crankharderwhy is this config starting multiple processes of god initially, and then within a few seconds it's down to two of them that won't go away: http://pastie.org/102140906:23
crankharderif I comment out the exec/respawn lines then god never gets started06:23
crankharderall these commands are within a few seconds: http://pastie.org/102141306:24
crankharderfor some reason it killed all but one this time06:24
ionHi Keybuk14:06
ionWorking hard on 0.10? :-)14:06
Keybukit consumes my every waking moment :p14:07
crankharderanyone have any insight into this weirdness? https://answers.launchpad.net/upstart/+question/11599615:05
Keybukcrankharder: I would guess that "god" forks multiple instances by itself15:15
Keybukor is a daemonising process (so upstart sees the daemonisation as it existing badly)15:15
crankharderwell, 1) i dont think god forks itself 2) it doesn't do it if I execute the command manually 3) respawn on it is broken, if I kill all the processes it doesn't restart15:20
crankharder"do it" == start multiple processes15:20
crankharderalso, weirdness like this:15:21
crankharder$ sudo stop god15:21
crankharderstop: Unknown instance: 15:21
Keybukthat to me really implies that god forks15:35
sadmacKeybuk: well yeah. Jesus.15:35
crankharderare there repercussions if I add expect fork and expect daemon and god doesn't actually fork/daemonize something?15:50
crankharder...well, it works as expected w/ those added15:51
mgoetzeKeybuk: is there any chance of an ubuntu developer working on randomly nonstarting services on 10.04? at work we are still installing 8.04 on customer systems due to this bug...17:36
Keybukyou'd have to ask your support contact about that17:36
mgoetzemy employer is too cheap to pay canonical for support :)17:37
KeybukI don't know of any bugs affecting large numbers of users in 8.0417:37
Keybukso if you do have an issue, it is probably specific to your configuration17:38
mgoetzethe bug is in 10.04, LP#543506 and co.17:38
Keybuksorry I mean 10.0417:38
Keybukisn't that the bug where /dev/console isn't available?17:39
mgoetzeyes i think that's part of the problem17:39
Keybuk(well, the node exists, but opening fails)17:39
Keybukright, the cause of that bug hasn't been found yet17:48
Keybukand reading through the comments, multiple ubuntu developers are participating in the triage process17:49
mgoetzealright ... i don't really know which ones are ubuntu devs and which aren't of course :) well thanks for having a look17:53
mgoetzemaybe i'll see whether i can reproduce it with a different kernel17:55
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