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bemisI am currently unable to install lirc-modules-source in a fully updated maverick install - not sure if it is buggy package or weak admin though04:37
bemis(initially complains about being unable to find include/linux/autoconf.h - when i symlink include/generated/autoconf.h over it then just bombs out completely - implicit declaration of functions - assignment makes pointer without cast, etc)04:38
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HappyNwbhttp://ubuntuforums.org/ seem to be down on my computer, I guess these things happen from time to time.10:16
jpdsHappyNwb: Yes; they're down for maintenance.10:18
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Fudgehi guys, is there a guide on how to update my lucid to alpha2? or woudl i be better off installign the iso11:35
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade11:36
gnomefreakFudge: that is what you are looking for i think11:37
Fudgek ty mate11:37
Fudgei didnt see on those links upgrading from lucid lts to the alpha2 of maverick. did i not look properly?11:48
BUGabundo_remoteFudge: in on lucid, just $ update-manager -d11:51
BUGabundo_remotethat's it11:51
Fudgegreat thankyou :D11:52
gnomefreaknot really11:55
gnomefreakyou need to change prompt==normal. it says it on the second link11:55
gnomefreaklook for networkupgrade (recommended)11:56
gnomefreaknetwork upgrade using ubuntu servers i think is the name of it11:56
mvognomefreak: I think that is actually no longer needed (the change to "normal")11:59
mvobut confirmation if that works (or not) would be nice11:59
BUGabundo_remotemvo: it should11:59
BUGabundo_remotesince LTS always default to LTS upgrades12:00
gnomefreakmvo: cool12:00
BUGabundo_remoteunless -d does some magic12:00
mvothere is some new magic, I hope it works12:01
gnomefreakmvo: new magic?12:01
kickingintenderwhat is ist time for release of alpha212:03
BUGabundo_remotekickingintender: unknown12:03
BUGabundo_remotewhen its ready12:03
kickingintenderok the release date is today itself right12:04
Fudgequadcores report cpu loads yuckyly12:04
gnomefreakkickingintender: that does not mean it will be released this week12:05
Fudgeis Luke from the dev team in this chan?12:06
* gnomefreak hoopes they get to normal sixe ISO,s before A2 release12:06
gnomefreakFudge: that depends luke is a common name12:06
Fudgehe does a lot of accessibility stuff12:07
gnomefreakFudge: better off asking in #ubuntu-bugs12:07
Fudgethanx for heads up12:07
gnomefreakFudge: the whole core dev team does that12:07
Fudgeah ok12:07
Fudgei was curious if the new speakup had been fixed for the alhpa yet but not sure where to fin dout12:11
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kickingintenderalas when will the alpha 2 will release14:34
bazhanghttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/MaverickReleaseSchedule kickingintender14:44
patdk-wkheh, I totally misread the slashdot header today :)14:48
patdk-wkempathy is for the birds14:48
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h00kpatdk-wk: Then I thought of Empathy vs Pidgin, etc15:16
patdk-wkwhat I was thinking15:16
h00kI was all Telepathy FTW! :315:18
* patdk-wk really doesn't want his im program talking for me15:19
BUGabundo_remotenothing like jumping off a bridge to learn how to fly15:21
BUGabundo_remoteh00k: pidgin FTW15:21
h00kBUGabundo_remote: :(15:22
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iddoalpha2 is out?17:23
PiciNot yet.17:27
iddobut website changed alpha-1 dir to alpha-217:28
Piciiddo: When A2 comes out there will be an annoucement on the devel-announce mailing list and we will update the topics here.  Just because someone created a new directory on the webserver doesn't mean that isos are finished testing or even close to finishing.17:33
iddois there a chance that the image i'm downloading now will be same as A2 ?17:34
