directhexthe patch introduced a MAYBE definition, sets {v5,v7,thumb}_supported to MAYBE, then uses ifs to turn those true or false00:01
directhexexcept it doesn't ever set v7_supported to false on non-v700:01
directhexso it stays at MAYBE, and later in the code,                 if (v7_supported) {00:02
directhex14 hours of building to add one printf: totally paid off ^_^00:03
directhexMCS     [basic] System.Xml.dll00:03
directhexfeatures: v5: 1, v7: 2, thumb: 100:03
directhexIllegal instruction00:03
ogra_cmpcheh, ther wonderful world of arm :)00:03
directhexthis is why i wish i could make qemu work - i reckon my core i7 would be a pretty fast ARM00:04
ogra_cmpcqemu is always slow00:04
ogra_cmpcbetter invest $120 and buy a beagleboard00:05
ogra_cmpcor wait for the pandaboard00:05
directhexi'm not investing my money in ARM - my concern is for debbuntu00:05
ogra_cmpc(dual core 1GHz, 512M similar price)00:05
directhexogra_cmpc, i'm trying to work out the most minimal way to fix this. can you sanity-check my idea?00:07
directhexlet me pull up a URL to the file in question00:07
directhexwait, no00:09
directhexwrong branch00:09
directhexokay, now around the line 545 mark, you see the iffing to assign values to {v5,v7,thumb}_supported00:10
directhexthe defaults here are MAYBE (i.e. all features assumed to be on)00:11
directhexthe assumption is to help qemu, i.e. "if you get no values, just roll with everything on, it'll probably be fine". which given our dicussion earlier, is probably the case00:12
directhexso why not just insert "v7_supported = FALSE;" between lines 553 and 554?00:13
ogra_cmpcsounds ok to me00:14
ogra_cmpctest it :)00:14
directhexyeah, just ran make. see you tomorrow!00:15
GrueMastermpoirier: On bug 591941, if I remove the SD card, then reinsert it and restart ./init, it seems to work ok.  Might want to explore that a little when you work on that bug.00:15
ubot2Launchpad bug 591941 in linux (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 1 other project) "SDHC card not recognized (affects: 2) (dups: 1) (heat: 171)" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59194100:16
directhexmy gut says "apologise to lool", let me check something in the git logs...00:16
directhexyup, apologies to lool - seems it was meebey that broke it when porting lool's patch from mono 2.4 to mono 2.6. i shall go and poke him00:17
* mattman_ is away: 00:23
ograso by the looks of it the resizing routine runs now00:28
directhexMCS     [basic] System.Xml.dll00:30
directhexfeatures: v5: 1, v7: 0, thumb: 100:30
directhexSystem.Xml/XmlTextReader.cs(1811,40): warning CS0219: The variable `dummyValue' is assigned but its value is never used00:30
directhexlooks healthy!00:30
directhexi'll try to push a 2.6.3-3 to experimental tomorrow00:30
directhexthen merges can happen based on that00:30
directhexhang on, main's frozen... so no hurry!00:47
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DanaGI'm eyeing that "port glxgears to ES" bit... wanna' try it on libgles1-mesa-drivers-kms (or whatever it is) on my netbook.01:31
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lagWho's responsibility is this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/457710/08:14
hrw(30: Read-only file system)?08:14
lagSurely it shouldn't segfault regardless of filesystem08:15
lagI just attempted to mount as rw: http://paste.ubuntu.com/457711/08:18
kaican anyone recommend an embedded board with GbE and SATA that's not constantly overheating like the GuruPlug?08:28
hrwkai: get guruplug out of case, attach some heatsink?08:29
hrwmy friend made industrial device from sheevaplug08:29
kaiyeah, got a sheevaplug, thoug I still have one of the old usb only ones08:44
kainetwork throughput is a bit below GbE, though08:45
hrwbut faster then any of my arm devices08:46
kaihrw: sure, I was just wondering if it made sense to extend the zoo :)08:55
hrwchange casing of guruplug08:56
kaiyeah, I guess :)09:10
kaior I'll just build my demo with the guruplug and the beagles09:12
lagWhy, why, why? http://paste.ubuntu.com/45773009:17
ogralag, sudo ??09:21
lagu-boot doesn't have sudo09:22
ograno, i was commenting the first paste :)09:23
ograis the SD locked ?09:23
lagNo, it's mounted ro09:23
ograyes, thats how it should be09:23
lagIf I try and mount it rw it does the second paste link09:23
ograright, looks like a locked card to me09:24
ograro on the cmdline is normal, mountall will remount it rw after the fsck09:25
lagYou can't lock a MicroSD card without an SD adapter09:25
lagFYI: sudo does the exact same thing09:25
ograhow do you put a micro SD into the panda without adapter ?09:26
hrwgood to know that pb has normal sd09:27
michaelh1Morning.  Has anyone tried 10.04 on a OMAP3 based Overo board?09:27
michaelh1The kernel boots, but then I see 'init: ureadahead main process (49) terminated with status 5'09:28
michaelh1and 'init: procps main process (77) terminated with status 255'09:28
lagogra: No, that problem is on Beagle09:28
ogramichaelh1, thats both fine ... it should still boot09:28
lagThe fatload problem is on Panda :)09:28
michaelh1and then nothing.  I have ttyS2 set up as a console under /etc/init/ttyS2 (but no screen at the moment)09:28
ogralag, your u-boot prompt says panda09:28
lagogra: Different issue09:28
ogralag, so you said XM works for you ?09:31
loolmichaelh1: That seems like a ureadahead exit code for when it deson't have data on the first boot09:31
ograit definately doesnt for me09:32
loolmichaelh1: Which I would htink is expected, and ignored by upstart09:32
loolmichaelh1: Did you use /etc/init/ttyS2?09:32
