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wgrantlamont: Ah, fair point. Sorry.01:25
lamontwgrant: no worries03:45
lamontI'm planning to re-abuse 63 for next rollout of lp-buildd, assuming you don't say "NO"03:45
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getxsickanyone from the Launchpad staff is online?08:44
lifelessfor some value of staff, and some value of online.08:45
lifelesswhats up08:45
getxsickour project needs more RAM for building08:50
getxsickis it any possibility to increase an amount for RAM for our builds?08:50
getxsickit's the PyPy project08:50
lifelessI don't know if that is configurable; we run in VM's and the ram is set by the machine it is building on.08:51
lifelessyou should have GB's already ;)08:51
lifelessanyhow, please goto https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad08:51
lifeless'ask a question' there, and that will get the attention of folk that can answer this better.08:51
lifelessspm: unless you're still here and know? ^08:52
getxsickGB's of RAM? 2MB is let say our minimum now ;)08:53
lifelessI think you mean 2GB ?08:53
getxsickand swap is not the option :(08:53
getxsicksure, typo08:53
spmlifeless: yes, but in call atm08:53
lifelessspm: (guessing) : 'hi Tom'08:54
spmtom lols back08:54
getxsickspm: long chat ;)09:08
spmgetxsick: weekly call with the boss. you do the math. :-)09:10
spmgetxsick: and no, I don't know the answer unf. the soyuz guys who would should be starting "nowish" so one of them should be able to help in some way shape or form.09:11
bigjoolsspm: whut!09:11
spmpunctuation, optional. :-)09:11
spm[17:50:19] <getxsick> our project needs more RAM for building09:12
spm[17:50:40] <getxsick> is it any possibility to increase an amount for RAM for our builds?09:12
spm[17:50:45] <getxsick> it's the PyPy project09:12
spmbigjools: ^^09:12
* bigjools punts back to spm09:12
spm?? is this a tweak in the UI?09:13
bigjoolsAFAIK the builders have quite a lot of RAM already09:13
bigjoolsspm: RAM not space09:13
bigjoolsdisk space that is09:13
bigjoolsI presume?09:13
noodles775getxsick: See the discussion at https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/soyuz/+question/10581809:13
getxsickwhat i do sometimes is just 'retry to build'09:13
getxsickand one of 3 builds usually is completed09:13
getxsickbut i don't think is the correct solution :)09:14
getxsickbigjools: we need a physicall RAM09:14
bigjoolslamont is the best person for this, he'll be on in a few hours09:14
bigjoolsit's not something I have any control over09:14
bigjoolsgetxsick: your best bet, to be frank, is to fix your package to not need as much RAM09:15
bigjoolsthere's a low chance of getting more RAM installed on builders just for you :)09:16
getxsickbigjools: haha good joke :)09:16
getxsicknoodles775: exactly09:19
getxsickLaMont Jones said on 2010-04-02:09:19
getxsickMost of the buildd machines have at least 1.5GB, though I suspect that at least one has .75GB of RAM. More than 2GB of RAM would be rare, and over 3.5GB would surprise me.09:19
getxsickit's not promising :(09:20
getxsicknoodles775: unfortunately, there is no solution provided09:22
noodles775getxsick: no, but as bigjools said, while Lamont is the person to talk to, it's very unlikely that a machine with extra ram can be put aside for one person :/09:23
getxsickbut maybe we can just use only machines with +1.5GB09:23
bigjoolsthat's not going to happen09:23
getxsickfor this project09:23
getxsickwhy not?09:23
bigjoolsyour best chance is to fix your package09:24
getxsickactually it's technically impossible09:24
bigjoolsbecause nobody else has a problem09:24
bigjoolsI very much doubt that09:24
lifelessgetxsick: its like this:09:27
lifeless - we don't have the software features to reserve machines in the way you are asking09:27
lifeless - if we did, it would probably be a commercial service anyway - remember that the daily builds are a free service to the community, running on what spare capacity Ubuntu has available.09:27
lifeless - but we don't, so its really an irrelevant consideration: We simply don't have a software feature to do what you are asking.09:28
getxsickcan we build it locally and push binaries?09:29
bigjoolsunfortunately we don't allow people to upload binaries because one of the guarantees that we make is that the source you see is the source that was used to build the binary you're installing.09:36
getxsicki will ping lamont later maybe he can help somehow09:38
bigjoolsI understand it's probably quite frustrating for you, but this is a free service we're providing and we support it on a best-effort basis09:39
bigjoolsright, lamont may be able to offer some advice09:39
mwhudsonhow is it failing currently?09:39
getxsicki know, i just take your resources like i click 'retry to build' and after next 30hours again to get the correct virtual machine09:40
getxsickhi michael!09:40
getxsickmwhudson: swapping, signal 1509:40
bigjoolsthe process monitor kills it because there's no log output for a long time09:40
bigjoolsI would write more stuff to the log ...09:40
getxsicki can't imagine how lot the pypy translation would take even if put 'more stuff' to the log just to keep it alive, weeks? :)09:41
mwhudsonhow much ram do the buildds have on average?09:43
getxsickmwhudson: don't know the avarage, but the minimum is ~1.5GB09:44
lifelessmwhudson: backlog09:44
lifelessmwhudson: ew're told most are 1.5G, some are 0.75, some are more09:44
mwhudsonlifeless: i guessed that much :-)09:45
lifelessby lamont09:45
mwhudsonanyway, i need to reboot, so i'll now miss some more of this conversation!09:45
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edakiriI discovered a mozilla add on which may be useful to you: Leak Monitor .12:40
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jenkinsdpm are you David Planella (translations coordinator) ? If so when you have a moment would you like to join #ubuntu-manual and we can talk about what you would like the Ubuntu Translations Quickstart booklet to look like.15:45
