zkriessehey Phrea00:11
Phreasorry, I had to try something :)00:12
Phrea'lo zkriesse00:12
Math932903zkriesse: I found a way to have the volume icon and clicked on "sound preferences" from there but it gives me the same dialog as before00:17
zkriesseMath932903: hmm00:17
zkriesseMath932903: ok post your question in here again....i've got many projects so i'm in and out intermittently00:17
Math932903zkriesse: basically, I have a sound issue with flash videos00:18
Math932903sound works fine with everything else, so I looked about and there are tons of different ways people have fixed the issue00:18
Math932903I tried many but to no avail00:19
Math932903I found this one http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=973637 and it seemed too good to be true so I wanted to try it out but I can't find the stuff that guy talks about00:20
Math932903I have the latest flash plugin, but it may bind to the wrong sound interface00:22
Math932903zkriesse: nevermind, I'm just tired of this issue. it's been there for months, I spent countless hours trying to fix this problem, I guess I'll just reboot in winxp and forget about playing flash videos under ubuntu00:30
zkriesseMath932903: stick around00:31
zkriessei'm sure there's someone who can00:31
Math932903I tried so many things00:32
zkriesseMath932903: ok well just wait.00:32
zkriessei'm sure we can get it working00:32
zkriessepatience is key00:32
Math932903zkriesse: alright00:32
Math932903zkriesse: thanks for your time, my patience is out00:44
Math932903in another life maybe!00:44
win_2_linuxwhat is the difference between ubuntu software center and the synaptic package manager01:41
pedro3005synpatic is more detailed and advanced, I suppose01:42
pedro3005the software center is simple and easier to use01:42
ibuclawsoftware centre makes it possible to break your system without adequate prevention. >:)01:51
yvan300can anyone help me out?01:58
yvan300anyone know how to install wifi drivers without using the hardware driver interface?02:00
win_2_linuxthanks for the definition between software center and synaptic02:35
win_2_linuxcan you really damage your computer using software center02:36
stlsaintwin_2_linux: improperly maybe yes02:36
win_2_linuxoh i'll use synaptic then02:37
stlsaintwin_2_linux: even synaptic can be damaging02:37
stlsaintif used improperly :D02:37
win_2_linuxthen whats the safest apt-get aptitude?02:39
stlsaintnothing is safe if used improperly =D02:39
yvan300can you guys helpe me with my wireless problem?02:39
pedro3005win_2_linux, just be sensible and nothing will happen02:40
stlsaintpedro3005: hehe02:40
pedro3005any damage caused with apt-get is likely to be an easy fix02:40
stlsaintmeh, may have a few broken dependencies or packages...nothing serious02:41
pedro3005yvan300, which wifi driver?02:41
yvan300pedro3005 well, i'm not really sure, usually i would just use the hardware driver interface for ubuntu, but since i don't have internet atm, i want to know if i could download the driver froma another pc and install it manually offline.02:44
pedro3005yvan300, well, I believe Hardware Drivers also detects which driver you need, so to install manually the first step would be figuring out that02:45
ibuclawstlsaint, idk ... I managed to cause a wee bit of breakage with software center rather easily. ;)02:46
yvan300ok, atm i have windows on my laptop...... so therotically, if i knew what the driver was, what then?02:46
ibuclawremoving one of the gnome card games, for instance, broke the package manager because every other gnome game depended on it. But it was still removed anyway without any error checking.02:47
pedro3005yvan300, find it here http://packages.ubuntu.com/02:47
stlsaintibuclaw: lol...tsk tsk....see if used improperly! :D02:47
stlsaintibuclaw: tbh honest i have barely used software center for anything02:48
ibuclawI probably say this for every application that just so happens to be programmed in python, but...02:49
ibuclawsoftware center is slow for it's task.02:50
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ibuclawI have even said this for command-not-found too...02:52
