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kwwiithorwil: I though about making an open project to find and package fonts14:11
kwwiithorwil: sound like a good idea?14:11
kwwiiit is something that anyone could help with14:11
thorwilkwwii: perhaps. a few quality fonts beat thousands of crappy ones, so quality control would be an issue14:13
thorwilkwwii: you could start with a how-to-package-fonts and a Wanted list and see if that works. i would avoid encouraging/accepting to have every font out there with acceptable license packaged14:18
thorwiloh, and installing fonts is easy enough that using packages *almost* feels odd14:19
* thorwil -> coffee14:19
kwwiithorwil: true, on both counts14:28
kwwiithorwil: if we have a list and a collection we can show examples and let people vote on the best, etc14:28
kwwiioffering an easy way to get them14:28
kwwiipackaging would be for groups of fonts14:29
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