czajkowskiwhoo made it home01:01
jonodoctormo, ping?01:01
nhandlerHow was it czajkowski ?01:01
czajkowskiwindy and raining heavily01:02
czajkowskibehind one large truck for about 4 miles in lashing rain01:02
czajkowskimost fliupping annoying01:02
nhandlerczajkowski: I meant the Ubuntu Hour ;)01:03
czajkowskioh right01:03
czajkowskithat was a good fun01:03
czajkowskitook pics01:03
czajkowskione of the lads brought his wife and kids along01:03
nhandlerczajkowski: Sounds fun. Have you uploaded the pics yet?01:03
czajkowskione of the guys luisbg is moving back to spain so wont see him again01:03
czajkowskiand the two masters students doing their thesis on Ubuntu came along01:04
czajkowskinhandler: nope01:04
nhandlerczajkowski: Weren't you doing something with those 2 students?01:04
czajkowskieducating them in ubuntu01:05
czajkowskiso one brought along a questionaire01:05
czajkowskithe other wanted to meet people01:05
czajkowskinhandler: jono seen  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ColombianTeam/TeamReApproval2010  what a wiki page01:07
jonoso awesome :)01:08
* czajkowski hugs jono nice work on getting the tag chat going 01:08
czajkowskithank you01:08
nhandlerczajkowski: Oh yeah, put Ubuntu Chicago to shame with that ;)01:08
doctormojono: pong01:09
czajkowskiright folks calling it a night01:10
czajkowskicatch you all tomorrow01:10
doctormonight czajkowski01:10
nhandlerNight czajkowski01:10
jonoczajkowski, :)01:10
jonodoctormo, hey, you have an M-Audio Fast Track Pro?01:10
jonoI saw https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio/+bug/56993201:11
doctormojono: I do01:11
ubot2Launchpad bug 569932 in pulseaudio (Ubuntu) "M-audio fast-track pro: Missing input device (affects: 3) (heat: 76)" [Low,In progress]01:11
jonodoctormo, how does it work in Lucid?01:11
jonospecifically the S/PDIF01:11
jonospecifically the S/PDIF in01:11
doctormojono: Needed a patch to get it working01:11
jono(I just bought one)01:11
doctormoin lucid01:11
jonodoes the S/PDIF work?01:11
doctormojono: I don't actually know if I can test that, do you mean S/PDIF into the Fast track and then out to computer via usb?01:12
doctormoI can't imagine it wouldn't work though so long as the patch is there: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/48319012/draft.patch01:13
doctormojono: Now you can riddle me this, what did you think of this: http://doctormo.deviantart.com/#/d2ssfnz01:14
jonodoctormo, I want to bring an S/PDIF input into the Fast Track via the S/PDIF in01:14
jonoI am getting my studio in better shape for my videocasts and the live severed fifth recording01:15
jonothat image is awesome doctormo01:15
jonodoctormo, is that patch merged into maverick or in a Lucid PPA?01:16
jonoor it is a config file patch01:16
jonoI sure hope the S/PDIF works01:17
jonothen I don't need windows01:17
doctormojono: Let me know if it works, although that patch was rejected by the upstream because it's a hack (technically speaking) it assumes you have a single audio device in the original configuration and assumes you may have a prior device in the patched version. What it should do of course is not have that configuration at all, the code should be made to detect the m-audio alsa device properly.02:58
jonodoctormo, so the patched version assumes the m-audio overrides the system sound card?03:02
doctormojono: No, it won't apply m-audio config if it's not an m-audio, it just expands the existing hack to check two slots.03:06
jonodoctormo, oh so it means you can use both the m-audio and the existing sound card?03:08
doctormojono: I have been able to, I output to my normal sound card when I do midi work and input work.03:12
jonodoctormo, right, can see see the S/PDIF In as an input?03:14
doctormojono: Are you having trouble seeing it?03:15
jonodoctormo, he card hasnt arrived yet03:22
jonoI am just getting my expectations set03:23
jonocan you see it?03:23
doctormojono: Mine isn't a card, it's a block connected via usb. M-Audio FastTrack Pro03:23
jonoI mean that03:24
jonoI meant sound card03:24
jonothe only thing I care about is that I can see the s/pdif in ustream03:24
doctormoWhat would it look like?03:24
doctormoImagine your talking with someone that treats audio like a mystic force and only knows how to do Jack because I wrote the steps down.03:26
jonodoctormo, it is an orange socket that says Digital In I think03:30
jonowhat inputs are listed in the sound preferences when it is plugged in?03:30
doctormojono: Yes it has that, it says S/PDIF > Out / In (there are two orange connectors)03:31
doctormojono: There is "FastTrack Pro Analog Stereo Channel A" input and "FastTrack Pro Analog Stereo Channel A" and "FastTrack Pro Analog Stereo Channel B" outputs.03:32