=== ChanServ changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Official Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat support/discussion | IRC Guidelines: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines | Lucid support in #ubuntu | https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MaverickReleaseSchedule | Alpha 2 Released! See http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/maverick/alpha2
iddowhere is the devel announcement ?18:15
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Piciiddo: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2010-July/000731.html18:21
iddoi'm gonna try to install it now18:24
Picigood luck18:24
iddousing usb-creator of jaunty, i hope it's ok18:24
sdkQuick question: 10.10 - any idea why prntscrn key won't take screenshot?18:49
z0rt|workpress it harder18:57
callaghanWhat additional software is included in the DVD version?19:05
guntbertcallaghan: mainly language support19:07
callaghanguntbert: ah, ok, thanks19:08
guntbertcallaghan: you're welcome :-) see http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/alternative-download#dvd19:09
callaghanguntbert: thanks, that is what I was looking for19:12
guntbertcallaghan: no problem19:12
om26erdid the download links die?19:46
om26erhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/maverick/alpha-2/ is empty19:47
janisozaurwhy were the alpha 2 images taken down?19:59
* Pici looks for answers19:59
janisozaurubuntu seems to be back online, but not kubuntu. any changes since initial release?20:07
PiciI suspect shuffling of stuff on Canonical's servers.20:10
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iddocan i choose btrfs when installing alpha2? grub2 supports it?21:21
arandiddo: You need to use the alternate installer and /boot needs to be on non-btrfs (default ext3 afaik).21:23
iddoi already downloaded the normal installer21:23
iddoi wonder why it lets me choose btrfs21:23
arandOh it does? That's new..21:24
iddoi wonder if i should continue....21:24
iddoi'm in manual partitioning screen in installer now21:25
arandWell, btrfs in ubuntu is unstable... That's one thing to take in cntext...21:25
iddoi'm trying the whole / in single partition... so far it didnt complain that i chose btrfs21:26
iddobut i wonder if grub2 would work?21:26
arandAfaik, it doesn't, yet.21:26
iddoso i'll just waste time and have to install again, i guess?21:27
iddoi tried to ask in #grub21:27
iddoahh installer says not supported when trying to contuinue21:29
iddosorry for misinfo :(21:29
iddohow big should the /boot partition be?21:32
Ian_cornewhy do you need to create a seperate boot partition?21:34
arandI think 300-500 is standard in some cases, but don't take my word for that..21:34
Ian_corne$ du -sch /boot/21:34
arandIan_corne: btrfs21:34
Ian_corne$ du -sch /boot/21:34
Ian_corne199M    /boot/21:34
Ian_corne199M    total21:34
Ian_corneah ok21:34
Ian_cornegrub still doesn't work with btrfs?21:34
Ian_corneI'd go for 500mb just to be sure21:34
void^it depends on how regularly you kill old kernels21:35
Ian_cornethe 199 one has alot of old ones21:35
Ian_corneI never do it manually :p21:35
iddoperson in #grub says it doesnt work because of gpl2 license issue... http://www.mail-archive.com/linux-btrfs@vger.kernel.org/msg03107.html21:35
arandIt's in progress I think, that dear licensing issue...21:35
void^i don't think you need more than 200mb unless you go through entire alpha+beta without cleaning up21:36
iddoso should /boot be ext3 ? or ext2 ?21:36
SwedeMikeiddo: mine is ext321:37
sebsebsebwhats this btrfs talk?21:38
void^btrfs is the new kid on the block21:39
iddotrying to see if normal alpha2 install will work with btrfs21:39
sebsebsebvoid^: yep, altough not that new21:39
knittlis ubuntu one currently broken in nautilus?21:40
Ian_corneknittl: last I heard - Yes21:43
knittlIan_corne: ok, thanks21:43
