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czajkowskiHave folks seen http://gracehopper.org/2010/conference/open-source-track/10:17
pleia2sent new logo design samples to the list :)17:51
pleia2once we finish the discussion on list (if there is one) we'll get licensing info and the SVGs from him17:59
jamfish728Where is this logo going to be applied? Is it just for media(flyers), or for the website too?18:01
IdleOnethe logo looks awesome!18:01
IdleOnejamfish728: all of the above I believe18:02
jamfish728ok...just curious18:03
pleia2yeah, all of the above18:03
pleia2I like the light approach, I'm thinking we'll ask the list for some design mock-ups once the logo is settled18:05
pleia2something inspired by the new Brand, but perhaps not another clone18:05
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AlanBellpleia2: any idea what font that is?18:25
pleia2AlanBell: nope18:26
AlanBellworks really well, especially as "women" has no assenders18:27
macolooks like garamond18:27
AlanBellseems to have kicked of a lively discussion on the list!18:35
AlanBellpersonally I think it is slick and professional looking which is certainly the direction I would support18:38
jledbetter_<3 Design :)18:48
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pleia2huh, turns out our old logo was CC BY NC SA20:21
pleia2gonna ask Troy if we can drop the NC20:21
pleia2(not sure what his intentions were anyway, licensing wasn't discussed)20:22
pleia2cool, we're dropping the NC and he's getting the SVGs uploaded to a bzr branch soon21:03
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Tm_Tpleia2: great stuff21:06
pleia2hey czajkowski :)21:06
czajkowskihows you21:07
pleia2good good, you?21:07
czajkowskigrand just in after visiting mum and sweet jebus she's a bad bad bad bad patien21:07
pleia2doing ok though, I hope?21:08
czajkowskishe had the keyhole, gall bladder and stones removed21:08
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czajkowskimaco: pleia2 ye may be interested in http://gracehopper.org/2010/conference/open-source-track/21:36
macostupid middle-of-the-week conferences21:37
* pleia2 cannot attend :(21:37
macoif i had a TARDIS (so i could go and then rewind and go to class) I'd go21:38
pleia2BJ (one of the organizers) joked that she'd have everyone sing me happy birthday if I come, but work and money and stuff21:38
macook or a Time Turner21:38
macohowever, the TARDIS would solve transportation as well!21:38
pleia2I'll probably skip UDS-N this year too, just have too many obligations for the rest of the year (and a real vacation with the boy would be nice)21:41
macoalso, gag, a conference that charges hundreds of dollar to attend!21:41
macoand thats the *student* rate21:41
pleia2volunteers get in for free21:41
pleia2but sponsorships are all for students21:42
macosponsorship applications closed months ago21:42
macoer scholarship ... whatever21:42
macosponsor would be the people who pay21:42
pleia2ah yes, they call them scholarships21:44
macostudent rate is $25021:45
macodont know where they expect that to come from21:45
macoi can get the $$$ for grownups as grownups have jobs21:45
macobut students, if it was $100, would be going "hmm... $100 for conference...or being able to eat this month..."21:46
macoand again...its on weekdays durng the schoolyear...21:47
AlanBelllast conference I went to before I started going to open source stuff was this one http://www-01.ibm.com/software/lotus/events/lotusphere2010/register.html21:47
macoand supposed to be something that professors and students will attend21:48
macomakes *perfect sense* to time it that way ???21:48
macoAlanBell: yikes!21:48
macoexcuse there would be its a grownup conference and supposed to be work-paid21:48
AlanBellwent three times, but once as a speaker21:48
AlanBellyeah, work paid. I was self employed21:48
macobut thats also OSCON's excuse and i think it's stupid in their case21:48
AlanBellit is a grownup conference, just like all the open source ones should be.21:49
macoit *only* makes sense to charge out the wazoo if you're fine with alienating hobbyists and students and those too new to the field to convince their employers' its a good idea to spend out the wazoo on them21:50
czajkowskiwell I think tis nice to see an open source stream in events21:50
czajkowskitis rather new21:50
pleia2czajkowski: yeah, that's cool21:50
