Pingfloydthe ppa 4.5rc comes up as 4.4.90 when installed00:01
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ridinwhat i've heard from my logs there's a new kde version but it's not in kubuntu 10.04 by default00:46
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sweettoothcan someone please look at http://paste.ubuntu.com/457621/ ? I'm trying to install MadWifi and I keep getting these errors.01:21
snarksterhi anyone alive in here?01:36
Typos_Kingwhat about dead ones?01:37
snarksterive got 277,000 txt files in over 1100 directories that i need to consolidate into one directory, whats the best approach as drag and drop is not working01:38
Typos_Kingbash :)01:41
Typos_Kinga quick for loop in  bash I'd think will do, what's the file structure?01:41
snarksterthats what i need a loop but im not skilled enough to do that01:42
Typos_Kingwell, what do you have for files structure? :)01:43
Typos_Kingcan you give us a quick 'ls -l' paste on them?01:43
snarkster/media/backup/MacDrive/2-raw/<1100 dir>/f0000000.txt01:44
snarksteri want to move them all to 1-sorted/office/txt01:44
snarksterthis is a dead mac drive that I recovered, way to many txt files01:45
Typos_Kingwouldn't it make a conflict with 2 same-named files?01:45
snarksterover 277k txt files01:45
snarksterthere are no two same named files01:45
Typos_Kingso each folder has 1 file? or so01:46
snarkstereach folder has between 200 to 500 txt files in it01:46
snarksteris it something like if %1=*.txt then mv %1 /dest01:48
snarksteror so01:48
snarksterhi bigfree01:49
snarksterfind $1 -type f01:50
Typos_Kingsnarkster:    at the bash prompt :)01:51
snarksterjust learning this scripting thing.. I can recover data from dead hard drives, but cant write a script01:51
snarkstersheesh always putting the cart before the horse01:51
Typos_King_snarkster:   ark, got dc'ed :|01:54
Typos_King_snarkster:     mkdir ../temp; for folder in *; do cp $folder/* ../temp; done01:54
Typos_King_I used cp, rather than mv, just to make sure if all goes well, then you can remove them01:54
snarksterTypos_King_: I just need the txt files not the dirs01:55
Typos_King_that's what is getting, $folder/*01:55
snarksterwhen dealing with 277,000 files everything is slow01:55
Typos_King_snarkster:   you can make that $folder/*.txt I gather01:56
Typos_King_or *txt eithe way01:56
snarksterfollowed you exactly got nothing01:59
Typos_King_have you checked temp?01:59
Typos_King_or ../temp that is01:59
snarksterits working, just not showing me anyhting02:00
Typos_King_just let it finish then :)02:00
snarksteri did for %folder/*txt in *' do mv $folder/*txt /dest02:00
Typos_King_if you do a ls ../temp should show whatever it has so far, unless the cpu is quite taken up02:01
snarksterthis all happening remotely02:01
snarksterso i dont see anyhting02:01
Typos_King_not exactly what I typed :S02:01
Typos_King_unlesss  you meant that was a nested loop02:01
snarksterjust got another prompt02:01
Typos_King_what's wrong with02:02
Typos_King_mkdir ../temp; for folder in *; do cp $folder/*txt ../temp; done02:02
snarksteri dont know what i mean, i just knew there was a way to move these files to the proper place with out doing a tools>find and taking an hour to locate 277k files that i can do nothing with02:02
Typos_King_mkdir ../temp; for folder in *; do cp $folder/*txt ../temp; done   <-- should do the trick02:03
snarksterbut i dont need to make a directory I already have the proper place to put them02:03
Typos_King_then when done, just move them over :)02:04
snarksterwhich is why i skipped that part02:04
Typos_King_no biggie, the temp is just that a temp02:04
Typos_King_the idea is, not to do 'mv' right away, since you can screw that part up, using 'cp', ensures you have a good source still if somethings goes awry02:04
daedaluzanyone having problems with 4.4.5 update? I don't. :302:05
snarksterso i did: for $folder/*txt in *;do mv $folder/*txt /media/backup/macdrive/1-sorted/office/txt/ : will this work?02:05
Typos_King_yeah well02:05
Typos_King_that won't work02:05
Typos_King_you're using a variable without being initialized02:05
Typos_King_namely $folder02:06
snarksteri really need to learn bash scripting. LOL02:07
moesKubuntu 10.04 w/kde 4....In previous version I could add wallpaper to different desktops...This does not seem possible with latest version is this because of Kde 402:12
daedaluzmoes: system settings > desktop > multiple desktops02:14
daedaluzmoes: enable different activity for each desktop02:15
FirefisheHow do I setup kde 4.4.4 to use nm-applet at startup rather than knetwork-manager and make it permanent?02:15
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xrfangafter upgrading to 4.4.5 from the ppa, most part of my desktop turns black, and start menu etc. appears on top of screen, how can I downgrade to 4.4.4?02:46
