dipankarhello dfarning_ ,03:14
dfarning_dipankar, good morning03:15
dipankardfarning_, :  Sorry I couldn't keep up last night.03:17
dipankarI tried patching offline though03:17
dfarning_dipankar, how did it go?03:17
dipankarnot very well.03:18
dipankardfarning_: I think I am making the patch file in incorrect manner03:19
dfarning_dipankar, did you see the discussion this patch started at  http://lists.sugarlabs.org/archive/sugar-devel/2010-June/025059.html03:20
dfarning_dipankar, let's ping lfaraone with any questions about patching.... I think he is around for a while this evening03:20
dipankarlfaraone, around?03:21
lfaraonedipankar: yep?03:22
lfaraonedfarning_: sorry, I'm just working my way through the Tasks & Skills portion of the Debian New Maintainer process.03:22
dipankarlfaraone: I need just a little help in patching.03:23
lfaraonedipankar: how are you attemping to make the patchfile? where are you putting it? is it a premade patch or are you attempting to generate a new one?03:23
dipankarlfaraone: I am making a new file. with contents copied from here : http://pastebin.ca/189044103:24
lfaraonedipankar: okay. where are you putting the patch file, and did you modify debian/patches/series to include it? are you getting an error?03:26
dipankarlfaraone: I have made a file named : fix_freeze_DCON.patch03:27
dipankarand added its name in the series file at the end03:27
dipankarBut this time I am running debuild -S -sa03:27
dipankarnot git03:27
lfaraonedipankar: okay. is the package folder you're in a git repository?03:28
lfaraonedipankar: patches are not applied upon performing a source build, only on binary builds.03:29
dipankarlfaraone: ohk.. But PPA accepts only if I run source build. (it asks for running a command debuild -S or equivalent)03:30
lfaraonedipankar: yes. the PPA build system will take the source package and do a binary build. during that stage the source will be patched.03:30
lfaraonedipankar: from what are you determining that the patch is non-functional?03:31
dipankarlet me tell you the exact error in a minute03:31
dipankarlfaraone: I have pasted it here : http://paste.ubuntu.com/456170/03:34
lfaraonedipankar: okay. which lines contain warnings you think might be relevant to your problem?03:34
lfaraone*to your patch03:35
dipankarI think it is the line 3503:36
dfarning_dipankar, I just want to introduce you to bernie he is the CTO of Activity Central and just joined the channel.03:36
dipankarhello bernie,03:36
dipankarbernie: how are you?03:37
dfarning_bernie, is currently working from Paraguay leading a team to create a distrobution for the XO based on sugar .88 and fedora 1103:37
lfaraonedipankar: good. so that says that dpkg-source expected the patch to be longer than it turned out to be.03:37
dfarning_so we won't see much of him for a couple of months until their release is complete:)03:37
lfaraonedipankar: looking at your patch at http://pastebin.ca/1890441 , does anything look off to you?03:38
lfaraonedipankar: the error we're looking at suggested something irregular about the patch itself.03:38
dfarning_lfaraone, I thought the */main/bin/sugar-session path looked weird03:40
dipankarlfaraone: Actually I went through some other patches in the debian/patches folder. They all did not contain any 'diff ...' line03:40
dipankarlfaraone: I think the diff line should not be there03:40
lfaraonedipankar: good guess, but that's ignored by dpkg-source actually, so it's not the problem.03:40
dipankaras it might be for different patch system03:40
lfaraonedipankar: the first two lines just tell you how the patch was generated, and aren't really used by anything. they're harmless.03:41
dipankarlfaraone: I think I got it.03:42
lfaraonedipankar: okay, what is it, then?03:42
dipankarlfaraone: See line no. 5 in the patch file03:42
dipankarmost patch files contain @@...@@ nothing after that03:42
lfaraonedipankar: exactly!03:42
dipankarbut here an addition of def main():03:42
dipankaris there03:42
lfaraonedipankar: yes. I think a newline was somehow lost.03:43
berniedipankar: Hello! I'm not very well... I've been chasing two nasty bugs in F11-0.88 that are blocking the beta release :-/03:43
