MinlerAnyone know if this fis here  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=622828  will work for Win7?00:21
MinlerEr, fix*00:21
Raggsevening all01:28
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AdemHow can I edit the entries in my start menu?03:02
totorohi, how can i hide what is shown in the applications menu?03:07
Ademyou want to remove the aplications menu?03:08
Ademor remove single entrys03:08
totoroi just want to hide them from xfce03:08
Ademright click it> remove03:08
totorono, not that03:09
totoroi want to hide the programs listed in the application menu03:09
Ademwhen you right click on the desktop?03:09
totorouh, sure03:09
Ademright click desktop>desktop settings>menus tab03:10
Ademuncheck 'show applications menu on desktop right click'03:10
totoroum, not the answer i was looking for03:11
totoroit's like the Main Menu application gnome, where it's in system -> preferences -> main menu03:11
AdemSorry, Im in here looking for help too lol :p just trying to help u03:11
totoroah, okay03:11
Ademthis channel is for xfce not gnome03:11
totoroyes, i know03:11
Tedelhelp, please03:20
TedelI've just switched from Windows and I need some troubleshooting03:21
Tedelanyone here?03:21
Tedelhello, I need to install my new Nvidia driver but it requires to close X03:23
Tedelhow do I close X?03:23
Raggsclose or restart?03:24
TedelI need to close it, I guess I will be able to restart it afterwards03:24
Raggsdont know03:24
Tedelthe Nvidia driver says "You seem to be running an Xserver , please close Xserver to continue"03:25
Ademtry install it in safemode03:25
Tedeldoes anybody know how to close xserver in xubuntu? I need to do that to install my Nvidia driver03:45
Raggsdoes wine work ok in xubuntu?04:18
Ademnot letting me right click desktop04:59
likemindeadStrange. What kind of hardware do you have?05:01
Ademdefine hardware05:04
likemindeadDesktop or laptop, for starters?05:05
likemindeadFresh install or upgrade?05:08
Ademive had it for a while, this has never happened befofe05:08
likemindeadIs it just the desktop that won't let you right click? Can you do so inside a file browser or program?05:09
sagardoes anyone know how to get iphone or ipodtouch running on xubuntu ??05:13
Ademit lets me right click in other stuff05:18
MinlerAnyone know if this fis here  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=622828  will work for Win7?05:23
MinlerEr, fix05:23
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hlppcan anyone tell me how to install monitor driver on Xubuntu 9.014:36
bazhanghlpp, you don't need a monitor driver14:36
hlppapparently I do14:36
hlppI can't set a correct resolution14:36
hlppon Samsung14:36
bazhangnot for xubuntu/ubuntu/kubuntu etc14:36
hlppand on iiyama it says "wrong frequency"14:36
bazhanghlpp, that would be your video card setting; nothing to do with monitor driver14:37
hlpphmm thanks, I updated my video card drivers, 'll reboot and see what happens14:37
hlppall ok now thx14:41
nicofsi just installed xubuntu, used ubuntu before. but now i don't have sound. any ideas?14:42
nicofsi just installed xubuntu, used ubuntu before. but now i don't have sound. any ideas?14:50
sabrnicofs, Open xfce4-mixer. Select a sound card with management pulseaudio mixer.14:59
nicofsworks. thx15:05
totorohow can i hide applications in the applications menu17:56
TheSheepyou can uninstall them if you don't want them17:59
TheSheepalternatively, you can copy the corresponding .desktop files from /usr/share/applications to you ~/.local/share/applications, then edit them and add hidden=true18:00
TheSheep*to your18:01
Ichathi - i got a really nasty and strang problem,18:09
Ichatwhen i try to install  xubuntu  9.10  or  10.4  to a pata disk  (foramly used in a raid aray. ) -   the installer is  borking me  that its trying to install to    /dev/mapper/eeeffaabb1     rather than to  hd0   or   sd118:11
Ichatregardless that i  allready destroyed its  parttion table  (with the installer,  and with  gparted    )     and also tryed  going from msdos to  GPT      but no luck stil18:12
Ichatin gpart i get to see booth,   dev/mapprer/abcdef1   and   dev/sda1    where as i only have 1 pata drive and a dvdrom drive18:13
likemindeadAre you using the alternate .iso Ichat?18:24
Ichatlikemindead:  - nope im not should i ?18:27
likemindeadIt's worth a shot.18:27
likemindeadAre you doing a fresh install or trying to dual-boot?18:28
Ichatfresh install18:28
likemindeadAnd even after formatting the disk first with GParted, you're having trouble?18:29
Ichatstrange is that   in gparted  (on  10.4 ) i only see  sda -   yet in the installer   i see      dev/mapper/eaabbee(somthing)    linear raid device18:29
Ichateven stranger,  the installer  sais its sata rather than pata18:29
Ichatyes in recreated the  partition table  GPT (and  msdos - both tried) -  in  gparted18:30
likemindeadYou might try downloading the Parted Magic Live CD.18:31