Spirits-SightWas wondering what folder does empathy keep all the user data so I can back it up and move it to a fresh install21:53
arandSpirits-Sight: ~/.missin-control5 or something for account data, ~/.telepathy might have some... etc..21:55
Spirits-Sightthanks will check this is under the username right?21:55
arandSpirits-Sight: Indeed. But that's an #ubuntu question, right?21:56
Spirits-Sightyes yes I am trying to back up the stuff so I can install latest ubuntu :-)21:57
Spirits-Sightsorry it could be both I believe here and #ubuntu but no one is answering over there the question21:58
sebsebsebThis looks interesting https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/foundations-m-grub2-boot-framebuffer  ,but what does it mean that Grub 2 and Plymouth won't be so horrible in 10.10? I hope so :)21:59
arandGoal is to boot like apple I guess... Only with purple and bongo-drums..22:01
void^i've just downgraded to grub1 and killed everything that smelled like a splash. my nerves can only take so much.22:03
sebsebsebvoid^: oh?22:07
sebsebsebarand: well the boot up really does suck for 10.04,  they haven't done Plymouth properly, unlike other distros22:07
sebsebsebarand: and then it gets even worse for loads of us that do propritary Nivida or ATI drivers22:08
arandYea I know, although at least it's reasonable quick, so I don't get the blackscreen for too long..22:08
sebsebsebarand: someone has even been trying to remove Plymouth from 10.04, without messing up the system recently, but he hasn't had much luck so far it seems22:09
patdk-wkI thought it was easy to remove plymouth22:09
sebsebsebpatdk-wk: @ what?22:09
sebsebsebpatdk-wk: nope22:09
sebsebsebnot properly22:09
patdk-wkand my systems don't seem to be broken at all22:09
sebsebsebunless you want to take a load of stuff that should be installed with it22:09
patdk-wkI just delete all plymouth stuff out of /etc/init and /etc/init.d22:09
patdk-wkdefently not recommended, but hasn't broken any of my systems (yet)22:10
arandNah, dunno if they made it a dependency when it turnen out their testers were uninstalling it and refusing to put it back in fear of it breaking during the test cycle >_< ...22:10
sebsebsebpatdk-wk: I do this like text boot fix, that isn't exactly working properly on the other computer.22:10
sebsebsebarand: Plymouth is part of ubuntu-desktop22:10
patdk-wkthe issue is, fsck is piped to plymouth22:10
arandI heard something like that, dunno if that was the cause though...22:10
patdk-wkso if you completely kill plymouth, and your harddrive needs checking, your screwed22:11
sebsebsebpatdk-wk: oh?22:11
* patdk-wk should submit patchs to debian22:12
arandYea, mountall-plymouth became very integral as it turned out, and now we're stuck with it. I don't personally complain, but as far as I can see it's a bit WFM..22:12
sebsebsebpatdk-wk: andersk  anyway and can't just do xsplash instead, even though its in the repo22:12
sebsebsebarand: yeah Plymouth is well some people no problem with it at all, and many others yep problems22:13
sebsebsebarand: probably most Ubuntu users don't really get issues with it, because they aren't even installing propritary drivers22:13
arandWell I guess you  could run fsck from another root, but the scheduled or forced check might be lost with mountall...22:14
void^according to the plymouth readme file, removing the theme packages is one clean way to stop it from splashing22:14
void^that seems to work for me22:14
sebsebsebhowever even without the propritary driver on the other computer, it wasn't always working properly22:14
arandOh, I would actually guess the majority of ubuntu users are on the blobby drivers..22:14
sebsebsebwell I hope 10.10 really does improve the boot up,  including Grub,  and by the looks of that blueprint I liked to, that may be indeed the case22:15
sebsebseblinked to, above22:15