etholahow do i get in to the kde channel in irc ?02:46
etholathe official not the kubuntu channel i mean02:46
etholaah now i got it02:51
Reallycoolsometimes, my KDE doesn't wake up from sleep or lock, forcing me to force shutdown02:57
Reallycoolany ideas why this is happening?02:57
ybita friend of mine is trying to start an otr session with me in kopete but it freezes while generating a private key, any ideas what's going on?03:22
macintux_ybit: OTR always seems to freeze, probably its just gathering random data and just locking it up.03:23
ybitmacintux_: any idea how to fix this problem?03:23
ybitno output is coming from the cli03:23
ybitwhen he attempts to start an otr03:23
ybitan otr session*03:23
macintux_ybit: I don't think there is a fix other than changing the programming. Happens on Windows/Mac/Linux as well.03:24
macintux_Adium, Pidgin, and apparently Kopete too.03:24
ybitthat's sad, it works fine on my computer with other users, just not his computer..03:24
macintux_ybit: Mine always freezes while getting an IM just happens for a sec then were in business.03:25
ybityeah, i know what you mean. this just doesn't generate a key. wish there was a way to generate some output so we know what's going on03:25
macintux_ybit: You can generate a key in the options.03:26
macintux_ybit: Have you tried launching kopete from the konsole?03:27
ybitmacintux_: yes, no output03:28
macintux_ybit: Ahh okay. Not sure what to do.03:28
ybitalso he's attempting to generate a key manually from the otr config menu but it's still freezing03:28
ybiti found a bug that describes what he is experiencing, https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=23705003:29
ybitbut nobody has responded03:29
macintux_ybit: Is it a relatively faster computer or a slow one? The keys generate using random data. If your generating a 4096bit key it takes a while.03:29
ybitit's twice as fast as mine03:29
macintux_ybit: Hmm, Thats really weird.03:30
ybitmaybe his version of otr is older..going to install a newer version..maybe...03:32
ybitwell, we'll try the older version since i think it's the newest version03:33
macintux_ybit: Do you really like Kopete? I personally prefer Pidgin.03:36
ybityes, yes i do03:36
ybitand it's for my friend, not me good sir :)03:36
ybitit integrates nicely with the notifications dialogue03:37
macintux_ybit: Ahh, okay. I'm working on my programming skills I wish I could reprogram a lot of things in Linux.03:38
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timIRCgood morning ... anyone alive?04:49
TakyojiWhat's the default partition manager in Kubuntu?04:53
timIRC... what the h*ll is EVERYTHING in kubuntu? :/04:54
TakyojiSpecifically on 10.0404:56
TakyojiBecause there's references to qtparted04:57
ridintakyoji: gparted?05:04
ridinthe kubuntu cd has gparted, so05:04
TakyojiAwkward, because for some reason when I boot the 10.04 LiveCD, and try simply opening gparted via command line, it says it's not installed.05:05
TakyojiI suppose it could just be temporarily installed in RAM05:05
JontheEchidnapartitionmanager (gparted is not on the CD. neither is partitionmanager, but...)05:05
ridini was talking about the ubuntu cd, then i guess05:06
Takyojiotherwise someone is complaining about slowness on a 512MB RAM system, with 3 simultaneous applications; does that sound a little abnormal or typical for that amount of RAM?05:07
Takyoji(I'm using 4GB of RAM, so I wouldn't know :P)05:08
ridinwell, for kde, kinda05:08
ridinprobably it'll feel like Vista with aero effects, 1gb of ram05:10
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dragonviali forgot how big of a pain in the arse a new linux install is05:14
dragonvialeverytime you try to do something youre missing libs lol05:14
TakyojiWell, I haven't come across dependency hell ever. :P05:17
dragonvialeverytime i try to ./configure i need something else lol05:17
Takyojiahh, manual compilation05:17
dragonvialthe uh... package manager whats it called05:17
TakyojiThat's always fun. :P05:17
dragonvialit sucks, wont install anything, shows it, and lists the files, but gives me no option to get it05:18
dragonvialso im apt-get'ing05:18
dragonvialI'm originally a BSD guy... but its been a long time so im still just now remembering how to do anything actually lol05:19
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TakyojiI've been curious of BSD for quite a while actually05:21
TakyojiSuch as OpenBSD05:21
Takyojiof being able to sandbox X11 applications.05:22
KhaoticTakyoji:  i am programmer05:30
TakyojiSo does anyone know of the default partition management GUI in Kubuntu then?05:46
newboon2age_does anyone know if ubuntuone is installed by default in Kubuntu and if not what steps to take to install it?06:07
newboon2age_Takyoji: when i look at my kubuntu menu i don't see one.  i'll check to see if gparted is present...06:24
