, that is10:47
drurewcant I just do it via ssh ?10:48
drurewis it possible ?10:48
twbdrurew: I don't think that makes sense10:52
Jeeves_drurew: If it works, it will probably break your router because it's too busy tcpdumping :)10:57
drurewyeah Im seeing that...theoreticaly I dont need to sniff the GW...I could also just sniff a central utility server10:57
twbtcpdump is sufficient to capture a pcap, which you can push out over a different interface to a host with nonvolatile storage, and then run tshark on it to analyse it.11:02
* ttx curses quilt11:09
twbttx: you prefer gbp or something?11:12
ttxtwb: no... but that doesn't prevent me from cursing :)11:13
twbDo you want help, or are you just cursing?11:13
ttxthis source format just doesn't behave the way I want it to. So I'm just cursing11:13
Davieyttx: Love the quilt!11:17
ttxDaviey: if only it didn't persist to think I was creating ANOTHER patch...11:20
* ttx lunches11:20
Davieyttx: If you are usign DEP-3, and you make native changes to the upstream source - dpkg-source will create a new patch for you. :)11:22
RoyKanyone that knows if there's any good software for mapping a network (layer 2) graphically?11:43
rewRoyK: lanmap211:44
twbplus whatever you use to generate the non-graphical data; arp or nmap or whatever11:46
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xperia2hello to all. i am going in some weeks for hollidays home and i am planning to deploy there some internet caffe based on ubuntu. my question is what is best hardware solution for clients at the moment that works best with ubuntu ?12:24
xperia2also exist clients that can multiple monitors and keayboards/mouses be attached at one such client ? say one client server three or four Users ?12:25
twbI believe normal Xorg with the evdev HID module will Just Work with respect to multiple concurrent desktops12:27
twbI haven't tried it myself.12:28
xperia2twb: thank you a lot. will just lookup for this "evdev HID module" !12:29
xperia2twb: this evdev are more ubuntu software related. i am looking at the moment more for hardware clients to buy12:31
Gorlisttwb, right I think I figured the problem was plesk allows by default external allow-query-cache,  so ive prevented that and also changed the logging for fail2ban :) touch wood and fingers crossed! thanks for the help12:31
twbGorlist: no worries.12:32
Davieyhggdh: Hey, are you around yet?12:41
uvirtbotNew bug: #227881 in tftp-hpa "tftpd-hpa does not use /etc/default/tftp-hpa options" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22788113:07
ttxDaviey, kirkland, smoser, SpamapS, hallyn, zul: We are missing a few candidates for the next round of papercuts: if you find some low-hanging fruit in your usual bug lists that could be considered a usability issue, please mark as also affecting server-papercuts13:08
ttxThis game is open to anyone listening ^13:09
ttx(A3 nominations deadline is eod today)13:09
Davieyttx: already doing it :)13:09
ttxDaviey: thx !13:10
Davieyttx: feel free to Invalidate them if you don't like 'em! :)13:10
kirklandttx: okay13:10
Davieymorning kirkland o/13:10
* kirkland high fives Daviey 13:10
tydeasWhy do i get this http://pastebin.com/GDnqMQ7j13:16
tydeaswhen trying to apt-get upgrade13:16
SkyXtydeas: try this sudo pkill apt13:21
SkyXNow you should be able to update as you would normally.13:21
tydeasI checked there was a apt-get running on the server at the same time13:23
sommermorning all13:25
Davieyhey sommer!  How is it going?13:25
Davieyzul: Would you be able to sponsor bug 590111, it seems you are probably the best person to review it! :)13:26
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 590111 in whois "Please merge whois (5.0.5) main from debian unstable" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59011113:26
zulDaviey: sure13:26
FC34hi there13:30
FC34does any people played with cluster filesystem, san and ubuntu ?13:31
TeTeTkirkland: can you remind me where the cloud on a stick image lives?13:32
DavieyFC34: people have, yes.. If you ask what you want to know about them, you will probably get a better answer :)13:35
FC34tahnk you13:39
FC34hum ...13:39
FC34in fact i'm search information about opensource cluster FS13:40
FC34and i'm think to use ubuntu to to that13:40
FC34i know GFS as cluster FS13:40
FC34perhaps it exist others FS13:40
FC34and On OPenGFS web sites, news are from 200413:41
FC34it looks old13:41
cefnot a server q.. but who's a good person/channel to take ubuntu legal stuff to? I've found someone using the ubuntu logo for something not related to ubuntu.. (quite odd actually)13:41