void^i'm not so sure about grub2 in vbe mode. it might be good if you never use the grub menu, but then how does it matter either way?22:16
sebsebsebalso I hope this transparent feature that is coming will be worth it,  for me 10.04's default themes are really half baked22:16
sebsebsebI mean the two new themes for 10.04 one of which is the default22:16
sebsebsebvoid^: I am not sure what vbe mode is even22:16
arandYea, Scott talked about the issue with blob drivers particularly and how plymouth wasn't really all the way there, at UDS, so at least they're very aware of it.22:17
sebsebsebyeah the propritary drivers don't work properly with Plymouth and such22:17
void^vesa graphics mode. on my system it features horrible redrawing performance, selecting a boot option a little further down the list feels becomes unpleasant.22:17
sebsebsebvoid^: well  as long as Grub 2 and Plymouth,  look good, but also work properly on the computer,  I will be happy I guess or happy enough I guess.22:19
void^i'm not sure i get what it is all about22:19
sebsebseboh and of course  accounts once logged in as long as things work alright there as well, but i'll have more stuff to remove in 10.10 for accounts I guess, but I don't know exactly what yet22:19
void^initially your system boots in text mode, why is it important to switch to a graphics mode in grub?22:20
sebsebsebvoid^: most people dual boot with Windows that use Ubuntu,  so Grub needs to show22:20
patdk-wkmost people?22:21
* patdk-wk doesn't know anyone22:21
sebsebsebvoid^: and I guess like 10.04  it will show, when its a dual boot, but without a dual boot nope, and press esc if wanting it.22:21
sebsebsebpatdk-wk: well I say most people,  going by #ubuntu  ,but to be exact thats only a selection of users,  however I guess even on the forums most people are dual booting with Windows.22:22
* patdk-wk would assume the reason they are in the irc channel or the forums asking for help is they are windows users in thefirst place :)22:22
void^well for dual booting it's even worse, bios in text mode -> grub in graphics mode -> windows loader in text mode ..?22:22
patdk-wkI have >30 systems with ubuntu, none dualboot22:23
sebsebsebvoid^: bios?  what?  people don't see their bios, unless they go into it22:23
patdk-wkbios in text mode? all my bios are in graphics modes22:23
sebsebsebsame here some sort of graphical bios thingey22:23
void^that's your bios setup, typically your system is in text mode when the bios initiates the boot process22:24
sebsebsebvoid^: when a computer boots, it will show a manufacutre logo useually and yeah text22:24
sebsebsebvoid^: thats what you mean?22:25
void^i think we're not really connecting in this discussion22:25
sebsebsebvoid^: yeah maybe not quite.  Anyway by the way why did you downgrade to Grub 1? Grub legacy22:26
void^less mode switching delay, no problems with btrfs22:26
void^there's a few other things that don't work in grub2 yet, but i can't remember..22:27
patdk-wkI have no mode switching in grub2 (but I have grub2 in text mode I think)22:27
sebsebsebvoid^: mode swithcing delay meaning?   also I would have thought that btrfs was needed with Grub 222:27
patdk-wkand no issues with btrfs22:27
* sebsebseb still haven't done a 10.10 vm with btrfs, but soonish22:28
void^maybe they've patched it now, that was a 10.04 grub222:28
sebsebsebhasn't, above22:28
patdk-wkyou have /boot formatted with btrfs?22:28
void^of course not22:28
patdk-wkthen it doesn't matter what grub you use :)22:28
sebsebsebthat sucks when meant to have a seperate /boot22:29
patdk-wkI always do a seperate everything22:29
sebsebsebpatdk-wk: why?22:29
patdk-wknormally I make / 2gigs22:29
cclockerHello everyone, I just tried to install Maverick Alpha 2 with a 1GB ext4 (/boot) partition and the rest as a btrfs (/) file system. After restarting, i get the following message: FATAL: Error inserting btrfs, and a initramfs prompt. I guess it still doesn't work?22:29