stlsainti got that message via skype out of nowhere!!!02:54
stlsaintduanedesign: ^^02:54
stlsaintibuclaw: ^^^02:54
stlsaintpedro3005: ^^02:54
stlsaintpedro3005: you see the screenshot?02:55
stlsaintYea i dont even have not one windows install on my system02:55
stlsainti even removed the recovery partition of my harddrive to give space to ubuntu!!!!02:56
ibuclawstlsaint, it's the multiverse ... what did you expect?02:57
ibuclaw*and* - you are using non-free software02:57
stlsaintibuclaw: thats the key02:58
stlsainti never used it before until a close friend just deployed overseas so i got skype! i just installed it yesterday and i regret it already!02:58
stlsaintthese scare tactics are just pathetic...i mean cmon, they could at least implement some way to scan the system and get a os fingerprint as in nmap!!! or something!!02:59
stlsaintwell im out folks...night02:59
yvan300pedro3005 ok , so this is the driver i need to download http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/broadcom-sta-common03:05
yvan300just wondering if the recommends are important03:05
pedro3005yvan300, what recommends?03:07
yvan300on, the site, they give you a link to the driver, and also have 2 other packages that they recommend, one is the source and the other is a tool for easier creation of module packages03:09
pedro3005yvan300, no need to get them03:09
yvan300ah cool, thanks pedro300503:10
nUboon2Ageyvan300: if that tool was fwcutter you'll probably need the recommends.03:19
yvan300nUboon2Age the driver provided with fwcutter, is a bit buggy, i get a lot of dropped connections03:20
nUboon2Ageyvan300: never mind i looked at it and its something else..03:20
nUboon2Ageyvan300: ah, i got you..03:21
yvan300but anyways everyone, i'm off to install ubuntu, see ya all in 15 minutes03:21
nUboon2Ageyvan300: btw, what adapter is it?03:21
yvan300well, don't know off hand, broadcom somthing.......03:21
nUboon2Ageyvan300: sorry, i see your off... hope to hear good things soon...03:22
AnaraiHi; I just wanted to know how do I deactivate a video driver if this video driver doesn't work well on my pc.  Last time I try to activate an NVIDIA driver, X failed to start03:22
AnaraiHow to unactivate nvidia drivers?03:30
nUboon2Age!nvidia | Anarai  -- this may give some help (I don't have an nVidia card so i don't have experience that could help you)03:30
ubot2Anarai  -- this may give some help (I don't have an nVidia card so i don't have experience that could help you): For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:30
Anaraii'll check03:32
nUboon2AgeAnarai: did you check the forums?  I've seen a lot of discussion there about nVidia drivers.  Also i know there nVidia has a linux support forum web site.03:32
nUboon2Ageso ubuntuforums.org and lets see if i can find the nvidia one...03:32
AnaraiI tried to activate the drivers that "hardware drivers" recomends03:33
nUboon2Agenvnews.net    -- and maybe someone else here knows more...03:33
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nUboon2Agei see there's also #nvidia irc chat...03:35
nUboon2AgeAnarai: so what happens when you try to activate the drivers?03:35
Anaraiafter I reboot X wont start and get me to the prompt03:36
nUboon2AgeAnarai: so you end up at the shell prompt?03:36
nUboon2AgeAnarai: i'm not sure what your course of action should be, but i should point out that if you get stuck like that you may be able to get many things fixed by booting from a liveCD.03:38
nUboon2AgeAnarai: probably even before that point, you'll be able to just log in and change a configuration file to get you back to where you can boot into the gdm again...03:39
nUboon2AgeAnarai: but i don't know which are the relevant configuration files...03:39
AnaraiIḿ running ubuntu studio.  can I use the regular ubuntu live cd to correct the problem?03:40
nUboon2AgeAnarai: the page i mentioned above gives some instructions on the Xorg.conf file.03:42
AnaraiYes; i was reading it...03:43