DavieyI've never heard of OPenGFS :)13:41
Davieycef: trademarks@ubuntu.com13:41
FC34hummm or GFS if you prefer13:41
cefDaviey: ta13:41
cefhttp://cgi.ebay.com.au/NEW-MACH-MINI-BENCH-METAL-LATHE-VARIABLE-SPEED-TOOLS-/230492316545 - top pic on that fwiw13:42
cef(not the first object pic)13:42
Davieycef: agreed, odd!13:43
jpdsThat is quite random.13:43
cefyeah.. oh well.. sent off to trademarks@ anyway13:51
cef(this is what you find when you think about buying a lathe on ebay...)13:52
ceffor a sec I had visions of it being computer controlled AND having ubuntu driver support. ;)13:53
uvirtbotNew bug: #599346 in samba (main) "package smbclient 3.0.28a-1ubuntu4.12 failed to install/upgrade: dependency problems - leaving unconfigured" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59934614:01
zulDaviey: can you look at #598182, im not qualified14:07
Davieyzul: wilco14:08
Davieyzul: i commented on it an hr ago14:10
zulDaviey: thanks14:10
pnunnWhat are my chances of recovering a raid array with a manual resync?14:14
pnunnBooted from a rescue disk.14:14
Davieypnunn: linux raid / mdad?14:15
Davieypnunn: And what do you mean by manual resync?14:15
pnunnDaviey: Booted of a ubuntu disk, installed mdadm and then configured mdadm.conf and started the array.  /proc/mdstat shows a resync happening now.14:16
Davieypnunn: that *looks* promising then14:18
Davieypnunn: The disks keep meta data about what position they have in the riad14:18
Davieyso you shoudl be good!14:19
Daviey(hoping you have backups)14:19
pnunnDaviey: Thanks, wasn't sure. The thing was failing to boot the local filesystem after a power snaffu (UPS that died).  Sadly, not my system, a clients, so no backup in store...14:19
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Davieypnunn: you shoudl be able to mount the raid staright away14:26
Davieypnunn: mount it, and check the files are there :)14:26
uvirtbotNew bug: #599353 in mysql-5.1 (main) "This bug is already marked as affecting you. MySQL server fails to load on boot (dup-of: 598476)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59935314:26
pnunnDaviey: OK, I'll give it a go and see what's there.14:26
Davieypnunn: fingers crossed!14:27
pnunnDaviey: except it looks like its lvm.. .bugger.. have to work that out now.14:28
Jeeves_Mosshow can I modify this script to d-load ONLY the output from the script"  curl http://boards.4chan.org/b/ | grep -o 'http://[^"]*' | grep "http://images.4chan.org/b/src/"14:30
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hggdhDaviey: good morning/afternoon14:36
Davieyhggdh: \o14:36
hggdhDaviey: thank you again. Every time I try to package Chris' fixes I screw up somewhere...14:37
zulttx: adding a upstart job would be considered for a papercut?14:37
Davieyhggdh: the lucid package is quite exciting :)14:37
engemecHi everybody!14:38
ttxzul: it could be, yes... for easy ones14:42
pnunnDaviey: Looking good... seems I can see the data.. I'll let the sync finish, then try a reboot.14:45
pnunnAtleast I know I can get the data back if that doesn't work.14:45
SnadderHow come I get lots of "Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock'" when I put "event_scheduler = 1" into /etc/mysql/my.cnf under [mysqld] ?14:54
SnadderHappening when I restart mysql14:55
ccheneyappears we now have a working kernel14:58
ttxsommer: saw https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/amavisd-new/+bug/165184/comments/33 ?15:03
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 165184 in server-papercuts "amavisd-new + spamassassin: cronjob spams root user" [Low,Fix committed]15:03
Snadder* Stopping MySQL database server mysqld ERROR 1053 (08S01) at line 1: Server shutdown in progress ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)15:03
sommerttx: ya, saw that this morning... I'll ping mdke about updating doc.u.c thanks15:04
ttxsommer: cool, thanks15:04
docmur____does anyone have preseed working with partitioning disks15:31
docmur____when ever I run the install I get stuck at partitioning disks screen15:31
Jeeves_Mossdocmur____, what error are you getting?15:31
docmur____nothing, just that I always get hit with the screen that wants me to select how to partition15:32
Jeeves_Mossdocmur____, and you've partitioned the disks already?  you set a swap, you've set a root, etc?15:32
docmur____no, I'm trying to have preseed partition the disk, yes the disk has been partitioned before but that shouldn't matter, it should just wippe it and set it up via the preseed config15:33
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Jeeves_Mossyou may have to nuke the disk15:34
