mence45could someone spair me a moments advice ?04:51
holsteinwhats up?04:51
mence45i just installed studio from the disk but its auto configure was to install without the graphics packages is there a way i can confugure synaptic to find packages off the dvd ?04:53
holsteinwhile im looking04:54
holsteinputting the DVD in04:54
holsteinand see if your automagically asked if you would like to use it as a repo04:54
mence45nope no auto ask04:55
holsteingo to04:55
holsteinsystem > administration > softare sources04:55
holsteinin synaptic04:56
holsteinunder settings04:56
holsteinrepositories should get you to the same place04:56
holsteinthe tab labeled 'ubuntu software'04:57
holsteinwhich should be opened first thing04:57
holsteinyou should see at the botton04:57
mence45ok there and the disk is checked04:57
holsteininstallable from CD-ROM04:58
holsteinand the disc is in?04:58
holsteindid you hit 'reload' ?04:58
mence45but it still wont work lol04:58
holsteinthat *should* do it04:58
holsteinthis is lucid right?04:59
holsteinusing the ubuntu studio DVD ?04:59
holsteinlet me send you too #opensourcemusicians05:00
holsteinand i'll fire up my box and see if i can figure something out05:00
holsteinmy ubuntustudio box05:00
holsteinyeah, if sudo apt-cdrom add is working05:13
holsteinthats the way to go05:13
holsteini only have a maverick DVD handy on a maverick install05:13
holsteinand i couldnt get it to work through synaptic either05:14
holsteinare you able to find what you need?05:14
mence45yeah the packages disply05:21
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GillesMhi how to migrate from ubuntu 10.04 to ubunutustudio 10.04 ?19:23
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