deathmagehi, somebody speak spanish here ?06:29
deathmageis anybody from mexico  or spain ?06:29
tuntukub 10.1007:06
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Reallycoolsometimes, my KDE doesn't wake up from sleep or lock, forcing me to force shutdown08:17
Reallycoolany ideas why this is happening?08:17
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xrfanghow can I remove v4.4.5 and return to 4.4.4?09:02
Guest39572whats java's package?09:05
Guest39572thank you so much09:08
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KhaoticCouldn't find package sun-java6-*09:11
KhaoticVojtaeus: Couldn't find package sun-java6-*09:12
VojtaeusKhaotic: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=sun-java&searchon=names&suite=lucid&section=all09:13
VojtaeusNo, sorry09:14
KhaoticVojtaeus:  are you getting me the package?09:16
VojtaeusHm. I have packages sun-java6-bin sun-java6-jre, sun-java6-plugin and sun-java6-fonts09:16
VojtaeusFrom repository lucid/main09:17
VojtaeusKhaotic: You have to find it :)09:17
xrfangI got a strange problem after upgrading to 4.4.5 (kubuntu ppa) that the bottom part (about 70%) of screen turns black.09:20
snoobI have Ubuntu, then i installed Kubuntu-desktop, now how to remove Gnome ?09:23
moetunes!purekde > snoob09:24
ubottusnoob, please see my private message09:24
stixWhere are the "Restricted drivers" in KDE?09:28
snoobmoetunes i use automated removal, is it neccesery to manual removal09:28
moetunessnoob: never tried it just know the bot link ;]09:29
snoobhow to custom prefer app?09:30
snoobex: Use Chrome as My defalt Browers09:31
Khaoticwhats the java package name?09:31
snoobis kde use compiz?09:34
Vojtaeussnoob: KDE4 uses Kwin409:35
VojtaeusNo compiz by default09:35
snoobhow to choice defalt app09:35
Vojtaeussnoob: set prefered apps in KDE Control Center09:35
Vojtaeussnoob: Do NOT be impatient!09:36
stixIs there no terminal in kde?09:44
Khaoticthere is09:46
Khaoticit is called konsole09:46
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Khaotichow do i install java?10:00
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TheKrocan anyone help me setup my compose key so it works properly?11:15
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stixWhy does nothing happen when I want to configure file sharing? Also when I run the command: "gksudo kcmshell4 fileshare" nothing happens11:57
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ctwHi -- does anybody here have any experience with (K)Ubuntu on the Lenovo Thinkpad X201?12:03
gaetanoqualcuno mi può aiutare per installare i driver nvidia 220gt su kubuntu 10?12:07
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SIDin need of a little help...12:17
SIDi got Kubuntu installed....first of all i ran it from the live CD and it found my wireless network card and i was able to connect to my router...12:17
SIDbut now i have installed it to the hard drive, i do not see my wireless :/12:18
SIDany ideas on how i enable it?12:18
ArGGu^^SID well thats odd :S12:18
SIDyeah i know :/12:18
SIDwhen i ran it from the live CD, i had to enable the driver12:18
SIDbut i dont see that option now12:19
tryshмне страшно12:19
ArGGu^^SID  have checked applications->system->hardware drivers?12:20
ArGGu^^*have you12:20
SIDlet me check..im new to linux so bare with me :P12:20
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SIDhmm...downloading package indexes failed, please check your network status, most drivers will not be available.12:21
SIDthen the box that pops up, both windows are empty12:21
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SIDthinkin i should hook it up to my pc via ethernet and share the connection to let it download the files it needs..12:24
ArGGu^^SID you could also try that but the kubuntu live cd in the dc/drive12:25
ArGGu^^*cd/dvd drive12:25
SIDyeah its there12:25
ArGGu^^and then goto computer->kpackagekit->settings->edit software sources12:26
ArGGu^^it will ask your password12:26
ArGGu^^the select other software tab12:26
ArGGu^^and check the cdrom checkbox12:27
ArGGu^^and click close12:27
ArGGu^^and then go to application->system->hardware drives12:27
SIDim on it, just a sec :)12:28
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SIDnow it doesnt give me that error12:29
SIDbut the two boxes are still empty12:29
ArGGu^^Well that odd :S12:29
SIDif i click the connection icon in the tray...i see wireless 802.1112:30
SIDbut it does not see any networks12:30
ArGGu^^SID click connect to other network12:34
ArGGu^^Is there any networks?12:34
SIDif i click that it brings up a box...asking me to enter the details myself12:34
ArGGu^^SID press alt+f2 and type konsole12:35
ArGGu^^in konsole type ifconfig12:35
ArGGu^^is there interface wlan?12:36
SIDi see..12:37
SIDeth0 and lo12:37
ArGGu^^ok SID type in the console lspci and paste the output in http://paste.ubuntu.com/12:38