ogralag, no screen output at all, so our image doesnt boot09:32
loolmichaelh1: Cause it should be named .conf09:32
lool/etc/init/ttyS2 wont be picked up, /etc/init/ttyS2.conf should be09:32
lagogra: Have you tried the latest kernel?09:32
ogralag, its the alpha2 image i'm testing09:32
michaelh1lool: having a look now.  I ended up with whatever rootstock --serial=ttyS2 generates09:32
lagogra: Wait one, I'll dig mine out for you09:32
ogralag, i cant change the kernel on the image09:33
ogralag, you said the archive kernel works09:33
loolmichaelh1: Try pressing enter after boot too09:33
lagThe one in the git tree?09:33
loolmichaelh1: One thing which might happen is that you have no network setup09:33
loolmichaelh1: That's a common issue with rootstock09:33
michaelh1Hmm.  I supplied --serial=ttyS2 but there's no /etc/init/ttyS2.conf in the image...09:34
loolmichaelh1: You either need to install ifupdown and create a /etc/network/interfaces with at least lo, or you need ot install network-manager09:34
michaelh1Hmm.  Might try VERBOSE in /etc/default/rcS as well...09:34
ogralool, ??09:34
loolmichaelh1: How about you create your rootfs by hand?  That might be quicker than looking at rootstock issues09:34
ogra /etc/network/interfaces is created by rootstock with lo09:34
loolmichaelh1: apt-get install qemu-kvm-extras-static, qemu-debootstrap --arch=armel maverick /mnt/your-microsd-card09:35
loolwith a lucid host09:35
lagogra: Point me to the image you're trying to use09:35
loolmichaelh1: You then need to create etc/fstab, etc/hosts, etc/hostname, etc/init/ttyS2.conf and etc/network/interfaces09:35
michaelh1Ta.  I've created ttyS2.conf on the rootstock image.  interfaces does contain lo.  Booting...09:36
ogralag, works on the C4 but since we dont use a swapfile yet, the desktop runs out of ram ... sincer you said XM works i was hoping we can use the image at least on a 512M board09:36
ogralool, rootstock does all that09:36
ogramichaelh1, did rootstock finish without error ?09:37
michaelh1Kind of.  I'm using apt-cacher-ng instead of the package cache and rootstock fails due to http_proxy containing a hostname09:37
michaelh1This causes apt-get inside qemu to fail on the update.  Should still be good though.09:38
ograyou will only have a half built system09:38
ograwhich rootstock version are you using ... recent versions have a fix for http_proxy09:38
michaelh1Ah!  I have a login prompt!09:39
michaelh1And sudo...09:39
michaelh1And no network (due to having no network hardware :)09:40
michaelh1ogra: The version that came with 10.04 (
ograhmm, that should make use of a globally set http_proxy09:40
ograhow do you set it ? is it in your env  ?09:41
loologra: I usually dont complain about it, but you probably remember I replied a bunch of time here to people who were facing issues with rootstock generated images; it seemed to happen less these days.  Another issue for a long while (perhaps still true?) was the version skew between the rootstock trunk bzr branch and the one in Ubuntu; overall I found it painful to deal with various rootstock issues, while I know exactly where manually created ...09:42
lool... rootfs might break; so no offense, but it's easier for me to help people when they are not using rootstock09:42
michaelh1ogra: the problem is the DNS resolution.  Here goes:09:42
loolmichaelh1: instead of http_proxy=hostname.domain, you should use http_proxy=http://hostname.domain09:42
loolthat's more widely accepted09:42
michaelh1Yip.  I use export http_proxy=http://crucis.local:3142/09:43
loolthat looks ok09:43
ograrootsotck uses both, /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/proxy or http_proxy09:43
michaelh1I think the problem is that crucis.local resolves via mDNS instead of the gateway's DNS proxy09:43
loolmichaelh1: You need libmdns in your chroot then09:43
ogralool, the trunk version is exactly the same as in the archive, i dont know what you are talking about09:43
ogralool, and if there are users for which a rootstock rootfs doesnt work, the first thing is to check the log if the build finished09:44
loologra: for a long while, months ago I agree, there were fixes in bzr and a very different code base than in the archive; that might not be true anymore09:44
michaelh1If I set export http_proxy= then both sides work fine, but my IP changes depending on wireless vs wired09:44
ograinstead of fiddling in piecemeal with the broken FS09:44
loolmichaelh1: Can't you use then?09:45
ogramichaelh1, can you file a bug, i'll research that09:45
loolOh no it's a real board attached to your laptop, not a chroot09:45
michaelh1lool: no, is the qemu host when running09:45
loolor qemu running in your laptop, right09:45
loolmichaelh1: You could have a separate IP + subnet just for this, but it's a bit heavy09:45
ograrootstock should just create an /etc/hosts entry for the host machine during build (and remove the entry at the end)09:46
michaelh1I think running dnsmasq will also solve this: gives a real DNS server that both the host and qemu can use09:46
loolI mean, you could add another IP to your laptop e.g. and make sure that you have legs for that in any of the network where you need the proxy, but it's heavy09:46
loolmichaelh1: Yup, that's what libvirt does, but you still need an IP to talk to it09:46
ogranot with a hosts entry09:47
michaelh1orga: It seems that /etc/init/ttyS2.conf wasn't created09:47
ogramichaelh1, pleaswe file a bug, i'll add that09:47
michaelh1orga: my command line was rootstock --keepimage -l ubuntu -p ubuntu -f ubuntu  --seed=lxde --serial=ttyS209:47