nUboon2AgeAnarai: yes, the regular ubuntu disk would work.  I think you may be able to just log in and go to edit the Xorg.conf file to comment out the driver you just installed and then reboot and go from there (just a quick guess, not for sure)...03:44
AnaraiI think I tried that... unsuccessfully...03:45
nUboon2Agegeirha: duanedesign: kermiac: nhandler: are any of you familiar with Xorg.conf and nVidia drivers?  Anarai has questions...03:46
nUboon2Ageholstein:  collinp  ^^^03:46
Anaraithanx for the help. I will try a few things... b back later...03:53
kermiachey nUboon2Age, what's up mate?04:14
nUboon2Agekermiac: well you might have seen my post that my system is working again thanks to you all in the Beginners team (ddecator being especially noteworthy)04:39
nUboon2Agekermiac: i ended up going without the i915.modeset=0 setting and just having it say splash.04:40
nUboon2Agekermiac:  i want to try something... i'm trying to publish a file via Ubuntu One, could you try to get it at http://ubuntuone.com/p/8Ro/04:41
kermiacglad to hear you got it working nUboon2Age :)04:42
kermiacok, looking now04:42
kermiacnUboon2Age: I got BeginUbuntu.rtf - the file opened ok. what about it?04:43
nUboon2Agehmmm... i just tried opening it and somehow the formatting got messed up..  but the first thing was just to see if others could get and open it...04:43
kermiacnUboon2Age: yeah, the formatting doesn't look right - but it opened in office 2007 (via crossover) on my work pc so I thought it the formatting issue may have been caused by ms office & crossover04:45
kermiacnUboon2Age: the formatting looked a bit better using open office :)04:47
nUboon2Agekermiac: in open office on my machine (which is where/how it got created(!)) the line about * select 'Try Ubuntu...' is in 40 point instead of the 12 point its supposed to be in.  Is that the same for you?04:49
nUboon2AgeI keep saving a new version w/o that and hopefully it will sync up soon and the problem will be solved...04:51
nUboon2Agekermiac: i discovered the hard way that OpenOffice seems to have a bug (at least saving in rtf) where the point size can get messed up...04:51
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kermiacnUboon2Age: in ms office the "Try Ubuntu" line is in 12point, in openoffice it is 40 point - very strange04:55
ddecatornUboon2Age: you are pro at finding random bugs that don't seem to affect many people..04:55
win_2_linuxnuboon2age so you got your other problem repaired?04:56
* kermiac waves at ddecator04:56
kermiachey there Dray :)04:56
* ddecator waves at kermiac 04:56
ddecatorhey Mitch :)04:56
kermiacnUboon2Age: that rtf in m$ office - http://imgbin.org/images/1976.png   The same rtf in openoffice - http://imgbin.org/images/1977.png05:03
kermiacneither seems right05:03
* kermiac is getting called away, BBS05:04
nUboon2Ageddecator: ha, that's funny.  :) just got your message...05:22
nUboon2Agewin_2_linux: yes, i got it working and posted about it... at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=151931205:28
nUboon2Agewin_2_linux: what is your blog url again?05:28
nUboon2Agewin_2_linux: pretty cool, i'll show it to my gf who's on the verge.05:30
win_2_linuxi just started it the other day, three postings on my impressions but it has pictures LOL05:32
nUboon2Agekermiac: wow, that's different even than what I'm getting.05:32
nUboon2Agewin_2_linux: i like nixie pixel's stuff too. :)05:32
nUboon2Ageddecator: i give you extra credit for sticking w/ me so late/early the other night.  i hope my/your experience w/ this will come in handy for others in future...05:35
ddecatornUboon2Age: oh i'm sure it will :)05:35
kermiacnUboon2Age: any reason you're using rtf instead of odt? also, what version of open office are you using?05:36
kermiacnUboon2Age: I'm using open office 3.2 (lucid standard version) & I can save the 'Try Ubuntu' line in 12point05:36
win_2_linuxyea of all the vids i've watched on linux she's the one who explained it plainly as if she was having a conversation with you05:37
win_2_linuxnUboon yours will when I get to the chapter of UBUNTU IRC CHANNEL HELPS DESPERATE FRUSTRATED UBUNTU USER SOLVE HIS PROBLEM lol05:38