dipankarits some code of python03:43
dipankarbernie: from dfarning_'s description, I think you will be handle them pretty good :)03:44
lfaraonedipankar: try it replacing the space in between the @@ and the "def main():" with a newline.03:44
berniedipankar: well, I hope you're well instead. I'll lurk around in this channel even though I have no spare cycles to participate in other projects now.03:45
dipankarlfaraone: should I remove the 'def main():'? I don't remember having that code in the concerned file (I actually went through the file in which patch has to be applied)03:45
lfaraonedipankar: sure.03:46
dipankarlfaraon: Same output again :(03:49
lfaraonedipankar: the exact same output?03:51
dipankarbernie: Best of luck with your project. [There is some much development going on in the world :), can't wait to see these releases]]03:51
lfaraonedipankar: try removing the "main/" from the path in the "---" and "+++" lines.03:52
dipankarlfaraone: ohk03:52
dipankarlfaraone: Done03:53
lfaraonedipankar: let me know how that works.03:53
dipankarlfaraone: Thanks for taking sometime out from your schedule :)03:53
lfaraonedipankar: no worries, my VAC isn't until the first week of July, and I'll still be around then.03:54
dipankarlfaraone: you said the patch will be applied during upload..03:55
lfaraonedipankar: I think so. I could be wrong, don't quote me :)03:55
dipankarlfaraone: Ohk.. :) I just thought of checking it :P03:55
dipankardfarning_,: Patched and uploaded!03:57
dfarning_dipankar, great03:58
berniedipankar: if USR becomes rock solid, maybe one day we could think of a version for the XO.03:59
dipankarbernie: Sure, that will be awesome! XO running on USR!04:00
dipankardfarning_, strange, it is not accepted at PPA yet04:01
dipankardfarning_: Oh no. Neeraj uploaded a new version this morning only.. :( Should have seen that.04:02
lfaraonedipankar: no worries. this is one reason it's nice to keep things in sync using git :)04:02
lfaraonedipankar: just merge in the changes Neeraj made.04:03
dipankarlfaraone: can we do that?04:03
lfaraonedipankar: which? just download the new packages, and apply your changes on top of that.04:03
lfaraonedipankar: if we were using git, you'd just have to do a "git merge", which is a reason we should be moving towards that.04:04
dipankarlfaraone: So we need to have a git 'account' first.. I guess04:04
lfaraonedipankar: an account on alioth, and be members of the collab-maint group.04:05
lfaraonedipankar: ideally you should all have alioth accounts like you do at launchpad, along with membership in debian-olpc and collab-maint. I can approve you for debian-olpc, but you'll all have to apply for collab-maint.04:06
lfaraonedipankar: the group that "owns" the sugar packages in git. you need to be part of this to be able to upload to collab-maint packages.04:07
dipankarlfaraone: ohk.. I guess PPA has some drawbacks afterall04:08
dipankardfarning_: I think it should be accepted now04:11
dipankarlfaraone: What actually is VAC? sorry for my ignorance04:12
lfaraonedipankar: debian jargon for "vacation"04:12
lfaraonedipankar: when I mean collab-maint packages, I mean the git repositories which contain the source directories for those packages.04:12
dfarning_dipankar, great.04:13
dfarning_dipankar, hmm there is no change in the build status yet04:15
dipankarlfaraone: Ok, I guess thats why we never have to bother for the source of a package while working with git (if that is already maintained)04:15
lfaraonedipankar: using a technology called pristine-tar, it keeps the information on how to recreate the upstream source tarball in git, so yes.04:15
dipankardfarning_: I don't know... PPA is working very slow04:15
dipankardfarning_: Package is accepted04:16
dfarning_dipankar, just started so you are set:)04:16
dfarning_ dipankar walter bender is on #sugar do you wnat to ask him for help with why analyze is crashing?04:17
dipankarlfaraone: thats a good way. Very useful thing04:17
dipankardfarning_: Right on04:17
dfarning_dipankar do you get any usefull output from any of the log files after a crash?04:25