ogramichaelh1, right /etc/init/ttyS2.conf is created if the build finishes properly, if that failed you should have said that first09:48
ogra(and as i said above lool should have asked you about that first)09:48
ograits a fallout of the missing name resolution, if you file a bug for that i'll fix it09:48
michaelh1OK.  I'll try again using the IP address and see what happens09:48
michaelh1My impression from the log was that the build succeeded.  apt-get failed, but it seemed to move on quite happily09:49
michaelh1(See http://paste.ubuntu.com/457737/ for the log)09:49
ograif apt-get failed and you didng get a success message at the end, the build didnt finish09:50
ograi need /home/michaelh/ubu/rootfs/rootstock-201007012009.log09:50
michaelh1Hmm.  Firefox doesn't like pasting 11000 lines into paste.ubuntu.com :)09:53
ografile a bug and attach the log ;)09:53
michaelh1ogra: The log is here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/457739/09:53
michaelh1I will do.  I'm up and going so it's all good.09:53
michaelh1(I quite like rootstock by the way.  Nice and simple and readable)09:54
ograthanks :)09:55
ogralets see if we can make it better for you :)09:55
michaelh1(A --version option would be nice)09:57
ograwishlist bug please :)09:57
ograhmm, looking at the code for --serial i think the issue is the equal sign10:00
ogra"--serial ttyS2" would have worked10:00
ograanother bug :/10:00
michaelh1Yeah, I saw that setup_serial is run before qemu starts but I thought I'd hammer you with one issue at a time :)10:00
michaelh1Will file.10:00
ograi didnt have much tile for rootstock in the maverick cycle yet since we're building preinstalled SD images for omap now implementing that ate all my time10:01
ograshould get better now that we have these images and they only needs fixes10:02
michaelh1No worries.  My recent history is with Openembedded and the speed (but not size) of Ubuntu+rootstock is refreshing10:02
hrwmichaelh1: thats due to using built packages instead of building them10:03
ograwell, the speed of the binaries will not be as fast since OE optimizes the built binaries for your HW10:04
michaelh1Absolutely.  I understand that OE can use binary packages but never got into it.10:04
michaelh1Ah, but most things are going to Cortex-A8 these days + runtime specialisation so there's not much difference10:04
hrwmichaelh1: I did builds of images from binary packages in old openzaurus times10:05
hrwmichaelh1: but code was a bit tricky so it took long before cleaner version appeared again in OE10:05
ogralag, so wrt XM kernel i guess nobody tested the display (again), the kernel seems to boot fine but wihtout screen output its useless for us10:05
michaelh1lp #60053910:06
ubot2Launchpad bug 600539 in project-rootstock "Running apt-get against a proxy fails during the qemu stage (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60053910:06
michaelh1(ubot2 is pretty nice)10:06
lagogra: Mine boots with display10:06
ogralag, with the archive kernel ?10:06
lagI've just downloaded that10:07
ograthats weird10:07
lagHow do I use this binary blob?10:07
lagNo, I haven't tested it10:07
lagJust downloaded it10:07
ogradpkg -x the .deb10:07
ogramkdir tmp; dpkg -x *.deb tmp10:07
lag2 secs, pulling up console10:07
ograthen it unpacks it in tmp10:07
lagI have used Linux before ;)10:08
ograyou need to run mkimage, it only has the vmlinuz10:08
michaelh1ogra: sorry, but how can I mark a bug as wishlist?10:08
ogramichaelh1, in the importance field10:08
michaelh1I'm looking at https://bugs.launchpad.net/project-rootstock/+bug/600540 and can't see how to change the importance10:09
ubot2Launchpad bug 600540 in project-rootstock "Add a --version option (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]10:09
michaelh1It's down as 'Undecided' and isn't clickable10:09
* ogra fixes10:09
lagogra: I can only find the .img10:11
ogralag, img of what ?10:11
lagThis is what you linked me to:10:12
ogralag, of the archive kernel package ? that should be a deb10:12
michaelh1lp #600541 (and that's enough)10:12
ubot2Launchpad bug 600541 in project-rootstock "--serial option doesn't work (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60054110:12
lagDoesn't look like a .deb to me10:12
ogralag, oh, i understood you downloaded the archive kernel package :)10:12
lagHence the confusion10:12
* lag shrugs10:12
lagIt's what you pointed me to10:12
ograyou need to bunzip the .img and dd it to SD10:13
ograthen boot the SD10:13
ogranote that we dont use serial output by default in the images10:13
ograsince that breaks the bootsplash10:13
ograso before booting it you might want to mount mmcblk0p1 and modify boot.scr10:14
ograon your host machine10:14
ogralool, i saw you pasting some swapfile creation code in #linaro yesterday, i would like to use that in jasper, how do you determine $SIZE for it ?10:16
ograis that a made up value or do you create it based on ram size etc ?10:17
loologra: See lp:linaro-image-tools10:19
loolI didn't work on it myself10:19
ograyeah, i got that from your comment, i just thought it makes sense to use the same code10:19
ograespecially since asac will likely use pieces of jasper10:19
ograah, crap, SWAP_SIZE is a cmdline parameter ... i was hoping for some detection code10:22
ograhmm creating the file under /mnt is brave ... it will vanish if the user mounts something in /mnt10:24
ogralool, thanks, i'll steal some parts fo it, who owns it ?10:26
loologra: I dont know10:30
loologra: bzr blame10:31
loologra: Could you please reassign LP #600478 where it belongs?  I would say either ubuntu-seeds or ubuntu-cdimage10:39