macoAlanBell: disagree21:50
AlanBellgrown up is not the same as scary expensive of course21:50
macoAlanBell: no reason children shouldnt be allowed at open source conferences21:51
AlanBellno, their isn't, that wasn't quite what I was getting at21:51
czajkowskiwhen I ran a conference and had to charge a sum of money it was EUR 60 for 3 days for every day folks and 30/40 cannot remember for unemployed and students were free21:52
czajkowskibut not everyone can afford to charge as little as that21:52
macoOLF and SELF are both ~$60 if you want a t shirt and lunch and to support the event financially and free if you dont21:53
AlanBellI don't think the ticket price has to relate to how grown up and professional an event is, the one we are doing in a couple of weeks will be free entry21:53
macoOLF also has a $250 option if you want to have an 8-hour training day the day before21:53
czajkowskiFOSDEM I think was 25 if you wanted a t-shirt21:54
macothough i also think training is like GAH expensive anyway21:54
macolocal ACM chapter has training events annually and its like $700 if youre a grownup non-member21:54
macoand like $300 if youre a student member21:54
macoi remember lfaraone (a recent motu) boggling at that, wondering how he'd afford $300 on his high school student summer job wages21:55
macoAlanBell: the only correlation i see is that if you want to *keep out* students and non-professions and low-level-professionals, then charge horrendously and they'll be sure to avoid you21:57
AlanBellmaco: what I would like to keep out are people who behave childishly and unprofessionaly21:58
AlanBellso more grown up and more professional seems a logical direction21:58
* czajkowski just kicks folks out 21:58
czajkowskivery simple21:58
macoi would be shocked if my employer paid for me to go to a conference21:58
macoi work in a windows shop21:58
AlanBellwhich doesn't neccessarily correlate to the ticket price21:58
macogrownup isnt to do with maturity level21:58
czajkowskimy event, if you act up or insult one of my speakers, I will ask you to leave and if you have any problems I'll even help you out the door21:58
macoi mean lifestage21:58
macostudents arent grownups yet21:59
macobecause you dont say "when i grow up i want to still be in school"21:59
AlanBellmy kids think issyl0 is a grownup. I would tend to agree with them.21:59
macoi tend to think the only grownups in a school are the faculty22:00
macomore to do with independence i guess22:00
* czajkowski is still waiting to grow up :)22:00
macomoved out of mum's house, done with school, supporting yourself... then you're a grownup22:00
macoso theoretically i'll be one in about 6 months22:01
czajkowskimaco: the mothership would disagree :)22:01
* AlanBell looks back to see who introduced the word "grownup" into the conversation22:01
czajkowskishe objects to my jeans hoodies and ugg boot wearing clothes, no progressional wears them22:01
macoAlanBell: that was me22:01
Pendulummaco: by that standard I'm no longer a grown up even though I was by a while22:01
macoAlanBell: i said something about only grownups being able to afford expensive conferences, where grownup is the opposite of student22:02
macowell... or not-yet-a-student. cuz diapers toddler who isnt a student because theyre too little doesnt count as grownup either :P22:02
macoPendulum: i dont think you can reverse, dont worry ;-)22:02
AlanBellyup, anyhow, I like the more professional looking logo and Ubuntu branding overall.22:03
macoi dont22:03
issyl0AlanBell: haha - well thank you!22:03
macoi liked the brown22:03
macoi dont like the bruise22:03
maco(though ive got some spots on my leg that match the wallpaper *really* well!)22:04
maco(uneven sidewalk + granny trolley = danger will robinson danger)22:04
AlanBellI have a curiously persistent bruise on my shin, which now you come to mention it is a bit aubergine ish22:05
macoive been saying the wallpaper looked like a bruise since it was unveiled :P22:05
AlanBell(cobbled streets + wheelchair)22:06
PendulumAlanBell: sorry22:06
macodid you fall out?22:06
Pendulummaco: he was pushing me.22:06
AlanBellPendulum: can't think of a better reason to have a bruise, it is ok!22:07
Pendulum(he did avoid dumping me at any point that I can think of, though)22:07
macooh crud i gotta leave for school!22:08

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