dipankardfarning_: Yes sometimes they refer to a function call which raises the error, and sometimes they mention the exit status04:26
dfarning_dipankar the error log you posted is good.  Now we just wait.04:27
dipankardfarning_: Who is walter bender? Like you told me about Bernie04:28
berniedipankar: he's the original designer of Sugar04:29
dipankardfarning_: WWOW! I mean I will be talking to him. :)04:29
berniedipankar: also author of many activities (Abacus, Visual Match, XoEdit...)04:30
dfarning_dipankar yes, he is outstanding at mentoring new developers04:30
berniedipankar: and current maintainer of many core sugar activities: Turtle Art, Measure...04:30
berniedipankar: when he's not traveling, he's usually hanging on #sugar. he's quite a helpful person04:32
dfarning_dipankar I think this is related to http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=58471704:34
dipankardfarning_,: Ok, I will have a look04:35
* lfaraone is out for the night. 04:36
dipankarlfaraone: Good night04:36
dipankardfarning_: I think Ankur is working on this bug04:37
dipankardfarning_: The date and time setting crash04:37
dfarning_dipankar ok I wasn't sure was working on it04:38
dipankardfarning_: He told me he would work on it. So I think I should not solve it till the end.04:38
dfarning_dipankaris ankur working on the sugar-draw-round-corner bug or the date time crash?04:40
dipankardfarning_: Analyze activity and Date-time (settings) both crash due to sugar-draw-round-corner bug04:41
dipankardERROR:sugar-drawing.c:390:sugar_draw_rounded_arrow: code should not be reached04:42
dfarning_dipankar that makes things easy.04:42
dipankardsame for both04:42
dfarning_dipankar will he be around today?04:42
dipankarI guess he would be joining us soon04:43
dipankardfarning_: If not, then I will have the solution ready and let him patch the package as required04:44
dfarning_dipankar yes, please start working on it.  Then when he gets here you can discuss approaches.... Debugging is as much an art as a science.04:45
dipankardfarning_: Let me check api.sugar.org.. There may be some link to the .c file in concern04:46
dfarning_neeraj, do you have any thing to work on now that you fixed you dependancy bug?04:51
dipankardfarning_: Can you please check the sugar-0.88 package by downloading it, whether it fixes the bug or not.04:52
dfarning_dipankar sure.04:53
neerajright now I am not working on anything.. but I will be in office in 40 min or so..04:53
DrKenobihello! I'm runnig Sugar+Ubuntu10.04. Two issues: first 'Sugar' from the Ubuntu repositories has no activities (nothing), and after installing 'Browse Activity [112]' this activity is not working. Any idea?04:53
dfarning_neeraj, when you get in can you look at #1104:53
neerajI can start.. but will be able to resume work only after 8PM IST04:54
dfarning_neeraj, thanks04:54
dfarning_DrKenobi, the best way to get sugar on ubuntu 10.04 is through the ppa at https://launchpad.net/~sugarteam/+archive/ppa04:55
DrKenobidfarning_, thank you04:58
dfarning_DrKenobi, you are welcome.  If any thing breaks please let us know.  we are trying to get the packages in shape for inclusion in 10.01:)04:59
neerajdfarning_, can you please remind me #11.. I am unable to find it05:00
DrKenobidfarning_, the actual package in the ubuntu repositories is doing somthing weird and i lost my mouse buttons. there are bugs in launchpad. I will try this new things! thanks05:01
dfarning_DrKenobi, have you tried in the last couple of days?05:02
dfarning_DrKenobi, as of the end of last week we have a team of 4 full time developers on the project.05:02
dfarning_dipankar looks good, the error is gone.05:03
dfarning_neeraj, 11. 1277640794.639546 ERROR root: No gsm connection was set in GConf.05:03
DrKenobidfarning_, i downloades yesterday05:03
dfarning_neeraj, we get that error when ever sugar starts.  I don't think it is harmful in which case it should be downgraded to a warning.05:04
dipankardfarning_: Stupid power-cut, got d/c Did I miss out something?05:05
dfarning_bernie, just suggested that you help DrKenobi get started with Sugar on ubuntu from the ppa:)05:06