nUboon2Agekermiac: i think i'm going to move to a different computer/nick... hang on...05:38
nUboon2Agewin_2_linux: oh yeah!05:38
win_2_linuxtitle pending of course05:38
win_2_linuxthats just a rough draft lol05:38
win_2_linuxas I learn and discover things it'll go on my blog05:39
win_2_linuxso tell me, Uboon where r you from what city, town, country05:41
win_2_linuxNY here05:41
win_2_linuxand what do you like about linux and why'd you make the switch?05:41
newboon2age_kermiac: i want to be able to share it w/ Windoze users who haven't started using OpenOffice yet so i figure .rtf is less objectionable than .doc  .05:43
win_2_linuxactually .doc would be better since a lot of windows user do have word05:44
win_2_linuxor word viewr05:44
win_2_linuxviewer and openoffice does have a windows version05:44
win_2_linuxwordperfect used to have a linux version but they have discontinued it for some reason05:44
kermiacnewboon2age_: fair enough. but also, as win_2_linux says - .doc is a widely accepted format too. I was just curious :)05:45
kermiacnewboon2age_: what version of openoffice are you creating that rtf in?05:45
newboon2age_kermiac: i actually created it on the same version of OO that you're looking at it on.  Even on the same machine i had different results from when i first saved it to closing OO, double clicking the file and looking at it again.  although, after i fixed it that time that took care of most of the errors.  Also OO seemed to save to .doc okay.05:46
newboon2age_kermiac: that's the one from Lucid...05:46
kermiacnewboon2age_: ok, that's strange. I don't really work with .rtf's so I haven't noticed that issue before. I usually save in either .odt or .doc05:47
newboon2age_kermiac: win_2_linux: the way i see it, using .doc keeps people stuck in the m$ world.05:50
win_2_linuxyes but if they're in the windows world already why not make it easier on them and just give them .doc since they probably use word anyway :)05:51
* win_2_linux doesn't think anyone uses rtf anymore that was sooo win3.11 or so05:52
newboon2age_kermiac: win_2_linux: ooo i just tried to retrieve the file again from another computer (Kubuntu) and it said 'receiving corrupt data' .  I'm guessing its UbuntuOne syncing, but that's a bummer.05:53
kermiacnewboon2age_: I see your point, but I'm not really sure that I agree... .doc is fairly widely accepted & is easily opened in openoffice05:53
newboon2age_win_2_linux: but its totally open.  I don't think there's another widely available open file format like it.05:54
win_2_linuxnow may I suggesst instead of using Ubuntu one--very expensive for 50 gig--you may wont to use safecopybackup which gives you 3 gig for free and 200 gig for $50 for the year05:55
newboon2age_kermiac: m$ continues to break .doc each time they rev it to keep everyone feeding at the m$ trough.05:55
win_2_linuxok may I suggest .txt then  thats universal or even .html05:56
kermiacnewboon2age_: than why not use .odt?05:56
newboon2age_win_2_linux: i'll check it out.  I'm not stuck on UbuntuOne, but i'm trying to use all the Ubuntu Lucid features so i can help others with them.  The old 'eat your own dogfood' thing...05:56
kermiacnewboon2age_: I just re-deownloaded the .rtf - the formatting looks better now05:56
newboon2age_kermiac: gf has Word.  Doesn't open .odt that i know of.05:57
win_2_linuxi understand, but safecopybackup doesn't just cater to ms05:57
win_2_linuxor windows its for everyone05:57
newboon2age_win_2_linux: that's cool.05:57
win_2_linuxyeah I've been meaning to question why manufacturers don't throw in linux with their windows and mac things05:57
kermiacnewboon2age_: there's an odt plugin for ms office - http://www.windowsreference.com/ms-office/how-to-open-odt-files-in-microsoft-word-20072003/05:58
win_2_linuxsince mac uses the unix kernel anyway05:58
newboon2age_kermiac: you're able to get it before i can.  It could be a Konqueror error i suppose...05:58
win_2_linuxso newboon2age what is your gfs beef with linux or Ubuntu05:59
newboon2age_kermiac: that's great to know.  That will help my gf for sure.  Thanks!!!05:59