patdk-wkdoesn't matter much anymore22:29
void^it does when grub-probe chickens out upon (not) detecting btrfs22:29
patdk-wkbut when I was using freebsd, it would always pause to check root22:29
patdk-wkand do the others in the background22:29
patdk-wkso if root was small22:29
patdk-wkit would boot fast :)22:30
sebsebsebcclocker: why Ext4 for boot not Ext3?22:30
patdk-wkmy /boot is ext422:30
patdk-wkon lucid and maverick22:30
sebsebsebpatdk-wk: ok why did you go with Ext4 not Ext3?22:30
cclockersebsebseb: ehm, no idea, maybe because it was at the top :)22:30
patdk-wkcause that is the installer default :)22:30
patdk-wkare you using grub2?22:31
patdk-wkactually that doesn't matter22:31
patdk-wkcause you made it to inittab22:31
sebsebsebanyway if  btrfs needs a seperate boot, by the time Ubuntu uses btrfs by default probably in 11.04, I guess things will be sorted out,  so that people don't need to make seperate /boot :)22:31
patdk-wkthere are craploads of laptops that can't access the harddrive >128gigs still22:32
patdk-wkthose still need seperate boots22:32
sebsebsebI nearly did 9.04 with XFS,  or whatever, but needed sepeate /boot and I was like, nah bugger that22:32
sebsebsebpatdk-wk: whats that?22:32
patdk-wkwhat is what?22:32
sebsebsebthe lap top thing22:33
void^even grub2 can handle xfs now i think22:33
patdk-wkthe laptop thing I just explained?22:33
patdk-wkI explained it, so what is to what about it?22:33
sebsebsebpatdk-wk: ok I read again22:33
patdk-wkya, grub2 does xfs22:33
sebsebsebnow I understand22:33
sebsebseblap tops that cant access a hard drive if it is bigger than 128GB22:33
patdk-wkI still have systems that can't access >8gig harddrives22:34
sebsebsebpatdk-wk: a harddrive yiou meant partition?22:34
sebsebsebok so why do those lap tops need seperate /boot ?22:34
patdk-wkI mean the bios can only access the first 128gigs of drive22:34
patdk-wkso the bios can locate all the boot files it needs22:34
patdk-wkif your root has /boot on it22:34
patdk-wkand you start to fill the drive22:34
patdk-wkyour new kernel will be >128gigs22:34
patdk-wkand your system won't boot22:34
patdk-wkhappens all the time22:35
sebsebsebthe new kernel, will be put on towards the end of the hard disk space, you mean?22:35
patdk-wkif your /boot partition is at the start of the time, that problem will never happen22:35
patdk-wkwell, with ext, if it places it after 128gig mark22:35
patdk-wkI guess it doesn't have to be full for ext22:35
patdk-wkused to ntfs always having this issue22:35
patdk-wkcause most peple have xp on them :)22:35
sebsebsebah right22:36
patdk-wkresize c: to <128gig, no problem22:36
sebsebsebwell I didn't know this stuff22:36
patdk-wkthe bios is always the limit22:36
patdk-wkfirst it was 32megs22:36
patdk-wkthen 512megs22:36
patdk-wkthen 2gigs, 4gig 8gig 32gig 128gig, ...22:36
sebsebsebWhy does btrfs want seperate /boot though?22:37
patdk-wkI don't see support for btrfs in grub2 yet22:37
sebsebsebor XFS for that matter,  well maybe not now22:37
sebsebsebseperate /boot when the boot loader lacks support for the file system ?22:38
cclockerpatdk-wk: so this means that btrfs should work with a separate /boot?22:38
patdk-wkcclocker, I have no issues :)22:38
patdk-wkext4 /boot and btrfs /22:38
sebsebsebpatdk-wk: how big is your /boot ?22:39
sebsebsebyeah I was thinking  something like that as well22:39
cclockerpatdk-wk: did you use the standard maverick alpha 2 cd?22:39
sebsebseb500MB or whatever I was thinking before22:39
patdk-wkna, I upgraded from lucid awhile ago22:39
sebsebsebcclocker: oh uhmm the ot her day22:39
sebsebsebcclocker: on omgubuntu.co.uk22:40
sebsebsebcclocker: they mentioned how the dailys got btrfs support, but22:40
sebsebsebcclocker: only the alternate CD22:40
sebsebsebI haven't tried this stuff yet22:40
sebsebsebor read something, so I don't know if the desktop CD installer has support now, I guess it does22:41