ubot2Launchpad bug 600478 in netbook-remix "Remove dependencies on dove and imx kernel headers for maverick (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60047810:39
loolor ubuntu-meta10:39
loolor livecd-rootfs10:39
loolActually quite certainly not ubuntu-meta10:39
lagogra: What happens when you try to boot that image?10:55
lagLet's try ogra_cpmc10:59
ogra_cmpclool, ist livecd-rootfs and its long on my list11:06
loologra_cmpc: Could you move the bug so that it's not against an unused upstream project?11:06
ogra_cmpclag, i see it booting the kernel on serial but no output on screen11:06
ogra_cmpclool, will do11:06
lagI have a login console on the screen11:06
loolGrueMaster: Mind reporting bugs against either Ubuntu packages or ubuntu-cdimage rather than netbook-remix? netbook-remix should not be used anymore11:07
lagAlthough, it won't power a mouse11:07
loolGrueMaster: TIA!11:07
lagI'm going to try it on mains power in a moment11:07
ogra_cmpclag, did you use the image or did you just rip out the kernel from the image ?11:07
lagJust the image11:07
lagNothing more11:08
lagNothing less11:08
lagWhat commandline are you using?11:08
ogra_cmpcmodified boot.scr ?11:08
ogra_cmpcthe default one11:08
lagLet me try with the default one11:09
ogra_cmpcwhat did you use ?11:09
lagsetenv bootargs console=ttyS2,115200n8 console=tty2 root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rootwait ro vram=12M omapfb.mode=dvi:1280x720MR-16@60 fixrtc; mmc init; fatload mmc 0 80300000 uImage; bootm 8030000011:09
lagDid you see the console on the screen?11:10
ogra_cmpchmm, thats not using the initramfs11:10
lagThe default prints to my screen11:10
ogra_cmpcattached to dvi ?11:10
ogra_cmpcmy monitor doewsnt even power on11:11
lagBut it says "hub 1-0:1.1: unable to enumerate USB device on port 211:11
ogra_cmpcaha !11:11
lagBut the DVI output yes11:11
lagThere aren't any USB devices plugged in?11:11
ogra_cmpci'll try hdmi soon11:11
ogra_cmpci have my powered hub plugged in11:12
lagIt's going nuts11:12
lagNo login console now11:12
ogra_cmpcyou shouldnt get a console unless the image resized itself11:12
ogra_cmpcthat will take about 10min it should tell you though11:13
lagI just have lots of 'hub' error messages11:13
ogra_cmpcsounds like the udb driver has issues11:13
* ogra_cmpc finished his breakfast, let me go back to the office and try hdmi 11:14
* lag forgot all about breakfast 11:14
* lag is going now11:14
lagogra_cmpc: How are you getting on?11:19
ogranothing on HDMI11:20
lagI don't know what to tell you11:20
lagMine works11:20
lagWith my cmdline I get a login console11:20
lagWith the default I get kernel messages11:20
lagBoth on the monitor11:20
ograthats really strange11:21
ograi see u-boot messages on the serial console up to "Uncompressing Linux... done, booting the kernel."11:22
ogra+but the monitor never powers on11:22
lagIs the monitor on?11:22
lagStandby, off or on?11:22
ograits the monitor with which i'm typing to you atm :)11:23
ograi just switch the input source11:23
hrwogra: disable 'quiet'?11:23
ograso its on11:23
ograhrw, there is no quiet on the image cmdline atm11:24
asacour headless images i was told have a console on screen (/me hopes)11:24
ogra    fatload mmc 0:1 0x80000000 uImage11:24
ogra    fatload mmc 0:1 0x81600000 uInitrd11:24
ogra    setenv bootargs vram=12M omapfb.mode=dvi:1280x720MR-16@60   root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 fixrtc11:24
ogra    bootm 0x80000000 0x8160000011:24
ograthats the boot.scr we use in the image, works fine on C411:24
hrwasac: first you need to have that console...11:24
hrwogra: bbxm?11:24
asacogra: thats on xm?11:24
ograbut we dont use a swapfile yet, so C4 goes OOM11:25
ograasac, yes11:25
asacah you are fighting netbook ;)11:25
hrwogra: bbxm in ubuntu kernel do not have display iirc11:25
ograasac, oem-config works11:25
asacdidnt get info back on that from plars i remember now11:25
* asac goes aksing11:25
ograasac, just the desktop afterwards makes it die, i'll add swapfile creation to jasper_setup11:25
asacplars: did anything came out of the test without --live last night?11:25
ograhrw, thats why i'm confused, it works fine for lag11:26
ograhrw, same image, same board11:26
asacogra: err. can you please not create swapfiles unless there is a special flag?11:26
lagogra: "but we dont use a swapfile yet, so C4 goes OOM" - So does the XM11:26
asacwe have our swap file in place ;)11:26
asacimo thats too far of magic to put into jasper11:26
ograasac, is yours always in the same place ?11:26
ograasac, its not, since jasper creates the partition table11:27
asacogra: why?11:27
laghrw: Works for me11:27
asacogra: then jasper should not replace the swap part11:27
ograits exactly what jasper needs to do11:27
asacif there is a swap entry... jasper could skip that step?11:27
ograasac, if i can detect that you have a swapfile in place i can skip it11:27
asacogra: right. you can detect that from fstab11:27
asacogra: also i would really like to keep it optional to create one11:28
asacfor some images we dont need it11:28
ograasac, btw, i looked at your code, i dont think its clever to create the file under /mnt11:28
asacogra: my code?11:28
asacyou mean linaro-media-create?11:28
ograif the user mounts something to /mnt it will be hidden11:28
asaclet me lok at that code11:28
asaci agree. where should we put it?11:29
ograi'm not sure how others use /mnt but i typically mount manually mounted stuff there by default11:29
ograi would just put it in /11:29
asacwe are redoing parts of it today anyway11:29
asaclool: any opinion?11:29