neeraj_hmm.. did i miss something after *downgraded to warning* msg?05:06
dipankarDrKenobi: I would be glad to help you set-up USR on your ubuntu05:08
dipankarDrKenobi: USR -> Ubuntu Sugar Remix (Run Sugar on your existing Ubuntu OS)05:08
dfarning_neeraj_, no that was the whole message:)  I think we are getting a false positive error message that should only be a warning message.05:09
DrKenobidipankar PPA it's a software repository?05:09
dfarning_neeraj_  errors mean oops something really bad just happened.  Warnings just bring something to your attention05:10
neeraj_dfarning_, ok..05:10
dipankarDrKenobi: You can set in ubuntu to search for latest packages on PPA05:10
DrKenobidipankar great05:11
dipankarDrKenobi: Please go through this page, It will guide you through setting up USR on your Ubuntu05:11
berniedfarning_: I did, but he doesn't feel confident doing it05:11
berniedfarning_: and m_stone is trying to push him to build it from sources :-)))05:11
dipankarDrKenobi: If you face any problem you can send in the query here05:12
DrKenobiI'll come back tomorrow!05:12
dfarning_bernie, :)05:12
dipankarDrKenobi: :) Good night05:12
DrKenobithank you dipankar, bernie, dfarning_05:12
dipankarbernie: :)05:13
dipankardfarning_/ bernie : I think I have found the sugar-draw.c file05:13
dfarning_DrKenobi, you are welcome I hope we have something useful and _useable_ for you soon:)05:14
dipankarits in the package 'sugar-artwork-0.88'05:14
=== neeraj_ is now known as neeraj
dfarning_dipankar, Ok I got it now05:15
dipankardfarning_: Where to get the patch?05:16
ankurhello all05:22
dipankarhi ankur05:22
ankurif you people are working right now, can i pitch in with my questions?05:23
ankuris dfarning_  around?05:23
dipankarI am working to the same issue: sugar-draw.c05:24
dfarning_dipankar, from the discussion on http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=584717 it looks like jonas pushed a new version of artwork on friday the 26 which is more recent than our last release.05:24
dfarning_ankur, good morning05:24
dipankardfarning_: Oh that explains then.05:24
dfarning_ankur, dipankar is looking at the corner redraw issue you were looking at yesterday:)05:25
dipankardfarning_: I guess we just have to keep ourselves more updated now on packages05:25
ankuri was just going to ask about that question.05:25
ankurlast night that was the question05:26
dfarning_dipankar, yes. this is the issue that lfaraone was talking about last with reguard to git.05:26
ankurwhich was bothering me.as per the discussion, the bug was marked close and it was fixed in latest release05:26
dipankarankur, you were correct that the issue is closed now05:26
dfarning_ankur, dipankar it looks like the solution is to rebuild the package from debian.....05:26
dipankardfarning_: This time Ankur will repackages05:27
ankuri am on it05:27
dfarning_ankur, dipankar but now it get a little tricky becase we are maintaining separate changes and modifications in our tree.05:27
dipankarankur: I am sending you the required documentation.05:27
dipankardfarning_: I think I get what you are trying to say.05:28
ankurdipankar,  i am waiting for it.05:28
neeraj_cool :).. one more bug solved(hopefully)..05:29
ankurdfarning_, well i suppose even if it is tricky, you will help in in pointing me out to right direction05:29
dfarning_ankur, dipankar this is why it is critial to maintain the changelog file.  we need to be able to quickly see what changes we made to the ubuntu pacakge05:29
dipankardfarning_: Thanks for that tip. I was going some other way.. :)05:31
dfarning_ankur, +1 the first step will be to download the existing ubuntu package and check what we have changed.05:31
ankurdipankar,  can you see me?05:31
dipankarfind the documentation in email05:32
ankuri think i lost my internet conn.05:32
ankurokay now05:32
ankuri am online05:32
dfarning_ankur,  if and only if we have changed something we need to carry those changes forward.05:32
ankurya checking my mails05:32
dfarning_ankur, dipankar that is why _all_changes are in the /debian dir rather than spread around the entire package.05:33
