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TakyojiTrying to remember, is there a way to have output of a command save to a file, but still display on the command prompt as it's running as well?04:40
kermitTakyoji: tee04:40
kermitcmd | tee file04:40
kermitsometimes i'll do:  tar czf - /|tee out.tar.gz|md5sum|tee out.tar.gz.md504:42
kermitso you dont have to pass the file twice04:42
TakyojiHopefully my little script works..04:43
kermiti cant think of an example but i often find myself teeing into a >(cmd) too04:43
TakyojiYay, it seems to be working04:45
TakyojiI've written a bot to download all attachments on a forum that I don't have direct filesystem access to04:45
TakyojiBut can backup the database and get the attachment table to go by04:46
TakyojiActually it's a phpBB forum. I used to have filesystem access to the website, but the owner updated the credentials, and didn't give me the new credentials, and is completely inactive. And I'm migrating the forum to a different server.04:47
TakyojiIt's the ugliest crap I've done, but it absolutely works.04:47
kermitsome wget command wouldnt do it?04:47
kermitsomething with -r04:47
TakyojiIt has to authenticate04:47
Takyojivia HTTP POST04:47
kermityou can pass cookies to wget04:48
kermitand post04:48
kermityou login with your browser, look at your cookeis, then manually give the cookie to wget04:48
Takyojiand take hidden input fields into account as well04:48
TakyojiI've done that before in the past.04:48
TakyojiBut actually it doesn't work that easily when you have two session IDs with one of them having potential variance.04:48
kermitoh hm04:49
TakyojiI've backed up all avatars using it.04:49
TakyojiI've mass deleted a long list of spambots using it04:49
Takyojione-by-one, since I don't even have access to the database anymore either04:50
TakyojiAnd the list was built by doing various queries against a backup file of the users table04:50
Takyojiwhile asserting that no valid users were accidentally deleted in the process as well04:51
TakyojiI've done all of this purely with cURL in PHP and regular expressions04:51
kermiti really don't know how people survive without knowing regex04:52
TakyojiI have no idea how that's possible04:52
kermitif i had to choose betweer regex, or my car, i'd take regex.04:53
TakyojiHowever at the same time I've also been able to use simple string search functions to make something like an XML parser.04:53
TakyojiNot the most efficient method in a high-level language however.04:53
kermitparsing predictable XML isnt bad, but an actual XML parser needs a real XML library04:53
TakyojiI'm talking about any XML. Not like "find the <meta> tag"04:54
kermit#bash will flame you for trying to parse XML without an XML library04:54
kermiti do it in awk though04:54
kermitmy old broker, interactivebrokers, let you download your transactions and statements in XML :D04:55
TakyojiYay, it worked perfectly.04:56
TakyojiI would love if there were more developer-friend companies out there04:56
kermitthere's a TED lecture with a guy ranting about how we all need to demand to be just given the raw data05:03
kermitso then we can assemble various sets as we please and create new information05:04
TakyojiI may or may not have seen it05:08
TakyojiOne thing I've always be curious of: what's the difference between SSH tunneling and a VPN?05:35
kermiti think VPN is an ipv6 feature05:39
kermitprobably ipv6 tunneled through ipv405:39
kermitssh wouldnt be appropriate for a real vpm because everything would be subject to tcp restrictions05:39
Takyojior even, 'what is a VPN?' for that matter05:40
kermiti think its like an ethernet bridge over an encrypted point to point connection via ip tunneling?05:41
kermitbut thats just a wild guess05:41
kermitbut, for example, i imagine you could exchange arp and broadcast rather than a mere point to point tunnel05:42
kermitand share the same subnet05:42
_diablokermit: Takyoji http://www.schumi.ch/partner/SSHvsVPN.htm05:46
Takyojioh the suspense of bulk operations..08:31
TakyojiExecuting a 150MB file of SQL08:31
TakyojiI think it's been at least half an hour now09:00
TakyojiAnd mysqld is only operating at like up to 9% CPU usage09:00
Takyojion the remote server09:00
TakyojiBah, it's not even half-way done. I guess I'm going to sleep then09:04
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