docmur____that doesn't make any sense, what difference would it make if the disk is blank or not.  The preseed shouldn't care because partitioning is partitioning regardless of what's currently on the disk15:35
Jeeves_Mossdocmur____, this is true, however, there is obviously an issue (otherwise you wouldn't be here).  you need to figure out WHY.  Will it let you edit the partitions, etc?15:36
docmur____if I do it manually yes15:36
Jeeves_Mosssorry, I'm not sure then15:37
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Italian_Plumbermy networking has spontanteously stopped working; I've rebooted and still no dice.  I have not looked a logs and I'm not near the computer right now.  My first thought was hardward dorked up, and to try shutting down the machine for a few minutes and re-starting.  The only thing I did that may have caused this was screw on the case sides which had been just sitting in place15:48
Italian_Plumberthe rest of my internal network is operating properly.15:48
ccheneyDaviey, should 588861 really be confirmed against euca, probably is 'invalid' for it16:07
ccheneyDaviey, unless it is just a tracking task16:07
ccheneyin as much as there is nothing to fix in euca anyway :)16:07
Davieyccheney: Yeah.. mainly for tracking, and not knowing what the issue was.16:08
Davieybut ack marked invalid :)16:08
Daviey(we aint gonna forget this one :P)16:08
Davieyccheney: Is there any news, with the latest upstream patch + kernel?16:08
ccheneyDaviey, yep, fixed will be in ppa and uploaded to the archive the day after freeze16:09
Davieyccheney: Awesome!  All that upset over a single line patch eh? :)16:13
ccheneyheh yea16:13
* ccheney is going to try to get OOo in shape for desktop today while my wife is either doing better or in the eye of the storm (hurricane metaphor) ;-)16:14
smoserhallyn, do you have thoughts on bug 59864916:14
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 598649 in qemu-kvm "cannot boot grub multiboot image with kvm -kernel" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59864916:14
ccheneyi hope its better or i'll be in for a long ride :-\16:14
smoseri hope for "better" too, ccheney16:14
ccheneysmoser, thanks :)16:15
ccheneyi think it might be a combination of the two with her thinking she can handle it, we'll see16:15
ccheneyand we have numerous other people around to watch her closely16:15
SpamapSsmoser: hey so I discovered libcloud on Friday..16:17
smoserlibcloud is lowest common denominator16:18
smoserie, i dont even think that you can pass user data to a launched instance16:18
smoserwhich would make it insufficient for our needs16:19
hallynsmoser: not really (any thoughts).  i'll look at changelog...16:20
smoserhallyn, well, i'm fuzzy here16:20
smoserbut i *think* that upstream does not build its bios blobs16:20
smoserand we do16:20
hallynsmoser: me too, i've never used a non-linux-kernel for -kernel16:20
Davieyhggdh: Any news on that latest lucid build?16:21
smoserbut upstream works.16:21
smoserso its a matter of figuring out why one does and one doesnt16:21
smoserwe *have* to build our blobs16:21
hggdhDaviey: I was busy with a phone call, but I am updating the rig with 30.3.5, and will satrt test soon16:21
Davieyhggdh: Can you update as soon as you can report success/failure; then we can put this bug to bed!16:22
DavieyThanks hggdh!16:22
hggdhDaviey: most certainly. I am eager to get this done ;-)16:22
Davieyhggdh: I'm eager to forget about the bug :)16:22
smoserhggdh, so uec-testing-scripts are down to kernel oopses now ?16:24
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SpamapSsmoser: I think though, long term, that our time would be better served by improving libcloud, given it works for multiple cloud providers.16:27
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smoserwell, its generally a fundamental design issue16:27
inveratuloGood Morning All -- I am having problems installing ubuntu-server on a Xen host using 'virt-install'.  It has worked with other redhat-based distros AND ubuntu-9.04.  Is there any chance that 10.04 has changed the way this works?  I now get the following error: http://dpaste.com/212322/16:27
smosertheir target is the lowest common denominator16:27
smoseryou would have to change their unified api to allow for cloud-specific api points16:28
smoserwhich would somewhat defeat the purpose of a unified api16:28
hallynsmoser: 590bf491a49670843ee902c47f7ab1de5e9acd06 perhaps16:28
Dennis2Using Eucalyptus and having a very odd behavior.16:29