ArGGu^^and paste the url in here12:38
SIDok just a sec12:40
ArGGu^^SID go to computer->kpackagekit->settings->edit software sources in the kubuntu software tab(the first tab)12:46
ArGGu^^Is the Proprietary drivers for devices (restricted) checked?12:46
ArGGu^^SID ok go to computer->kpackagekit12:48
ArGGu^^and in software management12:48
ArGGu^^search package bcmwl-kernel-source12:48
ArGGu^^Does it find it?12:48
SIDlet me look12:49
SIDive hooked it up via ethernet for now and letting it update12:49
SIDnot sure if that will help it..12:49
ArGGu^^SID also check if finds package b43-fwcutter12:53
SIDok i will check when its finished updating12:54
SIDwont let me search till its done12:54
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naftilos76hi everyone! Here is a tricky question! How do i force two PCs (one desktop and one laptop) to have exactly the sames packages installed? The problem is that one of them is problematic regarding Openoffice and greek fonts and the other is fine! Can anyone help?13:01
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Atritasnaftilos76: use "dpkg --get-selections >packagelist" on the PC you use as base and "dpkg --set-selections <packagelist" on the PC you want to have exactly the same packages installed followed by a "sudo aptitude install" to actually install all packages.13:05
naftilos76Atritas: Αν το target μηχάνημα έχει παραπάνω πακέτα εγκατεστημένα; Προφανώς εκείνα θα μείνουν όπως έχουν, σωστά;13:07
Atritasnaftilos76: english, please13:07
naftilos76Atritas: If the target PC has more pkgs installed, what will happen with those? Will they stay AS IS?13:08
ArGGu^^naftilos76 the only problem is using greek fonts in openoffice?13:09
Atritasnaftilos76: the man pages says:13:09
Atritas--get-selections [package-name-pattern...]13:09
Atritas              Get list of package selections, and write it to stdout. Without a pattern, non-installed packages (i.e.  those  which  have  been13:09
Atritas              previously purged) will not be shown.13:09
FloodBotK1Atritas: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.13:09
naftilos76Atritas: Ok, ok man! Thanks a lot for your time!13:10
howlymowlyhi poeple.. short question:  what is a good program with kde to record a screen session? I need to capture a video of my desktop....13:10
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Atritas!recordmydesktop | howlymowly13:12
Atritasoops... well.. i use recordmydesktop for screencasting.13:13
SIDArGGu^^ tyvm for your help, got it working :D13:19
ArGGu^^SID ok :)13:20
ArGGu^^SID it worked after update?13:20
SIDyeah after the update it checked for drivers and found my card :D13:20
ArGGu^^SID ok that good, but one thing still13:21
ArGGu^^SID uncheck the cdrom from other software13:21
SIDok done ;)13:22
SIDdoes kubuntu have the add/remove part like ubuntu does?13:23
SIDwhere i can just search for apps and click download?13:23
ArGGu^^SID no there is only the kpackagekit13:26
SIDoh :/13:26
ArGGu^^but in kpackagekit there is filter where you can choose example games13:26
SIDah, i see13:27
ArGGu^^SID but you could install the ubuntu add/remove13:30
SIDhow could i do that?13:30
ArGGu^^installing package software-center, but it will install a lot of gnome apps.13:32
ArGGu^^example I think it will use gnome dialog for asking password and not the kdesudo13:32
SIDwell, im not sure weather to stick with kubuntu or check out the others just yet anyway13:33
SIDso ill check it out as it is for a while first ;)13:33
ArGGu^^SID with command sudo aptitude --without-recommends install software-center it will leave lots of gnome packages from installing13:34
ArGGu^^so maybe it will work with kdesudo13:34
ArGGu^^I will try13:34
t1y45y6Any body... How i can switch/add opensuse channel on kubuntu13:37
anodeso, so I have an eeepc 1005ha here, I boot up live disk, Mouse doesn't work13:40
anodewhat should I do?13:40
bentob0xwhat do you use to display amarok's current file number and  title on the task bar ?13:42
georges-albertjoin/ #namurlug13:47
legodudeI'm running 10.04 and am having trouble with my ipod touch, the system does not really seem to recognize it13:49
legodudeI can't get amarok or rhythmbox to see that it exists13:49
legoduderunning 3.1.3 on ipod13:49
anodeI have an eeepc 1005ha here, I boot up live disk, Mouse doesn't work. what's going on??13:57
BluesKaj!ipod | legodude13:58
ubottulegodude: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod13:58
legodudeBluesKaj: read that13:59
BluesKajreading is one thing , did you follow the suggestions?14:00
legodudethere is not much there in terms of debugging14:00
BluesKajsorry legodude , not an ipod owner , so I can't help, maybe someone else can.14:01
legodudethanks anyway14:02
legodudeit shows up in lsusb14:04
legodudeand as a camera device14:04
BluesKajlegodude, driver?14:08
