ShroudedCloudIs it possible, with an indicator written in Python, that, when an item is clicked to not have the indicator menu close?09:16
ShroudedCloud(But to update in response to that click)09:21
seb128I'm not sure it's something possible without hacks, it's not how menus work in gtk and there is no reason those menus should be different09:22
seb128but check with tedg when he's around in some hours09:22
ShroudedCloudI only ask because I noticed that the new sound indicator does this.09:23
ShroudedCloud(When clicking the play/pause button)09:23
seb128well that's a button not a menu entry09:23
seb128and it's open source so get the indicator-sound code if you want ;-)09:24
ShroudedCloudExcellent point... lol09:24
ShroudedCloudWow, clearly in over my head on that, thank-you anyway for the help!09:35
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jcastrohey vish 14:01
jcastrofor monochrome icons we ship those in a seperate package right? 14:01
jcastrowe don't put a new icon in each package for tomboy, etc. do we?14:01
vishjcastro: hey , yeah , everything is in the ubuntu-mono package14:05
jcastrovish: ok, one more question, heh, is there a process for asking for artwork from the art team?14:06
jcastroI've been doing "ask ken" but want to do it the right way if there is one14:06
vishjcastro: sadly no.. we dont have anything similar to gnomeart/requests   ..what can be done is probably ask in the artwork mailing list [which is sorta dead for a few months :s]14:07
philinuxHi, I'm an ubuntu forums mod. I'd just like to know if the default bookmarks in firefox are going to get updated for Maverick?14:43
seb128hi, try #ubuntu-mozilla or whatever chan the firefox guys use? 14:44
philinuxCheers Seb, I was going to raise a bug but got pointed to ayatana14:45
seb128hum? ayatana is where dx work is done14:46
seb128ie indicators, notify-osd, unity14:46
seb128not really firefox14:46
philinuxOk thanks for the pointer to the mozilla guys14:47
dutchieis there an indicator applet for caps/num/scroll lock?14:57
seb128not that I know about no15:04
LaserJockis there anything special I need to install to get window titles/controls in Unity (lucid)?16:45
LaserJockdavidbarth: I've got a Unity question for you if you have a minute17:14
LaserJockdavidbarth: it seems that apps that don't have .desktop files don't show up in the side bar. Given the importance of the side bare for navigation would it be possible to have a generic icon or something?17:16
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seif_jcastro, whats the state of windicators18:00
jcastroseif_: no clue, I'm on the menu this cycle18:00
seif_oh ok18:00
seif_any idea who is on it?18:00
jcastrodbarth would know18:01
seif_davidbarth, hi18:04
davidbarthjcastro: for LaseJock (i missed the question, was away): bamf requires .desktop files for matching yes; normally we have a default icon for when we don't have one; can he file a bug if there's no matching at all?19:21
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Mark__Twhat does libindicate mono for?20:26
Mark__Tneed ^20:26
Mark__Tis it possible to build libindicate without mon?21:00
tedgkenvandine_, Ah, you do have a listener here :)  Mark__T was asking about building libindicate.  So this is a ping to check the scrollback when you get back :)23:05
DrHalani was wondering why unclutter isn't hideing tooltips...23:55

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