kermiacnewboon2age_: possibly, I know IE is having issues with U1 public urls, I don't know about Konqueror05:59
* win_2_linux finds openoffice is just as easy to use and does about everything he used word for 05:59
kermiacnewboon2age_: np, that plugin helped people at work during our transition to linux05:59
win_2_linuxie crashes alot06:00
newboon2age_kermiac: wow, you're whole office migrated??? Let's hear more about that.  Inspiring!06:00
kermiacnewboon2age_: actually, all of the offices australia wide are now running a customised Ubuntu SOE now :)06:01
kermiacwe just recently finished upgrading everyone to our new 10.04 image06:02
win_2_linuxso MS lost its Australian market06:02
win_2_linuxwhat happened?06:02
win_2_linuxso here's a questtion I should pose in all the linux channels06:02
win_2_linuxif Ms suddenly gave windows for free, and said we could put it on as many machines we liked at home...would you ditch linux for windows06:03
newboon2age_kermiac: which company is that? or are you talking all companies in Au?06:04
kermiacwin_2_linux: not yet, there are still plenty of other companies in Australia running windows. But the company I work for are all linux based now. It was relatively easy to convince management though. They were faced with the prospect of changing to linux or paying for for all new licenses as they were still using win 200006:07
kermiacnewboon2age_: it's one company - i wont spam the name of it here, I can PM you a link to the company website if you waqnt though06:08
newboon2age_kermiac: yes please...06:08
kermiacwin_2_linux: absolutely not! the monetary cost is not the only reason why i do not use windows - I like to be able to modify whatever i want in my OS06:09
newboon2age_kermiac: opened a query w/ you06:09
win_2_linuxi think thats what ms is afraid of, that someone would be able to take their os, and make so much better, no crashes, build it totally different instead of the nerds there, and they can't handle that06:10
win_2_linuxin fact from what I read-could just be rumor or fantasy-that ms is threatened by Linux06:11
win_2_linuxand ibm is threatened by open source06:11
newboon2age_win_2_linux: in a sec i'll come back and answer your question...06:17
newboon2age_kermiac: which distro did your company use?06:17
kermiacwe are now running Ubuntu 10.04... we've been running Ubuntu on almost all our internal desktops & laptops internally since 9.0406:18
newboon2age_kermiac: heck if your company has a PR person they could write an article about it and we could push it.06:20
newboon2age_kermiac: not having to run windoze at work... that is so fantastic.  I can't tell you how great that would be.06:21
win_2_linuxevery windows machine on any company I worked for had to be rebooted two three times aday if used during busy times...not very productive and annoying06:34
newboon2age_win_2_linux: please see pm06:38
newboon2age_win_2_linux: did you see my query?06:41
kermiacok, time to leave work & head home... BBL06:50
newboon2age_kermiac: i emailed you some text as a start for an article...  have fun with it.08:34
newboon2age_kermiac: gnite08:34
kermiacok, thanks newboon2age_ ttyl :)08:34
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pombredahwody : on 8.04 server lts : sudo fsck.ext3  /dev/sdb1   e2fsck 1.40.8 (13-Mar-2008) e2fsck: Superblock invalid, trying backup blocks... e2fsck: Bad magic number in super-block while trying to open /dev/sdb1 ...11:37
pombredawhat can I do to get that fs back in shape?11:37
pombredathe server was rebootedd after the raid card crashed11:38
pombredathis is an 8TB ext3 filesystem11:39
Silver_Fox_pombreda, Hello11:39
Silver_Fox_I would try the options presented by bumanie here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=6116065&postcount=411:40
pombredaSilver_Fox_: I am a moron sdb1 is the swap :D11:43
pombredaor rather sounds like the sdxx numbers did change with the reboot11:44
pombredait used to be  /dev/sdb1 and is now /dev/sdd1 :/11:46
pombredahow can this happen?11:46
Silver_Fox_I'm not sure to be honest.11:47
* Silver_Fox_ is researching11:48