patdk-wkI manually converted my system, didn't use the installer or any gui thing to do it22:41
arandIt install quite easily, you need to go manual though..22:41
sebsebsebarand: well ok, but thats what it was like with 9.04 and the optional Ext4 support as well22:41
arandI haven't figured out how to delete snapshots yet though, which I guess is an inceonvenience..22:41
patdk-wkthat is easy :)22:41
sebsebsebwhich apparnatly wasn't perfectly stable, since  people lost data before, and the kernel or whatever, I naver had problems though :)22:41
arandYea, and that's the plan afaik..22:41
cclockerhm, I just tried it using the "select your partitions manually" option, I had to create a separate /boot, then it installed without problems, after a reboot i get this: http://forum.nginx.org/read.php?31,10343222:42
cclockerwell, i will go with the alternate, then22:42
sebsebsebpatdk-wk: well if its like Ext3 being converted to Ext4, you can't quarrantee you then have the proper thing,  some will  say you have it, others will say do a new partition with the file system22:42
sebsebsebcclocker: so you tried with the destop CD and manual install and did btrfs and won't work?22:42
patdk-wkI have no idea what your talking about22:43
dupondjeOh oh, Alpha 2 is out :)22:43
cclockersebsebseb: exactly22:43
patdk-wksebsebseb, ext3 -> ext4 is nothing at all like * -> btrfs22:43
sebsebsebpatdk-wk: I am saying the Ext3 to Ext4 conversion may not be good enough for those wanting complete support for the file system,  and that Ext4 to btrfs conversion will probably be like that as well22:43
patdk-wkmaybe you should learn what ext3, ext4, btrfs are before commenting22:43
sebsebsebdupondje: yes22:43
sebsebsebdupondje: doesn't seem to offer much advantage though from what I read22:44
sebsebsebpatdk-wk: I know that Ext  and btrfs are rather differnet22:44
patdk-wkbut do you know what is different between all 3 of them?22:44
patdk-wkif you don't, how can you even talk about it?22:45
dupondjeAh well we go with the flow :)22:45
patdk-wkext3 to ext4 is fine, you don't benifit from extents with your old files though22:45
sebsebsebpatdk-wk: to be honest I don't know much about btrfs yet, since I haven't read much about it yet, or tried it22:45
dupondjesome archive admin needs to accept Opal btw :P22:45
patdk-wkbut btrfs is completely different and works totally differently22:45
sebsebsebpatdk-wk: altough I will be trying btrfs in a vm soon, altough probably better to  test a file system on real hardware than in a vm occasionally really.22:46
sebsebsebpatdk-wk: yes next generation file system,  with snapshots and such, and the alternative to the Solaris ZFS which apparently is the best file system22:46
patdk-wkthat is what the user sees22:46
sebsebsebpatdk-wk: no?22:46
patdk-wkcompletely not how it works :)22:46
patdk-wkI hate zfs22:47
patdk-wkit's nothing but a pain22:47
sebsebsebHow so?  and yes I have never used it22:47
patdk-wkeveryone I know is trashing it also22:47
sebsebsebtrashing as in replaceing with another file system? replacing with what?22:48
patdk-wkthe only people keeping it around I believe is solaris22:48
patdk-wkI dunno what they are switching too, or even they know yet22:48
void^i must say converting ext->btrfs is neat; you get the old ext fs as a file in the new fs22:48
sebsebsebvoid^: oh?22:48
patdk-wkas a snapshot22:48
sebsebseboh right22:48
* sebsebseb needs to read a bit more about btrfs really, and yeah try in a virtual machine at least22:49
patdk-wk302megs of updates :(22:49
sebsebsebvoid^: so basically the old Ext4 data is there,  in a snapshot or what?22:49
patdk-wkbtrfs is basically a cow system22:50
void^it does mean that you need over 50% free space to convert22:50
patdk-wkit never overrites22:50
sebsebsebvoid^: well my vms have that22:50
patdk-wkvoid, no22:50
patdk-wkyou only need enough space to double your inodes22:50
patdk-wknot data22:50