asace.g. where to put SWAP.swp file11:29
asacwe currently have that in mnt ... which feels odd indeed11:30
loolI think mnt is a bad idea11:30
loolon my systems, I used to put it in /srv and now it's in /11:30
asacok ... lets go for / then11:30
* asac changes that11:30
loolbut neither is FHS compliant I'm afraid11:30
ograis there any FHS recommendation for swapfiles ?11:31
loolIn general, swap files are not as good as swap partitions, so we should aim for that if possible11:31
* ogra never heard of that11:31
loologra: that's the issue, there is none11:31
* ogra was planning to usw a swap partition with jasper since i repartition anyway11:31
loologra: but FHS does list what's supposed to be in /11:31
loolIt could in theory be /var/cache/swap too11:31
asaclool: rather /var/cache ;)? (feels a bit nicer to me)11:32
loolI think doing it in the form of jasper is not too inelegant, albeit it's important that the user has control on whether or not swap will be created, where, and how large11:32
ograsounds sane11:32
loolthis is all very hard to implement consistently11:32
asacwell. lets keep it in /11:32
loolasac: I would consult with installer folks to get a better opinion11:32
asaci think /var doesnt exist on casper etc.11:33
loolI think / is good for our current mode of development, but should be revisited11:33
asaclets file a bug11:33
* asac goes for it11:33
ogracasper is tricky anyway11:33
ograsince you use an aufs mount11:33
ogracreating a swapfile will just eat your ram in casper11:34
ogralag, XM shouldnt OOM at all it has 512M11:35
ogralag, when do you get OOM ? if you start the desktop ?11:35
lagThe desktop starts automagicly11:35
loolYou should not create a swap file in casper's tmpfs mode11:35
lagI didn't get oom this time11:36
loolbut casper also supports persistent read-write, and that partition could host a swap file11:36
ogralool, well, ubiquity would need to learn about it so it gets copied to the target11:36
loologra: Could you help me reproduce a flash-kernel config as in current Ubuntu beagles installs?11:36
asacwhy dont we just offer to create a swap partition in linaro-media-create?11:37
ogralool, NAND ?11:37
asacrather than a file11:37
ograasac, files ar more modern ? :P11:37
asacok filed bug 60056111:38
ubot2Launchpad bug 600561 in linaro-image-tools "revisit way and place to handle swap file creation (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60056111:38
ogralool, what do you need ?11:39
loologra: yes NAND11:40
loologra: whatever Ubuntu currently does11:41
* lool apt-get install linux-omap flash-kenrel11:41
ogralool, vfat in maverick11:41
loologra: I thought it moved to NAND in lucid, now it's back to vfat??11:42
ogralool, since i want to use identical images for omap3 and 411:42
ograXM, panda and blaze all dont have NAND11:42
ogralool, thats why we produce the preinstalled images, jasper sets up a flash-kernel.conf11:42
loologra: Well I wouldn't mind the NAND version instead then, cause I dont have a vfat right now11:43
ograbased on that flash-kernel will use vfat or NAND (so upgraded lucid still uses NAND, new maverick installs use vfat)11:43
ogralool, i thought asac's images use vfat11:43
loolIt might, this is manually debootstraped11:44
loolgiven the space I have on the rootfs, I prefer not splitting in more partitions11:44
ograyeah, understood11:44
ogralool, echo "/dev/mtd2 0x0000 0x20000 0x20000" > /etc/fw_env.config ... apt-get install uboot-envtools11:45
loolOk thanks11:46
ogralool, then: fw_setenv bootcmd nand read 80000000 280000 400000;nand read 81600000 680000 1000000;bootm 80000000 8160000011:46
ograor whatever you like there11:46
ograand the same for fw_setenv bootargs with your args11:47
loolI have something like that already11:47
loolbootcmd=nand read 80000000 280000 400000;nand read 81600000 680000 1000000;bootm 80000000 8160000011:48
loolseems the same11:49
loolGenerating kernel u-boot image... /usr/sbin/flash-kernel: 738: mkimage: not found11:49
ograoh, i was assuming you had that :)11:49
ograflash-kernel-installer isntalls it in lucid11:49
looljust for reference11:49
* lool crosses fingers11:51
* ogra crosses fingers too 11:51
* lool crosses toes11:51
ogralag, so my XM seems to actually not boot at all11:52
ograi just tried with a console= option to force serial11:52
lagHave you broken it?11:52
loolI get kernel startup messages at least11:52
lool[    4.503997] mmc0: error -110 whilst initialising SD card11:52
laglool: What SD card are you using?11:53
* lool reboots, issues a manual mmcinit and resets11:53
loollag: A Sandisk Extreme III11:53
ogralool, is that a maverick kernel ?11:53
ograthats a known bug11:53
ograsome SDs work, some dont11:53
laglool: Is that an SDHC card?11:53
loollag: yes11:54
ogratry a class2 SD11:54
loolI dont have any11:54
loolThis is my rootfs too, so I'm stuck11:54
laglool: Use a normal SD card11:54
hrw-110? isn't it timeout?11:54
loolis there a workaround11:54
ograhrw, right11:54
ogralool, only to use a different SD11:54
loolcant do that11:54
laglool: Yes, but you have to recompile the kernel without preemption11:54
hrwand sandisk extreme III is class6 or higher?11:54
loollag: will that happen in ubuntu "soon"?11:54
ogralool, http://launchpad.net/bugs/59194111:54
ubot2Launchpad bug 591941 in linux (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 1 other project) "SDHC card not recognized (affects: 2) (dups: 1) (heat: 171)" [High,In progress]11:54
hrwI am waiting for 2 class10 4GB sd cards11:55
laglool: It's being worked on11:55
ogrampoirier works on it11:55
ograhe just didnt make it before A211:55