jonodoctormo, can you test which socket matches which input?03:33
jonoI reckon it is "FastTrack Pro Analog Stereo Channel A"03:34
doctormojono: I have no s/pdif output devices and no cables. Is there a way I can test it otherwise? Channel A works for the Microphone I plug into the Mic/Inst03:35
jonois Channel A or Channel A Analogue?03:35
doctormojono: http://imagebin.ca/view/J_yDiXN.html03:36
jonodoctormo, what options are in the Connector drop down03:37
jonowhen the fast track is selected03:37
doctormojono: It disappears when selecting the FastTrack.03:37
jonoI think you said there were other inputs?03:38
doctormoThose were outputs.03:38
jonoA, Analogue A, and B03:38
jonoso there is only one input working03:38
doctormoWell, that only appears with the patch, without it it's a rather amusing zero inputs.03:39
doctormoI have no idea if this is because of pulse audio or alsa, both are irrational with this device.03:39
nigelbmorning folks :)03:43
doctormojono: Will it be a waste or will you try and convince some of the devels to work on the problem?03:58
nigelbdoctormo: audio?04:00
nhandlerdoctormo: Not that many audio devs in the community, and I bet crimsun is pretty busy ;)04:00
nigelbluke should be aroud now04:00
doctormonhandler: Quick does anyone know any multi-millionaire audiophiles! We need an audio team stat.04:01
nigelbdoctormo: TheMuso in #ubuntu-desktop might be able to help you04:10
jonodoctormo, I will probably just report a bug and hope someone can work on it04:29
doctormojono: Noone you know who does this sort of thing?04:31
nigelbdoctormo: err, audio right? Luke aka TheMuso04:32
nigelbcrimsun has withdrawn from most development related stuff lately04:32
jonodoctormo, well, I don't know if it is an integration issue or a driver problem04:32
doctormonigelb: Surely the entire Ubuntu community must consist of more than one audio dev, either that or we need to get out our tranquilizers and go hunting in #alsa.04:33
doctormojono: I should be able to see more than one input on alsa if it's a config issue04:34
jonodoctormo, not neccessarily, the drive might now expose all inputs04:34
doctormoCertainly looks like it doesn't > pcmC1D0p  pcmC1D1c  pcmC1D1p is all I get.04:35
jonodoctormo, then it must be a driver issue05:20
nigelbdoctormo: sadly, audio is not some place we have lots of devs05:50
nigelbcrimsun was our pillar for so long :)05:50
dpmgood morning all06:11
nigelbmorning dpm :)06:11
dpmhey nigelb :)06:11
nigelbwhoa its early! I haven't even had my coffee and you're up for work already!06:11
nigelband my TZ is ahead of you06:12
dpmhow are you doing today, apart from not having had the coffe? :-)06:12
nigelbFrom the looks of it today is going to be a *loooong* day06:14
nigelbI'm struggling to understand a framework on whcih I'm supposed to write code in06:15
dpmI'm sure you like challenges... :)06:17
nigelbof course! I'm the one who convinced everyone that we should use this framework :)06:32
dholbachgood morning06:52
dpmmorning dholbach!06:57
dholbachhey dpm06:57
nigelbdholbach: good morning!07:02
dholbachhey nigelb07:02
dholbachhola ara07:56
aramorning dholbach07:56
* dholbach takes the dog to the vet07:57
nigelbhello czajkowski, AlanBell :)09:34
czajkowskinigelb: hi09:34
nigelbyou folks having a good day?09:34
czajkowskiso far so good09:35
* AlanBell says meh to month end stuff09:36
nigelbAlanBell: new month has been awesome with 2 new people joining our company and we moved 2 systems to ubuntu this week :)09:37
AlanBellthat is great09:38
nigelbwe'll eventually go all out for developers :)09:44
AlanBellI just want someone to take all the financial stuff away09:45
nigelbjcastro: did you do anythig about the results of "talk to lucas about submittodebian"?14:21
nigelbAlso, what is the outcome of exploring code review UI for patches?  (you've marked it as done)14:22
jcastronigelb: the submittodebian bits discussion happened on the mailing list instead (motu)14:25
jcastroand the bugs team has punted the code review for patches for this cycle.14:25
jcastrosorry, the lp tasks aren't clear14:25
jcastrothey weren't for getting each feature done in lp, it was for a work analysis of what we wanted from the lp team14:25
jcastroso they're all marked done even though we don't get everything we want14:26
jcastrothe short story on the review bits is "everyone wants them, but it's alot of work, so next time"14:26
jcastroonce I get debian 2 way import/export in lp I'll be more than happy to let you whine at them for your feature. :D14:27
jcastroI've been waiting like 3 years, heh14:27
jcastronigelb: hmm, perhaps I should get one of them to blog their plans14:28
jcastroso it's clear what they're working on14:28
jcastrojono: when you plug in your kindle to your ubuntu box does it think it's an mp3 player? (though everything works just fine)14:35
