steeldevilI can not find my irc client on 10.04 did I go blind?00:16
steeldevilhm well guess I have to install lets see how the software center does that00:17
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jmlis it possible to parametrize couch views the way you parametrize sql queries?12:30
duanedesignhello jml12:40
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lifelessjml: do you mean in the client libraries?13:01
lifelessI thought views were naturally parameterised13:01
jmllifeless, I don't know what you mean.13:01
jmlwith SQL, you can do something like db.execute("SELECT ... WHERE foo = ? AND bar = ?", x, y)13:02
jmlI want to do something like that.13:02
lifelessjml: I don't know enough here to really help, sorry :(13:03
jmlI guess the answer is "put absolutely everything you care about parametrizing in your key"13:03
kaihi folks14:09
duanedesignkai: hello14:11
mkarnickihi kai14:14
mkarnickihi duanedesign14:14
kaiso, what seems to be the best way to sync contacts between a bunch of computers given that ubuntuone contact sync still doesn't work?14:15
kaiI can manually sync my couchdbs, but that's a bit tedious.14:15
kaiis there a reasonable way to use the infrastructure set up for ubuntu one and use it for my private cloud?14:15
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* diplo wonders why I didn't read the status page before spending ages working out why my contacts weren't syncing :/14:32
mkarnickiduanedesign: thanks for thumbs up on the forums. if you're interested, I put up another weekly report http://goo.gl/42LU14:59
duanedesignmkarnicki: nice15:03
mkarnickiduanedesign: thanks :)15:03
adiroibanhi. any idea why I got this errors for desktopcouch http://paste.ubuntu.com/456406/ ?15:17
duanedesignadiroiban: currently couch replication is not working for a lot of people. It was turned off and is now being slowly turned back on.15:23
adiroibanduanedesign: bad luck. Tomorrow I will have a presentation on my university regarding CouchDB and Ubuntu-one... it looks like I will have to skip the demo :(15:25
adiroibandoes this means that https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/Status is obsolete and no longer updated?15:28
mkarnickiadiroiban: o oh..15:32
mkarnickimaybe they could enable your selectively o_O15:33
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duanedesignadiroiban: the status page is updated15:44
duanedesignthe message under 'Contacts' accurately describes the situation with CouchDB15:45
adiroibanduanedesign: for me, it said that notes are working15:45
duanedesignadiroiban: your notes are not syncing?15:45
adiroibanduanedesign: nope15:46
adiroibanduanedesign: for https://couchdb.one.ubuntu.com/u/MY_USER_ID/notes/ I get 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable15:48
adiroibansame error for all other couchdb databases15:48
duanedesignadiroiban: is this what you followed to set up your note syncing?  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/Tutorials/Notes15:52
adiroibanduanedesign: no. I have a custom application that is directly accesing my local couchdb instance15:56
adiroibanTomboy is just crashing when trying to syncronize the couchdb notes15:56
adiroibanI am also reading/editing my notes using Fulton15:57
duanedesignadiroiban: might try: tomboy --debug > ~/tomboy_debug.log16:05
duanedesignto get more info about why it crashes16:05
adiroibanduanedesign: yes, but this is a desktopcouch problem, since gwibber prefencences are not syncronized16:05
adiroibanand same to my other couchdb databases16:06
duanedesignadiroiban: tomboy uses the snowy protocol to sync16:06
adiroibanduanedesign: ok. but I expect desktopcouch to replicate my local couchdb intance to other computers using ubuntu one... on this is not working16:11
duanedesignadiroiban: yeah it is frustrating i know. Hopefully it will be back on for you, and all of us, soon16:12
duanedesignthey have to turn it on X number of users at a time to keep from degrading the service performance16:13
adiroibanduanedesign: no problem, I just wanted to say this is not an Tomboy specific problem and that I don't realy care about tomboy16:13
duanedesign:) i gotcha16:13
popeyhmm, dashboard says I have 21 notes. i actually have 517:59
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bj0is there a quick way to disable ubuntu one syncing?20:46
duanedesignhello bj020:55
duanedesignbj0: you can open the Ubuntu One Preferences found under the 'Me Menu'. The 'Services' Tab allows you to turn the services on and off20:56
kblinhi folks21:14
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duanedesignhi kblin21:39
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kblinso assuming I've written my own cloud service script for desktopcouch, how would I get applications to use that instead of the UbuntuOne script?22:07
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ryekblin, ? you mean replicate to another service ?22:19
ryeduanedesign, hi :)22:19
kblinseeing how the most interesting parts of ubuntuone still don't work22:20
kblinI don't want to buy music or share files, I want to sync my contacts22:20