dipankardfarning_, you want us not to miss any updates on the packaging from both sides :)05:33
dfarning_dipankar, yes.  I'll shut up and let you guys work:)05:34
ankurokay , dipankar  dfarning_  i was going through documentation, and will get back to you after i am done with it05:34
dipankardfarning_: Its not that. Ankur will have to go through the documentation before starting05:35
dfarning_:) good luck05:35
dipankardfarning_, After that what will be next task?05:36
dfarning_dipankar, I think the next thing should be setting up a debian test system like kandarp is doing.05:38
dipankardfarning_: ok..05:38
dipankardfarning_: I guess the debian system is for checking if debian requires any updates or not?05:41
dipankarif required we will push the packages after patching there05:41
ankurwhile my git clone repository is being setup, dipankar  can you explain dput command?05:42
ankurwhy do we use it05:42
ankurrather than normal method05:42
dipankarankur: as you know dput is for uploading the packages using the .changes file generated05:43
kandarpkankur, please forward me the documentation05:43
dipankarkandarpk, I have sent it to all :)05:43
kandarpkok thanks05:43
dipankarankur: When we use the normal way, we just hand over the packages to ppa software05:44
dipankarwhich decides which series to add it to05:44
dipankarin the changelog if you notice, most ppa packages have 'lucid' in their first line05:45
dipankarWhen we download an unmodified package from debian, it does not have the same line05:45
dipankarit has 'unstable'05:45
dipankarin place of 'lucid'05:46
dipankarto get that we generally used to bump the debian version no. (the one after '-' sign)05:46
dipankarankur : clear till now??05:46
ankurbut my git-buildpackage command failed05:47
dipankarwhat is the error?05:47
ankuri am looking into it, while here is the log http://paste.ubuntu.com/456221/05:47
dipankarYup that is fine05:48
ankurit seems05:48
dipankaryou have to sign them manually05:48
ankurgpg key of jonas was05:48
ankurnot available05:48
dipankaras mentioned in the documentation05:48
dipankarin point no. 405:49
dipankardfarning_: you there?05:50
dipankardone ankur with signing?05:51
ankurgetting some problem, will get back to you in two min05:52
dipankarok.. take your time05:52
dipankarno problem05:52
dfarning_dipankar, yes?05:54
dipankardfarning_: is there any bug to attend to.. I was thinking of giving a look at it while Ankur does the packaging05:56
dfarning_dipankar, feel free to get started on 11. 1277640794.639546 ERROR root: No gsm connection was set in GConf.05:58
dipankardfarning_: Out of curiosity, where in the numbering coming from05:59
dipankarlike 11. in above05:59
dfarning_I am just starting sugar and poking around until something breaks:) which usually takes less than 30 seconds.  Every thing the breaks get a number and a spot in the list:)06:01
dipankarohk.. testing:)06:02
dipankardfarning_: Manu Sir sent me an e-mail regarding the dependency problem : The fix is to remove ', $(call session_expand_activities)' from the06:12
dipankarend of of line 131 in sugar-0.88-0.88.1/debian/rules .06:12
dipankarI guess the problem is solved by neeraj.06:13
dfarning_dipankar, neeraj allready fixed that problem this a couple of hours ago:)06:15
ankurdone uploading the package06:23
ankurhope i haven't done something wrong06:24
ankurit was rejected :( , looking into the matter06:26
neerajdfarning_, aroung?12:03
dfarning_neeraj, hello12:32
neerajdfarning_, I was thinking of running the build script now?12:58
dfarning_neeraj, sure it should work.13:01
dipankarHi dfarning_13:10
dipankargood morning13:10
dfarning_dipankar, how are you?13:11
dipankardfarning_,: I am doing great. Thank you13:13
dipankarYou have started working so early13:13
dipankarOk.. So I went through the bug regarding speech activity13:14
dipankardfarning_: I am facing the bug in emulator only, not in any session (sugar.desktop/usr.desktop)13:14
dipankardfarning_: I think the problem is with emulator size. I can see a part of text box if I hide all the panels in Ubuntu13:15