pombredaSilver_Fox_: my df, fdisk and fstab output: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/wRgapL1uSzoBqDdcjn0g/11:50
Silver_Fox_pombreda,  Query - have you also started a thread on ubuntu forums yet?  If not I would advise you to so.11:52
Silver_Fox_ *to do so11:52
pombredaSilver_Fox_: thx11:54
pombredawill do11:54
lukjadSilver_Fox_ !12:02
lukjadSilver_Fox_ How are you? :D12:02
Silver_Fox_I've been better, but that is not important.  How are you lukjad  ?12:04
lukjadSilver_Fox_ Going to the dentist :(12:05
lukjadOther than that...12:05
Silver_Fox_Welcome back pombreda .12:16
Silver_Fox_Other than that how are you lukjad  ?12:16
lukjadSilver_Fox_ Good, good12:16
lukjadHeading out the door12:16
pombredaSilver_Fox_: got it all figured out. Not sure why the /dev/device number changed, but I updated my fstab to use the more stable UUID :P12:17
pombredaSilver_Fox_: fsck.exxt3 got the fs fixed allright :P12:17
Silver_Fox_Good pombreda12:17
Silver_Fox_I have no idea why the device number changed12:18
Silver_Fox_Really odd12:18
Silver_Fox_See you lukjad12:18
pombredaSilver_Fox_: neither do i, but UUID should be safe. I got my 8 missing terabytes back12:18
Silver_Fox_Oh my word,  8TB...12:20
duanedesignhello Silver_Fox_13:19
Silver_Fox_Hello duanedesign13:43
Silver_Fox_How are the fingers? :)13:43
philinuxWhat up with forums today?13:58
Silver_Fox_Spring cleaning13:59
Silver_Fox_And a tornado :)14:00
philinuxSomething up, nor new posts. I can't post a new thread but can edit old ones.14:02
Silver_Fox_Indeed,  I expect the issue is known and the right people told about it philinux .14:06
Silver_Fox_I would like to think that it is being looked into14:06
philinuxI'm on the staff but not an admin.14:07
philinuxI was hoping and admin was in here.14:07
Silver_Fox_No,  no admin is here at the moment,   the only one who visits is bodhi and he is not always around.14:07
Silver_Fox_jdong is usually in #ubuntuforums philinux ,  though I imagine he would also be in the ubuntu forums staff channel also14:09
philinuxI'm in the staff channel too, first place I went but no admins on :O14:10
Silver_Fox_I've just checked philinux, jdong is in #ubuntuforums channel14:11
philinuxCheers just joined14:12
Silver_Fox_No worries philinux .14:14
sjshaw361I just tried Ubuntu 10.04 using a boot disc and using the trial option14:32
sjshaw361I choose the boot menu and then from CD14:32
sjshaw361Ubuntu loaded fine14:32
sjshaw361When I was done I closed out14:32
sjshaw361It shut down and then I got the following error repeating on my screen "[ 578.9719203] end_request: i/o error, dev sr0, sector 503872"14:33
sjshaw361Now, my XP won't load14:33
sjshaw361... HELP14:33
sjshaw361Putting it all in one message... I just tried Ubuntu 10.04 using a boot disc and using the trial option. I choose the boot menu and then from CD. Ubuntu loaded fine. When I was done I closed out. It shut down and then I got the following error repeating on my screen "[ 578.9719203] end_request: i/o error, dev sr0, sector 503872". Now, my XP won't load.  My computer starts, I get the Windows XP screen, but nothing happens.  It doesn't even sound a14:41
philinuxsjshaw, Try a complete pc shutdown leave it 10 seconds and then do a cold restart14:46
sjshaw361philinux, I did that.  it sat over night shut down and then I tried it this morning... nothing14:48
philinuxVery odd those sr0 error messages spam my screen when i shut down from the livecd but dont cause a problem. Try the live cd again and see if you can see the data on your hard drive14:49
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sjshaw361philinux, I can get into Safe Mode, and ran chkdsk, but I still can't get into XP normally.15:02
philinuxSounds like xp didn't shut down properly then.15:05
sjshaw361How can I fix that then?15:11
philinuxDid chkdsk run ok, no errors?15:15
apparatusHey. So I'm in front of a rather stupid problem right now. I want to install Warcraft 3 on my 10.04 system but since the installer on the disc isn't an executable I can't open it. So I'd like to make it executable by chmod +x but I don't know how to access the drive as writing 'cd /media/Warcraft III' (or /dev/sr0) in the terminal didn't quite work out.15:55