* sebsebseb should maybe try converting one of his 10.10 vms or both of them, from Ext4 to btrfs ?22:50
sebsebsebthat was  in 3rd person or whatever its called :D ^22:51
sebsebsebmy 10.10 vm is a bit odd acstaully, doesn't show  all of the top panel like its meant to22:51
sebsebsebdesktop version22:51
void^hmm, right. in theory it shouldn't take as much space.22:52
void^maybe i've had more modified files than expected22:52
sebsebsebvoid^: how to convert Ext4 into btrfs anyway?22:52
cclockerpatdk-wk: did you do it like that?: https://btrfs.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Conversion_from_Ext322:53
void^^ that link explains it well enough22:53
patdk-wkpretty much22:53
* sebsebseb will probably clean install the other computer, when Ubuntu uses btrfs by default.22:54
sebsebsebaltough that just came from someone who hasn't tried btrfs in a vm yet, or read more about it22:54
cclockerok, this looks good, i'll give it a try, thanks22:54
patdk-wkstill downloading updates :(22:55
patdk-wkoh, openoffice update :(22:56
patdk-wkI should uninstall openoffice22:56
cclockerare you using a 56k modem or what? ;)22:56
patdk-wkdownloading at 6-8mbit22:57
patdk-wkI should probably setup one of my colo servers as a mirror22:58
patdk-wkit's the download from uk thing that slows it down22:59
patdk-wkdunno why, but, us.archive.ubuntu.com always points to a uk mirror22:59
BUGabundobecause its IP balanced?23:00
BUGabundoask jpds23:00
BUGabundoits his doings23:00
patdk-wkheh :)23:00
patdk-wkwell, once I download it once, it's cached for my other systems23:00
dupondjearchive.ubuntu.com is quite fast here :)23:01
patdk-wkdoesn't help I only have one maverick system so it's never cached for it :)23:01
patdk-wkus.archive.ubuntu.com and archive.ubuntu.com gives me the same exact ip's23:01
patdk-wkall in the uk23:02
DrHalanvlc audio does stutter here23:04
DrHalanany help?23:04
patdk-wkusing 10.04?23:05
faganpatdk-wk: the main canonical servers are in the uk so they are the same23:06
fagansometimes the irish ones are better than the uk ones though23:06
patdk-wkI would use the usa ones23:07
faganour ones are on a 20 gigabit line23:07
patdk-wkbut they seem to get outdated fast :(23:07
faganpatdk-wk: are you in the us?23:07
faganthen dont use the main or uk ones23:07
faganbecause they would have a serious lag for you23:07
patdk-wkhmm, that is why I use us.*23:08
faganbetween the use and eu is 4 seconds23:08
patdk-wkif ubuntu has updated ubuntu mirrors in the us, shouldn't it have us servers?23:08
patdk-wkand us to eu is 100ms23:08
patdk-wkdunno where you get 400023:08
patdk-wkfreaking you can go around the whole world in 400ms23:08
DrHalanany help with vlc? i am using pulse-output but still the sound stutters. video is fine...23:08
patdk-wkjust installed vlc23:09
patdk-wknow I need a video to test :)23:09
faganwhen I play heroes of newerth between ireland and the us is 600 ms - 1500ms23:09
dupondjepatdk-wk: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors23:09
faganoh ok23:09
DrHalanoh thanks patdk-wk23:09
faganpatdk-wk: ask the mirror admins to update it more then23:10
faganmost mirror admins have it ok23:10
faganthe uk mirror is only updated every 6 hours23:10
* patdk-wk notes only 7 of the usa mirrors are uptodate23:10
cclockerwhere can I disable the disappearing mouse pointer feature?23:11
patdk-wkalso, how can I find the person that controls us.archive.ubuntu.com?23:11
patdk-wkisn't that the issue?23:11
fagancclocker: sudo apt-get remove unclutter23:11
patdk-wkthe ip's of offical mirrors should be on that dns entry, cause that is the whole point of having it :)23:11
cclockerfagan: thanks23:11
patdk-wkI don't want to point my stuff at some mirror, then next year they take that mirror offline23:11
patdk-wkand find out later none of my stuff is patched anymore cause I didn't realise the mirror was gone23:12
faganpatdk-wk: click on them and look at the owner23:12
