mptnewz2000, hi, are you available now for a call with djsiegel about the developer site?15:18
newz2000mpt: technically I'm in a meeting but I feel like a 5th wheel, so give me a min and let me see if I can step out for a bit15:19
newz2000mpt: yes, I'm available now15:24
newz2000skype newz2000 or phone from the directory15:24
newz2000mpt: lost you15:29
mpt_newz2000, sorry, djsiegel pressed the wrong button15:29
newz2000cjohnston: hey, where are we at on the localization work?15:58
newz2000are we blocked or just moving slow?15:58
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=== daker_ is now known as daker
stasViper550: ping20:59
stasnow I got some time20:59
stasViper550: what are your sysadmin skills? :)20:59
stasthe point is that I can offer you a virtual server with all in it and you can play with our fluxbb instance in what way you want21:00
stasthis way there will be no need for me anymore21:00
Viper550I've used cpanel before21:01
Viper550and FTP21:01
stasok, Ill create you an sftp account21:01
stascan you pm me with your email?21:01
stasthank Viper550 got it21:02
staswill email you soon21:02

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