ogradue to more critical bugs that were there11:55
loolOk, will ping him when he shows up11:55
ogralag, http://paste.ubuntu.com/457777/11:56
ogragets stuck there11:56
loolis there a known good 2.6.35 maverick kernel out there somewhere?11:56
lagogra: I don't know what to say11:56
ogralag, do you get the i2c error too ?11:56
lagogra: Incompatible monitor?11:56
lagFrom uboot?11:57
ograi doubt that, i had it booting once with a TI kernel11:57
ogralag, see my paste11:57
lagtimed out in wait_for_pin: I2C_STAT=10011:57
lagI2C read: I/O error11:57
hrwlag: uboot?11:57
ograhmm, k so its not u-boot11:57
lagU-Boot 2010.03-rc1 (Jun 01 2010 - 09:57:03)11:57
ogralag, see my paste, monitor isnt involved11:57
ograi force seial output11:58
hrwlag: you do not have any BB expansion boards - thats why11:58
ogralag, the kernrel isnt booting at all for me11:58
hrwBB u-boot checks on i2c for expansion board ID11:58
lagogra: Don't panic - wait one11:58
ograhrw, yeah, i just wanted to make sure its not whats blocking my boot11:58
ogralag, i have my towel :)11:58
hrwogra: if you would have old xloader then it would block by halting on i2c11:59
lagogra: Now panic - that commandline works for me11:59
lagI have serial11:59
* ogra throws the towel away and panics11:59
lagIt dies when trying to mount rootfs, but I get serial11:59
ograindeed it dies ...12:00
lagsetenv bootargs console=ttyS2,115200n8 root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rootwait ro vram=12M omapfb.mode=dvi:1280x720MR-16@60 fixrtc; mmc init; fatload mmc 0 80300000 uImage; bootm 8030000012:00
lagThat goes all the way for me12:00
lagLogin console and everything12:00
ograbut if setenv bootargs console=ttyS2,115200n8;  mmc init; fatload mmc 0 80300000 uImage; bootm 80300000 doesnt get me kernel output there is something really screwed up12:01
ograi know that board works though, i used it with a TI binary kernel amitk gave me in lucid12:01
lagI'm using the same image as you?12:03
lagAnd it works for me12:03
lagI don't know what else to tell you?12:03
ogracould you try a complete install on the board ?12:04
lagTell me how and I'll happily oblige12:04
ograshould work with just re-dd'ing the image and booting it up12:04
lagI dd'ed it once?12:05
ograyou should see "resizing root filesystem, this will take 10 minutes" shortly after boot, then it should boot into oem-config12:05
ograbut you booted it already with the default options, that might have started the resize process12:05
ograi want to make sure a virgin boot works on XM+12:06
lagI'll dd /dev/zero to it first12:06
ograshouldnt be needed12:06
ograit overwrites the partition table anyway12:06
lagThis is true12:08
lagdd'ing in progress12:08
ograyou should come to X and oem-config eventually12:08
ogralag, !12:20
ograsetting earlyprintk=dbgp on the cmdline gets me more !12:20
ogralag, http://paste.ubuntu.com/457787/12:21
ogra[    0.000000] WARNING: at /build/buildd/linux-2.6.35/arch/arm/mach-omap2/clkt_clksel.c:375 omap2_init_clksel_parent+0xe8/0xf8()12:21
ogra[    0.000000] clock: dpll4_m3_ck: init parent: could not find regval 012:21
lagI don't know what you're doing do your poor board12:21
lagI get the "hub" messages displayed on my monitor again12:22
ograseems the kernel isnt proper yet12:23
ogralag, at least it doesnt seem to be the board but the kernel in my case12:28
ograit seems to initialize a lot of stuff but also fails on a bunch12:29
ograi dont really get why it gets quiet without earlyprintk set though12:29
ogra[    0.000000] ------------[ cut here ]------------12:31
ogra[    0.000000] WARNING: at /build/buildd/linux-2.6.35/arch/arm/mach-omap2/serial.c:727 omap_serial_init_port+0x74/0x1e4()12:31
ogra[    0.000000] (null): can't init uart3, no clocks available12:31
ograthat seems to be the reason why i get no output12:31
lagI've had that dcache error, but it was just a one off12:31
lagRun it again12:31
ograsame thing, i ran it about five times now12:32
ograbeyond the serial and clocksel oopses it always dies with:12:33
ogra[    0.496704] kernel BUG at /build/buildd/linux-2.6.35/fs/dcache.c:1015!12:33
ogra[    0.503631] Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address 0000000012:33
lagThose clock errors are not show-stoppers12:33
ograwell, it seems to cause serial to not be initialized12:34
ogra    0.000000] WARNING: at /build/buildd/linux-2.6.35/arch/arm/mach-omap2/serial.c:727 omap_serial_init_port+0x74/0x1e4()12:34
ogra[    0.000000] (null): can't init uart3, no clocks available12:34
lagOnly uart312:34
lagI'm not even sure if there is a uart3 on the board12:34
lagHow many did the C4 have?12:34
ograno idea12:35
zyga_ogra, do you have access to imx51?12:36
ograzyga_, yes, its my main armel build machine12:36
zyga_ogra, could you pastebin /proc/cpuinfo for me12:36
ograits a babbage 2.5, is that waht you need ?12:37
zyga_ogra, I need the actual output12:37
zyga_I'm doing fingerprinting / device discovery12:38
zyga_ogra, thanks :-)12:38
ograzyga_, note that the Revision id is different between 1.0, 2.0, 2.5 and 3.012:39
ograi only have a 2.5 around here12:39
zyga_ogra, thanks - this is important information12:40
lagogra: With the correct file now in /etc/init/ I now get: http://paste.ubuntu.com/457797/12:42
lagVia serial12:42
lagAnd a login prompt via HDMI12:42
ogralag, no X ?12:42
ograit should fire up oem-config12:42
ograwhich runs under X12:42
ograto set up kbd/lang/TZ and user12:43
lagHow do you mean? On the monitor?12:43
lagJust the Ubuntu GUI login prompt is visible and the purple background12:43
ografirst of all it expands the rootfs to the full size of the SD ... that takes about 10min12:43