fagansome of them are unofficial though23:12
patdk-wkI fail to see a place to click on "us.archive.ubuntu.com"23:12
faganI think that just defaults to the nearest archive23:13
faganjust go here https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors23:13
faganand it has all the details23:13
patdk-wkit only takes a very simple script to make us.archive.ubuntu.com only have ubuntu mirrors that have uptodate contents in it23:13
faganpatdk-wk: its harder than you think because maybe they dont want to check it that often23:14
faganit takes lots of bandwidth as it is23:14
patdk-wkthat isn't hard at all23:14
patdk-wkif they don't want to be uptodate then they shouldn't be an OFFICAL mirror23:15
patdk-wkand shouldn't be in the list23:15
patdk-wkcause then everyone would get security updates late23:15
faganpatdk-wk: most of them are run by outside people like colleges or govergnment departments23:15
faganso you cant give out too much23:15
faganits a service they give for free so dont complain23:15
patdk-wkstill, not relevent to this topic23:15
patdk-wkI said OFFICAL23:15
patdk-wkif the goverment or college wants to be an offical mirror, so be it23:16
patdk-wkif they don't, no problem, let them list on that page if they want23:16
patdk-wkbut don't use their ip in the us.archive.*23:16
faganpatdk-wk: the official ones are official because they offer high bandwidth23:16
patdk-wkI don't see the issue23:16
faganthere is no other criteria to being an official mirror than high bandwidth, high uptime and mirroring the entire archive23:17
faganthey dont say when they have to update23:17
patdk-wkyou only pic offical mirrors that are updated (like <6hours) to be in the dns roundrobin23:18
faganthe reason is because stable releases dont happen often enough to warrant the entire system updating every time the mirror changes23:18
patdk-wkotherwise they just work like they do now, on the webpage23:18
patdk-wkdunno, I don't see the mirror system as a *stable relase* issue, but as a push out security update issue23:19
faganpatdk-wk: its the same system23:19
patdk-wkI don't want to get my security updates from a 2day out of sync mirror23:19
faganits not a big deal really23:19
fagan2 days is nothing23:19
fagansome mirrors get updated weekly23:20
fagansome monthly23:20
faganit depends on the bandwidth costs23:20
patdk-wkyep, and those systems should not be in the dns roundrobin, so I don't see the issue23:20
patdk-wkbut the ones that want to be I think should be23:20
patdk-wkbut right now, NONE are23:20
patdk-wkI don't get that23:20
patdk-wkthere has to be atleast one person that wouldn't mind being in it23:21
faganportland is23:21
faganloads of them are according to the list23:21
patdk-wkya, according to the list23:21
patdk-wkI'm going according to dns requests over a month23:21
patdk-wkNEVER have I got someting outside uk23:22
patdk-wkdoing dns requests directly to ubuntu dns servers23:22
faganah well its one of those issues that you have to get on to the mirror admins about23:23
dupondjesomebody happen to have vsftpd installed ? :)23:29
dupondjemaverick ?23:29
dupondjeor debian squeeze ? :)23:31
DrHalanlol unclutter doesnt hide tooltips23:46
faganDrHalan: that sounds like something you have to file a bug about23:52
DrHalanfagan: yeah i will23:53
faganDrHalan: or just mention it on #ayatana and see what they say23:54
faganmaybe not this time at night though23:54
faganit might be intentional23:55
faganI cant remember tooltips being talked about23:55
DrHalani will23:55
jpdspatdk-wk: Hi.23:55
jpdsOh Dear God, a us.archive conversation.23:56
faganjpds: i tried my best :)23:56
jpdspatdk-wk: us.archive is pointed at the master archive servers in London, as no US mirror is capable of handling the load of traffic it sees.23:58
johndeeIs there any way to disable automounting of USB drives in Lucid?23:58

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