dfarning_dipankar, ok that make sense.  Screen size is a big problem  Much of sugar was hard coded for the xo screen13:16
dipankardfarning_: So you are suggesting tweaking the resolutions now. Interesting..13:19
dfarning_dipankar, No, I don't have a suggestion:)  Just noting that it is a common problem.13:20
dipankardfarning_: hmm.. But would have liked that. :)13:21
dfarning_ dipankar I would suggest that you ping tomeu in #sugar, describe the problem and ask who would be the best person to help with this issue.13:22
dipankardfarning_: seems like tomeu wants to solve the problem13:47
=== neeraj_ is now known as neeraj
dfarning_dipankar, great.13:53
dfarning_neeraj, how did the build work?13:59
neeraj_dfarning_, got dc.. Will give it a try when I will reach home.. Also will try to use gnu screen method(or it was something else) :))14:06
dfarning_neeraj_, yes it gnu screen.   it is very handy.   multiply users can be logged into the same screen so you can work together.14:09
dipankardfarning_: I guess the problem is something else14:16
dfarning_dipankar, I don't under stand the issues well enough14:16
dipankarPlease see the image links below:14:18
dipankarit is the screen-shot in ubuntu14:19
dipankarit is the screen-shot in session14:21
dipankardfarning_: :) I hope you got it now14:22
dipankardfarning_: ?14:26
dipankarlfaraone: you, around?14:26
lfaraonedipankar: who, me? :)14:26
dipankarlfaraone: yup.. had a problem regarding PPA to ask about14:27
lfaraonedipankar: okay, go ahead.14:27
dipankarlfaraone: Ankur deleted a package.14:27
dipankarlfaraone: then he tried uploading the same package but Jonas one (after downloding it from Debian)14:28
dipankarhe got the error msg: The version number trying to upload already exists14:29
lfaraonedipankar: according to those who I've asked in #launchpad, that should work. How long did he wait before the deletion and the reupload?14:30
dipankar5 minutes or so.. then he got frustrated and left :)14:31
lfaraonedipankar: okay. deletions may take a little while to propegate.14:32
lfaraonedipankar: have him try again, then ask in #launchpad if it continues to fail14:32
dipankarohk.. but Ankur is not present right now14:33
ankurdipankar, i am here14:33
ankurand it failed again14:33
ankuri just came14:33
dipankargreat ankur14:33
dipankarlfaraone: Please guide ankur on this :)14:34
ankurlfaraone, http://paste.ubuntu.com/456389/14:34
ankurthis is rejection mail i got14:34
dipankarlfaraone: He knows the git packaging and patching :)14:34
ankuri will try to tell the exact procedure here which i followed, kindly guide me where i failed14:35
ankurlfaraone, dipankar  should i continue14:35
dipankarankur, you can contact lfaraone directly now. His guidance is always excellent :)14:36
lfaraoneankur: can you try the upload again?14:37
ankurokay , right then. I downloaded the sugar artwork package using debcheckout14:37
ankurlfaraone,  i will try again14:37
ankurlfaraone,  dipankar  uploaded again, waiting for the reply.let us see if it is uploaded .14:38
ankuralso lfaraone  i will like to make sure i followed right step. so i am telling them once again.will it be okay with you to point it out if there is any mistake14:40
lfaraoneankur: sure.14:40
ankuri downloaded sugar-artwork package using debcheckout sugar-artwork-0.8814:40
ankur2.then i deleted the artwork package from launchpad ppa14:41
ankur3. i went to the source tree of the artwork package i downloaded from debian14:41
ankur4.Built the package using git-buildpackage -S -sa --git-ignore-new14:42
ankursigned it using my key14:42
ankur5.uploaded using dput sugarteam-lucid sugar-artwork-0.88_0.88.1-1_source.changes14:43
ankurlfaraone, dipankar the package has been rejected again. :(14:43
lfaraoneankur: okay, ask in #launchpad about your issue, they can help you with it.14:44
dipankarforward the e-mail14:44
ankurdipankar,  here are the contents14:44
ankurlfaraone,  are you sure that there is no mistake from my side as per the procedure explained by me?14:45
lfaraoneankur: not AFAICT14:45
ankurkhurana_lfaraone,  i did some research on net  and found this http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2010/06/28/%23launchpad.html and this https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA/Deleting15:34