lagI didn't see it12:44
ograthen it continues booting to oem-config and lets you set up the initial user etc12:44
lagInitial user is acorn12:44
ograthats a complete default boot?12:44
ograno it isnt12:45
lagThat's all I'm getting12:45
ograyou didnt touch boot.scr or anything ?12:45
lagBut I can't login because USB doesn't seem to be working12:45
ograyou dont have a user anyway12:45
lagOh, that is the machine name12:45
ograthats the build machine name ...12:45
* lag wins12:46
ograit defaults to that if oem-config hasnt run yet12:46
lagIt might do something if I click on the login12:46
ograthere is no user on the machine yet12:46
ograoem-config creates it12:46
ograif oem-config didnt run you cant log in12:46
ograoem-config enablement is done from the initramfs12:47
ograseems some part of that initramfs stuff didnt run at all for you12:47
bercoogra: I tried to mimic /lib/udev/rules.d/61-gnome-bluetooth-rfkill.rules file for syslink but it doesn't work. look at the change I made: http://pastebin.com/ZUepf5bm12:48
ograberco, hmm12:48
ograberco, that should definately work, is the device actually called syslink ?12:50
ograalso i'm not sure the wildcard works for that12:50
ograberco, try moving it earlier12:52
ograberco, make it 60- instead of 90- and try again12:52
loolAh national day for mpoirier12:57
bercoogra: sorry, got preempted in my office13:04
bercoogra: several devices for syslink that are called syslink_ipc, syslink-proc4430 and syslink-procmgr13:05
bercothat why I put a "*"13:05
lagogra: What were your main reasons for not changing /etc/modprobe13:12
lagogra: Or for not wanting to13:12
lagWhat about ogra_cmpc?13:13
ogralag, simply because i think it should be done by the kernel as any other device13:15
ogralag, we dont use /etc/modules for anything atm since the kernel is usually capable of detecting all devices, it just seems logical to me that it should do that for syslink devices too13:16
lagogra: What about udev rules?13:16
ogralag, i'm not opposed to use /etc/modules if there is no other way13:16
ograudev rules need a udevent from the kernel13:17
ograwhere would that event come from ?13:17
ograits normally exposed once the module is loaded13:17
lagSo if we can conger one of these ...13:17
ograwell, if you can trigger a uevent you can as well directly load the module, no ?13:18
lagNo, it doesn't work like that13:18
ograwell, when do you trigger the uevent ?13:18
lagudev is a userspace daemon13:18
ograi know13:18
ograthe uevent comes from the kernel though13:19
ograso how do you know you have to trigger such an event ?13:19
lagThis will be triggered when the device driver registers with the platform driver13:19
ograwhat makes the device driver register ?13:20
lagWe doe13:20
lagFrom the board specific code13:20
ograand how do we know we want to register that driver ?13:20
lagBecause there is board detection within the kernel13:21
ograi.e. i have board X and board Y, one has the HW one doesnt13:21
ograand both use the omap4 kernel13:21
lag__init boardX()13:21
lagOh hang on13:21
ograand there you have the info that board has device ZZZ ?13:21
lagLet's step back one13:21
ograif thats the case we dont need /etc/modules i'd say :)13:22
lagOnce kernel will run on OMAP3 and OMAP413:22
ogralets not make it more complicated :)13:22
lagAll OMAP4 supported boards will need this driver13:22
ograsay we only have omap413:22
lagThen that would be simple13:22
ograand we have different boards, one has the HW one doesnt13:22
lagAll OMAP4 board will have this device13:22
ograwell, hypothetical13:23
lagNot valid13:23
ograsay one does one doesnt13:23
lagnec: Care to dive in?13:23
ograyou have a kind of db file/function "__init boardX()" that has the info that we need such a driver ?13:23
lagWell ...13:23
ograso why the heck would we need /etc/modules if that info is already in the kernel ?13:24
lag__init boardX() will register the driver13:24
lag__init boardY() will not13:24
ograso it can autoload the module13:24
lagForget /etc/modules13:24
ograno need for /etc/modules :)13:24
ograthats what we want then13:24
lagBut we do need the correct udev rules13:24
ograright, thats another thing13:24
ograbut thats trivial13:25
ograsee what i'm working on above with berco13:25
* lag looks13:25
ograwe'll take care for that, you just make sure the driver is loaded and the uevent is exposed13:25
ograuserspace is my part :)13:25
ograberco, so can you try moving the file to 60- isntead of 90- so it gets run before /lib/udev/rules.d/70-acl.rules ?13:26
ograberco, if that doesnt work i have one other idea13:27
ogralag, ha !13:55
ogralag, found the XM issue13:55
lagGo on?13:56
ograit's u-boots fault13:56
lagOkay ...13:56
ograi guess i need to update to a newer version13:56
lagBut wasn't that on the card?13:56
lagAnd is the same version as I am using?13:56
ograreplacing our u-boot with http://rcn-ee.net/deb/tools/UBOOT/u-boot-beagleboard-2010.03+r52+gitrca6e1c136ddb720c3bb2cc043b99f7f06bc46c55-r52.bin makes it all work for me13:56
* lag pats ogra on the back13:57
rcn-ee(and that's from angstrom... ;) source wise.. )13:57
ogralag, same USB issue13:58
ogralag, i guess that will need kernel work13:58
ograrcn-ee, well, we're using 2010.03-rc1, you seem to use a non rc version13:58
lagNo, must be userspace ;)13:58
ograi guess its a simple matter of upgrading the source13:58
ogralag, :P13:59
lagogra: Can you file it as a bug13:59
rcn-eestrange.. the old rc1 seemed to work fine on my proto xm..13:59
lagI'm working on something else at the moment13:59
ograrcn-ee, i would expect that too here14:00
