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anqiCN__edubuntu &qimo which is the better?11:03
alkisganqiCN__: they target different groups, so it depends on your needs11:14
anqiCN__what is different?11:35
vijayhow to install edubuntu add-on in ubuntu 10.0417:49
vijayanybody help :)17:49
FoolsRunhi, is anyone here? I have a simple install question19:33
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)19:34
FoolsRunThe Edubuntu installer is not recognizing an existing LVM partition on the server I wish to install it on. The existing LVM partition contains an old Fedora installation that I'd like to dual boot, at least for the short term. Can I make the installer see and partition LVM?19:35
alkisgFoolsRun: edubuntu uses the same installer (ubiquity) as ubuntu, so you'll have better support if you ask that at #ubuntu19:37
FoolsRunalkisg: I've been asking for an hour in there and nobody's acknowledged my question. Thought I might have better luck here. I'll try there again, I guess.19:37
alkisgFoolsRun: I know the alternate CD recognises LVM, but I'm not sure about the desktop cd (=edubuntu/ubuntu)19:38
FoolsRunalkisg: yeah, and there isn't an Alternate CD for Edu, right?19:39
alkisgNo, but you can install edubuntu-desktop after the installation19:39
FoolsRunmostly I'm concerned about the integrity of my existing Fedora install. I don't want to bork it while trying to get the disk partitioned.19:41
* alkisg experience with LVM was just formatting a system that had LVM on it, to replace it with a normal partitioning scheme :D19:43
FoolsRunI'd like to just convert the partition that's there, but I doubt I could do that out from under Fedora19:47
alkisgIf you have some other disk to use for backup, a tar/untar would suffice, I guess19:48
* alkisg has tried cloning with tar and it worked fine19:49
FoolsRunyeah, no other disk readily available19:51

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