ankurkhurana_they say you cant upload same version no even if you have deleted it15:34
ankurkhurana_am i assuming it right15:35
lfaraoneankurkhurana_: so bump the version slightly, add a new changelog entry with +ppa1 at the end I guess.15:35
ankurkhurana_i should use dch -i command for this , just confirming or do it manually ?15:35
lfaraoneankurkhurana_: dch -i and edit the resulting changelog entry so the number matches what I described.15:37
=== bernie is now known as bernie_afk
neerajdfarning_, I think build process is working now.. :)16:34
neerajnow should I build a new ISO by removing the comments lines in chroot.sh file... for adding updates/proposed packages//16:35
DrKenobiHi! I'm trying to install 'sugar-activities' from 'ppa:sugarteam/ppa' but every time i try to do it the computer freezes. Can I download the .deb from somewhere else?16:54
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dfarning_neeraj, yes I think that is a good idea17:10
dfarning_DrKenobi, you can download the deb from https://launchpad.net/~sugarteam/+archive/ppa/+files/sugar-activities_0.1ubuntu6_all.deb17:11
dfarning_DrKenobi, do you have a slow internet connection?  That file is almost 100MB.17:12
DrKenobidfarning_, I have a very good internet connection, it's not going to be a problem17:12
dfarning_ok, good.17:13
DrKenobidfarning_, thank you! downloading!17:13
dfarning_DrKenobi, you are welcome.  Another note. the ppa works best if lucid-updates and lucid proposed software source (repositories) are enabled in your update manager.  Ubuntu has recently fixed a bug in GDM that was causing us trouble.17:21
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lfaraonedfarning_: I'm on my way out to lunch, but when I get back I can make a spreadsheet of the activities we have in debian/ubuntu and the activities we want to have per the soas list. Sound good?17:41
dfarning_lfaraone,   :) I was just starting that same list.17:42
DrKenobidfarning_: OK, so've to enable lucid proposed17:56
dfarning_DrKenobi, after updating you should be able to run sugar a session from the login screen or from the education menu.17:58
DrKenobidfarning_, I can run sugar, but the problem was installing the activities17:59
dfarning_DrKenobi, great so now it is (mostly) working for you?18:00
DrKenobidfarning_, I'll try now. If I disconnect it's because I still have the problem. Lets see18:01
DrKenobidfarming_, after downloading the .deb I installed the activities. But after the installation the laptop freeze. There is still a problem there.18:12
dfarning_DrKenobi, does you laptop freeze durning the install process or when you restart?18:14
DrKenobidfarning_, after installing the .deb there was a windows with something like "Package Installation Completed" (something like this). After a few second the laptop freeze. It was at the end of the install process.18:16
dfarning_DrKenobi,   strange, how much memory does you computer have?18:17
DrKenobidfarning_: 749.618:19
dfarning_DrKenobi, how did you install sugar without the activities package?  activities is supposed to be a dependancy -- but we might have made a mistake.18:21
lfaraonedfarning_: do you want to continue working on it, or should I handle it? Should it be on the SL wiki, the Debian wiki, or the Ubuntu wiki?18:41
neerajdfarning_, the build seems to be successful. Please check it whenever you get time. In the latest build I have included proposed, backports updates.19:21
manusheelneeraj: Neat work.19:29
manusheelKeep it up.19:29
manusheelneeraj; around?19:41
DrKenobidfarning_, I open the 'Ubuntu Software Center' and install 'sugar-emulator-0.88' with no activities. Now that I install the activities I still don't find the Browser19:59
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DrKenobi_SugarHi, I've installed 'sugar-emulator-0.88' and 'sugar-activities'. Some work fine, and some don't start. The Browse activity is not installed, could that be possible?22:13
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