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legodudeBluesKaj: ?14:11
BluesKajperhaps a linux driver for the ipod , i had to install the moto for my phone (altho I have the same prob , some kind of bug )14:13
legodudewell, that is part of my problem14:13
legodudelibimodibledevice is somehow involved14:13
BluesKajit sees my phone , but not the dirs14:13
legodudeas are other things14:13
legodudebut I don't know how it all hooks together14:14
legodudeso I can't debug it14:14
legodudefuse was involved at some point14:14
BluesKajyeah , well I just use the windows side of my pc for devices that won't work on linux , altho my phone is the only one I can't get to work.14:15
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MehrabHi, my newly installed kubuntu 10.04 eats up my home folder disk space. after I reboot it takes about 30 minutes to remain no space on my home folder, what is that?15:22
Mehrabhow can I see what is eating up that free disk space?15:26
Idhanis there a good alternative to gwenview? doesn't show the videos properly.. only pictures15:50
DarthFrogIdhan: dragonplayer16:05
IdhanDarthFrog: thank you!16:07
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xrfang_after install kde4.4.5 the composition feature is broken, how can I check what's the problem and fix it? thanks16:25
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slinker1system settings desktop effects under worksapce appearance16:30
xrfang_slinker1: I know, but after I enable it it gets disabled automatically16:36
slinker1ahh what video card?16:38
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xrfang_slinker1: I use ati xpress 200m, card is not a problem, because it works well until this upgrade, and btw, is there a way to check "history" of recent apt-get upgrades?16:57
slinker1good question i usually check prior to ....17:00
slinker1does it accept the change till log out?17:00
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pingvenoI forget, is there a way to adjust the screen brightness/join python17:52
=== pamaury_ is now known as pamaury
Torchpingveno: try power management in system settings18:04
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brmassaguys, im suffering from a bug vastly reported in ubuntu forums, but i could find a solution: XOrg and Plasma constantly grow... is there a fix?18:39
brmassa...but i COULDNT find a solution...18:41
frostiesyo tout le monde comment on remait les miniatures le les ai suprime en bas a droite  ( je suis sous kubuntu 10.04 lbs )19:04
Pici!fr | frosties19:04
ubottufrosties: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.19:04
frostiesji vais19:05
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starwatcherhi all, is there a utility to remove old kernels and update grup?19:26
James147starwatcher: apt-get or aptitude can... or anmy other package manager :S19:29
starwatcherthanks, just thought that ubuntu had it's own utility19:30
James147starwatcher: never heard of one that does that :s19:31
starwatchermaybe I am just used to using sidux that had smxi to do it via terminal19:32
James147starwatcher: easiest way I have found is to use aptitude to search for the kernal version19:32
starwatcherok that will work, thatnks again19:32
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csgeekso.. here's an interesting question.  It seems like all my keyboard shortcuts aren't working.21:22
csgeekalt+tab is dead.  alt+f2 .. it seems all the global shortcuts aren't working21:23
csgeekright click on the desktop and select run works.. but the kbd shortcut for it doesn't.. I double checked...and reset everything to default.. still same behavior21:23
tdnI have just installed the available updates today. Including new kernel packages. This broke the video driver. What gives? Are others experiencing this too? How do I fix it?21:26
Iggy__@tnd run system>hardware drivers you have to do this everytime you upgrade the kernel21:35
Torchtdn: run dkms status from a shell21:47
Torchtdn: also, are you running virtualbox?21:47
Torchtdn: their latest update broke dkms on my system21:47
tdnTorch, I have virtualbox installed but not using it right now.21:47
Torchtdn: doesn't matter, if you got their faulty update, dkms might be broken21:47
Torchtdn: then it won't upgrade your video driver on a new kernel.21:47
tdnTorch, http://paste.adora.dk/P1707.html <- dkms status21:48
Torchtdn: not broken21:48
Torchtdn: also, you have the correct video driver for the latest kubuntu kernel, it seems21:48
tdnTorch, note, this is from 2.6.32-22-generic (which I have booted to now).21:48
tdnTorch, should I run dkms from the new broken kernel?21:48
Torchtdn: no. makes no difference21:48
tdnTorch, what is dkms?21:49
Torchtdn: we need more info on what is actually broken21:49
tdnTorch, as you can see, I have nvidia driver installed also. How do I active that?21:49
