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* hyperair has discovered that the only way to reliably get TwoFingerEmulation to detect my two fingers is by using my thumb.12:27
hyperairwhich happens to be just one finger.12:27
alf__Hi all! It seems that mesa distributes three separate tarballs: MesaLib, MesaDemos, MesaGLUT12:32
alf__Does the Ubuntu mesa source package contain all of them in the orig.tar.gz tarball?12:34
jcristaudemos and lib iirc12:34
alf__jcristau: thanks12:35
bjsniderSarvatt, did nvidia change the paths in the driver again?18:38
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Nightroseis just upgraded my system and it decided to reboot in the middle of it22:14
Nightrosei finished the update from the command line and now it seems X is broken22:14
Nightrosecan anyone help me with this?22:14
alkisgHi, I'm trying to figure out a xorg memory problem. Opening this image with firefox makes xorg use an additional 120 MB of memory: http://people.ubuntu.com/~alkisg/tmp/xorg-memory.jpg22:50
alkisgWhile this image, with the same dimensions, doesn't: http://people.ubuntu.com/~alkisg/tmp/%20no-xorg-memory.jpg22:51
alkisgThat 120 MB of xorg is only used temporarily, probably while the image is decoded22:51
alkisgSo one needs to keep an eye on `top` as it only happens for a couple of seconds22:51
alkisgThat memory need is huge, so it's crashing all the thin clients here...22:52
alkisg...as xorg memory is local to the terminal client, and not on the server22:52
alkisgWhere should I file it as a bug? xorg? firefox? some jpeg library?22:54
alkisgIt only happens with firefox, not with e.g. eog22:56
jcristaucould be X, could be your driver, could be firefox..22:57
alkisgIt happens with both my nvidia drivers and on virtualbox, so I'd guess it's not the driver23:01
alkisgAh, got it. It doesn't happen if I save the image as .png23:02
alkisgSo it's probably a problem with the jpeg library used by firefox23:02
alkisgI don't know if that's possible, but it might be asking X for memory while decoding the image, instead of using C malloc...23:03
Nightroseanyone around who can help me get my system back into a running state please? i really need it to work :/23:05
alkisgOooops sorry it did happen it just happened too fast and I didn't see it with `top`. The client still crashed though. :)23:07
tormodNightrose, please use #ubuntu for support (but try sudo apt-get install)23:38
Nightrosei did finish the upgrade from command line afterwards23:39

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