Ichatmaybe if i could start the installer   with some sort of  'force to sda  )  i could try and bypass this...18:31
Ichati have used the 4.9 live18:32
likemindeadIt's more robust than just gparted.18:32
judgenhowdy fellas n' gals, I am trying out xubuntu lucid atm, but i cant seem to get an volume control applet anywhere in the taskbar. Any suggestions is apprechiated.19:03
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TheSheepjudgen: try dragging it from the list19:05
judgenhmm it is not in the list...19:05
TheSheepjudgen: then install it19:06
judgenTheSheep, know what package i should search for?19:06
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judgeni mean, i can run kmix thus getting a icon in the tray that way, but i prefer a native xfce applet.19:07
TheSheepjudgen: xfce4-mixer19:07
judgenoh yeah, it got it.. must have just missed it... but its grayed out though19:08
TheSheepconfigure it19:09
judgenseems to work rathger fine now, allthough i have quite some lower levels of output now, but that is no biggy.19:12
likemindeadAnyone else have the rare hang on booting Xubuntu 10.04 to which you have to do a hard power-off?19:28
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kr4zy10anynoe in here help a noobie?22:00
kr4zy10tryin to install android sdk22:01
kr4zy10lil lost22:01
TheSheepI suppose #android would be a better place22:07
TheSheepit's pretty specific22:07
knome!hi | Chaiwalla22:47
ubottuChaiwalla: Hi! Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!22:47
Chaiwallawhenever I open up "Ubuntu Software Center" it opens, then closes (or crashes) about a second later after I it opens22:47
Chaiwallaplease help meee22:47
knomeChaiwalla, have you tried running it from terminal?22:48
ChaiwallaI dunno how to do that22:48
knomeno problem22:48
knomego to applications » accessories and run "terminal22:48
Chaiwallai'm there22:49
knomethen in the window, type "software-center" without the quotes22:49
knomeand press enter22:49
Chaiwallait opened and closed22:50
knomedid you get any output on terminal?22:50
Chaiwallathe terminal said "/usr/share/software-center/softwarecenter/apt/aptcache.py:40: GtkWarning: gtk_container_add: assertion `GTK_IS_CONTAINER (container)' failed22:50
Chaiwalla  gtk.main_iteration()22:50
ChaiwallaSegmentation fault22:50
Chaiwallawhat should I do?22:52
knomeokay, try typing the next into the terminal, again without quotes: "sudo rm /var/cache/apt/*.bin"22:52
Chaiwallaok, I did22:54
Chaiwallaand I typed my password22:54
knomethen try software-center again22:54
Chaiwallayaaay! that worked22:55
Chaiwallathanks man!22:55
knomeno problem22:55
knomeenjoy xubuntu22:55
judgenis there a way of reversing the left and middle mouse buttons functions on the titlebars in xfwm?23:09
knomejudgen, applications » settings » window manager » tab "style", see "button layout"23:10
knomemouse buttons23:10
knomeno, i don't think that's possible23:10
judgenyeah the mouse buttons23:10
knomejudgen, feel free to add a feature request in the xfce bugzilla so that can be discussed, but i'm not sure if the developers are willing to execute that23:12
judgenok, i will.I found the feature very helpful for me back when i used to use kde323:13
schlaftierjudgen: I'd second this feature request, I just realised it would be nice to be able to map "maximise vertically" to a mouse button23:13
judgenyeah, that would be lovely23:14
judgeni like to have "lower window" on the second button.23:14
schlaftierYou can define keyboard shortcut for all of these actions, so it shouldn't be hard to implement23:15
knomeschlaftier, feel free to second the feature request on xfce bugzilla, two people requesting something is more than oen23:15
schlaftierknome: that's what I thought23:16
siddhion_hey. i have a Transmission connection that goes up and down. It says my port is closed. I went to the Transmission port forwarding guide and it says I should disable my firewall. I am using a router so it should be safe (as the guide says) but is that REALLY safe?23:18
knomesiddhion_, just open the specific port23:20
judgeni cant find a feature request section. only bug reports..23:21
knomejudgen, file a bug. there should be a way to mark it as a feature request and if not, just write what you want in the description, and it will be handled as a feature request23:22
knomejudgen, you can additionally paste me the link and i can forward that to the developers just to be sure23:23
siddhion_knome: i see. so would i enter 'ufw allow tcp/51413' ?23:23
siddhion_knome: or is 'ufw allow 51413' ok?23:24
knomesiddhion_, i don't know tbh23:24
siddhion_knome: ok, thanks anyways.23:25
judgenknome, http://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=653223:26
knomejudgen, cheers23:27
schlaftierjudgen: Thanks judgen, I will comment on your request :)23:27
schlaftierjudgen: Thanks again for submitting, I wrote a comment23:38
judgeni saw =D23:39

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