dpmjenkins, sure, I am, thanks for coming back to me. I'll join #ubuntu-manual now, but I need to be on a call in a few minutes and might not be available until in ~1h or so15:58
jenkinsdpm no problem15:59
bdesk"It's not just you! http://launchpad.net  looks down from here. "16:06
mwhudsoncanonical data centre issues apparently16:07
* mwhudson updates http://identi.ca/launchpadstatus16:07
jmlmwhudson, thank you.16:08
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mwhudsonit got fixed before i got around to it16:12
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getxsicklamont: ping16:42
getxsicklamont: i have a problem with building our packages. we need ~1.4G RAM at least, however most of machines don't have enough16:44
getxsicklamont: any idea? can we pick onl machines which have enough RAM?16:45
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lamontgetxsick: bigjools writes the code, I just abuse^Wadmin the machines..  There isn't any way to select a particular machine or machines to build on.  I suppose you could have the build look at /proc/meminfo and /proc/swaps and decide if it wants to just die early, or give it a shot17:23
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getxsicklamont: yeah, that's what i figured out and trying to test now (just waiting in queue). just to be sure, is there a way to send signal of failing the build? and can i do some automatic to start rebuild if so?17:25
mkanatHow do I control my mailing list options for a list that I've signed up with via launchpad?17:30
mkanatI want it to send me duplicates, and apparently it's configured to not send duplicates.17:31
matsubarasinzui, is it possible to do what mkanat is asking ^?17:40
mkanatThe problem is that I'm sorting by List-Id headers, and because of the "don't send duplicates", I have to manually file some messages.17:41
mkanatI've added a filter on my side to also check the To/CC list, but that's not foolproof if somebody copies two lists. Then I lose threading in one of the lists.17:42
matsubaramkanat, this looks like it: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-registry/+bug/42419517:46
ubot5Launchpad bug 424195 in Launchpad Registry "Mailing lists avoid sending duplicate copies of emails (affected: 1, heat: 0)" [Low,Triaged]17:46
mkanatmatsubara: Ah, thanks. :-)17:46
mtaylorthumper: up yet?18:02
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mkanatWhere is RT?19:25
james_wmkanat: it's internal to Canonical, sorry19:25
mkanatAh, okay.19:26
Kangarooowhere was launchpad RSS feeds? cna find in google19:31
Kangaroooalso im having oops on refresh.. OOPS-1643K1495 and OOPS-1643O138419:33
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Kangarooomaybe rss feed blog post can be made easyr to find? in blog easyr or in irc changel topic?19:45
matsubaraKangarooo, what RSS feed are you looking for?19:51
Kangaroooive seen some where in lp blog rss feed where all bugs are listed19:51
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matsubaraKangarooo, I'm not sure I understand. You can find the RSS feed for the launchpad blog here: http://blog.launchpad.net/feed or the latests bugs for the launchpad project here:  http://feeds.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-project/latest-bugs.atom20:00
Kangarooomatsubara: yes somewhere ive seen theese rss and there was also rss for all bugs20:02
matsubaraKangarooo, about the oopses you got while filing a bug, I think we have a bug filed for that one, I'm looking for it, just a min20:02
matsubaraKangarooo, all bugs on which project? I don't think there's a rss for all bugs for all projects registered in LP20:03
matsubaraKangarooo, I think the OOPSes you got are this bug: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/malone/+bug/42694620:06
ubot5Launchpad bug 426946 in Launchpad Bugs "Filing a bug on Ubuntu causes timeouts (affected: 2, heat: 15)" [High,Triaged]20:06
Kangaroooah yes. now i found https://help.launchpad.net/Bugs/Subscriptions and yes now ive fount out all cant be seen. but thats ok since actually im insterested in only ubuntu bugs.. can to that page added some tag RSS couse that would be easyr to remember when looking again for that page?20:13
AgafonovHi! How can I free my email which was assigned as lp team contact email after the team removal?20:41
matsubaraKangarooo, usually the browser shows you an icon besides the address bar with the RSS icon when there's a feed available in the page20:44
Agafonovwow, my email is set as https://launchpad.net/~registry team email20:45
sinzuiAgafonov, I think there was a merge accident20:46
matsubaraAgafonov, let me check that for you20:46
* sinzui just removed the email20:46
matsubarathanks SiNiESTrO20:46
matsubarathanks sinzui20:46
sinzuiI saw this happen a few weeks ago. Agafonov, did you have a team that was deleted recently?20:47
Agafonovyes, I created a team and deleted but clicked activate email then20:48
Agafonovby mistake20:48
sinzuiAgafonov, I think there is a fault during delete/merge. The emails of the team should be deleted, not transferred.20:49
Agafonovthat team was added as a sub-team meanwhile :)20:50
Agafonovand de-activated20:50
Agafonovhttps://launchpad.net/~ubutnu-ru-admins-merged (~ubutnu-ru-admins originally) trigged such a error20:52
AgafonovI just forgot I can rename team and deleted misspelled one...20:53
Agafonovsinzui: that was completely my fault so thank you for help20:54
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Kangaroooim still getting OOPS-1643H150022:50
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getxsickhmm interesting, i received an email that one build failed, however it's still in a queue23:31

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