Torchtdn: dynamic kernel module system or sth like that. installs kernel modules after kernel upgrades, i think originally invented by dell, no less.21:49
Torchtdn: it should be active without intervention. what exactly is not working?21:50
tdnTorch, well, after I rebooted after installing the updates available today, the first thing I noticed was that the prompt at boot asking me to enter LUKS crypto passphrase was broken. The bootup resolution was very low.21:52
tdnTorch, then it started up X. Everything was very slow. I tried opening a video in SMPlayer but it wouldnt play. Then I tried opening a video in mplayer directly. It was so slow that everything was in slow motion. Then I tried VLC: the same.21:53
tdnTorch, Also, everything felt very slow.21:53
tdnTorch, then I booted back to 2.6.32-22-generic. Now it is as before.21:53
Torchtdn: i see. can you pastebin /var/log/Xorg.0.log from such a slow X session?21:53
Torchtdn: from the outside we won't be able to diagnose this or repair it. run the broken kernel.21:54
tdnTorch, I Torch would that be /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old ?21:54
tdnTorch, http://paste.adora.dk/P1708.html21:54
Torchtdn: no, i don't think. it keeps overwriting it, iirc.21:54
tdnTorch, that file seems to be modified in the time I booted up in the new kernel that didnt work.21:55
Torch(==) Log file: "/var/log/Xorg.0.log", Time: Thu Jul  1 20:58:41 201021:55
Torchtdn: does that seem correct to you?21:55
tdnTorch, I have no idea.21:55
Torchtdn: the time21:56
tdnTorch, for comparison, here is http://paste.adora.dk/P1709.html21:56
tdnTorch, the new one.21:56
tdnTorch, yes. It was exactly around nine o clock.21:56
Torch(EE) Failed to initialize GLX extension (Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found)21:57
Torchthat's the culprit.21:57
Torchnow, why does that happen ;-)21:57
Torchtdn: can you pastebin your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file, if you have it?21:58
tdnTorch, I have none.21:58
Torchtdn: ok, i see.21:58
tdnTorch, I have a (maybe related) problem also. I would very much like to be able to enable desktop effects. But I can't.21:59
tdnTorch, with nouveau.21:59
Torchtdn: now, (k)ubuntu wizards to the rescue.... i don't use (k)ubuntu's way of configuring X11, so i cannot tell you what to do next.21:59
Torchtdn: one step after the other21:59
Torchtdn: you're not using nouveau, you're aware of that?21:59
Torchtdn: at least you told your system to use the nvidia driver22:00
tdnTorch, I am now? I am not with the new kernel. Correct?22:00
tdnTorch, http://paste.adora.dk/P1710.html22:00
tdn^ lsmod |grep nouveau22:00
Torchtdn: wait, wait... you said on your working kernel you were using nvidia's drivers.22:01
tdnTorch, doesnt that mean I use nouveau.22:01
Torchtdn: no.22:01
Torchtdn: nvidia's drivers are the dkms thingy22:01
tdnTorch, no. I am on 2.6.32-22-generic now. This is the old kernel. It works. and I use nouveau here.22:01
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tdnTorch, ok.22:01
Torchtdn: so where and when did you install the nvidia driver?22:01
Torchtdn: you must have done it, it's not installed per default22:02
Torchtdn: threre's also nothing wrong with it, you just need to decide what you want to have ;-)22:02
tdnTorch, I installed it because I thought it would make desktop effects work.22:02
tdnTorch, I followed some of the advice here: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-nv/+question/11333222:03
Torchtdn: to clear this up, there's nouveau which is open source. it does have no 3d to speak of and some 2d acceleration. kde's desktop effects somewhat work with it, albeit a little slowly.22:03
Torchtdn: some people claim it works very well for them.22:03
Torchtdn: it does not for me.22:04
tdnTorch, I cannot even enable desktop effects in KDE. I get an error.22:04
Torchtdn: nvidia's driver has support for 3d and desktop effects should just work. however, their driver has a lot of bugs that hurt kde performance badly and nvidia don't seem to show any interest in fixing them.22:04
tdnTorch, my main problem with nouveau is that it makes my graphics card become extremely hot. So hot that I cannot have my laptop on the lap. Hotter than the CPU.22:05
Torchtdn: ouch, oh no.22:05
Torchtdn: you didn't add repositories?22:05
tdnTorch, which one?22:05
Torchtdn: like, in the first comment on that launchpad page.22:05
tdnYeah tried. Didnt work.22:06
Torchtdn: but you probably got a broken nvidia driver still22:06
tdnTorch, I did install the nvidiaglx package as suggested on launchpad.22:07
Torchtdn: remove it22:07
tdnTorch, but it did not allow me to enable desktop effects. It seemed that nouveau was still in use after nvidia drivers was installed.22:07
tdnTorch, aptitude purge nvidia-glx-185?22:07
Torchtdn: yes. it doesn't work that way.22:07