Dennis2I can't seem to get more than 10 Public IP addresses without it saying out of resources16:29
SpamapSsmoser: the author was there at devopsdays and seemed fairly open to ideas.. I only spoke with him for about 30 seconds though.16:31
smoserSpamapS, i'm not suggesting that it can't be done16:32
smoserjust that its at least an annoyance.16:32
SpamapSsmoser: ultimately the LCD is very low right now.. list, start, stop .. but I'd hope there will be more as the providers mature.16:32
smoseradditionally, its just a library, which doesn't solve the configuration file format (i dont think) that we sort of wanted to address.16:33
smoserunless it has a 'parse-config' or something method.16:33
SpamapSwell I'm not sure libcloud is the one ring to bind them all, but it seems euca+ec2 is about 70% of the market now, and will be about 30% of the market in 18 months...16:36
uvirtbotNew bug: #599337 in mtx (main) "system freezed (keyboard mute) after a very short time navigating" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59933716:44
smoserSpamapS, what hole did you grab "70%" out of ?16:45
smoserjust wondering16:45
smoserdice roll ? coin flip ?16:48
zulouch :)16:50
SpamapSsmoser: I saw it in some presentation by Rightscale.16:50
SpamapSeuca is 0.0003% of that, so I just rounded it down. ;)16:51
SpamapSsmoser: maybe you have something more accurate than the rightscale guys who pimp for amazon quite a bit? ;)16:52
smoserwell i can roll dice16:52
smoseri think its just about an impossible thing to guess16:52
smoserfor *current*16:52
smoserand then to forecast that for 18 months16:53
smosertake a random number, and then decide if that random number will be higher or lower when you take it again in 18 months16:53
SpamapSsmoser: thats just a guess based on how many people are flocking to rackspace and other providers because they're cheaper and have better IO16:54
hallynsmoser: test pkg is building, i'll test when i get back from bouncing in 1-2 hrs.  <bouncy bouncy>16:56
Dennis2Is there any community for ubuntu-cloud? I"m looking through the forums and such and seems to be pretty small16:56
ttxSpamapS: any chance you can get bug 583933 in order by eod ?16:57
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 583933 in php5 "test results in php5-common are more than 1 MiB larger than last upload" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58393316:57
ttxSpamapS: otherwise I'll have to defer it to A316:57
SpamapSttx: working on it right now actually.16:57
ttxSpamapS: cool, thanks !16:57
SpamapSttx: nearly done, I'll submit it for sponsorship in a couple of hours.16:57
SpamapSzul: will you have time to sponsor that one today?16:57
zulSpamapS: ill have a look16:57
ttxzul is lunching16:57
ttxzul is back from lunch16:58
SpamapSzul: ok I'll ping you again when its ready.16:58
hallynsmoser: yes, i created a pkg with just cherry-picking 590bf491a49670843ee902c47f7ab1de5e9acd06, and it seems to work now17:13
hallyni'm leaving for real now, back in awhile17:14
smoserhallyn, rock on.17:14
smoserjust so every one is clear, i would like to clarify that i was not trying to be as big a prick as i appeared above.17:23
* smoser apologizes to SpamapS 17:23
SpamapSsmoser: no worries  :)17:28
* SpamapS had already begun to forget about it.17:28
bogeyd6smoser, i think we all have those days17:36
DoonzHey guys im looking at the easiest way to mount a directory from one ubuntu server into another. what im trying to do is i have a storage server and would like my webserver to be able to use some of the space there any suggestion on how to do it17:50
SpamapSDoonz: what if the storage server goes down?18:01
SpamapSDoonz: I mean, does it need to be available 99.99% of the time?18:02
SpamapSDoonz: ok, NFS is probably the simplest way to do this18:02
Doonzand the server wont go down unless the place blows up18:02
SpamapSDoonz: you have to make sure the user ids match on both servers18:03
SpamapSDoonz: hahahahahahaha18:03
SpamapSDoonz: servers go down all the time. :)18:03
Doonzbrb baby need diaper changes18:03
Doonzhow can i check to see what users exist on my system18:14
pmatulisDoonz: baby ok?18:15
Italian_Plumberfor those who may or may not have been interested in my post aobut my server losing connectivity:  It appears to have been a bad cable.18:21
Doonzdamn cables18:21
Doonzanyone have a link with the easiest how-to for nfs setup18:21
pmatulisDoonz: server guide18:22
zulSpamapS: how did the bof go?18:27
SpamapSzul: pretty well I think.18:27
zulSpamapS: did people actually showed up?18:28