nigelbjcastro: thank you :)14:37
jonojcastro, no, it just shows nautilus14:37
nigelbthe code review would have been awesome ;)14:37
jcastronigelb: they love the idea, it's just something they can bust out right away.14:37
jcastroer, it's NOT something they can just bust out right away is what I meant.14:37
nigelbI should bribe jml into giving me some beginner lessions on hacking launchpad :)14:38
jcastrostay here with us!14:38
nigelbjcastro: I'm a web developer by trade, I'm just gravitating towards my area of expertise :p14:40
dholbachjono: heya - if you could re-blog UDW at some stage, I'd appreciate it :-D14:57
jonodholbach, will do today15:01
dholbachthanks a bunch15:02
nigelbdholbach: don't bang on that15:13
dholbachnigelb: eh?15:13
nigelbI asked jono to blog about cleansweep ages back and he still hasn't done it :p15:14
vishnigelb: i need jono too :15:14
jcastroI asked jono for a pony!15:31
dholbachjcastro: sometimes it's really tough working for Jono15:32
dholbachall those disappointments and setbacks15:32
jcastroI have a hard time respecting someone who uses triggers15:33
nigelbjcastro: triggers?15:41
nigelbjcastro: ah, LOL15:45
nigelblater folks, I'm off for the day :)16:02
dholbachhave a great rest of your day, nigelb16:02
nigelbdholbach: Just finished 12.5 hours at work.  I feel brain-dead16:03
* dholbach hugs nigelb16:03
* nigelb hugs dholbach :)16:03
dholbachjcastro: I'll massage abentley's comments into the wiki page16:24
dholbachjcastro: anything else you think we should be doing?16:24
dpmok, I might have to send a couple of e-mails, but I'm officially off. See you all in a week!16:30
* dpm hugs everyone16:30
* dholbach hugs dpm16:30
dholbachdpm: enjoy your holidays16:30
dpmthanks dholbach, I'll definitely will :)16:31
dholbachthought so :)16:32
jcastrodholbach: I have some questions about prefixes, but it can wait until tomorrow16:32
jcastrodholbach: yeah so like let's say someone wants Qt nightlies17:28
jcastrobut doesn't want to overwrite their existing release17:28
jcastrosay the person wants it in /opt or something else instead so they don't have to downgrade the universe when it blows up17:28
jcastrothat was my only question17:28
dholbachwe shouldn't do /opt17:29
dholbachstuff can't link properly and stuff17:29
dholbachso Qt would not work for them at all17:29
dholbachthe only thing they can do and need to do is get the versioning right17:29
jcastroI don't think it will matter too much where it would actually go as long as it doesn't blow up existing packages17:29
* jcastro nods17:31
dholbachok my friends, calling it a day17:40
dholbachsee you tomorrow!17:40
nhandlerBye dholbach17:41
dholbachbye nhandler17:41
dindahttp://guadec.org/index.php/guadec/2010/schedConf/training    GNOME Developer training - nice!20:11
jcastrojono: call today?20:23
jcastrojono: you meantioned yesterday that you wanted a 1 on 1 today to catch up20:26
jcastrobut I can give you the 2 second update on irc if you want20:27
jonojcastro, sure, lets do it here20:27
jonounless you want a call?20:27
jcastrodoesn't matter to me20:27
jonolets do it here20:29
jcastro - indicator-appmenu and appmenu-gtk ready to go today, seb is packaging tomorrow (ken on holiday)20:30
jcastro - uds content sent to you20:30
jcastro - working with lp and daniel on daily builds stuff, which hits edge on monday, we're having a call with them tomorrow20:31
jcastro - finishing up party and GUADEC stuff (catch up with cezz tomorrow)20:31
jcastrowe're going to do usb keys for UNE for guadec so people can install on the fly, and the party on wednesday20:31
jcastrothat's all I've got!20:31
jcastrono outstanding actions afaik20:32
jonojcastro, sounds perfect20:34
jonoA2 is pretty much squared away apart from me blogging daily builds20:34
jonogood work! :)20:34
jcastroI would hold off on the dailies tbh20:34
jonoright, I will postpone it20:35
Technovikingjcastro: If anyone asks, Ryan is working on the issues with the forums20:41
jcastroTechnoviking: did ranch_hand posting every 3 minutes bring it down?20:43
Technovikingjcastro: lol, could be:)20:44
TechnovikingI think it maybe my fault, I posted to the forums from my iPhone 4 yesterday:)20:44
jcastroI didn't know you were right handed!20:45
Technovikingjcastro: am now, I cut off my left hand so I would never be tempted to use it20:47
jcastroTechnoviking: http://img688.imageshack.us/img688/2623/1277477480603.jpg20:49
TechnovikingHonestly, I can not reproduce that problem. The main problem I'm having is that 3G is faster on the iPhone 4 but not as reliable. Something #G will just not work.20:51
doctormojcastro: Nice21:13
jcastroEOD, bai everyone!22:20
jonolater jcastro22:41

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