DdordaDaviey: Daviey_ : ping07:30
=== Daviey_ is now known as Daviey
Ddordawho's in charge of lubotu3?14:46
PiciDdorda: According to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots , the usual botmasters (jussì or tsìmpson), or #ubuntu-bots-team.14:48
DdordaPici: thanks14:49
Ddordajussi: ping?14:50
vishDdorda: dont like tsimpson? ;)14:53
Ddordaor tsimpson: ping ?14:53
Ddordavish: :D14:53
PiciWhats the issue exactly?14:53
DdordaPici: we have lubotu3 in our channel, we have another ubottu bot14:54
PiciDdorda: Which channel?14:55
DdordaPici: #ubuntu-il14:55
tsimpsonDdorda: so you want lubotu3 to leave?14:58
Ddordatsimpson: indeed14:59
Ddordaplease :)14:59
Ddordatsimpson: thanks :)15:00

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