SpamapSzul: we didn't really bother with a UEC demo.. we just chatted with a few users.18:28
SpamapSzul: not a lot.. the 3 of us + Monty Taylor and then a couple of users (though one was Wikia)18:28
SpamapSYeah, the guys who run wikipedia18:29
zulknowing that wikipedia runs server makes me nervous...hmmm...i broke wikipedia today18:29
SpamapSand some university library software integrator who has 200+ installations of 8.04 in libraries and is looking at migrating them to UEC18:30
SpamapSzul: hahahaha18:30
SpamapSquestion.. the memcached package previously ran as 'nobody' .. but we're moving it to run as 'memcache' .. however, the file that defines that is /etc/memcached.conf ... so when people upgrade, it will stil say '-u nobody' ... can we force replacing that file if it hasn't changed?18:31
SpamapSzul: actually their main point was that they don't use *any* of our packages.18:32
mathiazSpamapS: it == the user/18:32
mathiazSpamapS: ?18:32
SpamapSzul: they install, and move on18:32
SpamapSmathiaz: it == /etc/memcached.conf18:32
mathiazSpamapS: if the configuration file hasn't changed dpkg will override automatically18:32
zulSpamapS: oh thank god18:33
SpamapSmathiaz: ahh, in this case the override didn't work for me18:33
mathiazSpamapS: is /etc/memcached.conf a conffile?18:33
* SpamapS will try on a base maverick18:33
SpamapSmathiaz: yeah its used to configure the startup for memcached18:34
ccheneyrebooting irc machine, bbs18:35
adurityI'm looking to do some network I/O benchmarks.  What tools do you recommend?18:37
zuladurity: bonnie18:38
adurityisn't that for disk I/O?18:38
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RoyKanyone here tried to use zfs-fuse?19:10
RoyKseems rather buggy19:10
ccheneytaking late lunch, bbia 1hr19:30
prodcutnews1im using ubuntu 9.04, always a update screen for 9.10 appears onto screen, i never updated ... incase i do update, whatz next...does it asks me for 10.4 update or not ?  is it possible jumps from 9.04 to 10.4 update .. what i need to do19:33
preseedok I can not get preseed to partition, I've tried in both ubuntu and now debian so I'm faily sure it's how I'm doing it.  Here is the preseed config code to partition, does it look okay. http://pastebin.com/F6uBBBTt19:36
RoyKpreseed: you can jump from LTS to the next LTS or from a non-LTS to the next non-LTS, so 9.04 will upgrade to 9.10, then you can do-release-upgrade again to turn it into 10.0419:37
RoyKprodcutnews1: that was for you, sorry19:37
prodcutnews1thanks RoyK19:38
prodcutnews1i understood , we need to follow the sequence19:39
RoyKit won't take too long unless you have a truckload of packages installed19:39
hallynsmoser: trying to figure out whether it's fixed or not.  When I run your kvm command, i now get:19:40
hallyn                                  error: hd0 cannot get C/H/S values.19:40
hallyn                                  grub rescue>19:40
hallynsmoser: the grub-mkimage command you gave can't be quite right, it complains no -O was specified19:41
smosernot fixed19:41
smoseroh. wait.19:41
smoserso, i should have mentioned this.19:41
smoserto get it working for me, i used:19:41
smosermake install INSTALL_BLOBS=119:41
prodcutnews1incase of update from 9.04 to 9.10 was successful, and i had any prob , how can i get back myself 9.10 to 9.04 , i insist update is successful, but there probs like sound card, screen reolution, drivers issues or any . how can i downgrade the version which favoured my machine hardware .19:42
smoseroff bc3a9ccc5ddea4c0c713ef6fb3c11d9a88cec169 of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/virt/kvm/qemu-kvm.git19:42
RoyKprodcutnews1: backup the system before updating, I don't think there is such a thing as a rollback - that may come with btrfs and clones, but when that happens, I don't think even the gods know19:43
hallynsmoser: confused-  what are you saying about bc3a9ccc5ddea4c0c713ef6fb3c11d9a88cec169 ?19:43
smoseri built from that and it works for me.19:43
smoseri built like:19:44
smoser./configure --target-list="" --prefix=$PWD/../kvm-testbin --interp-prefix=/etc/qemu-binfmt/%M --disable-blobs --disable-strip --audio-drv-list="pa,alsa,sdl,oss"19:44
smoserthen did19:44
smosermake install19:44
smosermake install INSTALL_BLOBS=119:44
smoserso, i'm fairly sure i'm using the blobs from pc-bios/ at that tip19:44
prodcutnews1why i ask this, i did earlier update from 9.04 -> 9.10 , it would be strange ghost story for few whoever listens, a sound was coming out of my laptop which i could see outside to my ears, i installed and 9.04, it was ok.19:44
smoserhallyn, that make sense ?19:45