zkriesseapparatus: wine15:57
philinuxThere is the mega thread, the forums are down for posting but accessible, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=57937815:57
apparatusYea, I got wine, however the installer for warcraft is not accessible as it is not markes as an executable so I gotta make it an executable.15:58
apparatusI'll try to copy the contents of the drive and see if that works out.15:59
hobgoblinwelcome ikonia19:06
zkriessehey hobgoblin19:10
zkriesseand welcome ikonia19:10
hobgoblinevening zkriesse - surprised there's not more going on in here tonight with the forum down19:11
philinuxBeer o'clock for me soon19:11
hobgoblinstill lurking then philinux19:11
philinuxNo moderating to do  :O19:12
philinuxThis xchat is marvellous19:12
hobgoblinwoohoo :) it has been a peaceful few hours19:12
hobgoblinI prefer ti to the terminal type clients - though I do use weechat from time to time if I'm stuck19:12
philinuxGot it setup nicely, even got sound alerts19:13
hobgoblinphilinux: is that xchat or the gnome-xchat19:13
hobgoblinI SOON turned those off :)19:14
philinuxxchat, they not on by default19:14
hobgoblinand I have the notifications set up nicely19:14
philinuxYes nice19:14
philinuxAuto login and channel open, ;)19:14
philinuxNo smileys I see19:15
hobgoblinphilinux: no - no bubble - no indicator or notification things in panel - next to nothing in panel - awn19:15
hobgoblinawn flashes with channel message - I only get notified of my nicks or other words I have in the filter19:15
hobgoblinhi pabstsmear19:16
philinuxIs it possible to enable smileys19:16
hobgoblinwhat the picture things?19:16
philinux;) yeah19:16
hobgoblinnot that I know of19:16
philinuxAh ok19:17
hobgoblinthey'd drive me nuts lol19:17
philinuxHow do I enable graphical smilies (emoticons)?19:18
philinuxThis feature is only available in the official Windows XChat release.19:18
hobgoblinaah the kiddie version :D19:18
philinuxAh Beer o'clock, must dash for bus bye19:18
hobgoblincya - have one for me19:18
zkriessehobgoblin: same here19:23
hobgoblin:) I suspect #ubuntu is busy - often we get referrals - no idea what it's been like during the last few hours19:24
pabstsmeardoes anybody here have experience configuring conky?19:26
zkriessehobgoblin: 1,458 people in #ubuntu right now19:28
zkriessepabstsmear: well i don't but i can try anyway19:28
pabstsmearI read a few threads over on the ubuntu forums.  My setup works fine for a little while and then it stops.  Its not that big of a deal, but it is kind of an annoyance.19:28
pabstsmearI have a very similar configuration to the one in the how to get a beautiful conky thread.19:29
hobgoblinpabstsmear: what dies it do when it stops? maybe try running it from a terminal - might yield a clue19:29
hobgoblinpabstsmear: which setup - there are hundreds in that thread I think :) if no-one pipes up I would suggest a thread on the forum once it is back up19:30
pabstsmearit appears to freeze up for a moment and then quits, but if I run top it still shows the pid19:30
pabstsmearthe one the person who started the thread gave as an example...  I used his as a template and only made a few changes.19:30
hobgoblinpabstsmear: try running it from a terminal and leaving it in there - not sure whether you;d get any useful info from that - but I suspect you would19:31
pabstsmearI did start it from the terminal once, it was spitting out something, I don't recall, hopefully it will be the same this time.19:32
hobgoblinif it runs for a long time - there could posssibly be a lot of text, if you paste it here - paste.ubuntu.com - if you use the forum code tags please19:33
pabstsmearokay, it says Not all processes could be identified, non-owned process info19:33
pabstsmear will not be shown, you would have to be root to see it all.  should I sudo conky?19:33
pabstsmearit seems basically to be repeating that, I'll post anythng else to the link you gave.19:35