Torchtdn: if that's the package name (and the command, i use apt-get)22:07
tdnTorch, it is purged now.22:08
Torchtdn: dkms status does not list nvidia anymore?22:08
tdndkms status22:08
tdnTwo nvidia entries22:08
Torchtdn: purge nvidia-current22:08
Torchtdn: you should see dkms remove it too when you do that, i think.22:09
tdnRemoving all DKMS Modules22:09
Torchtdn: yep22:09
tdnhttp://paste.adora.dk/P1712.html <- dkms shows no nvidia22:09
Torchtdn: very good.22:09
Torchtdn: now boot the new kernel and hope for the best ;-)22:10
tdnI will try. BRB.22:10
Torchtdn: it might still be broken during boot and the LUKS thing though.22:10
Torchtdn: like, too low resolution22:10
Torchtdn: that's a different matter22:10
Torchtdn: or at least i think it is ;-)22:10
tdnTorch, ok, still very low resolution in bootup prompt.22:13
tdnTorch, and then followed by black screen. Cannot Alt+F2 into a console either.22:13
tdnNo X.22:13
Torchtdn: yuck.22:13
tdnI have ssh open to the machine now. Anything I shuold try?22:14
tdnTorch, any hope that it will work if I boot up in the old kernel?22:15
Torchtdn: well, nouveau doesn't work22:15
Torchtdn: it should. but that won't fix it for you in the long run.22:16
anodeI just loaded up kubuntu and couldn't help but notice that my mouse was/is either disabled or just doesnt work.. How can I go about diagnosing this problem?22:16
tdnTorch, I was in #ubuntu-beginners earlier today. It seems that other users are experiencing the same after this kernel upgrade.22:16
Torchtdn: hrm, ok, maybe you just cannot do anything at this point.22:16
anodeI'm grabbing the normal ubuntu and will install kde from there, but do you tink i'll have the same problem?22:16
tdnanode, try the mouse in another computer.22:16
tdnTorch, :(22:17
anodetdn: it's my touchpad on my netbook o_O22:17
Torchtdn: you can still install the nvidia driver (the _REGULAR_ one, not from a ppa) from your old kernel22:17
Torchtdn: i have the nvidia driver and the newest kernel update and it all works22:18
tdnanode, ok. Then try to download an Ubuntu live cd image and put it on a USB stick with unetbootin. Then boot the livecd and check if the problem is still there. If so, then maybe the touchpad is broken. If not, then it is a softwareproblem that can be fixed.22:18
tdnTorch, you mean the one from nvidia.com website?22:18
Torchtdn: no.22:19
Torchtdn: the one from "install hardware drivers" or sth like that in the menu in kde22:19
Torchtdn: that's the one that should always work.22:19
Torchtdn: unless you have a super-new nvidia card.22:19
tdnTorch, it is not new.22:20
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anodetdn: well see, I'm doing that already.. I already know the touchpad works since I've been using it in windows/slackware..22:20
anodetdn: i'm downloading the regular ubuntu just to see22:20
Torchtdn: then either get nouveau working again or just install that.22:20
Torchanode: please stop calling the gnome-based variant regular around here.22:21
tdnanode, oh. Ok. Then it is software. I am not sure how to debug mouse driver issues.22:21
Torchanode: also, there'susually no difference in hardware support beteween kubuntu and ubuntu.22:21
tdnanode, try opening a question on launchpad.22:21
anodetdn: well, I'm calling it regular because it's not kubuntu... just ubuntu22:21
Torchanode: right. those are names, nothing more.22:21
Torchanode: there's nothing regular about ubuntu. it's just a name.22:22
anodeokay.......... it's just not "ubutnu"... anyways22:22
anodeTorch: opeing a question on launchpad?22:23
anodetdn: *22:23
tdnTorch, is this something I should be concerned with: http://p.adora.dk/PCURRENT.html22:23
tdnanode, http://answers.launchpad.net22:24
Torchtdn: no, just some process having a bug, i guess.22:24
tdnBut kwrited22:25
Torchtdn: is some kde thingy, not a kernel thingy22:25
tdnThats a kernel process, right?22:25
Torchtdn: no22:25
Torchtdn: the name is unfortunate.22:26
tdnIt does not say 'kwrite' but 'kwrited'22:26
Torchtdn: i know, it's still a kde thingy ;-)22:26
Torchtdn: and the name is still unfortunate. very much so.22:26
tdnTorch, ok.22:26
tdnTorch, Phew.22:26
Torchtdn: don't panic ;-)22:27
tdnTorch, I won't. I have my towel ;)22:28
tdnIs anyone using these PPAs http://kubuntu.org/news/kde-sc-4.4.3 ? Do you recommend them?22:28
newboon2age_question: how do we install the UbuntuOne client on Kubuntu?22:31
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ridinsudo apt-get install ubuntuone-client-gnome ?22:33
newboon2age_ridin: thank you i'll give that a wack....22:35
Torchtdn: updates within the same kde minor version are generally safe22:39
Torchtdn: like from 4.4.x to 4.4.y22:39
Torchtdn: don't update to 4.5 if you want your system running stably22:39
Torchtdn: also, kudos for recognising the HHG quote ;-) not so common anymore these days.22:40