smoserand if you 'git-log pc-bios/multiboot.bin' you'll notice it was last touched in November.19:45
hallynsmoser: i see, that's the last commit in your tree :)  got it19:46
RoyKprodcutnews1: doesn't sound like a server issue, though19:46
smoserhm.. i just now noticed that my multiboot.bin that i'm using , and the one in pc-bios are not bit for bit.19:47
smoserso let me check something19:47
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* smoser has to get his build/source directories off of encrypted home.19:49
hallynbut the "error: hd0 cannot get C/H/S values." is *different*...19:51
hallynall right guess i have to try from kvm git to make sure...  <sigh>19:52
smoserhallyn, i have seen that error.19:56
smoserwhen i tried to mix and match bios files19:56
smoserie, tried pointing the lucid kvm at the bios from the git tip or vice versa19:57
TeTeTkirkland: what's the recommended approach to change the networking mode of UEC? eucalyptus.local.conf states it should never be edited directly but with a tool19:57
smoseri've verified nwo, that my explanation of what i did above is correct.19:57
TeTeTkirkland: the question popped up on the answer tracker, feel free to reply directly to https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/eucalyptus/+question/11604019:58
smoserhallyn, please ping me if you need help, i'm sorry that i was confusing above.19:58
hallynsmoser: in the command:19:59
hallyngrub-mkimage --output=grub-loader.img --config=mycfg.cfg \ --prefix=/boot/grub biosdisk ext2 part_msdos19:59
hallyndid you use -O multiboot or something?20:00
hallynsmoser: that command just will not work forme20:00
hallyn(kvm-git is compiling right now...)20:00
hey_joeanyone know why ldap is broken in ubuntu 10.04?20:00
hallyn(actually no, i'm still doing apt-get build-dep :)20:00
smoserhallyn, i just verified that it works for me here on lucid on my laptop20:01
hallynhm, it was on maverick it wasn't working for me20:02
hey_joewhat are you guys talking about anyways?20:08
smoserhallyn, sorry, that is confusing. i was using lucid grub20:10
RoyKsmoser: if you installed lucid from scratch, it'll have grub2. if you upgraded, it'll probably have grub120:11
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smoserRoyK, well, grub-mkimage is grub2 only as far as I know. but mine is from grub2.20:12
smoserhallyn, i've just verified that : echo "set prefix=(hd0)/boot/grub" > mycfg.cfg ; grub-mkimage --output=grub-loader.img --config=mycfg.cfg --prefix=/boot/grub biosdisk ext2 part_msdos20:12
hallynsmoser: yeah /usr/sbin/grub-mkimage now has a new -O option, apparently mandatory, with no indication of what is the equiv of the old default :)20:12
smoserworks on alpha1 maverick20:12
hallyncan you give me `dpkg-query -s /usr/sbin/grub-mkimage` ?20:13
smoseryeah, i'm going to upgraading that really quick20:13
hallynon lucid it comes for me from grub-pc, in maverick from grub-common20:15
smosergrub-pc 1.98-1ubuntu620:16
smoseris what i had on my maverick20:16
smoseri will upgrade it and figure something out for you20:16
rbergerWith Ubuntu 10.4 UEC server running Eucalyptus returns an IP address not a FQDN  How do I get UEC on Eucalyptus to set the FQDN of the hostname so that hostname -f returns a FQDN?20:20
smoserhallyn, i can pretty much verify that grub2 on maverick is borked20:20
smoserhallyn, i can verify that this command returns success on grub2 from current maverick (1.98+20100614-2ubuntu3) : grub-mkimage -O i386-pc --output=grub-loader.img --config=mycfg.cfg --prefix=/boot/grub biosdisk ext2 part_msdos20:22
smoserbut that it doesn't boot properly20:23
smoserwhen i try -kernel with the result i get:20:23
smosererror: symbol not found: `grub_list_pop'.20:23
jeiworth_hi, just encountered a package linux-virtual that apparently "is geared for running linux as virtual guest", but additional information is a bit sparse... anyone know what advantages this kernel has in comparison to the standard server kernel, i am running various vm's under kvm/qemu?20:23
hey_joeanyone have experience with openldap in 10x?20:25
mreynoldsI'm using the Ubuntu 10.04 images with EC2 and I'm running into occasional frozen image behavior (can't SSH, can't get console).  Is anyone else seeing this?  Is there someone I can bug about this? :)20:26
smoserhallyn, stragely, 'grub_list_pop' appears no where in the maverick source at the moment20:26
smoser(other than references to removing it in the changelog)20:27
hey_joejeiworth_: its a kernel built for virtualization... specifics I don't have, but it will exclude stuff, and include other stuff obviously...20:27