hobgoblinor maybe yes - paste the info to paste.ubuntu.com, put a name, enter - then you''ll get a url19:35
hobgoblinnot sure I will be able to help - but I can certainly have a look19:35
pabstsmearnone-the-less I appreciate it.19:36
hobgoblinI know - otherwise I would say nothing lol19:37
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tdnI have just installed the available updates today. Including new kernel packages. This broke the video driver. What gives? Are others experiencing this too? How do I fix it?21:26
hobgoblinI know at least one person who had that issue - what driver21:26
hobgoblintdn - I am expecting the same issue later when I reboot with my nvidia21:27
iceflatlineI have Nvidia, did the updates come out today?21:27
iceflatlineIf they were the ones out yesteday, all is well with my nvidia card.21:28
hobgobliniceflatline: I know someone who lost nvidia after the kernel update21:28
hobgoblinthey had to mv xorg.conf out and reboot with nouveau - nto seen them sicne to see if a reinstall of nvidia fixed it21:29
iceflatlinehobgoblin: k, hopefully this is isolated then.21:29
hobgoblintdn not sure then - I know they reverted to nouveau - do you have a xorg?  ls /etc/X11/xorg.conf21:30
tdnWhy does this happen?21:30
tdnls: cannot access /etc/X11/xorg.conf: No such file or directory21:30
tdnls: cannot access /etc/X11/xorg.conf: No such file or directory21:30
tdnOups. Sorry for the dup.21:31
hobgoblinso nouveau is not giving you graphics?21:31
tdnhobgoblin, I just rebooted and selected the 2.6.32-22-generic kernel instead. There it works fine as before.21:31
iceflatlinehobgoblin: Yes. However I'm in windows right now so can't investigate further at the moment21:32
tdnhobgoblin, lsmod says that nouveau is in use. When I boot to the new kernel, it says nouveau is not in use.21:32
hobgoblink - not sure what has gone on with it - but i would suspect -24 will be along21:32
tdnhobgoblin, when? Today?21:32
hobgoblintdn: I have no idea21:33
tdnIs there a way to fix it? I mean, it works in 2.6.32-22-generic. Is there a changelog explaining what has been updated?21:33
hobgoblintdn: I'm sorry - I have no idea at all - it's all voodoo to me - the kernels turn up and I either install them or wait if I;ve seen something on the forums21:42
iceflatlinetdn: you could reinstall the nvidia drivers to see if that fixes the problem or drop back the previous kernel until you've had a chance to investigate the new changes21:44
tdniceflatline, the nvidia drivers? I thought the point of nouveau was to not use nvidia?21:45
tdnI mean, I am on 2.6.32-22-generic right now, and afaik it uses nouveau and WORKS.21:45
iceflatlinetdn: gotcha. I misread then. I thought you were using nvidia drivers. Explains perhaps why I wasn't affected if it is a kernel issue.21:46
hobgobliniceflatline: I asked that of tdn but got no answer, then you started talking about nvidia :)21:47
iceflatlinehobgoblin: my deepest apologies. I'll butt out :)21:48
hobgoblinnah - we're fine - I got a bit confused as well lol21:49
hobgoblinbut I do use nvidia atm and will see when I reboot later21:49
iceflatlinehobgoblin: yeah, i'm really curious myself now.21:49
hobgoblinI'll be back here tomorrow I am sure :)21:50
iceflatlinewe'll compare notes then. still stuck on windows at work now :(21:51
hobgoblin:) no PCs where I work21:51
iceflatlineThat sounds like my kind of place :)21:52
hobgoblinheh - well I am off now - night21:52
xsaiddxhello guys i have a game that it tells me opengl 2 not available22:01
xsaiddxhow can i get it ?22:01
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zkriessehey Vantrax22:52
Vantraxhi zach22:52
Vantraxheya swoody23:01
* Vantrax loves swoody... hes cool:P23:01
Silver_Fox_Good to see love in here.23:01
swoodyheya Vantrax :)23:02
* Vantrax loves Silver_Fox_ too23:02
swoodyVantrax: what's all this lovin'? You on some drugs? :/23:02
Vantraxno... do you have some...23:02
Silver_Fox_Why is that Vantrax  ?23:02
* swoody emails Vantrax 5lbs of drugs 23:02
* Vantrax thinks he has enough to open a drugstore...23:03

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