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okapi14hi all, anyone ever experienced kubuntu screens being black? you launch application from a terminal but plasmoid desktop completely black you can not see your desktop?22:45
ridinno, plasma just crashes and restarts again22:45
okapi14ridin: how?22:46
ridinokapi14 idk22:47
ridinokapi14, try entering plasma-desktop in the terminal22:48
okapi14ridin: wonderfull. it is work22:49
ridinno problem.22:49
tdnTorch, :)22:49
tdnTorch, how would I remove the kernel in which nouveau does not work?22:51
Torchtdn: you cannot, really.22:51
tdnTorch, so I do not need to select a different kernel on each boot.22:51
tdnTorch, oh.22:51
tdnTorch, is there a way to make grub post the boot menu then? Like grub 1 did?22:52
Torchtdn: ubuntu's set up in a way that it always installs newer kernels because they're security updates.22:52
okapi14ridin: I have this dynamic background that shows the moon. When I zoom in/out that where plasma crash. Do you have an idea why?22:52
Torchtdn: it's all a lot more complicated with grub222:52
tdnTorch, yeah, I know.22:52
Torchtdn: you can just edit /boot/grub/grub.cfg, but that will get overwritten22:52
Torchtdn: tjere22:53
tdnTorch, but I can press shift and esc on boot to show a boot menu. Is there any way to just have it shown for 3 seconds or something like that? It was easy with grub1.22:53
Torchtdn: there's probably a better way, but i wouldn't know22:53
Torchtdn: hmm, still shows for me. but i've heard that's not default anymore. dunno what i did to get that ;-)22:53
tdnTorch, I dont know the format of /boot/grub/grub.cfg. It does not look like menu.lst.22:54
tdnTorch, ok.22:54
Torchtdn: yeah, also, there's no setting for the default entry there. gotta be somewhere else, let me look.22:54
tdnTorch, I think it should be possible to change this kind of settings from System Settings in KDE.22:55
tdnTorch, no need for the user to manually edit these files.22:55
Torchtdn: it's in /etc/default/grub22:55
tdnNot for such basic stuff.22:55
Torchtdn: meaning it won't get overwritten, it's a real config value22:55
tdnTorch, ok. What do I need to change?22:56
Torchtdn: the interaction between KDE and the OS is not so simple (KDE is available for many OSes, including windows and mac)22:56
Torchtdn: edit that file and set GRUB_DEFAULT to the entry you want to boot per default, i guess.22:56
Torchtdn: then re-generate /boot/grub/grub.cfg22:57
tdnTorch, yeah, but then Kubuntu devs should make such integration.22:57
tdnTorch, how? grub-install ?22:57
tdnTorch, update-grub?22:57
Torchtdn grub-mkconfig > /boot/grub/grub.cfg22:57
Torchtdn: iirc ;-)22:57
Torchtdn: i don't do all this every day.22:58
Torchtdn: the kubuntu devs would love to do all that if there were enough of them, i'm sure.22:58
okapi14how can you play video on terminal or tty1?22:59
Torchokapi14: you need some kind of graphical output for a video, you're aware of that?22:59
Torch(disregarding mplayer's ascii output for a moment ;-)23:00
okapi14torch: yes, but being on on of the terminal I guess it is impossible?23:01
Torchokapi14: without an X server running, generally yes, impossible.23:01
okapi14Torch: why generally? There is exception?23:02
Torchokapi14: what do you really want to do?23:02
Torchokapi14: describe your problem.23:03
okapi14Torch: I want run or work only in terminal (no GUI) and do everything in terminal. So I was wondering if is possible to play movie too23:05
Torchokapi14: use konsole for your work ;-)23:06
Torchokapi14: a GUI is a good thing to have.23:06
okapi14Torch: :)) your funny with good advise. So I will use both then...:)23:07
nixbxohi all23:07
nixbxoi am trying to configure dual monitors on kubuntu, if i use xrandr it crashes X, i have also tried doing it through "System Settings -> Display"23:08
Torchnixbxo: kubuntu version? kde version? graphics card? driver?23:09
okapi14hi all, I have a webcam made by logitch (quickcam fusion)  but is not working. Anyone can help?23:12
nixbxoTorch: Kubuntu 10.04, KDE 4.4.2, Graphics card Intel 82945G, driver i91523:12
Torchnixbxo: (i won't be able to help you, i don't have such a card, but without that information no one will help you)23:13
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assmanplusplushow to install apache module mode_rewrite ?23:18
assmanpluspluscammon babyes!  tell me guys!23:18
assmanplusplusMy fucking apache have not this module!  it is paradoxe!23:19
assmanplusplusfucking default indtalletion23:19
assmanplusplusis somebody here?23:19
Torchassmanplusplus: calm down. now.23:20
assmanplusplusif you sre gay - continue to be silent23:21
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assmanplusplusstoppp!!!ubottu !! I am first23:21
assmanplusplusis here cockroaches only ?23:23

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