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hggdhsmoser: I am running a 2,000-instance run now20:27
hggdhsmoser, Daviey: close, a cigar, but no lighter. Almost there20:28
hggdhin 1,000 instances, 4 metadata issues20:28
smoserand those metadata issues are public id issues ?20:28
jeiworth_hey_joe: thanks, yeah, i think so too but i can't seem to find any specific details googling... hmm, well maybe the ubuntu docs yield something20:28
smoserand, on the ohter errors, are those kernel oops ?20:28
jeiworth_anywho, trying it on a dev machine right now :D20:29
hey_joeJeeves_: i couldn't find anything either...20:29
hey_joeare you running a private cloud mreynolds or on the actual amazon cloud?20:29
mreynoldshey_joe: Actual amazon cloud20:29
hey_joedo those services that freeze up come back?20:30
mreynoldsI'm trying the east images just in case.  I've seen this before, but it was intermittent.20:30
hey_joeare do you have to reboot the vm?20:30
hey_joeprolly just a connection issue20:30
mreynoldshey_joe: Rebooting the VM doesn't seem to help.20:30
hey_joei haven't played with it much..20:30
mreynoldshey_joe: I have an EBS image up and it can't connect from inside the cloud either20:30
hey_joebut I would watch your traffic and see if it drops20:30
mreynoldshey_joe: I'm inclined to think it's not connectivity since I can't connect from an existing, up connection.  It's using the same security group, so I know I can ssh in and all that.20:31
hey_joemreynolds: im sorry... i haven't played with it at all.. was going to setup a private cloud, but went with seperate physical installs, and ldap authentication..20:32
hey_joedoes EC2 support authentication from a centralized place for all the virtual servers?20:32
mreynoldshey_joe: NP, thanks for the comment.  My company is internally screwed up enough that the best we can do is get Amazon servers :)20:32
hey_joelike if I add a user... can that account be used on all virtual servers?20:33
smoserhey_joe, it supports it in that you can set up a centralized authentication service and configure your isntances to use it20:33
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ocatacoocan someone help me with named.conf20:37
ocatacooI am just looking for a working example20:38
mreynoldsocatacoo: I think there are tons if you google for them.  This is probably something people won't respond to here (I'm new here, so I"m guessing this isn't the forum for that question)20:42
mreynoldsIs there a preferred way of upgrading images on EC2?  Right now I'm just running an instance image, dist-upgrade'ing, and then rebooting, then saving the image.20:45
hey_joesmoser... so i could setup a cloud, node controller on one machine with the auth service, then add all my machines to the node?20:54
smoserhey_joe, yes.20:54
hey_joewhat auth service it it? does it use ldap or something?20:54
smoserwhat do you mean "setup a cloud"20:55
smoseryou asked about EC220:55
smoserwhich *is* a cloud20:55
hey_joeprivate cloud20:55
smoserUEC (based on eucalyptus) has no support that I know of to integrate with an existing authentication service.20:56
smoserhowever, you could set up an LDAP server, and then configure your AMIs such that, when launched, they would authenticate against that ldap server.20:56
hey_joethats what i wanted to know :-)20:56
smoserhallyn, i'm going to ask in #grub about mkimage if you want to join20:56
hey_joesmoser... that is true, however openldap seems to be broken in Ubuntu 10.04 and 9.1020:56
rbergerWhy does UEC on Eucalyptus return an IP address and not a FQDN for the hostname meta-data call
smoseri dont know much about that. are there bugs open addressing its broken-ness ?20:57
hey_joesmoser, unfortunately20:57
rbergerIs there a way to get the FQDN out of the Eucalyptus CLC?20:57
smoserrberger, i do not belive that there is.20:58
hey_joethnks guys20:58
smoserrberger, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/eucalyptus/+bug/47535420:58
rbergersmoser not having the hostname set to a fqdn seems to break things like Chef and puppet and some apt-get package installs20:58
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 475354 in eucalyptus "Hostname not set correctly on UEC cloud due to IP address in local-hostname manifest data (DNS)" [Undecided,Fix committed]20:58
smoserrberger, that bug shows how we've addressed that in the ubuntu images.20:59
rbergersmoser it seems to imply that only the hostname part is addressed not the FQDN20:59
smoseri'm not sure i follow20:59
smoserread comment 10.21:00