kblinI can do that manually using the couchdb web frontend, but that's a bit clumsy for multiple boxes22:21
ryekblin, desktopcouch replicates to anything that is specified in management db22:21
ryequick update on the couchdb status i got today from thisfred - there is an upgrade planned for couchdb services that will have numerous bug fixes (that are not visible on the client-side) and then the work to resume replication will continue.22:23
kblinis there any sort of documentation on this?22:24
kblinhttp://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Specifications/desktopcouch/server_identity is a dead link22:25
kblinI also gather there's no GUI that allows any selection of service providers, right?22:26
ryehm, need to look at desktopcouch-pair22:27
duanedesignhello rye. o/22:30
bj0duanedesign, i see, thanks, i had just hit 'disconnect' on my computer22:40
bj0ubuntuone seems like deleting files from my ubuntu one directory every several days or so, even when they don't change at all :/22:40
ryebj0, hm, have you filed a bug report?22:42
ryebj0, and we would be more than glad to have the logs from your client22:42
bj0i don't really have any information about whats going on22:43
bj0where are the logs kept?22:43
ryebj0, deleting files = ?22:43
ryebj0, ~/.local/cache/ubuntuone/log/22:43
bj0i just noticed the files missing sometimes, and i copy them back from my backup drive22:43
ryebj0, what type of files are being removed - some specific like image/jpeg or random?22:44
bj0some are images files, a pdf file and a .lyx file,  but all the files in that directory are encrypted using encfs22:44
bj0so ubuntuone just sees the encrypted directory22:45
larryjor57Hello?  Can anyone help with Ubuntu One requirements?22:45
ryebj0, hm, well i tried w/ encryptfs and it was not very good at syncing because it never got file change notification22:45
larryjor57I can't get my "contacts" to sync, looking at the log file it says it can't authenticate.... see mention of wxgtk2.8, which doesn't install for me... is it needed?22:46
kblinlarryjor57: contacts sync doesn't work, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/Status#Contacts22:47
ryelarryjor57, are you using phone contacts sync or attempting to use Evolution <-> Web interface contact sync? The latter is still disabled due to server-side being not really stable22:47
ryequick update on couchdb and replication22:47
larryjor57Ok   thanks rye... that would be it then.  I'm trying to sync contacts from Evolution.22:48
ryethere is an upgrade planned next week which is coordinated with couch.io that will bring couchdb 0.11 to the servers with multiple bug fixes that may help to prevent couchdb hanging on authentication (when you see "server with notes/contacts is not responding" this is basically it).22:49
bj0rye, that seems odd that it wouldn't be able to tell when files are modified, but even so, why would it be deleting files?22:49
ryeafter the upgrade is done they will continue monitoring the state of couchdb stability22:50
larryjor57Ok then, tks for info rye.  What is unstable about it?22:50
ryebj0, that's why could you please open a bug report and attach the whole archive of ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/22:50
larryjor57Anyway, that answers my question... will wait for it to work later...  Tks again rye.  Bye for now22:51
bj0i could... but since the filenames are mangled, i'm not sure which file in the log corresponds to the ones dissappearing22:51
ryebj0, still it will be helpful to have the log files22:52
ryeah, i was using ecryptfs, that did not work well22:53
bj0i'm using encfs, which is somewhat similar, though uses fuse22:53
bj0do you know why it doesn't work well? as soon as you change something in the mounted directory doesn't it change it in the encrypted directory?22:54
bj0oh yea, and wheres the bug tracker22:54
bj0found it22:56
duanedesignbj0: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntuone-client/+filebug23:07
duanedesignactually the command: apport-bug ubuntuone-client       would be ideal23:09
bj0oh, too late23:10
duanedesignbj0: :)23:11
ryebj0, is there any pattern on how you believe files are deleted23:19
bj0i'm not sure23:21
bj0you mean when they happen, or which files?23:21
bj0it always seems to be the same files23:21
ryebj0, hm, when did you notice that the files were gone the last time?23:37
bj0i haven't been keeping track, probably a week or so ago23:39
ryebj0, no activity spotted there since 23rd of June23:41
bj0the files were there i'm pretty sure on the 24th23:42
bj0then i was gone for the weekend and i checked today23:42
bj0and they were gone23:42
ryebj0, there is only one mentioning of file removal and it is the internal operation, on 2010-06-27 16:19:08. I am setting up ecryptfs udf to see what happens23:47
bj0huh i thought i was using encfs, but i guess i am using encryptfs instead23:48
ryebj0, yes, it looks pretty much like this, based on the filenames23:49
ryebrb, maverick kernel upgrade, reboot neede23:49

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