ograbut apparently it doesnt14:00
lagogra: I think it is an initrd issue14:00
lagAs this problem does not occur with my kernel cmdline14:00
ogralag, i pretty much doubt that14:00
ogralag, i think its a broken module ... without initrd you wont load any usb modules14:01
ograthast why your cmdline works14:01
lagThat makes sense14:01
lagAgain, can you report it please?14:02
ograi will14:02
ograrcn-ee, do you have a link to the git tree you used for u-boot ? i'd like to compare with the gitorious tree i use14:03
ograberco, did moving the file fix it ?14:07
rcn-eeogra, yeah, this tree usually has the community patches.. http://www.sakoman.com/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=u-boot.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/omap3-v2010.314:19
rcn-eeplus what was here on that day: http://cgit.openembedded.org/cgit.cgi/openembedded/tree/recipes/u-boot/u-boot_git.bb  (the u-boot i build are straight from the angstrom build system)14:20
ograrcn-ee, hmm, there are only two patches on top of what i use14:28
ograthe overo one and koens14:28
plarsasac: still having problems getting the image creation to work, sorry :(14:37
ograplars, do you still have an XM ?14:38
* ogra is looking for another tester14:38
plarsogra: nope, I had to send that one back a long time ago :(14:38
plarsbut I heard that it was supposed to work now14:38
ograwell, partially14:39
ograseems we have some u-boot issues that dont show up on every board and some usb issues14:39
asacplars: kk14:41
asacnp ... headless is the world for now then ;)14:41
* ogra wishes he had headless images :/14:41
ogranetbook is a pain14:41
ograon the C4 at least14:42
Hanmacthe problem of arm-netbooks is that most of them has not enough resolution to run the program i need ... the netbook has 1024*600 i need 1024*76814:43
plarsHanmac: that goes for atom netbooks as well I'm afraid14:44
Hanmacwith wine i can emulate a higher resolution ... but wine does not work on arm?14:46
cwilluHanmac, wine doesn't include an x86 emulator15:03
cwilluit would be possible to have windows arm binaries, (compiled against winelib for instance), but... there'd be no place to run them15:03
Hanmacso i need qemu or something?15:03
cwilluwait, why do you need 1024x768, such that simply emulating it would suffice?15:04
cwillusounds like a misunderstanding of the technology15:05
Hanmacdo you know the RPGMakerVX?15:08
cwilluno, nor do I care to :p15:08
cwilluthe correct answer is "I have a particular program that requires it" :p15:08
cwilluhow exactly does wine handle it though?15:09
cwilludoes it just give you a window that you can scroll?15:09
Hanmacyes, wine can make a virtual desktop with an higher resolution then your real desktop15:10
cwilluokay, but you can make windows larger than your screen too :p15:10
cwillu(alt-drag anywhere in the window allows you to move it, including off any edge)15:11
Hanmacit is a windows application and  it needs 1024x768 resolution or higher to run, on a system with 1024x600 it does not run15:11
cwilluso it's a broken program15:12
cwilluwas under the impression anyway that wine was a workaround for the resolution thing rather than the only way you could run the program anyway15:12
cwilluin the arm case, qemu + wine would be your only option, and it's not gonna be quick15:13
cwilluyou'd probably have more luck running it via remote x or vnc or some such :)15:13
* cwillu googles rpgmakervx against his better judgement15:14
cwilluwow, they used a forum to build their whole site :)15:16
cwilluHanmac, I think your best bet would be to petition the developers to have the resolution check pop up a warning screen rather than blocking the application from loading15:17
cwilluthat's what most sensible apps do15:17
cwilluI think there's also a compiz plugin that lets you scale down a single window15:18
cwilluhmm.  That was the shelf plugin, but it appears they removed the feature allowing you to still interact with the scaled window;  it was a bit glitchy, but it's sad to see them simply remove it instead of fixing it15:20
Hanmaci does not think that the VX is still developmend ... but i thy the idea with qemu and wine15:20
cwilluthen you deserve your pain and suffering for using a closed source app :p15:22
Hanmacyes i doomed :P thats a reason why some of my friends thy to make a own maker for linux and also for arm15:23
bercoogra: sorry lots of meetings today. Not much concrete stuff :( I just tested with a 60-omap4.rules instead of 90- and explicitly wrote all the syslink entries instead of using *. Still not working.15:26
bercoIs the ENV{ACL_MANAGE}="1" supposed to have the same effect as my original GROUP="video", MODE="0660" in the rules file?15:27
ograberco, it routes device access thoguht policykit15:30
ograberco, i'm in a call atm, let me give a rules file after that15:30
bercoogra: no pb. same here. talk to you later15:31
lagberco: How much do you know about syslink?15:31
ogralag, he implements the userspace :)15:31
lagberco: Can you have someone contact me with regards to kernel related syslink things please?15:32
ogralag, thats what we'Re working on above15:32
lagogra: Yeah, I know, but I need to ask some questions before I can implement the kernel related bumph15:33
lagberco: ack?15:34
ograberco, so my call is over, can you try something like: http://paste.ubuntu.com/457858/ in your rule ?15:44
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hrwhi prpplague16:31
prpplaguehrw: greetings16:32
bercoogra: trying... just got back16:38
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