smoserif you want a FQDN in the hostname field, then you have to enable dns in eucalyptus21:00
rbergersmoser, the last entry says " set hostname to a hostname-like value (ip-W-X-Y-Z)  if instance metadata includes a ip address rather than a hostname"21:01
hallynsmoser: JINKEYS!  well, the multiboot.bin installed by my modified package (which doesn't work) is exactly the same (per sha1sum) as the one compiled by kvm-git (which does work)21:01
hallynso that commit does need to be there, and i'm now just onto a different bug21:02
rbergersmoser right now on my Unbutu 10.4 with latest patches hostname returns euca-172-19-1-2, but hostname -f returns "hostname: Name or service not known"21:04
smoserrberger, so, i think that to address that you'll have to run eucalyptus dns service.21:06
rbergersmoser, I am running the Eucalyptus DNS service as per their wiki. They don't implement PTR yet.  Could someone give me a hint where hostname gets set when booting as a UEC eucalyptus instance? I can at least hack around things and get on with my work if I knew that.21:07
smoserrberger, it is set by cloud-init (assuming you're using a Ubuntu lucid guest)21:07
smoseri think /usr/bin/cloud-init iirc21:08
rbergersmoser I'll take more of a look into cloud-init. I was poking around there and couldn't figure out if that was actually doing it or not.. Thanks21:09
smoserrberger, thats the rigth place to look. it will only do it on first boot of an instance21:12
hallynsmoser: if i want you to test a particular .deb, am i better off pushing to my ppa, or posting jsut the deb to launchpad?21:25
smoserprobably push to your ppa, or just push somewhere http21:27
smoser(people.canonical.com is used for that sort of thing, or some personal web space you have)21:27
hallynit's just htat pushing to my ppa makes lauunchpad recompile it21:27
smoserso i'm good with taking a binary from you21:27
smoserassuming you've inserted all sorts of keyloggers and rootkits of course21:28
hallynhm, how do i put it on people.canonical?21:28
hallyni do have  a source tree pushed to bzr so you could rebuild if you have a really fast machine21:28
hallynwell shall i just email you?21:28
hallyn(and have my rootkit email me back your keys)21:28
smoserhallyn, here.21:29
smoseryou should add some ssh keys to https://launchpad.net/~hallyn/21:30
smoserthen i could let you put them somewhere by putting your keys somewhere.21:30
hallynhuh, thought my keys were there21:32
smoserhallyn, so yeah, i get the same error you're getting now.21:48
smosermaybe you need to install the updated qemu-kvm package21:48
smoser(ie, a tie between kvm binary and bios)21:49
hallynwell on my system i installed them all,21:49
smoseri saw errors like you are seeing there when I was trying to mismatch the two21:49
smoser(ie, bios from lucid and kvm from git)21:49
smoserhave you seen this work ?21:49
smoserie, were you able to recreate my success ?21:50
smoserso i'm not completely insane21:50
hallynhm, maybe i didn't do sbuild -A, maybe i *did* miss out on something obscure...21:50
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smoseri dont think thats it.21:51
smoserzul, i believe we never came up with "package-of-the-day" for kvm, is that right?21:52
* hallyn goes to look some more at the kvm changelog21:52
kirklandsmoser: sup?21:52
smoserdo we have a package-of-the-day for qemu-kvm ?21:56
MTecknologyIs it possible to only update packages that were released 1wk ago or more?22:27
zulsmoser: disabled right now...itll be back for alpha322:38
hallynsmoser: now it just occurred to me, you and i are comparing to the kernel.org kvm version, not the sf.net qemu , which is what we're currently based on23:35
SpamapSmathiaz: how's hadoop?23:54
mathiazSpamapS: are you refering to the summit?23:54
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SpamapSmathiaz: yes. :) is that today?23:56
mathiazSpamapS: nope - tomorrow23:56
SpamapSmathiaz: ah...23:57
SpamapSmathiaz: I am playing with bzr-build .. how do you handle situations where people have added all generated files like 'configure' to their .bzrignore .. can the recipe call autoconf scripts?23:57
mathiazSpamapS: bzr builder or bzr builddeb?23:58
hallynsmoser: hm, well, just confirmed that it still works with upstream qemu too :)23:58
SpamapSmathiaz: builder23:58
mathiazSpamapS: IIRC bzr builder --help prints a good message23:59
mathiazSpamapS: IIRC there is a way to specify commands to run after the merge has been done23:59
mathiazSpamapS: bzr help builde23:59
mathiazSpamapS: bzr help builder23:59

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